Weekly Conference 3/27/88: Members - Ted, Dale, Don, Don J, Drax, Neil, Charles, Gerry, DB

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Weekly Conference 3/27/88: Members - Ted, Dale, Don, Don J, Drax, Neil, Charles, Gerry, DBC, Joe (Ted) When everyone is ready I have an opening remark (Ted) With respect to Gulf Breezes, I think the time has come for caution. As many whom have seem the actual photos and talked to "Mr. Ed" say "This is almost too good too be true!" Veteran experts in their fields such as Bruce Maccabee and Budd Hopkins have made strong statements favoring a REAL Ufo. There are those of us who say "Yes Indeed it is too good to be true - Therefore is may be a hoax." How sad that when that which many have strived for the past forty years becomes evidently true and we approach the evidence denying reality because it is "too Real." Well, I ask if it is too real and is a hoax who (or what organization would have the where-with-all to carry it off? And what to gain from such an extravagant endeavor? Let's see. Who could it be? Oh, I don't know. Could it be ---- UNCLE SAM? Now isn't that SPECIAL!! ok ga all. Did that come through? ga (Dale) OK, the information that I have beentalking about will be. sent out tomorrow. 1 copy to Andrus, 1 copy to State Director, 1 copy to ParaNet, and 1 copy to Phil Imbrogno the parcel will have reports on incidents that occurred on March 4 and 5. It will not include all of the other information gained since then. It will include reports, photoss, and a government document which says that a UFO WAS - that is, WAS seeen by trained military personnel. we have confirming testimony from people who are unrelated, and who did nnot have anny kknowledge of our facts. See it on ParaNete by this coming Thursday or Friday.GA (Ted) Dale when do you think you might upload the report here? ga (Dale) As soon as Jim gets it, probably byy Thursday, it will be uploaded We want to Federal Express the report to Andrus first, he should get) it by Tuesday, Speiser follows, and then CompuServe. ga (DON) Ok In reference to your opening remarks on Gulf Breeze Approx 1 month ago I downloaded some info from Para Alpha and one file included a story taken from GUNGHO Magazine that delt with the U. S. Airforce "Alien Tech. Div" that delt with the fact that the AF has a secret experimental R & D. division that works with experimental craft. Are you infering that the object sighted may in fact have been secret U. S. AF aircraft and therefore be an Ided. Flying Object? And if so what other info may you be privy to? ga (Ted) Ok what I am infering is a possible senario where the Gulf Breezes is really a hoax. And the the hoax may be staged by none other than our ouwn UNCLE SAM. THink about it Budd Hopkins has made a positive statement so have Bruce M. Now MUFON is brreaking their long time rules of talking about a case prior to the conclusion of the investigation. Everyone has their neck stuck out a mile. How embarrassing if it turns out to be a hoax And who has the ability to stage such a thing. Uncle. GA (Joe) I was going to repeat the statements about Randi from PNA but I am not that sure that it would be that embarassing because If the government really did stage a convincing hoax. and the evidence is that good then shame on them for making a hoax. Butthe reports are accurate as far as UFO goes. Unless people have been fudging on the facts. ga (Ted) Ok Do you really think that the GOVT would fess up. Thats not their style. GA DBC (DBC) ok I don't think the government is anywhere near capable of such a hoax. I recently called the Gulf Breeze Sentinel Sightings are still being reported regularly (1-2 per day) . Three people on the newspaper staff have seen the phenomenon Apparently the Washington Post was there a week or so ago talking to the editor and ABC is believed to be coming down soon The March 10 issue of the Sentinel (which I have a copy of) has a picture taken by Mr. "Ed" using a Nimslo-3D camera provided by MUFON . The camera had been sealed with wax and "spectaors" were able to witness the entire process of removal of the film (Kodak) and the development process. Although my copy is not a good "copy" of the paper the picture appears to show a mothership.ga (Ted) Ok I understand that there have been 12 pictures taken with the MUFON camera. But don't you think it strange that as of yet no MUFON investigator has seen the thing? GA (charles) Ted first, let me say that I'm at a disadvantage not having seen the photographs, nor being fully up to date on this, so if my remarks are off-base, just say so It seems to me that while the government is capable of producing such a hoax that they'd have no motivation to do so in Florida. It would seem more likely to pick some area of current hot attention, like, say, the hudson valley, and try to not only discredit UFO investigators but a whole rash of previous sightings in one fell swoop. ga (Ted) ok I don't know why Florida, perhaps because it HAS been so quiet Also this is not necessarily my belief I just think it is a real enough possiblity that we should proceed with utmost caution. ga DALE (Dale) I see that Speiser was showing a video of the sighting Was this taken by Mister Ed or was it the documentary on the subject by someone in Florida? ga (Ted) Jim isn't here but he told me it was the footage taken by Mr. Ed. ga (Dale) Any type of reaction on the film? ga (Ted) Just that is was difficult to see because of the motion. He did say that the image of the craft appeared to be rotating. SOmething that did not show on the still photos. GA JOE (Joe) This is beginning to sound like Sports Illustrated .Has anyone seen George Plimpton around?? If it is a hoax We should know on Friday. ga (Ted) Why by Friday Joe? GA (Joe) April 1. Remember the stuff about the arab pitcher. they broke the joke in the april issue (Ted) Ah YES!!! Gerry did you have a ? GA (DON) Ok first, Charles, you took the words out of my mouth why, and using what type of thinking, would anyone think that the US Govt would stage a hoax in Florida in an area that is not that well known at this point for UFO sightings, when there are much bigger game to fry in an area like the Hudson Valley, that has even had books written about it. If the govt was out to activly attempt to discredit I think that an area that has had so much attention like the Hudson Valley would be ideal. Now we have a series of sightings in Florida, that appear to be the real thing. So all of the sudden, it appears that the ugly head of parinoia rears. What is it about the subject of ufoology that would cause such an appealing case to turn sour and we have had marginal cases that people have taken to the wall. Is it possible that noone really knows what it is that we are all looking for? ga (Ted) Ok FIrst I don't consider myself "Paranoid" but I do consider myself conservative. I don't believe in "Betting the farm at the drop of a hat." I certainly don't want to ngive up. It SOUND real! But all the facts are not in MUFON people have not seen one wit of a craft yet phots have been take with their camera. ok Charles GA (charles) Forgive my harking back to an earlier point in the conversation In regards to the video of the UFO in Florida, two weeks ago Philip Klass appeared with Ellen Crystal on a TV talk show in NJ. In the conversation, Klass complained that all people had were still photos, and he wondered why, with the proliferation of home video equipment, nobody had any videos. He seemed to imply that a video would go a long way in convincing him. I'm not holding my breath, though, waiting for him to "come around." ga (Ted) I don't know what Phil was talking about. He know about the Hudson Valley video and the fact it has been reviewed by JPL. Gerry next GA (gerry) ok I missed the first part justifying a hoax possibility, but it would be part of a believable strategy of the govt to stage hoaxes occasionally If this is indeed one, they may not have had the ability to stage it just anywhere. Perhaps the location was dictated by operational or logistical factors. And anyway, what does it really matter where it is, as long as they are persistent with it? ga (Ted) ok, No justification for a hoax was given Gerry. I kicked off the meeting with a speculation of one possible senario to stimulate some conversation from a new perspective. Dale NEXT ga (Dale) I would hope that Walt Andrus has more than just what his is giving in his publication. I am worried thatt wee are down to two bonifide investigation agencies (CUFOS and MUFON) and would hope that he has studied the negatives, based on the fact that MUFON investigators have not seen the objects I would hate to see MUFON tarnished by this, since they have been methodical in their work. I know that I would not give out info until I was suree that I had something. And I think I do., with supporting Gov't documents.ga (DBC) ok Some of you probably saw this on the board but Donald Ware, field investigator for MUFON in Fort Walton Beach,FL was quoted in the Pensacola News Jounal (Feb.25,1988) as saying "I'm convinced there are aliens in those UFOs. They are staging these photographic opportunities. These multiple opportunities don't happen by chancer also I spoke to Danny Gordon on Friday He is news director of radio station WYVE in Wythevelle, VA Many sightings still occurring there. He said that last Thursday night he had his 20th UFO sighting--a large 600 foot rectangular craft Wheres the film crew? He has now had 5 daytime sightings (usually round craft) and different types of ships at night. He was not aware of any abductions, but didn't rule out that he himself might have been. He has not undergone hypnosis and does not plan to. He is trying to get his congressman to arrange for him to speak on the issue before a congressional hearing.ga (gerry) Earlier I wanted to suggest that sometime when things are quiet (if ever), we have a discussion of possible govt long range plans around the ufo/extraterrestrial issue. I think they would like to own as much of this phenomenon as they can and are trying to keep the investigative community confused ga (Ted) AH (Neil) correct!!! (Ted) Thats the TICKET!!! DON J your up GA (Don J) ok Sorry to come in in the middle of things We've had a number of reports here over the past two months, but I'm interested in following up with a few questions on Mr. Ed. Such as What about a polygraph exam? What about con-conspireators if this is a hoax. (DRAX) Hi Don, Its me, Jim Speiser. I can't stay long, but to answer about the polygraph, I understand he took one and passed. GA (Neil) Hi everyone, I just wanted to say that due to a few things going on here, I won't be able to take part in many of these discussions until the middle of May sometime Ted has mail & john abrams does, also Yes it is Neil Palumbo made it a little shorter for wroting purposes I am only a standbyer tonight all yours Ted GA (Ted) Drax can you enlighten the group with any additional Gulf Breezes stuff. ? GA (DRAX) Nothing really specific, just generally it seems to be causing extreme divisiveness. Some of our best and brightest have lined up on both sides of the issue that causes me great concern after all, it was YEARS before we determined (to the extent we have) that Billy Meier was a hoax. I don't see how anyone can make any pronouncements one way or the other on this until more facts are in yet that seems to be what people are doing already. GA (Ted) Yes, I agree. A lot of speculation on both sides We see that right here tonight. DON GA (DON) ok, what is it about this case that suggests that a hoax could be involved? ga (Don J) ok, I wanted to say that I'm neutral on Gulf Breeze but it took me 5 minutes to determine that Billy Meier was a hoax. Gulf Breeze is too good (and yet not good enough) to be true. I suspect a hoax but I take my hat off to the hoaxers and there has to be more than one. ga (Ted) Don did not really get an answer to his question. DOn wants to follow up GA DON (DON) Ok, I have not seen the tape of Gulf Breeze as of yet and the only info I have is what I have gotten here and on Para Net Alpha. Yet I have heard on the first reports that this case is the best thing since peanutbutter, the most significant, etc. and now lately there has been doubt cast on it. Now my question is this why is this case too good to be true, what about it causes the investigators to possibly doubt it? What do Hopkins and the rest think about it? And are there certain facts that can NOT be discussed now, that would suggest that it is a hoax? ga (DRAX) There are a couple of factors that *I* think are extremely suspicious, the major one being that the editor of the newspaper apparently went out with Mr. Ed with a video camera, but instead of recording the object, he recorded Mr. Ed taking a polaroid of the object. Can't fathom that one at all. Also the fact that all of the other alleged witnesses are choosing to remain anonymous at this time these are factors that make it suspicious, not factors that prove a hoax. Like I say, much too early to make a pronouncement one way or the other. GA (Don J) DRAX, what about the wife? How could she not see the alien when it was right outside her bedroom window? ga (DRAX) Another good point. Dont know. GA (DBC) ok, regarding anonymous witnesses, Jim, the Sentinel is full of names of many people who have sighted the crafts. Also isn't it possible that the editor did both? i.e photograph Ed AND the craft. Do you know if this was not the case? BTW anyone interested can be updated with the weekly issues of the Gulf Breeze Sentinel. Just let them know and they will bill you monthly at a cost of $3.00.ga (DRAX) Should have said the other photographers' names are unknown to the investigators thus far and no, Duane Cook (the editor) did not video the craft unknown whether he ATTEMPTED to video it or not. GA (Don J) Two points. First, I wanted to followup on Mr. Ed's wife. She supposedly "went crazy" when he screamed yet she didn't see anything, at least that's the impression I get. What's she like, is she a possible confederate or a dupe? Also, did Duane Cook even see the UFO that time he made the video of Mr. Ed? ga (DRAX) briefly yes, he saw it but didn't tape it and I don't know about the wife at all to answer a previous question, Budd Hopkins is apparently 100% convinced this is all real and that bothers the living hell out of me. Goodnite, all! (Don J) The last report came in on March 21st. There were 4 witnesses (at least) to a "huge" UFO at treetop level. It happened in Puyallup, Washington, not far from a previous close encounter. There were more witnesses but we accidentally lost their names, the first call came into the UFO Reporting Center at 4:00 am and Bob Gribble didn't have the tape recorder running (a mistake he hardly ever makes). Hopefully, the other witnesses will call back. The field investigator went out today to interview the four witnesses we know about. This latest report seems to follow a new trend. (Ted) are there any abductions in this? GA (Don J) I don't think so, the trend appears to be low-level encounters of very short duration (less than 1 minute) (Don J) I think that the reports we have are by peripheral witnesses and that something else is going on but we are only catching the commings and goings of these objects. ga (Ted) What constitues an encounter a CEIII? GA (Don J) The "encounters" are CEI types, although we had a CEIII last Sept. on the Bangor Trident Sub base. ga (DBC) Don, where were these sightings taking place? and can you elaborate on the CEIII at the sub base?ga (Don J) here's the list since January 21: 1/21/88 Whidbey Island NAS, Oak Harbor, Washington, 1/28/88 Oak Harbor and Coupeville, Wa, 2/88 Silverdale, WA (Kitsap County), 3/5/88 West Seattle, WA, 3/12/88 West Seattle, WA, 3/21/88 Puyallup, WA, The CEIII at Bangor occurred August 31st, 1987. 3 witnesses, an 8 year old son of Navy personel, a 10 year old son of Navy personnel, and one boy's mother. The sighting lasted 2 minutes, the UFO came within 200 feet of the boys, shone a ray down on them at 11 p.m. while they were playing on some swings in base housing. The ray lifted them up slightly, they saw two occupants, tall, cat-like creatures with large heads and biologically improbable bodies (i.e. very narrow chests eg 6 inches in diameter). The boys were not lying, their sketches, drawn independently, are very similar. The mothers are convinced of what they saw. The one boy's mother came out to see the UFO leave. Not your grey guys, that's correct. They fall more into the "monster" category. (Over 6 feet tall and with suction cups on their fingers and toes). ga (Ted) I am going to have to cut out. But before I leave I wanted to tell you tht Phil Imbrogno will be our guest on APril 10th. He will address issues since "Night Siege" GA (DBC) just wanted to ask Don if there were any military personnel involved in the CEIIIs?ga (Don J) All are dependents of Navy personnel. One note, Bangor is a restricted base no unauthorized personnel allowed. ga (gerry) Was there any effort to impede contact with outside investigators or media? ga (Don J) I don't believe the base commander ever knew about this report. (gerry) How did you hear about it? (Don J) The mother called the UFO reporting center. (DBC) Just want to thank Joe for taking care of editing and uploading these COs.ga (Joe) No problem. Ga


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