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CALENDAR OF EVENTS 1/1/'89 This Calendar is available by subscription ($4.00/yr) from: Larry Cornett 9527 Blake Lane, Apt. 102, Fairfax, VA 22031 Publication exchanges include the right to reprint the Calendar. ******************************************************************************** Date Event and Cost Location Description Contact ******************************************************************************** Concert&workshop Kenny, Tzipora & Lance Phone 1/4 -Norfolk, VA @ Ramblin' Conrads (804) 461-3655 1/6 -N.Hollywood, FL Concert & workshop (305) 987-3960 1/13-14 -Sarasota, FL Concert (813) 351-6178 1/19 -Black Mtn., NC @ McDibbs 1/20-22 -Atlanta, GA Concert (404)325-5160 1/26 -Ft Smith, Ark. @ Old Town Grain and Feed 1/28 -Columbia, MO Concert (314) 875-1787 2/1 -Lawrence, KS @ The Crossing 2/2 -Tulsa, OK @ Indian Territory Coffee Co. 2/4-5 -Houston, TX Concert... (713) 666-1449 2/9 -Santa Fe, NM @ Nighthawk Jan-Feb Georgia, Florida Andy Hewitt, Steve Kelly XAT Medicine Society Lodging, You arrange the of XAT share medicine 1404 Gale Lane Donations location/time ways, Earth healing, Nashville, TN 37212 spirit journeys, etc. (615) 298-9932 1/6-8 Hearthfire Healing, stories, songs, EarthSpirit Community $80 includes Near Boston, MA visions, family & warmth P.O. Box 365 food/shelter Limited to 100 people Medford, MA 02155 1/13-15 Esotericon M.Z. Bradley, Selena Fox Esotericon $30 ($35 Holiday Inn Katherine Kurtz, Jane P.O. Box 22775 after 12/28) Jetport Sibley, Alexi Kondatiev Newark, NJ 07101 + room Elizabeth, NJ Leigh Ann Hussey, etc. 1/21-22 Shamanic Journey Dana Robinson teaches (301) 565-8260 Beltsville, MD core shamanism-healing power, Harner technique 2/3-5 Medicine Wheel Ceremonies, workshops, Jude Gathering Native Earth Religions,etc.3070 Kalihi St. Hawaii (808) 842-3744 Honolulu, HI 96819 2/9-11 Oracles of Weekend of divination, N.W. Year Wheel Prod. Midwinter introspection, and P.O. Box 2010 Northwest U.S. initiation Seattle, WA 98111 2/11-12 Heart to Heart Workshops,music,psychics Network of Light $28 ($15 Fair merchants, food etc. @GSA 4617 Hunt Ave., per day) Washington, DC Auditorium-Constitution Chevy Chase, MD 20815 Ave. between 12th & 14th (301) 986-1223 2/24-26 Spring Intensive Learn meditation, mind- Sunray Meditation Soc 3/3-5 Peacekeeper fullness, transformation P.O. Box 308 Mission Gathering Bristol, VT 05443 Vermont area (803) 453-4610 3/3-5 Winterstar Robert A. Wilson, Isaac A.C.E. East Ohio Bonewitz, Ian Corrigan, 1643 Lee Rd. #9 etc., workshops, rituals, Cleveland Hts. OH music, etc. (216)932-5421 44118-1710 3/10-12 Goddess Festival Rituals, dance, music, Goddess Festival New York City drama, comedy, talks N.Y. Open Center workshops, film, etc. 83 Spring St. New York, NY 10012 3/17-19 American Indian Members of Elder's Circle Mtn.Camp & Conf. $128 Perspectives of American Indian Council Center (including Highlands, NC speak on environmental 841 Highway 106 meals,etc.) social & political issues Highlands, NC 28741 3/19 Gaia Reborn Lisa Thiel, Charlie Murphy Gaia San Francisco, CA Riane Eisler lead ritual (415) 548-4172 & music for Earth healing 4/14-16 Sharing Spirit Hand's on Weekend of Conferences SS/SS $120 ($135 Sharing Skills Women's spirituality with c/o RCG after 3/15) Central Wisconsin Reformed Congregation of P.O.B. 6021 the Goddess Madison, WI 53716 4/28-30 Bale Fire Spring White Water Valley Grove Jade Tree $35,children Rites, East- organizing this festival, Box 1728 under 12 free Central Indiana with rites, drumming, etc. Richmond, IN 47374 5/19-21 Rebirthing Woman A process of empowerment Cindy Parker Newark, OH in a retreat with work 2137 Newark-Granville shops, natural living,etc. Rd., (614) 587-3361 Newark, OH 43055 5/23-29 Rites of Spring Rituals, workshops, music EarthSpirit Community Tentative Western Mass visions, sweatlodges, P.O. Box 365 Berkshire Mtns. swimming, cabins for 450 Medford, MA 02155 people, meals available 5/27-29 Women-Earth- Gathering on Women's Sevenoaks Pathwork Spirit Spirituality Cntr., Rt. 1, Box 86 Madison, VA (703) 948-6544 Madison, VA 22727 6/9-11 Medicine Wheel Ceremonies, workshops, Lou DeSabala Gathering Native Earth Religions,etc.P.O. Box 5719 Boston, MA area (301) 270-6909 Takoma Park, MD 20912 6/12-18 Pagan Spirit Rituals, workshops,music, Circle Gathering Pagan Spirit Alliance Mtg. P.O. Box 219 Wisconsin camping, etc.(608)924-2216 Mt. Horeb, WI 53572 6/15-18 Gathering of The Workshops, rituals, music, Free Spirit Alliance $40 thru 3/18 Tribes: A leadership training, etc. P.O. Box 5358 $50 till 6/1 New Beginning Theme: New beginnings Laurel, MD 20707 $55 $ door Maryland ($25/day, children $30) 6/16-18 Medicine Wheel Ceremonies, workshops, Lou DeSabala Gathering Native Earth Religions,etc.P.O. Box 5719 Toronto, Ontario (301) 270-6909 Takoma Park, MD 20912 Canada 7/1-7 National Rainbow Camping, music, sweat Gathering lodges, meditation, Nevada 7/8-9 Shamanic Journey Michael Harner teaches Sevenoaks Pathwork Power & Healing core shamanic techniques Cntr., Rt. 1, Box 86 Madison, VA (703) 948-6544 Madison, VA 22727 7/19-23 Starwood Rituals, workshops, music ACE (Tentative) East Ohio celebration, drumming, 1643 Lee Rd. #9 fireworks, etc. Cleveland Hts. OH (216) 932-5421 44118-1710 7/28-30 Ecumenicon Magickal mystical Charlie Butler $30 til 4/15 College Pk, MD convention, with rituals 404 E. Melborne Ave. $35 til 7/1 workshops, music, etc. Silver Spring, MD $40 @ door (301) 345-6700 20901 9/22-24 Medicine Wheel Ceremonies, workshops, Lou DeSabala Gathering Native Earth Religions,etc.P.O. Box 5719 New York State (301) 270-6909 Takoma Park, MD 20912 October Partnership Riane Eisler, etc. at Center for Celebration international festival: Partnership Studies Crete music, art and dance P.O. Box 51936 celebrating partnership Pacific Grove, CA with Mother Earth, etc. 93950 10/20-22 Medicine Wheel Ceremonies, workshops, Singing Pipe Woman Gathering Native Earth Religions,etc.P.O. Box 238 SanDiego, CA area (509) 233-2061 Springdale, WA 99173 Fridays near Bardic Circle Poems, songs, stories, Puf & Nema New Moon Columbus, OH pot luck (614) 267-9673 Ongoing at Sabbat Rituals Celebrate the wheel EarthSpirit Community Sabbats Boston MA area of the year P.O.B. 365 Medford, MA 02155 Ongoing at New Moons & Meetings and New Moons Judy Haskell New Moons meetings (713) 271-1154 5920 Bissonnet, #113 Houston, TX area Houston, TX 77081 Ongoing at Sabbats & New Rituals, etc. Coven of the Sacred Sabbats and Moons Stone New Moons Chicago area (312) 525-9194 Ongoing at Sabbats & New Rituals, etc. Aquarius Spiritus Sabbats and Moons Templum New Moons Bristol, Indiana (219) 848-7539 Third Sat&Sun Natural Living Health food pot lucks, Ron & Barbara Edwards Each Month Celebration guided meditations,new age 220 Sharon Dr. Free Spring Hill, FL networking, (813) 856-3046 Spring Hill, FL 33526 Ongoing Tantra Yoga Tantra, healing, chanting Richie Suraei weekends Newburgh,NY area sexuality, massage, dance Tantra Society Yoga, postures, rituals 67 Maple St. camping, music, etc. Newburgh, NY 12550 TO OBTAIN FURTHER DETAILS, SEND A SASE TO THE CONTACTS LISTED This calendar is now available and uploaded frequently on CompuServe's New Age


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