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***THIS FILE LEECHED FROM 'THE ANSWERS BBS' TEL: +61 3 3808458*** ************WE SPECIALISE IN SUPPRESSED INFORMATION************* The following article is taken from New Dawn magazine - a magazine exposing consensus reality and publishing suppressed information. 6 issue subscription for US$30 can be obtained from: GPO Box 3126FF, Melbourne, 3001, AUSTRALIA. CULT AWARENESS NETWORK BRAINWASHERS URGED ATTACK ON WACO "The tragedy in Waco, Texas between officers of the Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms, FBI agents and the Davidian religious sect resulting in the deaths and wounding of officers and sect members is the direct responsibility of the very experts that are now r eaping admiration for their involvement," stated Dr. George Robertson, a well-known U.S. expert on religious freedom issues and anti-cult groups. As the events have unfolded, Robertson says, it is becoming more and more apparent that the major questions concerning who was behind the massive raid on the Branch Davidian church, have real answers that point directly to the Cult Awareness Network (CAN). Questions like, How did the ATF agents come to believe that storming the compound was the only answer? and What was the source of all the allegations which brought the charges in the first place? The cult hysteria surrounding the Texas sect began a little more than a year ago when Rick Ross, deprogrammer from CAN began targeting the Davidian Sect for potential kidnappings and deprogramming paid for by relatives of members in the group. One of those victims, who reportedly had been successfully transformed as an enemy of the sect during a deprogramming at the home of CANs national spokesperson, Priscilla Coates in Southern California, began reporting alleged accusations against the Davidians. The charges included illegal weapons stockpiling, child abuse, immorality, and authoritative control over the group by its leader, David Koresh. The charges were not unlike those that are systematically levelled at every group by former members who have experienced the brainwashing of a CAN deprogramming session. Whether the charges are true or false, Robertson said, remains to be seen. The group had illegal weapons charges brought previously against them and they were dismissed. The charges of child abuse are apparently false since the Texas Department of Social Services have examined the children which were released and found to be perfectly normal, happy and very well educated children. It would appear from those who have left the compound during the siege that people there are free to leave at any time they desire to do so. The allegations do not appear to have merit and if they are found to be true, there are legal remedies for handling the situation. According to Dr. Isaac Brooks, Director of the Deprogramming Survivors Network in Washington, D.C., the tactics of the deprogramming network mechanism is to stir a paranoia, fear, and publicity in efforts to get relatives and brainwash them into leaving the group or belief system they have adopted. The deprogramming process, Dr. Brooks maintains, is nothing more than old fashioned brainwashing used on prisoners of war. They kidnap the victim or deceive them into going with them and then hold them against their will in total isolation, while they bombard the victim for hours or even days on end with hate literature, video tapes, and propaganda against the group they had joined. The ordeal that the victims must endure is not unlike that experienced by Patricia Hearst during her SLA kidnapping some years ago and which resulted in her joining forces with her kidnappers. Psychologists have reported that it is not uncommon for a victim in such situations to develop an identity with their captors and often become their most ardent supporters. Ross reported on U.S. Televisions Up To The Minute programme that he had consulted with ATF agents on the Waco sect and told them about the guns in the compound. His information had come from a former member which he had deprogrammed from the group, he said. In contrast, former McLennan County District Attorney, Victor Feazell, called the ATF storm troopers and warned prior to the massacre that the Feds are preparing to kill them and bury their own mistakes. If theyd called and talked to them, the Davidians wouldve given them what they wanted, Feazell told Associated Press. Feazell reported in a Houston newspaper that he had handled similar charges against the group earlier and the members were acquitted on all charges. We treated them like human beings, instead of storming the place. They were extremely polite people, Feazell said. According to various media reports the central deprogramming adviser to the ATF and FBI on the Branch Davidians was, in fact, the self-same Rick Ross. Ross is a convicted jewel thief. Renowned investigative journalist Alexander Cockburn wrote a revealing column in the Los Angeles Times shortly after the Waco holocaust entitled From Salem to Waco, By Way of the Nazis. The subtitle was: The Davidians were a cult and thus exempt from justice and normal rules of evidence. Cockburn began by noting: It now seems likely that the M-60 tank knocked over kerosene for the compounds lamps... and almost everyone burned alive. This appalling event took place on April 19, 1993, the 50th anniversary of the Nazi assault on the Jewish ghetto in Warsaw. The Nazis too regarded cults as ripe candidates for persecution. On June 20, 1937, the SS Reichsfuehrer Reinhard Heydrich ordered the banning and persecution of...the Seventh-day Adventists from which the Branch Davidians sprang. Cockburn also exposed the role of the Cult Awareness Network and Rick Ross. The role in Waco of the Cult Awareness Network, whose members are respectfully cited in the press as experts, may well have been crucial. The networks president, Patricia Ryan, was quoted in the Houston Post on April 9 as saying that the FBI should use any means necessary to arrest Koresh, including lethal force. Soon after the initial February 28 raid, another deprogrammer named Rick Ross, long associated with the network, said on television that he consulted with the ATF before the raid. The networks former executive director, Priscilla Coates, raised allegations of child abuse.... Dr. James Lewis of the Institute for the Study of American Religion stated that: Whatever Ross may have communicated to the ATF, it is certain he promoted the worst stereotypes of alternative religions...scholars have time and time again rejected this stereotype as simply unfounded. Rosss advice to the ATF helped create an adversarial position between the ATF and FBI, and the Davidians. In an interview with the Waco Tribune Herald, he described the Davidians as a very dangerous group and issued dire warnings of their potential violence. Ross was publicly described by CAN Executive Director Cynthia Kisser as among the half-dozen best deprogrammers in the country. Ross is a member of two national committees for the Union of American Hebrew Congregations and an outspoken critic of Christian fundamentalist groups. Ross has boasted of more than 200 deprogrammings. The Waco mass murder did not satiate the deprogramming zeal of the Cult Awareness Network. For as Alexander Cockburn wrote in his article: And as a final horrible irony in this saga of Nazi-like affront to religious tolerance, the deprogrammers are demanding that they be allowed to exercise their dark arts on the burned Davidian survivors so that they testify correctly and desist from maintaining - as they have that no mass suicide was under way. What is CAN? A review of CANs origins shows that the Cult Awareness Network actually began as the Citizens Freedom Foundation (CFF) in 1974. Convicted felon Ted Patrick was instrumental in the groups formation. According to founding member Henrietta Crampton, as reported in The New York Times on September 2, 1974, Mr. Patrick had been the prime force in organizing the group. At every CAN convention, Patrick has been an honoured guest. He only missed the 1990 CAN convention because he was involved with an unsuccessful deprogramming attempt on an Amish woman and her daughter. Patrick, who has faced numerous legal actions, arrests and convictions for his crimes, describes deprogramming in his 1976 book Let Our Children Go: Deprogramming is the term, and it may be said to involve kidnapping at the very least, quite often assault and battery, almost invariably conspiracy to commit a crime, and illegal restraint. In his book, Patrick explained his methods of removing persons from religious groups, including his account of the kidnapping of a born-again Christian who was resisting abduction by bracing himself against the getaway car. As he describes it in Let Our Children Go, Patrick forced his victim into the car by squeezing the mans genitals until he let out a howl. His victim then doubled up, releasing his hold on the car roof. Then I hit, Patrick wrote, shoving him head first into the back seat of the car and piling in on top of him. Another one of Patricks attacks was an unsuccessful deprogramming attempt in 1975 on a Catholic woman from Canada, which resulted in an official government prohibition against Patrick entering Canada. Ted Patrick, like his CAN associates, has no preference in who he deprograms, as long as the money is good. Since its founding, CFF changed to CAN, obtained more prominent sponsors and broadened its affiliations; but it has always remained the same - a clearinghouse and referral service for people who, for a fee, will do whatever it takes to break a targeted individual from his or her beliefs. Bucknell University religion professor Larry Shin told the Philadelphia Inquirer in 1992 that deprogramming is the most destructive of the legacies of the great American cult scare....CAN is much closer to a destructive cult than most of the groups they attack. From the mid-1980s onward, CAN has functioned as the most active of a throng of so-called anti-cult organisations which sprang from the ravages of the counterculture. Such groups as the Jewish Community Relations Councils (JCRC) Task Force on Missionaries and Cults, the American Family Foundation, the International Cult Education Project and the Interfaith Coalition of Concern about Cults, all share interlocking boards of directors and funding. Through these associations, CAN has enjoyed the support and protection of powerful elements of the U.S. eastern liberal financial establishment. The former President of CAN, Michael Rokos, abruptly resigned his position amid a flurry of publicity exposing that he had been found guilty on charges of soliciting sex with a Baltimore vice squad officer posing as a minor. According to an affidavit from arresting officer Joseph G. Wyatt, Rokos solicited him, saying, I want you to tie me up, put clothespins on my nipples, and make me suck your dick. CANs MK-Ultra Hired Guns In addition to its criminal connections, CAN relies upon and draws support from a small band of psychiatrists and psychologists known for anti-religious stands, bigotry, and involvement in violent psychiatric practices. Also many of the CIAs pioneer experimenters from the MK-Ultra project [see New Dawn No. 15] are today board members and advisers to the Cult Awareness Network and the American Family Foundation. For example, psychiatrist Louis Jolyon West, who has long been active in the American Psychiatric Association, has been instrumental in advising and setting the direction of the Cult Awareness Network. In 1977, Dr. West was exposed on the front page of the New York Times as being funded by the CIA to perform experiments in mind destruction using LSD, as part of the MK-Ultra project. In John Marks book The Search for the Manchurian Candidate, West was exposed as a pioneer of LSD and mind control experiments funded by the CIA. While there has been much discussion of the catastrophic drug culture of the 1960s, almost no attention has been given to the role CIA-linked psychiatrists like Dr. West played in creating this chaotic era. West is also notorious for promoting racism under the guise of treatment. In a 1972 proposal for a centre to study violence, West unveiled an Orwellian plan including electronic mind-control implants, chemical castration and psychosurgery to make troublesome minorities more tractable. In a 1983 speech to the Citizens Freedom Foundation, psychiatrist West proposed his plan for eradicating religion. Using a medical model, West claimed that certain religions should be treated just as one would treat cancerous cells: destruction. In the 1960s, as mentioned above, in one of his mind-control experiments, done at the Oklahoma City Zoo, West killed an elephant with a massive overdose of LSD. West had himself taken LSD the day before. West, who serves on the advisory board of the Cult Awareness Network and on the advisory board of another anti-religious group, the American Family Foundation, has been a keynote speaker at CAN conferences and a mentor for such groups for more than 15 years. During his career, he has not only been associated with drug experiments, but also with brutal psychiatric practices such as psychosurgery (lobotomy) and electric shock. Whos Who Among Brainwashers Another CAN favourite and frequent speaker at CAN conventions is psychiatrist Robert Lifton, a close associate of West. Lifton is also linked to the Anti-Defamation League, and is often cited as an authority on mind control. However, scholars have rejected Liftons attempt to extend his studies of American prisoners of war - men subjected to extreme coercion and duress at the hands of Chinese forces during the Korean War - to such activities as child rearing, Catholic orders and other religious movements. Indeed, authorities have characterised his comparisons as far-fetched, absurd and cannot be taken seriously. Making no attempt to hide where his sympathies lie, Lifton was a prominent speaker at a conference on youth religions in Germany in 1978 sponsored by the German Union of Child Psychiatry. During his talk, he expressed his anti-religious views to a group whose members included former Nazi psychiatrists who had been active in formulating and propagating Nazi ideas on eugenics. Lifton worked with Dr. Margaret Singer and others at the Walter Reed Army Medical Centre on Chinese Communist thought reform, the assault upon identity and belief. His book, Thought Reform and the Psychology of Totalism, is the bible for those who believe in brainwashing. Deprogramming victims frequently are forced to read Liftons writings during their ordeal. What Lifton describes in his book as thought reform, is remarkably similar to what CAN calls deprogramming. Another figure depended upon heavily by the Cult Awareness Network to lend an aura of credibility to its activities and to give some justification to its hate crimes is psychologist Margaret Singer. Singers unsubstantiated theories have provided expert justifications for deprogrammings - as well as her means of making a living. She has been a frequent speaker or participant at CAN events, and both CFF and CAN have promoted her in their newsletters. Singer, who is also an advisory board member of the American Family Foundation, got her start as an Army psychiatrist, studying Korean War veterans and prisoners of war. She worked in projects with Drs. Edgar Schein and Albert Biderman, both exposed in Marks The Search for the Manchurian Candidate as running the parallel military MK-Ultra programs. Singers writings are also cited by the CIA front, the Society for the Study of Human Ecology, Inc. Rabbi Maurice Davis is a member of the CAN advisory board who works closely with Dr. John G. Clark of Harvard in arranging deprogrammings. Davis worked in the MK-Ultra program at the U.S. Public Health Services prison in Lexington, Kentucky with Dr. Harris Isbell, who was administering psychotropic drugs to inmates. One subject was kept on LSD for 77 days. Herbert Rosedale, president of the American Family Foundation, is a partner in the New York law firm Parker, Flatau, Chapin and Klimpl, chief representative of Israeli-owned Bank Leumi and Bank Hapoalim. After Galen Kellys indictment for conspiracy to kidnap Lewis du Pont Smith, Rosedale wrote to the court a glowing character-reference letter praising CAN-linked kidnapper Kelly. Rosedale shares with Galen Kelly an inveterate animus towards members of new religious movements. In a 1982 article he went so far as to state that members of a religious faith with which he disagreed were diseased and responsible for infecting the community. Rosedales associate on the Advisory Board of the American Family Foundation (AFF) is Dr. Louis J. West, who has been quoted in the press describing the purposes and activities of AFF and CAN as [to] kidnap and deprogram cult members. Rabbi Arnold James Rudin and his wife Marcia Rudin are leaders of the interreligious group within the Cult Awareness Network and the American Family Foundation and frequent spokesmen for the American Jewish Committee. Marcia Rudin is head of the International Cult Education Project, a spinoff of the Bnai Brith. CAN - ADL Link Of special significance to the Waco tragedy is the close relationship between the Cult Awareness Network and the Anti-Defamation League of Bnai Brith. Not only do the two networks have over-lapping members but they also share intelligence on targeted groups. Herb Brin, a leading backer of the ADL and publisher of the Los Angeles Heritage newspaper revealed the ADLs involvement in the Branch Davidian affair. In a signed headline story which appeared in the April 16 edition of his newspaper, Brin inadvertently exposed the role that the ADL played in helping engineer the FBI/BATF slaughter at the Branch Davidian church complex in Waco. In an article hailing the ADLs now-infamous [see New Dawn No.19] spy network, Brin stated: U.S. and Texas authorities have precise documentation (from ADL, of course) on the Branch Davidian cult in Waco and how it operated in the past. Brins revelation comes as no surprise once we understand the ADLs intimate relationship with CAN. It now seems clear that both the Anti-Defamation League and the Cult Awareness Network did not want the Branch Davidians to come out alive. Had David Koresh and the Branch Davidians gone to trial (which is very much what they desired in order to tell their side of the story), the course of legal discovery would have revealed the way the ADL and CAN had been prodding the FBI and BATF to action. The funding for the Cult Awareness Network and the American Family Foundation comes from families who hire their deprogrammers, and from donations from establishment foundations. Many of the latter are connected to the Anti-Defamation League. The American Family Foundation (AFF) has been funded, for the most part, by a handful of top Wall Street family foundations. Among them are the Scaife Family Foundation, the J.M. Foundation, and the Pew Foundation. In recent years, the San Francisco-based Swig Foundation has provided crucial support. Foundation trustee Melvin Swig is a national commission member of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), and a national executive board member of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). The single largest financial promoters of the AFF for the past decade have been the Bodman Foundation and the Achellis Foundation. The Bodman and Achellis foundations combined to grant over a half-million dollars to the AFF during the first decade of its existence. The two separate foundations have overlapping trustees and officers and are both housed in the New York City law offices of Morris and McVeigh, which also acts as general counsel for both foun-dations. Both the Bodman and Ache llis foun-dations and the Morris and McVeigh law firm are chock-full of New York-based intelligence and banking families, who generally avoid the political limelight, preferring to shape national, political and cultural policy through private foundation grants. Australias CAN A new religious vilification (or anti-cult) group is currently setting up a network around Australia. Calling itself CultAware this Australian version of CAN is headed by Sydney-based Tony and Joan McClelland and is associated with Melbourne counsellor and Lubavitch Rabbi Raphael Aron of Gateway Counselling, and self-proclaimed Christian cult experts Jan Groenveld of Brisbane and Rev. Adrian Van Leen of Perths Concerned Christian Growth Ministries. How any genuine, self-respecting Jew or Christian could be associated with the likes of the Cult Awareness Network or the American Family Foundation is truly amazing. Yet, in his book Combating Cult Mind Control, CAN-linked deprogrammer Steven Hassan references both Concerned Christian Growth Ministries of Perth and Raphael Aron, former director of Melbournes Jewish Centre. Only days after the Waco tragedy Larry Tye wrote a hate-mongering piece titled Waco Reborn? which appeared in most of Australias major daily newspapers. The writer opens by warning his readers, If you think the tragic debacle at Waco, Texas, was bad, consider who could be next. Are there other cults with similar destructive potential? You bet there are. A few columns later Tye quotes notorious CAN advisor Dr. Louis J. West, a professor of psychiatry at UCLA and respected authority on cults: There are many Jonestowns and Wacos potentially sitting out there. Then betraying the anti-religion, totalitarian agenda, Tye informs us that: What really made him mad, Dr. West added, was that law enforcement officials and community leaders were so obsessed with safeguarding freedoms of religion and speech that they didnt respond to cults until it was too late. Yes, unfortunately, as long as religion haters and thought police of the ilk of West and CAN are permitted to influence law enforcement agencies, the media and government departments, the possibility of another Waco type mass murder cannot be ruled out. Are there other cults with similar destructive potential? Yes, there most certainly are, the most dangerous and criminal being the Cult Awareness Network! Taken from New Dawn No.20 with permission. Subcriptions: $25 for 6 issues; $40 for 12 issues.


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