RE: The CIA + The DEA: Kingpins of the Global Narcotics Market Date: 1 May 92 16:20:32 GMT

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RE: The CIA & The DEA: Kingpins of the Global Narcotics Market From: (John DiNardo) Date: 1 May 92 16:20:32 GMT Organization: AT&T Bell Laboratories Message-ID: <> Newsgroups: alt.conspiracy,alt.activism,talk.politics.misc,misc.headlines, soc.rights.human,soc.culture.usa,soc.culture.latin-america, alt.society.civil-liberty,alt.censorship Thanks to Patricia McRae, T350134@UNIVSCVM.CSD.SCAROLINA.EDU for transcribing the following broadcast by Pacifica Radio station WBAI-FM (99.5) 505 Eighth Ave., 19th Fl. New York, NY 10018 (212) 279-0707 This is a transcription of an interview with Peter Dale Scott, co-author with Jonathan Marshall, of COCAINE POLITICS. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * [Dennis Bernstein is referring to Stephen Carr, who was murdered before he was due to testify in court against criminals in our Government.] DENNIS BERNSTEIN: I did some research on this myself and I know, in terms of the autopsy, the coroner's office in Los Angeles was immediately notified that this was a potential Congressional witness, and nevertheless, the body sat over a week-end unprotected, and there were many concerns about how it was being kept and being transported. There are still many questions about that. PETER DALE SCOTT: My memory is that the family insisted on moving the body to Florida and, when it was moved to Florida, insisted on another autopsy report. And for the first time, there was a report of needle marks behind the left elbow, which doesn't sound like your classical way of ingesting cocaine, so I think it was a very suspicious death. Not the only one, by the way, of witnesses to this case. Other witnesses who did testify had their lives threatened. A bomb went off outside the house of Joe Coutine. Jack Terrell was told that if .... what happened to Jack Terrell is a whole story in itself, but his life was threatened. And I must say that it was amazing to me as I went, as a university professor, to Washington at the height of the Iran-Contra affair. During the hearings, I was in Washington talking on your WBAI show from time to time. And the number of people in Washington who had bravely helped to break the Contra drug story, but who were terrified and who will not allow me to name who they are because that's how terrified they are. And this was happening right in the nation's capitol. DENNIS BERNSTEIN: So here we are with Felipe Vidal and Rene Corvo in Costa Rica financed by Frank Castro and his operations. Incidentally, I believe it was the case that Jose Coutine was working on as an informant for the Miami PD, and he actually found information, or testified, or reported to his handlers at the Miami PD that Frank Castro was involved in drug trafficking, and, in fact, that informtion was passed along to the FBI, because it is stamped "FBI" and "George Kuzinski" on the actual interviews with Coutine. So they did know rather early. PETER DALE SCOTT: Yes, and they were actually the subject of an investigation which went nowhere and enlarged eventually into an investigation of Corvo and Vidal down in Costa Rica. What we haven't mentioned so far -- and this is the key to what made this so sensitive -- is that when Oliver North assumed responsibilities for coordinating various Contra efforts and finding support for them, he had a leg man, Robert Owen, whom people may remember from the hearings. He testified under oath that there was absolutely nothing to the Christic charges, although many of them are corroborated by his notes to Oliver North, which we now have. Owen was going down to Costa Rica and to Honduras and to El Salvador. In Costa Rica he would regularly see John Hull, and he regularly saw a man he called Max who was Felipe Vidal. He regarded Rene Corvo as a bit of a maverick, but he relied very heavily on Felipe Vidal to coordinate activities with the assets -- the right-wing assets down there who included some more ex-Miami CIA Cubans in an outfit called Frigorificos de Puntarenas. It was a shrimp freezing outfit which was actually designated by the DEA [U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency] as a front for laundering drug money. These were drug traffickers that Felipe was working with with Robert Owens' and Oliver North's encouragement. And things had gotten so mixed up and inverted down there that in one of Owens' memos -- which was heavily censored by the Iran-Contra Committee, but we have it from a Christic deposition -- Owen was talking about how the Cubans and the Frigorificos and Felipe Vidal were going to run some shrimp boats for covert operations, and Owen was negotiating with North to get two DEA agents seconded down to Costa Rica to work under the direction of these drug traffickers. So you can see just how high level this collaboration between the White House and the National Security Council and the drug traffickers in Costa Rica had become. Now, Jack Terrell brought this to the attention of the FBI. And the FBI already had an investigation of Corvo going because of the bombing of this bank in Miami. And you had a young Assistant U.S. Attorney in Miami, Jeffrey Feldman, who got the approval of his superiors to go down and start talking to people in Costa Rica about what it was that Corvo and Vidal were doing. And he expected to have the support of the U.S. Embassy. And pretty soon he learned, to his amazement, that the Embassy became very involved in this case, but involved on behalf of the people whom he was trying to interview, and [the Embassy] actually advised John Hull not to interview and, also advised Washington -- which is to say, Oliver North -- of what was going on. The upshot of all this, which was partly talked about in the Iran-Contra report, was that the whole investigation was stymied. Jeffrey Feldman had recommended going to a grand jury. First of all, they just turned that down. Then, at a higher level, without his knowing, they turned his recommendation to go to a grand jury into a recommendation NOT to go to a grand jury, because this would be "a fishing expedition". Then the Justice Department, or individuals in it, leaked this falsified recommendation, the opposite of what he had recommended. They leaked it to the Press at exactly the same time that the Christic Institute had filed its lawsuit against some of these individuals as defendants. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Right now, these CIA and DEA criminals against the American people are fiercely attempting to destroy the Christic Institute and thus, to assassinate the last force of justice to be dogging their trail. The criminals are brandishing the power of the people, vested in the Federal Government, as their assassination weapon. They have corrupted the Federal courts to rule against the Christic Institute's lawsuit on behalf of the American people. These corrupt courts have levied fines approching two million dollars, in an effort to bankrupt the Christic Institute. Please phone or write the Christic Institute 1324 North Capitol St., N.W. Washington, D.C. 20002 (202) 797-8106 John DiNardo


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