Camelot: A dimension of Power The destiny of the world is guided from inner dimensions. Th

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Camelot: A dimension of Power The destiny of the world is guided from inner dimensions. That guidance has sometimes been called The White Brotherhood, which is somewhat inadequate, for it conjurs visions of monks. The best way to understand it is as a non-judgemental, compassionate light/energy that does not infringe, yet supplies inspiration to the earth plane. The physical planet, that lump of rock hurtling through space, is a manifestation of an inner energy, as your body is an outer physical manifestation of your inner emotions, feelings, and thoughts. It has a destiny and that destiny is assisted by the non-judgemental light/energy. But that does not mean the energy is there to make things comfortable for man; quite the reverse. Balance and Imbalance Negativity, war, famine, disease, are a part of the learning process of the physical plane. They are good. They serve us. They allow us to understand balance and imbalance and that is the key to setting us free. For it is difficult to appreciate freedom until you have been a part of restriction. The way that you go beyond that restriction is to dominate the physical on an energy level. This means going beyond the limitations of the mind, controlling the health of your body, and having enough money so that circumstances do not control you. Because tribal belief patterns are so strong and the negativity of the physical so prevalent, from time to time in the history of man the spiritual evolution of the planet has literally wound down. Man, feeling no inspiration beyond day to day living, has descended into barbaric ways. The light/energy, or Brotherhood, understanding the need for the evolutionary cycle to continue, has arranged for energy infusions. They are times of power coming from inner dimensions through to the physical plane to assist mankind beyond his limitations. Energy Infusions from Other Worlds The first of these energy influxes was in 3300 B.C., in China, in the reign of the legandary Yellow Emperor. It was a time of great learning. The people developed the rudiments of study and writing and they had many sophisticated beliefs. The shamans, or priests, would warm tortoise shells in a fire and then pour cold water on them. The way the shell cracked allowed the shaman an extra-sensory perception which he used to fortell the future. The next significant energy input was in 700 B.C. There appeared in Northern Italy a group of people known as the Etruscans. They developed plumbing and heating and became famous for their pottery and art. Among them were three initiates who developed healing temples based on 'etheric' energy, which is more sophisticated than any healing we have today. It was the Etruscans that allowed the Roman Empire its great glory - they changed the destiny of the known world. Around 500 B.C. a number of masters all appeared at the same time; Lao Tzu, Buddha, Zoroaster, to name a few. They laid the groundwork for what was to come later and gave the world its metaphysical perceptions. From then on man believed in the existence of a divine presence beyond the harshness of every day living. England in 600 A.D. The next major energy infusion came in late 600 A.D. There appeared in what is now Southern England an initiate. He came out of the forest. He understood metaphysical energy and had a power that had not been seen for a thousand years. He travelled from town to town looking for people that showed a spark of individuality - people that would basically not be missed by society. He began to teach this unique group metaphysical laws and he subtly changed their attributes and perspectives without infringing on them. The initiate was called Merlin. The Foggy Valley called Camelot He created a society in Southern England, that the writers eventually called Camelot. It was not a castle but a foggy valley surrounded by briar bushes. In the valley was a crystal cave that Merlin used as his energy base. The people he pulled to him entered into the valley as a dimension of learning. They became strong and very disciplined. They spent their time training horses by blindfolding them and running them in and out of the bushes. As Merlin's students became more powerful they were sent out into the land. They became the healers, the leaders, and they taught the people chivalry and law. They righted injustice and overthrew tyrants, and in spite of the chaos of the Dark Ages they brought to England a tranquility that was felt; that inspired others. The leader of the group was called Arthur. He did not become the king of the country, he just led Merlins's small band. But, because of the power that Camelot created, Arthur became a legend in his own time. Great exploits were credited to him and he was revered as a great knight and leader. Arthur, Lancelot and Guinevere The initiate, Merlin, told Arthur of the coming of Lancelot. It was a vital factor in the balance of Camelot. Lancelot represented that little bit of acidity or negativity that is needed as a part of all positivity. Lancelot was to challenge Arthur in every way, for they were equally strong. And it was Lancelot's energy that eventually caused Camelot to fall - a factor foreseen by Merlin. When Arthur was ready, Merlin sent him to find a wife, Guinevere. And once that union took place, Arthur had completed his training. It was then that Merlin provided Arthur with the sword, Excalibur. Excalibur and its Power Excalibur became the source of Arthur's strength. The sword symbolizes the power of the Higher Self, that 'all-knowing' that comes forward provided you are in control of your emotions. This is represented in the story as the sword coming out of the placid lake. The power that developed through the teaching of Merlin is felt to this day. He taught a respect for nature and he believed in the equality of all men and women. The concept of the 'fair maid' and the respect that the knights show for femininity came as a result of Merlin's teachings. He re-established an enthusiasm in people and he gave them law and chivalry. The knights word became his bond and that power allowed the country to become one of the strongest trading nations in the history of the world; and Empire of knights trading on trust and honor. Merlin's Energy Today Merlin's energy exists today. The search for his power is basically the search for his power is basically the search for the Holy Grail, that metaphysical power that allows you to perceive dimensions beyond the earth plane, the power of the silent initiate ... Taken from The Mystic Trader -Spring '86 pg. 8 (From the tape series by Stuart Wilde)


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