Here begins the entry in Frater OTz PTN-690/PVN's Magickal Record for WEDNESDAY, the 4th D

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Here begins the entry in Frater OTz PTN--690/PVN's Magickal Record for WEDNESDAY, the 4th Day of JULY, 1984 e.v., Moon being 5.81 Days old. [10:15am] Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. Last night before going to sleep I was visited by a gold bug. It was a small insect with breath-takingly intense metallic gold wings & carapace. As I drifted off to sleep I thought of the flask of golden elixir which I am refluxing & soxletting in the basement. The image of the golden flask became my stomach & I saw the soxlet chamber as my mouth. Images disolved & I found myself in dreamless sleep. As I began to awake, I realized I was dreaming. I focused on the sounds of voices within the dream & fell back into it. I was in a magic circle with Maggie, SAM, & 5 others whom I knew, but am unable to discern clearly. 4 of us were to take up the godforms of the quarters. 2 were to dance from center to each of the quarters bear- ing sacrament, and 2 were to fuck in the center to produce the in vivo aspect of the sacrament. The quarters appeared strange & out-of-place to me. I looked beyond the circle for orientation, but all was void & without form -- uttur blackness, but with a sense of swirling. SAM went off to my left with a large herkimer diamond as an emblem of Kether as Pluto/Sothis. It was then that I became oriented. We were on the rim of the Chalice of Ecstacy. North was directly overhead. South (where the couple were fucking) was to the center of the circle & down. The 4 quarters were each `out' but in a different direction from any peceptable from the physical plane. East & West were the spiral paths followed by the 2 messengers bearing the psychedelic/sexual sacrament in their mouths. I was in the place of Chokmah looking accross the circle at Maggie at Binah. I hailed her & made the invoking sign of Uranus (a quartz wand in each hand traced the twin lunar curves, then merged at center & drew the energy downward to the level of my genitals. Maggie answered by formulating the Trident of SET with her upper body while standing on a large octahedral fluorite crystal. I turned to see who was standing at Da„th,but my motion disrupted my point-of-focus within the circle. I felt myself spiraling inward to the couple who were fucking. I merged with them & then fell thru them out of the circle. I awoke. After catching my breath, I went back to sleep & worked to get back into the dream. I was in a laboratory with my chemist friend Richard. He & I were discussing the VIIIø. He kept prodding me for information, then walking away as my talk became either personal or erotic. He was like a moth enticed by a flame which he feared. I finally realized he was looking for information on what to do with the elixir. The following information poured forth from me & he did not walk away from me, so I must have elucidated what he had been after. The mouth is the initial receptical of the elixir. From here, it may be absorbed directly into the higher chakras sub-lingually thru the blood vessels beneath the tongue. It may also (with practice) be imbibed upwards into the sinuses by using the tongue to funnel & squirt the elixir back to the throat, then upward over the soft palate. Finally it may be swallowed into the fire of the stomach. If swallowed, the elixir becomes fuel to run the solar furnace which burns away the dross & sends the perfume of the elixir upward to attract the attentions of the Second Order. This action opens the central chakras & allows the decent of the Holy Spirit into the outer Order. The cauldon of flames in the OTO sigil is symbolic of this process. If allowed to disolve into the membranes of the mouth, the elixir nourishes the upper chakras & opens the throat, allowing communication betewwen the inner & middle Orders. Such is the place of vision. If the gateway to the lower Order has not been opened thru the firey purification outlined above, nighmare &/or obsession can sometimes result. Upward swallowing of the elixir nourishes the third eye & allows the cranial suture to open fully, inviting initiation from the Universe at large. Mania can sometimes result from this practice if the Will is not formulated fully thru clearly forged channels between the inner & second Orders. For the most part, I combine my elixir with spit & then annoint the absorbtive tissues of the anus & perianum, as well as the external analogs to the ather chakras (solar plexus, heart. throat, third eye, & crown). Depending on my mood, I may annoint the internal anus, & then transfer a bit of the tri-une elixir back to my mouth. I may also annoint my eyelids &/or my entire middle pillar with the combined elixir. At the same time, I place some of the elixir beneath my tongue, while dividing the rest between by stamach & upper sinuses. By combining all 3 paths in each operation, I am able to open, nourish, &/or maintain all links throughout the microcosmic Order within my body. Through the use of IXø & XIø (particularly in groups), the formula is extended to the macrocosmic Order as well. finis. Here begins the entry in Frater OTz PTN--690/PVN's Magickal Record for TUESDAY, the 28th Day of AUGUST, 1984 e.v., Moon being 2.23 Days old. [9:46pm] Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. Went to bed very late the past 2 nights & got up early both today & yesterday. Lack of slepp is a very plesant way to encourage the onset of the neither/neither state. Today I went back to bed about noon & spent the afternoon in intense dreams. Only one dream came through clearly. 0-Maku(tz) & I were in Tanith's apartment. I was looking for a specific item which belonged to me (the letter she had sent to me after receiving the exerpts from my HHH record) while 0-M was looking around to satisfy her innate curiosity. Tanith came back unexpectedly & I left by the fire escape & tried to hide from her. 0-M handed me a package as I fleed Tanith's apartment. After running from Tanith for a while, I realized that I was being silly & turned to face her. She was (rightfully) furious with me. I opened the package & showed her what it contained. The package was a large piece of silk cloth (gold & crimson, rayed purple) wrapped around a large sword blade with the word Thelema in Greek on the blade (like the Ace of Swords in the Crowley deck). In the package was also a hilt of gold, silver & platinum with a cross-piece & pommel (shaped like a Tau cross). The pommel had a huge faceted diamond held in the claws of a Horus Hawk. Tanith asked me why I had taken her magickal sword & why it was now in two pieces instead of one. She then saw the pommel & stated that her sword never had a diamond & that the handle had been of blood stained iron, not precious metals. She demanded an explanation from me. As I had never seen the sword before & had not taken it apart, I had no ready answer for her, but I realized that on some level I must know the answer to the riddle, so I relaxed & let the words flow out of me. I told her that the blade of her sword was the weapon of the "Woman girt with a Sword" who stands before the Heirophant on the Tarot card. Long had she worked this office for 718, yet the sword has always been hers to wield on her own (not just at 718's bidding). The blade was the symbol of her Will, which has been tempered & made strong thru conflict with those who would thwart that Will. I handed her the blade & it began to glow in her hands. The Tau cross with the diamond pommel was her Tree of Life crowned at Kether with a diamond star from the body of Nuit. Somehow I saw it as a result(?) of Liber Yod, but not in the usual way that Liber Yod is used. Somehow Liber Yod can be used to create a new personal Universe as well as destroy an old one [don't ask me how, I'm just the scribe here!] & the hilt of the sword embodies the manifestation/essence of the newly created Universe. Somehow, Tanith's hilt is an aspect of the `proof' refered to in "Let success be thy proof" in Liber CCXX. In a way which I cannot fully comprehend, I saw the hilt as the Ace of Wands reified in Malkuth, sort of like the diamond tipped staff which is wielded by the Princess of Disks to infuse the earth with magick &/or draw energy from the earth, but having much more `Ace-energy' than `Princess-energy'. [Thus the sword & handle (when forged into a working tool, is one of those Wand/Sword fusions which I have seen & been told about from time to time (Hegit, Mark, etc.) but which I never seem to be able to understand fully, probably because the weopon is not mine to wield.] The sword has not yet been forged into one tool by Anicca Aiwas for she still has some misgivings about the possible misuses to which she may have subjected the blade while still in 718's service. I could sense a conflict emmanating from the magickal implement which spoke of an unresolved duality between serving the Thelema (the blade) & manifesting one's own Will (the hilt). The dissonance of purpose had divided the tool of office against itself. I handed the hilt back to Tanith/Anicca Aiwas & she accepted the puzzle which the blade & hilt seem to represent. Tanith then handed me a fist-sized chunk of metal, which I believed to be either silver or platinum. It appeared to be a sculpture of some sort. I was somewhat bewildered by the gift. I knew it to be precious metal, but (as it was a sculpture), it would not be fitting for me to sell it or pawn it to get cash (which I sorely need). I looked at it more closely & saw that it was a giant molar. This suprized me. I knew that Tooth=Shin=Spirit, but I am not used to seeing such a massive repre- sentation of spirit! The dream disolved & I was alone on an endless plain (which seemed to curve upward at the horizon) which was more or less flat, but with gently rolling hills & long wide shallow furrows zig-zagging over the landscape. Gravity seemed `normal' & the sky had seven suns (scarlet, emerald green, electric blue, royal purple, gold, silver & black) lighting the plain with their eerie glow. The sky was jet black & filled with stars which did not twinkle. The ground beneath my feet was smooth & hard yet slightly yielding. The plain reminded me of that expensive linoleum with a built in cushion, but it was wrinkled like elephant leather. Then I realized where I was. I knew the suns to be the gems on the 7 fingers of that elder god who has long been my guide & companion. I realized that while I dreamed, I stood in the palm of his hand. I reach- ed for the suns with my right hand & closed my eyes. When I opened my eyes, I was in the large throneroom on the plateau of Leng, holding hands with my mentor (& sometimes adversary), the ancient god with the tentacles on his face. He smiled & asked me whether my `dream' had been about Tanith, or about me. I thought about it for a while, for I could tell that a flip answer would not do justice to our relationship. I told my mentor that Tanith & I were linked thru potent initiatory ties & that it would not be constructive to attempt to seperate `her' from `me' within the context of a dream working such as this. He laughed & made an imaginary mark in the air (I had scored a point) as he encour- aged me to continue. I told him that I could by no means speak of the meaning of this dream as it pertains to Tanith (now Anicca Aiwas), but that I would communicate this dream to her to allow her to make of it what she wills. He laughed at me & told me to discuss my dream as it pertains to `me'. I told him that I had (many times!) been sorely tempted to cast Thelema out of my life because of abuses to AL & Oz in which others sought to use Thelema as a tool to twart & limit the Wills of others. I went on to cite Grant, Motta, & Grady as prime examples of persons who seemed to abuse their high office. But, I said, even if one could take the actions of these persons at face value (which is not likely), Thelema cannot be judged flawed thru observations of those who abuse the Law. Thelma must be judged thru observing those who uphold it. But then, I continued, things are not always occuring only on the simple outward level, but on levels which use the little ego as a tool to higher ends. Training sometimes appears to embody its exact opposite, for there is always the Antimony..... At which point my mentor & friend roared in laughter (thus de-railing my train of thought) as he brought out a large cauldron filled with metallic powders. There were 3 kinds of powder in the cauldron -- yellow, black, & blue-white. Where the 3 powders came into contact with one another, there was a fourth powder, but my eyes could not bear to look upon it. My mentor pointed to the piles of powders with one of his facial tentacles & said "Behold the 4 allotropic forms of Antimony". He then pointed directly at where I could not bear to look & said: "This is explosive Antimony. Within the fabric of Maya on your plane of existance, this powerful form of Antimony cannot exist in pure form for very long without exploding. When it reacts in violence, it scatters the other ingredients out of the reaction vessel & the alchemical transformation is prematurely brought to an abrupt halt. Such setbacks are rarely fatal (save perhaps to the physical vehicle of the operator), but are often annoying." "However, if one is able to work from a laboratory based on this plane and if one has befriended the trans-rational Gatekeeper , then one has a relatively good chance of containing the reaction long enough to achieve some interesting results!" He then told me to look directly into the center of the cauldron. I felt very dizzy & my eyes began to tear, but I complied with his instruc- tions. I saw the center of the pot was bubbling with heat & the three powders were melting into a pool. The surface of the pool became a mirror, reflecting the stars overhead. Without prompting, I shifted my head from side to side so that the image of the brightest star was reflected in the center of the pool of molten Antimony. I then reached into the cauldron to remove the diamond from the pot. The molten Antimony powders felt both searing hot & numbing cold at the same time. I felt as though I had reached down a deep gravity well & my arm was being sucked into the heart of a neutron star. But once I became used to the alien `enviornment', I was able to grab the gem with no problem. As I drew forth the gem, I saw that the molten Antimony dripping from it was solidifying into gold, black, & blue-white threads which remained attached to the diamond. My mentor prompted me to dip the gem back into the cauldron & draw it back out several times. I did so, & saw that the drippings congealed below the gem much like the wax of a newly formed candle. As I began to withdraw the `handle' from the cauldron, my mentor told me to project my Will into the concurbit so that my Will would become an integral part of that which I was reifying. I began to baulk, for I had guessed the purpose of this rite. I did not want a Wand/Sword! I considered myself a peaceful man who did not need weapons with which to inflict pain & destruction. My mentor pushed my hand back into the cauldron to the elbow & told me to drop the gem- stone. He told me that if I could not accept the responsibility of `Will- ful Creation' then the gemstone was not for me. I really wanted the gem, (& was unwilling to release it from my hand), but I felt very uneasy about fusing my gem of Spirit to a weapon of destruction. As I vacillat- ed in indecission, the Antimony congealed about my arm, trapping it in a vise of intense pressure, heat, & cold. My mentor released the pressure on my arm & smiled at me. He asked how I intended to wield my Will without a handle to guide & direct my thrusts (making them clean concise & instructive, rather than nasty & hostile). I thought of my interactions with 481 & 718 & I knew that while my thrusts at them had been both neccessary & willful, I was unhappy with the results of my actions. My actions had been more like blind bludgeonings than insightful thrusts. My mentor continued. He told me that the element of `Spirit reified' was the ideal hilt for a sword, especially in the hands of one who aspired to my office. I had to agree that his arguements were persuasive, but I had no idea what office he was referring to. He smiled & told me to look in the mirror of molten Antimony. As I focused my attention into the cauldron, the Antimony began to melt & flow like quicksilver. In its shiny metallic surface I saw a large hall, with a large round table at its center. Seated around the table was a great gathering of Kings, Queens, Fools, Knights, & Ladies. All carried themselves with the bearing of nobility, though few wore courtly clothes. None were treated inferior to any of the others. All ruled as Sovereigns, each in his/her own realm. I saw the Lawgiver & the Peacemaker. I saw the Alchemist & the High Priestess. The Horned God was there, as was the Master Mason & the Chief Chef. The beggar, the thief, the harlot & the stableboy had places of honor at this great table no less than the others. All whom I looked upon transformed into me, yet I was but one of many independent/autonomous individuals in the room. I saw in this paradox the fall of many Masters who were unable to see the other members of the S.'.S.'. as anything other than shadow puppets (i.e., projections of the Master's individual Wills. My mentor reminded me that each member of the Sovereign Sanctuary is a Master of a particular specialty, yet all must remain generalists. I may choose my own specialties, but , I must be able to perform any & all functions of any of the other Masters. Although I fancy myself a gentle man, I must forge my sword well & learn to wield it in a skillful & deadly manner. So long as I appear weak & uncertain, I will be prey to being `tested' by all who are looking for `an easy mark', but if I become as skilled as a Samuri with my Magickal blade, none but fools will challenge me unneccessarily. I focused my Will into the cauldron & slowly began to draw-out my arm (which was stil immersed to the elbow in the congealed Antimony). The strain was intense at first (especially at the wrist), but as my arm began to move through the sludge, it began to melt & to lubricate my progress. The pommel broke thru the surface. It was a many faceted diamond, bonded to a triple-braided metal hilt composed of Gold, Black Platinum, & a purple-silvery metal [which I somehow knew was a mystic alloy formulated from the interplay of Silver with the heat of hotly tempered Iron, which was then quenched by thrusting it into a solidified double cube altar of frozen metallic Hydrogen]. Each strand formulated itself into one of the 3 serpents who guard the Gateways to Divine Ecstacy -- Sexual Tantrika, Entheogenic Alchemy, & the Dance/Music of Divine Possession . The snake's open jaws firmly anchored the gem to the pommel, while their tails seemed to merge with the fine filagree of the cross-piece. The cross-piece was pure emerald (glowing cool & self-luminous), deeply etched with arcane sigils & kept charged by the flow of Mercury thu the grooves of the sigils like electrons thru an isulated superconducting wire. I held my sword firmly by the hilt with its blade-in-formulation just beneath the surface of the Antimony. I willed the cauldron to boil as I remembered the Weapon Shops of Isher where the most sophisticated weapons in the Universe are forged. The Artisans of Isher are marvelous at creat- ing unique weapons for defense against any attacker. Each is able to all blows & each is able to to cut thru any armor made by mortal men, yet it is impossible to use any of their weapons offensivly against any non- combatant (either intentionally or thru carelessness), and each is charg- ed in such a way that it can only be used under the conscious control of the person for whom the weapon was forged (irrespective of who is actually wielding the weapon). Then I focused on my skill with words & formulated a polychromatic laser which can be used for communication as well as for war. I remem- bered Thoth, my father, & Saint Francis, and embued my sword with their essences. I gave honor to their love of life & their love of Truth. I did a Bakti to Maat & meditated upon her feather of Truth. Maat's feather of Truth is a hybrid of the feather of the golden eagle (kingship), raven (messenger & all-seeing eyes of Odin), & dove (love), rather than an ostrich plume [too long has Justice hidden from the responsibility of decision making]. I focused my Will as an instrument of healing & communication as well as a force to repel attack. I drew the Sword out of the cauldron & held it aloft. A pair of ravens (Hugin & Munin) were sitting on the shoulders of my mentor (who transformed himself into a white haired & bearded human dressed in a coarse grey wool cloak. He chuckled to himself as he stroked his chin whiskers & leaned on his staff. His right eye was covered with a patch. A golden eagle (whom I associate with Horus) soared far overhead & a dove swooped down over the cauldron. My point of vision swept back & I saw myself in a tableau of the OTO sigil with Odin standing accross the Grail from me extending his arms in a blessing (like the priest figure on the Lovers Card in the Thoth deck). I heard a choir of unearthly voices (like Bryan Eno's music) chanting praises as a Sun rose up from the cauldron and took its place amidst the company of Stars in the heavens above. My vision fell inward & I merged back with he whom I have learned to identify with `I'. The blade of my sword is neither metal nor crystal, but energy (like the light sabers in Star Wars) which can be used as a fine surgical in- strument, or a tool for etching monuments in the hardest stone, as well as a sword. With the blade retracted, the hilt transforms into an emerald headed hammer, which can shoot forth lightning bolts in ways undreamed of by Norse bards. By shifting my `internal' perspective, I could become at- one with Thoth, Hermes, Arthur, Thor, and myriad other heros as well. By shifting my `external' perspective, I could become at- one with any other facet of my Universe (from the sentient floor beneath my feet, to my mentor as father Odin, to the Dove as Venus/Babalon, to the eagle as Horus, to my unseen brother Loki whom I knew was laughing at my pompous self-delusions from the mirrored Gateways which lined the hall). My mentor mumbled something about having to re-work the aphorism about the pen being mightier than the sword to deal with `Thoth in the land of Darth Vader'. His illusory guise shifted as he spoke, and he returned to his `normal' self -- now playing with his senient mouth tentacles, rather than stroking his beard. He raised his arms & the vision shimmered. I returned to my human body with a strong memory of a Tau cross & a light saber, nothing more. [When I began this entry, I had but the shadowiest of memories concerning that portion of my dream beyond my interaction with Tanith. I wanted nothing to do with a Wand/- Sword (which I had always associated with warped-out hurt-&-angry men seeking justifi- cation to use the Wand of Creation to destructive ends). Cary sent me a letter today which included a very powerful feather (white at the tip, then black, then brown/gold) which somehow prompted me to write fully of my dream & to recall its details from the depths of my un-conscious. I am now beginning to appreciate some of the positive aspects of the Wand handled Sword & must now begin to use it constructively in my dealings with 481 & 718 (a true manifestation upon the physical!).] I am well pleased with myself. I know my initiation is (for now, anyway) illusory (i.e., subjective & internal) rather than manifest in the collective Maya (i.e., the objective concensus reality of the material world), but I know it to be a good & powerful starting place. The cauldron of Antimony must be transported the physical & the experiment repeated (many times if need be) until I can forge the tool I need for my work. Love is the law, love under will. Here ends the entry in the Magickal Record of Frater OTz PTN-690/PVN for WEDNESDAY, the 29th Day of AUGUST, 1984 e.v., [4:12am] Being the 10th Day of MEKHIR, Year 4,753 (Sothic reckoning) finis. * * * Here begins the entry in Frater OTz PTN--690/PVN's Magickal Record for WEDNESDAY, the 23rd Day of MAY, 1984 e.v., Moon being 23.15 Days old. [4:55pm] Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. In half-awake state after a phonecall awoke me this morning. I was drifting back to sleep when images of the Chalice of Ecstacy worked their way into my consciousness. I saw that the black & red scrotal Sephiroth were concentrations derived from the Jachin/Boaz pillars of the old Tree. The black sphere of Saturn embodies the essence of Jachin (God makes him firm) as the outer symbol for the formula of karezza. In this formula, the male ejaculatory current is reversed & repeated stimulation causes a Saturnian in-drawing of vital essence from the trans-Abyssal cup to nourish the Will. The red sphere of Mars is the embodiment of Boaz (eagerness, strength) which represents the spontaneous & auto-motive orgasm which is beyond the conscious control of the Alchemist. Together they symbolize the formula of IT (the un-manifest & manifest phallus) -- see Crowley's comments on the Book of Lies. I then began to see the Chalice on other levels. The Chalice is the fruit of the Tree of initiation which is also a map of the esoteric nervous system of the Magus. To those `outside' of the Magus's Universe, the Chalice appears very feminine & passive (for they are unable to perceive its dynamic Yin/Yang inner workings). The aspirant is the male dove whe comes to drink the nectar of transformation. Thus, the members of the outer Order are men, while the aspirants to the inner Order strive to perfect their feminine virtues. Those who have attained to the inner Order embody both the Masculine virtues of the Outer Order, & the Feminine virtues of the Second Order. The members of the trans-Abyssal Third Order seek always for further initiation. They work continuously to integrate new initiations into the fabric of their beings. They are ever ready to offer what they have to those aspirants who desire to drink of their Cup. The members of the Third Order are divine gynanders -- those feminine emphatic androgynes who embody the quintessence of the Alchemical Marriage. The substance of their Chalice is their uniqueness -- that which prevents their dissolution into the universal experience of Brahma. The contents of the Chalice is a distillation of Azoth -- the Universal Solvent. The body of the Alchemist must be inert to to the actions of the Purpura of Ghee, else it will disolve in ecstacy & cease to manifest as a unique entity. However, the alchemist seeks always to expose h-im/er-self to the Azoth of other Chalices in the hope that s/he may attain disolution. The dynamic balance of the testicles of Jachin & Boaz are crucial to this on-going task. The developing symbolism in these visions is wonderous to me, yet its practical application seems so obvious to me that I feel I must be missing something. But, in the interest of completeness, allow me to be- labor the obvious. The lower 2 spheres are a specialized application of the energies of Mars & Saturn to the task of VIIIø & IXø alchemy using the formulae of IT & Solvae et Coagula. The Golden phallus of Tiphareth is the ego of the Alchemist made firm thru divine inspiration & nourished by the absorbtion of a portion of the elixir thru the purple nerve-net over its external surface. The body of the chalice is the pyramid of the Master, turned inside-out to offer the dew of immortality to all, rather tahn secreting it away like a black brother. The twin lion-serpents (Mercury & Venus) are the active (initiate) masculine & feminine componants of the Alchemist which act as independent self-motivated agents of the aspiring Ego (the Star in its go-ing). The supernals (including Da„th)delineate the specialized nature of the cup of initiation which the Magus offers to the world (i.e., h-is/er specialized Magickal Current), while the Chalice is filled with the Universal solvent which initiates all who dare to imbibe it. The Chalice is the glyph for both the Wand & the Cup & its rim is studded with the 4 elements. The Chalice is both the Tree of Life & the Cup of Babalon. It is the 3rd Order's symbol for that which is called the Rosey-Cross by the Second Order. Aspirants to the Third Order are warned never to drink from the Cup of Babalon, yet the Magi of the Third Order subsist entirely upon its contents. Because of the universal nature of the Chalice's elixir, an aspirant will rarely become a Master in the image of his initiator. The contents of the Chalice are the precursor to information (DNA, initiation into a specific Magickal Current, etc.), rather than information itself. Purpura of Ghee is infinitely transmutable by the Will of the aspirant in his journey from student to Ipsissimus, and is (ideally) un-influencable by the Will of the initiator. This is a radical departure from previous AEons in which the Master dictated & controlled the development of initiation within the body/soul of the Aspirant. In previous AEons, the formula for the Master was the pyramid, symbolizing the containment & rationing of the elixir of initiation. The primamry vice of Masters who work the formula of the pyramid is Simony -- the restriction of initiation for personal gain (acquisition of wealth; consolidation of power over others who may posses different world-views; centralization & control over prophesy & inspiration; and the promulgation of unimpeachable dogma). The restriction of initiation to pre-defined channels profits the power elite at the expense of the Magickal Current. Corruption of the Alchemical Chalice is the universal result of mis-application of the formula of the Pyramid. A sure sign of such corruption is the silencing of those who question authority (censorship of non-traditional views, excommunication of heretics or removing them from positions of authority, or {in extreme cases} torture & murder of heretics). Those whose Will is to work within the presnt AEon (whose symbol is, for me, the Chalice of Ecstacy) have vowed to release all aspirants from requirements of patriotic fealty to our Will & to the dogma associated with our Path. As initiators, we become an open channel of inspiration, rather than its overseer. Obligations between any student or neophyte & any Master or Magus are always open to discussion, and may have no `hidden strings' attached to them. But this does not mean that Masters are obligated to devote their lives to training students with no recompense. Workers in any field of endeavor (be it magick, medicine, architecture, or aught else) are deserving of compensation for their efforts. An under-study, chela or apprentice must expect to carry-out certain tasks &/or pay cash in exchange for his training. Like any other similar arrangement, the exact nature of the exchange is open to discussion at any point in the apprenticeship. Apprenticeship training replaces the life-long indentured servitude which has long been the hallmark of the pyramidal centralization of power practiced in the previous AEon. Magical Orders which continue to be based upon the closed systems of the previous AEon will undoubtedly oppose our efforts to cause the pyramid to flower. As we find more & more ways to drink from their cups of initiation without becoming bound to their obligations, our success will be a proof to all who are drawn to us. There are those who claim that it is not possible to drink from any cup of initiation of the previous AEon without being bound to its obligations. Those Masters choose to discard all ties with the pyramidal Orders to forge links of their own with the inner Order. In some cases, it may not be possible for individuals to absolve themselves of their obligations to repressive Orders without abnegating all initiation as well. However, in most instances the ingenious initiate is fully capable of freeing h-im/er- self from the restrictive bonds of pyramidal Orders without breaking any oaths. The demonstration of the proof of this theorem is left as an exercise for those who aspire to Mastership thru the use of this formula. Previous AEons have been governed by a LOGOS, or Word which when uttered by the Ipsissimus of the AEon serves to mold all Currents of that AEon to the pattern of the LOGOS. Hence, the previous AEonic formula was that of Patriarchy. Assertion of the right of man to rule woman was practiced in China as much as it was by the Church of Rome. The Matriarchal AEon before that was little different,save in the `flavor' of its Dogma. However, in this AEon, those who have thus far attained the right to utter the LOGOS of the AEon have refused to do so. Those who have become Masters in this AEon are therefore bound to no particular AEonic formula, but are free to work with whatever formula(e) is/are aligned with the Current which it is their Will to transmit. At this nexus of Space/Time/Alternity there is healthy competition among myriad non-exclussive AEonic formulae, with much cross-fertiliza- tion among heretofore contradictory Currents. But cross-initiation is strictly voluntary and is not neccessitaed by the LOGOS of this AEon. Specialized Currents often require isolation & silence to incubate in fullness. During incubation, they may appear to be practicing the dis- eased isolation of the black brothers. However, such may not be the case. Only time & the success or failure of a particular formula can attest to its efficacy. We are in an AEon where everyone can aspire to his/her own LOGOS. Let us do so in concert with all of our fellow Magi. Love is the law, love under will. Here ends the entry in the Magickal Record of Frater OTz PTN-690/PVN for WEDNESDAY, the 19th Day of MAY, 1984 e.v., [10:30pm] Being the 3rd Day of ATHYR, Year 4,753 (Sothic reckoning) finis. * * *


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