The Channel Panel We are individuals who are metaphysicians as well as respected professio

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The Channel Panel We are individuals who are metaphysicians as well as respected professionals in our chosen fields who collectively represent 40 years of channeling experience. We have come together to offer our unique skills as trance channelers within the format of a channel panel group so as to offer guidance and support from a combined or collective spiritual perspective. The panel offers to the public, at this time, a unique opportunity to listen and communicate with spirit in an enertaining yet informative fashion. The channel panel consists of three or four individuals who, after going into trance, allow for one or several entities to come through to offer their world view and perspective on a variety of topics. The format of the 'panel' consists of a 'round table' discussion between the entities on a chosen topic as well as a question and answer period which gives the audience an opportunity to ask their questions directly to the panel. During the discussion period, the entities will often anticipate the collective thoughts of the audience and will address those interests as well. Some of the spirit entities who come through the Panel are Angels from the Celestial Realm, Ascended Masters, Alien Consciousness, Space Brothers, Elementals from the Devic Realm and a variety of discarnate personalities from the earth plane. The earth plane personalities have revealed themselves to be recently deceased artists, musicians, entertainers, scientists and political leaders. The topics discussed by the 'panel' are, generally, World Peace, Global Economics, The Future and our Environment, Conflict Resolution, Health and Healing, Principles of Love and Spiritual Development. These subjects are explored from a metaphysical as well as psychological and intellectual perspective. We continue to study and advance our abilities to 'merge with spirit' and through our efforts as a Channel Panel, offer the public, now, an opportunity to 'merge with spirit' as well. We welcome you to contact us so as to set up a future Channel Panel event The Channel Panel c/o Amy Bortner - Phila. area - 215-242-8832 John Gialuco - N.J. area - 609-228-6425


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