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Newspaper Witchcraft Articles Rowan Moonstone P. O. Box 1842 Colorado Springs, CO 80901-1842 1951 4-21-51 - "British Make it Official; Witches no Longer Exist", by Reuters, New York Times, positive 1970 5-5-70 - "Witchcraft Bubbles, Boils. Old Black Magic Casting New Spell", by Bill Harlett, Los Angeles Times, Positive. 5 pp. l972 7/27/72 - "A Bewitching Look at Covens", John Godwin, Chicago Tribune (UA) positive 1974 3/6/74 - "Witchcraft Defended", Doug Domeier, Dallas Morning News, 2 pp. (UA) positive 5/19/74 - "Shadows of 'Old Religion' Looms Large Against Reality of Today's Society", Emma Livingstone, Richmond (VA) Times Dispatch (UA) positive 12-5-74 - "Not Satanists. Witch Fighting for Better Public Image", Los Angeles Times, positive. 1975 4/20/75 - "Witchcraft, It's Message For Today", San Francisco Examiner, 2 pp. (UA) positive 10-31-75 - "It's the Witches Day to Howl. Halloween is New Years for Practitioners", by Russell Chandler, Los Angeles Times, positive, 2 pp. 1976 1/25/76 - "Witches Embroiled", Wes Hills, Dayton (OH) Daily News (UA) neutral 2/10/76 - "An Old American Custom", Linda Bernier, L.A. Times Herald, (UA) positive 8/23/76 - "Parents Proud Of Witch Daughter", S.F. Chronicle (UA) neutral to negative 10-31-76 - "Real Witch in Demand For This Time of Year", Bismarck Tribune, positive (CRF) 1977 5-77 - "The Adams Family and the Grail Tradition", by Andrew E. Rothovius East-West Magazine, positive 8-77 - "The Dragon Tradition on the New World", by Andrew E. Rothovius, East-West Magazine, positive 1978 6/5/78 - "Group That's Preparing For Witch War", San Francisco Chronicle (UA) negative 10-15-78 - "Bad Press Plagued Witches", Beverly Narum, Kansas City (MO) Star (UA) positive 10/27-78 - "Ghosts of Halloween", Darci Vanderhoff, Dallas Morning News (IHP) neutral 1979 2-9-79 - "The Legend(s) of John Todd", Editorial, Christianity Today, (S. Crocker) neutral to positive 9&10/79 - "Halloween? God Has A Better Idea", Ted Roberts, Virtue Magazine (IHP) negative 1980 2-18-80 - "that old white magic", by Constance Brissenden, Macleans, positive 2 pp. 8-8-80 - "Separation of Church and Witch", by W. Harold Fuller, Christianity Today, negative 9/28/80 - "A Convention of Witches is Viewed Darkly by Some in Amarillo", William K. Stevens, N.Y. Times (UA) neutral 10-80 - "What's Behind Halloween", Changing Times, negative 10-13-80 - "No evil potions for modern witches", by Chuck Nowlen, Milwaukee Sentinel, positive (LH) 10/18/80 - "Witches Unwittingly Cast Prayer Spell on Amarillo" Richard A. Abrams, Austin American Statesman, (UA) neutral 10/19/80 - "Bomb Threat Interrupts Witches' Seminar in Texas" William K. Stevens, N.Y. Times, (UA) positive 10/19/80 - "Witches Dispersed by Bomb Threat", Associated Press, New Orleans Times Picayune, (UA) positive 10/19/80 - "Witches' Toil Interrupted by Bomb Threat Trouble" Richard A. Abrams, Austin American-Statesman, (UA) positive 10/20/80 - "The Witches Talk, The Christians Sing", William K. Stevens, N. Y. Times, (UA) positive 10-20-80 - "Texas Hexes Witches' Group", Associated Press, Chicago Tribune, (UA) positive 10-20-80 - "Witches Say Amarillo 'Violent, Unfriendly'", AP, New Orleans Times-Picayune, (UA) positive 10-20-80 - "Some Enchanted Evening", Kent Biffle, Dallas Morning News, (UA) positive 10-27-80 - "A Treat (No Trick): Even Witches Can Be Good", Georgie Anne Geyer, L.A.Times (UA) positive 10-27-80 - "Things that go bump in Victoria", by Paul Gresco, Macleans, neutral to positive 2 pp. 10-29-80 - "How the Pumpkin Lost Its Teeth", Tom Sinclair-Faulkner, 10-31-80 - "Mother of Seven Studies Nightly to Become A Witch", Stephanie Sansom, Daily Californian, (UA) positive 1981 1981 - "Forensic Sciences Aspects of Santeria, A Religious cult of African Origin", C.V. Wetli & R. Martinez, Journal of Forensic Sciences, (CAN) neutral to negative 2-18-81 - "Dungeons and Dragons, The Occult Goes to School", by Bob Elmer, Olympia (WA) News (BADD) negative 5-10-81 - "High Priestess Seldom Leaves Mythic Domain", Gloria Ohland, Dallas Times Herald (IHP) negative 6-81 - "Witchcraft In America", Us Magazine, 3 pp. (BE) positive 9-27-81 - "Ways of the Covens Flourishing in Secret", by Bill Lazarus, New Haven Register, (UA) positive 10-31-81 - "A Spirited Subject, Tracing the Religious, Secular Roots of Halloween", Pat Zajac, Ft. Worth Star Telegraph, (IHP) neutral 1982 2-14-82 - "Witch Who can read your body like the palm of your hand", by Cynthia Raymond, Los Angeles Times, positive 2 pp. 6-14-82 - "Victoria Police Hunt Reported Satanic Baby Sacrifice", by Barbara McLintock, Vancouver Sun (KC) positive 6-15-82 - "Satanic Rumors, Baby Sacrifice Alert Out", Vancouver Sun (KC) positive 6-17-82 - "Satanist Alert An Error", Victoria Sun (KC) positive 8-1-82 - "Bedeviled by a wild rumor, they fight back", by Terry Bivens, Philadelphia Inquirer, positive 8-16-82 - "Doing Corporate Battle With Satan", by Shona McKay, Macleans, neutral 10-20-82 - "An Evangelical Feminist Confronts The Goddess" Virginia Ramey Mollenkott, Ph.D., Christian Century (UA) neutral 10-31-82 - "A house is Not A Home, but The Dogs Are The Pits", Ft. Worth Star-Telegram, (IHP) negative 1983 3-3-83 - "Fiscal Woes Hex Witches Convention", Dallas Morning News, (IHP) neutral 6-24-83 - "Law Allows Casting Spells If You Do It For Free", Dallas Morning News, (IHP) neutral 7-11-83 - "Sacrifices, Spirits Part of Miami Life", by Barry Bearak, neutral. 2 pp. 8-83 - "Brujeria: Manifestations of Palo Mayombe in South Florida", C.V. Wetli & Robert Martinez, Journal of the Fla. Med. Assn. (CAN) neutral to negative 10-83 - "Night of the Wandering Souls", by Jack Santino, Natural History, positive, 5 pp. 10-12-83 - "Witchcraft: A Real But Controversial Way of Life" Edna Boone Johnson, Birmingham (AL) News, 2 pp. (UA) neutral 10-13-83 - "Kidnap Threat At Hospital Boosts Security", Vancouver Sun, positive (KC) 10-21-83 - "Witchcraft: An Inside View", J. Gordon Melton, Christianity Today, 2 pp., positive 10-29-83 - "Bad Image, Witches Haunted By History", by Scott Smith, Colorado Springs Gazette Telegraph Leisuretime Magazine, positive (GLB) 2 pp. 11-5-83 - "Witches, Paganists Eschew Satanism Study Says" John Dart, L.A. Times, (UA) positive 11-7-83 - "Americans Spend Millions on Occultism", Cindy Skrzycki, Dallas Morning News, (IHP) negative 11-7-83 - "The Occult Blossoms into Big Business", by Cindy Skrzycki, U.S. News and World Report, (neutral) 1984 1-14-84 - "Youth Claims Cult Gave Him Body of Baby", Cindy Rugeley, Ft. Worth Star-Telegram, (IHP) negative 1-14-84 - "Drug Raid Turns up Baby's Bones", Anne Reifenberg, Dallas Morning News, (IHP) negative Spring 84 - "Ultrafundamentalist Sects and Child-Abuse", by Lowell D. Streiker, Free Inquiry, positive, 7 pp. 3-9-84 - "She Sees Witchcraft In Loss of College Job", John Crust & L.W. McGarry, L.A. Times, (UA) positive 3-23-84 - "The Devil and Colorado's Young", by Leslie Petrovski, Up The Creek, negative (CuCO) 2 pp. 4-22-84 - "Lucas Says Cult Inspired Killings", Gayle Reaves, Ft. Worth Star Telegram, (C.A.N.) negative 4-23-84 - "Murders in the Name of the Devil", Sacramento Union 5-22-84 - "Satan Worship Uplifted on NBC", NFD Journal, (IHP) negative 6-84 - "Satan worship Rituals on the Increase", Battle Cry Publications 6-22-84 - "Police Raid Religious Commune", Ft. Wayne News-Sentinel, (C.A.N) negative 6-24-84 - "Ex-Warlock fights the satanism cults", by Wynne Bilby, Sunday Denver Post, negative, (CuCo) 6-24-84 - "Witches, women leave everyday routines to honor sisterhood, the Craft", by Wynne Bilby, Denver Post, positive, 2 pp. 6-24-84 - "Priestess bewitched but not bothered, bewildered", by Wynne Bilby, Denver Post, positive, 2 pp. 7-8-84 - "Youth Arrested in 'Cult' Murder Takes Own Life", Newport Daily Press, Newport News, Va, (B.A.D.D.) negative 7-8-84 - "Youth in Devil Cult Is Found Hanged", Ft. Worth Star-Telegram, (IHP) negative 7-8-84 - "6 Fetuses Found in fire Rubble", Sacramento Union 7-9-84 - "Teen's Cult Leaves Sinister Scar on City", Margaret Hornblower, Ft. Worth Star-Telegram, (IHP) negative 7-15-84 - "Drugs Changed Life of Teen Charged in Satanic Killing" Pat Milton, Ft. Worth Star-Telegram, (IHP) negative 7-15-84 - "Voodoo In Brazil: A Way of Life", Stephen G. Bloom, Dallas Life Magazine (IHP) neutral 7-18-84 - "Shock Waves of Teen's Death Shake Long Island Suburb" Michael Coakley, Ft. Wayne News- Sentinel, (CAN) negative 8-17-84 - "Hamlet In England Gives Witch The Devil Over Plans For Coven", Elizabeth Grice, Dallas Morning News, (IHP) neutral 8-17-84 - "Yorkshire In Devil of a Row Over Witches Coven Moving In", Elizabeth Grice, L.A. Times, (UA) neutral 8-23-84 - "Nine are Apprehended in area Cult Setting", Centralia Sentinel, (BADD) negative 9-16-84 - "Matter of Mind Control", Ron Hutchinson, Ft. Worth Star- Telegram, (IHP) negative 10-84 - "The Witches of Berkeley", by Nancy Churnin Demac, San Francisco, positive 7 pp. 11-4-84 - "Game Suspected as Factor in Boys Deaths", Dallas Morning News, (IHP) negative 11-10-84 - "Hazardous Horoscopes? Scientists Ask Papers For Dis-claimer to Warn Gullible Stargazer", (IHP) negative 11-15-84 - "It's a Rare Medium Who is Well Done", Letters to Anne Landers, Ft. Worth Star-Telegram, (IHP) negative 11-22-84 - "Kids In the Dark", by David Breskin, Rolling Stone Magazine , neutral to negative, 14 pp. 1985 1-85 - "Satanists Vandalize Churches", Christian Enquirer 1-19-85 - "Arlington Teen Kills Himself in Front of Class", Lorraine Ianello, Dallas Times-Herald, (IHP) negative 1-31-85 - "Is Dungeons and Dragons Game a Macabre Influence on Teens?", Howard Witt, Dallas Morning News, (IHP) negative 2-85 - "Magic: A Deadly Solution", Denver Magazine, negative (CuCo) 6 pp. 3-15-85 - "Rock'n'Roll Sermon Nets Listeners, Doubters", Marlene Perrin, Iowa City Press Citizen, (CAN) neutral 4-17-85 - "Satanist Gathering Suspected", Courier, Findlay, Ohio, (CAN) negative 4-18-85 - "Rumor Bedevils Proctor & Gamble", Margot Hornblower, Washington Post, neutral 4-25-85 - "P&G Drops Logo: Cites Satan Rumors: Man in Moon Loses a Job", Sandra Salmans, New York Times, neutral 5-19-85 - "Occult Took Me To Brink of Death, Priest Tells", by Peter Haran, Sunday Mail, Australia, BADD, negative 5-29-85 - "Wise Guys - And Newspapers - Still Bedevil P&G About it's Infamous Corporate Logo", by John Bussey, Wall Street Journal, humorous 6-18-85 - "Portsmouth Family victim of Gruesome Vandalism", by George Shadroui, Virginian Pilot 6-28-85 - "Strange Case - Quartet Guilty of Child Molestation", by Charles Postell, Albany (Ga) Herald, (BADD) negative 7 & 8-85 - "By the Power Invested in Me", by Scott James, Liberty Magazine (JH) positive 7-8-85 - "Satanic Bible In Public Libraries", Rev. Roger Hudson, Update Magazine (WATCH) negative *7-8-85 - "Satanic Cult", (AP) negative 7-13-85 - "Satanic Cults Termed "Present Danger", Marjorie Rommel, Chicago Sun-Times, (CAN) negative *7-14-85 - "Satanic Slaying", San Francisco (AP) negative 7-29-85 - "Satanism Haunts Tales of Child Sex Abuse", John Crewdson, Chicago Tribune, 7-29-85 (BADD) negative 8-23-85 - "Children allege animal Sacrifices", by Anne Pifine, Nevada Appeal (Carson City, NV) (BADD) negative 8-27-85 - "Drug Agents Arrest 3, Seize Satanic Material in Weld", Rocky Mountain News, neutral 9-2-85 - "Satanic Killing", (AP) negative 9-15-85 - "They Turn To Magic, Not Satan", George Flynn, San Diego Union, (UA) positive 9-15-85 - "Devil Worship: What's Behind It?", Mary Flood, Houston Post, (BADD) negative 9-15-85 - "Satanists Blend into Society", Houston Post (BADD) negative 9-16-85 - "Night Stalker", People Magazine, 3 pp., (IHP) negative 9-16-85 - "Parents vs. Rock", by Stephen Dougherty, People Magazine, negative, 8 pp. 9-19-85 - "Witch Says She is Victim of Job Bias", George Flynn, San Diego Union, (UA) positive 9-22-85 - "Cult Movement Growing; Outcome Bears Watching", by Georgie Anne Geyer, El Paso Times (BADD) negative 9-24-85 - "Satanism, Cult of the 1980's", Georgie Anne Geyer, Dallas Morning News, (IHP) negative 10-11-85 - "Pentagram Not Evil", Letter to the Editor, Lurline Jennings, L.A. Herald Examiner (LJ) positive 10-15-85 - "Obstacles Don't Deter Witches' Worship", Gayle White, Atlanta Journal, 2 pp., (UA) positive 10-23-85 - "A Natural Rite", by Mary Mashburn, Colorado Springs Sun, (GLB) positive 2 pp. 10-25-85 - "Man Charged in Stalker Murder", USA Today, BADD, negative 10-31-85 - "Witches Aren't Flying Very High In Today's Culture", Lucretia Steiger, San Diego Union, (UA) neutral to positive 10-31-85 - "What a Halloween haul! Snickers, an apple and the New Testament", by Dale D. Buss, Wall Street Journal, neutral 10-31-85 - "There's Trouble Brewing For Witches This Halloween", Jan Lindstrom, San Gabriel Valley, L.A. Herald-Examiner (LJ) neutral to positive 11-85 - "The Myth of the Halloween Sadist", by Joel Best, Psychology Today, positive 2 pp. 11-13-85 - "A New Broom", Oklahoma Gazette, positive 11-23-85 - "Sex Slave Keeper Receives 104 Years", Ft. Worth Star Telegram, (IHP) negative 11-28-85 - "Tax Exemption for Witches Haunts Congress", Paula Fisher, Wanderer, 2 pp., (IHP) positive 12-1-85 - "Horse Owner Fears Cult at Blame in Mutilation", Dallas Morning News, (IHP) negative 12-17-85 - "Cult Member Lacks Remorse for Torture Death of Thimm", Wyoming State Tribune (BADD) negative 12-31-85 - "Brazil Clergy Tacitly Approves Cult Worship", Bryna Brennan, Dallas Times Herald, (IHP) neutral 1986 1-86 - "Witches, ACLU Foil Helms, Casting Off His Evil Curse", by Rebecca Pitman, Washingtonian, positive 1-3-86 - "Satan Cult Site Found", by Debbie Stone, Montgomery Journal, BADD, negative 1-8-86 - "Devil Worship Prompts Arrest", Newport News (VA) Daily Press 1-86 - "The Devil Made Me Do It", Dr. Joel Norris & Jerry Allen Patter, Penthouse, 9 pp. (CAN) (VOICES) negative 1-86 - "The Teacher Hurt Me, Mommy", by Joanne Michaels, Redbook, neutral 4 pp (VOICES) 1-16-86 - "Waverly News", negative (WBBBS) 1-26-86 - "Lure of New Age philosophy has biblical scholar worried", by Bill Husted, Rocky Mountain News, (CuCo) negative 2-4-86 - "Letter To Mike Warnke Ministries", by Lt. Larry M. Jones (IHP) negative 2-16-86 - "Fad or Fanatic Cult?", Diana Washington, El Paso Times (BADD) negative 2-16-86 - "Some Call it a Cult; Others A Religion", Diana Washington, El Paso Times (BADD) negative 2-16-86 - "WATCH Network Keeps Eye On Occult", Diana Washington, El Paso Times (BADD) negative 2-16-86 - "El Paso Area Is Dotted With Apparent Ritual Sites", Diana Washington, El Paso Times (BADD) negative 2-16-86 - "Selfishness is the Point of Satanism", Diana Washington, El Paso Times, (BADD) negative 2-17-86 - "The World of Dark Rock", by Rob Lamp, The New American, negative, 5 pp. (DG) 2-20-86 - "Monroe Officials Link Teen Death To Satanism", by Joe Swickard, Detroit Free Press (BADD) negative 2-20-86 - "'Sacrificial' Death", Denver Post, negative 2-25-86 - "Prosecutor To Seek Death in Devil Worship Killings", Eric Zorn, Chicago Tribune, (CAN) negative 2-26-86 - "Angel of Satan On Trial", Northwest Herald (Crystal Lake, IL) (CAN) negative 2-27-86 - "Teen Guilty in Ax Murder", Northwest Herald, Crystal Lake, IL, (CAN) negative *3-3-86 - "Kern Molest", (AP-CMBBS) San Francisco, CA, negative *3-3-86 - "Finders", (AP-CMBBS) neutral *3-7-86 - "Canbriefs", (AP-CMBBS) Calgary, Alberta *3-17-86 - "Satanic Farm Field", Greeley, CO (AP) negative 3-19-86 - "Library Refuses to Ban Book On Witches", Connie Petty, Albany (OR) Democrat-Herald (ED) neutral to positive 3-20-86 - "Pickets Protest Book On Witches", Carter Wood, Albany (OR) Democrat-Herald, (ED) neutral to positive *3-20-86 - "Prank Graves", (AP-CMBBS) Yontis, TX, weird *3-28-86 - "Chef Murder", Flemington, N.J. (AP) negative 4-2-86 - "Letter To Warnke Ministries", Glenn Gibbs (IHP) negative *4-3-86 - "Son of Sam", (AP-CMBBS) negative *4-14-86 - "Grave Robbers", Pottsville, AK (AP-CMBBS) negative 4-18-86 - "Putting Satan's Work into Perspective", by Randy Frame, Christianity Today, (neutral) 2 pp. *4-20-86 - "Satanic Rumor", (AP-CMBBS) Huntsville, AL, negative 4-22-86 - "Boy 14, Accused in Satan Assault", Andrew Herman, Chicago Sun- Times, (CAN) negative 4-22-86 - "Spell of Unemployment", by Egan, Woman's World Weekly, (UA) positive *4-22-86 - "Teenage Satanism", (AP-CMBBS) Salt Lake City, UT negative *4-23-86 - "Sex Trial", by Woody Baird Memphis, Tenn. (AP-CMBBS) negative 4-22-86 - "Satan Bible Feud Linked to Slaying", by Susanne Burks, Albuquerque Journal (BADD) negative 4-22-86 - "Cults: Growing Problem Among Nevadans", by Dorothy Kosich, Carson City Nevada Appeal (BADD) negative *4-24-86 - "Night Stalker", by Sun Manning, L.A. Times (AP-CMBBS) negative *4-24-86 - "Sex Trial", by Woody Baird, Memphis, TN (AP-CMBBS) negative *4-25-86 - "Sex Trial II", by Woody Baird, Memphis, TN (AP-CMBBS) negative 4-27-86 - "Satan Worship Called Dangerous, Growing", Eric Zorn, Chicago Tribune, (IHP) negative * 5-4-86 - "Satanic Cults", (AP-CMBBS) Chattanooga, TN, negative 5-4-86 - "Devil Did It! A British Man Nets $313,000", by Joseph Lelyveld, New York Times Sunday, neutral 5-7-86 - "Teenagers, Rock'n'roll and Satan", by Judith Graffam Press Enterprise , Riverside, CA (BADD) negative 5-7-86 - "Cults Are Dangerous, says Vatican document", Denver Catholic Register, negative (CuCo) 5-13-86 - "Teen To Stand Trial As Adult in 3 Deaths", Nolan Clay, Daily Oklahoman, negative *5-13-86 - "Vandalism",* (AP-CMBBS) Ft. Collins, CO 5-20-86 - "Charleston Rector Quits Says He's Been Bewitched", Charlotte Observer, (JM) neutral to strange *5-24-86 - "Party Death"- (AP CMBBS) E. Lansing, Mich 5-29-86 - "Witchcraft Issue Heats Up School Censorship Battle", Fred Grimm, Charlotte Observer, (JM) negative 6-86 - "Violent Ritualistic Victimization: An Attack on the Mind, Body, and Spirit", by Florangel M. Mendez, NCASA News (BADD) negative *6-1-86 - "Child Sex", (AP-CMBBS) 6-5-86 - "The Noble Search For Devil Worshippers And Other Godless Commies, Q&A with Deputy Sheriff Dave Gaerin, San Diego Reader, 12 pp., (UA) negative 6-6-86 - "Witchcraft: A Persecuted Religion", Letter to the Ed. Adrian Russell, Charlotte Observer, (JM) positive 6-7-86 - "2 Ex-Va. Students Quizzed in London About Stabbing Deaths", by Tom Sharwood, Washington Post (BADD) negative *6-7-86 - "Voodoo Incident", Dallas Tx. AP (CMBBS) negative 6-10-86 - "Meet a Witch Plan Brews up Parent Protest", Los Angeles Times, positive. 6-11-86 - "Reader Warns Against Lies of Metaphysics", Letter to Ed. Don Watson, Oklahoma Gazette, negative 6-12-86 - "Pagans By God", Letter to the Editor, Patrick Mckinnion, San Diego Reader (UA) positive 6-17-86 - "Groups Unite to Fight Growing Teen Satanism", by Susan Allen, USA Today (BADD) negative 6-24-86 - "Sex Crimes Lead To Guilty Plea", Nolan Clay, Daily Oklahoman, negative 6-25-86 - "Each of us Holds Potential of God As His Children", letter to Ed. Denise Rodgers, Okla. Gazette, positive 6-25-86 - "Picketing Coven", Oklahoma Gazette, positive 6-26-86 - "View Both Sides of Mind Control", Letter to Ed., Keith Gibson (OK) Gazette, negative 7-86 - "Let Us Prey", Stephen J. Parker, Newlook, 4 pp., (UA) negative & VERY strange *7-7-86 - "Satanic Slaying", San Francisco, (AP-CMBBS) negative 7-9-86 - "Study of Metaphysics Can Be Frightening", Letter to Ed., TMB, Oklahoma Gazette, negative 7-9-86 - "Pomona College Witch studying Wicca Ways", by Dick Roraback, Los Angeles Times. Positive, 4 pp. 7-17-86 - "Christian Parents Blast 'The Wizard of Oz' At Trial", Daily Oklahoman, neutral 7-23-86 - "Ex-Cityan Charged In Death", Nolan Clay, Daily Oklahoman, negative *7-23-86 - "Sex Trial", by Woody Baird, Memphis Tenn. negative (CMBBS) *7-25-86 - "Satanic Crime"- (AP-CMBBS) Macon, Ga. 7-25-86 - "Pleas Bargain Denied in Lafayette Sex Case", by Charlie Brennan, Rocky Mountain News, neutral *7-26-86 - "Preschool Molest", by Linde Deutsch, L.A. (AP) negative *7-26-86 - "Strange Slaying", Bunnel, Fla. AP (CMBBS) negative 8-9&10-86 - "Is Satanism linked to crimes", by Thomas D. Elias, St. Louis Globe Democrat, negative, 4 pp. (WBBBS) 8-26-86 - "Not Even In Whispers", Letter to the Editor, B.J. Stenberg, Portland Oregonian (ED) positive 8-27-886 - "We don't worship Satan, witchcraft priestess says", by Chris Martell, Wisconsin State Journal, positive (LH) 9-86 - "Isis Has Devil of a Time With Network Television", Isis Newsletter, positive 9-86 - "Bewitching Salem", National Geographic Traveler, positive *9-2-86 - "Satanic Killing", (AP-CMBBS) negative *9-2-86 - "Satanic Cult", (AP-CMBBS) North Carolina, negative 9-22-86 - "Satanism Influenced Teen, Defense Says", Nolan Clay, Daily Oklahoman, negative 9-23-86 - "Trial Expected to Include Testimony About Satanism", Nolan Clay, Daily Oklahoman, negative 9-25-86 - "Teen Drew Pictures In Blood, Former Co-Worker Testifies", Nolan Clay, Daily Oklahoman, negative 9-27-86 - "Suspect Reported Seeing Demons Fly", Nolan Clay, Daily Oklahoman, negative 9-30-86 - "Macy, Attorney Argue In Murder Trial", Nolan Clay, Daily Oklahoman, negative 10-86 - "America's Best Kept Secret", John Frattarola, Passport Magazine, 12 pp., (WATCH) VERY NEGATIVE 10-86 - "Demon Possession", Raul Ries, Passport Magazine, (WN) negative 10-86 - "Cults: Organized, Armed & Protected by the First Amendment, by Kim Remesch-Allnutt, The Police Product News, negative 5 pp. (DG) 10-1-86 - "Testimony of Psychologists Conflicts", Nolan Clay, Daily Oklahoman, negative 10-2-86 - "Teen Guilty of Killings, Jury Rules", Nolan Clay, Daily Oklahoman, negative 10-3-86 - "Teen Killer Gets Death", Nolan Clay, Daily Oklahoman, negative 10-5-86 - "Teen Ager's Murder Trial Presented Basics of Satanism", Nolan Clay, Sunday Oklahoman, negative 10-7-86 - "Fantasy Game Victim of Undeserved Attack", Letter to Ed., Kerry Tolan, Daily Oklahoman, positive 10-10-86 - "Expert: Voodoo Chicken Disease Could Threaten Other Poultry", Tallahassee Democrat, (CAN) neutral to negative 10-12-86 - "A Devilish Choice Noted", Letter to the Editor, R. Lynn Green, Daily Oklahoman, neutral 10-12-86 - "Modern witches Try To Improve Ancient Image", Jenkin Lloyd- Jones, Daily Oklahoman, positive 10-15-86 - "Game Harmless", Letter to the Editor (KDH) Daily Oklahoman, positive 10-16-86 - "Evil One Plotting Against America", Letter to Ed., S. Smith, Daily Oklahoman, negative 10-25-86 - "Dungeons and Dragons Devilish Game", Letter to Editor (PJP) Daily Oklahoman, negative 10-26-86 - "In League With the Devil", Glenn Gibbons, Jr, Portland Oregonian (ED) negative 10-30-86 - "Lawmen Tire of Haunting Rumor", Chris Kinyon, Daily Oklahoman, neutral *10-30-86 - "Satan Worship", Levelland, Tex. (AP-BBS) *11-6-86 - "Devil Worshippers", (AP-CMBBS) 11-12-86 - "Fantasy Games, Deadly Fun?", by Patricia Hillyer, Denver Catholic Register, negative (CuCo) 3 pp. 11-14-86 - "Rezoning For Wiccans Denied", Wisconsin State Journal (CNN) neutral 11-14-86 - "Wiccan Priestess To Fight Ban By Iowa county Board", Gene Conrad, Capital Times, Madison, (WI) (CNN) neutral *11-14-86 - "Mysterious Remains", (CMBBS) negative 11-23-86 - Letters to the Editor, Portland Oregonian Re: "In League With the Devil", positive "Panning Pan"- Michael Dion, positive "Benevolent Gathering"- Norma Joyce, positive "Takeoff on Tabloids"- Mark Van Dyke, positive "No Devil Devotion"- The Rev. Nestor Perala, positive "Hopkins Hardly Holy"- Frank C. Johnson, positive *11-24-86 - "Grave Robbing", Brownburg, Ind. (AP-CMBBS) *11-27-86 - "Child Sex", Memphis, Tenn. AP (CMBBS) negative 12-86 - "The Rules, the Roles, The Risks of Dungeons and Dragons", Richard White, Standard (Va. Beach, VA) (BADD) negative *12-8-86 - "Church Bomb", AP (WBBBS) *12-12-86 - "Cistern Death" - Carthage Mo. (AP-CMBBS) *12-18-86 - "Cult Abuse", by Ric Leyva, L.A. (AP-CMBBS) 12-9-86 - "A Boy's Love of Satan Ends In Murder, a Death Sentence, and Grisly Memories", Michelle Green, People Magazine (IHP) negative 12-11-86 - "Satanic Probe", (AP-CMBBS) Lincoln City, OR 1987 1-23-87 - "Kern Drops Satanism case", by Steve E. Swenson, Bakersfield Californian , neutral 1-25-87 - "Salem's Official Witch, Laurie Cabot, Finds Grave Errors in Eastwick", by Cable Neuhaus, People Magazine, positive 2 pp. 1-27-87 - "Shirley MacLaine Movie Called a Fraud", Letters to the Ed. Don Watson, Daily Oklahoman, negative 2-87 - "Children of Yoruba", Rod Davis, Southern Magazine, 11 pp., (JM) neutral to positive 2-87 - "Satanism: The Law Enforcement Response", Robert J. Barry, National Sherrif, 4 pp., (CAN) negative 2-87 - "Crimes of the Occult", Carole Allen w/ Pat Metoyer, Police Magazine, 13 pp., (WLPA) negative 2-7-87 - "Cult Link Seen in Case of Unidentified Children", by Jon Nordheimer, York Times National News, neutral 2-8-87 - "Maclaine Failed In Search for God", Letter to the Editor, Jo Anne Coleman, Daily Oklahoman, negative 2-8-87 - Letters to the Editor Re:"Out on a Limb" "Don't Condemn", R. Scott Taylor, positive "Satan Fooling People", Greta Nikkel, negative "Stop Arguing", Karem Kemler, positive 2-8-87 - "Telephone Threats to Children Put Fla. Police on Armed Alert", Sunday Oklahoman, neutral 2-13-87 - "Double Whammy, 13th, Full Moon", Eldon Barrett & Maureen McDonald, USA Today, neutral to positive 2-13-87 - "Fla. 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