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95-01 (Issue No. 444) ----------------------------------- Find Out Who, |* REVELATIONS OF AWARENESS *| How Many Have In Fact, You |* The New Age Cosmic Newsletter *| You Served? And Really Are. ----------------------------------- How Well? Cosmic Awareness Communications Box 115, Olympia, Washington 98507 email: alex@spiral.org (E-mail subscription information, FTP information, other online service provider locations, and SnailMail hard copy information are listed at end of this file.) "Helping People Become Aware Since 1977." ------------------------------------------------------------------- REVELATIONS OF AWARENESS is a cosmic newsletter, published by Cosmic Awareness Communications, Box 115, Olympia, WA 98507 (a non-profit organization) Copyright 1994 by Cosmic Awareness Communications and the Aquarian Church of Universal Service. Reproduction is permitted, but no alterations may be made without express permission. ------------------------------------------------------------------- COSMIC AWARENESS is the Force that expressed Itself through Jesus of Nazareth, the Buddha, Krishna, Mohammed and other great avatars who served as "Channels" for what is commonly known as "God," and which expresses Itself once again as the world begins to enter the New Age of spiritual consciousness and awareness. This information is for those who desire to help in bringing in the New Age. Throughout the thousands of "readings" given, Cosmic Awareness tells us not to *believe* anything, not even Cosmic Awareness, but to question, explore, doubt, and discover through your *own* channel what the truth really is. Cosmic Awareness will only "indicate" and "suggest." Neither CAC or the Interpreter is responsible for anything Cosmic Awareness states in any of these readings, nor does CAC or the Interpreter necessarily agree with the statements of Cosmic Awareness. The Interpreter interprets the energies as they are seen in trance levels and is not personally responsible for what is said. The Interpreter has no connection with, nor control over the editorial comments, either, which are entirely the responsibility of the editor. Paul Shockley, Interpreter Avaton, C.A.C Editor Vikki T., Office Manager Alex, OCR'er and NetPoster ------------------------------------------------------------------------ IN THIS ISSUE: WHAT'S AHEAD IN 1995? COSMIC AWARENESS SUGGESTS SOME POSSIBILITIES FOR THIS YEAR OF 1995 The Republican Victory And The Concept Of "Orphanages" The Economic Scene The Patriot And The Sovereign States Movement Religion And General Understanding Will Be More Spiritual Photon Belt Information In New Book Photon Energy To Replace Electrical Energy The Hildebrand/Fed Lawsuit Payoffs Why Does The Fed Want To Slow The Economy More On The 38 States That Have Declared Sovereignty Possible Earth Changes And UFO Sightings In U.S., Two Major Scandals And Problems For Japan Weather Manipulation To Continue In 1995 Clinton's Idea To Send Troops Out Of U.S. United Nations Must Figure Out How To Confiscate Our Guns Will The "Peace" In Middle East Work? Consciousness Change Could Make A Difference Russia And The Current Balance Of Power What Are The Skoptsis Up To These Days? Why Russia Really Collapsed Change Comes Slowly In Highly Polarized Situations Did Reagan Surrender The U.S. To Russia? The Gipper Gets Some Of The Credit Russians Training In U.S.: Will They Take Us Over? Russians, Russians Everywhere In U.S. A Potential Problem Could Occur The "Cold War" Artificially Created By Bankers Living In A Corporate Nightmare Capitalism Taken To Its Ultimate Extension The Golden Mean: The Answer To A Capitalist State An Ideal Situation Can Be Worked Out The Silence Of The Males Is Broken Rape And Plunder Of Our Forests May Resume More Disease As Oxygen Is Depleted White Males Fed Up With "Political Correctness" Churches Likely To Become More Vocal Voters May Change Their Minds Again In Next Election Working Out Karma: Some Things To Consider It's No Accident You Find Yourself In Relationships New Karma Can Be Easily Created How One Entity Stopped The Wheel Of Karma The Story Of The Three Sisters, One Who Was Blinded Going Back For Seconds; Karmic Irony Will 2012 Density Change Create A New Heaven And Hell On Earth? How Spiritual Can One Feel After Being Raped? Can The New World Order Prevent The Density Change? What Exactly Is The New World Order Religion? The New Freemasonry Religion In The New World Order The Amazing "Space Syrup" Given To Earth By Aliens: Does It Work? The Book "Mutant Message Down Under": Is The Info On Aborigines Valid? Pleiadians Say Earth Science Now Uses Incredible Alien Technology Has All Earth's Gold Been Removed From Planet? Breast Cancer Prevented By Lots Of Sex The Akashic Record: Getting The Terms Straight Are All Your Thoughts And Words Recorded? Old Statements Never Die, They Just Fade Away Did Edgar Cayce Tap The Subconscious Or The Superconscious Mind? Learn To Read The Vibrations Of Others Why Would Celestria Need Our Energies? Why Would A Baby Be Born Into Violence? Babies That Cry In The Womb ------------------------------------------------------------------------ COSMIC AWARENESS SUGGESTS SOME POSSIBILITIES FOR THIS YEAR OF 1995 CAC General Reading, December 11, 1994 OPENING MESSAGE: This Awareness indicates there appears to be a considerable amount of discussion related to the recent victories by the Republican party, and it appears that some of the discussions create considerable controversy. It also appears that there is some considerable apprehension among some of the individuals as to what the effects of the change will bring. The Republican Victory and the Concept of "Orphanages" This Awareness indicates that it also tends to bring out the extremes, such as the remarks of Gingrich in regards to putting welfare mothers' children into orphanages. This Awareness indicates that entities should understand that these extremes and polarized statements are merely that; that in the general changes that are occurring, there will not be such extremes. A backlash will come when anything becomes too extreme and a relatively middle-of- the-road type of activity will more likely follow. There may be a curve toward one side or the other with the changing of parties, but it will not be an extreme curve or sharp turn in events. This Awareness indicates that there is a problem for some of these entities on welfare in that they are perceived as doing nothing but sitting around watching television and collecting money from the government. This Awareness indicates that it is very rare for entities on welfare to have it that easy. Most are working quite hard just taking care of their children and their family. What kind of exciting life can they get from a three- or four-hundred dollar a month salary, anyway, even if it is from welfare? This Awareness indicates that most of these entities have to take care of their children, especially the single welfare mothers, and have it very difficult. When the husband is working and the mother is home with the children, but their income is insufficient, there are certain benefits that welfare allows because the husband works, which the single mother does not get. This Awareness indicates that the single mother is expected to get a job, but most of the work available to a single welfare mother is simply available during certain hours, if the entity can work, while the children would need to be in daycare or in schools or with baby sitters, and usually, the amount of money the mother could make is insufficient to pay for child care. This Awareness indicates that these are problems that prompt certain entities, who are very lacking in compassion, to make suggestions that the children be taken from the mothers and put into orphanages. In other words, these entities would be punished for being poor. This Awareness indicates that it does not appear that this society will go that extreme; it is not as callused and cold as some of the entities who are entrenched in power might be. The Economic Scene This Awareness indicates that likewise there are certain economic changes that are likely to occur during the coming months. It appears that these changes are for the better, but that there are some efforts on the part of those who would attempt to sabotage the improving economy to make problems in the economic future of this country. This Awareness indicates that excessive interest rates may be a major problem in slowing down the economy, so that it does not grow in the way it could. This Awareness indicates that there are also seen other activities that can be beneficial and can keep the economy going right on through the coming year, without excessive difficulties. The Patriot and the Sovereign States Movement This Awareness indicates that the more important changes will be in the nature of the patriot movement and its successes during the year of 1995, where those who would continue to push for foreign control of this country will find it more difficult to sustain their efforts. This Awareness indicates that it appears that by spring, entities will begin to realize that the country is much better off politically than it was a year ago, and that the political change has to do with bringing the country back to the Constitution. This Awareness indicates that there are some things that cannot be fully discussed at this time. This Awareness indicates that, essentially, there is a movement occurring that will bring most states back to the status of sovereignty, which will allow for the dismantling of the War Powers Act, removing the country from its Martial Law state, which has been in effect since the Civil War, which requires that the United States have some kind of war reaffirmed every two years. This does not always mean a hot war or military war. Even the war on drugs, the war on poverty, qualifies the United States to remain in a state of Martial Law, and as long as it is in a state of Martial Law, the administration can make statutes and rules, and Executive Orders to govern the country, even though those rules and statutes may not be totally compatible with the U.S. Constitution. This Awareness indicates the U.S. Constitution, essentially, is suspended, as long as the country is under Martial Law. It has been under Martial Law since the Civil War, and also again in 1933 was placed under the War Powers Act. This Awareness indicates that this appears to be something which is nearing the end of its potential, and that the country will either go back to the Constitution, or will lose all control and be taken over by the United Nations through some other action of political maneuvering, but this appears to be highly unlikely. This Awareness indicates that, in other words, it appears that 1995 will be a year of liberating through the patriot movement, many of the freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution and made to be more solid and real. Most entities have not known that Maritime Law has controlled this country and has superseded control by the Constitution because it was not in the interest of those holding such power to let the people know that the Constitution was not being recognized as the highest law of the land while this Maritime or Admiralty Law or Martial Law was in effect over the past century plus. Religion and General Understanding Will be More Spiritual This Awareness indicates that, in addition, the coming months of 1995 are likely to bring about a kind of frequency or vibrational shift that begins to have an effect on mass consciousness, to make people more aware and more sensitive and more global in their consciousness levels. Spiritual energies will become much more desirable to people. Religion will be less of a social or moral pursuit and more of a spiritual pursuit. In the past years, religion has often existed mostly for social or moral purposes. In the coming months, the emphasis will shift and people will be seeking true spiritual frequencies or vibrations or harmonies, and in the pursuit of spiritual energies, entities will become more compassionate, more understanding and more in line with the compassionate energies that have long been associated with the teachings of Christ, the teachings of the great Masters of the world religions that are of a compassionate and spiritual quality. This Awareness indicates in other words, the essence of religion will focus more on spiritual energies and less on social controls and morality controls than has been common in traditional religions. In the past, religions have often played the role of government or quasi- government control over the masses in society, but in this time, there is a gradual shifting from those concerns about controlling society, and entities will embrace the concept of becoming more spiritual. It is a concept that is fairly new to many people who do not even know what "spiritual" means. This Awareness indicates that entities will begin to attune to a new understanding of the spiritual life during these coming months. Photon Belt Information in New Book This Awareness indicates that there is a book that is becoming quite a sensation in yet a small way, but growing very rapidly in its influence: "You Are Becoming a Galactic Being." This Awareness indicates that this book is compatible with much that this Awareness has given, but because one of the entities who wrote the book has spent years studying the Photon Belt and other related concepts, the entity has, over many years channeled information in this regard that far surpasses information given by this Awareness through this channel, which has given information on so many other topics. This Awareness indicates because this entity has focused on the Photon Belt and has channeled so much information in this regard, that he was able to condense his years of channeling and the concepts received into a book that carries extreme amounts of detail and specifics on the Photon Belt and the movement of the earth toward this Photon Belt. This entity suggests that the connection to the Photon Belt may begin as early as 1995 or 1996 and that it will move the earth into this Photon Belt in such a way that by the time the year 2012 to 2013 comes about, the earth will be aligned very closely to the star system of Sirius. This Awareness indicates that this to be moved in a kind of bubble, to reach that position near Sirius in a matter of a mere seventeen years. This Awareness indicates that the entity also suggests that at that time, entities will be in a new dimension, or what he calls the 5th Dimension. This Awareness has previously discussed the movement to another dimension in or around 2012 or 2013, which coincides with this entity's figures. This Awareness indicates it appears to be a book that all entities interested in this and the future changes that are occurring might like to read and absorb. The entity speaks of the Galactic Confederation as being a source for his information, particularly beings from Sirius. This Awareness indicates that this appears to be correct and that these entities throughout his lifetime at different times, when he was young and again when he was older, have contributed to his gathering of information. This Awareness recommends that entities study this material and consider what it may mean in terms of their own future, because these changes are destined to occur and in these occurrences, there will be trials for individuals, particularly if they do not know what is happening, or if they cannot adjust to the changes. Photon Energy to Replace Electrical Energy This Awareness indicates that the very nature of magnetism on earth will change so that all forms of electrical energies will be altered, and present forms will be unworkable, and a new kind of energy based on photon energy will become the way where entities in the future will learn to operate machinery and the necessities of life as known today will have to be rebuilt to use photon energy instead of electromagnetic energy. It will mean a total disruption to life as you know it, and a new form or expression. The entire nature of the human physical form will change as entities move into bodies of light. It is one thing to talk about this; it will be something quite experiential to find it happening to yourself, especially if you do not have some kind of foreknowledge of how these things will work and where things are moving in your experience. This Awareness suggests therefore, that entities seriously consider buying this book and reading it. Even if you take considerable amount of time to read it, you have throughout the coming year enough time to read it before things become too intense, and it will be of great benefit to you. ED's Note: The book "You Are Becoming a Galactic Human" by Virginia Essene and channeled by Sheldon Nidle was published in April of 1994 by S.E.E. Publishing Co, 1556 Halford Ave, No. 288, Santa Clara, CA 95051. Price. $11.95 plus $1.50 postage. This book is also available from CAC for the above price. In this book the author gives dubious credit to the "spiritual hierarchy" and "Time Lords," etc., which may turn some readers off. However, it is basically the information on the Photon Belt which Awareness claims is valid and well-researched. In December, 1993, months before this book was published, we came across some of the channeling by Sheldon Nidle on the Photon Belt and we asked Awareness if that sensational information was valid. It was, and Awareness devoted an entire reading to it. Your editor found the reading exciting, but rather scary, and decided we would release it later on because there was already enough heavy information coming out on the New World Order, etc. and the Photon Belt information could wait till later. Vicki T. refers to that reading as "The cat is out of the bag reading," because, in closing, Awareness indicated that It had intended to release that same information over a period of many months or years, rather than letting entities have the whole thing at once. However, someone opened the door and the cat is now out of the bag. Now that the book has been released, CAC will try to get that reading out sometime in 1995. This will help clarify much of what is in the book. The Hildebrand/Fed Lawsuit Payoffs This Awareness indicates that for those entities who are awaiting the claims response to the Hildebrand claim, the 90 days that he spoke of will be up on or about the 15th of December, the 120 days about mid- January, and some entities during that time period should be receiving their responses, depending on when they put in their claims. This Awareness indicates if there are any questions in regard to this opening message, that these may be asked, or that other questions may be asked at this time. WHY DOES THE FED WANT TO SLOW THE ECONOMY (More on the 38 States that Have Declared Sovereignty) QUESTION: The November 14th Wall Street Journal asked a question: "Why is the Federal Reserve trying to slow the economy when there are still 7.6 million unemployed?" And the figure, as we all know, is actually three times that amount. COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates it appears the Federal Reserve is still trying to regain some kind of control by creating a crisis in this country. It does not appear that it will be effective, regardless of the plans or intentions. This Awareness indicates they appear to be living with an illusion that all is continuing as it has in the past. This Awareness indicates that they have not recognized the changes that are coming, and that are already being implemented. There are many in this country who do not yet recognize the changes that are occurring. This Awareness indicates that already there are almost a dozen states that have declared sovereignty. By mid-January this is expected to be 27 states that have declared sovereignty, and by sometime in the spring, it is expected to reach 38 states that declare sovereignty. This Awareness indicates that at that time, the 38 states will retake the U.S. government and eliminate the Martial Law standing that has had control over this country for more than a century. This Awareness indicates that is when the Constitution comes back into control of the nation and those who have been selling out the country will find themselves either scrambling to get back into the good graces of Constitutional patriotism, or may find themselves locked out and being tried for treason. There are of course likely to be efforts to block all of this, to stop this before it can continue, however this Awareness indicates it does not appear to be an easy matter for these entities who have been traitors and who have hidden behind their special positions of power for so long. POSSIBLE EARTH CHANGES AND UFO SIGHTINGS (In U.S., Two Major Scandals and Problems for Japan) QUESTION In this l995 forecast, and I assume that is what it is, does Awareness see any major earth changes for the United States in 1995? COSMIC AWARENESS This Awareness indicates that it appears that there will be some. This Awareness does not see the precise areas at this time, or the magnitude, but there does appear there is some shaking that will occur that will be serious, or taken seriously. The major concerns, however, will be in regard to weather, rather than quakes. This Awareness indicates that It does not see, as It has mentioned before, any shifting of the poles; that there are some entities who have been predicting major earth changes due to the shifting of the poles. This Awareness does not see this as something that will occur. It does see the potential for continuing earthquakes, similar to that which has happened in the past. Every year there are a few major earthquakes and these things are always significant if they occur in one's area. Some of these earthquakes, when occurring elsewhere, hardly make the news. This Awareness indicates it appears there will be earthquakes of a similar magnitude as has occurred in the past; It does not see anything extraordinary occurring this year in regard to earthquakes. This Awareness indicates again, it does appear that there will be more continued focus on extraterrestrial influences, although this does not necessarily mean UFO landings, yet it could be such. But it does appear that more information will come out in regard to UFO or extraterrestrial activities this year than has been released previously, so that more entities will begin to recognize the existence of extraterrestrial influences on earth, which is stronger than that recognition which has occurred in the past. This Awareness indicates that this does not necessarily mean that it will be a government announcement; it may simply be more releases from the media of such information. This Awareness indicates that in regard to political concerns, it appears there will be at least two scandals that will be of great significance this year. One will relate to the Whitewater investigation. It appears another will relate to certain activities of political entities who have strong connections with Republican ties. This Awareness indicates there also appears to be some economic problems for Japan that are unusual for that country, while the economy of the United States continues relatively strong. WEATHER MANIPULATION TO CONTINUE IN 1995 QUESTION: In regard to the weather, there continues to be articles in the fringe or underground-type media that the governments here, and probably in Russia, are still trying to manipulate the world's weather. The weather department says that another El Nino, for example, is just off the Oregon and Washington coast, which will affect our weather for the next three or four months. What can Awareness tell us about weather manipulation? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that this relates to certain electronic machinery, both in Alaska and in Christmas Valley, Oregon, which is capable of moving the jet streams, or making the jet stream split and go in different directions, which in turn moves the weather North or South and affects the temperatures in different parts of the United States. This Awareness indicates that it is a kind of broadcasting of certain frequencies that forces the jet stream to move, causing cold weather in some areas that are normally more mild, causing other areas to be mild when they normally are excessively cold. It also has some effect on such things as epidemics, influenza and colds -- even mood swings and attitudes of the masses are affected by this. This Awareness indicates one such weather control base is in the area of Christmas Valley, Oregon, and one is in Alaska. These have been put into practice in the past decade. In part, they can be used for causing rainfall for storing water, they can be used for certain beneficial purposes, or they can be used also to create problems regarding temperatures and the effects of temperatures on industry, agriculture, etc. They can also be used detrimentally to affect the consciousness in an area. CLINTON'S IDEA TO SEND TROOPS OUT OF U.S. (United Nations Must Figure Out How to Confiscate Our Guns) QUESTION: There are reports out of Europe that the war in Bosnia has been won by the Serbs, that the "ethnic cleansing" is continuing, and that they are making a mockery of the United Nations and the NATO people over there, particularly humiliating the United Nations peacekeeping troops, and now President Clinton has made announcements that he's considering sending over about 30,000 U.S. troops to take care of the situation. What does Awareness see in 1995 in regard to that situation? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that this may well be another attempt to get more of the United States troops out of the country so that United Nations troops in the United States can have greater control over the masses and citizens of the United States as part of a New World Order plan for conquering of this country by the United Nations. This Awareness indicates that it would be a logical way to move the American troops from this country, essentially disarming the country militarily. This Awareness indicates, however, the numbers quoted are not enough to clearly weaken the country sufficiently for a United Nations takeover, but that may simply be a number or figure to start the movement of troops, rather than a final or absolute figure. This Awareness indicates that if the United States began sending troops over, it could easily and quickly escalate to become a crisis, so that United Nations troops could be brought into the United States to keep the peace, or to back up the need for National Guard troops that have been sent to Europe, or for some other reason. This Awareness indicates that it is a potential frightening scenario when entities understand that there is that element which is seeking to create a New World Order, in which the United Nations controls the sovereignties of all nations on earth and where no nation would be sovereign under the New World Order. This Awareness indicates that, of course, such an effort would first require the disarming of the citizens, for approximately half of all U.S. citizens carry arms or have arms in their homes. Any effort to disarm this country could become extremely hazardous to United Nations troops. This Awareness indicates that entities need not worry excessively about this kind of United Nations takeover; more and more of the population in the United States is becoming aware that the government itself may be the greatest enemy left in the world. There is indeed that movement toward the creation of a New World Order force to take over the United States, for there are a great number of high officials in the government who are working with these New World Order forces to sell this country to the New World Order and to disarm and to scrap the Constitution and the freedoms for which this country has stood for so many years. This Awareness indicates that there are likely to be road blocks and difficulties in getting troops into this war in Europe from the United States. There appears to be a considerable number of people who will object strongly to ground troops being taken into Europe. It does appear that it will be easier for them to push for air strikes rather than ground troops and that this may be the way the scenario will actually unfold. WILL THE "PEACE" IN MIDDLE EAST WORK? (Consciousness Change Could Make a Difference) QUESTION: How about the Middle East? Is the so-called "peace agreement" going to get better or worse? COMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that it appears there will be some occasional breakdowns. It is not totally settled, because there is so much animosity between certain cultures which is not healed from peace treaties, but it does appear that because of the extreme efforts of some of the more powerful leaders in these areas, that the peace treaties will hold to a strong degree, even while conflicts occur within the region. This Awareness indicates over a long period of time, the efforts will have some effect in slowing down the violence in the region, but that entities should not expect the violence to suddenly end, any more than that of the violence in Ireland, for the cultures within these regions have such polarized attitudes and concepts towards each other, that these conflicts are likely to continue. The only hope is that they will slowly diminish in their intensity. It does appear to be beneficial in the Middle East, particularly if economies can develop and begin to trade so that all are profiting from the trade involved. This is what appears to be the most beneficial action, when entities begin to trade with each other, to do business with each other, so that one country's profits depend on the well-being of the other country to help trade and make a profit also. This Awareness indicates that this may take some time before true peace settles in the region. This Awareness suggests, however, that with the changes in consciousness that are likely to occur in the next few years, during the next decade, the region may become more peaceful than would otherwise be expected, fur these consciousness changes may affect individuals as humans in a way that surpasses their identification as cultural beings in conflict with each other. It is the more highly polarized groups that are more likely to create conflict in the region. There are, however, a growing number of people in the region who are becoming stable in their relationship with their neighbors so that they recognize the problems without developing extreme hostility toward the whole culture, when it is a faction in the culture that is causing the problems. People appear to be more aware of this aspect of the group within the culture as being the problem, rather than lumping them all together as a culture for their hatred. This Awareness indicates that, in other words, the hostility of one group toward another in terms of the overall culture is no longer seen as appropriate when certain small groups or extreme right- or left-wing groups are the actual harbingers of violence. RUSSIA AND THE CURRENT BALANCE OF POWER (What Are the Skoptsis Up to these Days?) QUESTION: Some questions from J.K. in Colorado, who writes that he recently reviewed the 1979 material on the Russians gaining control over the British and American Bolsheviks. "However, in 1991, Cosmic Awareness mentions that the United States has technologies almost 100 years ahead of other technologies on this planet, thanks to the aliens. Could Cosmic Awareness please give us an update on the balance of power situation vis-a-vis Russia, the U.S., Britain, and are the Skoptsis still in control in Russia?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that essentially, the Russians have given up their quest for world domination. They are seeking to become a world partner, aligning themselves with partners they can trust In terms of economic growth, political standing, etc. They do not wish to be in competition. They have similar problems, as do other political forces, in that when they align themselves with one nation and try to establish a relationship with that nation that is friendly in nature, and find another nation in conflict with their friend, they may feel the need to choose with whom they will align themselves. In some cases, they try to balance somewhere in between without aligning with either, trying to keep their relationships alive and healthy by not siding with either party. This sometimes is difficult, such as when Russia originally was aligned with Iraq during the Desert Storm time period. This Awareness indicates that these are the efforts that any country might experience when trying to appease other countries or trying to get along with other countries. The U S. is and has experienced these kinds of political alignment difficulties throughout its history. There is no need to worry or concern yourself with Russia in terms of its historic past. It is not the same country anymore. In regard to the concept of Skoptsis in Russia, these entities helped to bring down the Communist party and there are a few Skoptsis still in charge of positions of power in Russia, but it is not their total focus to be politically involved in the country except for a few of these entities who want to make sure the country continues to move away from Communist control, and these entities have stayed in political positions to help guide the country toward a more democratic type of nation. This Awareness indicates that the majority of Skoptsis are focused more on their spiritual life and their religious beliefs than on politics, now that the power has been taken from the Communists whom they have learned not to trust over the many years that Communists ruled that country. This Awareness indicates that in the beginning, the Skoptsis helped the Communists take control. Some of the Skoptsis did this, but they gradually learned they had made a great mistake, and then began to work to undo that mistake and to bring down the Communist party. Why Russia Really Collapsed This Awareness indicates the Communist party actually lost its control more because of economics than because of efforts of any group to seize power, but the economic problem bankrupted the nation by their effort to keep building a stronger military force. This Awareness indicates that in regard to the struggle for power between the United States, Russia and England, the struggle does not appear to be there in any great significance between the United States and Russia, and England appears to be still quite friendly with the United States. It is not so much England, it is the control of the international bankers that is In conflict with the patriot movement in the United States. There are many people in the United States, in government, in media, who are working closely with the international bankers and there are many patriots, particularly among the military, who are looking to diminish that power of the international bankers in their effort to set up a One World government and to control the economy of this nation and to diminish the rights of people in this nation It is not the same situation in which a clear power struggle between countries is occurring, it is more of a situation where there are power groups within the United States and within Europe, not necessarily "between" the United States and Europe. There are many entities within the European community who also would like to see more freedom in the countries where the international banking controls could be worked more for the people rather than for the families that owned these banks, just as there are patriots in the United States who work for this also. It is a different situation, and the changes that have occurred in the last ten years make it such that the lines are not so clear; the lines between nations are not as clear as they were ten or fifteen years ago. This Awareness indicates when changes such as this occur, it is sometimes difficult for entities to change their thinking. Change Comes Slowly in Highly Polarized Situations An entity who has, for 40 years, been hostile to a nation and friendly toward another nation, and who suddenly finds that second nation or the first nation has changed, may not be able to accept that change. It is like the Japanese soldiers from World War II who hid in caves for 30 or 40 years after World War II, and believing that the war was still going on, could not accept that Japan was now friendly to the United States. How does one change one's thinking when such polarization has been carried for so long? This Awareness indicates it is like thinking of God and Satan for most of your life as being opposites and in loving God, you hate Satan, and then someone tells you that they have reconciled their differences. You simply cannot accept that. Your brain has worked in such a way that the polarization cannot be resolved and if it works in this way with religion and concepts of God and Satan, there are many entities who experience this some kind of polarization with the concept of Russia versus the United States. They cannot imagine that their old enemy is no longer their old enemy, and that a nation has changed, and the alliances are no longer polarized. This becomes as difficult for them as for the religious person to think that God and Satan could ever resolve their differences, which is of course, by the very nature of the religion, impossible. And likewise for the political person who has extreme hostility toward Communism, it becomes equally impossible to imagine Russia and the United States as resolving their differences Yet, there are some people who can be flexible and who can recognize that Russia's Communist leaders have lost their powers lost their control, and the nation is now different. It is not the same nation it was ten or fifteen years ago. And now the people are different, their attitudes are different towards the United States, and they no longer feel the need to aim weapons at the United States. This Awareness indicates that because things change in the world, individuals must also be flexible to that change. Otherwise, you live in an out-of-date reality, much as a dinosaur might find itself if it moved into modern reality. You cannot hold the old rigid concepts when the reality changes and the concepts are no longer there to fit your rigidity. DID REAGAN SURRENDER THE U.S. TO RUSSIA? (The Gipper Gets Some of the Credit) QUESTION: Another question from J.K., who writes: "Also, I have read a report that President Reagan surrendered this country to the Russians at one of the Summit conferences. Can Awareness confirm or deny this?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates there is no basis for confirming this information. The action of President Reagan in standing firm against the Russian empire led to their putting more money into more military equipment, which bankrupted their nation. It essentially helped to bring them down. However, in the process, Reagan also became very close to breaking the United States economically, putting the United States into extreme debt. This Awareness indicates that in actuality, apart from the extreme debt this entity took the country to, he was effective in helping to bring down the Soviet Union by causing it to do itself in. Out of their own fear and their own desire to be dominant, they overspent and could not continue functioning as a Communist nation and internally imploded from the lack of sufficient economic standing. This Awareness indicates that Reagan should be given considerable credit for his part in this. Even though there were some risks involved in his positioning or posturing, it did turn out favorably. This Awareness, indicates had it not been for his posturing and his hostile expressions toward Russia, the Cold War might have continued to limp along a few more years before Russia came into a state of having to surrender. Essentially, Russia surrendered when it could no longer continue feeding its people, and had to stop its military pursuits. RUSSIANS TRAINING IN U.S.: WILL THEY TAKE US OVER? QUESTION: Another question from this entity: "The Spotlight, over the past six months, has done an expose on all the Russian and United Nations troops and equipment in this country. Are the Russians or the United Nations currently planning on using these troops and equipment in this country to complete a takeover? Apparently there are over one hundred KGB agents in Monterey teaching Russian to our military personnel with CIA clearance. Are these Russian-speaking U.S. personnel going to aid in such a takeover?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that if this does occur, it will not be orchestrated from Russia, but from the United Nations. This Awareness indicates it could not occur in this country without the help of political power in this country. Your president, your Congress, your elected officials, and your appointed officials, including some of the agencies, have been for many years aligned with the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderbergers, and similar groups that have been helping the international bankers through the United Nations to take control, not only of this country but of all countries, in order to set up a One World Government. To give that government power, it is not Russia anymore, it is the United Nations that entities need to think about and focus on, and if Russian troops are being used in this country, consider that U.S. troops will be used in other countries by the United Nations, and Pakistani troops may be used in countries other than Pakistan by the United Nations, and that the United Nations is planning to move troops from that country into other countries because they know that the troops in any single country will not shoot their own people as readily as they would in a country foreign to themselves. This Awareness indicates that this is the reason for shifting troops around the world from one country to another. It is so that these various troops are not so inhibited about firing on civilians, controlling them with some brutal means if necessary, to maintain their control in that country. RUSSIANS, RUSSIANS EVERYWHERE IN U.S. (A Potential Problem Could Occur) FOLLOW-UP QUESTION; Well, this questioner evidently is one who still is polarized over the situation. I'll read the balance of her letter, which does have numerous questions and Awareness just can address later what It sees here. She writes: "There have been reports of Russian "refugees"* taking over senior citizens' housing in Los Angeles and heading positions in higher education in Alaska. Then we have Gorbachev, of all people, at the Presidio supervising the dismantling of the U.S. military bases, after receiving a payment of millions of dollars, and in the White House we have Clinton with his interesting anti-American student activities in England and his trip to Russia. Hillary, during her higher education stint, was apparently known as the "Class Commie." I read that her charitable contributions have benefited hardcore Marxist organizations. Her idol, Eleanor Roosevelt was documented as belonging to a great number of Red front organizations. We have had Russians going through our most secret facilities: Manzano Mountain Nuclear Storage Area near Albuquerque, New Mexico, Sandia and Los Alamos Labs, National Lake, etc., yet there are at least 30 off-limits cities in Russia that our personnel are not allowed to visit. There is all the financial help we have been sending to Russia. We are also helping other supposedly independent Eastern European nations that used to be a part of the Soviet Union. There is the interesting North Korean agreement where we give, but don't get anything in return. Is Russia encouraging her allies to get some of the 'gravy' too? In his excellent book "New Lies for Old, Solzenetzin (sic) warns that the current "end of the cold war" was merely a strategy to take advantage of the United States. Gorbachev himself stated that the basic plan remained the same, despite the thaw in relationships. Does Cosmic Awareness see a pattern in all this that Americans should be concerned about?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that always there are areas that entities need to be aware of. It does not see that this is something of great concern, but it is important for entities to be aware of the potential. This Awareness indicates that the relationship between the United States and Russia has been more of a friendly relationship. It doesn't matter whether a country is taken over by Russia or by the United Nations; either party is a hostile enemy, and therefore, it is important to keep the focus on preserving freedoms, and making sure that no outside force can take away the freedoms through the Constitution, through the traditional nature of the United States. If one has a fear of Russia and ignores the actions of the United Nations, your fear of Russia may keep them away while you defend yourself against them, but if the United Nations comes in the back door and takes over, they could very well then invite all the Russians to your home to the point where even with your greatest resistance to the Russians, you still have been captured by the United Nations and the Russians could still be in your home. This Awareness indicates it doesn't matter if you are protecting yourself against Russians, if while doing so you ignore the United Nations in its effort to take over your life, or if you ignore your own elected officials in their effort to sell you out through a One World government. In other words, if you focus too much on Russia, you may be watching the Bear move around, while you are captured by a SWAT team from the United Nations, so that you still lose, even with all your caution and surveillance of the bear. This Awareness indicates if, indeed, the Russians are working with the United Nations, or if the Russians are following some kind of continued plan from the past, from the Cold War, they are perhaps working for the United Nations. After all, it was a strong influence from the international bankers who set up the Communist takeover of Russia in the first place. They were financed from the United States by the international bankers and were taken to Saint Petersburg on British ships and from there took over the country through the Communist revolution of 1917. The "Cold War" Artificially Created by Bankers If there is still an effort by the international bankers to create a One World Government, it is likely that they would use any source possible as part of their militia, and they may well depend on Russians, just as they depend upon U.S. troops to conquer other countries and French troops for some others, etc. This Awareness wishes to point out to this entity that the Cold War, the conflict between the United States and Russia, was artificially created to raise great amounts of money from sales of military weaponry and from the manufacture and sales of arms in order that the international banks could profit from the enormous amount of effort that went in to this Cold War for almost 40 years. This Awareness indicates that it was never intended that the Cold War would lead to a shooting war; it was only intended that the threat of a shooting war would make people work, pay taxes, put forth their life energy in order to prevent the potential of a shooting war. Therefore, when the time suited the controllers, they would simply dissolve the Cold War, and create some other situation where they could then take control of the spoils of their 40 year Cold War. LIVING IN A CORPORATE NIGHTMARE (Capitalism Taken to its Ultimate Extension) FOLLOW-UP STATEMENT: What seems to have happened during the last 10 to 15 years, is another layer of the onion has been peeled off and the polarity of the nationalism has been peeled back to focus more clearly on the economic controls and forces in motion. COSMIC AWARENESS: This is in the affirmative. This Awareness indicates that most entities today recognize that countries are not so much in control of their economics; they are not even in control of their politics; that the great corporations and financial institutes are those which control the world's affairs. There will come a time in the future, if things continue in the way they have been moving according to the plans of the international bankers, where entities do not belong to a state or to a country, but would belong instead to a corporation. The corporations become cultures in themselves, where a great corporation could become almost like a country of the past, but the corporation is more like a feudal lord and the people who work for it are more like serfs or slaves of the corporation, and these corporations, if they grow large enough, can overlap each other so that one entity could be the subject of one corporation while his roommate or neighbor or brother or wife might belong to another corporation with a totally different name. It is also possible that if these corporations are in conflict with each other, they might demand allegiance from their subjects in such a way that the subjects would be in conflict with each other also, if their spouse, their friend, their neighbor belonged to a different corporation from their own. The Golden Mean: The Answer to a Capitalist State This Awareness indicates that this is the ultimate extension of what could occur if Capitalism went to its extreme. This Awareness indicates that entities have long considered what could occur in an extreme Communist state. This Awareness suggests that you might also consider what could occur in an extreme Capitalist state, and this Awareness wishes to remind entities of the Greek classic concept of the Golden Mean. The Golden Mean in ancient Greece was the middle path, the path down the middle, or the path that is halfway between the extreme polarities. This Awareness indicates this was considered by the Greeks as being the ideal position. If you take a middle path instead of the extreme radical ends of the extreme right or extreme left; if you take the middle path, you are more likely to be in the right position. If you are standing on the teeter-totter, the ends go high and low, but in the middle you simply rock up and down, hardly wavering at all, very slightly, with one foot going down half an inch, the other foot going down half an inch, up and down. You are much more balanced in the middle of a teeter-totter. Thus it was with the Golden Mean, taking a middle path. You are much safer, less risky in your position. This Awareness indicates that many have experienced the extreme of Communism and it is possible that entities will experience the extreme of Capitalism, where the corporation owns the individuals. This Awareness warns that this would not be a pleasant situation, and this Awareness also suggests that it is not a likely situation because of the changes that are to occur in consciousness during the coming twenty years But this Awareness does wish entities to think in terms of these extremes, and recognize the concept of reconciling the yes and no, reconciling the opposites of polarized positions. AN IDEAL SITUATION CAN BE WORKED OUT This Awareness indicates that a reconciliation between extremes lies somewhere in the middle. Thus, somewhere between Communism and Capitalism, in their extremes, is a position that recognizes the individual and the society, and there is a compromise, in which the individual must give something to society, and society must recognize the rights of an individual to be himself/herself, to be unique. This is a form of social and individual freedom and responsibility. They go hand in hand, and neither is extreme. You cannot expect a society to be all for the individual, but caring nothing for the rest of society. This creates a bunch of selfish individuals running around in conflict with each other, much like what has been represented in your movies of the days of the old West. These were truly individual entities, but when they showed some kind of compromise or compassion, and began to work for each other, they also represented to some extent a kind of socialism, where the community would come together and help an individual put up a barn or put up a school, or help the individual by sharing in the work on his crops. There were actions in which many entities helped the one, and actions in which one might help the many. This Awareness indicates that there were also those actions where one harmed many or many harmed one. But it is important to recognize that somewhere in the mix of activities, entities can help each other and also can be helped by society in general. Thus, one may help many and many may help one, and this becomes a kind of environment in which entities prosper from each other and with the help of each other. This Awareness indicates that the extreme of Communism would ask the entity to subvert his own welfare for the good of society. The extreme of Capitalism would expect the entity to compete and do all he could in order to beat the other guy and win some kind of reward. Somewhere in between is an ideal situation where everyone can benefit with the help of each other. (End of Reading; The Law of Gratitude is given.) THE SILENCE OF THE MALES IS BROKEN (CAC General Reading, November 11, 1994) OPENING MESSAGE: This Awareness indicates the recent election results indicate a fear of big government and a desire to move back toward more opportunities for individuality in society. There are many entities who are very disturbed at having more and more encroachment into their lives by government projects, programs and rules, laws and policies, and this recent election expresses this concern. This Awareness indicates it may have an affect for years to come in the way government looks at its role in the lives of the people. This Awareness indicates that the government generally has not only its own agenda, but an agenda that lobbying groups have put upon it, where it has tried to please those who are vocal in their desires, but in the process has ignored a large number of people who have been rather silent and passive. This Awareness indicates that this silence appears to have ended in this recent election and the entities have spoken. This Awareness suggests that in the coming year you will see a resurgence of entities' claims to have a right to bear arms, and much that has been passed in regard to the controls of weapons may be reversed. In fact, the recent crime bill may be modified and changed so that it is no longer the same bill. Rape and Plunder of Our Forests May Resume Many of the environmental policies that have been passed in recent years may be modified and weakened considerably. This Awareness indicates that, indeed, many of the gains that have occurred may be lost altogether. By gains, this Awareness refers to environmental gains; these may be lost so that further cutting of forests that remain may still continue. It appears that it may not allow the absolute and total destruction of forests, but that much of the forests will be destroyed before a new opportunity of saving these trees again comes about. This Awareness indicates some concern about this because the same kind of thoughtless action took place on Easter Island which had been covered by trees, and when the islanders had cut all the trees on Easter Island, they were unable to survive and the inhabitants of the island could not even find ways to fish, to gather food, to grow food. All plants were being cut even before they could grow into mature trees, and entities could not find trees to make boats, could not get out into the oceans to fish sufficiently to feed themselves, and the population began to dwindle until there were not enough people to work together to accomplish the needs, and they became individual isolated entities devouring whatever was left until no one existed in the sense of a society. This Awareness indicates that the Easter Island scenario or situation is a miniature representation of that which could happen world-wide if entities are not aware of the importance of the environment, and the need for trees. The rain forests in Brazil are being destroyed at an alarming rate; more than the size of the state of Connecticut are being destroyed daily. Much the same is beginning to occur in Africa. More Disease as Oxygen is Depleted The rain forests in the Philippines, the hardwood, is also being taken without reservation. It will not be long until there will be very little lumber left in the world, and no trees to fill the supply needed, and the few trees that remain will not be sufficient to create the oxygen that is necessary to sustain the large population on earth. This Awareness indicates that the oceans produce some oxygen, but if the oceans continue to be polluted by those who think that money solves everything, then even the oceans shall become dead and unable to produce oxygen, and as oxygen diminishes, as it is doing today, the appearance of more and more disease will increase on earth. The reduction of oxygen breeds an increase in viruses and diseases, thus the dangers of entities getting these fatal diseases increases with the reduction of oxygen, and oxygen reduces when excessive cutting of trees and pollution of the waters occurs. This Awareness indicates that it seems your political system allows entities to swing from one extreme to the other so that something is gained and something is lost in each swing of the pendulum. This Awareness indicates that this new swing as that which shall create new problems, perhaps not immediately, and many entities will think that the problems that exist are being solved, only to find that in the near future, a whole new set of problems occurs. This Awareness indicates that perhaps the best things entities can hope for is that the pendulum swings back and forth frequently, and perhaps does not go to extremes in either direction. This Awareness indicates that this may be the political ideal for a reconciliation of yes and no, to keep the pendulum from going to extremes in either direction so that the swinging of one side to the other fits within a more narrow range, thus approaching the concept of the Golden Mean, the path in the middle, between the extremes of expression. White Males Fed Up With "Political Correctness" This Awareness indicates that many political analysts see the recent election as being caused by the white male feeling his world closing in on him, where the government has passed laws and created political correctness centered on the rights of minorities, the rights of women, and the rights of homosexuals, in ways that take from the rights of the white male and also diminishes his ability to produce, so that the white male feels he is being squeezed out of society. This Awareness indicates that this has also been discussed prior to the election by many entities in minority groups and between the sexes in their evaluation of who's rights are important. This Awareness indicates that it appears to be a backlash from white males, and having their supposed rights taken from them, and the backlash has taken place in the use of the ballot. This Awareness indicates that the women's rights movement has been highly vocal, and the men have been generally quiet in this regard, but they have now given their voice through the vote, and shocked many of those advocates of the minority groups and their rights. This Awareness indicates it is as one person suggested "There was a time when it became clear that you could not win without the black vote," and he further stated: "Now, it becomes clear you cannot win without the vote of the white male in this society." This Awareness indicates, in actuality, all people need to have a voice and be recognized, and if they do not speak out, they are likely to be ignored. Just as the white male voice has been silent for some time, and they have been ignored, they have not spoken out, and created what is termed a political earthquake. This Awareness indicates that things appear to have moved into a more balancing situation where all the major players are now involved in the game. Whether this pleases or displeases others is of no great consequence, for the facts are that all the players want their voices heard and will have their voices heard in the coming years. This Awareness indicates that in the process of such change, it does not mean that the minority groups should suddenly be silenced because of the shift in powers; it simply means that a new voice is asserting itself in the conversation of the voters and it is not really a new voice; it is just that the voice has been silent for some time. Churches Likely to Become More Vocal This Awareness indicates that many entities will not like the fact that the voice is now speaking up. Nevertheless, that is a matter of fact. This Awareness indicates also, the churches who have been generally vocal, but whose voices have been ignored, are very likely to feel a sense of increased power and urgency to make themselves heard in the coming months. You can expect these entities to become more vocal in regard to the homosexual movement and in regard to moralities, because they perceive morality in society to be of great concern. This Awareness indicates that the churches appear to feel the Republican voices are more open to their views, and therefore they will become more vocal with the presumption that a Republican Congress and representatives will be responsive to them. Abortion will still be a major issue for years to come, and there will be efforts to change laws regarding abortion and efforts to stifle obscenity and pornography expressions that have gained under the law using the Freedom of Speech as provided through the Constitution. Voters May Change Their Minds Again in Next Election Many of the laws that have recently ruled in favor of pornography and obscenity as elements in Freedom of Speech may be overturned or modified during the coming years of Republican influence. This Awareness indicates however, that just because the Republican influence has won by such a mandate in this election does not mean that it will necessarily remain strong through the next election. Unless certain things are accomplished that benefit and satisfy the great majority of people in this country, the majority rule may again shift in the next election of 1996. That is the nature of democracy, that entities have the right to change their loyalties from one party to another every time an election occurs. Therefore, even though it was a great change that occurred this year in the election, it does not necessarily mean the change is permanent. This Awareness indicates that voters often make mistakes, in selecting certain individuals, leaders, or in choosing certain issues, but the voters have the right, after seeing the results, to change their mind in the next election and choose a vote opposing their previous vote. Therefore, entities are not stuck with their opinion from one election to the other, with their stand, for the voters categorize them by what they said recently and years before, and it is difficult for a candidate to switch positions on issues without developing a reputation of being hypocritical or unclear and losing votes because they changed their mind. The voters have the right to change their minds as often as they wish, but the candidates are not so privileged in this regard, without facing some kind of negative consequence for changing their position This Awareness indicates it does appear that on a general level, this recent change will have certain beneficial results if they are not carried to extremes. This Awareness indicates that if and before they are carried to extremes, the pendulum switches back for a period, that would also be favorable for the country in general. This Awareness sees that switching from the Republican administration in 1992 to a Democratic administration was very helpful in preserving certain stability in this country. Switching the Houses and Senate in terms of Republican leadership over Democratic leadership at this time, also retaining the Democratic administration, has also been helpful. It will create enough of a gridlock between the presidency and the legislature that the two cannot easily push the country into some extreme because each will resist the other in a kind of political gridlock. This Awareness sees that at this time, this country is better off being blocked in its ability to move, because the movements that would occur otherwise seem only to benefit those who would take over this country through New World Order programs or through economic controls at the expense of the citizens. In other words, by putting change on the government, putting the legislature against the administration, the government can't move as easily as it would if it had both Democratic legislature and Democratic administration, or Republican legislature and Republican administration, because if you had either of these situations, the government could be more easily moved toward that process which would bring it more quickly under the control of the New World Order and UN rule. The grid-lock, however, helps to slow down the efforts. ED's Note: For more on Easter Island and its terrible fate, please refer to Revelations of Awareness issue No. 77-02, The Riddle of Easter Island; also 81-23, Corporate Cancer: The Murder of Mother Earth, $3 each from CAC. Those who would like to help save the remaining rain forests which are still being destroyed, the acreage being the size of Connecticut daily, we suggest you join the Rainforest Action Network, 450 Sansome, Suite 700, San Francisco, CA 94111. Those who wish to help save what little of the ancient forests remain are urged to contact Sierra Club Legal Defense Fund, 180 Montgomery St., Suite 1400, San Francisco, CA 94104. (Taking the government and the plunderers to court has so far been the only effective method to save what's left of the Old Growth forests). WORKING OUT KARMA: SOME THINGS TO CONSIDER (It's No Accident You Find Yourself in Relationships) This Awareness wishes entities to focus on the concept of karma. This Awareness indicates that most entities, unless they are Wanderers who have entered into this plane on a special mission, will have some degree of karma to work off in the lifetime of their physical incarnation. This Awareness indicates that the majority of these entities will be given the opportunity to work off such karma in that when they meet certain individuals, there is usually some kind of brief or slight or serious karma that needs to be worked off between them or they would not be meeting for any prolonged period of time. This Awareness indicates that entities can casually pass one another or have a word or two, but when the meeting becomes significant and a relationship is established, there is usually some kind of karma involved. This Awareness indicates that much of this time entities will engage in a relationship for the purpose of working off a karmic debt, one to the other. It is not always mutually owed to each other. This Awareness indicates that in most cases, it will in some way reflect an earlier meeting in another life, in which one entity owing the other something and never got things balanced before one or the other passed over. Thus, the meeting allows them to reconcile that imbalance of karmic debt in this next life. This Awareness indicates that the point this Awareness wishes to make is that although you already understand what has been said so far, and probably knew this before this Awareness mentioned it, there are some areas that entities in thinking about karma may not have focused on sufficiently. It is likely that entities will be given the opportunity to work off the old karmic debt. What is not always understood is that you may reinforce the karma, make it worse, and you may also create new karma, and much of your attention and concern needs to be focused on avoiding the creation of new karma, new karmic debt to another. This Awareness indicates that for most entities in the creation of karma, it is an almost certain ticket to return to this earth plane and go through many of the same sufferings endured in this lifetime, rather than going on to another situation which is more pleasant. This Awareness indicates there are some entities who do not mind the idea of coming back to resolve more karma. This Awareness indicates it is like the entity who, being told that: "Every time you have sexual intercourse with someone, you create connection with that person and must return to work it off," to which he replied: "I don't care; that's what I want to do." This Awareness indicates that with that type of approach, many entities explain that they enjoy the karmic repayments on earth and are not frightened by dealing with future karma and future debts of earth. They may even enjoy the thought that they could return to work off future karma. NEW KARMA CAN BE EASILY CREATED FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: "I had experience with a relationship with a person who owed me karma, and the way they treated me was worse than the way they would treat other people, and I asked the Tarot about this and the cards said it's because he sensed that he owed the karma. It was sort of like if you see somebody that you owe money to, you avoid them or you treat them worse than you would if you didn't. I assumed this way that he dealt with the relationship, he was probably creating new karma." COSMIC AWARENESS: This would be in the affirmative. This Awareness indicates in other words, if the entity did not resolve the karmic debt, then the entity still owes the karmic debt, and if the entity created more difficulties for you in the relationship where he was given the opportunity to resolve the karmic debt, then he enhanced his karmic debt to you. It is like the person who has robbed someone and years later meets that person, realizes the entity recognizes him and instead of repaying the entity for what was taken, he violates the entity further and gets away because he does not want to face the reality of his debt. This Awareness indicates it is as though he is saying, "Yes, I was the one who snatched your purse long ago. You recognize me. Well, how about if I snatch your purse again?", and then grabbing the purse, runs away. He had doubled his karma, but he is not yet ready to repay the debt, and the next time he will have heavier karma, perhaps karma he cannot so easily escape. HOW ONE ENTITY STOPPED THE WHEEL OF KARMA (The Story of the Three Sisters, One Who Was Blinded) QUESTION: "There's a story in the media right now of two sisters who took their third sister and poked her eyes out, totally blinded her, and they're trying to put the sisters on trial for violent acts, or attempted murder, but the victim will not press charges. Now, is this a case of some kind of karma being worked off?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that this is a situation where a karmic act has been committed. Whether it was the reaction to previous karmic debt owed to the two sisters who blinded this entity, or whether it was an act perpetrated by the two entities against their sister for her own good, as they believed, or stated their beliefs to be, thinking that she was in some way being manipulated by evil forces, and that their action of gouging her eyes out somehow would make her a better person; whichever scenario is true, it doesn't matter to a great degree except between themselves and in regard to their own karmic debts. It will all balance out eventually. This Awareness indicates what is significant about this story is that the victim refuses to create an ongoing karma against the sisters by making them pay for their debt to her, or causing them any harm. In other words, she has stopped the cycle of karma between them. For some reason this entity feels it is more important to her to maintain a good relationship with her sisters, than to get revenge on them for blinding her and for violating her. This Awareness indicates that this shows the victim sister not to be an evil person, but to be a very forgiving and loving person. She has stopped the karma between the entities. This does not necessarily mean that the two sisters who violated her are free of any karma owed to her, but that she is not ready to violate them or cause them suffering for their misdeed. She will leave the karma, if there is such, up to the Divine Forces or what may be called the Lords of Karma, the Law of Karma. She is not going to be the one who takes the action upon herself and create further karma for herself. This Awareness indicates this is referring to further karmic debt on herself; perpetrating a violation to her sisters, is as a revenge action. GOING BACK FOR SECONDS; KARMIC IRONY QUESTION: "Years ago, "Life" magazine had a very ironic story, most of which I've forgotten, but it concerned an entity who was involved in some kind of accident, I believe a car accident where he smashed into a tanker truck loaded with gasoline, and the gasoline exploded, and this entity was literally burned alive, almost every square inch of his body. The reason the magazine featured the story was, it went into the months and the years of skin grafting rehabilitating of this entity, and the people who sent in money to pay for the endless grafts and hospitalization and the extreme pain that this entity went through for months and months and even years, and when he was finally put back together through bone grafts and all sorts of medical technology, he was able to walk and I believe talk a little bit through some kind of apparatus, and again resumed some sort of life. Now, the irony of this thing was that he had no sooner gotten out of the hospital and re-established his life, after about 1O years of painful recovery, when essentially the same situation was repeated. He got involved again in an accident with some sort of gasoline truck, and once again the same thing happened again; he was burned over 90 percent of his body and after about a year of painful hospitalization, I believe the entity finally died. My question is; What kind of an explanation, karma-wise, could an incident like that have?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates perhaps the entity himself had a guilt of subconscious level for crimes he had committed against others involving fire and simply had it in his contract with himself to be burnt and to work off the karma of his previous sins against others. That is one potential. Perhaps also, the entity simply had such a strong psychological aberration to the first incident that scarred and burnt him that he could not get it out of his consciousness, and because his consciousness was fixated on it, he went back out into the street with such an intense fixation that he brought it on himself, not from karma, but from: "The thing I fear has come upon me" concept. Perhaps this image and fixation of the previous accident led him to create an action that repeated a similar scenario, even though he had overcome much of the physical problems from the first scenario. Perhaps it was still in his mind that he had not completed or finished dealing with this type of situation. This Awareness indicates that It has not addressed the individuality of the entity, for there is no name to identify the entity and it is really a question of hypothetical understanding of a situation that actually occurred, according to the information given. It is not clear enough to focus on the absolute details such as the personal karma and what was really the debt owed by this entity, if any, or what thinking brought on the event, if any. This Awareness indicates all It can do is give a generic response to a hypothetical situation given. WILL 2012 DENSITY CHANGE CREATE A NEW HEAVEN AND HELL ON EARTH? (How Spiritual Can One Feel After Being Raped?) QUESTION: A question from N.J., Buffalo, New York. He writes: "With all this talk of a splitting of dimensions and the purported "Rapture" or "Final Judgment," are we not, by energizing this idea, creating another Celestria/Terrestria dichotomy? Will it not just end up that those incarnating on the "new Earth" who are not of the Light will once again be in a situation where they will be asked to incarnate on the "old Earth" in an attempt to raise the energies of the so-called lost souls therein? What is the point of releasing the energies of hell onto this earth and releasing the transmuting rays of the Violet Flame coincident with them, if only to create a new heaven and a new hell on earth? I think that Awareness may agree that the only reason to introduce a "splitting of dimensions" should be to present a time frame where humans, by whatever means necessary, must wake up to their eternal potential and withdraw their consciousness from the prison mentality that the consciousness of earth has degenerated to." COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates there is still more to this however; that the observation has merit, but there is still something that is being overlooked. This is in response to the fact that there are many entities in a negative situation who, given an opportunity to move into a more positive situation, would find it possible to become much better in their behavior in their development, in their evolving toward spiritual expression. It is as though a spiritual person is put in the midst of the worst prison on earth and told: "Do what you can, as you wish in this situation. See how you survive when you are in the midst of these people who would as soon kill you, torture you, rape you and degrade you; see if you are still as spiritual in this situation as you were in your church where you are treated with great respect by your parishioners." This Awareness indicates that obviously, there will be a difference in the way the entity has to behave in order to survive. The entity cannot as easily be spiritual when being attacked physically, emotionally, and spiritually with great cruelty from those who are near the entity, other than to surrender and let them violate him as they may choose, and such violations actually may only be giving in to their demands, and is this maintaining a spiritual approach? Is this a spiritual way to deal with such entities? This Awareness indicates that if an entity under threat, under coercion, under force, gives in to the oppressor, are they showing spiritual attributes or are they letting themselves be violated in such a way that might be considered by themselves as less than the highest approach? Shall they feel guilty after being physically assaulted or raped, or can they still feel spiritual because they did not strike back and resist the hostile and negative abuse directed towards them? This Awareness indicates, in other words, when you are in a situation of life threatening or dangerous or hostile vibration, it is very difficult to be the highest and best that you can be spiritually. Therefore, if people of a desire to become more spiritual are moved out of such a negative situation, into one where there is more encouragement of the spiritual path, they may have an opportunity to evolve more quickly, to become the highest they can be. This Awareness indicates that by creating a situation in which those who identify with negative behavior and those who identify with higher spiritual behavior are separated from each other, the spiritually inclined will have greater opportunity to develop in that direction. The negatively inclined entities will have the opportunity to totally indulge in their negative fantasies and behaviors to see just what it leads to. They may also begin to miss having more spiritual people around who can set examples of loving and caring for others, so that they actually begin to question their own values of brutality, hostility, and say to themselves: "What has happened? Everything is so much harsher now. What happened to those wimpy spiritual folks that we used to see all the time? I sort of miss those people. You could trust them. They didn't hurt you. You could hurt them, but they didn't hurt you back. I wish they were here." This Awareness indicates that by creating a separation when the conflict is too strong, is like two brothers, one who loves to fight and violate others, and one who does not participate in such negative behavior. If the one is taken away, what does the violent one do for entertainment? And does the violent one learn anything, or miss the spiritual brother to the point where he begins to look at himself and his own behavior now that the passive and kind person is no longer present in his life? This Awareness indicates that in other words, it is giving the gentle person a vacation from the hostilities of the negative persons, and it is giving the negative persons an opportunity to see themselves magnified by everyone that remains in their society who are also negative in their behavior. They are reflected in those who remain and they have to eventually start developing some kind of code or standard by which they live together or they destroy each other and die together. It creates situations that can be beneficial for those who are more merciful and tolerant of others, or for those who are hostile and intolerant showing no mercy to others. Such entities may find themselves begging for mercy themselves. It forces entities to re-examine values, recognize the importance of certain wholesome values in a society. CAN THE NWO PREVENT THE DENSITY CHANGE? QUESTION: A question from M.M., of New York City. He asks "If earth is ascending to 4th density, and that by the year 2013 the transition will be complete, is the Illuminati/New World Order force trying to prevent this ascension or are they planning in assuming control in 4th density?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that it appears these entities are trying to stop this increase in the vibration and think that they are going to be able to control humanity within time to prevent any spiritual evolution from coming into being in the near future. They are anxious to set up their own religious beliefs and impose them on the masses. One of the first things they will seek to do is to destroy Christianity or alter Christianity so that it comes under their control and influence. This Awareness indicates that they do not mind if the people are passive and obedient to their commands; they do not mind even if the people are at war with each other as long as that war can be controlled and prevented from curbing the production they wish to get from entities. They will attempt to impose certain behavioral standards so that the society can be controlled as necessary. They may even show great tolerance for different religious groups as long as those religious groups do not fight among themselves and as long as they are cooperative with their new rulers. This Awareness indicates that if this did not clarify the question, that the question may be repeated QUESTION: Well, the basic question was: "Is the Illuminati/New World Order force trying to prevent this ascension or are they planning on assuming control on 4th density?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates they do not recognize that there is a higher frequency coming to this plane at this time, or a dimensional shift that will occur in the near future. They are simply engaged in trying to gain complete and total control of populations and governments and the wealth of entities around the world in various countries. Their interest is in controlling things. WHAT EXACTLY IS THE NEW WORLD ORDER RELIGION? (The New Freemasonry Religion in the New World Order) FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: "Awareness mentioned they would attempt to impose their own religious beliefs. What exactly are their religious beliefs?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates this essentially is that which is represented through Freemasonry and certain similar secret organizations. This Awareness indicates that this reference to Freemasonry as being more of a generic religion, it may take on different specifics and details and have various faces or individual qualities, depending on where it is being practiced. This Awareness indicates that they will also for some time tolerate some of the other strong religions so long as they do not cross over certain lines being allowed by the structured religious teachings and orders of the Freemasonry. This Awareness indicates that when It speaks of Freemasonry It refers in part to the Illuminati and its connection with Freemasonry and its influence on various organizations throughout the world, where the various organizations can merge, can be tolerated, can be unified with Freemasonry. The entire action being such that eventually there will be, according to these plans, a structured religion that is guided in part by Masonic principles and techniques, This Awareness indicates that there are many different secret schools that have sprung out of Freemasonry or have some influence in Freemasonry or will be created through this energy and it will be directed by the state so that any group that starts as a religion will have to fit in with the design approved by the state or receive from the state permission to act as a religion. Without such permission the concept of a new religion would be forbidden by the state. THE AMAZING MIRACLE "SPACE SYRUP" GIVEN TO EARTH BY ALIENS: DOES IT WORK? QUESTION: D.B., Phoenix, Arizona, sent in a little article from something called "Stalking the Wild Pendulum," which I'd like to read to Awareness and ask if this information is valid. "Lavinia Ritkiss, a healer In Los Angeles, has been given a recipe for what seems to be a miracle cure. The health guru says her amazing "space syrup" was a gift from the aliens to all of humankind and that anyone can prepare it from common ingredients. "This syrup is truly amazing," said Mrs. Ritkiss, who used the miracle medicine to cure her arthritis. "It costs just pennies to make, yet after a few weeks of taking it, your whole physical and mental conditions change for the better. It contains many ingredients that humans use to improve health, but the formula the aliens' advanced science has produced combines these ingredients in a new and different way, and it has a remarkable impact on the body. The aliens told me that it affects the electrical energy of the body, reversing negative impulses that bring about diseases and unhealthy emotions. I take a teaspoon every day and I know that it has worked wonders for me. Now the aliens want me to spread the word so that the maximum number of humans will learn about it and use it." Mrs. Ritkiss, who runs a healing center that offers natural products and New Age cures, says she encountered the aliens last fall while she was working in her office behind the store. Seven small green creatures appeared out of thin air, she says, and they used their huge, glowing eyes to immobilize her. "They just appeared in the corner of my office and they seemed very loving and concerned," Mrs. Ritkiss recalled. "They told me they had great affection and respect for humans and wanted to help us with this gift. I couldn't move or speak, but I wasn't afraid. I felt like I was dreaming. When I awoke, the spacemen were gone and the recipe was sitting on the desk in front of me." Mrs. Ritkiss says she mixed up a batch of the syrup the next day, and because it contained nothing she felt would harm her, she took a teaspoon every day for a month to see what would happen. "I couldn't believe what it did for me," she says. "My arthritis is gone, my skin glows, even my teeth and hair are different. I feel like a teenager again. Since then, I have shared the recipe with hundreds of people, and has cured everything: acne, heart disease, depression and even cancer. The syrup is so wonderful, and I know I have to tell everybody about it. It's a miracle gift, a token of love from outer space." Mrs. Ritkiss says she plans to distribute a pamphlet about the space syrup sometime later this year. In the meantime, however. she has provided the formula so people can start enjoying good health right away." SPACE SYRUP 2 tsp. diced fresh garlic 3 Tbs. olive oil 5 Tbs. pure clover honey 1 Tbs. vinegar 1/2 tsp. cayenne 1/4 tsp. asafetida (optional) 1/4 C. strong green tea, freshly brewed Sauté garlic in olive oil for 1 minute, then add other ingredients. Simmer and cook over low flame for 5 minutes. Let cool, strain into glass jar. Cover and refrigerate. (Makes enough for a week). That's the article and the recipe. Does Awareness see that information as being valid at all? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that the formula is seen as being very potent and beneficial, that each of the ingredients involved has very curative qualities. This Awareness indicates that the entity's claim and attributing of the formula to green aliens appears to be acceptable. It is not seen as a deliberate fabrication on her part; it appears that she does believe these entities communicated this to her. This Awareness indicates that the proof is in the pudding, and as entities use the pudding for their own purposes they will receive the proof, if it is indeed workable for them. This Awareness indicates that it is worth the effort to make and to use, and suggests that entities offer feedback when they have used this formula for a month, to contact CAC so it can use testimonials if it becomes important to others in future references. THE BOOK "MUTANT MESSAGE DOWN UNDER": IS THE INFO ON ABORIGINES VALID? QUESTION: A question from E.C., Austin, Texas. She writes: "Will you ask Awareness to please comment on the book "Mutant Message Down Under," by Marlo Morgan. She is under criticism by the Australian government and there is a lawsuit against her book about the Aborigines. Could you comment on whether all the Aborigines were as "cosmic" as she portrays them, or was this a special group?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that it appears the entities do have a special culture that allows them to move into higher frequencies with certain rituals and activities so that they could be classed as "cosmic"; they actually move occasionally into other frequencies or dimensional states of consciousness. This Awareness indicates however, it does appear the entity's book, in describing the Aborigines, has a tendency to exaggerate or mis-describe or misinform readers to some degree regarding the experience of the Aborigines. It is not so much that the entity seeks to misinform, but rather that she doesn't quite have the full understanding of the Aborigines and in her efforts to describe, she falls short of accurate description inadvertently. PLEIADIANS SAY EARTH SCIENCE NOW USES INCREDIBLE ALIEN TECHNOLOGY (Has All Earth's Gold Been Removed from Planet?) QUESTION: J.V.T., in Holland, sent in an excerpt from some publication from the Pleiadians, supposedly channeled by Barbara Marciniak, and it mentioned something interesting here. I guess, in order to get into it, I have to read some of this other stuff. It's a question and answer thing. The questioner asks: "This is Leslie. I wondered if you could clarify some information on the holographic images that some of the forces will be foisting on us. Is there a way to discern what is a holographic image versus what is not?" Answer: "Your science on earth is capable of creating holographic images that are so perfect that we could be beamed into this seat as a hologram and you would not know unless you came up to touch us. This is how advanced earth science is." Questioner: "Did the Star Wars satellite have something to do with this?" Answer: "Yes. The satellites that are being sent up now, and there is a great new wave of them going up, have to do with certain devices being planted inside of them. There are energy devices in the new satellites, especially over the last year and one half, that are brand new. There has been a breakthrough and a change with extraterrestrial materials." Now here's the interesting part: "The gold reserves of the planet have been traded off-planet and the government's gold in many places has left the planet. You have been given in exchange devices that literally open up the corridors of time, devices that warp time, devices that to you if you looked at them would look as if they were huge, seamless stainless steel balls. They are in fact filled with fuel and filled with elements that are not native to the earth plane. These are extraterrestrial technological devices. They literally change time fields. These are being sent up in satellites at this time. " Would Awareness comment on that information in regard to its validity? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that this appears to be a progression stemming from alien technologies of earlier Earthian experiments and research into time warps, and also into alien energy sources. This Awareness indicates this relates to the use of Element 115 and various experiments that have used this, and also to the work described by Bielek in regard to the time research projects on Long Island. This Awareness indicates this tied to that known as the Philadelphia Experiment. This Awareness indicates that the satellites referred to as part of the Star Wars or SDI program does appear to have some very high technological aspects that relate to research in time and the use of time-shifting in order to view future and past from the present. This Awareness indicates that it appears the references by this entity are based on certain factual activities pertaining to scientific research that is indeed happening, using alien technologies and substances. FOLLOW-UP QUESTION "What about the reference that the gold reserves of the planet and the government's gold in many places has left the planet?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that this is not seen as extremely significant. This Awareness indicates that it appears rather that some of the gold has been taken. The government's gold reserves are not off the planet so much as being held by certain forces on the planet. This Awareness indicates if the gold reserves had actually been taken from the planet, leaving very little gold behind, then you would have seen an increase, an extreme increase in the price of gold. This has not happened, and this Awareness indicates that the gold reserves are still present on the planet. FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: "If it had occurred though, how would anybody know? I recall Dr. Beter talked about the gold reserves being removed from Fort Knox and nobody knew about it." COSMIC AWARENESS: This is in the affirmative. This Awareness indicates that later the gold reserves were listed with the Federal Reserve Bank. This Awareness indicates that if indeed the gold reserves of governments were no longer present on the planet, the price of gold on the market would have increased considerably. Instead of paying $396 per ounce, for example, you would be paying $3,960 per ounce, or something like that, possibly even more, depending on how much gold is gone. Even jewelry would be much more expensive if made from gold. BREAST CANCER PREVENTED BY LOTS OF SEX QUESTION: There's a tabloid article that states that "having sex prevents breast cancer in women, a new study shows." I won't read the whole thing, but it says that "making love can save the lives of thousands of women every year. That a new study has shown that in Australia, researchers reveal that the hormone oxytocin, which is released from a woman's breasts are stimulated during sex and fights deadly breast cancer. There were 5,000 women involved in this 3 year study." Does Awareness see any truth to that? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates this appears to be correct. This Awareness indicates that the release of these hormones and others are seen as beneficial to entities and that it also affects the psyches of entities so that they release much tension that can be harmful if continued and if the tensions block entities. This Awareness indicates that a healthy sex life for entities appears to be beneficial in the sense of physical health; also emotional and mental health. This Awareness indicates that there can be problems in terms of social health from sexual activities that are not properly managed, where entities may have difficulties in relationships, etc., if they are not careful as to how they express themselves sexually. This Awareness indicates, of course, this is obvious and yet, there are always young or naive entities who get involved sexually and develop a series of karmic mistakes and have their lives disrupted and then spend many years of karmic frustration due to bad judgment regarding the use of sexual energies. This Awareness indicates that if entities wish to be cautious in regard to sex and develop a good healthy sex life with a trustworthy partner, then it can be beneficial to their health. THE AKASHIC RECORD: GETTING THE TERMS STRAIGHT A question from A.J.G. in Ohio. "There is a lot of contradiction in occult literature concerning the source of information. Some occultists teach that the Akashic Record contains only the history of all human souls, information about the present and past lives of every human being, present and past, and that there is a separate pool or stream of information which is the source of all knowledge, on everything except the soul records. Other occultists teach that there is only one source of knowledge: the Akashic Record, and that it contains not only the histories of all souls, but all knowledge on everything else as well. Still another view is my own that the Akashic Record contains all experiences and all knowledge that either exists now or has existed in the past, but it does not contain information about discoveries which have not yet been made. That information would be in another separate source of knowledge. Which teaching, if any, is the correct one?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates the Akashic Record is a reflection of the memory of the collective mind around the earth itself; that it does not extend to the Universal Consciousness or serve as a collection of memories related to other systems outside of the earth itself. This Awareness indicates a correction: The Akashic Record as normally used in defining the records of the souls, is that which might be called a "biosphere library," a library of information of a collective sense that encompasses the earth. It is the aura of human consciousness surrounding the earth itself. This Awareness indicates that the concept of Akasha, however, is somewhat different and the term "Akashic Record" to describe the biosphere library may not be accurate as a term, for Akasha permeates the entire universe, and it contains information. This Awareness indicates that in this sense, if entities refer to the Akashic Record in this manner, they are speaking of Universal Consciousness. This Awareness indicates that Universal Consciousness can be tapped for information relating to all knowledge acquired and held by the universe, in reference to all that has occurred. In reference to energies that are in motion, which may result in certain effects in the future, these effects in the future are not as clearly indicated as are things that have occurred in the past or in the present. This Awareness indicates that in this sense, the Akashic Record of Universal Consciousness is different from what most entities think of when they speak of the Akashic Record which was commonly used in the Edgar Cayce materials as referring to a biosphere library in consciousness, around the earth plane. This Awareness indicates that one of the problems of discussing things of this nature is that terminologies for different entities mean different things, and unless these are commonly defined, entities may be speaking of different energies under the same name, and thinking they are speaking of the same thing that Akashic Records to one person, may mean something different to another, and unless they understand each other's meaning or how to define the terms, they can be speaking entirely apart or of different concepts entirely. FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: "Did I understand then that the Akashic Record, as Awareness explained it just now, does not contain information about discoveries which have not yet been made?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that in reference to the Akashic Record as used by Cayce, which generally defined relates to his entry into an area of collective consciousness surrounding the earth plane itself; that this as a record of past events; it is an entry into vibrations of history in a collective consciousness sense. This Awareness indicates that in the case of the terminology "Akashic Recording" when applied to Universal Consciousness, it can include an awareness of events and discoveries not yet come to pass, but these future events will not be as clear, as precise in their presentation or imagery as if already recorded on the record of Akasha. This Awareness indicates Akasha essentially is a vibratory rate. It is the same as spirit. It is anti-matter, and when it vibrates and contains information, the information is generally that which is read from present, looking toward the past, but the Akasha also contains future information. In order to see it from the future, the observer must enter into a state of Akasha or a state of anti-matter as one looking backward through a black hole, seeing the light rushing in, rather than being the light rushing toward the black hole. This event would be like an entity rushing from the future back toward the present, and when the entity can experience such, the entity can see the future more clearly, and this future information is found in Akasha. It is not yet recorded on the memory of present or past events, so it cannot be actually present in the Akashic Record, but it is possible to tap into the future and see events of the future as they rush toward the present and past. This Awareness indicates that one can, however, from the present observe energies that are in motion, and know that these energies in motion will collide at some point, causing a certain result, and the result then becomes predictable from the observance of the energies in motion. Thus, one can see influence of energies on the future from present and past records in Akasha. ARE ALL YOUR THOUGHTS AND WORDS RECORDED? (Old Statements Never Die, They Just Fade Away) FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: "I've heard the notion that somewhere there is recorded every word an entity has ever spoken in its life, plus indeed, every thought he's ever had. Is this true, and if so, does this Akashic Record contain that information?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that if you blow the loudest instrument in the world, it gradually begins to fade away into silence, but the silence is not really silent. If you had an instrument that could hear well, you could still pick up the sound as it fades away, and if you could turn up that instrument even more, you could still follow that sound as it begins to fade further and further away. The fact is that the sound never stops. It only continues to diminish infinitely, thus, in a sense, somewhere in the infinity, the sound continues to move eternally, but it keeps fading away, further and further. This Awareness indicates that in this sense, every word, every sound spoken, continues to exist somewhere, but it is fading away so far, so rapidly, and in such a diminishing way, that you would have to have hearing of an absolute sense to be able to track down the sounds. There is no instrument for hearing those sounds. Consciousness itself becomes the only instrument that can track down the sounds that have diminished beyond the point of your hearing limitations. Thus, you could, through consciousness, theoretically track down conversations that were spoken thousands of years ago, and hear them consciously, with consciousness itself, but not with the ears. This Awareness indicates that this is what is meant by these discussions that words spoken never die, they just fade away. They fade away, but they don't ever fade out entirely. They fade away so far that you, with your human hearing, could not track them down, even with the best of ears, but they still are fading. Even words spoken 6,000 years ago are still fading away. This Awareness indicates that the question may be asked: What value is this information to an entity, unless the entity wants to track down the words of something said and bring back those words to the present? In order to do so, one would need to follow the vibrations of the words with the mind, and the mind or consciousness would have to be very disciplined to the right frequency to find those words and to recreate them in consciousness of the entity for them to be spoken accurately It would take extreme talent for such a mind to develop that kind of tracking ability. DID EDGAR CAYCE TAP THE SUBCONSCIOUS OR THE SUPERCONSCIOUS MIND? QUESTION: One final question from A.J.G. "Edgar Cayce would send part of his mind out of his body and pick up information to answer questions asked by his clients. When he was mentally picking up information about the client's previous incarnations, was that information being picked up by Cayce's subconscious mind, or by his superconscious mind? It seems to me that his subconscious mind would be doing it. And when he was mentally going out and picking up information needed to answer questions in other fields such as medicine, nutrition, science, astrology, archeology, etc.; in those cases, was the information being picked up by his subconscious mind or his superconscious mind? It would seem to me that on everything except previous incarnations, it would be the superconscious mind that was picking up the information." COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that the so-called subconscious mind refers to a consciousness that is in a state of non-identification, that relates to the ability to reach out and touch things that are present in the here and now and in the past, and to attach to those things and bring back information from that attachment. The superconscious mind is that which understands the overview of the energies and forces involved; it is a much higher frequency and can alter the future and draw from higher frequencies to alter the present. The subconscious mind gathers information based on things present, things at a distance and things past. The superconscious mind works with creating from future energies affecting the present and gathering energies to modify the reality of present and future events. This Awareness indicates that perhaps this clarifies enough to answer the question the entity asked. LEARN TO READ THE VIBRATIONS OF OTHERS CLOSING MESSAGE: This Awareness indicates that the vibrations that entities express in their consciousness reflect thoughts they have, reflect values they hold, and reflect emotions held in their consciousness, and these vibrations go out and touch others, and affect how others feel toward them; thus, an entity can have very strong feelings about another based on the vibrations picked up, even without understanding what is going on within the mind and emotions of the other. This Awareness indicates that you are essentially the vibrations you emit, and your vibrations are a reflection of your thoughts, values, ideas, concepts and attachments, as well as your fears and behavioral patterns that are locked within you. As these alter, your vibrations alter and entities who are sensitive pick up on your vibrations and have their feelings toward you adjusted accordingly. This Awareness indicates that some are drawn to those who have certain types of vibratory rates or qualities, even though the entity may not be perfect, the entity may still be lovable, even with abusive qualities, thoughts, ideas and behavioral patterns, to the point where an entity picking up on those vibrations can still love the abuser and be drawn to the entity without experiencing the abuse until later. This Awareness indicates that other entities might sense the vibrations and qualities and know to stay away from this entity, for the entity has a cruelty about him or her, which the entity who is sensitive does not want to approach too closely. This Awareness indicates you need to learn to read vibrations and this can occur as entities become more and more aware of people through various relationships and what they feel like in terms of vibrations and then how they behave as you come to know them. WHY WOULD CELESTRIA NEED OUR ENERGIES? QUESTION: A question from J.D., Fall River, Mass. which relates to Celestria: "In a recent "Revelation of Awareness" the section entitled, "An Explanation of the Mystical Marriage," the reference to Terrestrians (us) having to send energies to the higher realms, Celestria, to give them support, sustenance and so forth. This is very peculiar and perplexing. I thought the highest realms, Celestria, being so attuned to universal forces, could tap in directly to draw energies and on that level instantaneously, just as Awareness Las indicated that everyone and everything has that channel within to tune in to, to tune in to universal forces. How then is it that they need our energies?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that when you place your energy into a creation and sustain that creation, nourish that creation, you continue to give energy to that, the expression or expense of your energy is such that it creates a vacuum within yourself where something needs to come back and fill that vacuum. This Awareness indicates that when Celestria allowed the creation of Terrestria and Hades, it created within itself a certain vacuum. This being in particular the recognition of other areas outside itself which were imperfect and incomplete. This Awareness indicates that with this incomplete area and the recognition of this, Celestria itself was no longer absolutely complete until all of that could be re-integrated as part of Celestria. This Awareness indicates that therefore, Celestria must continue pouring energy into the areas of Terrestria and Hades until these are returned to the perfect harmonious balance of universal energies. This Awareness indicates that therefore, until this has been returned in to perfect balance, Celestria gives energies and must, therefore, receive back recognition and energies from those areas of Hades and Terrestria. This Awareness indicates that, were it not so, Celestria would be completely oblivious to any other area outside of itself, would not recognize Terrestria or Hades, and would simply be shut off. This Awareness indicates this would be a general impossibility. This Awareness indicates that for the Celestrians to assist the Terrestrians, they must receive certain vibratory rates of Celestria and returned to Terrestria bearing gifts. ED's Note: This question was asked in May, 1980, and relates to information given by Awareness in the readings on Hades and Celestria, which are: 78-35, 78-19, 79-18, 81-23, 83-06, 89-05, 79-25, and 83-13. WHY WOULD A BABY BE BORN INTO VIOLENCE? QUESTION: A question from P.G., in California. She writes; "Last night, I saw on television where a pregnant woman, Carol Stewart, of the northern suburb of Boston, was shot in the head and her husband was shot in the stomach. Her baby was delivered and lived, but the mother died a short time later. Her husband survived also. The gunman who murdered her saw a car phone and may have mistook them for someone else. My question is: Was there a significant reason, or perhaps a karmic reason, why an entity would choose to be born of parents in such a violent manner? As I understand it, either we are allowed to choose the parents we are to be born to, or they are chosen for us. Can you comment?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that the individual child has no greater insight into its future than might any other entity having been born on this plane, except as might be developed in the individual's own soul growth. Just because an entity is a fetus and chooses to be born of certain parents does not necessarily mean that the entity has all knowledge about what his or her fate will be in regard to that selection. This Awareness indicates that events happen to individuals that are often unexpected and it is not indicated that entities in selecting their parents are somehow blessed with absolute knowledge of making the right choice or a choice that will satisfy their needs. This Awareness indicates in this particular instance, the entity ran into problems even before being born. This is not necessarily unusual. There are many instances of this where an unborn child will have the pregnancy terminated through abortion or through accident or through miscarriage, or may experience some kind of trauma prior to birth. BABIES THAT CRY IN THE WOMB QUESTION: A somewhat related question from M.N. in Nevada. He writes "I would like to ask for information concerning entities who, before being born, already start breathing in the maternal womb. I only know that the Theosophists or others call these entities "Nazarines." Is this a purely physical phenomenon, or is it a repercussion of a metaphysical aspect of the entity involved? I ask because my mother told me that she heard me crying in the womb." COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that this is extremely rare, that accounts on occasion reveal there are pockets of air involved and where there is some suddenness of movement or jarring action which causes an awakening to occur. 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