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[This document can be acquired from a sub-directory coombspapers via anonymous FTP and/or COOMBSQUEST gopher on the node COOMBS.ANU.EDU.AU] The document's ftp filename and the full directory path are given in the coombspapers top level INDEX file] [This version: 2 August 1993] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- SAKYA LOSAL CHOE DZONG THE CLEAR MIND QUARTERLY NEWSLETTER No 10 January-March1992 My absence explained You may have heard that I went abroad and also might have noticed that our newsletter is long overdue because of my absence. Any inconveniences caused by the cancellation and postponement of retreats and courses are regretted. I had to go to Malaysia on a translation mission for His Eminence Luding Khen Rinpoche who gave the precious Lamdre teaching in Malaysia for the first time in South East Asia. Although it was rather a short notice, I could not refuse it as I would be delaying the ripening of many people's Karma as the whole Lamdre was to be cancelled had I not accepted the request. So I went in early August with my wife and Sherab, and visited some five main Sakya Centres in Malaysia. It was a very rewarding trip for me after not having been back to that part of the world for nearly four years. An average day consisted of four hours of teaching in the evenings; House blessing and performing of rituals occupied rest of the day. Amidst all this, I managed to visit my parents and all other relatives in Nepal. Since I haven't seen them for some years, it was nice to see them all. I have learnt to admire snow peaked mountains of Nepal for the first time and the weather was just perfect. I found Tashi Palkhel, the Tibetan Refugee settlement in Pokhara where my parents live, far cleaner than Kathmandu. The local Kagyupa monastery where I studied two years in the late sixties has become a massive building with so many novices who I could not recognize, have replaced the old monks. I was introduced to one of the little ones, playing with other kids, who was beleived to be the rebirth of the late abbot, Drupsing Rinpoche. I have never seen him playing marbles in his previous body and I can see him having to go through the whole study he once taught me so long time ago with some obvious difficulty. Anyhow he seemed very determined to learn once again and perhaps many more if the institution of finding the rebirths of teachers were to prevail much longer in the future. Also I was able to see my own teacher, His Eminence Chogay Trichen Rinpoche in Kathmandu who had just come out of a long retreat in Mustang. It was so nice to see my teacher who have been the source of my joy and inspiration of life. His Eminence was extremely busy as usual with so many teaching committments he has undertaken at the request of many Rinpoches from all traditions. As one of the most senior and oldest Tibetan teachers alive today, he was telling me that he was the next one to depart after Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche's passing away. Although I took his few words as reminder of my own impending death, I had a strong feeling that he will stay few more years to fulfill his wishes for the benefit of many sentient beings. Not knowing whether he could ever visit Australia or not, I requested him "Glorious Guru, May you please live long" with tears in my eyes and excused myself. It is good to visit old friends and relatives as we will not otherwise fully discover what they have become and what we have become. There is nothing real to hold onto. Even if you do, it will never be same again. Lama Choedak Special Sunday Sessions While some of the workshops and retreats scheduled in the previous newsletter had to be cancelled due to Lama's absence, the centre maintained its weekly activities as usual with interesting Sunday sessions led by different students each week, who gave talks on their understanding of Buddhist meditation in an atmosphere of mutual sharing. Sakya Dharma Dance Tour of the World As a part of the campaign for the International Year of Tibet, the highlight of the number of Tibetan cultural activities around the world included the tours of several Tibetan Lama (ritual) dance troupes. One of such troupe is from Sakya Centre in Rajpur. His Holiness Sakya Trizin led the Sakya Vajrakilaya Ritual dance troupe between mid-September till end of December which took them to London, Zurich, New York, Washington, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Singapore. His Holiness also gave a shorter version of the Lamdre in Washington and many teachings and initiations at various places. This is the first time that Sakya ritual dance group toured around the world. 3rd Annual White Tara Retreat How is your White Tara practice coming along? How was your health during the past year? Some three years have already passed since you were last initiated by Her Eminence Sakya Jetsun-ma. This is about the time of the year you need some revitalization of your spiritual energy and resolution to face the year ahead. If you really care about your health and spiritual well-being, it is this retreat which will provide the stamina you need to keep up your practices and prevent any health troubles that may otherwise be forthcoming. So do not miss this once in a year opportunity. The centre is organizing its third annual White Tara retreat at the Bahai School in Yerrinbool during the long weekend in January. Situated amidst beautiful orchards, it is an ideal setting for a peaceful retreat for a weekend. This retreat will emphasize more sessions of practice with fewer teaching sessions than previous retreats. The Eight Mahayana Precepts will be observed on Saturday and Sunday with noble silence in the mornings and fasting after mid-day. This retreat is restricted to initiates of White and Green Tara students. Place your bookings as soon as possible. Cost: $70 and $60 for members and concession Venue: Bahai School, Yerrinbool Date: 24-27 January,1992 Time: Starts at 7.30 pm on Fri. and finishes after lunch on Sun. Enquiries: Lama Choedak Ph. 2928150 Jenny Chen 2914029 (h) Teachings on Sakya Pandita's Illuminating the Sage's Intent Lama has finished giving teachings on the first half of the work last year and will teach the more difficult part of the text this year which will start on 12th January. This includes the chapter on emptiness and descriptions and qualities of the five paths and the ten Bodhisattva stages of enlightenment. The classes will be conducted with a guided meditation (30 minutes) at the beginning each Sunday at 10 am except when there is a workshop or retreat organized by the Centre. Hello There! Inspiration! Bridgit, one of our residents in the Red Hill house, who has been travelling in Asia is currently in England. She is working there and staying at a Tibetan Dharma centre and writes with full of inspiration. Excerpts from here letter: "To my dear friend and teacher, Where do I begin - accept in thanks and praise for the direction you have given and sorrows for not having appreciated your importance earlier. ..... I have never been so at peace and settled in my whole life - finally I can start to let go of my delusions. There are times when I just can't believe how fortunate I am and constantly tormented by thinking I am just not good enough to be in reception of such wonder. Words are meaningless - it is hard to express what is occurring and what I am part of but I am sure you understand. I have seen Dharma in various forms through out my travels...... Us Westerners are so lucky that we no longer have to travel as our teachers have brought the Dharma to the West. It is strange how so many Westerners go in search of happiness to the East and yet the doors and the keys have been transported to us - therefore we must not let this sacred and special opportunity pass. We must all work hard and make commitments and vow to assist our teachers who have sacrificed and work so hard for our benefit. Please Lama Choedak if you think it is appropriate I would like you to put this letter into the newsletter to share with all my friends in ACT and take this opportunity to thank them for their love and support during my time at the Centre. Look forward to hear from you soon. With love and respect, Bridget. Lama Choedak to Conduct Refuge Ceremony On Sunday 15 March, Lama Choedak will conduct a Refuge Ceremony for students who have not formally taken Refuge before. It is an auspicious date for this occassion. Taking Refuge is the first formal step for those intending to follow the Buddhist faith properly. Lama will give an exclusive talk on Refuge before the ceremony after the regular Sunday morning meditation. Workshop on How to Help the Deceased Re-scheduled This workshop is now to be held on Sunday 16 February after being postponed last time. In this workshop you will be given the transmission and will be taught how to pray and dedicate for the deceased. Death in a family can happen at any time, and with this you can help the deceased without feeling helpless and depressed. You can perform this rite even for those who died many years ago. You will be given a bilingual text with full description and a tape of this practice. This rite enables the Bardo being to attain a quick rebirth without having to go through the frightful experiences described in the Tibetan Book of Dead. It is a sensitive offering that really invokes such beings and makes them aware of the true nature of their condition of being in the intermediate state. Cost: $75 and $65 for members and concession Venue: 33 Bruxner Close, Gowrie Date: Sunday, 16 February 1992 Time: 10.00 am to 4.00 pm. Enquiries: Lama Choedak Ph. 2928150 Special days for this quarter Month New Moon Full-Moon Tsog Days January Sun. 5 Sun. 19 Wed. 15 Wed. 29 February Tue. 4 Tue. 18 Thu. 13 Thur. 27 March Thu. 5 Wed. 18 Fri. 13 Sat. 28 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- end of file


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