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On behalf of all the devotees of the Buddhist faith in general and adherents the Sakya tradition in particular, the Sakya Crown Prince Dungsay Rinpoche, the elder son of His Holiness made an eloquent speech cum prayer in connection with the offering of Mandala to His Holiness Sakya Trizin beseeching Him to live long and healthy for the benefit of all sentient beings. Although none of us could attend this important occasion, the committee sent a token of offering to His Holiness on behalf of the members and friends of Sakya Losal Choe-Dzong through our Dharma sister Jane Miknius of Sakya Tharpa Ling. Coincidentally Lama Choedak completed the English translation of the Sixteen Arhat Puja as an offering to His Holiness for this occasion which we used it for the first time on the Tibetan New Year Day. CEREMONY FOR THE OFFICE OF TIBET HELD AT THE CENTRE Since the Australian Federal Government officially gave the permission to His Holiness the Dalai Lama to open an office in Canberra to provide information on Tibet, the Tibetan government in exile has appointed Mr. ChimÄ Rigzin as His Holiness' representative in Australia, who is expected to arrive soon. In the meantime, an appropriate house has already been found for the office and on the Full Moon of the first lunar month, delegates of the Tibetan community in Australia arrived in Canberra and held a special ceremony dedicated for the firm establishment of the office without any hindrances and for the fulfillment of the wishes of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. 16 Arhat Puja was performed at Sakya Losal Choe Dzong in the morning and this was followed the actual blessing of the Office of Tibet premises in the afternoon. This was attended by Ven. Gyalsay Tulku Rinpoche, Lama Choedak, Migyur Samkhar, [the Secretary of the Office of Tibet] and Tibetans from Sydney and Melbourne. The committe hopes all the best wishes for the establishment of the office and will offer whatever assistance we may afford in this connection. VIDEO ON THE LIFE OF THE LATE 16TH KARMAPA Arrangements have been made to view a 50 minute video entitled "Lion's Roar" on the life of the late 16th Karmapa, a remarkable Tibetan master and the head of Karma Kagyu tradition on Sunday 9 May, after the regular meditation session. Please arrive early to secure a seat as the size of the crowd on Sundays is on the rise largely due to the relevant teachings on "Dealing Social Problems" and also the cups of tea and scrumptious cakes some people have been bringing. For many of us attending the Sunday morning sessions has become very important part of our everyday life. Mantaining a discipline to meditate together with fellow Buddhists and listen to the Dharma talks makes one truely feel as part of the community (Sangha). Knowing how social problems arise helps oneself to act more responsibly instead of demanding the society to improve. A wicked person usually blame others With whatever faults he is himself responsible, The jackdaw diligently clean his beak with which He has eaten excrement, in a clean place. - Sakya Pandita VISIT OF VENERABLE PROFESSOR KHENPO MIGMAR TSERING 27 May - 2 June 1993 We are happy to confirm the visit of Professor Venerable Khenpo Migmar Tsering which we reported briefly in the previous newsletter. He has now kindly accepted the joint invitation of Sakya Tharpa Ling, Sydney and Sakya Losal Choe-Dzong, Canberra and will visit most capital cities in Australia. He did his tertiary education at the Sanskrit University in Varanasi and at the Tibetan Institute of Higher Studies in Sarnath under the tutorship of the eminent late abbot Khenpo Rinchen and many gifted Tibetan and Sanskrit scholars. As a graduate of the prestigious Sanskrit University, in 1972, he received a ten year scholarship to study Advanced Buddhist philosophy at Sakya College under the supervision of Ven. Khenpo Appey Rinpoche. In 1982 he excelled in his studies and was honoured with the degree "Loppon" equivalent to Doctor of Philosophy. Later he worked as a senior lecturer at the Central Institute of Higher Tibetan Studies and taught there Buddhist philosophy from 1983 - 1989. In 1984, he recieved the highest Bhikkhu ordination from His Eminenece Chogay Trichen Rinpoche. Venerable Khenpo Migmar Tsering was duly enthroned by His Holiness Sakya Trizin as the abbot (Khenpo) and Professor at Sakya College in August 1989. Khenpo is the highest position in the Tibetan Buddhist monastic establishment. Venerable Migmar teaches and supervises the education of some of the brightest Tibetan young monks including His Holiness Sakya Trizin's crown prince, Dungsay Rinpoche, the would be Sakya Trizin and many incarnate young Rinpoches. He has also travelled and taught in the USA, Canada, Nepal, Singapore, Malaysia and India. He arrives in Sydney on 13th May where he will give a weekend seminar as well as an Eight Day course on Abhidharma at the Sakya Centre. As a close friend of Lama Choedak and at the invitation of Sakya Losal Choe-Dzong, Ven. Khenpo Migmar will be in Canberra for six days. There will be a Pot Luck shared dinner to welcome Khenpo Migmar at the centre (3 McInnes St. Weston) at 6pm Thursday 27 May and members and friends of the Centre are invited to attend. If you are able to cook a meal for Khenpo or help at the centre during the visit, please phone Chris. Also there is a roster at the centre where you can put your name down. Please help and get involved. EGO, EMPTINESS AND ENLIGHTENMENT IN BUDDHIST PHILOSOPHY Public Talk 8pm Thursday 27 May Hexley Lecture Theatre, Computer Services Centre Mills Road, Australian National University Admission: $15 Conc $10 HEART SUTRA UNFOLDING THE ESSENCE OF WISDOM TEACHINGS Weekend Course 9am-5pm Sat. 29 - Sun. 30 May Venue: Sakya Losal Choe Dzong, The Tibetan Buddhist Society of Canberra, 3 McInnes St. Weston, ACT Cost: $120 Conc $100 [Includes Vegetarian lunch and refreshments] "Heart Sutra" is the essence of all Mahayana Buddhist Sutras and gist of teaching and practices Madhyamika philosophy and the much publicised Mahamudra. As the heart organ of the Buddhist canon and bread and butter of Zen meditation, the Heart Sutra is a daily Sutra recitation of the Dalai Lama and specially His Holiness chants it before giving any teachings. As interstate enquiries and bookings are coming in already for this special course please book early to avoid dissappointment. DINNER WITH KHENPO MIGMAR Members and friends who wish to go out to dinner at a restaurant with Ven. Khenpo Migmar on 29, Saturday night and may be on Friday, please phone Alan, 257 6944 (w) 236 3285 (h). GLIMPSE OF BUDDHIST LOGIC Dharma Talk, 8pm Monday 1 June Admission: $15 Conc $10 BENEFITS AND ROLE OF RETREAT Dharma Talk, 8pm Tuesday 2 June Admission $15 Conc $10 THANKS-GIVING TSHOG OFFERING 7pm Wednesday 3 June BYO Food, drinks, candles and flowers (shrine) All Welcome REJUVENATION OF LIFE: 2ND ANNUAL JOINT NGONDRO RETREAT LED BY VEN. PROF. KHENPO MIGMAR TSERING 8pm Fri 11 - 4 pm Mon 14 June Cost $180 Member & Cons $150 Venue: Bahai School, Yerrimbol At the conclusion of the first annual joint retreat between Sydney and Canberra Sakya Centres held last June, it was decided to have such a retreat once a year. The theme of the retreat will be "Rejuvenation of Life" through special emphasis on the Ngondro Preliminary Practices. Most of the teachings will be given by the guest teacher Venerable Khenpo Migmar Tsering who will teach on View, Meditation and Action from the Buddhist philosophical perspective in general and the practices of Lamdre tradition of Tibetan Buddhism in particular. On Saturday night, Venerable Gylasay Tulku Rinpoche will give an initiation of Orange Manjushri, the Bodhisattva of wisdom and will explain how the practice of Manjushri will help to develop intelligence, wisdom and skilful means. Noble silence will be observed until midday every day and on Sunday Refuge Vows will be bestowed by Khenpo for those who wish to formally take refuge in the Triple Gem. ANNUAL VESAK CELEBRATION Happy Vesak! As in the previous years, on Saturday 5th June, our centre is joining other Buddhist organizations in Canberra to celebrate the Full Moon of Vesak, the Triple Sacred Day Anniversary marking the Birth, Enlightenment and Passing Away of the Lord Buddha, the founder of the sacred teachings of the Dharma. This is the most sacred day in the Buddhist Calendar and it is said that anything that one does on this day will multiply by one hundred thousand times. You are reminded not to miss this special occasion to gather with many other fellow Buddhists to celebrate the wonderful gift of Dharma in one's life and thank the Buddha. Traditionally lay Buddhists bring carefully prepared foods to offer to the Sangha members and also to share with others. The venue for this year's Vesak celebration is the National Gallery. It starts at 10 am with chantings, a Symposium on Buddhism, displays, food stalls and much more. For details please phone the committee or our tireless co-ordinator, Elizabeth Ribeiro ph. 2575517 / 247 5898. Members who can help to move the shrine and set up a display of the centre, please contact Lama. PILGRIMAGE GUIDED TOUR TO THE SACRED BUDDHIST SITES IN INDIA AND NEPAL Departs November 18, 1993 How many of you out there have wished to go on a pilgrimage tour of India and Nepal and visit Lumbini, the birth-place of the Buddha; touch the trunks of the Bodhi Tree in Bodh Gaya under which Buddha attained Enlightenment and climb up the summit of the Vultures Peak where the Buddha taught the Heart Sutra? It is a wish shared by many Buddhists around the world. Lama Choedak will lead this rare and exciting opportunity to experience the exotic and varied ancient Buddhist shrines and to actually show your respect to the sacred sites associated with Buddha's life. As Muslims go to Mecca, Buddhists go on pilgrimage following the last words of the Buddha, who said: "He or she who goes on pilgrimage with faith to Lumbini, the birth-place of the Tathagata; Bodh Gaya, where the Tathagata attained Enlightenment; Sarnath, where the Tathagata first turned the Wheel of Dharma; and Kushinagar, where the Tathagata passed away into Mahaparinirvana, will receive the same blessings as seeing the Tathagata in person." The merit of being able to go to the places where He demonstrated the twelve Great Deeds of a Bodhisattva is said to purify negative karma of many lifetimes and instil a profound faith in the Dharma and rejuvenate ones practice. With this tour one will not only see the historical sites associated with the life of Buddha but one will be able to see Buddhist temples, Pagodas and monasteries from many Buddhist coutries including Japan, China, Tibet, Bhutan, Thailand, Burma, Sri Lanka and Nepal. Except Lumbini, all of the sacred places where the Buddha spent his life are located in Northern India. Unlike most rushed tours, this tour will be conducted as a proper guided pilgrimage giving sufficient time to stay at least one to two nights at each sacred places where one can practise to feel the actual blessings of the Buddha's presence and the peaceful environment of those blessed lands. Tibetans and Mongolians who visit these places take soils and water from the sacred places for their folks at home. Being able to be at those places physically is said to have profound effect of deepening ones faith in the Triple Gem and practice of the Dharma. Lama Choedak, who has been to these places four times and lived 12 years in Lumbini has led a similar pilgrimage in 1985 with a group of eight Kiwis. You will see the room [if it is still there] where he spent three and half years of solitary Lamdre retreat. This tour will also take you to Dharamsala, or "little Lhasa", the famous tourist destination to see with your own eyes the establishment of the Tibetan government in exile and have the chance to have audience with His Holiness the Dalai Lama in His meditation room. You will also be able to visit some of the important Tibetan monasteries in Northern India and Nepal and be able to receive teachings from eminent lineage holders of various traditions of Tibetan Buddhism including His Holiness Sakya Trizin. We will also attend the enthronement of the 17th Gyalwa Karmapa at Rumtek if it is scheduled around that time without further obstacles. With this tour you will see the six important sacred sites associated with the life of the Buddha and Monastic Seats of all the four Tibetan traditions. It will be an educational and spiritually rewarding experience you should not miss. Tentative Itinerary: Day 1: Depart Sydney stay overnight in Bangkok Day 2: Depart Bangkok for Delhi Day 3: Morning Tour of Delhi, Tibet House Cultural Museum, Delhi Karmapa Monastery etc. Day 4: Depart for Dehra Dun, Rajpur, the Seat of the Sakya Tradition of Tibetan Buddhism Day 5: Tour of Sakya College, Sakya Centre and Seat of Drigung Kagyu in Doon Valley Day 7: Audience & Manjushri Initiation with H. H. Sakya Trizin Day 8: Visit Puruwala, Nyingma Centre and Manduwala Ngorpa Monastery Day 9: Depart for Dharamsala, Tibetan Library, Tibetan Children's Village, Tib. Medical Cen. etc. Day 10: Tour of Dharamsala, Buddhist School of Dialectics, (Audience with H. H. The Dalai Lama) Day 13: Depart for Bir and visit Ven. Gyalsay Tulku & Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche's Monastery Day 14: Audience with the Most Venerable Khenpo Kunga Wangchuk, visit Sherab Ling, H. E. Tai Situpa's monastery Day 15: Depart for Rewalsar, Padmasambhava Lake, Nyingma Monastery etc. Day 16: Depart for Varanasi, Sarnath, Deer Park the Sacred Site of Turning the Wheel of Dharma, Institute of Higher Tibetan Studies. Day 19: Depart for Bodh Gaya and visit international monastic enclave Day 20: Mahabodhi Temple, Bodhi Tree, the sacred site of Buddha's Enlightenment Day 22: Depart for Rajgir and Ancient Buddhist University of Nalanda Day 23: Depart for Kushinagar, sacred site of the Buddha's Passing away, Original Reclining Buddha Day 24: Depart for Lumbini, Meet H. E. Chogay Trichen Rinpoche, Lama Choedak's teacher Day 26: Lumbini Grove, Birth-place of the Buddha, Ashoka Pillar, monastic enclave Day 27: Depart for Pokhara, visit Lama Choedak's parent and the Karma Kagyu monastery Day 28: Depart for Kathmandu, Tour of Bodh Nath, Swayambu, Patan, Tibetan Settlement in Jawalakhel The Tour Concludes with a 5 Day retreat on Manjushri practice near a Padmasambhava cave outside Kathmandu from where you can enjoy the panaromic view of Mount Everest and the Mighty Range of the Himalayas before your eyes every morning with the beautiful sun rise beaming from the Tibetan horizon in the East. After the retreat, you will have several days to rest (or to trek) before attending the Grand Opening of the Sakya Monastery in Bodh Nath Stupa on 27th December, 1993. Except for those who are staying back for His Holiness Sakya Trizin's 3 Month Seminary on Drubthab Kuntu Transmission as advertised in this newsletter, the rest of the tour will return around the first week of January, 1994. Cost $1499 The price pays return airfare but does not include travel costs within India, Nepal & accomodation Your return ticket [Syd / B'kok / Del = K'mandu / B'kok / Syd] is valid for 3 months Further Enquiries: Lama Choedak 292 8150 A deposit of $150 is payable at time of booking; the balance is due 30 days prior to departure. Itinerary is subject to change where and when the leader considers it appropriate to the group's safety and needs. As there is a limitation on the size of the group, priority will be given to those who book early. Travel makes a wise man better, but a fool worse. A WORKSHOP ON CHEY-GOM ANALYTICAL MEDITATION 10am - 4pm 11 July 1993, Venue: 3 McInnes St, Weston Cost: $50 conc $40 (Lunch provided) One student who attended a workshop on Samatha meditation wrote to Lama Choedak: "Thank you for your guidance with my meditation. It has helped me to become more relaxed and be happier with myself and things I do with my life. Remarkably I have learnt to respect other people's needs more than myself and when I do this I am much happier and peaceful person. By meditating I find myself more focused, considerate and caring towards other people. Since attending the workshop on meditation, I have never missed a day to meditate early in the mornings and I thank you for this wonderful discipline I have learnt from you." Hearing this kind of responses from people is a source of inspiration. Unlike Samatha meditation technique which mainly requires to formally sit to practice to develop mindfulness, Chey-Gom is a hands-on awareness technique with its emphasis on how to integrate and process the rise of unpleasant circumstances where and when it happens so that one does not carry over any unresolved negativities or any emotionally entangled feelings to the next hour or the next day. In Chey-Gom awareness technique, the unpleasant circumstances are neither rejected nor avoided but are skilfully transformed to rejuvenate ones own strength and vigour without harming the opponent. The opponent is respected as an equal and indispensable partner who is truely challenging one's sincerity in the purpose of the partnership. The practice of Samatha meditation technique requires the deliberate search to find a peaceful place and free time, where as Chey-Gom technique does not discriminate between a noisy and peaceful place or a hectic and free time, for without the awareness and unmistaken analysis of the present moment, it is difficult to be fully equipped with skilful means and wisdom. Chey-Gom technique enhances Samatha and its simple meaning is "penetrative awareness and mindfulness". Often one is so certain that the other person or one's opponent is wrong without carefully investigating the basis of one's own assumption. According to the exponents of Chey-Gom awareness technique, the familiar urge which motivate us to act the way we always do is nothing more than our own way of maintaining our constant craving of playing back our habitual pattern which we find more secure than having to investigate properly and learn something new before repeating the same old habits. Chey-Gom awareness technique teaches how to capture the untapped and innate potentiality of the individual to transform even unpleasant situations into inspirations and strength building opportunities by leaving the past behind other the pasts without becoming attached to good events or resenting bad events. It teaches how to make opportunities amidst adverse circumstances than one normally finds. By holding onto past events, it is like stagnating a fresh water stream into a dirty and smelly pond. "Learn to stand up where one falls" is a suitable Tibetan proverb that echoes the heart of Chey-Gom analytical meditation technique. This workshop is highly recommended for those who had already attended Samatha meditation or martial art students who wish to add a touch of ancient Buddhist wisdom in their practices. The committe requests those interested to attend this workshop, or the weekend course on the Heart Sutra or the June Long weekend retreat to place their bookings as soon as possible as we cannot gurantee places for those who show up at last minute. Kindly assist by filling the registration form to secure a place and let us know if you cannot attend at the last minute if you have already made your booking. GRAND DRUBTHAB KUNTU TEACHING BY H. H. SAKYA TRIZIN IN NEPAL The Drubthab Kuntu Committee, with inestimable delight wishes to announce you that H. H. Sakya Trizin has kindly consented to bestow the Collection of Sadhanas empowerment (Drubthab Kuntue) at the Gha Tharlam Monastery, Boudh Nath stupa in Kathmandu commencing on 27 December, 1993 and lasting about three months. The opening day of the teaching falls on the 742nd Anniversay of the Mahaparinirvana of Sakya Pandita (1182-1251), on which the inaugural ceremony of the Gha Tharlam Sasang Namgyal Ling Monastery will also be held. Everyone is welcome to receive most of the empowerment and the teachings. No registration fee is charged but donations for the teaching are welcome. All the ordained monks and nuns will be offered morning tea, bread and lunch free of charge and donation are solicited to cover its expenses from generous devotees. Interested participants are requested to send their names and addresses to the following: Drubthab Kuntu Committee, Tharlam Sasang Namgyal Ling, P. O. Box Boudh Nath, Kathmandu, Nepal. TRANSLATION PROJECT OF THE DRUKPA KAGYU NGONDRO On the auspicious occasion of the opening of Druk Thupten Sangak Choeling Monastery in Darjeeling last February, His Holiness Drukchen has issued an open letter encouraging people to contribute towards the costs of translating the standard text of Drukpa Kagyu Ngondro into English. If you wish to maintain your spiritual connection with H. H. Drukchen and support this project, kindly send your donation to the project co-ordinator in Australia Jullie Henderson, 56 Llewellyn St., Balmain, NSW 2041, ph. (02) 810 3738 as it is more meritorous to give where it is needed. Gift of the Dharma excells all other gifts. -Buddha It is more blessed to give than to receive. - Matthew ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- end of file


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