The North Texas Skeptics Paranormal Challenge Instructions The persons named below (+quot;

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The North Texas Skeptics Paranormal Challenge Instructions The persons named below ("challengers") will pay the sum of $6,000.00 to any person ("claimant") who can demonstrate any psychic or paranormal power or ability under scientifically valid observing conditions. Prior to any demonstration or test, challengers and claimant will enter into a complete written agreement called "the protocol," which will set out what power or ability is to be demonstrated, how it is to be tested, and what test results will constitute success or failure. These instructions and conditions alone are not an offer. No contract is made with any claimant until the claimant and challengers have negotiated and entered into the protocol. The protocol must incorporate the following terms and conditions: 1) Claimant must describe the claimed paranormal or psychic ability or power clearly and precisely. Claims must be specific enough to be scientifically testable. Claims must be clearly psychic or paranormal. 2) Claimant must specifically describe any proposed test procedures which will be used to demonstrate the paranormal power. Claimant and challengers must agree to the test procedures to be used before any tests are performed. 3) Claimant must describe exactly what test results will constitute success or failure. If success and failure will be described in terms of statistical results, such results must be significantly beyond chance expectation. 4) Claimant and challengers will each be responsible for their respective expenses, such as equipment, travel, accommodations, consultant fees, or other expenses. 5) In the event that the claimant is successful under the terms and conditions of the protocol, challengers will immediately deliver to claimant or claimant's designee the sum of $6,000.00 in full settlement of all claims. 6) Claimant and challengers waive all claims, damages, and causes of action against each other arising out of the challenge, for any injuries or damages of every kind, whether to person, property or reputation. 7) All agreements, protocols, correspondence, data, audio or video recordings, photographs or results made or obtained by either party during the challenge or negotiations leading up to the challenge may be used by the party in any way he or she may choose, including publication, and challengers and claimant both waive all rights to such information. 8) This offer is made by the challengers personally and not on behalf of The North Texas Skeptics or any other agency or organization, although others may be involved in the examination of claims. After challengers have received claimant's offer to demonstrate a claimed psychic or paranormal ability or power, challengers will promptly enter into negotiations with claimant and attempt to arrive at a written protocol satisfactory to both parties. Neither claimant nor challengers shall have any right of action or damages against the other for failure to enter into the protocol or for failure to conduct any test or demonstration. Dated: March 19, 1992 (Signed) John F. Blanton Michael T. John A. Thomas Carrollton, Texas Sullivan Grand Prairie, Carrollton, Texas Texas For more information, please contact: : Mike Sullivan : c/o North Texas Skeptics : Box 111794 : Carrollton TX 75011 Phone : 214-492-8998 Fax : 214-492-1571 CompuServe : 70205,1152


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