Copyright (C) 1989 T. S. Bennett. All Rights Reserved. COMPADIK The name on this file is c

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Copyright (C) 1989 T. S. Bennett. All Rights Reserved. COMPADIK The name on this file is comp-a-dik, which is kind of a collision of words between computer, addict, and being a dick-head! Not at all like the feeling of getting your head copped, but if one looks at the derivation of the words, head, and cop, and uses the present tense, and I do mean tense, of the word cop, as a verb, then to cop; as in; cop a plea, or cop some head, seems to have a sense of stealing something! Now look at the word head, it could mean alot of things, used on different levels and in different ways, but take it out of context, and most people think of it as the part of the body containing the brain. Put the two words back together again, and use them in a sentence; "Computers are copping head." Follow my drift? The trouble with computers, is that once you master them as I have mastered them, they become ultimately likeable, and "Oh so idiosyncratic." I believe the brain is enabled to release endorphins while one is using the computer, like it does when one drinks alcohol, or each time one smokes a cigarette, or shoots heroin. This means that guys and gals get to set up their computers in such a way as to just "please themselves personally," after all, "they are personal computers, aren't they!" And they give each person satisfaction of an "Oh-so personal-nature!" Its we the users, who are actually being used. And, you can tell how serious a particular addiction has become, by how strenuously a person defends their need for a computer, or how rigorous their argument for computers in general. "Why, they are absolutely indispensable," "we couldn't launch nuclear missiles to protect ourselves without computer guidance systems!" "Mathematicians couldn't theorize theorems that had nothing to do with anything," "the space shuttle wouldn't fly, and we could never leave this horribly polluted earth to go live on Mars without the help of computers!" Programmer/hackers, get really personal, designing their programs to stroke the figurative sex organs of the owners, in jerky color with bad sound! To give the user that "user friendly", sensual,"hands on feeling," while using! What will we be today, the Mouse or the Cursor? Programmers want the notoriety, pats on the back, and money that their programs generate. Some programmers are altruistic, designing programs for the mentally-retarded, or physically handicapped, hiding the all-too-clear-to-me-now, fact, that this is the biggest plot to enslave humanity since the Pyramids! Lap tops, are the latest insult to living a life of Bliss! Yeah, take it with you on your trip to Bermuda, on your walking tour of Ireland, or your month in Tahiti. And, when the batteries go dead, instead of just throwing the damn thing away, start figuring out machines that use less power, or better still, battery pack belts to really weight yourself down. At this point in your addiction, you might as well grip the lap top firmly, strap your battery belt around your waist, and jump overboard. Drown! You're already dead, you just dont realize it! Well, now that I got that off my chest, I've got some serious writing to get down to on my newest addition, a PS -2. It has different architecture! Can you imagine? And did you hear about that new micro with stereo sound? I've got to get one! They're only $6000 I cant wait to share my brains with it! Splatter them all over the circuit boards! Puke on the chips! Write Ode to the Die-Ode Timmy Peeza Electro Cool-Whiz


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