(30,Prowler) What's new on the Alaskan sighting? The latest is that the FAA is still inves

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(30,Prowler) What's new on the Alaskan sighting? The latest is that the FAA is still investigating.... the radar tapes have been sent to Washington, where there's a good.... chance they'll never be seen again. GA (30,G-WIZ) ha! (30,Prowler) Yeah, wouldn't doubt it ... (30,Nicki Turner) uh-oh. Tapes to D.C. again. (30,Prowler) I've heard they're backing off the storry ... (30,Prowler) a bit -- that is about the size, etc. ga YES! Paul Steucke softens the story every time he goes on the air. ... He's the FAA man in Alaska. He's getting more and more.... reticent to even do talk shows. I got him for a talk show here in.... Phoenix, but it was just his voice on a tape recording.GA I've heard the name, NASA scientist? (30,Prowler) Correcton Haynes? (30,Prowler) yes (30,Prowler) He went ... (30,Prowler) to interview the piliot the other day ga (30,G-WIZ) of jan? Yes. (30,Prowler) He might be back by now. I hope to talk to him in a week or so. ga OK, will work on it tonight. Prowler - you know RH? (30,Prowler) Yes. Interviewed him about 2 months ago. Has a book coming ... (30,Prowler) out on the Melborne incident. ga The pilot that disappeared? (30,Prowler) Yup. Great! ... Interesting thing about this JAL case is... I don't think its that great a case. Sure, there MAY be radar.... confirmation, but there are better cases. The Brazil case.... that happened this year was much better in terms of number of.... witnesses, radar confirmation, how high it went, etc.... but all of a sudden the press picks up on this one, which would.... normally be a footnote in a second-rate UFO book. GA (30,Prowler) You're right ... (30,Prowler) Let me toss something out and give me your view ... (30,Prowler) What if this wasn't extraterrestrial ... (30,Prowler) but a secret project of some sort ... (30,Prowler) perhaps the ufo story is a cover ... (30,Prowler) remember, as you know, the event happened in the middle of ... (30,Prowler) November. Why did they take so long to release the story?ga I tend to doubt the secret project theory.... If it was that secret, it need never have come out. The story first .... broke in Japan several weeks ago (I got a call from a ufologist in ... Tokyo before Christmas about it). I think they could have.... buried it here forever. Also, using UFO stories as a cover.... is not a good idea, since it invites more scrutiny than a case would... normally get. GA (30,Prowler) Interesting, to say the least ... (30,G-WIZ) wash. is stupid u know. ga Stupid like a fox...I think they ARE hiding something related to UFOs... (30,Prowler) Well who broke the story first in this country? I've only seen the wire stories. ga and have been for 40 years. I think Steucke at the FAA first mentioned it. GA (30,Prowler) Intersting case, but as you say, not the best.ga Hello Stella! We're discussing the Japan Airlines UFO sighting. ... Dale Goudie is in the thick of that case, up in Seattle.... (30,STELLA!) OK. I'll just stand by, if you don't mind! he's making the talk show circuit along with Steucke.... He should make an interesting guest here. GA (30,Prowler) Drax ... (30,STELLA!) Drax Yes? Yes? (30,STELLA!) STELLA! = Nicki Turner, ok? (30,Prowler) where did the stuff about the size come from? You know, the two aircraft carrier stuff? Oh, OK! Whatever. As far as I can tell, from the Japanese pilot, interviewed in the Tokyo press Where did you see that they are backing down from that? (30,Prowler) Haynes had some initial contact ... (30,Prowler) anyway, as I understand it, the pilot's saying ... (30,Prowler) it was nothing like that. Anyway, I'll know more in a week. ga Who do you work for, that you do interviews for? (30,Prowler) Haynes came to southern California a few months ago ... (30,Prowler) promoting his book and stuff. I do a little tv show on ... (30,Prowler) paranormal stuff. He's kept in contact. ga Good. Let me know what happens. GA (30,Prowler) I will ... I hope this thing's worth all the press it's been getting. ga Well, there will be at least a few more big UFO stories this year.... I know of one that should be coming out at the end of this month or so.... and between that and this being the 40th anniversary of the phenomenon,... and the sightings, it should be a busy year. GA (30,Prowler) Look forward to them. Hey, I'm gonna see the crystal skull next week. (30,STELLA!) What's that, Drax? It was found by an archaelogist in the 1920s...a skull carved out of... one big quartz crystal....said to have all kinds of metaphysical properties.. some say it dates back 100,000 years...one guy told me that scientific... labs have taken photographs of it and "images" of far off places are .... reproduced in the photographs....I don't know about all that stuff, but it... sure looks interesting. GA (30,STELLA!) Where are you going to see it, Drax? At the Scottsdale Center for the Arts.... We have had a big UFO show here since last month.... called First Contact. It made national headlines.... produced by the International Center for UFO Research, which was .... started by Hynek. Its a pretty good show, except that it .... emphasizes Billy Meier. GA (30,STELLA!) uh-oh. (30,Prowler) Ugh!!! (30,STELLA!) haha Yes, and I have more uh-oh. .... (30,Prowler) The case that wouldn't die!!! (30,STELLA!) haha Gary Kinder, an attorney from Florida, and author of the book ... "Victim", is coming out with a new book around May of this year.... its called Light Years. Its also about Billy Meier, and it says the case... is _real_. I can't fathom this. This guy is supposedly a sober, down.... to earth attorney, no nonsense, and yet he's fallen for this stuff. The.... book will be published by Atlantic Monthly Press, serialized in the magazine. First printing: 50,000 copies!! GA (30,Prowler) All together now "I've got the world on a string ..." ha ha. ga Ha Ha HA!!! (30,STELLA!) hahahhaa, Prowler! (30,Mr. Pilot) (titter titter) (30,Prowler) Drax ... (30,Prowler) all that proves is that even sober attorneys can be duped. ga (30,STELLA!) Especially sober attorneys!!!! I never had any doubt about that, it just worries me.... this book is bound to attract big media attention.... with all the attendant hype. The case will suddenly become part of the... pop culture. And then of course it will be shot down by the skeptics (30,Mr. Pilot) Drax.... immediately, only in front of millions of people. See the damage this .... is going to do? GA (30,Prowler) You're right! (30,Mr. Pilot) What can be done to downplay the media hype this will cause? (30,Prowler) Unfortunately that's exactly what will happen ... (30,Prowler) that's why I get so upset when I hear about that case. Ugh! ga (30,STELLA!) <> Pilot> MUFON is already taking steps to be the first.... to take a full-faced public stance AGAINST the case.... in order to salvage the credibility of the movement. GA Stella, as far as I'm concerned, we have it, several times over. GA (30,Prowler) The problem was that darn book (both of them) ... (30,STELLA!) That's true, Drax. But something's gotta give!!! (30,Prowler) Klass will bash that case. as he should. ga (30,Prowler) As we all should!! Yeah, thats the point. The bashing should come from WITHIN the movement. GA (30,Prowler) ga (30,Prowler) The case is a media dream ... (30,Prowler) great pictures, philosopohy, and a poigniant story of this ... (30,Prowler) poor one-armed farmer. Gag me with a pitchfork! ga (30,STELLA!) Anybody know what Larry Fawcett is doing nowadays? He's on the 4 to midnite shift in the Coventry Police Dept.... (30,Prowler) Writing arresting tales. Haaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaa Still publishing Just Cause, although it comes out a lot less ... frequently. DId you see the latest ish? (30,STELLA!) Haha, guys! Verrry funny. You know what I meant! (30,Prowler) I haven't Doing a little reversal. Instead of speculating that the crashed stealth... bomber may have actually been a UFO, they are now wondering if many.... UFO reports are actually stealth craft. GA (30,STELLA!) hmmmmmm (30,Prowler) There's that secret project stuff again.ga (30,STELLA!) yep. (30,Mr. Pilot) Is there a way of verifying whether any type of Aircraft were in the area?ga. Area of what? The JAL sighting? GA (30,Mr. Pilot) Yes. The Air Force recently . . . (30,Mr. Pilot) developed radar capable of detecting it's own Stealth Aircraft. The first said . . . (30,Mr. Pilot) the thing was on their radar, then that it wasn't. Also, a Stelth AC the size . . . (30,Mr. Pilot) of TWO AirCraft Carriers?!?>GA That's one thing about the case that bothers me. There was a United .... Airlines in the area, and they said they saw nothing. How could they... miss something the size of 2 aircraft carriers? I think maybe the pilot... got a little carried away. GA (30,Mr. Pilot) Well. . . . (30,Mr. Pilot) Depth perception is worst at night, you know. Sizes vary amazingly! GA This wasn't exactly at night. 6:19 PM at 31,000 ft in November would be ... almost broad daylight. GA (30,Mr. Pilot) 6:19pm? I was unaware . . . (30,STELLA!) Oh, I didn't know there was any daylight. (30,Mr. Pilot) of the time. However, that far north 6:19pm could also be quite dusk. But . . . (30,Mr. Pilot) even so, they would have seen more than lights, right? GA (30,Mr. Pilot) Also (when you're done . . .) (30,Prowler) I have to sign off, unfortuantely. (30,Prowler) bye all! (30,STELLA!) Bye Prowler! OK Prowler, nite nite. Join us again next week. (30,Mr. Pilot) Goodnight, Prowler. (30,Prowler) bye What were you gonna say, Steve? (30,Mr. Pilot) At and above 14000 feet MSL (or is it 12000?) is Instrument Flight Rules . . . (30,Mr. Pilot) The United Airlines Flight may have not even been looking out the windows . . . (30,Mr. Pilot) Much less in that direction. Did United verify seeing the JAL flight? GA They were told by ARTCC to look around for the UFO. Unknown if they... saw the JAL. GA (30,Mr. Pilot) If they couldn't see JAL, they might not have been in the right part of the . . . (30,Mr. Pilot) sky to see the UFO. Also, daylight does last longer at 31000. Right? GA Yup. Well, I think Steucke is going to be on KFYI tomorrow nite, ... along with Dale Goudie. He's the FAA man, so maybe we can call in and ask. GA (30,Mr. Pilot) (huzza huzza!) (30,Mr. Pilot) No further questions, your honor. (30,Steve) hello all...first timer here ga Welcome, Steve. First time on CompuServe, or just this forum? (30,STELLA!) Hi there Steve! Welcome! (30,Mr. Pilot) Good evening, Steve. What brings you by? (30,Steve) hi drax...first time in the forum (30,Steve) hi stella! (30,Steve) actually an invitation from stella We're talking about the JAL- Alaska UFO sighting. GA (30,Steve) oh sure....familiar with that one ga Or at least we were, till we talked it to death. Ha! (30,Mr. Pilot) (Not "Ha", "GA"!) (30,Steve) Hehe...time for a new topic! ga (30,STELLA!) I wanted Steve to meet Prowler. (Prowler just logged off ten mins ago) (30,Mr. Pilot) How about Luck UFO Bible Numbers? GA (30,Mr. Pilot) (Lucky, that be) Timing's off, Steve. Hey, now there's a good topic. I think that .... (30,Steve) Stella: was eating dinner and watching a PBS show about penguins. ga this phenomena should be given serious investigation. All kinds of ... people are reporting having seen these lucky UFO Bible numbers. GA (30,STELLA!) I've never heard of this topic! (30,Mr. Pilot) (Nature: "Mr. Piiiiiloooooot! MR. PIIIIIILooooott!" Be right back!) (30,Steve) Lucky UFO Bible numbers ????? Its a joke. Ha Ha. Laugh. (30,Steve) <------ thinks he has stumbled into the padded room! ga (30,Mr. Pilot) Better. Padded which? GA (30,STELLA!) Steve is a long-time UFO buff, right Steve? Seriously, anyone read UFO Review, edited by Timothy Green Beckley/ ? (30,Mr. Pilot) Yes, I am. (30,STELLA!) Ah well. (30,Steve) Well, I don't lose sleep over it, but yes I have an interest. ga Don't lose time over it either? (30,Steve) hehehe Hey, I read Missing Time a couple of months back. That is some serious stuff! (30,Mr. Pilot) (that one took me a minute) (30,Steve) I've worked closely with J. Alan Hynek on several projects. (30,Mr. Pilot) You knew Dr. Hynek personally, huh? (30,STELLA!) So did Prowler I came within a week of meeting Dr. Hynek, but unfortunately he passed away.. just before the National UFO Conference here in Phoenix. (30,Steve) stella told me about his death a few days ago...i had no idea (30,Steve) I hand't seen him in about two years. (30,STELLA!) Sorry bout that too! Yes, and Jim Lorenzon died about 6 weeks ago. Of the exact same thing. GA (30,STELLA!) Hated to be the bearer of bad news! (30,STELLA!) What they die of? Brain tumor. Same one William Casey's got. I refuse to even speculate. GA (30,Steve) Alan was really a character.....and the worst b.o in the world. True. Haha. (30,Mr. Pilot) Dr. H's organization has changed somewhat since he passed away. Drax-GA (30,Steve) Well, it was always rather poorly run....at least I thought so. I think he's turning over in his grave. Both CUFOS and ICUFOR are (30,Steve) Basically because his wife was such a dominating woman. Well, now with Jerry Clark editing the International UFO Reporter, its... (30,Mr. Pilot) (She wouldn't let me speak to him.) practically a circus. (30,Steve) Pilot: well, then...you know what I'm talking about! Well, Pilot, he was half dead when you called, wasn't he? (30,Mr. Pilot) Not really, he was not even really on his way to the hospital, or . . . (30,Mr. Pilot) I wouldn't have gotten his adress from Cleveland (wherever). GA (30,Steve) The longest and most involved project we ever worked on together... (30,Steve) was a documentary record album about UFOs that was never released..... (30,Steve) because the marketing was so bad. ga (30,STELLA!) Any hope of it ever being released, Steve? (30,Mr. Pilot) Any way to get a copy? GA (30,STELLA!) Think some interest could be stirred up? (30,Steve) Stella: I doubt it...but I'm going to make a call or two tomorrow. ga (30,STELLA!) Great! (30,Steve) Pilot: I think I could snarf a few outta the warehouse. (30,Mr. Pilot) Steve: Did you think you'd ever find such a weel-organized movement? GA


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