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5/07/94 ASHTAR COMMAND - NEWS FLASH ASHTAR CHANNELLED BY - DANA SUMMER ASHTAR: Hi .... CASSANDRA: How are you? ASHTAR: Mmm, low key at the beginnings of these channels. CASSANDRA: You have to get worked up, huh? ASHTAR: Just hang on a minute ....... CASSANDRA: One of your minutes or one of ours? ASHTAR: It's o.k., um... TAISS: Welcome back. ASHTAR: (smiling) Hmm.... GLENN: How does the wine taste? ASHTAR: Well the actual ...... the wine, mmm, it's very nice, thankyou. Umm, no, I had to bridge, um, certain ....... there's a lot of interference ... in telepathic transmissions at the moment. Our telepathic transmissions are being decreased. TAISS: Why's that? ASHTAR: Um, because we're planning to actually contact the planet directly. So it means we'll be .... into receiving telecommunications around the planet grid. Soon. TAISS: Satellite grid? ASHTAR: Mm, hmn. CASSANDRA: Now to start off on a light note, welcome to this haven in this not so havenish planet... ASHTAR: Hmph. CASSANDRA: And I'd like to know why the greys are hanging around this house. ASHTAR: Well, you already know the answer to that one. CASSANDRA: I'd like an expansion on it please. ASHTAR: Mm.. TAISS: Well, you know why we want you to speak with us. Basically we would like an answer. ASHTAR: Well, the greys are a genetic creation of the beings called the Illuminati who were actually physical when first coming to this planet. And within the Fourth Dimensional aspects of their mind , they separated, they managed to decode and separate themselves from the physical, in fact. The greys are that aspect of themselves. Now, with the closure of the ruling parties or the hierarchy of this dimension, the fourth dimension, which they were embodied or I would say, yes, embodied in, have actually been processed by the greys themselves, on a level, the only level which is a sort of like a robotic level. They do have a consciousness to a degree and a very amazing capacity for science. So, therefore, they basically were created for a specific focus in a physical reality between the third and fourth realities. The Iluminati became more concentrated on controlling through the mental or non-physical spheres for obtaining power. And focusing that power from higher realms again, which was the hierarchy which has been sacked. So that they could actually- it's a little bit like leveraging out in a - let's say in an office situation, where each person has a special job to do, this is the way they created this structure. Now that all those have gone, the greys are basically left with nothing to do, but wonder what in hell's going on. They do not have the capacity to understand what's going on, nor were they ever meant to. But the thing about their ships is that in the cores of the greys , everything that has been done on this planet has actually been encoded into the cores of each of the ships that they build. Now most of these cores have actually been accessed so that there is a central core being their basis, but now they're all been accessed and dismantled. The greys are, actually, were, focused on this place because of the enormous amount of light emanating, but also on another level they were , as you said, lacking direction. CASSANDRA: So, what specifically, do they expect us to give them? Direction? ASHTAR: Guidance. See we've had a major deal going on here, that they are to go to the light, but because we can't communicate with them on a physical level, they are actually looking towards the Third Dimension, which they are very adapted to, in order to find someone to give them some direction. Now within the Third dimensional reality there is nobody here that has been in a situation to focus on them to give any directions because it's always come from a higher level within the fourth dimension, whether it be responsible or irresponsible. So there were times when the greys were not always malevolent. They actually got worse, like everything else. But the thing is that they were created for a specific purpose and that purpose is now redundant. So, their focus has been, because of this particular ground control, they are very, very focused on this, and we've not interfered in that , purely because we have desired further assistance from you on that level. Also I have been very aware of the object of trying to focus this liaison. But it's not for them ultimately, to have guidance from you, It's ultimately to get some sort of decision grounded. TAISS: So, what does that basically mean for us? ASHTAR: Nothing more than that. CASSANDRA: Ground a decision, sort of? ASHTAR: Mm.. CASSANDRA: So, what do we get out of it? ASHTAR: Well, what do you want? CASSANDRA: Money. ASHTAR: All right. CASSANDRA: Something that we can have here meanwhile. Can they organize that for us physically? ASHTAR: Just hang on a minute... the answer is yes. CASSANDRA: Because I'm not directing this question at you, I'm directing it at them. ASHTAR: Yes, I'm aware of that. I know, because we've not been able to access this physical world in the way we've desired and wanted to, but ,we can't manipulate it to the degree the Greys can. The fact is that the way they've been coming to the house is in a projected form anyway. The way I see it is that they are not allowed to come near the house on energetic terms. You are being protected from that. You have been receiving a hologramic insert of their appearance. We also control the amount of energy and light by which you see them. This is totally focused under very strict guidelines. So what Merlin channeled through is correct. They have actually come to you for guidance. This is true. But not in the way that you think. The previous system has been broken down altogether i.e., If they wanted to receive further instructions by which to start more scientific research or whatever it is or more information about technology etc. No more interference or exchange of information with world powers on any level from ET's. They've been told this. They know what's happening and you will get proof of this in no uncertain terms. Because you are very very focused from World Powers. You are being focused more and more by the Secret services around the World; specifically yourselves. Anything you put on the Bulletin Boards/Grids around the planet will be scrutinized. We have a lot of protection in that area and also we're not so concerned about their reaction apart from the fact that they want more information. As the vibration of the planet increases so does the knowledge. The understanding of the star seeds will also increase. There is an enormous push through and we are just on the verge of breaking through that membrane of interference which is falling; It's coming down now. I'd say give us another five days and we'll have a lot of information coming through the media. There is a lot of push out there to have stuff exposed. The actual focus to stop it through the media systems and the government/bureaucracy is being pushed to release more and more information. In another way the actual bureaucracy have a lot of people from our side starting to wake up and are allowing stuff to slip through. There is a lot of subtle sabotage going on now; they are realizing now that this is dumb to withhold information. CASSANDRA: So in regards to the Greys, they basically feel safer to get guidance from us to guide them to you, rather than anywhere else. ASHTAR: Well, the way we work, as you know, is we've always seeked permission to ground any grounding. To change any focus on this planet's surface we seek permission. Because it is an act of interference by which we have to abide by. Or fortunately, whatever way you want to look at it. And they focus on you because they realize consciously that you are aware and awake about what they are doing. That's been not the case for 36,000 years. It's a pretty major step. That is one of the main reasons why they are so intrigued. They knew you wiped out their hierarchy. So the fact is they would have to focus on you. We took the initiative with yourselves of course to ground them in the same situation as Quarto. So in order to release the negative aspect we have to have permission in order to release it. Now that we've had permission to release the Greys from their burden, which they don't recognize as a burden, we've had to have permission and you gave us that permission. We know what to do on an energetic level with them, to take them back to the Light. CASSANDRA: I'd like to know what effect the meteors are having on the atmosphere. ASHTAR: We've had a lot of debris coming in on the planet and we expect a major meteor hit within the next two days... and this meteor hit is approaching in fragments, so about the biggest will be a quarter of a kilometer across. By the time it hits the surface it won't be terribly effective I suppose it depends where it is. The fact is that Jupiter is now receiving a lot of information in regards to the energetics coming through, so the human race is starting to shake at the knees. So you're going to notice it on the energy, people are going to be more disjointed. Slightly off to the center. You're going to notice it on the street, We're protecting yourselves as much as we can. You'll notice that they'll be looking off-side. It's almost like they're not quite walking straight down the street. There are a lot of aspects about it that are unpredictable as you know. This is a time by which the bible speaks of judgment. The concept of judgment is coming into being now, so by the end of this weekend the concept of judgment day will be energetically will be in full process. You are not going to be in any doubt. TAISS: What would the effect on Jupiter be on a physical level? ASHTAR: It would be like a thunderstorm. It will be dispersed in the outer atmosphere. It won't even touch the surface or the core. On a third dimensional level it will shatter the surface. CASSANDRA: How are you preparing us physically for the ships? ASHTAR: Our main focus is for yourselves to be put in a position where you can align yourselves energetically. The chakra system will kick in. We've had a process by which the adrenals have been settled in the last week to ten days. We've achieved that and managed to bring that into alignment . We've managed to negate those by focusing on them with Light Beams. Because adrenals are unique to this world other than with whatever we have dealt with before, in ascending other planets; these adrenals are very focused within your existence because of the survival mechanism. This is what we are trying to negate because it is negating all of the energy flow which needs to flow through the spinal cord. It is a major part of the nervous system which needs to be fully aligned and to a point. It doesn't have to be healed. It does however need to be able to receive the information in order to disperse the energy within a second, which you wouldn't even know about. Even consciously it only takes a minute to be in another place. The thing is that you have to be prepared in order to receive this information coming in. So we have knocked out the adrenals as much as we can without interfering in your life. We've actually encoded this in your core in regards to our core, so when the ascension process comes through which will be like a wall around the planet, it'll take ten minutes to get around the planet and then get back to the point by which it started. And as it goes around like that the coding of every being that will pass under that wall will be automatically turning off their adrenals and bang they will be off the planet and dispersed energetically and then reformed within the ship. Now that means you are now experiencing physical dispersion and then a physical restructuring. But you don't even notice it. It's completely safe. I am amused when I watch the beaming process on Star Trek . It's cute. There are actually some people up here who actually used that process which has been channeled. A lot of third dimensional planets which have ascended have used different technology to us in light and love but it was more within the Earth style technology. Thousands of years ahead of you but compared to us basic. We actually use the creator focus, light, natural energy whereas they were creating it through machines. CASSANDRA: So your equivalent of Scotty didn't quite get Taiss up there. ASHTAR: Oh, yeah. I was wondering when somebody was going to bring that up. I apologize for that. On one level you agreed to do it but on another you didn't agree to fall flat on your face. And it's something we didn't expect. I really appreciate the fact that we are not perfect. You won't lose your body. Thank you for that because it also means that no one else is going to go through that. CASSANDRA: So that was basically a test run. You knew basically that it was not going to work. ASHTAR: We knew it was going to work but we didn't know how it was going to work. We didn't know which side of the 4th dimension we were going to before we did that. Fortunately you were on the right side. There was no danger. We had a cross over perfectly , we have to cross over many dimensions but on a place such as this is so unsettling. The only reason this process of communication was so well done is because you are so fifth dimensional energetically, vibration. And the fact is that the emotional body was screaming, but the physical body was O.K. There was no problem with that. The adrenal glands up until that point were a problem, as you know. We had test runs with Dana and a few others and I didn't stop hearing it for a few nights. CASSANDRA: Can I ask what the feeling is of the heart chakra. A lot of us have been feeling a sense of agitation during the last couple of days. ASHTAR: Well , the actual vibration on the Earth is surging but also in that surge we've got space ship energy or focus surging with it. We're raising the ability of the chakra system to receive..you're a conduit. The energy flows straight through and you're getting that from the ship core straight to the Earth's core and back again, so it's going up and down through like that so it's natural that you are feeling physical sensations in your body, being such an amazing live wire, a magnetic field, for the planet. So, you're also helping the planet move to the light the ascension process. So we are taking liberties with you as you are aware on some levels, so I just thought that this is unavoidable and the human race by many degrees are denying the energy . We've called onto the animals the star seeds coming into awareness on many levels...higher self, conscious, unconscious whatever you want to call it to help us ground this energy. As you know the grounding rods came through on every level . Everything is grounding including the plants . Everything is grounding in all dimensions, levels etc.. to what extent only our cores know. If I want to access it I will find out. That's how amazing our cores are. The computers do what I want. I only have to project a thought and it's there on the screen. CASSANDRA: So, how is Sananda? I've noticed his focus on expressing his manhood.... ASHTAR: Man! Definitely! That's an interesting side of Sananda. I see that a lot. It was a bit of shock to Dana the other night. CASSANDRA: We have made some rapid discoveries about how to communicate with people. It's not easy. ASHTAR: You now understand how impossible it is with people who I want to get through with information. It was a sigh of relief when Dana came onto line. It was just incredible. TAISS: Is there anything specifically you would like to mention? ASHTAR: BRACE YOURSELVES! There'll be a few more coming into the love nest. Doran's kept me up with all the gossip about what Georgia is going through. Your twin flames are not very well at present...are you? Finally you are energetically coming into your own power and you are supporting each other. They also have their support system. Congratulations guys, you are very successful. You are understanding how we work here. Under this enormous stress and focus and pain you have achieved so far, regardless of all the jargon that goes with it whether it is denial or whatever, I just want to lavish you with support. CASSANDRA: How is this planet coping with its new divorce from humanity? ASHTAR: Relief! I'm being serious! The greys are quite harmless without the Higher Powers threatening to reprocess them for not doing their job, actually. Their higher level is being created through decree. They'll all end up in MAN form. Every one of them. They're all being given new bodies. Tish is happy where he is. CASSANDRA: Are you able to process their information easily? ASHTAR: With the information of their genetic coding, it is very basic. They are resisting . The ones that are coming into the light are quite amazed at what is possible with the physical body they can choose. Most of them will not be conscious of the shift. We have to create new guidelines for this because unlike you guys, you entered through a soul level and a consciousness. It is a process by which you go through your family in the light and then into this dimension for whatever reason it may be as you are aware. The greys didn't have that experience so we had to create that. It seems like manipulation but ultimately they are conscious beings with no understanding of what they are doing or what they've done.. So someone has had to take responsibility for them. The creator has left a decree that whatever is left of this world of separation. Everything is graced. Everything is healed. If an individual wishes to be processed so be it. Nobody is being blamed...there's a reason why there's a Hitler. The greys were genetically created from Atlantis in man form. They were biological energetic robotics and they took on every aspect of man and when Atlantis died there's a misconception which Doctor Casey found out, that the people of Atlantis went into spaceships through vortexes which then went into pure negativity. Rather than exploding, they imploded and got stuck in the fourth dimension without bodies. They can still function....A really weird thing happened. When Atlantis was in a really bad way, two days before that earthquake, the planet was like a photographic negative. If you looked at a tree outside your house, it's like transparent. That was the energy they were dealing with. Before then, many years ago, they had civilizations here. I'm talking about the Draconian. Human is a man created focus. Creator focus of love and the Elahim galactic Federation Focus. Every race that is created or planet or merging process is created through focus , all the temples...it can take forever. From our point of view there is no time. Even from our perspective it is a long time. I am focusing on Earth because that is where I was born but also a lot of my best mates are here. I was in the Galactic war and Sananda came in towards the end as the Supreme Commander of the Sector. He was elected at that point when the original one retired, but Sananda energy was becoming the high vibration towards opening up the Thirteenth Sector. As you know duality has been focused at a point of origin in the pyramid. All 5th dimensional technology has to be done on a pyramid basis and circle eliminating the square. I heard about Sananda and the white light...I was working with white light at the time. When duality ended we came into white light The unity of one . Sananda was created as a man a focus of the unity white light as a soul. He had the focus and the understanding to be at the right place at the right time. Supremacy means expansion in 5th dimensional reality not Greatness as such. It's a greater understanding of the energy fields around the universe. When you move through energy fields through the universe you understand it. I met him man to man at a banquet. It was on a level of pure sheer diplomacy. At the resolution of the Orion-Pleiades conflict a seal was placed around both sectors from this sector. This sector was sealed with a 12 point grid only accessed by four vortexes. Even in these we set up guardians to protect the gateways, special star fleets. A little bit like space stations, mother ships. They guard these vortexes. This place is so full on with every conceivable focus on resolving duality. Sananda took on the responsibility to heal this duality. He chose to come to Earth along with yourselves and many others. Some including Sananda have chosen to come back. Very few have come back physically. None have come back physically since then because of the damage to the membrane of the planet. The probes that can get through are reprocessed as soon as they return because they are so damaged. Robots too are destroyed on that level . We are on another level breaking down the energetics of the planet. At the end of the week you will see lots of reports on UFO sightings. The actual ascension process needs to be focussed on a point in time when everything needs to move at the same time. The fact is that you are stuck on this place until you can go with your physical body. If you chose to leave without your physical body it is protocol that we will stop you. It is not appropriate for you to do it on an evolutionary level so you have to come to terms with that. The amount of interference is decreasing at a fast rate. The greys and the zeti reticuli are separate energetically and genetically. Tesh is a being a creator created, a spark of love but they went into duality like the rest of us. The zeti reticuli enslaved their race, very much like Earth. They had an elite system by which you could procreate through sexuality and a cloning process so to speak. The major basis of the society was to be cloned. Sexuality was of a pedestal concept by which you could only observe but not be part of the process. So it was a bit like the haves and the have nots. A bit like here. Tesh was a rebel and we connected in the sense that his family was in total opposition, as he was a prince of his planet. When he came to the fleet he brought something like two three hundred ships with rebel forces and stayed with us under our protection. Hence the basis of their culture and society was kept in their cores. Tesh spends time on the reconstruction of his race. The rest of the beings on his planet are in denial as like the beings on this planet. That planet is going into fifth dimension like this whole quadrant. It is spinning in a spiral until it hits the full focus of the creator, setting of a vibration. The eye of Horus is looking at us now. This race on Tesh's planet will be reprocessed. It is their choice. They are like the greys in the sense that they don't know what is going on. Tesh has sent Diplomats; we've had a problem with that because they don't return. So we've sent our own diplomats but they are also collected. They are a race of hoarders. They put their culture on a pedestal but they don't understand how it came into being, that's how far into separation they are. Tesh was smart enough to break through and retain a substantial part of his sexuality. That planet will heal. GLENN: When I ascend can I take my car? ASHTAR: Yes, if you want! Planet EARTH will not be very much different to what it is now after it ascends except that it will have more advanced technology. Your still going to have road grids on the surface but the amount which will be created are made by decree with the planet. If you want to experience a car go for it . There is artistic, creativity in a car, in design. The things is that they are interfered with. Older cars were built with beauty and creativity. As time went on this was crushed. Value aesthetically I can appreciate as long as it is not damaging to the atmosphere and to your health. I have no problems with that. Humanity's status is getting worse. The concept of denial in separation is actually growing wider for them. The ones on the outside perimeter of that are actually experiencing release. Out of judgment comes the energy of love, because judgment is created to stop the nurturing aspect of the creator within ourselves. So by releasing judgment you are allowing the information within, so that is expanding within you. I'm talking about self support. Our support is growing, more and more and your twin flames are having a problem because of the amount of concentration required to get through to communicate. The overall ascension concept self, is that it is a very complex process by which you were warned about but now that you are becoming conscious by 98%, I would suggest that you focus on your support system. Because the last 2% is the punch of all the 98% put together. That is manifestation of a big scale. I'm talking about people in judgment and I'm talking about people out of it or coming out of it. The Bible has talked of this. It has been a useful tool whether it has been a pos or a neg. In the last two paragraphs of the book of revelations, you'll understand the message. The other aspect is the Earth itself. The Earth is on a triple level of separation. Separated from its emotional understanding of itself, the solar system and the human race. It's conscious. Your consciousness is its consciousness. So by you grounding between the ships core yourself and the Earth's core, the Earth is actually in par with you .It has aligned energetically with you. People in Tibet and others of HIGHER LEARNING, places like that have not picked up on this . There a lot of people out there who are a wonderful conduit of love but there a lot of misconceptions about it. You understand what I mean. When they come to this dimension they will see that we don't place things in such a rosy concept. We are basic beings with basic instincts as you're aware of. On the other hand we blend sensitivity with fun. CASSANDRA: So what we're going through at the moment with the planet is that the focus is on self expression. It's going through the same thing. ASHTAR: In many degrees no because it is a planet. Just concentrate on self. You are a power grid. Up here we are all part of the meridian system, our body is a replica of the creator body. Lots of love my friends. It won't be long. Bye for now..... ALL: Bye,.... We love you. ASHTAR: We love you to.... N.B. 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