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95-04 (Issue No. 447) ----------------------------------- Find Out Who, |* REVELATIONS OF AWARENESS *| How Many Have In Fact, You |* The New Age Cosmic Newsletter *| You Served? And Really Are. ----------------------------------- How Well? Cosmic Awareness Communications Box 115, Olympia, Washington 98507 email: alex@spiral.org (E-mail subscription information, FTP information, other online service provider locations, and SnailMail hard copy information are listed at end of this file.) "Helping People Become Aware Since 1977." ------------------------------------------------------------------- REVELATIONS OF AWARENESS is a cosmic newsletter, published by Cosmic Awareness Communications, Box 115, Olympia, WA 98507 (a non-profit organization) Copyright 1994 by Cosmic Awareness Communications and the Aquarian Church of Universal Service. Reproduction is permitted, but no alterations may be made without express permission. ------------------------------------------------------------------- COSMIC AWARENESS is the Force that expressed Itself through Jesus of Nazareth, the Buddha, Krishna, Mohammed and other great avatars who served as "Channels" for what is commonly known as "God," and which expresses Itself once again as the world begins to enter the New Age of spiritual consciousness and awareness. This information is for those who desire to help in bringing in the New Age. Throughout the thousands of "readings" given, Cosmic Awareness tells us not to *believe* anything, not even Cosmic Awareness, but to question, explore, doubt, and discover through your *own* channel what the truth really is. Cosmic Awareness will only "indicate" and "suggest." Neither CAC or the Interpreter is responsible for anything Cosmic Awareness states in any of these readings, nor does CAC or the Interpreter necessarily agree with the statements of Cosmic Awareness. The Interpreter interprets the energies as they are seen in trance levels and is not personally responsible for what is said. The Interpreter has no connection with, nor control over the editorial comments, either, which are entirely the responsibility of the editor. Paul Shockley, Interpreter Avaton, C.A.C Editor Vikki T., Office Manager Alex, OCR'er and NetPoster ------------------------------------------------------------------------ IN THIS ISSUE: RACE MIXING: IS THE "BELL CURVE" BOOK ON INTELLIGENCE VALID? Does God Care If The Mixing Of The Races Takes Place? Does It Create More Violence? Does Race Mixing Reduce The Aesthetic Appreciation Of Things? Nature Intended Entities To Be Different Does Race-Mixing Produce More Violence? What If God Made A Mistake? What Happened When Timothy Leary Saw God Is Shockley's Theory That Blacks Are "Genetically Inferior" Correct? Today, The Creators Of The "Bell Curve" Say The Same Thing The Boy Who Cut Earthworms In Half The Mulatto Children In Vietnam Who Nobody Wants To Claim As Theirs Many Injustices Are Caused By Others Just Because One Suffers Doesn't Prove Karma Some Problems With The "Galactic Human" Book Some Entities Simply Can't "Resonate" With Sheldon Nidle The "Non Human" Diplomats Nidle Speaks Of Could Alien Landings Be "The False Rapture?" Don't Ask A Dinoid Or Reptoid For A Lift Nidle's Fascination With A Comet When The Lights Go Out: How To Prepare For This? What Will America Do When The Vibrators Stop? Awareness Disagrees With Nidle On Chakra System How Awareness Receives Energy For Messages What Are Those Gigantic "Arcs" In Space? Barbara Marciniak's "Family Of Light" And "Systems Busters" Do I Dare Disturb The Universe? Do I Dare To Eat A Peach? Is Spinning Clockwise Daily Useful? Why You Shouldn't Spin Counter-Clockwise "The Ancient Secret Of Fountain Of Youth" Clockwise Spinning Is One Of The Secret Rites Is Sexuality A Path To Higher Frequency? What The Aliens Are Doing In The Sexual Area The Three-Quarter Breed Being Created Is Looking Better The Reason Greys Are Abducting Humans Three Quarters Human And One-Quarter Grey Creations Are "Family Of Light" People Able To Change Shapes And Rejuvenate Themselves? More On The 2012 Density Change Are Some Humans Incarnated As Greys? The Real Role Of The Light Worker Religious Growth Vs. Spiritual Growth Warm Weather: What's The Real Story? Subtle Feelings Of Bliss May Start This April Who Was Franklin Roosevelt In Previous Life? Yogananda Sees Winston Churchill As Napoleon Where Did This Winter's Flu Originate? The Pros And Cons Of Getting A Flu Shot What Are George Bush And Dan Quayle Up To? Is Bill Clinton Aligned With Light Or Dark Forces? The Growing Possibility Of Impeachment Has Hillary Clinton Been Replaced? How The Photon Belt Will Affect Animals Did Adam Weishaupt Replace George Washington? Getting History Straight: Did The Founder Of The Illuminati Take Over As President? How Communism And Fascism Began With Weishaupt Alexander Hamilton A Rothschild Agent Is Adam Weishaupt Alive Today? How Often Should Women Have Mammograms? Can A Dead Mother Watch Over Her Children? What To Do With The Ashes Of A Cremated Loved One? Those Horse Mutilations In England: Any Connection To The Aliens? The Significance Of The "White Buffalo" Is There Something Mystical About Them? ------------------------------------------------------------------------ RACE MIXING: IS THE "BELL CURVE" BOOK ON INTELLIGENCE VALID? DOES GOD CARE IF THE MIXING OF THE RACES TAKES PLACE? DOES IT CREATE MORE VIOLENCE? DOES RACE MIXING REDUCE THE AESTHETIC APPRECIATION OF THINGS? (CAC General Reading, September 20,1993) QUESTION: A question from D.C., of Toledo, Ohio. He always writes long convoluted questions that contain other questions, so I'll just read his statement: "On talk shows such as Donahue, Sally, Geraldo, Jerry Stringer, Maury Povich and others, a common subject that will appear again and again is whether or not "God" or nature intended that the black, white, brown, red and yellow races be kept separate from each other and no race mixing be permitted. Most of the time, these talk shows turn into scream fests with a dozen people yelling at the top of their lungs to try to get their viewpoint across. These talk shows will always invite a few Neo- Nazis or Ku Klux Klan, and an audience heavily populated with Blacks or Jews. You can seldom hear what is said because of all the yelling and screaming volume. I have heard it mentioned by Awareness and other channels that the races of planet earth were either brought here from other planets, manufactured genetically by space aliens from creatures already on the planet, or somehow materialized out of the spirit world or some other dimension into the physical world. What I would like to know from Awareness is whether or not it matters if "race-mixing" takes place? Does race mixing in any way reduce the spiritual, aesthetic, emotional, and appreciation ability of beauty in art, music, creature forms, etc., mental ability of the population as a whole? Does race mixing tend to produce more violence and less order and peace in the population as a whole?" I think I can stop here. There is more to this statement, but I believe there's some questions that Awareness might address. COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that it is comparable to the action of trying to keep each type of fruit or vegetable from being mixed with another type of fruit or vegetable so that there is no cross-merging, no morphing, or no blending of the types. This Awareness indicates that in other words: Is it an affront to God if entities cross the grapefruit and the orange?, or the pineapple and the apricot? What does God care if entities wish to bring various fruits together to create a new type of fruit? This Awareness indicates that God does not care if entities wish to be creative in this way. This Awareness indicates that nature does not care. Nature might not do this on its own without some outside influence, but once the apricot and pineapple are crossed, the plant may continue to reproduce itself and become part of nature. This Awareness indicates it is the same with people. If there is a merger of two races, then there is a connection genetically between different genes and they are brought together in a new being, a new child. That child then is a cross-breed between races and is unique in itself. It has just as much individuality, just as much spiritual rights as anyone else. It is no less real, no less genuine and no less loved by the Divine Forces than is anyone else. Simply because it is a mixture of races does not mean it is inferior or less beautiful in its being, or that its soul is damaged or anything of this nature. It is just as beautiful and actually much more unique than most other entities. This Awareness indicates that there is, of course, the human judgment involved in this kind of situation where everyone would like to think that they themselves are the image of God; that they themselves are the perfect being -- and that anyone who looks like them is really handsome or beautiful and that anyone who differs from them is out of touch with correctness. Therefore, such entities do not appreciate someone whose shape is different, perhaps shorter or much taller, or wider, or whose eyes are deeper or whose nose is larger. The more they look like themselves, the more it makes them appear to be the norm; and the more they differ from them, the more it makes them feel that someone is not in touch with proper behavior in terms of looks. Thus, entities look at others who are different, and make fun of them: "That person wears glasses. I don't wear glasses. Therefore, that person is inferior to me." or "That person has large ears. My ears are smaller. Therefore, that person is inferior to me." or "That person has long legs. My legs are shorter. That person is tall like a telephone pole! Ha ha ha! What a silly person." This Awareness indicates it is simply a matter of rejecting anything that doesn't match yourself, and the greater the mismatch, the greater the rejection. Thus, if an entity has darker skin or the wrong color of hair, or something else that makes him or her different from yourself and -- if you are immature enough -- you cannot appreciate the difference, the beauty of something different, and therefore, you reject it. That makes it look as though you are right, and they are wrong. If they are not beautiful to you in their difference, then it does not prove that you are beautiful, because you are not like them. This Awareness indicates it is simply a juvenile way of looking at others to insist that everyone be a match to yourself, and the situation with such entities is that if there was only one race, one color of skin, they would still find reason to reject others because of the color of hair, or if everyone had the same color of hair, they would find reasons to reject others because someone had curly hair or someone had straight hair. This Awareness indicates that you see this in high schools, where entities make fun of each other's clothing because the clothing does not fit the style of the rest of the school and the children. If all children tried to dress like each other, if that is the trend, or if it is important for each child to have something distinct but yet be very much similar in all other ways, then they will insist that all the other students should look like them, but have some unique curly-cue or bauble, or distinguishing features such as a pony tail or a strange haircut or a birthmark or some tattoo that is deliberately placed to give them the individuality among unity. They often allow each other to have some individual quirk, but they must conform, in general, to the norm that is set in the high school by the students, by the styles. This Awareness indicates that if you carry this into society, you have the bigots who want all entities to be like them, and who will verbally or physically attack anyone who differs considerably from their social norm. This Awareness indicates that these things are not important to the Divine, and it is unbelievable that entities would think that God would intend all entities to look the same, to be of the same race, to be of the same sex, or to be of the same height, or to be of similar appearance. Nature Intended Entities to be Different Don't entities understand that the Divine created all entities with their differences intact at creation? Don't entities realize that nature agrees to have entities differ from each other? It created an enormous variety of entities on earth. Why do entities question whether nature intended entities to be different or intended for entities to accept changes? This Awareness indicates that perhaps they think that because nature created differences, it is erroneous to allow the differences to emerge and create still further differences, for the merger of differences brings about a synthesis, a third creation. Is this some kind of error? Or must all of the differences remain the same, cycle after cycle after cycle, so that a peach is always a peach of the same color, and can never be used to create a nectarine? This Awareness indicates that this kind of insistence that everything remain the same, always, and never change, never merge, would mean also that people should continue to live in huts, make bows and arrows, get their food by hunting and never change their way of behavior. This Awareness indicates that everything changes as time passes, and those things that appear solid gradually merge and break down when other forces act upon them, and new creations are always in the beginning of their existences. You can always look and find new creations and you can find things that are fading into oblivion, into extinction. One thing becomes extinct, and a new creation starts. The new creation is often the outgrowth of two other earlier creations. Is the mule a sinful creation because it came from a horse and a donkey? Cannot entities simply accept something for what it is? Must it be judged in terms of righteousness or unrighteousness? Can it simply not be? If the mule is not kicking or harming someone, can it not be understood and accepted as part of the creation? If it is a violent creature, and humanity has reason to fear it or abhor it, then perhaps entities could argue it should never have been created, and it, as a creation should be destroyed. But if it is harmless, should it not be allowed a place to exist as a new creation? If a mulatto child is born from the union of two entities, is this child not also possessing the right of expression of life, of existence, as much as any other person? If the child is not harming others, should it not also be given a place in society, even if it is different from the masses, from the majority? It is unique in its being. This Awareness indicates that to think that all entities should remain identified only with their own kind would mean that entities from Oklahoma should never date or party or court or marry entities from Arkansas, for the merger of such entities would create a child that is of a nature neither from Oklahoma or from Arkansas, and these entities might cause some kind of disturbance in the society. This Awareness indicates that this is foolish reasoning. Foolish in terms of identification. What difference does it make if an entity from one country marries an entity from another country, or if an entity from one culture marries an entity from another culture? If a Protestant marries a Catholic, if a Catholic marries a Jew? What difference does it make if an Indian marries an Irishman? What difference does it make if an Italian marries a Japanese, if a Taiwanese marries a Chinese, or if a Vietnamese entity marries someone from the Philippines, or from Canada? Does it really matter to society? Who is to judge this kind of behavior for all humanity and determine that all humanity should stay with their own kind and never cross-mix cultures, nationalities or races? Do these entities think they are divine in their opinions in their judgments of others? Do they think they speak for God? This Awareness suggests that entities recognize that the problem lies only for those who cross-mix cultures, nationalities or races and their offspring -- for they are the ones who must live the consequences of their actions. If they have offspring and their children are ridiculed for not being all one race, or all another, and if they, in race mixing marriages, come together in a situation where the town, the community, the culture denies them a place, then that is their own consequence. Why join in forcing some kind of rule or opinion that should deny them this right? Is it being done simply because you think you know better than they what is good for them? You can explain: "If you marry this person, there will be many entities who will not like it, who will be opposed to you, who will be hostile to you for marrying this person, because this person is not of your culture, not of your religion, not of your nationality or not of your race, or not of your hair-coloring and appearance, or not of your age bracket." But if the entity insists: "I love this person. I want to be with this person," then your warning has been given and there is little more that you can to other than decide whether you can still be friends with the entity or whether you will reject the entity for having made his or her decision. This Awareness indicates it us as simple as that. It is a question of your own prejudices, your own preferences, and how you wish to relate to the entity yourself, and to their behavior and choices. It is not a matter of God demanding that entities not mix their races, the cultures, their religion, or nationalities, for God does not give a hoot about such petty issues. Nor does nature care, so long as the health and well-being of the parties involved are not violated or do not suffer against the laws of nature. If entities are crossed in nature genetically, to create a creature that suffers or is an abomination to other creatures, or is in great suffering and pain and agony in his or her existence, then of course nature is saying: "This is not a good match." Crossing a chicken with an alligator is not likely to be possible with nature, although there may come a time when these entities could genetically be crossed to create some kind of cross-breed that would be compatible, so that the creature evolving from such genetic engineering could perhaps have some useful life to itself or to other creatures. But generally speaking, the only time nature would abhor a tampering of natural species-mixing would be if the creation causes problems for itself or for other creatures. Crossing a snake with a human could create a creature that is not compatible to what would be termed spiritual evolution, although the snake might evolve somewhat from such a creation, the human would surely lose some spiritual essence in being crossed with a snake. This Awareness indicates that It does not see this same problem in terms of race mixing. It sees there are other problems, all of which are artificially caused by society's prejudices. DOES RACE-MIXING PRODUCE MORE VIOLENCE? FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: That part of the question where he asks: "Does race mixing in any way reduce the spiritual, aesthetic, emotional and appreciation ability of beauty in art, music, creature forms etc., mental abilities of the population as a whole? And does race-mixing in any way tend to produce more violence and less order and peace in the population as a whole?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates it will depend on the nature of the race that is mixed with the other race. When you mix races, you are also mixing qualities, and depending on the qualities involved in entities of a certain race, there will be those qualities transferred to the offspring of the two races that bring forth the offspring. If one of the races is known to be violent and the other known to be very passive, then the offspring will be a mixture of those two qualities, perhaps more aggressive, or perhaps less violent. This Awareness indicates that if one race is known to be more agile and physical and quicker and mixes with another race that is more stodgy, slow and deliberate, then these qualities will merge to create someone who is less stodgy and deliberate and a little more flexible, a little more agile. This Awareness indicates that some of the agility will be lost, and some of the rigidity will be lost. Is that an improvement for humanity in general, or is that some kind of detriment to humanity in general? This Awareness indicates that keeping an agile race separate and distinct from the stodgy, slow, deliberate race simply means that some people will be more agile, and other people will be more stodgy and deliberate. Is that better for humanity, or is that worse for humanity? This Awareness cannot judge what is better or worse for humanity in this regard. For this Awareness indicates each creates a different end, and if all people became less stodgy and perhaps lose some agile qualities, and were not quite so flexible, but were not really stiff and stodgy and deliberate in everything; if entities were not inflexible, but not too flexible either; is that an improvement in the human race? If so, then these races might do great things by mixing. If these entities believe that it is better to keep their flexibility apart and to continue promoting their flexibility and not mix with the more rigid type of people, then perhaps it is better to keep the races apart, but who is making the determination for everyone? Only those people who think they have answers for everyone could presume to make such rules, and insist that others abide by such rules in order to keep all entities from breaking the rules, and keeping the status quo. This Awareness indicates it is simply a matter of choice, and it might as well be left to individuals, rather than regulated by entities who think they know what is best for everyone else. For this is what the argument is: some entities who want to make up their own minds as to whom they have children with, and some entities who want to determine the behavior of all other entities and make rules for the behavior of all other entities and insist that all other entities abide by certain regimen and rules of behavior and they think that they have the answer for everyone. They are not simply satisfied to be in charge of their own life and have their own values and decide whom they wish to marry and raise children with; they want to dictate the behavior of the rest of the world also. And they try to say "God wants it this way!" or "Nature wants it this way!", but how do they know? Who gives them the insight to make such statements? What If God Made a Mistake? This Awareness indicates it would seem that if nature or if God wanted the races to remain separate, and wanted it so badly that he was willing to let entities go to war and to slaughter each other in order to keep the races apart, he made a big mistake, because if it was really that important to God, why wouldn't he simply make it so that race-mingling would not bring about offspring; where the attempts to inter-breed would not bring about offspring in such humans of different humans, any more than cats and dogs can bring about offspring? This Awareness indicates that you do not see God objecting to brown dogs and black dogs having puppies, or white dogs and yellow dogs, or cats of different colors having kittens. This Awareness indicates that even the most extremely prejudiced entity does not take issue with animals of different color commingling, and yet, they claim to have some spiritual insight that informs them that entities of different skin color are not permitted by God or by nature to commingle and have offspring. Who is making this rule for God, when God could have made the rule Himself if He so chose? (This Awareness indicates that It has used the term "He" in reference to God, for this is the way most entities think of God, as some kind of divine male figurehead; This Awareness recognizes that God is not a humanoid male God creature. It is a vibration, but this Awareness answered this question with the terminology that these entities often use in their arguments, where they presume that the Creator is male, and is in the likeness of themselves, so that they can glory in the fact that if they are white males, then their god is also a white male.) There is no evidence of this, but entities like to think that it is that way. These entities are very naive and shallow in their presumptions. What Happened When Timothy Leary Saw God This Awareness indicates that there was once an interview with Timothy Leary, relating to his use of LSD, and the entity asking the question said: "Tell me, Dr. Leary, have you ever seen God on any of your LSD trips?" The entity answered: "Yes." And then he was asked: "What did He look like?" And Leary answered: "He? God is a female! A black female woman!" This Awareness indicates that obviously he was kidding the interviewer, but being very poignant in his response, showing that the common attitude of thinking of God as a white male is not sacred, or factual, and that one might as well think of God as a black female and still be just as accurate in describing what God looks like. This Awareness indicates that Timothy Leary knew, of course, that God is a consciousness frequency -- a vibration that fills the universe with all-knowing perception -- and that entities who attune to God have that potential of merging and experiencing Divinity as God regardless of their race, regardless of their sex or gender, regardless of their nationalities, and political inclinations, regardless of their cultures. This Awareness indicates It has no reason whatsoever to keep the black girl down the street from marrying the Chinese man up the street, or the white man across town, if she can make up her mind between them. This Awareness indicates that It has no prejudice as to whether the black man has a right, has a desire and a right to follow his desire in marrying the Filipino lady or the white lady, if they both love him, or if they both wish to marry him, and he can make up his mind between the two. This Awareness indicates these are human affairs and concerns; they are not the concern of the Divine Creator. The Divine Creator has much better things to consider. Many more things of greater importance occupy the expressions and experiences of the Universal Consciousness and Creator. This Awareness indicates in other words, for those who try to claim that God wants the races separated, this Awareness suggests: Don't bring God into your own prejudices, your own opinions and your own value system. God has Its own considerations and they do not pay much attention to these petty things. FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: Thank you. I'll read the remainder of D.C.'s statement. There may be a question in here. COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates this entity does ask very interesting questions. IS SHOCKLEY'S THEORY THAT BLACKS ARE "GENETICALLY INFERIOR" CORRECT? (Today, The Creators Of The "Bell Curve" Say the Same Thing) QUESTION: He writes: "There was a man by the name of William Shockley, who was the inventor of the transistor, and Nobel prize winner, going around a few years ago on TV talk shows and appearing on college campuses, stating that blacks are mentally inferior to whites on the average because of in-born genetic differences; a law of nature that cannot be changed. He used the term "average" and qualified it with a statement that you could find blacks that were better in mental activities than most whites, and you will always find extremely smart and dumb people in all races, but on the "average," blacks are genetically inferior to whites in mental abilities and that it was a waste of taxpayers' money to try to make blacks equal to whites in mental ability. The only way public schools could make black and white equal in mental abilities was to "dumb down" the whites to the black level and this would tend to produce more disorder and chaos in the population as a whole and a deterioration in the standard of living of the population. There is a lot of emotion, anger and hate wrapped up in this race-mixing subject on talk shows among the masses, and I would like to hear at least once from a source like Awareness that claims to know how the races came to be on this planet, a discussion that will appeal to logic and reason on what the intentions of the Creators of the human race were with each race, and whether or not race-mixing matters." Awareness has just covered the race-mixing, but could It now comment on Professor Shockley's theory? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that the entity's reference to the average black as being mentally inferior to the average white may have some arguments in favor and some arguments in opposition that are equally valid in that, if an entity is considering only the educational merits of intelligence or intelligence that reflects how well one can fit into the educational mold as opposed to one who has a different kind of intelligence that is not necessarily based on academia, then it could easily be argued that the blacks, not having had generation after generation for hundreds or thousands of years in which to study writing, mathematics rules and regulations common to the Western civilization, have a different set of genetic inclinations than those who are genetically white and whose parents, grandparents and ancestors for many hundreds, even thousands of years, have been involved in structuring and in some cases reading, writing and arithmetic for these many generations, so that it becomes part of the genetic memory which allows them to manipulate numbers, words, and so forth, much quicker, because of their genetic memory, as handed down from their parents and grandparents and so forth. The Boy Who Cut Earthworms In Half This Awareness indicates that some time back, a young boy in an experiment taught an earthworm how to get through a maze in order to find food, and found that the earthworm increased in ability to pass through the maze to find food. At that point, he cut the earthworm in two and the earthworm was then able to create two worms (as they do when cut in two) and both worms had the memory of moving through the maze. The entity then took a totally new earthworm and tried to run it through the maze. It did not make it through the maze because it had never gone through and had no memory, and it was as confused as the first earthworm on its first attempt. The entity then took part of the first earthworm, and ground it up, made a puree of it, and put it in a needle, and then shot the second earthworm with the puree of the first earthworm, and found, to his amazement, that he had injected the second earthworm with the memory of the first, and that this earthworm that could not find its way through the maze quickly and easily found its way because it had absorbed the memory of the first earthworm. This is much the same way that genetic information is transferred from one generation to another. Many times, in animals, it is called "instinct," where the cat has kittens and the kittens behave much like the mother cat. The genes that are passed from one generation to another carry the genetic code and memory of the parent. In this experiment of this young boy, the genes were passed by hypodermic needle from one worm to another so that the second worm had the memories of the first. This Awareness indicates that in the genetic passage, one entity has a particular skill, he or she may pass this skill genetically to his or her offspring. Whether the this is used precisely or transferred into some other expression, the genetic memory passing from one generation to another, will create a similar type of behavior in the second generation. This Awareness indicates the entity Creston, or Ron Rummell, often became extremely obsessed with researching UFOs and other supernatural interests. Everything he could get his hands on in the field of the supernatural or the unseen he would read with an obsession. His son, at the age of three exhibited the exact same fascination and obsession with such things as Ghostbusters. Everything he spoke of, everything his interest focused on, had to do with Ghostbusters, and the entity was a pure reflection of his father. Even though the genetic carryover was not with UFOs, it was clear that the entity was a mirror image of his father, but focused on a different topic. This Awareness indicates that this is the same with many entities, where a parent who has a fascination for science, for mathematics, for reading, for studying, passes these skills genetically to his or her offspring, and the offspring, having this fascination with focusing on something of extreme interest and study, works, and the mind in its working to satisfy its curiosity, may not study the exact same field. Where the parent may be a musician, the offspring may still love music, but the music may be of quite a different nature. This Awareness indicates that obviously the whites being strong in Western culture have had generations of being focused on those things of Western culture that are part of the white civilization and education, whereas blacks have had other types of education in the jungles of Africa for many different generations and they have other qualities that have carried through the various genes. They may have more superior physical agility and skills that carry through their genes, giving them qualities to excel in sports or in creativity and inventiveness that may be different from those of whites. It does not mean their intellect is weaker, it means their genetic carryover has a different focus, and they may be just as intelligent but with a different focus. For a scientist, whose focus is science and academia, to observe blacks in comparison to whites, his main concern would be whether the blacks compare academically with the intellect of the whites, whose genetic inclination comes from generation after generation, and he may not be capable of understanding the different type of intellect that blacks have developed over the many generations. The blacks may have a much higher intuitive intelligence. The whites may have a higher structural intelligence, able to manipulate structures and logic, but unable to be intuitive to the same degree as the blacks. But this entity, William Shockley, being a scientist, where structures and logical thoughts are held in high esteem, may not be looking for intuitive intelligence, and would not even recognize it if he came across it. Therefore, he is not capable of judging the intuitive intelligence of another group, so his statement may he valid in one sense, and invalid in another sense when trying to evaluate and compare the blacks and the whites. This Awareness indicates that he may he over-educated to the point he cannot perceive intuitive intelligence in another. He may be too rational to recognize intuition or intuitive sensitivity that another may have. This Awareness indicates the language skills may be deceiving him, where he is used to people who have perfected or refined certain language skills. He may not find this in the blacks, for they have a different kind of language even though they speak in English. Much of what they say is intuitively transferred from one to another with a minimum amount of words or with words that are not designed precisely for the English language to represent the same thing when spoken by a black that a white would hear. In other words, a white man will express himself differently using the English language than does the black man, because the black man has intuition that accompanies the expression. Others know what is meant, even if the words don't make clear sense to a white man. This Awareness indicates this kind of difference between these races can be very confusing to a highly-educated person who is very precise in language. He can attribute or believe that precise language is a measure of one's intelligence and not know that intuitive expression and language spoken for intuitive purposes can also be a measure of one's intelligence. This Awareness indicates that there is always that argument about who is smarter -- the dog or the cat. Some will argue that the dog is smarter because it pays more attention to the master, and the cat doesn't seem to pay any attention, and it is harder to train the cat to do tricks. But it is also a good argument to say the cat is smarter because it is more independent. It doesn't obey its master unless it wants to. And who can argue that the cat is not smarter? It depends on how you wish to evaluate intelligence, and whether or not your own intelligence is capable of evaluating the intelligence of another. For if you are not trained in the ways of the other, how can you possibly evaluate the intelligence of that other? THE MULATTO CHILDREN IN VIETNAM WHO NOBODY WANTS TO CLAIM AS THEIRS QUESTION: In regard to the statement Awareness made that the mulatto should be recognized and treated like other people, how would It address this tragic situation that occurred during the Vietnam war when black American soldiers went to Vietnam and told the women that they were American Indians, and during the course of the war mated with hundreds of thousands of them, and when the war ended they returned home, but they left their mulatto children over there and the mothers that had these babies, these children, were ostracized, vilified, kicked out, pariahs, outcast by their own Vietnamese people, not recognized, and by the same situation over here, the blacks who came home did not recognize their children they left in Vietnam; most of them never went back to bring them back to America, and now there's something like a hundred thousand or more entities over there who are literally outcasts and not recognized by either race. How would Awareness address a situation like that? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that the question being put forth for this Awareness to address ... It doesn't see a need for this Awareness to address this question in regard to what has been given. This Awareness indicates that it is a totally different issue, having nothing to do with what this Awareness has given in Its previous statement. This Awareness suggests that this be clarified, if there is a connection between Awareness' statement relating to the mulatto and this situation. QUESTION Well, it's a situation where the races were obviously mixed, but nothing positive came forth. There was no recognition of the offspring by either side. And I was asking how can something like this be rectified today? Nobody seems to have a solution to it. COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that it appeared that something this Awareness had said was amiss in the questioner's mind and that the questioner sought to get a clarification relating to something Awareness had said about mulattos. This Awareness requests that the questioner state to this Awareness what It said relating to mulattos that relates to this situation. QUESTIONER: Well, it was only that It was saying the Divine Creator was not concerned that there was a mixing of the races and that mulattos were created, or something to that effect; that humanity should recognize these entities, something to that effect. I'm not arguing with that statement. COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that you have answered the question. Humanity should be concerned enough to accept the mulatto or the offspring of the blacks and the Vietnamese mixing. This Awareness indicates that obviously it is the responsibility of the entities who participated in this action. This Awareness cannot, other than helping entities become aware, cannot undo what has been done in Vietnam and entities who have prejudices are not the responsibility of this Awareness. This Awareness did not inform entities to be prejudiced. This Awareness has attempted to inform entities that all these children are loved by this Awareness and to ask entities to likewise love these children, even though they may be different. This Awareness indicates that much of the hostility toward these children in Vietnam has come from the influence of the Communist government that took over as the Western forces left Vietnam, and it served them as a propaganda tool to show the errors of the South Vietnamese in their trusting of Americans. This Awareness indicates that the problem is that not only did it help turn the Vietnamese against America, it also helped to isolate and alienate many of the people there who had black children or partially black children. This Awareness indicates that in discussing race-mixing as not a concern for the Divine Forces, nor for this Awareness, It is not saying that it is all right for entities to be prejudiced against the offspring. This Awareness indicates that the prejudice of entities toward these offspring is a great concern to this Awareness and to Divine Forces. This Awareness did not intend to give the impression that It was not concerned about prejudice that follows race-mixing, for there is often much tragedy following race-mixing, and entities who indulge in race- mixing should be very much informed as to the hazards, the dangers and the constant harassment that may come from racially-mixed marriages, and they should be aware enough to consider this before taking the steps of mixing races. They should also consider the children of such unions, whether their children will be damaged or hurt from being the offspring of racial mixtures and marriages. This Awareness indicates as to what can be done for these children in Vietnam, if that is the question, it would appear that help could be made available if someone or some group made a major effort to find homes or adopt these children, to bring them to other countries, or to simply send support, organize and send support to these entities where they are. This Awareness indicates that where these children are may not be suitable for them, and to bring them to other countries for adoption could be more beneficial to them, but for an entity to make a major effort would require enormous amounts of publicity and fundraising and organizational structuring. It first requires someone with the compassion and the concern for the children. This Awareness indicates that it would be a good project for some of the religious groups or churches to become involved in. This Awareness indicates of course first, they would need to visit the area and determine whether these entities actually wish to leave, or if they are relatively content and established in their own present homeland. MANY INJUSTICES ARE CAUSED BY OTHERS (Just Because One Suffers Doesn't Prove Karma) CLOSING MESSAGE: This Awareness indicates there are many injustices caused by others, where an entity may suffer because someone else made a decision. The entity's situation may be such that he or she does not have anything to do with the decision, but such an entity may end up with the consequences of the decisions from others. For example, the offspring of a racially-mixed marriage may have made no decision whatsoever, and yet may suffer prejudice from the culture in which the entity finds himself or herself growing up in. This Awareness indicates that for entities to think that people bring on their own karma and that anything suffered is a result of that karma is totally erroneous, for often karma comes from persons with greater power than the individual, or from situations that are far above the individual's capacity to affect, and yet the individual may still suffer from the consequences of those higher forces. Indians who were wiped out on the plains met with forces of the white settlers who were much stronger in their ability to conquer than were the Indians, and the Indians, in such suffering, cannot be simply looked at with a condemning eye that says, "You made a bad decision, or it wouldn't have happened to you." This Awareness indicates that this is very much akin to some of the habitual forms of thinking that have developed in India, where anyone who is suffering is looked upon as having bad karma. If someone tries to cheat someone in India, and the entity being cheated objects, and the cheater does not like the objection and hits the entity with a baseball bat and the entity is seriously injured, perhaps even crippled for life -- is that entity who now suffers expressing bad karma? Or did the entity who inflicted the suffering express the bad karma and cause the damage that the victim suffers? This Awareness indicates, in other words, victims are not necessarily the evil or negative party to a situation. They may be quite proper in their behavior and still become a victim. This Awareness indicates that it is important for entities not to fall into thinking that someone who is suffering is necessarily suffering because of bad decisions or because of bad karma. It is important for entities to recognize that sometimes entities simply suffer because of bad situations, as appears to be the case for many of those children in Vietnam whose fathers deserted them and whose birth has caused the mother to be ostracized and outcast from her own culture and society. This Awareness indicates such entities can do little to improve their lot in life other than to suffer through it, and such entities would greatly benefit from the compassion of others, if it is available (End of reading; The Law of Gratitude is given) ED's Note: Since this reading was given, a controversial book called "The Bell Curve" has been published, which essentially states the same old tired argument which was presented by William Shockley (no relation to the Interpreter) some years back. This 850 page "research" tome supposedly proves that blacks have lower IQ's than whites. The authors, Murray and Herrnstein, argue that our country is going to hell because dumb people are out-breeding smart people, and that government subsidies to welfare mothers are causing a slow decline in the national IQ. This same argument led to the rise of the "Eugenics Movement' in the U.S. and Europe during the '20s and '30s, the concept being embraced by Hitler as an excuse to dispose of non-Aryans. The authors claim our country is coming unhinged and that we should stop putting money into Affirmative Action projects, etc., which are supposed to help raise the minorities out of their poverty conditions, and that these entities can never make it up the social ladder and compete intellectually or economically with whites. I have seen Charles Murray on several TV talk shows putting forth these arguments. He claims that neither author is a racist, that "facts are facts," and that his facts are "irrefutable." He sits before the camera on these interviews with a self-righteous smirk on his face, one of those "all-knowing" smirks so familiar on the faces of TV evangelists. He is saying all the things that the bigots love to hear. Even Liberty Lobby is promoting his book -- and they should know better than that. The book promotes the concept that low intelligence -- independent of social, economic, or ethnic background -- lies at the root of many of our social problems, and because evidence suggests that intelligent levels differ among ethnic groups, that what is coming is very grim indeed. They see the transformation of the welfare state into the "custodial state" -- a high-tech version of the Indian reservation created by a massive political backlash, led by conservatives. They fear a "new conservatism" along Latin American lines, which means "doing whatever is necessary to preserve the mansions on the hills from the menace of the slums below." To many who tend to believe along this line, "The Bell Curve" is a new gospel that predicts a social "Armageddon" for this country if the "facts" presented are ignored. But as Awareness has indicated in the reading just presented; intelligence quotient (IQ) is not the factor to be measured when comparing ethnic intelligence, that there is a different kind of intelligence not based on academia and that genetic memory is also important as is the intuitive intelligence. I would like to send the authors of this" Bell Curve" B.S. a copy of this reading, but it probably would not accomplish much, as it appears their minds are totally made up and they are convinced their "research" is infallible. (I wonder how they would explain entities like Oprah Winfrey and Bill Cosby, who are listed in Forbes list of the 100 richest Americans?) SOME PROBLEMS WITH THE "GALACTIC HUMAN" BOOK (Some Entities Simply Can't "Resonate" with Sheldon Nidle) (CAC General Reading, 1/27/95) QUESTION: Some questions from T.S., Los Gatos, California. I'll read this statement with his first question: "There's a popular new cosmic guy on the block here in the Bay area. His name is Sheldon Nidle. He touts himself as a Sirian delegate, hailing the announcement of a mass-landing of the Galactic Federation in December of '94 to prepare mankind for its entering the Photon Belt which is also imminent. I followed him for months, and when December finally came with no landings, well, he went into hiding. He has written a book though, called "You Are Becoming a Galactic Human," which is very intelligently portrayed. It has some interesting historical stuff, but most importantly described the format for a mass-landing and contact, as well as what he refers to as an Ascension, or return to full consciousness, as the planet enters the fourth dimension. The premise here seems basically in line with what Awareness says is going on. It's just that somehow I just don't seem to resonate with this guy, and was wondering if Awareness could comment?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that the entity is trying to be too precise as to timing; that these times are not that fixed. This Awareness indicates that when anyone gets too precise, they risk being in error in things of this nature. This Awareness indicates the Photon Belt is not running on a train station schedule. This Awareness indicates that there is much precision in this entity's book and thinking, and things are simply not that precise, particularly when you are channeling information. This Awareness indicates that the entity's vibrational resonance as it relates to yours does not appear to be of any significance. It appears that you may be astrologically incompatible or that the entity reminds you of someone you don't particularly care for, or someone you have had bad memories of. It does not appear to be of any great significance. You simply don't feel a compatibility to him that you feel toward other entities. This Awareness indicates that you may be somewhat disappointed that the entity erred on his prediction of the 1994 landing of the Sirian forces. This Awareness suggests that it does not appear that this will occur in the very near future, although the entity indicates it will occur before the Photon Belt is contacted by the earth. But the entity does say this may not occur right away, and that it is likely to occur between April of '95 and December of '96. This Awareness indicates that, if this is the case, there is still plenty of time for these entities to land. This Awareness indicates the energy does appear to be favorable in this time period for this to occur; that it does also appear that there can be considerable changes in the scenario and that this entity's depiction of what will occur may be a little more exaggerated in terms of detail, imagery and description. This Awareness indicates the energies of the movement into the Photon Belt may be much more subtle than this entity suggests. THE "NON HUMAN" DIPLOMATS NIDLE SPEAKS OF QUESTION: The questioner has some specific questions: He writes "The Galactic Federation First Contact team consists of non human diplomats, scientists and liaisons. Non-human means what -- Reptoids, Dinoids, Robots or what?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates this entity Nidle suggests these are Cetacean, the whale and dolphin intelligence. Also, angelic entities are part of the hierarchy he speaks of. Whatever the entity means in that description may include any of those. This Awareness indicates that it does not appear that he is referring to Reptoids or Dinoids -- Dinoids being the dinosaur/human mutants that evolved from the dinosaur in the same way that Reptoids have evolved from the reptilian beings. It does not appear that these are entities who will represent the Galactic Confederation. This Awareness indicates the entity does have a strong affinity for the Cetaceans and has spoken of these entities as having, at a time in the past, walked the earth with Sirians, and that some of these entities went back to the sea, and some did not. This may be the group that he is speaking of. This Awareness indicates it is difficult to get inside another's head to determine his or her meaning in terms used in their speeches or discussions. COULD ALIEN LANDINGS BE "THE FALSE RAPTURE?" (Don't Ask a Dinoid or Reptoid for a Lift) QUESTION: Another question from this entity T.S. "Is it possible that since Sheldon is predicting the simultaneous landing of 15.5 million ships to be boarded by God-knows-how-many-humans; could this whole scenario possibly be a subtle but carefully orchestrated and complex set-up for the False Rapture Awareness has spoken of?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that this does not appear to be the plan. It is not seen that these entities are to take humans off this plane. It is seen rather that they are to come and prepare humans on earth for the movement into the Photon Belt, and that they would remain on earth as it moved through the null zone and into the Photon Belt. This Awareness indicates that if, indeed, it should change to where they are offering to take people off the planet, then entities would need to be cautious and thoughtful about whether to go or stay, particularly if the entities piloting or directing the ships were non-human. It is not to say that humans are so trustworthy, but they are more trustworthy than Reptoids or Dinoids or other non-human beings when it comes to taking humans for a ride. NIDLE'S FASCINATION WITH A COMET QUESTION: The last of this entity's questions: "Nidle's fascination with space first began with an intense interest with the Comet Wilson. He never says what the Comet Wilson is however. Can Awareness comment?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that it appears the entity was concerned quite a number of years ago about a comet, and when he began to read and study about the comet he came into some other information relating to Sirius-B in the Sirius constellation, the Sirian constellation. This led him into other studies and the entity eventually lost interest in astronomy for a period of time, only to have it rekindled later. Near that time he began to pick up messages from Sirian diplomats, and began to get information from them which has fascinated him since. WHEN THE LIGHTS GO OUT: HOW TO PREPARE FOR THIS? (What Will America Do When the Vibrators Stop?) QUESTION: A question from H.E. in Hawaii. He asks: "What is the latest on the Photon energy? Awareness said that electricity will become obsolete and useless. Without electricity, we won't have any lights, our appliances will not work, no cooking and no transportation, etc. Do you advise us to stock up on foods, candles and firewood?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that the messages given in this book which this Awareness has referred entities to on this topic suggests that the Sirians will land en masse and bring technology that will substitute for the electric and magnetic qualities that will be disrupted by the Photon Belt, and the new technology will provide light and energy and even provide for various electrical devices. This Awareness indicates that in the event this does not occur, entities should not expect the polarization or the Photon Belt null zone to have any significant effect on the electric current. If there is a way that these things can be ascertained to be ineffective against the electromagnetic field on earth, then these technologies from the Sirians would be unnecessary, and therefore, entities need not concern themselves about stocking up, although it is always a good plan to have candles, if necessary, for any kind of emergency. Keep in mind that the null zone experience would only be for five days. This Awareness indicates that it appears that there are some potentials for modifications to these Photon Belt energies, and that thing may not be as extreme as predicted by the Nidle book. This Awareness indicates that when this Awareness is asked: "Is this book valid?", It must respond in a general sense -- a book can be generally valid without being valid in every detail. In general, it appears that the earth is moving toward a field of energy which is called the Photon Belt, and that this field of energy can and will have a profound effect on the energies of the electromagnetic field on earth, and that entities will have an opportunity to be altered genetically because of the electromagnetic change on their bodies from the light photons that will affect them, even to the cellular levels of the human body. It does not see the concept of the Photon null zone described by Nidle as being absolute. It is seen as more of a vague, flexible, or changeable area in his theory that may not take place as described, or may take place in a modified degree. Awareness Disagrees With Nidle on Chakra System This Awareness does not agree with all of the information the entity has given on what he terms "the new Chakra system," which will be that of the so-called Complete Being, where this entity described 14 different chakras. This Awareness indicates that It does see that such a system could develop over periods of time but that it is not likely to occur extremely rapidly within a matter of a few years, or a decade as seems to be implied. This Awareness indicates that the so-called 14 extra chakras are seen as more like energy blurs between the fixed chakras, where this energy might grow slowly over generations until a different creature or entity evolves with 14 chakras, but It does not see this as something that is suddenly going to happen after entities enter into the null zone. This Awareness indicates there may be other areas which this Awareness does not see as valid. However, this Awareness suggests that It has not been given great energy for pursuing this, and has not spent great energy in pursuit of all these details, and as time passes there may be some new available revelation that this Awareness can share. How Awareness Receives Energy For Messages This Awareness wishes to explain how It receives energy or information from various things of this nature for messages through this Interpreter. This Awareness indicates that anything in the universe is part of this Awareness. This Awareness, in these readings, is expected to go look at this, then go look at that, go look at something else, and bring information back to the Interpreter which the Interpreter attempts to interpret into English words. Often this Awareness, from the question issued, goes to check something out, and returns with some image or some information or what may be termed "energy" from having checked something out, but in some cases, the Interpreter does not have the ability to interpret the energy and ,therefore, the Interpreter sees the energy that this Awareness has brought back, but does not necessarily know what it means, or what to say about it. This Awareness indicates that, in such instances, the Interpreter is at a loss to further explain, but if time passes and the energy can be increased or enhanced, sometimes the information or energy brought back to the Interpreter becomes a little clearer -- clear enough so that the Interpreter can get something out of it -- and once the Interpreter gets a little out of it, then more will be brought and will be more easily interpreted. This Awareness indicates it is like the Rosetta stone. Here is a stone with information that researchers sought to understand. Perhaps one or two small parts are understood off-hand, and after an extreme amount of further research, another part is understood. Then perhaps after even further research, a whole pattern emerges and is understood -- and the Rosetta stone then becomes a key for unlocking all kinds of meanings and these meanings release all kinds of information. This Awareness indicates, however, that at the beginning, there was only a small amount of information that was yielded. This Awareness indicates it is similar in the sense of the Interpreter being able to understand and interpret messages or information or symbols or energies brought by this Awareness. You may recall that early answers about UFOs were very limited and meager, but that as more and more energy was directed to these areas, more and more information was made available. It is much the same with this kind of thing. This Awareness indicates that there is a good likelihood that more clarity will be made available to the Interpreter to be able to understand these images, symbols, or vibrations and frequencies and messages that this Awareness brings in regard to this topic, but that does not appear to be available at this time. If the Interpreter is pushed to come up with an answer that is not properly interpreted, then it creates considerable problems for this Awareness may have been misinterpreted and the message may be in error. Therefore, this Awareness does not wish to force an answer on the Interpreter if the Interpreter is not able or ready to properly interpret the energy of this Awareness. WHAT ARE THOSE GIGANTIC "ARCS" IN SPACE? QUESTION: One last question. J.G., of Bozeman, Montana, writes that he's just finished reading the "You Are Becoming a Galactic Human" book, and he says. "Please note the attached news article which I kept for a few years now. I knew it was important but not why. Can you ask Awareness if this is the "Ring Pass Not" I've read about off and on over the years? Also, ask if this is the Photon Belt under construction. Are both of these valid explanations for the article?" And the Associated Press article was published January 8th, 1987, and basically it describes enormous arcs they've discovered in space that are 19 billion trillion miles from earth, but they go on for millions of miles. Anyway, the article briefly says. "Scientists, astonished by the discovery of the largest structure seen in the universe, say they are having nightmares trying to explain the incredibly unusual blue arches in spaces. It looks like God created something like a long, curving rope, cut it into simple pieces, took out all the complexities, and plopped it up into the sky. The arcs are estimated to be 1.9 million trillion miles long. That's more than three times the diameter of the entire Milky Way. They glow with the luminosity of hundreds of billions of suns. "The best guess is that they are curving lines of stars formed by a new mechanism which we don't understand yet," one of the scientists said. "Trying to explain how the arcs were formed gives theorists nightmares." And it goes on and on, but does Awareness see this photograph showing these huge arcs and this article being related to the Photon Belt, or the "Ring Pass Not," which Joseph asks about? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates this is in the affirmative; that the Photon Belt would only be a very small segment of this energy, of this creation. This Awareness indicates that it appears more than one Photon Belt is being created in this galaxy; that the purpose of this is to move certain planets, rearrange places and re-establish a clearer order for the Galactic Confederation and its alliances. Also, this is used fur moving planets into higher frequencies or dimensions, or densities, depending on what term entities prefer. This Awareness indicates that this is being done with the efforts of a great number of beings, not limited to the Sirians or even to entities in this galaxy alone; that there appears to be some help from the Andromeda galaxy on this also, and others. The Sirians appear to be working with the earth and the more localized Photon Belt, but others appear to be doing similar activities in other parts of the galaxy. Much of this is to defuse the efforts of the Draconians (Reptoids), Orion (Greys) and other negative beings who have been trying to take control of certain galaxies and planets and solar systems and star systems. BARBARA MARCINIAK'S "FAMILY OF LIGHT" AND "SYSTEMS BUSTERS": HOW IMPORTANT? (Do I Dare Disturb the Universe? Do I Dare to Eat a Peach?) (CAC General Reading, 1/11/94) QUESTION: C.L. in Delaware has some questions based on Barbara Marciniak's book "Bringers of the Dawn" which Awareness has commented on before, as I believe It said some of the channeling is Pleiadian, but much of it is through her own imagination and so forth, so I'll ask a couple of these questions, which they refer to as 'Family of Light' in the book. He asks: "Are many of us (CAC members) "Family of Light" members, their phrase for Light Workers? Are we, as they say, specialists at transforming consciousness all over the universe? Systems busters?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that these terms are quite broad in their potential semantics and use. What a Universal Systems Buster is to one person may be quite different to another. This Awareness indicates these are terms that have been generally created or invented by a certain mind, and when spoken, may mean something entirely different o those who hear it. This Awareness indicates in other words, the question, and the answer to the question, will depend on what is meant by the words used, or the terms and phrases used in the question. This Awareness indicates that to some degree, Light Workers are Systems Busters or Systems Creators. They can help to create a system, or they can help to break a system, but to say they are busting systems throughout the universe, or breaking systems throughout the universe, or that they are creating systems throughout the universe is that which can be argued in terms of to what degree. How big is the system? How deep is the system? How wide is the system? How important is the system that is being busted in the universe? Does the system really affect anything, or is it simply an idea that one counters in a special location within the universe and which has some slight rippling effect throughout the universe, such as the old saying that: "If you step on a blade of grass, you alter the entire universe." This Awareness indicates that while this has truth, and you have changed the universe by changing a whisker or by changing a hair of the universe, who cares? Who is affected by it? Who knows about it? Perhaps no one other than yourself. This Awareness indicates in other words, a systems buster, as one who steps on a blade of grass and changes the universe, may be just that: one who has altered a blade of grass in the universe, which makes it a totally different universe because a blade of grass has been moved. But who cares? What effect does it have on anyone? Does anyone even care or know about it? This Awareness indicates yet another person may affect the universe in such a way that by altering some concept or some event that is predestined so that it does not come about on its right time, the entity may affect a planet or may affect a planetary system, and in doing so may even cause other planetary systems to be affected, so that the entire galaxy is changed in terms of something significant, and perhaps the entity somehow as a Light Worker has made enough of a change at the right instant to cause an effect in terms of a galactic event which can be construed as affecting the entire universe in a significant way. This Awareness indicates, however, these things are extremely rare, and most Light Workers only affect their own environment, but as a collective group they affect the entire universe, for there are Light Workers on all planets that have life on them, and these Light Workers all have a generally similar goal of improving the conditions of life for everyone. The question is not something that is easy to answer because it entails the consideration of degrees of magnitude and significance: How great is the effect you are speaking of when you speak of affecting the universe? IS SPINNING CLOCKWISE DAILY USEFUL? (Why You Shouldn't Spin Counter-Clockwise) QUESTION: Another question: "They mention spinning as much as 30 to 60 times clockwise, 8 or 4 times a day. Is this useful?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that this would attune entities to higher frequencies and vibrations. It could be useful. It could also make a person quite dizzy and entities practicing this should be very careful that they do not fall on something in a way that would hurt them. The action of spinning clockwise, helps to raise entities' vibrations into higher frequency levels. The action of spinning counterclockwise lures entities into more materialistic levels in terms of vibration. This Awareness indicates if you will notice the "Levay Satanic Bible" contains rituals in which the movements are counterclockwise in direction. This is because the counterclockwise movements are toward the lower frequencies and are more materialistic. The Cosmic Awareness Development Classes use clockwise movements in terms of circles and rituals, and ritual movements. This Awareness indicates that most animals will turn in a counterclockwise direction when circling, and that many people naturally subconsciously will turn counterclockwise, but that entities who are more highly aware and of a more spiritual nature generally turn in a clockwise direction when making circles. This Awareness indicates that most of your running tracks and baseball directions are of a counterclockwise movement. This is because these entities are focused on physical material gain and energy. The entities who run in a clockwise direction would be out of sync to most of the sporting events that use circles, but these entities would be attuning more to spirit energy through the clockwise movements. "THE ANCIENT SECRET OF FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH": CLOCKWISE SPINNING IS ONE OF THE SECRET RITES FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: In the book about the 7 rites, "Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth," they also use clockwise spinning, but the Tibetan monks felt that only 12 or so spins was sufficient for daily activity. Is there a significant higher value in the higher number of spins? (This book by Peter Kelter is available from CAC. See the book list.) COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that if entities use the clockwise spinning excessively, they might become light-headed in the sense of becoming so spiritually attuned that they cannot function in a physical material realm. This Awareness indicates that it would be helpful for entities to be attentive to the effects of this kind of repeated spinning three times daily over a period of time, for it might lead entities to become too detached materially to function properly as physical beings. One may work at this, but one should watch carefully whether the effect is adverse to their practical living needs. The movement in a clockwise direction, 30 or more times, could cause entities to become too spiritually attuned to be able to function in a practical sense. This Awareness indicates, of course, when entities become too spiritual, often they need to have someone as a kind of valet and disciple or someone to help them maintain their physical contacts and physical business affairs, because they become too far out in the ozone levels, you might say, to function well in a physical and practical sense. This Awareness indicates that It does not wish to imply that one can become a god or guru simply by spinning, but that the spinning tends to affect the cells and the polarity of one's cells that make up his or her spiritual body, so that the consciousness of the entity is more detached from the physical form and from the physical attentiveness. This Awareness indicates that It has indicated previously that it is important for entities to be able to have all aspects of self relatively balanced between physical and material realities, while living in the physical body. Once you leave the physical body you, of course, may move into spiritual energies excessively and move into higher dimensions and frequencies without a loss or orientation because you move then into those higher frequencies and dimensions that are suitable to your higher spiritual energies. But when you are on the physical plane, if you want to keep in touch with physical reality and the needs of a physical body, it is important to keep some degree of balance and harmony with the physical as well as with your spiritual reality. This Awareness did not wish to give the impression that the entity channeling from the Pleiadians was deliberately involved in giving misinformation, but this Awareness indicates the entity was, for much of her earlier work, being influenced by certain entities who worked with her in such a manner that some of her messages were not of the highest. The entity has since moved on from this earlier environment and her channeling in the future is more likely to be without interference from external forces. IS SEXUALITY A PATH TO HIGHER FREQUENCY? QUESTION: Another question from C.L. in Delaware. He asks: "Is sexuality a key or path to higher frequency? Is it the only path the Greys or Reptoids couldn't undo? And can it be used with open feeling centers to contact higher dimensions, or perhaps better to open to higher Ascension?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that it can be used in a movement for spiritual ascension and purpose, but the majority of entities do not use it spiritually; rather, they use it in a more debased manner as physical gratification. This Awareness indicates that there have been certain far Eastern cultures that have learned to use sexual energies for spiritual growth, but there are certain requirements involved in this that take it out of the more debased levels of expression for mere gratification of sexual lust. This Awareness suggests that to understand these far Eastern uses of sexual energy for spiritual growth, it cannot be explained easily so that the masses could understand or would even be able to practice such. This Awareness indicates that even many who practice Tantric yoga are involved more in the physical pleasure they hope to acquire than for real spiritual growth, and this Awareness suggests that for entities to think of mere physical pleasure as being a spiritual endeavor can distort much of the reality that is implied in the question. In other words, simply having sex is not necessarily a spiritual action. It depends more on the purpose and intention of those involved than merely the action of expressing one's physical lust which, in fact, is not much different from that which occurs with animals. It can be a way of procreating, but it does not necessarily follow that it is a spiritual growth process. This Awareness indicates, however, that with certain disciplines and teachings, sexual energy can be used for spiritual growth. WHAT THE ALIENS ARE DOING IN THE SEXUAL AREA (The Three-Quarter Breed Being Created is Looking Better) FOLLOW-UP QUESTION; So it has no effect on the Greys and Reptoids, the fact that humans have sex? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates the Greys are more concerned about acquiring some form of sexual quality for themselves that they might rekindle their use of sex in their own race, since they are involved in reproducing themselves through the cloning action and have bred all sexual energies from themselves through countless years of cloning and re-cloning, and their sexual organs have totally atrophied over the countless generations of cloned Greys. They do not have any real sexual qualities and they do not have any astral body which is created by the emotion and sexual energies, and therefore, they do not have souls, and spiritual life is not understood in their vocabulary or experience, and therefore, they are lacking certain qualities which make them better thinkers in some ways, and more obedient to their superiors and dedications than are humans who are often distracted by sexual or emotional lures and attachments. This Awareness indicates that these entities have reached a point wherein they have almost wiped themselves out of existence because they cannot reproduce normally, and because their cloning repetitions have weakened them to a point of not being hardy and strong in physical qualities. The Reason Greys Are Abducting Humans This Awareness indicates that their reason for studying humans and for abducting humans and trying to get certain sexual activities from humans and sexual energies from humans is an effort to better understand the human sexual qualities to find something that will re-invigorate their own sexual abilities, because they know they are doomed if they do not find some way to change themselves and get back to their earlier reproductive methods. This Awareness indicates that the Greys, of course, have turned to trying to create mutants -- half-human and half-Grey -- in an effort to re-instill sexual qualities in these mutants and that is part of their attempt. There are many different effects that they have. Many of these mutants cannot survive well because they have human emotional needs but do not have the human contact, affection and emotions that is so important to young children who are emotionally attached to family, to mother and father, and often these entities cannot survive for many years without that kind of human warmth. This Awareness indicates, therefore, many of these half-breeds do not live to adulthood and this has been a problem for the Greys. Three Quarters Human and One-Quarter Grey Creations This Awareness indicates likewise, they have worked with creating three- quarter breeds wherein they are three-quarters human and one-quarter Grey. These entities are more capable of surviving, but they are also more cold and calculating in their thinking and relating. They can be quite cold-blooded and heartless and cruel, moreso than most people. The one-quarter Grey aspect of their being gives them the capacity for being very cold and calculating and the three-quarters human gives them the ability to look like and blend with humans -- and they do not consider the humans as being ugly as do some of the half-breeds. Many of the half-breeds look at their human parents as though they were some kind of monkey or ape in appearance and are embarrassed at seeing them. The three-quarters human does not have this problem of feeling alienation toward his fellow human in appearance, but their consciousness is different. They would be more antisocial in the psychological term use of the word than would be the average person. This Awareness indicates the Greys have not yet settled on a suitable form for themselves in their future culture; they are still re-cloning themselves and trying to find some kind of way by which they can bring back sexuality to their race, either through hybrid technology or through some kind of cloning or artificial intelligence by use of biogenetics and cloning methods in combination. ARE "FAMILY OF LIGHT" PEOPLE ABLE TO CHANGE SHAPES AND REJUVENATE THEMSELVES? (More on the 2012 Density Change) QUESTION: Another question from Chris, from his statement: "Are the "Family of Light" members, and eventually all humans, quickly moving toward being able to rearrange molecules, rejuvenate themselves and even change shapes? They say this may happen in this decade. Is this right?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that this is a possibility. This Awareness suggests that this appears to be more likely to come about after the turn of the century, and as entities approach the critical time of mind and matter, which is seen as the time where vibrations split and two dimensions are experienced in the sense of those who are moving toward a higher frequency of mind over matter, and those who are moving more toward the material experience. This leading to that shift in dimensions of approximately 2012 and 2013. This Awareness indicates that as this time is approached, or as this time nears, entities will have greater and greater mental ability to alter their own cellular features through the mental effect on the physical body and its cells and atoms. This Awareness indicates it is possible to occur sooner even in this time period, but it is not likely to occur during this time period or even in this decade. There may be rare instances during this decade. ARE SOME HUMANS INCARNATED AS GREYS? QUESTION: He also asks: "Are some of us even incarnated as Greys and Reptoids now, helping to "bust their systems" to transform consciousness there?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that this not in the case of Greys, in reference to the Reticuli Greys. This Awareness indicates that it appears there may be some influence from the half-breed entities who are part Grey and part human, where the human part may have some effect on the Grey part to help bust the system, but this does not even appear to be a strong force in operation. This Awareness indicates that likewise, It does not see the incarnation of humans into reptile bodies as being a factor in the equation. This Awareness indicates that there are half-human, half-Reptoid hybrids which may have some effect on the Reptoid population at some future time, as the human blood and spiritual energies permeates and influences the Reptoid descendants. This Awareness indicates that this is a minor influence in comparison to the overall picture. THE REAL ROLE OF THE LIGHT WORKER (Religious Growth vs. Spiritual Growth ) CLOSING MESSAGE: This Awareness indicates in general, the Light Workers' major role is that of alerting other people to become more aware of "Who, In Fact, They Really Are" in terms of their spiritual essences. Most entities have a spiritual body, but there is very little teaching about this spiritual aspect of humans, and those religions that are set up do not stress the spiritual qualities of humans so much as garnering their beliefs toward the religion they are promoting. They want devotion, rather than to give information to entities regarding their own spiritual worth. The exchange of devotion between religion and an individual is generally a one-way path, where the religion is not devoted so much to the enhancement of an entity's spiritual growth as it is devoted toward trying to get the entity to adhere to the religion's growth. This Awareness indicates, therefore, the Light Worker is a different breed than the person promoting religion. The Light Worker seeks to inform the masses of their own Divinity, or the Divinity available to them through their recognition of the spiritual energy within, for as entities discover they have a spiritual energy, they begin to discover also a connection of that spiritual energy to the Divine Force that permeates all things in the universe, and as entities discover this, they begin to recognize "Who In Fact, They Really Are," and to merge with that higher Divine Self so that they then become self-educating and self-perpetuating spiritual explorers. They explore the realm of the spiritual world simply because they know that is part of themselves, and as they discover more about the spiritual world they also discover more about themselves, and this becomes a factor in the growth of entities so that eventually these entities growing in spirit begin to recognize each other as also part of that spirit, and as they grow more and more toward the greater spirit and let go of their own lesser aspects of self, they begin to recognize each other being is an aspect of their spiritual self, and thus discover all are one in spirit. (End of Reading; The Law of Gratitude is given.) WARM WEATHER: WHAT'S THE REAL STORY? (Subtle Feelings of Bliss May Start This April) (CAC General Reading, 1/24/95) QUESTION: A question from M.T. of East Hampton, Massachusetts. She writes: "I live in New England in the Massachusetts area, and am having a hard time remembering a winter that I was able to wear no jacket late at night or early in the morning while going about my business. Watching the evening news, they announce that this was called the El Nino effect, a phenomenon occurring every seven years, when a giant pool of warm water in the middle of the Pacific Ocean causes masses of water vapor to rise in the air and wreak havoc with our atmospheric pressure system. This is the supposed reason we have massive rain storms across California and at the other end of the pressure system, weather is 30 degrees above normal, most of our New England weather. I work at Smith College and some here say it is Greenhouse Effect, moving in at last. I remember the incident with Jupiter and I'm guessing it might be weather changes resulting from that incident. What's the real story?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that it appears to be a combination of the El Nino effect and also the closing in or proximity to the Photon Belt that is having an effect on the atmosphere on the earth. This Awareness indicates that it appears that the weather will continue to be warmer than usual this winter and that in April there will be a further enhancement in the energy level of the Photon Belt wherein entities may begin to feel not only the vibrations associated with weather, but also certain subtle feelings of bliss. These feelings may not be strong yet. This Awareness indicates that some entities may find some difficulty with this Photon Belt energy increase because it tends to alter the DNA structure and molecular structure of the human body, and the body may respond with certain pains that are not clearly definable as the DNA and molecular levels undergo transformation, preparing the body to move into greater spiritual light. This Awareness indicates that it appears to be of such a gradual nature that most entities can adjust without significant problems. Those who can adjust easily will be those who are surrendered to the Divine Light energy. The Photon Belt energy is not the absolute Light of God, but of several octaves below which are what may be termed a reflection of God Light, and as entities move into higher frequencies, their bodies will adjust to a merging with that Light Energy, making it easier to tolerate and accept. WHO WAS FRANKLIN ROOSEVELT IN PREVIOUS LIFE? (Yogananda Sees Winston Churchill as Napoleon) QUESTION: A question from A.B., Littleton, Colorado: "In the book "Autobiography of a Yogi," Yogananda talked about reincarnation and said that Winston Churchill was Napoleon, and said that he had better not say who Franklin Roosevelt was. Who was Franklin Roosevelt in previous lives?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates the name as Ghengis Khan. It appears that this entity had evolved considerably from that earlier incarnation. The entity was no longer on a conquest of power through the conquest of other lands, but acted out of a concern about conquerors taking over the lands of others. WHERE DID THIS WINTER'S FLU ORIGINATE? (The Pros and Cons of Getting a Flu Shot) (CAC General Reading, 1/26/95) QUESTION: A question from D.J. in New York. "There's recently been a worse flu than anyone has ever seen, and almost everyone here has had a bout with it this winter. Where did it and such contagion originate?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that this appears to be a virus that came out of China. It appears that it was found in Hong Kong early in the fall, and that it has spread through many of the states. It appears to be short-lived but very harsh and unpleasant to entities. It appears also to be highly contagious. CLOSING MESSAGE: This Awareness indicates that each year there appears to be a different flu. They appear to develop by combining with other flu or viruses so that the vaccine from one year will not be sufficient the next year. A flu one year may contain ten, twenty, thirty viruses, and the next year may contain several more so that a new vaccine must be created each year. This Awareness indicates that this creates complications because entities can build up an immunity to a particular flu, but a similar flu comes around and the immunity does not affect that particular virus. Therefore, each year entities are tempted to get another shot. This Awareness indicates that there is a potential danger in getting shots every year, and yet of course there is potential danger in not getting shots. If your immune system is relatively strong, this Awareness suggests that you suffer through the flu. If your immune system is weak, if you are old, if you are subject to pneumonia or subject to asthma, or if you are elderly, it may be better to get the shot because your immune system may not be strong enough to fight off the flu, and that could be dangerous. This Awareness indicates the reason It advises those who have strong immunity systems, who do not easily catch colds, who heal quickly, to avoid getting flu shots, is that these flu shots at some time could be used purposefully or could by accident develop to create circumstances in the body that would not be favorable. This Awareness reminds you of the Swine Flu shot which the government tried to impose some time back. This Swine Flu shot could have been devastating to many entities if they had been compelled to take the shot. As it is, some of the elderly people had the shot and some of these entities had devastating results from the shots, for when certain immune influences in the body meet with other medications or other substances, whether pollutants or toxins, it can have an adverse reaction for entities. It is best to stay away from unnecessary inoculations if you are physically strong enough, if your immune system is strong, because going through the flu and fighting it off naturally strengthens your immune system considerably more, but getting a flu shot may put certain things in your body that have an effect down the road. This Awareness indicates there are many doctors and scientists today who attribute chronic fatigue to the polio vaccines of the '50s. Many entities spend some twenty, thirty or forty years before they have a negative or adverse effect from the use of polio vaccines, but now are experiencing chronic fatigue as a result from these vaccines taken in their childhood. ED's Note: In the reading that followed that night, Awareness gave a special healing to protect all CAC readers from contracting the flu this winter. This healing was published in "Revelations of Awareness" issue 95-03, The Photon Belt; $3 from CAC. WHAT ARE GEORGE BUSH AND DAN QUAYLE UP TO? QUESTION: T.J. in New York asks, "Are Bush and Quayle still essentially running the country? And please discuss their current operations out of Texas." COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that Quayle is located in Indiana at his home, and has been writing a book with which he hopes to gain sufficient prestige so that he can run for president in '96. This Awareness indicates that Bush is still involved with certain elements of MJ-12 and the CIA, and has contacts with entities. He does not intend to move back into any high position in public life, but continues to pull strings in some areas behind the scenes, and intends to continue having influence in financial areas that can be useful in promoting the New World Order through different contacts and agencies. This Awareness indicates that It does not see him running the country, but It does see him having the ability to create certain influences. The entity does have some degree of bitterness, not toward the public, but toward the "powers that pull the strings," because he was not re- elected. He truly expected to be re-elected and felt that his historical destiny was pulled from under him when the election went to Clinton. This Awareness indicates that it was his intention to be the one who moved the country into the New World Order. The entity truly believes the New World Order as being a thing that is part of historical destiny. This Awareness indicates, essentially, if a situation occurred where Bush could regain power, either through election or through a takeover, he would welcome the opportunity. This Awareness indicates that one part of him, however, would shirk at such because of the dangers he knows he would face. He is well aware that if he had been re-elected, the Nazi party would have likely had him assassinated before his term could have been completed. This Awareness indicates the entity feels somewhat content. There are conflicting feelings in this man. He feels somewhat content that he is free from the position and danger of his job as president, for he knows that there were plans to take him out after his re-election and he is also aware that he did not complete his mission as hoped in bringing about the New World order. Therefore, there is some bitterness and resentment toward the powers, for he realizes he was manipulated and was not really in control of his life. IS BILL CLINTON ALIGNED WITH LIGHT OR DARK FORCES? (The Growing Possibility of Impeachment) QUESTION: M.H. of New York City wants to know: "Is this administration, Clinton, aligned to the Light Forces or to Illuminati New World Order forces?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This is an alignment to the New World Order force. This Awareness indicates that there have been at least two different shifts of the Clinton entity in which he has been replaced. The Clinton now is aligned or devoted to the New World Order and the Rothschild forces. This Awareness indicates that there is some potential for this entity to change again and become more devoted to the Constitution, but this has not happened nor is it certain that it will happen. There is also a potential for this entity to be impeached before his term is over. This Awareness indicates the entity has been losing popularity. To a large part, there are a great number of entities who have done considerable investigation of his past, and have information available which could be extremely damaging to the entity. This Awareness indicates that much of this is being held from being publicized because the timing is not yet right. This Awareness indicates that the entity has not really had much chance to serve as president or pursue his intended goals. In part, this can be beneficial, because some of his goals would not be to the benefit of the American people. The health plan, for example, is seen as an effort to create a National Identity Card for every man, woman and child, and to take control of people's health in such a way that there would be very little real freedom of choice for entitles, and all children would be vaccinated, and entities having health cards as identification cards could be more easily tracked and manipulated. This Awareness indicates that this is not seen as something most entities want. This Awareness indicates that because of so many attacks on the entity from various Republicans and from different groups, including the entity who claimed sexual harassment, Clinton has been under considerable pressure and has had a difficult time bringing forth those programs that he seeks to implement. It may be beneficial to the masses that the entity cannot function as well as he would like. This Awareness indicates that there are still more things to come that have not been exposed, but whether they will be exposed or not is still a question. This Awareness indicates if some of these things are exposed, then indeed, the entity could be impeached. This Awareness indicates the information relating to his connection with George Bush in bringing drugs into this country through an airport in Arkansas has been printed up many times in underground papers and in various small publications, but the general masses may not have received this information. It has also been discussed on certain programs on television, yet entities seem to ignore this because it cannot be used politically without implicating Bush also. This Awareness indicates the Republicans would not wish to pursue this as it would implicate their previous leader, and Democrats would not want to pursue this because it would implicate the present leader. Therefore, it is an area that is somewhat taboo for the parties, but which the people of the United States must wonder about when they hear of it. This Awareness indicates that there are other things of a similar nature that could be scandalous to the entity. HAS HILLARY CLINTON BEEN REPLACED? QUESTION: Has Clinton's wife Hillary been replaced? There are some analysts who are now claiming that she's the one who is really running the country. COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that this is a matter of opinion as to whether she is running the country. It depends on how an entity looks at things. The question is: Is the wife running the house? Or is the wife subjugated to the husband, who runs the house? In most cases, it is generally that the wife runs certain aspects of the home, and the husband runs certain other aspects, and it appears that this is the same in regard to the First Lady and president. She appears to have certain control over some areas and he is in a kind of recessive state in regard to those areas. In other areas, he is the one who makes the decisions and she sits back and watches. It is a matter of how entities interpret this. This Awareness indicates that it appears there are duplicates for each of these individuals. This is not to say that one has been killed and replaced, but there are entities who act as doubles to fill in for the president. It does appear however that, in one situation, aboard the airplane when he received his two hundred dollar haircut, that there was a replacement for the entity. It is not clear that the original Clinton was destroyed at that time, but it does appear that he was made incapacitated, incarcerated somewhere, and it appears that his wife also was removed from the scene at the same time. Thus Awareness indicates that the entity Hillary has changed her hair style many, many times and that this suggests possible replacements during those times or some of those times. This Awareness indicates that it does appear that the Hillary in charge now is different from the original Hillary, or that in some instances a double is active in portraying her. HOW THE PHOTON BELT WILL AFFECT ANIMALS QUESTION: C W. of Canton Ohio, asks: "How will the Photon Belt affect the animal group soul?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that these entities will adjust to the Photon Belt energies and will become more passive. This Awareness indicates that the violence in the animal kingdom will diminish. This is hinted at in the Biblical passage referring to the lion and the lamb lying down together. DID ADAM WEISHAUPT REPLACE GEORGE WASHINGTON? (Getting History Straight: Did the Founder of the Illuminati Take Over as President?) QUESTION: In the book "The Gods of Eden" by Bramley, he talks about how he researched the book, and his attempts to overturn commonly-accepted historical facts and finding at least three different sources before he would begin to accept any of them, but one of the things that is sort of interesting, he says: "For example, I ran into the George Washington/Adam Weishaupt theory which speculates that George Washington had been secretly been removed from the U.S. Presidency and that Adam Weishaupt of Bavarian Illuminati fame (who actually looked a bit like George Washington) had taken Washington's place after Weishaupt's mysterious disappearance from Bavaria." Does Awareness see any truth to that? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that this appears to have been at some time after the entity Washington was President, near the end of his term, the entity Weishaupt became d double for Washington and then Washington himself was phased out and Weishaupt acted the role in his final months as President. This Awareness indicates that there are many who claim the Washington on the dollar bill is actually a picture of Weishaupt. This Awareness indicates that it appears that some of the dollar bills were imprinted with this entity's face; that the entity Weishaupt was much smaller in stature, that Washington was a much larger man and the images or drawings of Washington gradually gave way to other drawings of Weishaupt with such close similarity that many entities did not recognize them as two different persons. This Awareness indicates that Weishaupt as being a hero to Masonry and to the Illuminati and those of the Rothschild faction; this coming from the 1600s down to the present, with Weishaupt being a hero for them moreso than even George Washington is with the population of the United States. How Communism and Fascism Began With Weishaupt This Awareness indicates that for those who do not know who Weishaupt was, this entity was one who funned the Bavarian Illuminati. He commissioned Carl Ritter and Karl Marx to create two opposing arguments for society. Karl Marx promoting the Communist manifesto and programs to lead entities toward a Communist type program; Carl Ritter promoting a kind of Nazism and Capitalistic extreme right wing point of view, so that these two created a split in ideologies that later resulted in conflicts in the 20th Century (actually beginning in earlier centuries) resulting in the World War I, World War II, and the Cold War, based on the ideologies created by these two entities who were commissioned by Adam Weishaupt. This Awareness indicates that their purpose was to divide the world and create, from this division, a synthesis which would then be different from what previously existed as ideals for society such as the ideals of religion and of the Republic of the United States with its Constitution, and these things being overshadowed by the conflicts of Communism and Fascism, so that in the end, a pseudo-democracy would emerge with a kind of Fascist and Communist merging to take over as the New World Order. This Awareness indicates that even from centuries back, the term for the New World Order was placed on your dollar bill and entities involved in the movement stemming from Weishaupt's efforts continued to work toward this New World Order. Up to present time, these efforts have come down in such a way that many entities think it is patriotic to promote such ideas. This Awareness indicates that, essentially, Adam Weishaupt was a powerful man who helped to create ideas that have destroyed much of the evolution of civilization -- that culminated in the United States Constitution -- which today is being eroded and replaced by United Nations and New World Order rules, regulations and contracts. This Awareness indicates that the rise of Hitler, the rise of the Kaiser in Germany and World War I, and the rise of Communism would not have occurred without Adam Weishaupt commissioning these entities to write their books and without his influence in helping these books become printed and spread far and wide. Of course the entity Adam Weishaupt was a close associate of the Rothschilds. The Rothschilds helped to promote these works also. FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: How was Washington persuaded to allow Weishaupt to take his place? COSMIC AWARENESS: This entity was not persuaded. This entity was forcibly removed. Weishaupt took his place in the last months while Washington was under great stress and controlled by entities in such a way that Weishaupt took much of the action that was supposed to be implemented by the President, while the President was elsewhere. This Awareness indicates it appears there was some type of weakness or illness involved, and that Weishaupt filled in for him, particularly when needing to be in a situation such as a meeting or in a public place to show that the President was fulfilling his duties. ALEXANDER HAMILTON A ROTHSCHILD AGENT FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: Did Weishaupt during that time influence the money system? COSMIC AWARENESS: This does not appear to be so. It appears that Alexander Hamilton was the main influence on the money system. This entity was an agent for Rothschild and the Rothschild banking system. Alexander Hamilton was of such incompetence that he was removed from his position before he could do total damage to the U.S. money system. FOLLOW-UP STATEMENT: Well, that's one we never read in the history books in school. COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that Weishaupt was not a very visible president and most entities presumed that when they saw him that it was Washington. This Awareness indicates that his exposure to the public was very rare, and only when it was necessary. This Awareness indicates it is not, or was not, an unusual thing, even in those times, to have doubles for presidents or kings or people of importance in governments. This Awareness indicates that often, even in monarchies, the king would have a double and the double would fill in for the king. It was only when people knew the king well and were going to meet with the king and talk with the king that it would be difficult to use a double. In the case of Weishaupt, he was not suitable to be an exact double of Washington, except at a distance or with people who did not know Washington first hand prior to this duplication. FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: Does Awareness see Weishaupt creating any major mischief for our country at the time he was in that office? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that there was an intention of putting the entity in and of bringing about some changes in the Constitution, in the government and in the monetary system, but that this kind of major change did not come about. The entity was not there for long enough, nor did the entity have sufficient influence over Congress and the judicial branch to be able to do much. This Awareness indicates that it appears the entity attempted to create some legal maneuvers relating to the Constitution and to the relationship between the government and the states. It does not appear that there was actually any notable change in the way things occurred, and the entity appears to have only been involved for several months. This Awareness indicates that the energy on this is very vague and unclear because there is little energy anywhere available in regard to this. Most people were unaware, and only certain Masons knew of this and they kept it secret, and there are also certain locks and shields caused by the secrecy and vagaries caused by the lack of energy surrounding the situation This Awareness indicates that the more something is energized into consciousness, the easier it is to see the details. The more something is obscured from consciousness, the more difficult it is to see the details. This Awareness indicates that there has been very little energizing on this concept or on the entity Weishaupt and his relationship with Washington. This Awareness indicates therefore, the energies are not strong or clear in this respect, but maybe after some energizing and some time for further reading of these energies or resting of the energies, further clarification will follow. IS ADAM WEISHAUPT ALIVE TODAY? FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: Does Awareness see the entity Weishaupt as being incarnated today in any particularly significant role in the world scene? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that it appears this entity as one and the same as George Bush. George Bush is, of course, totally unaware of this connection, except perhaps on a subconscious level. HOW OFTEN SHOULD WOMEN HAVE MAMMOGRAMS? QUESTION: A question from D.J. in New England: "Are mammograms with the latest technology safe? Should they be used annually for women over 50 as doctors insist?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that it toes not appear that the mammogram is nearly so necessary for entities under 50, but entities over 50 may be more in danger. It suggests that either yearly or within 18 months, as being acceptable. This Awareness indicates that much of this also should have to do with one's diet and the use of milk and dairy products, which have some influence on the cause of breast cancer. Entities who consume large amounts of milk and dairy products, or when breast cancer runs in the family genetically, these entities should follow the routine of yearly checkups. This Awareness indicates also, entities who have large amounts of fat in their diet, or other cancer-causing substances are part of the dietary regimen, or if entities live in areas in which there appears to he high rates of cancer. This Awareness indicates that those who do not have a history of breast cancer in the family or who do not have a high intake of dairy products or fat or other substances in the diet that are noted for causing cancer, or entities who do not live in an environment that is noted for high cancer risk, may generally feel safer in extending the time period for one year to 18 months or so. This Awareness indicates, of course, the older one gets, the shorter the time period should be. That once yearly appears to be reasonably satisfactory, unless there is seen some problem or potential problem. CAN A DEAD MOTHER WATCH OVER HER CHILDREN? QUESTION: A question from K.W., Canton, Ohio: "When a mother passes over and leaves small children behind, is she in torment knowing she had to die before her children? How, when we die, do we help our children to adjust, especially when they don't have any knowledge or care to know that death is but another door to go through?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates mothers often linger in the area of the children for some time, helping to protect them with their vibratory energies, healing energies, until they see that the child is being properly cared for. Although they can't be seen, they cannot touch the child physically, they can hover over them, near them, protecting them with their consciousness and with their vibration. They can influence the child to move to a safe place, if that becomes necessary. They can influence hostile or potentially hostile enemies of the child to go in another direction. This Awareness indicates, of course, it depends on whether the mother's entry into the next realm allows her to maintain a certain clarity, or if the entity is somehow thrown into the next realm in a state of total confusion. If she is totally confused, she may not be able to do anything for her children until clarity returns to her. In such a ease, generally, guardian angels will help to protect the child, or children. WHAT TO DO WITH THE ASHES OF A CREMATED LOVED ONE? QUESTION: A question from C.W., Canton, Ohio. She asks: "What should one do with one's ashes after cremation? My daughter is upset that I want to be cremated." COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that it is a matter of an entity's own choice. This Awareness suggests that often the people who remain need a designated place that they can go to psychologically focus on the departed entity when they need affection or energies or some kind of memory of the departed person, and to have the ashes put into a crypt would provide a place where the entities can go for that kind of focal point. This Awareness indicates some entities would like the ashes in an urn, put on some shelf for display or for closer proximity. Some entities would want to have the ashes nearby. This Awareness indicates that this is not seen as always healthy for the survivor to have ashes as a constant reminder, for it is important that the survivor gets on with his or her own life, and not cling to the past memory of a departed loved one too much or for too long. This Awareness indicates that entities can easily become fixated or obsessed with those who have passed over. In most cases, it is best for them to have the ashes some distance away, where they can make an effort and go there when they really need that memory, that vibration, that frequency, that consciousness, as a reminder of their loved one. That reminder can sometimes be very helpful in an entity's self-image, particularly if the loved one truly cared about them, and things are not going so well now. If they can attune to the loved one, go make the contact, it can help them in terms of their self-image or in terms of their feeling about themselves in a way that gives encouragement to them. This Awareness indicates that to have the energy too close, such as an entity who might put the ashes next to the bed, where it is seen every day; this could be psychologically unhealthy for most entities. This Awareness indicates that others may wish to scatter the ashes in an area that was a favorite place of the departed one, thinking more in terms of the departed one than in terms of their own personal needs, but it should be recognized that the departed one does not stay or care where the ashes are put and does not need to be placed in a particularly special place. Therefore, to put the ashes in the departed one's favorite place is simply a matter of choice of the individual remaining and does not particularly benefit or affect the departed one any at all. This Awareness indicates the good thing about cremation is that ashes do not require an attachment to places or so individuals, and spirits of the individual do not hang around with the ashes. This Awareness indicates that when the body is buried, it takes quite some time before the full astral shell leaves the body and even longer for it to dissolve and for an entity to reincarnate and be complete in his or her new incarnation. The astral shell of the entity's past life needs to be dissolved so that the energies can be returned to the entity in his or her future life. This Awareness indicates that if the astral shell holds too much energy and is not dissolved and cannot break free from the previous embodiment or is attached to some locale and cannot break free from past life attachments, then the new incarnated body may have a certain amount of incompleteness, being essentially retarded to some degree, and not being fully incarnated and integrated until all of that past-life attachment is dissolved, including the astral shell from the past life. ED's Note: Here in the Northwest, it is common to spread the ashes over the ancient forests or over the ocean. There are helicopter services around that will do this for a small fee. Certain laws apply as to where ashes can be disposed, but using the above places is a legal way to do it. THOSE HORSE MUTILATIONS IN ENGLAND: ANY CONNECTION TO THE ALIENS? QUESTION: A question from S.W. in Manchester, England. He writes: "There have been many attacks on horses in England. Has this any connection to aliens?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that some of these attacks may have alien origins, but this does not appear to be common. The aliens, particularly the aliens who use cattle mutilation, using the blood of cows for their sustenance, for their nutrition, cannot find the same effects from horse blood, and it is very uncommon to find a horse that is mutilated in the same way that cattle mutilations associated with UFOs can be found. It appears more likely to be the work of vandals, or entities who have some kind of psychotic or sick behavior toward horses, or entities who are involved in some type of Satanic violence, or who get a thrill out of violating a large animal. This Awareness indicates it does not appear that there are any major connections between aliens and horse mutilations. It does not appear that the same kind of mutilations through alien technology is used against horses as has been found in regard to cattle. THE SIGNIFICANCE OF THE "WHITE BUFFALO": IS THERE SOMETHING MYSTICAL ABOUT THEM? QUESTION: A question from B.I., Tigard, Oregon: "The news recently carried a story about a white buffalo. They are very rare, as I understand. A few years ago I read a story of a medicine man who was a member of a tribe from South Dakota or Nebraska. He went into a trance nearly 200 years ago and traveled to find all of the white buffalo. He reported there were 3 in the thousands of buffalo then roaming the valley. I think the book was named Hanta Ho or something like that. This story was supposed to be a translation of a pictograph of their history which the tribe kept on a special buffalo hide. It was told in a setting of the early 1800's. The story did not describe the background significance of the white buffalo. I would appreciate it if Awareness could comment on it. I am not a Native American, but I am willing to learn of their religious beliefs. " COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that these entities perceive the white buffalo as being something of a sacred nature, much the way Moby Dick was described in Melville's book about the white whale. The idea of something white in those days was considered by many cultures as being very significant. Of course, they did not understand the nature of the albinism and of pigments as being something of a natural kind of fluke. They saw these things as spiritual anomalies that were messages from the Divine, and therefore, a white buffalo was seen as something from God to mankind, and its sacredness was perceived as absolute. This Awareness indicates that in the Melville story of Moby Dick, the so-called White Whale, with its super-spiritual qualities, became the nemesis for Captain Ahab. There was recently a movie starring Charles Bronson called "The White Buffalo" and this also became a nemesis for him, as he had nightmares about the white buffalo charging him. This Awareness indicates that these are basically just stories. There is nothing of a supernatural quality about an entity being white, being albino; it is just that the skin pigment has not developed along ordinary lines. The pink-eyed white horse, the common albino, is not caused by some will of God or demonic action of a devil, it is caused by a natural occurrence in nature that affected the pigmentation and created a white horse with pink eyes. The same goes for the white buffalo. It is not something specifically supernatural. It is unusual in nature, but not necessarily supernatural, unless entities wish to class anything unusual in nature as being supernatural. This Awareness indicates there have been cases of chickens being born with two heads, and other deformities in the animal kingdom are not unusual, but these do not generally deserve a classification of supernatural. This Awareness indicates therefore, the white buffalo should simply be seen as something unusual, but not supernatural. **** END OF ISSUE ----------------------------------------------------------------- How to Get Electronic Copies of "Revelations of Awareness": ----------------------------------------------------------------- VIA THE INTERNET: -------- New Issue Announcements -------- As hard copies are OCR'd by SPIRAL, they are announced in the following Usenet newsgroups: alt.alien.visitors alt.conspiracy alt.paranormal talk.religion.newage and posted in the alt.paranormal.channeling newsgroup. -------- Back Issues -------- Back Issues Lists, which include the topics discussed in each newsletter, are also periodically posted to those groups. -------- Anonymous FTP -------- NOTE: All of the issues in the back issues listed in the Back Issues Lists that have a ^*^ symbol in front of the issue number, along with Back Issues lists themselves, and Cosmic Awareness Introductory material, are available electronically via anonymous ftp. 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