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MUFONET-BBS NETWORK - MUTUAL UFO NETWORK ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ARCHAEOLOGY NEWS - WIRE ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 旼컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴커 =START= XMT: 19:34 Wed Oct 30 EXP: 20:00 Wed Nov 06 쿢.S. TEAM TO SEARCH OFF PANAMA FOR SUNKEN SHIP THAT LED 쿎OLUMBUS FLEET 쿛ANAMA CITY, PANAMA (OCT. 30) UPI - A group of U.S. 쿪rcheologists will search extensively for a ship that sank 쿶n Panama in 1503 and belonged to a fleet led by Christopher 쿎olumbus, the group said Wednesday. ''This will be the most comprehensive search ever for one of 쿎olumbus' missing ships,'' Donald Keith, one of the 쿪rcheologists, said at a news conference. 쿟he search will begin in April and last for six months. It 쿬oincides with the 500th anniversary of the European 쿭iscovery of America. 쿟he ship, La Gallega, is one of a total of eight that 퀇recked and sank in different locations in the Caribbean 쿭uring Columbus' four voyages to the American continent 쿫etween 1492 and 1503. 쿞o far none of the ships has been found, but Keith said his 쿲roup was optimistic they would find La Gallega. ''We believe the ship is there and will be found, but I 쿬an't say when,'' he said. 쿟he ship was one of four on Columbus' last trip to the 쿌mericas in 1503. Because of bad weather the sailors were 쿯orced to seek refuge in a river on Panama's Atlantic coast, 쿫ut after three of the ships later started sailing out, the 쿯ourth was attacked by Indians. 쿟he crew was rescued, but Columbus was forced to leave 쿫ehind La Gallega, which is believed to have sunk gradually, 쿛anamanian officials said. 쿖eith and the other archeologists belong to the Ships of 쿏iscovery research institute in Dallas founded in 1982. 쿞ince 1987 the institute has sent various missions to Panama 퀃o narrow down the search, but next year's mission will be 퀃he most extensive, lasting about six months, said Marcela 쿎amargo, an official of Panama's National Culture Institute, 쿽r INAC. ''If we don't find the ship during that period, we will 쿽rganize another six-month mission,'' Keith said. 쿎amargo said the Ships of Discovery were scheduled to sign 쿪n agreement with INAC Thursday to renew its exclusive 퀂earch rights for La Gallega. 쿟he new agreement, which will last seven years, stipulates 퀃hat any and all parts of the ship found will remain in 쿛anama and after restoration will be exhibited in Panama, 퀂he said. =END=


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