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We are responding with the requested file as an a ttachment to this message. sysop banished.com PLEASE DISTRIBUTE AS WIDELY AS POSSIBLE ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ CONTENTS: 1. Electronic transcription notice 2. Ordering information 3. Complete video transcript of THE CLINTON CHRONICLES: AN INVESTIGATION INTO THE ALLEGED CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES OF BILL CLINTON 4. Miscellaneous information from Citizens for Honest Government __________________________________________________________________________ | | | 1. Electronic transcription notice | | | | This file contains an electronic copy of the officical transcript of | | THE CLINTON CHRONICLES. This copy has been produced by Banished | | CPU, which is a computer Bulletin Board System (BBS) that supports | | Freedom of Speech. With a modem, you can access Banished CPU by | | calling (503) 232-9202. Banished CPU's postal address is: | | P.O. Box 90151, Portland, OR 97290. Banished CPU is not affiliated | | with Citizens for Honest Government or any other organization. | |__________________________________________________________________________| __________________________________________________________________________ | | | 2. Ordering information | | | | VIDEOS | | | | THE CLINTON CHRONICLES -- $19.95, plus $3.00 shipping/handling = | | $22.95. California residents add $1.55 sales tax for a total of | | $24.50. | | | | THE CLINTON CHRONICLES and CLINTON'S CIRCLE OF POWER combined | | special -- $29.95 plus $3.00 shipping/handling = $32.95. | | California residents add $2.32 sales tax for a total of $35.27. | | | | PRINTED MATERIAL | | | | THE CLINTON CHRONICLES transcript -- $5.00 plus $1.50 shipping = | | $6.50. | | | | CLINTONGATE (a collection of articles related to the issues covered | | in THE CLINTON CHRONICLES -- $4.95 plus $1.00 shipping = $5.95. | | | | THE RUDDY REPORT on the Fiske investigation of the Death of Vince | | Foster, Jr. $9.95 when purchased alone or $5.00 when purchased | | with the video, THE CLINTON CHRONICLES. | | | | TO ORDER BY CREDIT CARD, CALL JEREMIAH FILMS AT (800) 828-2290 OR | | SEND CHECK OR MONEY ORDER TO P.O. BOX 1710, HEMET, CA 92546. | |__________________________________________________________________________| 3. THE CLINTON CHRONICLES: AN INVESTIGATION INTO THE ALLEGED CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES OF BILL CLINTON (OFFICICAL VIDEO TRANSCRIPT -- CITIZENS FOR HONEST GOVERNMENT) * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * THE FOLLOWING INVESTIGATIVE REPORT IS A PRESENTATION OF CITIZENS' VIDEO PRESS, A DIVISION OF CITIZENS FOR HONEST GOVERNMENT CITIZENS FOR HONEST GOVERNMENT IS A NON-PARTISAN ORGANIZATION DESIGNED TO ALERT THE PUBLIC ABOUT DISHONESTY AND CORRUPTION IN GOVERNMENT THE FOLLOWING PROGRAM IS RECOMMENDED FOR MATURE AUDIENCES NARRATOR: ON JANUARY 20TH, 1993, WILLIAM JEFFERSON CLINTON BECAME THE 42ND PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. AT THE TIME, MOST AMERICANS WERE NOT AWARE OF THE EXTENT OF CLINTON'S CRIMINAL BACKGROUND, NOR WERE THEY AWARE OF THE MEDIA BLACKOUT WHICH KEPT THIS INFORMATION FROM THE PUBLIC. AS STATE ATTORNEY GENERAL AND LATER, GOVERNOR, BILL CLINTON IN TWELVE YEARS ACHIEVED ABSOLUTE CONTROL OVER THE POLITICAL, LEGAL AND FINANCIAL SYSTEMS OF ARKANSAS. AS PRESIDENT, HE WOULD ATTEMPT TO DO THE SAME WITH THE NATION BY BRINGING MEMBERS OF HIS INNER CIRCLE WITH HIM TO WASHINGTON. THE HIJACKING OF AMERICA WAS UNDER WAY, AND ITS IMPACT ON FUTURE GENERATIONS WOULD BE INCALCULABLE. OPENING TITLES CITIZENS FOR HONEST GOVERNMENT PRESENTS THE CLINTON CHRONICLES ALL INFORMATION PRESENTED IN THIS PROGRAM IS DOCUMENTED AND TRUE JUDGE JIM JOHNSON: Bill Clinton was born in Hope, and of course raised (Former Arkansas in Hot Springs. They had open bawdy houses over State Senator and there at the time, and they had open gambling at State Supreme Court the time. But Clinton grew up in that, in that Justice) atmosphere, that different atmosphere of Hot Springs. If it felt good, you did it. He was selected to go to the National from Arkansas Boys State to be a delegate to the National Boys State. And while he was there he was able to meet John Kennedy, and I'm sure that sparked an ambition in this young man. And he apparently has always had an exceptional keen mind, keen intellect. And he has, he early, evidently, had tremendous ambition. He was gifted in so many ways. The truth is, he is one of the most charming men that I've ever met in my life. He has more energy than, than any ten people I've ever known. He was able to network himself into running for Attorney General virtually unopposed. And then he was able to take that position and catapult himself into the Governor's office two years later, and started building his foundation. NORA WAYE: When you think about Bill Clinton's aversion to the (Former business truth, you wonder if this is because of the partner of Bill lax-a-dasical moral background that he's had in Clinton's stepfather) this area. He lied about Rhodes, being a Rhodes scholar. He never completed that, and still said he was a Rhodes scholar. He went to Moscow, and did business with them against the United States government, and he wasn't challenged by the press about that. In Arkansas, while he was governor, he said he balanced the budget eleven times. He never did it once. Also he said he didn't raise taxes, and he raised taxes 126 times. JUDGE JIM JOHNSON: He can accommodate any situation that comes up, because he's not hemmed in by the truth. I've never felt that Clinton consciously, or unconsciously was hemmed in with morality. LARRY NICHOLS: I first met Bill Clinton in the mid to late 70's. (Former Director of He was an up and coming politician. There were a Marketing for the group of us, Jim Guy Tucker, Bill Clinton, Arkansas Development Sheffield Nelson and myself. And we kind of ran Finance Authority) around and paled around with each other. It was from that point that I did a lot of projects for Bill from a marketing perspective. In 1988 I went to Bill and I said, "I need a, a job to kind of relax, mellow out." Bill Clinton and Betsy Wright, they suggested that I go to work for a place called the Arkansas Development Finance Authority, and they said my talents could really be used there. It was the best kept secret in Arkansas. The fact that I was brought in by Bill Clinton meant that there was something about me that everybody had to be careful with. After about two weeks I went to Wooten Epps and I said, "Wooten, I think I've got enough background on this that we can start marketing it. Now, what is the criteria for loans?" He said, "Whoever Bill wants to get a loan." To go back though to that moment in time, I'd been there about a month, and I realized that I was in the epicenter of what I'd always heard about all my life, what most people have heard about is the "machine." I was literally working, sitting in the middle of Bill Clinton's political machine. It was where he made payoffs, where he repaid favors to people for campaign support. I was in an interesting seat, and I knew it. We had a board meeting. In that particular board meeting I was sitting at the end of the table. James Branyan, who was chairman of the board at that time, was sitting at the head of the table. James Branyan stood up in a public restaunt, and he hollered at the Beverly Enterprises guy, Bobby Stephens, and said, "Did you get the $50,000 campaign contribution from the client that you, that you're introducing the loan for?" He said, "Not yet." And he said, "Then, hold up the loan until you get it." I stood up, went up to James and I said, "James, don't yell stuff like that. You don't need to be yelling it in a restaurant. That sounds real bad." He was just burly and arrogant and said, "Who cares?" NARRATOR: BILL CLINTON SOLD THE CONCEPT OF ADFA TO THE PEOPLE OF ARKANSAS AS A VEHICLE FOR CREATING JOBS AND ASSISTING CHURCHES AND SCHOOLS. IN REALITY, MILLIONS OF TAXPAYER-GUARANTEED DOLLARS WERE BEING CHANNELED TO CLINTON'S ELECTION CAMPAIGNS, TO HIS INNER CIRCLE OF FRIENDS, AND TO HIS WIFE, HILLARY'S LAW FIRM. THIS MAY EXPLAIN WHY ADFA HAD BEEN DRAFTED IN SUCH A MANNER AS TO KEEP ITS DECISION-MAKING PROCEDURES SECRET. LARRY NICHOLS: If you needed a million dollars, you had to get your application handled by the Rose Law Firm, pay them $50,000. There were five other companies in the state of Arkansas that were actually more qualified in bond structuring and applications, but Rose Law Firm got 'em all. I started checking around, and I kept asking, well you know, one thing's bothering me to the uh comptroller, Bill Wilson. You know, how did people make payments on these loans? He looked at me, he said, "They don't." He thought I knew. Well, that blew my mind. And this is about two months in, it was getting tough then. So I started gathering the documents. After everybody left I would stick around as if I were working on the annual report. That would give me access to all the documents. And I made copies of them all. For about two months I watched accounts accumulate money. And at the end of the month they zero- balanced. I didn't understand totally what that meant, but I thought I'd go ahead and steal the records anyway. I did. It was soon after that that I met a man named Bill Duncan. Bill Duncan took the zero-balance and he told me what that meant. He said, "You know what that means?" "Uh-uh." He said, "They're laundering drug money." There was a hundred million a month in cocaine coming in and out of Mena, Arkansas. They had a problem. They were doing so much money in cocaine, a hundred million. You, you create a problem in a little state like Arkansas. How do you clean one hundred million dollars a month? ADFA until 1989 never banked in Arkansas. What they would do is they would ship the money down to Florida, a bank in Florida which later would be connected to BCCI. They would ship money to a bank in Atlanta, Georgia, which by the way was later connected to BCCI. They'd ship to Citicorp in New York, which would send the money overseas. And there was an interesting one, a bank in Chicago. And that bank, by the way, is partially owned by Dan Rostenkowski. Dan Lasater would get the bonds. He would become the broker for the bonds. He would transfer money back to ADFA. He never sold a bond. The money then would leave ADFA, go into one of the various banks for the specific bond loan, and they would zero it out. When they zeroed it out they were giving it back to Lasater less their handling fees. DOC DELAUGHTER: During the Lasater investigation, we had numerous (Former Arkansas witnesses for the Federal Grand Jury, had extensive Police Investigator testimony of people that were connected with in charge of Dan Lasater and drug use and everything else. Uhh, his Lasater case) cocaine use become used as a tool for sexual favors and also for business deals and to influence people. And that's when Mr. Lasater became quite flamboyant with his cocaine use and that ultimately led to his arrest and conviction. LARRY NICHOLS: Dan Lasater, who was best friend of Bill Clinton, who went to jail with Roger Clinton for cocaine, and by the way, let me explain something, he didn't sell cocaine. No, they were giving it away; huge piles of cocaine in his office. Ash tray upon ash tray full at the parties, and they would give it to young girls. That's sick. I mean, they were giving a highly addictive drug to young girls. DOC DELAUGHTER: One particular one that comes to mind is a fourteen-year old cheerleader out of North Little Rock. She was a virgin, and ultimately he ended up sending her to a physician of his. The physician put her on birth control pills. He used cocaine in order to ultimately she lost her virginity and she got addicted to cocaine and the last I heard of her when we had her subpoened backed to the Federal Grand Jury, she was a hooker in Lake Tahoe. LARRY NICHOLS: Dan Lasater contracted to launder the money and the system that he and Bill Clinton set up to do it, probably what he did is he took advantage of some of the cocaine. That's why he could give it away. Shoot, you have a hundred million a month in cocaine, they wouldn't care if you took a bucket full a day. DOC DELAUGHTER: After Lasater was indicted, I started to receive quite a bit of harassment from my own department, Arkansas State Police, and I knew the reason behind it, because the affiliation with the State Police and the governor's office, with Dan Lasater and his business associates. LARRY NICHOLS: Once he was convicted, he and Roger went to a minimum security prison, a holiday hotel we call them. He spent, I think it was six to eight months and he got out. Unbeknownst to anybody... Bill Clinton the day after he got out granted him a full and complete pardon. So if you think he's tough on crime, think about a man that pardons a man that gives cocaine to kids. (continued next message) <*> Origin: CHANNEL1 - 0700 - email From: FTPSERVER@BANISHED.COM PRIVATE To: SEARCHNET ZEC Date: 09/23/94 at 21:48 Re: FILE ------------------------------------------------------------------- (Continued from last message) BILL CLINTON: Fear of violence is robbing our children of their (Public Service future. We must take away that fear and give them Announcement) hope. We must give Alicia and all our children back their childhood. Working together, we can. ANNOUNCER: Do something now. Call 1-800-Prevent. LARRY NICHOLS: Your president, the president of the United States, not only was a part of the system that was laundering millions of cocaine dollars, your president signed off on it. He can't deny that he did. You see, because at ADFA there was one little catch. Every loan that ADFA made, Bill Clinton himself had to sign off on it. More than Bill Clinton, you better identify the people in the loop of the drug running. You better identify the people in the loop for money- laundering. And what you'll find there is those people go straight to Washington. Act 1062, if you look at it it says that ADFA was developed and created to provide low-interest bond loans for churches, schools, colleges. Now look what happened to our legislature. They voted on the bill creating ADFA, thinking that they were getting money to colleges and schools to buy books and so forth. What better way to run thousands and tens of millions of dollars, launder it, clean it up and use the cover of a state agency to do it. The first loan made at ADFA was made to Park-O-Meter, a company called Park-O-Meter. Seth Ward was the owner. As I started looking, I found out that the secretary/treasurer was Web Hubbell. Then I find out Web Hubbell was Seth Ward's son-in-law. Guess who drafted the legislation creating Act 1062, which created the Arkansas Development Finance Authority? Web Hubbell. Guess who introduced the legislation to our legislators and got it passed through our house? Web Hubbell. Guess who got the first loan? Web Hubbell. Imagine this: Guess who did the audit and the evaluation of the application. Rose Law Firm, you guessed it. Who signed it? Web Hubbell, Hillary Clinton. You see, that's against the law in Arkansas. You can't investigate yourself when the good faith and credit of the state of Arkansas is involved in a bond issue. He broke the law. Good Lord willing, creek don't rise, Mr. Hubbell will be serving some time in the pen for that one. NARRATOR: IRONICALLY, WEB HUBBELL, A SENIOR PARTNER AT THE ROSE LAW FIRM, WAS CHAIRMAN OF THE CONFLICTS OF INTEREST COMMITTEE AT ROSE. IN 1988, HE SUCCESSFULLY ADVANCED THE ETHICS IN GOVERNMENT ACT, WHICH REQUIRED ARKANSAS LEGISLATORS TO REPORT GOVERNMENTAL CONFLICTS OF INTEREST. INCREDIBLY, THIS LAW SPECIFICALLY EXEMPTED GOVERNOR BILL CLINTON, HIS APPOINTEES, AND HIS RELATIVES. CLINTON'S APPOINTMENT OF HUBBELL TO THE U.S. JUSTICE DEPARTMENT EXEMPLIFIED THE ADMINISTRATION'S TOTAL DISREGARD FOR LEGAL ETHICS. HUBBELL'S HASTY RESIGNATION IN MARCH, 1994 FOR SUPPOSED OVERBILLING OF ROSE CLIENTS WAS MERELY A PLOY TO REMOVE HUBBELL FROM THE LIMELIGHT BEFORE EXTENSIVE CRIMINAL CHARGES COULD BE BROUGHT AGAINST HIM. LARRY NICHOLS: Let me tell you about Park-O-Meter. The first loan was 2.85 million dollars. Never was a penny of that paid back. It was all scam. They had, let's say, a hundred employees when they started. They got 2.85 million dollars. Do you know how many employees they had after they got that influx of cash? One hundred. Didn't increase anything. There's not a new building on the property. They didn't even remodel a bathroom. As newspaper people started inquiring about the Park-O-Meter loans, what they found was that instead of making parking meters, Park-O-Meter was actually building retrofit nose cone compartments that were being shipped to Mena.... We find out that the nose cones were actually being used to smuggle dope back into the country. And what is scary, what's so scary, it's the same cast of characters. Web Hubbell, the Rose Law Firm, are guilty, I say to you, of conspiring to defraud the state of Arkansas, the federal government and conspired to solicit the sales and the laundering of money for illegal drugs. This is your president. This is his circle of power. These are the people when he got elected president, he did not pass "go," he took them straight to Washington with him. And by all things holy, I think he was planning to set up and do the same thing in Washington. NARRATOR: IN 1982, COCAINE TRAFFIKER BARRY SEAL SET UP ONE OF THE LARGEST DRUG SMUGGLING OPERATIONS IN THE UNITED STATES IN MENA, ARKANSAS, UNDER THE APPROVING EYE OF GOVERNOR BILL CLINTON. LARRY NICHOLS: Barry Seal had a bunch of planes and supposedly had pilots. Barry Seal was a drug smuggler. Now he tried to set it up in his home state of Louisiana but they wouldn't let him. He had to come to a state that had a sleezy governor, hooked on cocaine, and everybody knew it. Yea, Bill Clinton was hooked on cocaine. RUSSELL WELCH: In 1983, I was made aware that Sheriff Hadaway and (Former Arkansas one of his auxiliary deputies, Terry Kaphart, were State Police investigating a smuggling operation going on at the Investigator in Mena Airport. They had an inside source of charge of Mena information. investigation) BILL DUNCAN: Mr. Seal, it was our understanding, was the one who (Former Internal had brought the operation into the Mena Airport and Revenue Service that had initiated the beginning of the money Treasury Agent in laundering and the illegal activity. charge of Mena investigation) RUSSELL WELCH: He said 1983 was his most profitable cocaine smuggling period ever. He said that the airplanes that he had placed at the Mena Airport, there were four of them, a couple of Sesnas, a couple of Panthers, and one or two stragglers here and there, different airplanes, he said they were purchased solely for the purpose of cocaine smuggling. WINSTON BRYANT: There was, in my opinion, more than enough evidence (Arkansas State to prosecute a number of people for crimes Attorney General) regarding the Barry Seal case at Mena. LARRY NICHOLS: I snuck around, crawled through the bushes, thinking that I'd really have to hide to see 'em unloading the dope. I didn't have to. You could walk right up to the airport and they'd unload it right in front of you. They would unload it, they'd off-load it. They didn't care. RUSSELL WELCH: A certain degree of money laundering had taken place among these people that were associated with Barry Seal. LARRY NICHOLS: What had not been done was to connect the dotted lines to ADFA, 'cause once you connected the dotted lines to ADFA you had actually connected the dotted line to Clinton. NARRATOR: IN ADDITION TO THE OPERATIONS AT MENA, SMALL CLEARINGS IN OTHER PARTS OF THE STATE WERE USED AS DROP POINTS FOR MONEY AND COCAINE. RUSSELL WELCH: They had special cargo doors installed on the side without FAA permission so that these doors could be opened in flight. They would pull in, slide back and cocaine could be dropped out of the side in flight. BILL DUNCAN: When you have a public which is aware of an ongoing criminal enterprise, when you have an international cocaine smuggler who is high profile and a lot of people know that they are operating in a small area, a lot of people knew about the money laundering, it was common gossip on the street, because it was so blatant and they see investigations ongoing for several years, and they keep watching for indictments. They know Grand Juries are convening. They know that witnesses are supposed to be providing evidence to a Grand Jury, yet year after year after year no indictments are returned, people lose confidence in the system. NARRATOR: CLINTON HAD INTEGRATED A NUMBER OF CORRUPT COPS, JUDGES AND POLITICIANS INTO HIGH LEVEL POSITIONS TO ENSURE THE CONTINUED SUCCESS OF THE DRUG SMUGGLING/ MONEY LAUNDERING OPERATIONS. ALL WAS GOING WELL UNTIL A FATEFUL NIGHT IN THE FALL OF 1987. LINDA IVES: On August 22nd, 1987, Kevin had spent the night (mother of Kevin with his friend Don Henry. They left Don's home Ives) around 12:30 or quarter till 1, on the 23rd of August in the early morning hours, and the next thing we knew they had been run over by a train. There seems to be a small airstrip in the area. There had been sightings and reports of small airplanes flying very low without lights in the area. I believe they saw something they shouldn't have seen. Three weeks later their deaths were ruled accidental by the State Medical examiner, Fahmy Malak, and we disagreed with that ruling, because we thought the evidence pointed to homicide. At that point, we had a lot of questions and no answers, and the facts didn't add up to what he was telling us, so we decided to get a second opinion, and met with resistance from all fronts, both with our law enforcement, with the state crime lab, with everybody that we turned to. We obtained court orders, requesting samples of everything that the crime lab had for a second opinion, and Fahmy Malak resisted court orders. He refused to obey them. NARRATOR: ULTIMATELY, IT WAS PROVEN THAT DON HENRY HAD BEEN STABBED IN THE BACK AND KEVIN IVES' SKULL HAD BEEN CRUSHED PRIOR TO THE PLACEMENT OF THEIR BODIES ON THE RAILROAD TRACKS. HOWEVER, MALAK STOOD BY HIS RULING THAT THE BOYS HAD SIMPLY FALLEN ASLEEP ON THE TRACKS. MALAK HAD BEEN KEPT IN OFFICE AT THE INSISTENCE OF GOVERNOR CLINTON FOR A NUMBER OF YEARS DESPITE VIGOROUS PUBLIC OUTCRY TO HAVE HIM REMOVED. CLINTON'S MOTHER, VIRGINIA KELLY, A NURSE, HAD ALLEGEDLY CAUSED THE DEATHS OF TWO PATIENTS DUE TO HER NEGLIGENCE. SHE WAS SUED, YET MALAK'S RULINGS RESULTED IN HER BEING CLEARED. LINDA IVES: Malak had covered up for Bill Clinton's mother, Virginia Kelly, in some deaths there in Hot Springs. I do know that there were some damages that were settled out of court, and Virginia Kelly was forced into retirement. And it appears that perhaps Bill Clinton was protecting Malak on behalf of his mother. NARRATOR: AS LONG AS MALAK'S RULINGS PLEASED THE GOVERNOR'S OFFICE OR STATE POLICE, THEY WERE LEFT TO STAND NO MATTER HOW IMPLAUSIBLE. MALAK'S OBVIOUS LACK OF MEDICAL KNOWLEDGE REACHED A PINNACLE WHEN HE RULED THAT JAMES MILAM, WHO HAD BEEN DECAPITATED, HAD DIED OF NATURAL CAUSES. YET CLINTON, WHO HAD THE POWER TO REMOVE MALAK FROM OFFICE, INSISTED HE STAY. LINDA IVES: It didn't seem to matter what Malak did, Clinton protected him. He made excuses, such as, he's overworked, he's just stressed out, he's underpaid. They gave him a $14,000 raise, which was an insult to my family, as well as a lot of others in the state who to this day are struggling with asinine rulings in the deaths of children and other loved ones. I was outraged that protecting a political crone of Clinton's was more important than the fact that two young boys had been murdered. And it didn't matter what Malak did. There were allegations of tampering with evidence in murder cases. There were allegations of perjury in different cases. There were allegations of incompetence and, and anything that I guess you could allege, have been alleged against him, but it didn't matter what he did, they protected him. NARRATOR: A NUMBER OF PEOPLE APPROACHED THE POLICE WITH INFORMATION ABOUT DON AND KEVIN'S MURDERS AND CONSEQUENTLY WERE MURDERED THEMSELVES. LINDA IVES: Shortly before Keith McKaskle was murdered, he knew that he was fixing to be murdered. He told his family good-bye, told his friends good-bye. The night of the elections in 1988, he took two pennies out of his pocket and threw them on the bar there at the Wagon Wheel and said "If Jim Steed loses this election, my life isn't worth two cents," and he was murdered that night. Jeff Rhodes was a young man from Benton, who was murdered in 1989. Shortly before his death he made a phone call to his dad in Texas, and told him he needed to get out of Benton, Arkansas. He felt he knew too much about the boys on the railroad tracks, and the death of Keith McKaskle. A couple of weeks later Jeff was found dead. He'd been shot in the head. They'd attempted to cut off his head, and hands and feet, and set him on fire in a dump. NARRATOR: A TOTAL OF SIX PEOPLE WITH INFORMATION ABOUT THE BOYS' MURDERS WERE EVENTUALLY MURDERED AS WELL. THIS WOMAN, FORMER HEAD OF THE SALINE COUNTY DRUG TASK FORCE, HAD UNCOVERED EVIDENCE OF THE ARKANSAS POLICE DEPARTMENT'S PARTICIPATION IN THE DRUG SMUGGLING OPERATION AND THE COVERUP OF THE BOYS' MURDERS. SHE WAS FORCED INTO HIDING. LINDA IVES: There aren't any words in the English language that can describe how it makes you feel as a parent, or as a citizen of Arkansas, to see what our officials are capable of doing. You know, I think we were just kind of naive, common ordinary people, got up and went to work everyday, and came home and went to bed, and assumed that everybody else did the same thing, and tried to do what was right. And I think Kevin's death has been the rudest awakening that anybody could ever have, to see what really goes on, and to see what's important to elected and public officials. LARRY NICHOLS: When Fahmy Malak finally became a political liability during the campaign for President, he was forced to resign. But guess what? Bill Clinton created a $74,000 a year job doing nothing, just for him. LINDA IVES: I would like an answer from Bill Clinton as to why the main conspirators, as far as I'm concerned in the murder of my son, and the coverup of the murder of my son have been elevated in status, by creating cushy jobs for them. NARRATOR: MEANWHILE, WELCH AND DUNCAN'S INVESTIGATION INTO THE OPERATION AT MENA WAS ABOUT TO DERAIL. (continued next message) <*> Origin: CHANNEL1 - 0700 - email From: FTPSERVER@BANISHED.COM PRIVATE To: SEARCHNET ZEC Date: 09/23/94 at 21:48 Re: FILE ------------------------------------------------------------------- (Continued from last message) RUSSELL WELCH: We'd been so busy investigating, just concentrating, focusing, that it took a while to register that nothing was going to happen. BILL DUNCAN: We could not understand what was happening. Neither Welch nor I were ever subpoenaed to testify before the Grand Jury and present massive amounts of evidence of wrongdoing by associates of Barry Seale. No indictments were ever returned against any of the individuals and I can tell you there was extensive evidence. CHARLES BLACK: There definitely was some suppression of evidence (Polk County Deputy and definitely a cover up of an investigation and Prosecutor) somebody should be held accountable as to why that happened. LARRY NICHOLS: Not one major cocaine bust was ever made in Arkansas out of Mena, Arkansas. Now imagine that, ten years nearly in its running, never one truckload ever got caught. CHARLES BLACK: During the 1992 attorney general's race in Arkansas, a member of Clinton's staff had approached Mr. Bryant and had asked him to stay away from the Mena affair or the Mena matter. WINSTON BRYANT: I've done quite a bit of investigation into Mena, Barry Seale myself, and quite frankly it is a federal problem. RUSSELL WELCH: After Winston took office, Bill told me that he was no longer allowed to discuss the Mena airport investigation from the attorney general's office. WINSTON BRYANT: The attorney general's office is not like most attorney general's offices across the country. We do not have the authority to convene a Grand Jury and initiate criminal prosecution. BILL DUNCAN: I've always thought it was a wonderful thing to be able to serve your country as a federal law enforcement agent, and for 15 years I did not encounter anything like the corruption which I encountered after the Mena investigations began. NARRATOR: PRESIDENT CLINTON'S VERBAL COMMITMENT TO A WAR ON DRUGS HAS BEEN NEGATED BY HIS ACTIONS. DURING HIS FIRST WEEKS IN OFFICE CLINTON REVOKED RANDOM DRUG TESTING FOR WHITE HOUSE STAFF MEMBERS; HE ELIMINATED 121 POSITIONS AT THE OFFICE OF NATIONAL DRUG CONTROL; AND HE APPOINTED JOCELYN ELDERS AS U.S. SURGEON GENERAL DESPITE HER WELL-KNOWN DESIRE TO LEGALIZE DRUGS. LARRY NICHOLS: Now it's important to know, that out of Mena came certain trails. One of the trails was to the banks down in Florida. One of those trails led to BCCI. And guess who started BCCI, helped form it? Jack Stephens of Stephens Investment. JUDGE JIM JOHNSON: Jack is a major stockholder in Worthen Bank. At a crucial period in the campaign, the Bank advanced Clinton's candidacy 2.8 million dollars. It happened that that's the identical amount that the Stephen's company had made on a concocted transaction, with the, that involved student loan funds, under Clinton's control, less than two years before. An identical amount. LARRY NICHOLS: Now it's very important, when Clinton had Lasater, he didn't need the Stephenses. All of a sudden in 1988, while I was at the Arkansas Development Finance Authority, in came the Stephenses. Lasater was in jail. ADFA had never even put it's money in a state bank, it always kept it's money in banks in Chicago, Georgia, Florida. When the Stephenses come in, they buy Worthen Bank, and guess where ADFA puts all of it's money? Worthen Bank. When Bill and Hillary first took over, all they could talk about was how their health care program was going to go after the pharmaceutical companies. Well, lo and behold, stocks for the pharmaceutical companies went down. Who other than Vince Foster and Hillary Clinton took advantage of it, and they bought stock. All of a sudden they go to Tulsa, to the Governor's convention, and guess what they say? They're not going to attack the pharmaceuticals, and guess what happened? The stock goes higher. I go to the media and I say, "Guys, come on! Doesn't that look a little weird? That's called, you know, uh, insider trading." They say, "Yeah, but she only made ten or twelve... thousand dollars, just a minuscule amount." Think about, that's what she made. Has anybody gone to the trouble to look in to see how much Steven's Investment's made off of that? NARRATOR: ONE OF HILLARY'S INVESTMENTS, UNDER THE DIRECTION OF TYSON FOODS COUNSELOR, JAMES BLAIR, NETTED ALMOST A HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS ON AN INITIAL ONE THOUSAND DOLLAR INVESTMENT, A NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE FEAT USING LEGAL METHODS. HILLARY CLINTON: I can't read their minds or speculate, but I had absolutely no reason to believe that I got any favorable treatment. NARRATOR: COINCIDENTALLY, GOVERNOR CLINTON ENACTED A NUMBER OF STATE REGULATIONS, ALLOWING TYSON FOODS TO GROW INTO THE LARGEST INDUSTRY IN ARKANSAS. LARRY NICHOLS: Don Tyson put in 6 - 700,000 dollars all told in all of Bill Clinton's campaign. Guess what he got out of it? He got ten million dollars and guess from where? The Arkansas Development Finance Authority. And he never paid a dime for it. DOC DELAUGHTER: I had heard rumors of Don Tyson and his alleged cocaine use and distribution. I went through the intelligence files and came up with enough that I thought was a sufficient amount of evidence to launch an investigation on Mr. Tyson simply out of the Arkansas State Police intelligence files that had been accumulated for years. LARRY NICHOLS: Don Tyson was in the middle of the cocaine just like Bill Clinton, just like Dan Lasater, just like Roger Clinton and all the others. So you see, all of this incest and all of this drug running, all of the trafficking of drugs, sending them all over the nation came out of little Mena, Arkansas, right under the nose of little governor Billy Clinton.. I went to Bill, and I said, "Bill, you've got two weeks to tell the truth or I'm gonna tell it. You're breaking the law and I can't be a part of it. You made a mistake, I'm not one of your buds. At least I'm not that big a buddy." JUDGE JIM JOHNSON: When Larry Nichols made his disclosures, made them public, the Clinton spin doctors treated him unmercifully. It shocked those of us who had been kept in the dark through the years, in Arkansas politics. The Arkansas news media had done little, if anything to uncover anything derogatory about Bill Clinton. And for these disclosures to come out of the blue, was so shocking, that the spin doctors attacked the messenger rather than tried to answer the charges that Nichols had made. And they did such an efficient job, that it caused me, and others, to look with less than favor on Larry Nichols as an individual, because all we knew about him was what they were telling, and the press were printing. LARRY NICHOLS: One of the neatest things about Bill Clinton is how he handles the media. You see, Bill Clinton is an attorney, and when a witness comes out against his client, what's the first thing an attorney does? He tries to discredit that witness. They accused me of everything under the sun. Day in, day out, every week, every week there was some new scandal in the paper that I was involved in. Six, eight weeks later they print a retraction, it wasn't me. But to this day people in Arkansas think that I'm some evil person. JUDGE JIM JOHNSON: As a result of that, the boy had to pay a high penalty in his credibility, he had to pay a high penalty in his acceptability. And then, when the new evidence came out that supported everything that Larry Nichols had said, he finds himself, I think, probably in the position of knowing that he had been exonerated. But he has not been exonerated in the minds of the people generally, in my view. And he finds himself, probably, in the position of wondering where he goes now, to get his good name back. LARRY NICHOLS: A lot of people wonder how Bill Clinton could control a state the size of Arkansas with the absolute authority that he did. It's not hard. You see, after twelve years, after kissing the people that have the money, Bill Clinton controlled the legal system, he controlled the judges, he controlled the attorneys, he controlled the banks. GARY JOHNSON: It's just a small state, a one party state. What (Former attorney tends to happen in small states like that, is the for Larry Nichols) longer the person remains governor, that I think the greater the abuses are. And I think the abuses were very, very widespread under Bill Clinton. LARRY NICHOLS: One thing that's very difficult for the people to understand, Bill Clinton doesn't care about money, he cares about power. All he needed ADFA to do, was to channel money to the big players financially. I got tickled when the reporters, during the campaign came here, they were looking, trying to find out where Bill Clinton profited. He didn't. He profited by putting money into his friends' pockets. GARY JOHNSON: The way they were doing these bond issues, and just the whole political atmosphere, quite frankly, was a scandal. That's the way things had historically been done in Arkansas. LARRY NICHOLS: But imagine this, imagine the power this man has in Washington, D.C. Imagine what he can do to this nation, if he gets that circle of power going there, as he did here. Nothing I can do, nothing you can do can stop it. He will have the absolute power, and believe me, he will use it, to have you investigated, to have you arrested, to have your company audited. Now that's what will happen when his circle of power is complete. When I worked at ADFA, it was not uncommon for Bob Nash, to call me up and say, "Hey Nichols, the Governor needs about five grand transferred to his travel account, so he can go see his ladies." And we would, at ADFA, transfer five to ten thousand dollars, for him to go see his girlfriends, in either LA or New York. He had used so much travel money to go see women out of his regular travel budget, he would even have to borrow money from ADFA, not to mention the fact that ADFA's budget was not quite as scrutinized as the governor's budget. But he'd literally use the money, ADFA money, the people of Arkansas, taxpayers' money, to conduct liaisons. NARRATOR: DURING THE 1990 ARKANSAS GUBERNATORIAL RACE, LARRY NICHOLS, IN A LAST-DITCH ATTEMPT TO ALERT THE PUBLIC, BOLDLY FILED A LAWSUIT AGAINST BILL CLINTON. AS EXPECTED, THE LAWSULT WAS EVENTUALLY QUASHED, SEALED AND ILLEGALLY DISMISSED BY A CLINTON-APPOINTED JUDGE. WHAT NICHOLS DIDN'T EXPECT WAS A COMPLETE MEDIA BLACKOUT OF THE FACTS HE HAD PRESENTED. LARRY NICHOLS: Back in 1990, after all the damage they had done to me, I did something that most people wouldn't do in Arkansas, I sued Bill Clinton. Now it's very important to note that in that lawsuit, I brought out the names of five women. On October the 19th the only press conference I've ever held in my life was on the Capitol steps of Arkansas. Every news organization in Arkansas, newspaper, TV, radio, were there on the steps. I read the names of the five women. I read and talked about ADFA. No one had ever made such a cold, callous statement against Bill Clinton where he named the women. When I got through with the press conference, I went through the center door and I walked, with the camera crews with me, and I walked all the way to the end, to the govemor's office and I left the press release right on the governor's secretary's desk. Not one bit of the press release made it into the local TV or the local newspapers anywhere. It didn't show up anywhere. The reason I tell you that is because he had the circle of power complete in Arkansas in those days. NARRATOR: EVENTUALLY, EVERY ALLEGATION STEMMING FROM NICHOLS' 1990 LAWSUIT AND PRESS CONFERENCE WOULD PROVE VALID REGARDING CLINTON'S TAXPAYER-FINANCED SEXUAL LIAISONS, HIS DRUG USAGE AND HIS CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES RELATING TO ADFA AND WHITEWATER. GRADUALLY, THE WOMEN WHO HAD CARRIED ON ADULTEROUS AFFAIRS WITH CLINTON BEGAN TO EMERGE. THE FIRST WAS GENNIFER FLOWERS WHO, LIKE ALL THOSE CLOSE TO CLINTON, WAS FACED WITH A DECISION: EITHER KEEP QUIET AND RECEIVE A GOVERNMENT JOB OR GO PUBLIC AND FACE CHARACTER ASSASSINATION IN THE PRESS. BETSY WRIGHT, CLINTON'S FORMER CHIEF OF STAFF, ADMITTED SHE HAD BEEN HIRED TO CONDUCT MEDIA SMEAR CAMPAIGNS AGAINST ANYONE PLANNING TO TELL THE TRUTH ABOUT THE GOVERNOR'S SEXUAL HABITS. SHE WAS PREPARED TO GO AFTER AT LEAST 26 WOMEN WHO HAD THE POTENTIAL OF DESTROYING CLINTON'S CHANCE AT THE PRESIDENCY. LARRY NICHOLS: During the 1992 presidential campaign, I was getting bludgeoned by the media because Gennifer Flowers had come out of my lawsuit. A man called me on the phone on a Monday. His name was Gary Johnson. He was an attorney. He told me that he felt bad because I was being bludgeoned, and he wanted to talk to me about handling my case. Well, I was craving an attorney, any attorney to help me. GARY JOHNSON: You know, I saw Larry out there doing battles, so to speak, on his own, and I felt like he needed some help. LARRY NICHOLS: I met him on a Tuesday. He was a special attorney; I didn't even know it. You see, he lived next door to Gennifer Flowers. NARRATOR: FOR SECURITY PURPOSES, GARY JOHNSON HAD INSTALLED A VIDEO CAMERA NEAR THE FRONT DOOR OF HIS QUAPAW TOWER CONDOMINIUM. GARY JOHNSON: Looking at someone in front of my door, it got a perfect shot of them in front of Gennifer Flowers' condominium, and it wasn't my intention ever to take pictures of Bill Clinton going in to see Gennifer Flowers. I could care less who Bill Clinton goes to see. But it just so happened she lived next door to me, and I mounted the camera there. LARRY NICHOLS: Guess what he caught on tape? Bill Clinton walking into Gennifer Flowers' apartment on numerous (continued next message) <*> Origin: CHANNEL1 - 0700 - email From: FTPSERVER@BANISHED.COM PRIVATE To: SEARCHNET ZEC Date: 09/23/94 at 21:48 Re: FILE ------------------------------------------------------------------- (Continued from last message) occasions -- with a key. GARY JOHNSON: I actually saw him go into her condominium. It wasn't that I was standing there looking out my peep hole, watching Gennifer Flowers' condominium. It had nothing to do with Bill Clinton, it's just that I had got, I had got the camera. I had the camera before Gennifer Flowers moved in, and when she moved in, she just happened to have some very interesting house guests. LARRY NICHOLS: Go back to "60 Minutes" when Bill and Hillary were love and kisses. They stood up and lied, and Bill said that he'd never been to her apartment, that he'd only called her once from the kitchen and from his office. That's an absolute lie, and these tapes proved it. NARRATOR: THE 60 MINUTES INTERVIEW HAD BEEN DESIGNED SPECIFICALLY TO SAVE CLINTON'S CAMPAIGN, NOT NECESSARILY TO GET TO THE TRUTH. DON HEWITT: And they came to us because they were in big (Executive Producer, trouble in New Hampshire. They were about to lose 60 Minutes) right there and they needed some first aid. They needed some bandaging. What they needed was a paramedic. So they came to us and we did it and that's what they wanted to do. When I told Tim Russer that I was persona-non-grata at the White House, he said, "Why?" I said, "The Gennifer Flowers interview." He said, "You got him the nomination." I said, "I know that." As far as I know from the conversations I've had, Bernie Nussbaum knew that, Gergen knows that, Lloyd Cutler certainly knows it 'cause Lloyd had a hand in his coming on that night. You know it was strong medicine the way I edited it but he was a very sick candidate. He needed very strong medicine, and I'm not in the business of doctoring candidates but he got up out of a sick bed that night and walked to the nomination and as I said to Mandy, "You know if I'd edited it your way, you know where you'd be today? You'd still be up in New Hampshire looking for the nomination." He became the candidate that night. JUDGE JIM JOHNSON: When the Gennifer Flowers story broke, that story was a hundred times more credible than the story that literally knocked Gary Hart out of the campaign. GARY JOHNSON: I'd been Gennifer Flowers' neighbor, I knew that Bill Clinton wasn't telling the truth about that. Bill Clinton, I think, would do just about anything to, to save his political hide. And people are really afraid to speak up about that whole situation with her. But I, I'm by no means the only one who saw Bill Clinton at Quapaw Towers. I mean, that was a, you know, an open secret, and that he was seeing Gennifer Flowers. LARRY NICHOLS: He got threatening phone calls. He asked me, he said, "Will they hurt me?" I said, "Well, they haven't hurt me." And I don't know why I didn't worry more about that. GARY JOHNSON: Basically what they said was, you mind your own business and all it did was made me mad. I never thought in a million years that anybody would follow up on it. LARRY NICHOLS: We filed the request for the subpoenas on Thursday. Saturday morning we found Gary Johnson beaten and left for dead. And without getting into gory details, both elbows were dislocated, his collar bones were broken, his spleen and his bladder were ruptured with holes the size of half dollars in them. His nose, his sinus cavities were all crushed. He had been beaten by Clinton's people. INTERVIEWER: Were they very large? GARY JOHNSON: Yes, (laugh), yes they were. INTERVIEWER: Did they say, "Where's the tape?" GARY JOHNSON: Yes, they asked me for the tape. LARRY NICHOLS: Now what's sick is the man gave them the tapes, and then they went and broke his elbows, punctured his spleen, punctured his bladder. GARY JOHNSON: They looked like state troopers, I'll say that. Clinton can be a very dangerous individual in the state of Arkansas. LARRY NICHOLS: In my lawsuit in 1990 I named a lady, Sally Perdue, as having an affair with Bill Clinton. Sally had an apartment in Little Rock, and the Clinton security guards would drop him off at her apartment and go park in the woods. When Clinton got through doing his business he would flick the porch light and they'd know to come and get him. She started coming out, started talking. And believe it or not, before she could talk, Clinton's people got to her and offered her a federal job or break her legs, whichever one was the best. NARRATOR: SALLY PERDUE, FORMER MISS ARKANSAS AND RADIO TALK SHOW HOST, CARRIED ON A SEXUAL RELATIONSHIP WITH GOVERNOR CLINTON BETWEEN AUGUST AND DECEMBER, 1983. STATE TROOPERS AND GOVERNMENT VEHICLES WERE USED AT TAXPAYER EXPENSE TO SHUTTLE CLINTON BACK AND FORTH TO SALLY'S HOME. PERDUE, WHO TODAY SUPERVISES A HOME FOR PEOPLE WITH DOWN'S SYNDROME, WAS OFFERED A $60,000 A YEAR FEDERAL JOB TO KEEP QUIET. SHE REFUSED. LARRY NICHOLS: And you see, that's illegal. You can't offer a federal job to get someone to hush. NARRATOR: FOLLOWING HER ATTEMPT TO GO PUBLIC, MISS PERDUE LOST HER JOB AND STARTED RECEIVING THREATENING PHONE CALLS AND LETTERS. LIVE AMMUNITION WAS FOUND ON THE SEAT OF HER CAR AND THE REAR WINDOW OF HER VEHICLE WAS SHOT OUT. EVEN THOUGH A NUMBER OF WITNESSES HAVE CORROBORATED HER STORY, THE AMERICAN PRESS HAS REFUSED TO PRINT IT. DURING THE 1992 PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN, INTERVIEWS WITH ABC AND NBC AS WELL AS AN APPEARANCE ON THE SALLY JESSE RAPHAEL SHOW WERE TAPED, BUT WERE NEVER AIRED. LARRY NICHOLS: She had actually been on the Sally Jesse Raphael show right after the New York primary. Did you know that TV stations around the country blacked out that program and wouldn't show it? NARRATOR: IN DECEMBER, 1993, FORMER BODYGUARDS OF BILL CLINTON CAME FORWARD WITH DETAILED INFORMATION REGARDING THE GOVERNOR'S SEXUAL ENCOUNTERS WITH A NUMBER OF WOMEN. LARRY PATTERSON AND ROGER PERRY, BOTH VETERAN ARKANSAS TROOPERS, BOLDLY SPOKE ON THE RECORD. TWO OTHER TROOPERS, WHO INITIALLY SPOKE OFF THE RECORD, WERE LATER IDENTIFIED AS DANNY FERGUSON AND RONNIE ANDERSON. IN APRIL, 1994, A FIFTH TROOPER, L.D. BROWN, CAME FORWARD AND CORROBORATED THEIR STORIES, ADDING THAT CLINTON'S SEXUAL PARTNERS NUMBERED OVER ONE HUNDRED DURING THE PERIOD HE WAS EMPLOYED BY THE GOVERNOR. THE TROOPERS' OFFICIAL DUTIES INCLUDED APPROACHING WOMEN TO OBTAIN THEIR PHONE NUMBERS FOR CLINTON, DRIVING HIM TO RENDEZVOUS POINTS IN STATE VEHICLES, GUARDING HIM DURING SEXUAL ENCOUNTERS, SECURING HOTEL ROOMS AND LYING TO HILLARY ABOUT HIS WHEREABOUTS. PHONE LOGS AND OTHER CORROBORATING EVIDENCE FULLY BACKED THESE REPORTS. DURING THE PERIOD WHEN THE AMERICAN SPECTATOR MAGAZINE WAS PREPARING THIS STORY, ITS OFFICES SUFFERED THREE SEPARATE BREAK-INS. THEY HAD NEVER BEFORE BEEN BROKEN INTO IN THEIR 26-YEAR HISTORY. IN AN ATTEMPT TO SILENCE THE OFFICERS, THE CLINTON ADMINISTRATION LAUNCHED AN ELABORATE COUNTER- ATTACK, WHICH INCLUDED URGING DANNY FERGUSON TO CHANGE HIS STORY AND LEVYING FALSE ACCUSATIONS OF INSURANCE FRAUD AGAINST PERRY AND PATTERSON. LARRY NICHOLS: When Larry Patterson and Roger Perry came out, Clinton's security guards, they substantiated everything that I've alleged in the lawsuit. These people were there; they were his bodyguards. But, watch what happened. The same thing that happened to me, they plan to do to them. They roasted 'em in the media. They said they were committing insurance fraud. JUDGE JIM JOHNSON: The evidence that these state policemen have brought forward, relative to Clinton, Clinton's womanizing, is being questioned by the spin doctors, as not being credible. Yet, it is more credible than the evidence on 90 percent of the people who are, who are confined now on death row across America. LARRY NICHOLS: Is this fair? Did y'all see the papers saying that the troopers were telling the truth and were found innocent? Here too, the stories they were telling have a basis since they're not the scumbags that the spin doctors for Clinton tried to make 'em out to be. JUDGE JIM JOHNSON: These two have had the courage to come forward, and the evidence that they have presented has not only been credible, but it's been overwhelming. And the truth is, I'm convinced that it's just the tip of the iceberg. NARRATOR: ON MAY 8TH, 1991, PAULA JONES, A STATE EMPLOYEE WITH THE ARKANSAS INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT COMMISSION, WAS WORKING THE REGISTRATION DESK FOR THE GOVERNOR'S QUALITY MANAGEMENT CONFERENCE AT THE EXCELSIOR HOTEL. GOVERNOR BILL CLINTON WAS TO BE THE MAIN SPEAKER. PAULA JONES: I was approached by one of Bill Clinton's bodyguards named Danny Ferguson, and I was given a number and I asked him what it was. I held out my hand and he said it's a number to a hotel room, that the governor would like to meet with me. Well, I was surprised and I kinda talked it over with my co-worker, and we didn't have any reason to believe that we couldn't trust him, so I agreed to go on up to the room and meet with Mr. Bill Clinton. I got to the room and Governor Clinton, he opened the door to meet me. It was a room that didn't have any beds in it. It had couches and stuff like that. It was more like a meeting-type room. And he had asked me about my job and how I liked it and who my boss was and I told him. And he mentioned that he liked the way that my curves were on my body and he liked the way that my hair went down my back, the middle of my back, and then he tried to lean over and he tried to put his hand up my leg which I just -- it happened so fast -- and he tried to kiss me on the neck -- it happened so fast -- he tried to bend over and kiss me on the neck as he was putting his hand up my leg and I backed off and I said, "I don't want to do this," and I said, "I think I need to be going." And then he got up before I even knew it and dropped his pants and Bill Clinton asked me to perform oral sex on him, which I declined. And I jumped up and I told him, "I need to go immediately." That's when he went to say, "If you have any trouble whatsoever, you have Dave Harrington, your boss, contact me immediately. I said, well, "I'm leaving," and I started to proceed down the hall to the door and he followed behind me and said, if we could try to keep this between ourselves. And I went to the elevator, went back to my registration desk and I told Pam the whole story. STEVE JONES: I can't understand how somebody could take (Paula Jones' advantage of somebody like that and then have the husband) audacity to drop his, drop his pants. I mean you know... BILL CLINTON: I'm not going to dignify this by commenting on it. STEVE JONES: Paula gave the exclusive to the Washington Post and Mike Isakof. We were going to be as open as we could with the Washington Post, and Mike told Paula that as far as he was concerned that he believed Paula and that he thought the story should be told. And Mike said they were ready to put the story out and they were going to go to the editors and present the story to them. We heard that Mike got suspended from the Washington Post and there was a big fallout between the editors of the Washington Post and Mike. NARRATOR: PAULA JONES FILED A LAWSUIT AGAINST PRESIDENT CLINTON CLAIMING SEXUAL HARASSMENT. THE SAME DAY A MASSIVE MEDIA SMEAR CAMPAIGN AGAINST PAULA JONES WAS LAUNCHED. LARRY NICHOLS: Think about a man that has no more regard for women than Bill Clinton does. They're just sex things. I don't understand the feminist movement being behind Bill Clinton. He hangs women on his wall like trophies. NARRATOR: A NUMBER OF WOMEN WHO HAVE HAD SEXUAL RELATIONSHIPS WITH BILL CLINTON HAVE ALLEGEDLY BEEN GIVEN MAJOR CAREER BOOSTS IN EXCHANGE FOR SILENCE. BETH COLSON RECEIVED A JUDICIAL APPOINTMENT TO THE ARKANSAS COURT OF APPEALS FROM CLINTON. REGINA BLAKELY LANDED A JOB WITH CBS NATIONAL IN WASHINGTON COVERING THE WHITE HOUSE. LIKEWISE, DEBORAH MATHIS SECURED A LUCRATIVE JOB WITH THE WHITE HOUSE PRESS CORPS. SUSAN WHITAKER WAS MADE THE LIAISON BETWEEN THE ARKANSAS STATE CAPITOL AND THE WHITE HOUSE. ELIZABETH WARD OBTAINED A POSITION WITH THE CLINTON'S CLOSE FRIENDS, HOLLYWOOD PRODUCERS HARRY THOMASON AND LINDA BLOODWORTH THOMASON. AND JO JENKINS WAS GIVEN A HIGH LEVEL POSITION WITH AP&L. ONE OF THE MOST HARROWING STORIES OF CLINTON'S ATTEMPT TO KEEP HIS PROMISCUITY HIDDEN INVOLVES JERRY PARKS, A PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR AND FORMER CHIEF OF SECURITY FOR CLINTON'S CAMPAIGN HEADQUARTERS. GARY PARKS: My father was Luther Gerald Parks, AKA Jerry Parks. (Son of murder He was the head of Clinton's security for Clinton's victim, Jerry Parks) inaugural campaign whenever he was running for President. My father was brutally murdered at Chenal Parkway and Arkansas Highway 10 in one of the most elite parts of Little Rock, Arkansas. Someone pulled aside alongside of him and started shooting at him. They cornered him, stopped him on Highway 10 as he was turning left off of Chenal Parkway. They stepped out of the car after blocking his path. He was shot five times, once in the leg, once in the arm, three times in the chest. My father had a file on Bill Clinton's infidelity and his affairs that ran from approximately '82, '83 to somewhere between 'til about '90 to '91. The file consisted of pictures, of times, dates, places, of where Bill Clinton was at, where Roger Clinton was at, the type of drug use that Bill Clinton and Roger Clinton were involved in. I was the only person that would ever go with him when he would do his private investigative work. And I remember four to five times that I was with him, and that's what he was keying on. I saw Clinton with a lot of different women, a lot (continued next message) <*> Origin: CHANNEL1 - 0700 - email From: FTPSERVER@BANISHED.COM PRIVATE To: SEARCHNET ZEC Date: 09/23/94 at 21:48 Re: FILE ------------------------------------------------------------------- (Continued from last message) of different types, sizes, shapes, colors, one of them being Gennifer Flowers. You know, I was just like, Wow. It was more neat than anything else that somebody that is this famous, this big wig can get away with this. It just blew my mind. NARRATOR: SHORTLY BEFORE JERRY'S DEATH, THE PHONE LINES AT HIS HOME WERE CUT, THE SECURITY SYSTEM WAS DISCONNECTED AND THE CLINTON FILES WERE STOLEN. GARY PARKS: I believe my father was assassinated because he was the one link that could actually close everything and completely shut Clinton down. I feel that Bill Clinton had my father killed to save his political career. When I did contact Little Rock Special Investigative services, they told me that they had been pulled off the case three weeks prior to that. That just blows my mind on how when I hear that they're making progress, all of a sudden they're pulled off the case. Something's not right there. LARRY NICHOLS: Bill Clinton has been the way he is ever since I've known him. He hasn't changed, he will not change. People inside the White House today tell me that he's running sexcapades in and out of the White House, like have never been there before, it's a disgrace to America. JUDGE JIM JOHNSON: If we would have known his background, the people of Arkansas would have never elected him Governor of this state. And I charge the media of this state for not doing their duty and exposing these things that have been, that have since become matters of fact. LARRY NICHOLS: He's a womanizing, dope smoking liar and a draft dodger. I don't remember those being in the Constitution as exactly the model qualities we want in a president. NARRATOR: VOTERS WHO DEPEND ON THE MEDIA FOR UNBIASED INFORMATION REGARDING POLITICAL CANDIDATES HAVE BEEN BETRAYED. MUCH OF THE INFORMATION CONCERNING ADFA, WHITEWATER AND CLINTON'S SEXUAL PROMISCUITY WAS KNOWN BY THE MEDIA AS EARLY AS 1990, YET WAS KEPT HIDDEN. THE MEDIA'S HEAVY, PRO-CLINTON BIAS PRIOR TO THE 1992 ELECTION WAS BEST SUMMED UP BY NEWSWEEK WHEN THEY CANDIDLY STATED, "TRUTH IS, THE PRESS IS WILLING TO CUT CLINTON SOME SLACK BECAUSE THEY LIKE HIM AND WHAT HE HAS TO SAY." IN MAY, 1994, NEWSWEEK ADDED, "THE NATIONAL PRESS HAS BEEN RESTRAINED IN ITS ACCOUNTS OF BILL CLINTON'S PRIVATE LIFE, AND WITH GOOD REASON. MOST OF THOSE WHO HAVE MADE CHARGES AGAINST HIM HAVE BEEN DESPICABLE PEOPLE, JEALOUS, STUNTED SORTS." LARRY NICHOLS: What an indictment about the media. You knew the truth about Bill Clinton, you just didn't like George Bush. I know Bill Clinton, probably as well as anybody. We used to train him on how to look straight into a camera and lie through his teeth. And you see, part of Bill's pathological lying is the fact that we've taught him how to believe the lie that he's telling. And once he believes the lie, then he can sell it to you as the truth. The world is at risk, when the commander in chief of the United States of America is a man that will look at another government, who will make trade deals, and lie through his teeth. TOM MCKENNEY: Clinton could get us involved in a hopeless (Lt. Col., USMC quagmire easily in Europe, in Africa, in North (retired)) Korea, in any number of places because not only of his ineptness and his lack of understanding, but his contempt for military things. This goes back at least as far as the sixties in his college days when he not only attended and participated in anti- American rallies, but organized them. Back in, and incidently those were not anti-war rallies, those were anti-American rallies. He has no loyalty to this nation. He has no loyalty to its fighting men. He has not enough integrity to have loyalty to its population. He knows how to say the right things, but he has lied for so long that I really don't think he knows the difference anymore between the lie and the truth. LARRY NICHOLS: The media has not been able to ascertain today that there's a human being sitting in the presidential chair of the United States of America that lies with everything he says. They still believe somehow in the office of the presidency, they still believe there's some integrity there. NARRATOR: ATTEMPTS TO KEEP THE CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES OF WHITEWATER CONCEALED FROM THE PUBLIC WERE LARGELY SUCCESSFUL PRIOR TO THE 1992 ELECTION. AFTER THAT HOWEVER, THE RAGING WHITEWATER RAPIDS COULD NO LONGER BE CONTAINED. WHAT THE CLINTONS CLAIMED AS A SIMPLE MONEY-LOSING INVESTMENT WAS IN ACTUALITY A SERIES OF COMPLEX BUSINESS TRANSACTIONS AND COVERUPS, ULTIMATELY COSTING THE AMERICAN TAXPAYER MORE THAN SIXTY MILLION DOLLARS. HILLARY CLINTON: When this is all over, it's going to be the same story we've been telling for two years. We made a bad investment, we lost money, and there's really not much more to add to it. BILL CLINTON: We have and we have enforced higher standards against ethical conflicts than any previous administration. REP. JIM LEACH: Whitewater may have begun as a legitimate real (U.S. Congressman) estate venture but it came to be used to skim, directly or indirectly, federally insured deposits from an S&L and a small business investment corporation. When each failed, the United States taxpayer became obligated to pick up the tab. 2. The family of the former governor of Arkansas received value from Whitewater well in excess of resouces invested. 3. Taxpayer guaranteed funds were, in all likelihood, used to benefit the campaign of a former governor. 4. The independence of the United States government's regulatory system has been flagrantly violated in an effort to protect a single American citizen. BILL CLINTON: People should not be able to raise questions and erode people's moral authority in this country. NARRATOR: IT QUICKLY BECAME OBVIOUS THAT WHITEWATER WOULD ENGULF THE CLINTON ADMINISTRATION IF IGNORED. A TWOFOLD COUNTERATTACK WAS PUT INTO ACTION. THE FIRST WAS TO WIN SYMPATHY FROM THE CONSERVATIVE POPULACE, WHO WERE AMONG HIS CHIEF CRITICS. CLINTON EMBARKED ON A SERIES OF APPEARANCES HEARTILY PROMOTING HIMSELF AS A BORN-AGAIN CHRISTIAN WHO SUPPORTS AND PRACTICES TRADITIONAL BIBLICAL FAMILY VALUES. WHILE THE UNINFORMED MAY HAVE BEEN FOOLED, THOSE WHO REALIZED WHAT WAS HAPPENING WERE OUTRAGED AT THE BLATANT HYPOCRISY. BILL CLINTON: This is the place where I have come to seek divine guidance and support and reassurance. RANDALL TERRY: You know after Bill Clinton was in office for two (Director, Loyal days, he signed five executive orders shedding more Opposition) innocent blood, the blood of innocent babies. Then he went on to try to get homosexuals in the military. He put Joselyn Elders in, trying to distribute condoms to our kids. Christine Gebbe, his Aids Tzarina, promoting all kinds of vileness, and yet he has not, Pastor Horn has not rebuked President Clinton. He's still in close contact with him. He still stands by him. He still says he's a great Christian man. This is an affront to heaven. NARRATOR: THE SECOND PHASE OF THE COUNTERATTACK WAS TO APPOINT ROBERT FISKE AS SPECIAL PROSECUTOR TO HEAD UP THE INVESTIGATION INTO WHITEWATER. THAT SAME WEEK THE ROSE LAW FIRM BEGAN SHREDDING DOCUMENTS. LARRY NICHOLS: A lady came to me, scared to death, and wanted to come out and tell the truth. I said, "What's the matter?" She said, "They're shredding documents at the Rose Law firm." Well, I tried to tell the media. The media said there was no way that could be going on. Well, in came a joumalist from a Washington newspaper. He goes over and investigates what I told him, and you know what? The very week he investigated, guess what they were doing? Shredding documents, right there at the Rose Law Firm. You see, all of the Whitewater documents, they're getting rid of. JEREMY HEDGES: They had his (Fosters) initials pretty much all (Rose Law Firm over it, everything from the box to the manila paper shredder) files to -- I even saw his signature on one of the Rose Firm letterhead. LARRY NICHOLS: You see, all of the Whitewater documents, they're getting rid of. They're getting rid of them as fast as they humanly can. It's the nerve and audacity that those two people, Bill and Hillary Clinton, have to shred documents, to destroy evidence, in a federal case. RANDALL TERRY: That is why we're here in front of the Rose Law Firm because of the works of darkness that have gone on. Documents have been shredded here. What else has gone on here? I'm telling you, there are people inside this building that right now, they're saying, If they only knew, if they only knew. FORMER ROSE LAW I've been very, very disappointed in the Clinton FIRM EMPLOYEE: administration. Every time I think, well now they're finally going to do something right, something comes out that they, that proves that they've been lying and I just don't trust them anymore. NARRATOR: DURING THAT WEEK THERE WAS ALSO A FIRE AT THE STEPHENS-OWNED WORTHEN BANK BUILDING. LARRY NICHOLS: Now this fire was on the 14th floor and supposedly it was started by a space heater. I want you to look at this footage and tell me if you think it was an accidental fire by a space heater. This is a CPA firm and the documents that were in this office were important documents relative to Whitewater. If you go back to Arkansas, and you look at the Secretary of State's office, anybody that's ever run for office in recorded history, you can find out who their major campaign contributors are since day one, except for one person. Bill Clinton's records at the Secretary of State's office disappeared. You see, they did it then. They'll do it now. All the information pertinent to Whitewater, any notes left by Vince Foster, any personal documents that would lead anywhere to any type of criminal activity, they're just gonna be destroyed. NARRATOR: FISKE'S INITIAL ASSIGNMENT WAS TO QUELL RUMORS REGARDING THE ALLEGED SUICIDE OF VINCE FOSTER. FOSTER WAS A SENIOR PARTNER WITH HILLARY CLINTON AND WEBB HUBBELL AT THE ROSE LAW FIRM PRIOR TO HIS APPOINTMENT AS WHITE HOUSE DEPUTY COUNSEL. JUDGE JIM JOHNSON: In fact, he was handling the Clinton's personal legal matters while he was in the position of Assistant to the President, in violation of a conflict of interest at that time. NARRATOR: A NUMBER OF KEY QUESTIONS REMAIN IN THE DEATH OF VINCE FOSTER. ACCORDING TO THE OFFICIAL REPORT, MR. FOSTER SHOT HIMSELF IN THE MOUTH AT FORT MARCY PARK ON JULY 20TH, 1993. IF THIS WERE TRUE THERE WOULD HAVE BEEN LARGE AMOUNTS OF BLOOD AT THE SCENE. HOWEVER, INITIAL PARAMEDIC REPORTS INDICATE VERY LITTLE BLOOD ON OR AROUND THE BODY. THERE WAS NO GUN POWDER RESIDUE IN HIS MOUTH OR ON HIS FACE, AND THERE WERE NO BROKEN TEETH OR DAMAGED LIPS. INITIAL REPORTS ALSO INDICATE THERE WAS NO EXIT WOUND YET REMARKABLY, NO BULLET WAS EVER FOUND. IN ADDITION, THE GUN WAS STILL IN FOSTER'S HAND, WHICH WOULD BE HIGHLY UNLIKELY DUE TO NATURAL REFLEXES OCCURRING IN THIS TYPE OF SUICIDE. INCREDIBLY, THE DEATH WAS RULED A SUICIDE BEFORE AN AUTOPSY OR BALLISTICS TEST HAD BEEN PERFORMED. AS EXPECTED, BILL CLINTON HAS EXPRESSED NO INTEREST IN FINDING OUT WHAT REALLY HAPPENED TO HIS LIFELONG FRIEND. LARRY NICHOLS: Any credible forensic pathologist will tell you in a second. The man didn't shoot himself the way they describe it. Well, if he didn't shoot himself the way they describe it, then is it not murder? NARRATOR: IN MARCH, 1994, THE WHITE HOUSE RELEASED A PHOTOGRAPH WHICH THEY CLAIM PROVES BEYOND ANY DOUBT THAT FOSTER KILLED HIMSELF. HOWEVER, THE PHOTO DEPICTED THE GUN IN FOSTER'S RIGHT HAND, EVEN THOUGH HE WAS LEFT-HANDED. IT ALSO SHOWED THE BODY SURROUNDED BY BROWN LEAVES, YET FOSTER DIED IN MID- SUMMER, BEFORE LEAVES HAD BEGUN TO FALL, AND NUMEROUS REPORTERS ON THE SCENE CONFIRM THERE WERE NO LEAVES ON THE GROUND. MORE PUZZLING IS THE FACT THAT SOURCES FOR THE FBI AND PARK POLICE ORIGINALLY ANNOUNCED THAT NO PHOTOS HAD BEEN TAKEN AT THE CRIME SCENE. MOST DISTURBING WAS THE RELUCTANT ADMISSION BY THE WHITE HOUSE FIVE FULL MONTHS AFTER THE EVENT OCCURRED THAT FOUR MEMBERS OF CLINTON'S STAFF HAD RANSACKED FOSTER'S OFFICE THE NIGHT HE DIED. LARRY NICHOLS: Now that team consisted of Nussbaum, his personal secretary, Hillary Clinton's personal secretary, Patsy Thomasson. They said it was for national security. Well, not any of those people would have that much interaction with national security. Let me tell you specifically why they were there. Nussbaum was there, and his personal secretary, to scour the office and to look for anything that he might have relative to Whitewater. Why on earth would Hillary's personal secretary be there? I mean that makes no sense. What would she have to do with national security? She was there for one reason, and that was to check and see if there were any love notes or personal notes to Hillary from Vince. Patsy Thomasson was the top aide for Dan Lasater when he was running his company and doing all the dope. You could only say that she was there taking care of Dan Lasater's interest in the White House. NARRATOR: AS MENTIONED EARLIER, THE ARKANSAS DEVELOPMENT FINANCE AUTHORITY HAD BEEN LAUNDERING ITS DRUG MONEY THROUGH THE BANK OF CREDIT AND COMMERCE INTERNATIONAL. BCCI, FOUNDED BY CLINTON'S CHIEF FINANCIAL BACKER, JACK STEPHENS, COLLAPSED IN THE EARLY 1990'S. MILLIONS OF DEPOSITORS AND TAXPAYERS LOST BILLIONS OF DOLLARS, MAKING IT THE WORST BANKING SCANDAL IN HISTORY. HEADING UP BCCI WAS FORMER DEFENSE SECRETARY, CLARK CLIFFORD. THE OVERWHELMING CRIMINAL CHARGES AGAINST CLIFFORD WERE EVENTUALLY DISMISSED BY PRESIDENT CLINTON. THE (continued next message) <*> Origin: CHANNEL1 - 0700 - email From: FTPSERVER@BANISHED.COM PRIVATE To: SEARCHNET ZEC Date: 09/23/94 at 21:48 Re: FILE ------------------------------------------------------------------- (Continued from last message) ATTORNEY FOR CLIFFORD AND BCCI WAS NONE OTHER THAN ROBERT FISKE. FISKE KNEW THAT A THOROUGH INVESTIGATION OF WHITEWATER WOULD EVENTUALLY LEAD TO ADFA AND HIS FORMER CLIENT, BCCI. FISKE ALSO KNEW HE WOULD NEVER BE ABLE TO COMPLETE HIS INVESTIGATION SINCE IT IS ILLEGAL TO PROSECUTE A FORMER CLIENT. FISKE WAS NOT SELECTED BY THE JUSTICE DEPARTMENT TO INVESTIGATE WHITEWATER AT ALL, BUT TO SIMPLY SUBPOENA DOCUMENTS AND TESTIMONY, MAKING SURE THEY NEVER SEE THE LIGHT OF DAY. LARRY NICHOLS: So you see, Robert Fiske is a scam. He knows that; he knows more than we do about what is legal and is not. He has one little trick, it's the power of subpoena. He gets anybody, any documents anywhere that he can find, and he subpoenas those records, and they're never seen again. JUDGE JIM JOHNSON: Will those records be the same when they come out of their control, as they were when they went into their control? LARRY NICHOLS: He's gone personally over to Congress begging them not to have a congressional hearing because it would impede his investigation. It won't impede his investigation. It'll just bring forth the evidence to the public that he's trying to hide to cover for his buddies, Bill & Hillary Clinton. BILL CLINTON: The investigation of Whitewater is being handled by an independent special counsel, whose appointment I supported. Our cooperation with that counsel has been total. RANDALL TERRY: Remember, everything Mr. Fiske touches goes under the guise of the Grand Jury and then it's sealed. That is not what the U.S. Constitution calls for. LARRY NICHOLS: Now think, just for a moment, if there are papers that prove you did nothing wrong, then why would you destroy them, so that they don't come out? Why would you hide behind subpoenas and the cloak of secrecy? Now I say, Bill and Hillary Clinton have something to hide, and only through a congressional hearing does this nation have a snowball's chance of that truth coming to the light of day. JUDGE JIM JOHNSON: Fiske's duty, in this entire situation is not to uncover the facts in this case, but to make sure that the lid is put on to the extent that none of this will be made known. That's the reason it's so imperative that the Congress of the United States rise to the, to the occasion, and meet their responsibilities, to hold public hearings, relative to this matter, during this period of time, or this special prosecutor is going to sweep the entire thing under the rug, and justice will never be done. NARRATOR: TODAY THREATS AND HARRASSMENT CONTINUE AGAINST PEOPLE WHO WANT TO COME FORWARD AND TELL THE TRUTH. IN FEBRUARY, 1994, VETERAN JOURNALIST, L.J. DAVIS, WAS VICIOUSLY BEATEN. HIS ATTACKERS STOLE PAGES FROM HIS NOTEBOOK WHICH CONTAINED INFORMATION ABOUT THE INNER WORKINGS OF THE ROSE LAW FIRM. RONALD ROGERS, WHO POSSESSED IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT BILL CLINTON, WAS KILLED IN A SUSPICIOUS PLANE CRASH JUST HOURS BEFORE HIS SCHEDULED INTERVIEW FOR THIS FILM. IN MAY, 1994, CATHY FERGUSON, FORMER WIFE OF CLINTON BODYGUARD, DANNY FERGUSON, WAS FOUND DEAD AFTER TELLING CO-WORKERS THAT PAULA JONES' ALLEGATIONS AGAINST CLINTON WERE INDEED TRUE. NOT SURPRISINGLY, HER SUSPICIOUS DEATH WAS LABELED A SUICIDE. LARRY NICHOLS: There are lots of people that come to me, that want to tell the truth. They come to me, but they're afraid, they're afraid of losing their jobs, they're afraid of family members or themselves being hurt. Don't be afraid anymore. Bill Clinton doesn't own the world, he doesn't scare me, he shouldn't scare you. I wish all of you all would do what I've done. Stand up, stand up for the country. I want my daughter to know that if you stand up and tell the truth, you're OK. Right now she sees if you stand up and tell the truth you'll be destroyed. If you're a pathological liar, lie through your teeth, every breath, hurt people needlessly, you'll get to be president. You don't want that; I, I don't want it. If I had anything to say to Bill Clinton, you know what it would be? It's bound to be a great burden to walk around lying from one thing to another, to never tell the truth. Bill, tell the truth, come clean. Oh, you may not get to be President, but the truth will set you free. It set all of us free, and it'll save the nation. BILL CLINTON: I've still not been accused of anything wrong because I haven't done anything wrong, and I'm not gonna do anything wrong. (THE FOLLOWING IS ADDITIONAL NARRATION WHICH WAS ADDED TO THE CLINTON CHRONICLES IN SEPTEMBER OF 1994 IN ORDER TO GIVE THE AMERICAN PUBLIC UPDATED INFORMATION ON THIS TOPIC.) The information you have just seen is not only fully documented, but has been reported in Britain and other countries around the world for years. Only in America has this information been censored. On July 14, 1994, copies of THE CLINTON CHRONICLES video were hand- delivered to every member of the United States Congress and Senate. On July 25th, documentation supporting the video was presented to Congress at their request. Whitewater hearings were scheduled to begin the next morning. However, the House and Senate majority leaders refused to allow any of the evidence to be admitted. In addition, eyewitnesses willing to testify under oath who could confirm Clinton's involvement in the Arkansas drug smuggling/ money laundering operations were flown in to Washington but were barred from giving any testimony. Once again, the Constitution of the United States was undermined and the American people were not allowed access to the truth. That same day, a massive media smear campaign was launched against THE CLINTON CHRONICLES. Time Magazine, Newsweek, U.S. News and World Report, and major newspapers around the nation simultaneously published false information about the video in an attempt to diminish its distribution. Nevertheless, information contained within THE CLINTON CHRONICLES regarding Special Prosecutor Robert Fiske's role in the Administration's cover-up contributed in part to his abrupt firing on August 5, 1994. On August 3, 1994, Larry Nichols was arrested on false charges of writing two bad checks and failing to obey a yield sign seven years earlier. The American media reported the arrest. When the Arkansas police admitted that the checks and traffic violation did not even exist, charges were dropped -- yet the media failed to report it. Nichols has suffered two attempts on his life since the release of the video. Arkansas State Police Investigator Russell Welch nearly died after being poisoned with military grade Anthrax, a poison available only through the U.S. Government. Federal Agent Bill Duncan, a 15-year IRS veteran with a permit to carry a gun, was arrested for carrying a weapon, then hand-cuffed to a pipe in the basement of the Washington DC police station and later released. This incident effectively brought the Mena drug smuggling/money laundering investigation to a halt. Duncan was later instructed by his superiors to lie to a Federal Grand Jury regarding the results of his investigation. When he refused, he was forced to resign. Arkansas State Police Investigator Doc DeLaughter was forced to resign after successfully leading the investigation which resulted in the cocaine distribution conviction of Clinton's friend and associate Dan Lasater. In 1988, Polk County Prosecuting Attorney Charles Black personally requested funds from Governor Clinton to continue the Mena airport investigation. Clinton claims to have authorized $25,000, but the money never came. Black's mother was brutally killed in her home. Police insist there is no connection. Jean Duffy, former head of the Arkansas Drug Task Force, received numerous threats to her life after courageously presenting massive volumes of evidence to Congress which linked Governor Clinton's administration to drug trafficking in Arkansas. Ronald Rogers, who possessed important information about Bill Clinton was killed in a suspicious plane crash just hours before his scheduled interview for this film. In February 1994, veteran journalist L.J. Davis was beaten in his Little Rock hotel room. His attacker tore pages from his notebook which contained information about the inner workings of the Rose Law Firm. In March, 1985, Wayne Dumond was castrated and subsequently imprisoned for allegedly raping Bill Clinton's 17 year-old cousin. Even after it had been proved that Dumond had been falsely accused and was completely innocent, Clinton blocked his release from prison. On August 15th, 1993, Jon Walker, an RTC investigator who had uncovered ties between Whitewater Development, Madison Guaranty and the Clintons fell to his death from the Lincoln Towers in Arlington, Virginia. Investigators have ruled his death a suicide. On July 28th, 1994, police informant Calvin Walraven was found dead after testifying against U.S. Surgeon General Jocelyn Elder's son, Kevin, at Kevin's cocaine distribution trial. Although Walraven's testimony put his life in jeopardy, Little Rock Police insist that he committed suicide. In May 1994, Kathy Ferguson, ex-wife of former Clinton body guard, Danny Ferguson, who was named as co-defendant in the Paula Jones lawsuit against Bill Clinton, was found dead in her apartment less than a week after Jones had filed suit. Medical personnel who examined the body claim her wounds pointed to homicide, yet the police, as expected, ruled suicide as the cause of death. Four weeks later, Ferguson's boyfriend, police office Bill Shelton, was also found dead. His death was labeled a suicide as well. Today, it is unnecessary in the state of Arkansas to perform an autopsy on anyone whose death has been ruled a suicide even if evidence suggests foul play. Interestingly, getting this law passed was one of Bill Clinton's last acts as governor. WILLIAM DANNEMEYER: The one office that all of us universally look up (U.S. Congressman) to, irrespective of what party of political philosophy we espouse, is the Presidency of the United States. Since the election of Bill Clinton in 1992, we Americans, with sadness, have learned week after week to have different stories come out from around the country pointing up the reality that we have in the White House today a draft- dodging, womanizer who is a pathological liar. It's a very dangerous thing for America and a dangerous thing for the world. I can only, you know, conclude that the responsible course for the House of Representatives to do is to introduce a resolution of impeachment against Bill Clinton. It is with sadness that I make this statement because this action will introduce something that we Americans don't want to see in our political process, but we can't continue down the course of what we see unfolding before our eyes almost every week or almost every day. And the best thing for all of us is to get it out in the open, and go forward and let the chips fall where they may. Under our Constitution, the House introduces a resolution of impeachment and the U.S. Senate is the place where the trial takes place. And I think for the good of the country, the good and the peace of the Western World, this is the course that Congress should take. THE END * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 4. Miscellaneous information from Citizens for Honest Government * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * FACT SHEET FOR CONTACTING YOUR U.S. CONGRESSMEN AND SENATORS Every citizen has three elected officials in the U.S. Congress who represent them: two senators (who represent the entire state) and one congressman (who represents the district in which they live). If you do not know who your congressman or senators are, you may be able to find them listed in the white pages of your telephone directory under United States Government. If not, call your local library or newspaper for the information. If you know your representative's name, but not his/her address, the following addresses will usually suffice for sending correspondence: For Congressmen: For Senators: The Honorable ____________________ The Honorable ____________________ U.S. House of Representatives U.S. Senate Washington, DC 20515 Washington, DC 20510 Dear Congressman _________________: Dear Senator _____________________: There are several different ways to contact your representatives and senators, some of which are more effective than others. The most effective are personal, typewritten letters, faxes, phone calls or visits. The least effective are form letters and petitions because they reflect a lack of effort and concern. It is best to follow up any petitions you sign with a personal letter of your own. Before contacting the legislator's office, do your homework. Learn all you can about the subject you're bringing to their attention. It also helps to learn as much as you can about the elected official, such as the committees they are on and how they have voted in the past. If they have voted in your favor in the past, by all means thank them for it. If you are writing, limit the letter to one topic and one page whenever possible. If hand written, write legibly. Most importantly, be calm and courteous. The issue may be one which affects you emotionally, but the efforts of an otherwise effective letter can be wasted when emotional or disrespectful tactics are used. Remember, your opinions do matter to your elected officials, especially during an election year. That is also why the House of Representatives is the most effective group to concentrate on as congressmen's terms are only two years long compared to senators, who hold six-year terms. Voicing your opinions to your elected officials is not only your right as a U.S. citizen, it is your responsibility. Nothing worthwhile in life is easily attained. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * __________________________________________________________________________ | | | CITIZENS FOR HONEST GOVERNMENT STATEMENT OF PURPOSE | | | | Citizens for Honest Government, founded in January of 1994, is a | | non-partisan, non-profit grass roots organization whose purpose is | | to promote honesty in government. | | | | Founder and president, Patrick Matrisciana, recognized the need to | | offer an alternate news medium to the American public, and as an | | independent documentary film producer he has recently been able to | | help fill this need through the CHG video journalism branch, | | Citizens' Video Press. | | | | Mr. Matrisciana states, "I believe that regardless of our diverse | | political views, we, as Americans, must join together and demand that | | the men and women who represent us at the government level be of the | | highest possible caliber of honor and integrity. This is not a | | partisan issue; it is a moral issue upon which the strength and the | | very future of this great nation must stand." | |__________________________________________________________________________| * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * CITIZENS FOR HONEST GOVERNMENT P.O. BOX 220, WINCHESTER, CA 92596 (909) 925-2434 September, 1994 Dear Concerned Citizen: I want to thank you for your interest in Citizens for Honest Government. In reality, we weren't quite prepared for the tremendous public response we've received to date, but what a wonderful challenge to have! We are truly excited that so many Americans want to help in our efforts. I wish I could respond to each individual letter I've received, but it just isn't possible. The information contained in this packet should answer most of the questions you may have. In addition to this letter, enclosed you will find the statement of purpose for Citizens for Honest Government, a list of suggestions for contacting your elected officials and an ordering information sheet on the items we have available for purchase. Many of you have written expressing a desire to join Citizens or wanting to donate financially to the cause. As a result, we are working on a donor program, the proceeds of which will be used for future video investigations and to aid and protect victims who are willing to speak out against dishonesty in government. We will send you the details as soon as the program is developed. We have also received letters from people asking about other issues, such as (continued next message) <*> Origin: CHANNEL1 - 0700 - email From: FTPSERVER@BANISHED.COM PRIVATE To: SEARCHNET ZEC Date: 09/23/94 at 21:48 Re: FILE ------------------------------------------------------------------- (Continued from last message) health care and the crime bill. These are all issues that we need to be concerned about. However, because we are a fairly new organization and because of the magnitude of our current project (exposing the truth about the Clinton administration), we simply do not have the funding nor the manpower to cover more than one topic at a time. The good news is that there are several wonderful organizations already in existence that are fighting the good fight with many of these other issues. We are setting up a referral list for people who call or write for advice on other topics. If you can recommend any groups or organizations that could be of assistance to concerned citizens, please send us contact information and we would be happy to put them on our referral list. We have received many requests for documentation of the information in the video, THE CLINTON CHRONICLES. Because of the massive amounts of research material we possess and in some cases the sensitivity of the sources, much of this information is not readily available to the public. However, stacks of documentation have been sent to some of the key radio hosts throughout the country for their use on the air. Also, we have compiled a booklet entitled CLINTONGATE, which is a collection of major media articles which address many of the issues covered in THE CLINTON CHRONICLES. Also, we believe that it is only a matter of time before all of these issues will become a matter of public record as long as we keep the pressure on our elected officials and continue spreading the word to the American people. Now we have a 30-minute broadcast version of THE CLINTON CHRONICLES which is available for airing on public access or local television stations. Please call Allan with Jeremiah Films at (800) 828-2290 for more information. Many people have requested permission to make copies of THE CLINTON CHRONICLES. We understand and appreciate the willingness of people to get the word out as much as possible, but we would not be able to stay in business if we allowed people to make their own copies to distribute. We plan on pursuing several more important projects in the near future, but we cannot complete them without sufficient funding. However, we do offer volume discounts for those interested in distributing the video to others. Please call Jeremiah Films for price breaks. Once again, thank you for your interest and support. The future of this nation depends solely on the willingness and sacrifice of the American people to rise up and demand honesty and integrity from its leaders. Please join me in this effort. Sincerely, (signed) Patrick Matrisciana Chairman, Citizens for Honest Government * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * [end of text] ___________________________________________________________ | | | Banished CPU supports Freedom of Speech! | | | | 28800 bps (9 lines with V.Fast)..........(503) 232-9202 | | 14400 bps (11 lines with V.32bis)........(503) 232-6566 | | 9600- bps (12 lines with V.32)...........(503) 232-5783 | |___________________________________________________________| [end of file] <*>


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