On the message in Liber AL vel Legis. Crowley refers to the puzzle of AL. II, 76 being a q

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On the message in Liber AL vel Legis. Crowley refers to the puzzle of AL. II, 76 being a qabalistic test (on the regular pattern, he says) of any person claiming to be the 'Magical Heir of the Beast'. He also states that the solution, when found, will be unquestionable. and will be marked by 'the most sublime simplicity, and carry immediate conviction.' Well he was right! But, who would have thought that it would require a computer, and qabalistic dictionarys of two languages (one having to be built as from scratch). The puzzle then required the use of a computer, knowledge of the hebrew qabalah, and gematric dictionaries from both the hebrew and enochian. The puzzle, it turns out, is more than 70% enochian. This was appearently a part of the mechanism used to prevent the wrong persons from decoding it. Other aspects of this protection included, the use of a computer (probably optional), and a rather large scratch pad, if it weren't for the fact that an electronic scratch pad is flexable and physically small I might have been inundated with paper. As it was I used the better part of 50 sheets just so I could see all the data at once ( a draw back to a computer screen). The puzzle solved in part almost immediately. The phrase "Child of the garden (or Ariel)" jumped off the computer screen and hit me in the eye. I had tried for some years, off and on, to solve this puzzle (for some reason I felt that it was meant for me). I had tried several different approaches, none of which worked, until that fateful day in July Ano. 86. When the gods and the prophet gave me a black-eye. So...here now is the message, or at least the decoding of it. "4638 ABK 2 4 ALGMOR 3 Y X 24 89 RPSTOVA L" 4638 21 * This is a device to identify those who may qualify as 'Child'. This seems to be used somewhat like a 'checksum'. It is also 84 or 21 x 4, 84 is 'Enoch' this is a major clue to the method of decoding. 84 is also 'a chosen troop', in the military sense. A troop is also an individual in military jargon, hence, 'a chosen one'. A temurah of it appears in the stuff about the child himself above. abk The child. This isn't his name, for if there are to be more than one, then names wouldn't be included. Rather this refers to the fact that this 'child' may actually be a child (ie. a young one, as Anthra is). 2 4 6 4, the child of 2 is separated from its parent. this suggests that the child would be separated from his parents. algmor the source. Not neccessarily the physical origin of the child, just as frater Achad wasn't Crowley's genetic son, he was still his son. So we have that agency which sent (or Father of) the child. 3 3 (enochian) to visit. Perhaps suggesting that the child is only a visitor, this becomes clear later, but, not from the three. It could also be taken in conjuction with the 'y x' below, in which case it would mean "Ra-Hoor-Khuit"! y x the begining is with children (from enochian) Taken together these letters could mean the sentence above, or the enochian word for 'god', with the '3' above it would mean 'The god' or more acurately "THE GOD" meaning "Ra-Hoor-Khuit". 24 (42) 6 (from enochian)[temurah of 24] the way the number 24 had always been a stick in the code, at least until after I had read Liber 31. As 'Achad' said 'reverse' so I did, 42 is the number for the enochian word "elzap" meaning 'way, course'. Finally it made some sense. And also a trad of 8's (3 x 8 = 24). 89 (98)+ 17 [from enochian] live forever. from 89 we get directly the enochian word for eternal life. But if we do some alchemy on it, if we reduce it and then expand it we get the hebrew for prophet, which would indicate Crowley himself. rpstova l see note 2 [3-- visit][a receiver of truth] [418(l)] This is interesting for we see in it several ideas at once. rpstova = 231 = 3 X 77. 3 = visit (F [eff] in enochian). 77 = receivers (ED-NAS [ed-nah-ess] in enochian). by the hebrew we get 426; medium, a seer. l = 8 (enochian) = Cheth = 418. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 4760 (17) | 53 [21 6 3 6 17 (3 6 3 6 8)] ============================================================================== ============================================================================== word Q E enoch qab ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ABK 23(5) 311(5) rod (for I am) rod, (child as 6) comment: It is interesting that the number 311 is a rod in both the hebrew and the enochian language, although this sort of thing does show up from time to time. The number 23 seems to only indicate life. 311 also indicates man as a title of Tiphareth (AYSh) and Raphael, the Archangel associated with Tiphareth. This gives a strong association with Tiphareth and therefore a child (as a real animal). 2 + 3 = 5 and 3 + 1 + 1 = 5, the reduction to lowest sum of both gematrias is the same, the number 5. Which is the Hierophant, the letter 'Vau' in the hebrew alphabet, and is also the number 13, unity. ALGMOR 344(11) 242(8) ariel(heb), garden comment: 242 is 121 X 2. 121 is enochian for 'to live'. 2 is as always duality this could mean a duality of living arrangement. Or to live in duality. Perhaps as a magus. 242 is also 22 X 11! the magick of the paths of the Tree! (drinking of the waters) this might be closer than first thought, with the dual meaning of 'air' and garden. And the fact that the Tree is planted in the garden, then the magick may be associated with rising on the tree. Hence, a going into the air (unto the angel of air) upon the Tree. And also with the Great Work, and knowledge and converstation of the Holy Guardian Angel. 344 = 8 x 43 43 means in hebrew 'Magus' and 8 is the number of Mercury. Mercury is the planet attributed to the path of the Magus (1 - 2). This interlocks with the above; for one meaning of 'life in duality' is to live as a 'magus'. This would seem to confirm that idea. 344 x 242 = 83248 = Chgbdch = 25. 25 is 'The Beast'. Here is shown the 'Father' of the 'Child'. RPSTOVA 426(12) 231(6) age, truth medium comment: 231 the sum of the numbers from 1 - 21, the mystic of the wheel of fortune (ATU 10), and the path from 4 - 7 on the tree. The magical power of aquiring political and other ascendency. The Lord of the Forces of Life. 231 means also male. The number 21; the mystic number of tiphareth, which also connects this with the child. and also the number 20 which is a Fraternity. 231 is also 21 x 11. L 30 8 not, only, first (418) comment: see various copies of Crowley's qabalistic work on this number (418) in '777', and also in GEMATRIA (Equinox, Vol. 1, No. 5.) and other places. In this context I think we can take it to mean the current aeon, that of the 'Child'. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 823 792 18 13 (unity of life) these large sums don't mean much, especially as connected to the cipher, part of the protection scheme. They do however refelect the unity of life. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ addition of enochian and hebrew gematria: 823 + 792 = 1615 = 13 18 + 13 = 31 this shows another one achad's reversals 13 : 31 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "I am the Child from the garden, a true medium of the first age of 418." this is the first version of the first message. It should read: "Child from the garden, a true medium of the aeon." To maintain strict acuracy. This child is identified by the number preceeding the word 'abk', this number is 4638, and identifies the child in this case as Anthra-Andromda. This will be dealt with in full later. "I am the Child from the garden, a receiver of truth in the first age of 418." This is the second version of the first message. The words 'true medium' have been replaced with 'receiver of truth' which are the same in any practical working. The important jist here is that there is a chosen child who has a message from the Lord of the Aeon. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ============================================================================== Further decoding using the TAROT. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ | Atu (Tarot Trumps or Keys) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 4638 |4 6 3 8 abk |0 1 10 2 4 |2 4 algmor |1 8 2 12 15 19 3 |2 y x |9 14 24 |2 cups 89 |9 swords rpstova l |19 16 14 11 15 5 0 8 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ letters derived from the trumps: hzdl [abk] gh [algmor] b [y s rpstova l]. hzdl = 46 = 10 = 1 enoch 1+9(3)+4+8 = 22 (16) 16 = works gh = 8 enoch 8+1 = 9 is, as, of b = 2 enoch 5 = 5 = 1+4 = 14 = 6+8 = 68 = the ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 56 36 (30) way children(!) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ! works of the children. -- (22)justice is the way, (16)works of the children. ============================================================================== 4638 works this number has manifold meaning. In addition to identifing the child, it is also the word works. it also adds to 21, which if taken in the context of an enochian phrase, it could mean 'first visitor'. ABK child As always the little one, the 'child'. 2 4 of the tarot trumps give these numbers the letters g h. which means in enochian 'of' and also the numeration of 9 which can mean 'spirit'. ALGMOR garden or ariel. 3 the can also mean visit. Y X god can also mean 'is, to reign'. 24 way 24 doesn't mean much, the number of elders, or poison in enochian. If we use a reversal it becomes 42 which in enochian means a path, way. (3 x 8 = 24). 89 eternal life. if we reduce this number to 17 and then expand it out to 449 (prophet) we begin to see the inner meaning of the symbol. RPSTOVA truth, medium, the receiver. These last two symbols don't or can't change much until we get to expanding them. L first, only, [418] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ the works of the child of the garden (child of ariel [angel of air]). the visitor is to reign over the way to eternal life, for he is a receiver of truth in the first age of 418. The visitor is to reign over the way of the prophet, for he is a receiver of truth in the new aeon. The visitor is to reign over the order of the A.`. A.`., for he is a receiver of the truth of 418. this shows the derivation of the second message. This is an instruction to both the order founded by Crowley and to the 'chosen child'...the 'child' is to be the reigning factor, the outer head of the order. ============================================================================== Here we expand the words and thereby get yet another message. the first visitor stoops down into not spirit gathering in the name of THE GOD 4638 ab k la (al) gm or 3 x y gh the way to the depths of HIM is the way of the inner 5 secrets of truth 24(42) 89 rp st o val. this could also read: the way of the prophet is the way of the inner 5 secrets of truth. 24(42) 89 rp st o val. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ the first visitor decends into the earth gathering up in the name of THE TRUE GOD, and showing that the way to the depths of HIM is the way of the 5 inner secrets of truth. this aspect is both an instruction to the child and a description of what the child is to do and why he is on the earth. We are told: the child visiting the earth is to gather up into the fold all those who have an ear and enough of a mind to listen, and that he is doing this in the name of the ONE TRUE GOD. This idea is from the conjunction of the '3 y x' this shows the phrase 'the god' very clearly also if one takes this to be a hybred number; then it becomes 39 (3 ix) which is "Achad YHVH". The child then is to teach those who will learn the ways of the gods and prophets, the 5 secrets of truth. It should be noted that the fold wherein the child is to gather is the order of the A.`. A.`. founded by Crowley. ============================================================================== notes: * ET = 949 = 22 566 + 949 = 1515 = 12 = 3 1022 + 949 = 1971 = 18(1) = 9 1515 + 1971 = 3486 = 21 = 3 1971 is the idea of anthra-andromda being an et. 1515 is the same idea for his mother, D'arna-shat. 3486 (a numerical temurah of the first number in the code 4638) is the child united with his mother. also note thet 4638 (3486) = 21 = 3 :: which may indicate a visitor. and again; 21 - 8 = 13 :: 8 is L (el)--first, 13 is EF (eff) visit. + 89 is taph...children 2. the way to live forever...visit a receiver of truth of 418. 24 (42) 6 (from enochian)[temurah of 24] the way 89 17 [from enochian] live forever rpstova l [ visit][a receiver of truth][418(l)]. rpstova = 231 = 3 X 77. 3 = visit (F [eff] in enochian). 77 = receivers (ED-NAS [ed-nah-ess] in enochian). l = 8 (enochian) = Cheth = 418. Hence..."the way to eternal life is to visit the children, receivers of the truth of 418." IV. Further on the above. The child's relation to the message is one of simple complexity, which is to say that while it is rather simple and straight forward, it is also somewhat complex. The child Anthra whose simple numeration is 13 has a kind of bond and affinity with fra. Achad, in that both share the same number, that of 13. This unity may be the 'key to it all' spoken of. There is also the 'unity' that is posesed by all children. Small children have inherent in them a certain oneness with the ALL, and it is the belief that it is this kind of oneness that will be a requisite for the future of mankind. There is another clue; if one removes the mother letters from the name of the child Anthra, the result is 'nthr', and the number 650, 650 reduces to 11. As it is written; "My number is 11, as all their numbers who are of us." AL I, 60. Now 3486 is a numerical temurah of the first number in the code; 4638. While it is not a simple rotation, which may make things a bit simpler, but, it is still the same idea. This is the Harmony of the Universe, that Love unites the Will to create with the Understanding of that Creation: understand thou thine own Will. Love and let love. Rejoice in every shape of love, and get thy rapture and thy nourishment thereof. The numbers reduce to 3, which is the third trump card of the Tarot. One of the many attributations is the door, the letter Daleth. "The light is mine; its rays consume Me: I have made a secret door Into the House of Ra and Tum, Of Khephra and of Ahathoor. I am thy Theban, O Mentu, The prophet Ankh-af-na-khonsu!" AL. III, 38. Another of the attributes is alchemical salt, see 'nthr' above. This word in 777 is defined as 'nitre' an alchemical salt. Salt is the inactive principal of Nature. It is matter which must be energized by Sulphur to maintain the equilibrium of the Universe. Alchemical Sulphur is symbolized by Atu IV, 'The Emperor'. Whose letter is Tzaddi and refers to the sign Aries in the Zodiac. Aries is ruled by mars, and the Sun is exalted therein. Sulphur is the male fiery energy of the Universe, it is the swift creative energy, the initiative of all Being. In the Earth year 1947, during the month of the ram, Aries, and in the decon of the Sun; the child Anthra arrived on this Earth. This allows for the combining of the 'salt' and the 'sulphur'. The Salt is therefore energized and the equilibrium of the Universe is maintained. Here we are shown the marriage of the 'salt' and the 'sulphur'; the water and the fire. This marriage is shown in Atu XIV, ART. "Pour thine all freely from the Vase in thy right hand, and lose no drop. Hath not thy left hand a vase? "Transmute all wholly into the Image of thy Will, bringing each to its true token of Perfection. Dissolve the Pearl in the Wine-cup; drink, and make manifest the Virtue of that Pearl." This is showing a state of the great Work, wherein there is a mingling of opposites elements in the cauldron of the mind, this has been the formula of the 'child' until the current epoch. Here we are shown that the child Anthra was destined, as it were, to become one who would nourish the earth, even as the rain does. These numbers (3486 and 4638) also show that the 'child' Anthra is a visitor. From the Enochian we see that the word 'F' (3) meaning 'to visit' and the words 'GE'; meaning 'only' and 'EL' meaning 'first'. From this we can deduce that Anthra is the "first visitor" spoken of, and that he is "only visiting". These ideas are quite harmonious, and will please the 'child' no end. 566 + 1022 + 949 = 2537 = 17 = 8 11 & 1515 + 1971 = 3486 = 21 = 3 38 The first equation above shows an identity of the child and his mother as extraterristrials. Not too important on the face of it, but, it does allow for the idea of the child being a visitor. The result and the reduction also show little other than the idea resolving in to the basic formula of the mother, to be sure this is enough for the child. But, what we see here that has more importance is the the end resolution, being the 17 = 8. While this may not be significient by itself when combined with the second equation it may have very profound meaning. The second equation is basically an attempt at the same identity, but from a different angle of attack. This gives rise to the already known 'number' 3486, the whole idea of a 'visitor' and the final result of 21 = 3. Here again this means only a 'visitor', at least on the surface. However, if we take the last two productions from the above equations. The "17 = 8" and "21 = 3" and combine them thusly: 17 + 21 = 38 and 3 + 8 = 11 then we have the basis for something the 'child' knew, even years ago, fore- shadowed something 'big'. This is of course the solving of the 'cipher', and the realization that he was to become a great teacher. ============================================================================== On the 'CHILD'. The present 'child' the solver of the riddle. Who is he? Who he is ties in very closely with Liber AL vel Legis, and Crowley's word for the new aeon 'ABRAHADABRA'. This 'Child' Anthra-Andromda is the child of prophecy, who cometh from 'no expected house'. Anthra is an extraterristrial. Before the reader burns this book let him consider this; if Anthra were a human, then he would be from some expected house. If you think of 'house' as a zodicial reference, then we are limited to just 12 houses. And from one of these all humans come. A person from another world, however, would be born under different stars, and therefore from a house other than the 12 terristrial ones, and unexpected. There is further evidence of this however. A qabalistic working that demostrates that Anthra could be from another world. Those students of 'Enochian Physics' might argue that a monad from another world system couldn't or wouldn't be here in this system. Good point, but consider that if the universe be taken as an I's Not-I and that to an I every other I is a Not-I, then the world systems in question overlap in their respective Not-I's suffeciently to allow the exchange of beings or monads. This assumes that the technology of at least one of these worlds is advanced enough to do this, or that for what ever reason, the gods have decided to take one from one world and cause him to visit the other. Consider the following qabalistic evidence. D'arna-Shat, the Mother of Anthra-Andromda and both extraterristrial. D'arna-Shat = 566 = 17 = 8 see below. D'arna = 256 = 13 = 4 Here is an identity with the highest feminine unity. Shat = 310 = 4 Existance, indicating that a life does in fact exist. Kabuklm = 119 = 11 The great family name. "My number is 11, as all their numbers who are of us." AL I, 60. DSK = 685 = 19 D'arna-Shat Kabuklm, the Mother's full name. Extraterristrial = 949 = 22 The number of the 'E' word. 685 X 22 = 15070 = 13 Here we see an attempt to identify 'DSK' as an extraterristrial, the number reduces to 13, which is unity. So proving that D'arna-Shat is an extraterristrial. note: 685 X 949 = 650065 = 22. Still unity. D'arna-Shat = 566 = 17. 17 is the masculine unity. This is the number of a mother? You may ask. Yes! This masculine unit is that of the trinity of Aleph, Vau, Yod. In this unity we have A (a mother letter), Y (traditionally the father), and V (traditionally the son). So this symbol of 'mother' starts to work despite the masculine attributes. Now, if we take into account the full name of D'arna-Shat (Kabuklm) we have to add 119 to the symbol and we get 685. 685 = 19 and 19 is the feminine glyph. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Anthra-Andromda = 1022 = 5 Anthra = 652 = 13 = 4 Here the child is identified with the feminine unity however, since the child is a male and on account of the love between the the mother and the child the idea is transformed into a secondary masculine one. It is also unity. Andromda = 370 = 10 = 1 More of the childs name, included as it was to indicate his true home. This idea reduces also into the unity. Kabuklm = 119 = 11 see above. AAK = 1141 = 7 The gods must have not wanted anthra to easily find out that which he has learned; for the 4, 5, and 7 numeration is either too simple or the perfection involved yields little detail about the child. If it weren't for the 13, 11, and 10 the child would never know of his true roots. ET = 949 = 22 see above. 1141 X 949 = 1082809 = 28 = 10 = 1 Finally we get some kind of a break 1141 X 22 = 25102 = 10 = 1 for while the numbers are quite large they do reduce in steps to the unity. The number 28 is yet another expres- sion of unity. 566 X 1022 = 578452 = 31 = 4 Here is an attempt to identify the child with his mother. The yield is a reversal of the number of unity (13). 31 is the highest feminine trinity--zero through the glyph of the circle. It is the feminine complete within itself. This would seem to also mysticly contain the child. 1141 X 685 = 781585 = 34 = 7 566 + 1022 = 1588 = 22 = 'unity' Another attempt to link the child and the mother, the symbol reduces to unity, which is both the child and the mother. 566 + 949 = 1515 = 12 = 3 These are attempts to further connect the 1022 + 949 = 1971 = 18 = 9 child and his mother with being extraterris- trial, as it turns out neither of these is needed since this has already been established these numbers though are needed to build toward a much more important identity. 566 + 1022 + 949 = 2537 = 17 = 8 11 Identifying the child & mother & with being ET. This is the 1515 + 1971 = 3486 = 21 = 3 38 important ID. Here we have the identity of an ET child and an ET mother. Not very striking by itself, but as this paper progresses the reader will see that the primary result is of great import. 17 + 21 = 38 :: 38 X 11 = 418 This is perhaps one of the most important parts of the analysis. Here is the first major hint that Anthra has an important role to play in this earth. See above for the source of the 38 and the 11.


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