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Origin: CHANNEL1 - 0700 - email From: DAVE ALEXANDER PRIVATE To: SEARCHNET ZEC Date: 10/18/94 at 23:55 Re: Cosmic Awareness 94-14 ------------------------------------------------------------------- @FROM :alex@spiral.org 94-14 (Issue No. 440) ----------------------------------- Find Out Who, |* REVELATIONS OF AWARENESS *| How Many Have In Fact, You |* The New Age Cosmic Newsletter *| You Served? And Really Are. ----------------------------------- How Well? Cosmic Awareness Communications Box 115, Olympia, Washington 98507 email: alex@spiral.org (E-mail subscription information, FTP information, other online service provider locations, and SnailMail hard copy information are listed at end of this file.) "Helping People Become Aware Since 1977." ------------------------------------------------------------------- REVELATIONS OF AWARENESS is a cosmic newsletter, published by Cosmic Awareness Communications, Box 115, Olympia, WA 98507 (a non-profit organization) Copyright 1994 by Cosmic Awareness Communications and the Aquarian Church of Universal Service. Reproduction is permitted, but no alterations may be made without express permission. ------------------------------------------------------------------- COSMIC AWARENESS is the Force that expressed Itself through Jesus of Nazareth, the Buddha, Krishna, Mohammed and other great avatars who served as "Channels" for what is commonly known as "God," and which expresses Itself once again as the world begins to enter the New Age of spiritual consciousness and awareness. This information is for those who desire to help in bringing in the New Age. Throughout the thousands of "readings" given, Cosmic Awareness tells us not to *believe* anything, not even Cosmic Awareness, but to question, explore, doubt, and discover through your *own* channel what the truth really is. Cosmic Awareness will only "indicate" and "suggest." Neither CAC or the Interpreter is responsible for anything Cosmic Awareness states in any of these readings, nor does CAC or the Interpreter necessarily agree with the statements of Cosmic Awareness. The Interpreter interprets the energies as they are seen in trance levels and is not personally responsible for what is said. The Interpreter has no connection with, nor control over the editorial comments, either, which are entirely the responsibility of the editor. Paul Shockley, Interpreter Avaton, C.A.C Editor Vikki T., Office Manager Alex, OCR'er and NetPoster ------------------------------------------------------------------------ IN THIS ISSUE: CURRENT AFFAIRS: AN UPDATE: Area 51 and "Asteroid" Near Miss; Linda Thompson's March On Washington DC; The O.J. Simpson Affair: Groundwork For A New "Hot August Night?"; The Hildebrand Class Action Lawsuit; Discernment Vs. "Judge Not"; Your Judgment Will Show In Your Handwriting; That September Confrontation By Patriots; More On What's Going On In Haiti; Those Reptoids Trapped In Jupiter: Any Chance A Rescue Attempt Can Be Mounted?; Did Reptoid "Asteroid" Blow Up Over Oregon?; Is That Huge Amtrak Station In Indianapolis A Massive Crematorium For Patriots?; Symbols On Backs Of Highway Signs All Lead To Indianapolis; Sensors Now Embedded In Highways For Satellite Tracking Of Trucks; Is A Worldwide Economic Collapse Coming?; Another Potential Excuse To Bring In The UN Troops; Did Aliens Cause 737 Jetliner To Crash?; Who Is Trying To Bring Down Bill Clinton?; We Are Living In A Most Critical Time; New World Order Would Eliminate All Families; The Hour Of Decision Is Near; THE NEW WORLD ORDER (PART 3): THE HOUR OF DECISION; The Real Purpose Behind Clinton's Health Care Program; Post Office All Set To Deliver U.S. Card To Citizens; Crime Bill's New Police Force To Be Foreign Troops; When Civil War Starts: Where Will You Stand?; Sinister Microchips Now Embedded In Highways; Most Entities Are Unaware Of Vanishing Freedoms; Quebec A Threat To New World Order; Some U.S. States Now Seeking Sovereignty; How The Constitution's One Real Tax -- The Excise Tax -- Works; National Debt Not A Legal Debt; According To Law, National Debt Is Null And Void; New World Order Accelerated Due To Hildebrand Lawsuit; Haiti A Dry Run To Confiscate Guns; The Intelligentsia May Be The First To Go; Patriots And Christians Will Be Persecuted; The European Union: Should Countries Join?; Is The New World Order Behind The Movement?; New World Order Will Be Worse Than Hitler; Rothschild London Estate A Sovereign State; Rothschild: The Head Of The Beast; Europe Must Be Told Of Imminent Danger Now; Europe Needs SPIRAL Organizations Immediately; SPIRAL Groups Could Be Europe's Salvation; Why Can't The "Ascended Masters" Deliver The World From The New World Order?; Awareness Finally Tells It Like It Is; The "Divine Atom" Within Each Entity; The "God Cell" Within Each Entity; Where On The Body Is The "Silver Cord"?; When You Say "I Am God" Think Of The Watermelon ------------------------------------------------------------------------ CURRENT AFFAIRS: AN UPDATE (Area 51 and "Asteroid" Near Miss) CAC General Reading, September 19, 1994 QUESTION: Awareness, we're here again to begin a series of CAC general readings, with questions sent in by the membership. Does Awareness have an opening message? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates this is the first reading since early August and is also the 19th of September, which was a special date, according to previous information. This Awareness wishes to comment on and bring entities up to date on various changes that have occurred in the recent past and up to the present. This Awareness indicates that Area 51 in Nevada, which this Awareness spoke of several years back as being a testing place for UFO and alien related technology; this Awareness wishes to inform entities that the base essentially has been moved. It was moved by trucks to Kirtland, New Mexico, where the secret base is now reassembled and reestablished. This Awareness indicates there is very little left in Area 51 related to UFO and alien technologies. This Awareness indicates that this was also the day in which the "U.S. News and World Report," in an August or late July issue, indicated a fragment of the Shoemaker-Levy comet was headed toward earth and would collide on this date, creating a catastrophe beyond imagination. This Awareness indicates, of course, that it reported that this collision might be averted by technology to strike the comet and throw it off course. The description in the article was that there would be an attempt to blow it to bits. This Awareness indicates that those who have watched the news that does not make the front page, or headlines in television reports and so forth, but finds its way into certain circles, such as through short wave radio, or through reports between scientists, may be aware that in the last several days, approximately Friday, there was a report of a glowing object in the night sky which could not be explained, and scientists referred to it as an "asteroid", because they had no other term for it. When asked why they called it an asteroid, the response was, "We don't know what else to call it." This appears to have been on Friday of last week. This Awareness indicates that obviously, it did not hit the earth, but apparently came close. Linda Thompson's March on Washington DC This Awareness indicates that in another matter, the march on Washington, DC by Linda Thompson was scheduled for the 19th. Then there was a report which she made on the radio that she had called off the march. Then, following this, approximately two weeks later, when asked by certain individuals privately, she indicated that the march was still on. As you all know, on the 19th of September, the news on television centered entirely on the Haitian showdown in which the multinational forces went into Haiti with the stepping down and agreement being signed the day before that allowed a peaceful resolution to the near conflict, near war activity. This Awareness indicates that this dominated all news so that nothing regarding the march on Washington or lack of anything occurring has been presented. This Awareness indicates that there were some people who did not get the message that the march was called off, and did show up wondering what to do, but because all attention was diverted from that, the situation more or less became moot to the public, and was handled in a way that did not cause ripples or attention to be given to her cause or purpose. The O.J. Simpson Affair: Groundwork for a New "Hot August Night?" This Awareness indicates in another matter that this Awareness has not commented on thus far, the airwaves and news media throughout this summer have been obsessed with the O.J. Simpson situation, where it has become a fixation for many. This Awareness wishes to make a comment on this, not regarding the entity's guilt or innocence, but as to what the whole phenomenon is about. This Awareness indicates that what happens in this case affects everyone in the country more than you may realize. This Awareness indicates that it is, first, a test to determine whether circumstantial evidence can be effective in placing a guilty verdict on an entity, for if this can occur in a case such as this with a celebrity of this nature, then it can occur to any person in this country. This Awareness indicates secondly, there is an element of influence directing the situation of a fascist or neo-Nazi nature which is pressing for a conviction in such a manner as to rile up the races to establish a second opportunity for that which was previously called the "Hot August Night" scenario. This Awareness indicates that the case is expected to run through December, possibly into January, and this faction or influence is hoping by that time to establish guilt so that minorities will feel he has received an unjust conviction and can be fanned into starting riots again as with the Los Angeles riots, which occurred after the King beating and the conviction and release of the police officers in that situation. This Awareness indicates that if this does result in what appears to be a rigged court case and is perceived by minorities to be further indication of injustice toward blacks, and the conviction is upheld for this entity, entities must watch carefully in regard to what happens next -- particularly if most of the U.S. troops are out of the country at the time. This Awareness indicates that U.N. troops are still present in this country. They are, in some instances, being trained at this time in various areas, even by National Guard troops, so that when the time comes for their use in entering homes, they intend to be present and ready. This Awareness indicates that there are, of course, still a good number of U.S. military troops in this country, but it is something to watch for, if troops begin to be shipped out for some foreign problem that may be artificially created to remove American troops from the United States and bring in or allow the present United Nation troops to remain. The Hildebrand Class Action Lawsuit This Awareness indicates that in another related concern, the Hildebrand class action suit or settlement between the Schwasinger/Hildebrand group that won a settlement in a suit against certain banking factions, including the Federal Reserve Bank, on behalf of the American people, are now in a position where the Treasury is in cooperation with them, but there is concern regarding the fact that the United Nations troops have not left the country, and there is, from this fact, a potential threat in regard to the situation of the settlement between these Rothschild Federal Reserve factions and the U.S. Treasury. This Awareness indicates that the U.S. Treasury has selected three banks: Bank One and National Bank on the East coast, and BankAmerica on the West coast; these have been established as the banks to pay off on the claims that have been filed. This Awareness indicates that it appears there will be a waiting period until other banks join with these in cooperation with the Treasury. This Awareness indicates that the Delta Force is working with this group and have delivered new Treasury funds, new bills, newly-printed to these banks and to other banks in the nation. There are still other banks who have not yet cooperated in the agreement of the settlement. This Awareness indicates that it appears likely that if all goes as is planned, this will have been completed before the end of the year. But, as with so many things where so much is at stake and there is a powerful group that does not want to lose all that it has confiscated in the past 80 years of diabolical maneuvering and manipulation, as well as violent theft; the situation is by no means settled totally, and you can rest assured that if these forces are unable to undo what is being done by the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Delta Force, certain factions in the Army, and those in government who are cooperating, they surely will do whatever they can to make sure that the money being transferred to the Treasury to replace Federal Reserve controls and wealth will not take place. This Awareness indicates therefore, there is a greater potential because of this for a United Nations takeover of this country, just to prevent this very thing from happening, as it would return this nation to its original law -- the Constitution -- and the control over its own economic destiny. You can be sure this is not something that is desired by the Rothschild-led forces and the New World Order planners. This Awareness indicates It should point out that as far as Rothschild and the New World Order faction or authorities are concerned, they do not care whether this country is taken over by fascists of the extreme right, or by liberals of the extreme left or Communists, so long as both sides are working for the New World Order. This Awareness indicates that it would be foolish for entities to think that one side could preserve their freedoms from the work of the other side. You have to preserve your freedoms as Americans who love freedom. This Awareness indicates also that as freedom goes in the United States, it also goes in the rest of the world. Therefore, it is a situation in which the entire world depends on freedom-loving people to protect those freedoms and rights that have been given through the Magna Carta and the Constitution of the United States and through the constitutions of the various states of the union. If these are taken, it will indeed be generations before these freedoms will be again experienced and then it may be even longer before all freedoms available are restored. This Awareness does not wish to sound discouraging about the future, but It wishes to give entities a general overview of the present time and what entities need to be concerned about. This Awareness indicates that with only 20,000 troops out of the country in Haiti from the United States, there is not a great deal to worry about at this time, but keep in mind that the military is much smaller than it has been in the past, and if too many entities are shipped out, then you have a country with more foreign troops than troops of your own military, and you are very vulnerable then to being taken over. The only thing that would at that time prevent a total takeover by a totalitarian group of foreign conquerors would be the guns held by the citizens of this country, of which there are approximately 70 million who could resist a good-sized army of United Nations troops from foreign countries. This Awareness indicates of course, the effort is to get rid of any arms that entities may have, beginning with the most formidable arms and working down to any kind of arms at all. This Awareness indicates, in other words, there are many things that conquerors would need to accomplish before they could have an easy takeover of this nation. This Awareness does not wish to lull you into going back to sleep, but does wish to inform you of the dangers, while at the same time keeping you from becoming overly alarmed. This Awareness wishes to make yet one more comment regarding the O.J. Simpson situation and any other similar situation. Discernment vs. "Judge Not" This Awareness has previously given an admonition to "Judge Not." It has indicated that you discern carefully, but judge not. This Awareness indicates that this apparently is not clear to many entities, for it does not appear to be something that entities can handle with clear understanding. How can you discern something and yet not judge? This Awareness indicates that many entities perceive it to mean: "Do not accuse." This Awareness indicates that others look at circumstances, situations, evidence and so forth and perceive themselves as having discerned and their discernment leads them to conclude or judge an entity as guilty or innocent. This Awareness indicates that it is a fact that most entities, in order to survive on earth, must make some kind of decisions. How can entities make decisions without a form of judgment? This Awareness indicates that some entities will wonder: "How can I not judge and still make decisions that are important to my life?" Your Judgment Will Show in Your Handwriting This Awareness indicates that there are certain types of judgment, or decision -making that entities need to understand in order to realize what is meant by "Discern, but Judge Not". This Awareness indicates that in handwriting analysis, there is shown in the letters "m" and "n" two different types of judgment that many entities may make, and you can look in your own handwriting to see what kind of judgments or decisions to make. This Awareness indicates if the "m" or "n", particularly the small "m" and "n" come to a sharp peak at the tops, it indicates that you reach a conclusion or judgment quickly. If, in reaching that peak, the right and left side of the peak appear closed, similar to the marks and peaks of a "w", then it means you reach your conclusion with very little evidence. This Awareness indicates if it is wide at the bottom and reaches a peak or point at the top, it means you reach a conclusion, but you have considerable evidence behind your decision or conclusion or judgment. This Awareness indicates if, on the other hand, your "m" and "n" are rounded at the top, if they are rounded like little boulders on the top, it means that you gather a considerable amount of evidence, and may not ever be able to reach a conclusion. Your conclusions do not come, because you do not feel you have enough evidence to make a decision, to make a judgment. In other words, you discern, and discern and discern, or perhaps you don't even care; you just gather information and gather more and more information before you act, and you act without really concluding anything. Your "m" and "n" are just little mounds, with no point, no conclusion, no judgment, simply discernment. This Awareness indicates that this type of "m" and "n" in a person's handwriting indicates that the entity dwells on information, dwells on the various facts, the various evidence or the situation, without reaching a decision or having the ability to decide, or being able to come to a conclusion. The pointed "m" or "n" suggests that the entity has more executive type of ability. To be an executor or to have an executive ability, one must act. In order to act, one must first decide on something, must make a conclusion or a judgment regarding a situation. The entity cannot just continue gathering more and more information about a subject. Thus, the pointed "m" or "n" in one's handwriting indicates an executive mind, whereas the rounded type of "n" or "m" indicates a person who just flows with things and usually is good with working with his or her hands, but not at reaching conclusions, making decisions or coming to a point of analytical judgment. This Awareness indicates that when It speaks of "Judge Not" in regard to entities, It is not speaking so much of "Discern Not." It does not mean that you should not discern, It means that you should discern, and in your discernment, you will find that as the discernment builds up, from looking at the various bits of evidence, a conclusion presents itself out of the discernment, out of the accumulating evidence, and this is what creates the upward wedge, like a saw-tooth, for the "n" or "m". It is a conclusion that comes out of the evidence. rather than leaping to a conclusion or jumping to a conclusion. This Awareness indicates the more you can gather evidence before reaching a decision, before coming to a conclusion, the more discernment has been involved in your mental action. This Awareness indicates that you can look at your own handwriting, the "m"s and "n"s, to determine whether you are giving enough attention to evidence, if you are piling up evidence from your discernment, or if you are leaping to conclusions, for the "m"s and "n"s that have very little space under the point indicate that you have not picked up much evidence for your conclusion. This Awareness indicates that the "m" and "n" points that have considerable amount of space under the points show that you have gathered considerable amount of evidence to reach that conclusion. This Awareness indicates that if your "m" and "n" have no point at all, you haven't reached a decision; you are still looking for an answer, but you may have all kinds of evidence showing under the "m" and "n" bumps or curved domes. This Awareness indicates that in Its admonition to "Judge Not,' It does not mean you cannot reach a conclusion or a decision based on discernment, for the discernment itself has evidence in a trial, or evidence being collected, will pile up to reach such a state that at a certain point, guilt or innocence becomes rather obvious. This Awareness indicates that there are, of course, some situations in which certainty is never available; it is like trying to be certain about UFOs. There is always the argument that they do not exist, and if you cannot take the person down and show him a UFO, you cannot prove they exist. This Awareness indicates that there always are some things that cannot be proven, and in the case of extreme crime, such as murder, the weight of evidence has to be stronger than if it is a lesser crime. The weight of evidence need not be so strong if it is a crime that carries less consequence. This Awareness indicates that it is a principle of civilization that has come down through many centuries of dealing with crime and with the concept of mercy as tempering the law, where it has become principle, that it is better to allow a criminal to escape once in awhile than to punish an innocent person just to make sure you get all the criminals. This Awareness indicates that it is also important to recognize that even a victim would not be pleased at having an innocent person punished for the crime the victim suffered, and therefore, it is important to be very certain before punishing an entity, that you really have the right entity. This is why it is important to discern carefully and not to leap to conclusions too quickly. This Awareness indicates that It does not wish to comment on the guilt or innocence of O.J. Simpson. It did see an error in the prosecution leaping to an executive conclusion of guilt within a matter of hours without examining any other possible scenarios which could have occurred. They did not have as much evidence presented for any of the scenarios except for the one which they leapt into and then could not retract themselves from without losing face. This kind of executive accusation and conclusion is not healthy in a society. There should be deep research and exploration of various possibilities rather than simply concluding that: "This entity must have done it, and therefore let's find the evidence to prove it." THAT SEPTEMBER CONFRONTATION BY PATRIOTS (More on What's Going On In Haiti) QUESTION: A month or so ago, Awareness talked about an ultimatum by the Patriots to the UN troops to get out of the United States by a certain date. I believe it was in September. COSMIC AWARENESS: This has not as yet occurred. The entities are still in this country. QUESTION: Yes, we know. Is there going to be a confrontation? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that this could occur. It sees the situation in Haiti as serving two purposes: dealing with the Haiti problem, and also removing many of the military troops from this country to make it easier for the UN troops, if they should have orders for mischievous purposes. THOSE REPTOIDS TRAPPED IN JUPITER: ANY CHANCE A RESCUE ATTEMPT CAN BE MOUNTED? QUESTION: In regard to the Reptoid ships that are now trapped in Jupiter, what is the chance, if any, that the Reptoids, or some other ally of these entities, will mount a rescue effort and somehow retrieve those 40 million Reptoid soldiers trapped within Jupiter, and then continue on toward earth as planned? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that this is not impossible, but it is relatively unlikely. This Awareness indicates that they are not that compassionate toward their own to risk too much in order to save them, and the operation could not occur in a short time. It would require enormous effort to duplicate, or to bring about a structure large enough to remove these entities. This Awareness indicates that the ship carrying these entities, having been broken apart in its maneuvering, is not an ordinary type of cryogenics, for these entities were preserved in a kind of frozen plasma, much like the plasma that makes up Jupiter in its chemical compound or gases. This Awareness indicates that it would therefore be possible for some highly evolved technical forces to enter into that Jovian gas to help rescue the entities, if those entities remain in a kind of suspended animation without suffering from the effects of their present environment. This Awareness indicates that it does not appear that too many of these entities can survive for very long, and it does not appear that there is another craft close enough to rescue these entities before they have expired. This Awareness indicates it is seen as an extremely ill-conceived plan put together, too far away to be practical, and they did not consider the many potential effects that might disrupt this plan. The best laid plans of Reptoids and men can easily go astray. In this case, the Reptoids made the plan years ago, set their course from Draco and did not prepare for interference from other influences that might interrupt the plans This Awareness indicates that it appears the interrupting force that threw these entities off course -- it is not clear if this was with the help of Greys or with the help of some other extraterrestrial force such as the Pleiadians, Lyraians, Vegans or Arcturians. This Awareness previously saw this as Greys helping to stop these entities, but it appears it may have well been one of the other groups who are officially at war with the Draconians, the Reptoids. FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: How big a dent would the loss of 40 million soldiers put in the Draconian military plans? COSMIC AWARENESS: Enough to forestall any future efforts by at least 50 years, and more likely, at least a hundred years, if they indeed put forth the will and desire to proceed again. This Awareness indicates that this particular planet in this area of the galaxy is located and situated in such a position as to be somewhat strategic for war purposes. The Arcturians, Vegans, Pleiadians and those from Lyra all recognize this area as strategic for control of this sector of the galaxy because there are not many planets in this particular area that are as rich in minerals and water as is the earth. DID REPTOID "ASTEROID" BLOW UP OVER OREGON? QUESTION: On Friday night of September 5th, there was an earthquake recorded at about 4.0 on the scale, here in Washington state, centered near Enumclaw, and Marc T. called me and said that he had heard on one of the stations, probably a radio station, that at that time, there were loud booms and lights in the sky reported all over Oregon, and the media explained this away as "asteroids breaking up. " Does Awareness see any chance of that being that wayward asteroid loaded with Reptoids that was heading to earth? ED's Note: Later, on Sept. 26, the TV said hundreds in Oregon reported loud booms and strange lights in the sky over a period of several hours; one reported a "space ship" and others reported "meteor-like lights streaking in the sky." COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that this appears to be in the affirmative; that it appears this as being the asteroid referred to by this Awareness as having occurred last week. It appears it was earlier than last week; that the earth days are so fast that this did not seem to be that far back in time. This Awareness indicates that this apparently was several days earlier than this Awareness indicated. It appears it was not the entire asteroid, but a part that broke off from the larger asteroid when it was deflected from its course, and that this part also was blown into smaller parts. IS THAT HUGE AMTRAK STATION IN INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA A MASSIVE CREMATORIUM FOR PATRIOTS? (Symbols On Backs of Highway Signs All Lead to Indianapolis!) QUESTION: We received a Patriot magazine called The Freedom Networker that comes out of the American Freedom Network in Canton, Michigan, and one of the items they had in this publication was a little story called "Auschwitz In the United States of America!" It says: "The former Amtrak station in Indianapolis, Indiana has been converted to a massive crematorium. We'll publish pictures of it in our next issue. A pair of Michigan patriots wondered where all the blue markers on the backs of highway signs led to. They followed them for nearly 200 miles to the monstrous crematorium in Indianapolis. These blue markers are to be seen on every major highway and all lead to Indianapolis. Above the entrance gates to the crematorium are to be seen the New World Order symbol of the all-seeing eye above a pyramid as appearing on the backs of dollar bills. As I say, we have pictures of this. Reportedly, French-made guillotines have been installed in this huge former railroad facility. Pictures of newly- installed gas lines reportedly are for carrying poison gas to its chambers. You can be sure of one thing: This facility is not for life or good will. It is a bastion for death! Let's take America back while we're still alive and there still time. The local government levels are the place to start!" ("The Freedom Networker," 1 year for $24, from American Freedom Network, 42015 Ford Road, No. 260, Canton, MI 48187). Is this an inflammatory story to get people into the Patriot movement, or is there truth to this? I know Awareness in the past has talked about crematoriums in Oregon. Does It see this information as being valid? COSMIC AWARENESS: This is seen as being valid. This Awareness indicates that also on all highways, you may notice that there are signs and symbols similar to the symbols described on the back of highway signs. It is for those United Nations troops to use. They are taught what the colors and symbols mean so that they can follow the directions indicated on these highway signs. This Awareness indicates that these particularly on the Federal highways such as the freeways, but also may be found on other state highways, even some county highways, if these become important in leading them to a particular destination. Entities may wish to check the backs of highway signs to see what they find. This Awareness indicates there is indeed a plan and the implementation of the plan is well thought-out and prepared for to allow the UN troops to take over this country, just as if American troops were in some foreign country with the intention of taking over that foreign country, using whatever means possible, and most entities recognize that the United States is capable of doing such a thing, if it were in its national interest to do so. This Awareness indicates that some of the same planners who have helped to implement US policy in the past have trained or have participated in the planning of UN activities in various countries and these plans as well thought-out as any plans the US may have used in its past, in the various wars or situations it found itself when needing to preserve national security. This Awareness indicates that, in other words, it is not too far-fetched to recognize the potential of UN plans of this nature being established and prepared for as an action of taking over this country. This Awareness, indicates that there are, of course, elements within this country that would take action to stop and prevent a UN takeover, if they are able to. This Awareness indicates they also have the knowledge as to when such a move should occur and can be silent until the time is right. This Awareness indicates that there is great danger in the near future, prior to the year 2000. There is very likely to be a dramatic and serious showdown between the UN troops and the patriotic United States troops and citizens. ED's Note: We suggest that our Indiana members get on the telephone or start writing letters to their Congressmen and women and tell them of these reports and that you demand a full and complete investigation, including the allowing of TV newspeople to investigate this complex and film the inside. If the reports are true, the world should be notified immediately and a full investigation by Congress get underway. Also, we have heard there is a misleading neon sign over the Amtrak crematorium which says "Amtrak Repair Facility." Strange, even if true, that a neon sign would be used. With many train tracks leading into the facility, it would be a natural for trains from all over the US, loaded with captured patriots to drive into the seclusion of that huge plant, unload the captors and behead them with guillotines within hours. SENSORS NOW EMBEDDED IN HIGHWAYS FOR SATELLITE TRACKING OF TRUCKS QUESTION: Ron Paul in his newsletter, says that, "...in 6 states, including Washington state, there is already in place a program of imbedding some kind of sensors in the highways which the government says will be used to monitor or track commercial trucks." Does Awareness see that as being factual? (The Ron Paul Survival Report, PO Box 602, Lake Jackson, TX 77566. Phone: (409)-265-6403. ($99 a year).) COSMIC AWARENESS: This is in the affirmative; that this appears to be established. It appears to have some electronic chip available that can be monitored from satellites so that the chip reads chips on the trucks, and the satellite reads chips on the highway, and certain monitors read the chips from the satellite. In this manner, the numbers of the truck, the owners of the truck and all information relating to the truck can be read and monitored as they move from place to place. IS A WORLDWIDE ECONOMIC COLLAPSE COMING? (Another Potential Excuse to Bring in the UN Troops) QUESTION: We got a letter from Hugh D.L.C., the Grand Canary Islands, Spain. He's been putting out a newsletter for many years and has a group called "New Age Universal Christianity Without Religion." Some of his stuff has been pretty good. But he puts in a personal note to us that reads as follows: "You Americans should get your money out of the USA without any further delay and into German marks, but don't let on to the IRS. They don't know what you don't tell them. There is a sudden major stock market crash coming up soon. The whole world stock market system will drop down a cliff. Germany is outpacing the USA as the world's most industrious exporting power. USA products are better made in many cases than the Germans, but Europe is blocking out USA's cheaper and better quality goods." Could Awareness comment on that information? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that the information is correct. The question open is "when?" This Awareness indicates that it could be within the year, or it could be during the year of 1995. This Awareness indicates it could well fit within the time and situation in which the UN forces might be called upon to help enforce calm and order in this country if there was a sudden economic collapse. This could be used as an excuse for UN intervention in the affairs of this country. Therefore, it could occur within a matter of months. This Awareness does not see it as clear during this time between now and the end of the year, but it would be compatible with a plan for a UN intervention in the affairs of this country to have an economic collapse occur, and if the race riot plan, stemming or being triggered from the O.J. Simpson case, were to be implemented in December or January, then entities might expect this economic collapse to occur at a similar time to throw the country into total shambles, which would then be an excellent excuse for bringing in the UN troops. FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: What does Awareness advise in regard to Hugh's suggestion that Americans get their money out of the banks and into German marks? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that if this is the focus of entities, then that would be suitable advice. This Awareness indicates that it is not necessarily the answer to the problems. The problems are much greater than saving one's money. But if that is the focus of entities, then this could be good advice. DID ALIENS CAUSE 737 JETLINER TO CRASH? QUESTION: A question from J.S., Pacifica, California: "The recent unexplained crash of the US Air 737 jetliner near Pittsburgh, which caused the death of 132 people, brings to mind a number of questions. Could this crash have been caused by hostile alien activity? If yes, does the government know about this involvement? If aliens were not involved, does Awareness see what caused the crash. To date, there's no cause that they can find." COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates there were eleven SDI (Strategic Defense Initiative -- "Star Wars") officials on the plane. This SDI program of course having more to do with aliens than Russian missile attacks and therefore, this indicates your analysis or suspicion has merit. FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: Then the government is aware of this, is it not? COSMIC AWARENESS: The government is aware of these entities being aboard. ED's Note: In a later September reading, Awareness suggested it appeared to be a retaliatory gesture by the Reptoids on earth for the Jupiter incident. WHO IS TRYING TO BRING DOWN BILL CLINTON? QUESTION: One last question here, this one from S.K., Westerville, Ohio. He writes: "I recently watched a cable TV channel called INSP, which had Jerry Falwell showing excerpts and selling a videotape for $39.95 that "exposed" some of President Clinton's former marital infidelities. Now, this is of no concern to me, nor to most Americans, I would imagine, but there was an implication in this tape that leaves a question in my mind. The tape implied that the many deaths and incidents of violence to people associated with Bill Clinton, were being done to protect Bill Clinton and shut up his critics. I would like to know if this premise is basically true, or if in fact something totally different is going on here, such as some force trying to bring down his presidency or force Bill Clinton to do certain things. Would Awareness comment on what is going on behind the Clinton presidency?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that It does not wish to comment on the entity's guilt or innocence as implied by this and other similar accusations and expressions. There have also been entities who have expressed similar statements on talk shows and in other publications. This Awareness indicates that it is not the purpose of this Awareness to point guilt or accusations toward entities. This Awareness indicates however, It does see and can comment (because there is no particular entity's name involved) that much of this is being done by entities who wish to bring down the administration, and the motives are not of the highest. This Awareness indicates that this is not to say that the accusations are false, nor that they are true; it is simply that the accusations are designed to bring this entity down for some ulterior purpose of the accuser or accusers. WE ARE LIVING IN A MOST CRITICAL TIME (New World Order Would Eliminate All Families) CLOSING MESSAGE: This Awareness indicates that entities are living now at an extremely critical time in history. There was a time when entities had great fear of nuclear war. The time today is probably as critical as any time ever in the past, for even when entities had the fear of nuclear war, it was not quite as easy to start a nuclear war as entities were led to believe. Certain influences relating to world grid patterns and astrological alignments would have been necessary for nuclear war to be launched; therefore, there were many fears of nuclear war that could not have occurred except under certain special geophysical and astrological timings. So, the opportunities for nuclear war only occurred under certain windows, but entities were led to believe that it was always a threat. This Awareness indicates that this was part of the design behind the cold war to keep entities in fear, and therefore paying their taxes and following the loyalties and leadership, to prevent nuclear war from occurring. This Awareness indicates at present time, there is less likelihood of nuclear war or total annihilation through any overt known means; the threats today in a physical sense would have more to do with biological or germ warfare against populations than nuclear war. But the real threat appears to be a threat to you and your children's future freedom. It can even be a threat to the existence of your family, in which family members could be separated by government programs so that entities might never again experience a family, and might simply become a cog in society as an individual with memories of once having been in a family, until that generation is gone, and the new generations would then simply be individuals with no memory of families at all. In a New World Order society, entities could very well become workers for the government, where you move from one place to another according to how they assign you, according to tests and evaluations, much the way it occurs in military duty, so that after you take a test, they decide to assign you to some place across the country, where you do certain things and become locked into a duty and job which does not allow you to progress, change, or search for a new career. You may have family somewhere, but you may not know where they are, for they too might have been sent off somewhere, separated from each other without knowing where each other happens to be. This is the kind of society that many have planned, for the greatest control of individuals, and it appears to be that society which eventually is to be implemented through the New World Order. This Awareness indicates that there are not many who would relish that society, so there are not many who know about it that would tell you about such a society, and it will come about slowly, so that you don't know about it until it is already upon you. Those who tell about it, or talk about it, or warn about such things by that time will no longer be in society at all. These will be the ones guillotined or gassed in the various prison camps. This Awareness indicates that there are moments in history where certain forces of opposing interests come together and clash, even as waves pound upon the shore, creating a breaking of rocks and stones, of sand, causing the shore to fall. This is conflict. It is part of nature. The Hour of Decision is Near Likewise, society often has similar conflict where ideals of opposing forces come together and clash. The ideals of a force that seeks power over others for its own glory and benefit can easily clash with those who do not want to be controlled by such a force, and the time may come wherein entities find themselves at a particular moment in history in which one must act or not act, and one's action must be in a particular manner, or not at all. This Awareness indicates entities may find they have little or no choice but to do something they would not normally do, be it to run, to hide, or to stand and fight, or to join others in their movement. But there is a time in history for many entities where they cannot just sit around and talk about it or ask questions or philosophize or criticize or ignore what is happening This Awareness indicates this time does not always appear at once for everyone at the same time. It may appear for one person now, for another later, or it may appear with a certain incident which causes groups of people to suddenly take action together. Without hesitation, without discussion, without question, they all know what to do. This Awareness indicates It tells you this because such times may be approaching and there may be an opportunity for entities to run and hide, to escape for five or ten minutes for five or ten months. or to stand together with others and fight to throw off the yoke of oppression, the totalitarian influence and forces. When entities are in such times and do take action, it will be much easier for them if they have already considered this possibility, considered this time as a possibility during previously peaceful moments so that they do not feel so totally out of touch with what is happening at the moment. This Awareness indicates It does not wish to see conflicts anywhere, but there are some who thrive on conflict, gain their strength, their energies and their wealth by watching others struggle and compete. This Awareness indicates these are the ones who pull the strings to cause the wars and revolutions, and there are many who are caught in those strings and pulled by those strings, who cannot escape the revolutions. This Awareness indicates that you must look at this possibility to prepare your consciousness ahead of time as much as you can, just to settle within yourself who you are, what you would do, how you would stand, if you would stand with your friends, your loved ones -- or if you would turn them in to save yourself or to make points with some leader of people who oppose your friends and family. For if you do not have things well thought out as to your own values, do you think you'll have time to determine and to evaluate and to choose proper values in the midst of chaos? This Awareness indicates that it is something to think about while you still have time to think. THE NEW WORLD ORDER (Part 3): THE HOUR OF DECISION (CAC General Reading, September 21, 1994) THE REAL PURPOSE BEHIND CLINTON'S HEALTH CARE PROGRAM OPENING MESSAGE: This Awareness indicates that some of this information has been touched upon previously, but there is clearer imaging of the situation at this time, therefore, this Awareness will briefly run over the information with more clarification than previously given. This Awareness indicates that the Health Care Plan that has been promoted over the past year was actually an attempt to bring about a way of controlling the masses through a health card which would carry information on the individual and would be used for many areas of control other than health alone. This has resulted in conflicts in Congress and among various people and lobbying groups such as the American Medical Association, and therefore, the plan for developing a health card and setting up a program of health care is now seen as not being the vehicle by which the control card will be implemented. Post Office All Set to Deliver U.S. Card to Citizens This Awareness indicates instead, it will more likely come through the U.S. Postal Service. In fact, many of the cards are already printed to be delivered through the Postal Service as a kind of National Identification Card. It appears it will be referred to as the "U.S. Card." This Awareness indicates that this will be designed to identify the individual so that the individual will be able to buy and sell and partake of business activities. The entity who has no such card, in all likelihood, will not even be able to receive mail or to purchase anything from stores and other opportunities of society would be denied the entity. This Awareness indicates the card is likely to become a debit card also for any financial activities. This Awareness indicates this is the plan. It appears that George Bush was to have pushed for this kind of activity, but was not focused on it with the same kind of intensity as desired by those behind the action and therefore, he was not allowed to be re-elected, and Bill Clinton was put in with the expectation that he would move quickly in this regard. This Awareness indicates that the plan is to be implemented very quickly, so that within the year 1995, it will be in full force. This Awareness indicates that as this plan is implemented, more and more people will begin to realize that the stories they have been hearing about the New World Order, the stories regarding the "Mark of the Beast" and the "number of the Beast," etc., may have some serious merit and they will become more interested, curious and apprehensive as to what is occurring this country. It will be a time when entities learn very quickly what is going on, particularly when they discover UN troops are within the borders of the United States, that many of these troops are from various European countries, from India and from Asia, and when these UN troops begin to enforce and work as a police force in this country, entities will begin to really question what is going on. Crime Bill's New Police Force to be Foreign Troops This Awareness indicates that in the crime bill recently passed, it speaks of a hundred thousand new Federal police, but when entities discover that these are people from other countries acting as Federal police to stop the crime in the streets, stop the crime in the cities and in the countryside, they will begin to wonder: "Why are we bringing in foreign troops to act as police? Why couldn't our own police handle the job? Why couldn't they hire our own people to serve as police? What is going on?" This Awareness indicates that what is going on is that the New World Order is to be set up with foreign police empowered to rule over this country on behalf of the United Nations, and those who are in control of the United Nations, the various banking establishments, Bilderbergers, Council on Foreign Relations, and all of those areas and organizations which this Awareness has spoken of and which you have heard of in the past, of which you have been told are but figments of the imagination of conspiracy buffs. This Awareness indicates that for many people it will be a real awakening. It may be much too late for such entities. This Awareness indicates that on the hand, there are many people already awake and know before this kind of thing happens what is coming down the pike. When Civil War Starts: Where Will You Stand? This Awareness indicates that there are many patriot groups, well- informed and in communication with each other, so that when these things do begin to occur in front of the eyes of entities, there will be a group already prepared with plans for dealing with whatever is happening, and many of these entities will be professional in their approach, in their knowledge of what is going on and will act in some manner to help stop the takeover of this country The question is: Will they be able to communicate to the 95% of the masses who are totally ignorant of what is happening, or will the other side have control of the communication media? This Awareness indicates that this is what will determine the outcome of the conflict that will erupt at the time of these events. This Awareness indicates that you can most assuredly assume that there will be a civil war between the people of the United States, those patriots who are aware, and the United Nations troops. The question is: Where are the people of the United States going to align themselves? That is the grand question which will be answered only when the events begin to occur. This Awareness indicates that it may well be the determining factor of the future of the Earth: whether entities are enslaved under the One World Government or whether entities regain the freedom that is being stripped away at an ever-increasing pace. Sinister Microchips Now Embedded in Highways This Awareness indicates that the highways are being equipped with electronic chips that will help to guide the UN troops to their various destinations, and the automobiles that entities drive can also be affected by these new chips that are being placed in and along the highways so that the automobile's computer and the chips in the automobile, can halt the entity's car or vehicle or truck, or track it to see where it goes. This Awareness indicates it can also direct a vehicle to a destination. These chips can receive and send information, can receive from satellites and send information to the vehicle, or can receive information from the vehicle as to who it belongs to and what is known of the owner, and can send this to a satellite so that anyone wanting to monitor what is going on in a highway activity can even know who the players are. This Awareness indicates that in other words, if they are looking for a particular entity who has eluded them, they may find him or her on the highway through the satellite, even if they are hidden away in some wooded area, the satellite could locate them, find their location, so that troops could follow and find the entity, wherever he or she might be, based on the chips in the automobile. This Awareness indicates that these tracking devices are being placed on highways today. Many are already in place, many are now being placed, and plans are for these to be continued as placements up to the year 2000, when these shall be fully in place. This Awareness indicates that with monetary controls and the traffic controls, entities will not be able to move without being allowed to move, will not be able to spend and conduct business without being monitored or allowed to conduct business. Entities essentially will be imprisoned with the passes allowed by the governing forces, to go where they are permitted, but not to go or do things outside the government's permission. Most Entities Are Unaware of Vanishing Freedoms This Awareness indicates essentially, these so-called "freedoms" that entities have believed they enjoyed or believe they had, are being taken away without the public even realizing they are being taken. It is as though an entity is being ushered into prison by a very powerful hypnotist and one who is very persuasive, who talks the entity along as he walks him toward the prison, and who even walks the entity through the gate and into the cell before the entity awakens to find he is imprisoned. This is the way it will be for many entities. They will be deeply imprisoned, unable to escape before they know what has happened. This Awareness indicates that, of course, because there are many patriots who are well aware of what is coming, and they have the opportunity to inform others and others have the chance to wake up before it is too late. It becomes important for entities to recognize the need to risk communicating with persons of their own interest. If they are interested in the patriot movement, then it is important that they risk communicating with such entities, for you cannot escape the reality by ignoring it. There are many entities who may live in denial, right up to the time when they face inevitable imprisonment, but if they recognize what is coming, if they are open to hearing what is evidenced in regard to the future events so that they do not ignore the evidence that is available through patriot groups, then these entities stand a chance of adding their weight to the weight of others who are still dedicated to freedoms in this country and in other countries around the world. Quebec a Threat to New World Order This Awareness indicates that recently a heavy movement in Quebec has turned that country toward independence from the rest of Canada, in an effort to avoid the New World Order, in an effort to avoid the controls handed down through England through the Canadian Parliaments, so that Quebec seeks its own sovereignty Some U.S. States Now Seeking Sovereignty This Awareness indicates likewise, there are close to a dozen states in the U.S. that have seriously been moving toward secession from the United States and regaining their own state sovereignty. This Awareness indicates that Colorado, Nevada, Texas, Utah, Idaho, Hawaii; these are but a few of those mentioned as turning toward the pursuit of their state sovereignty. Technically, the "United States" refers to the states themselves, not to the Washington DC government, and the "Federal Government," or the "United States of America," refers to the corporation that is governing the ten square miles known as Washington DC. It is not part of the United States. It is a separate nation, incorporated as the United States of America, and it has self-appointed its own purpose as being that of extending rule over the separate United States. The sovereign states of the union being individually sovereign with their own constitution or charters or separate laws based on the Constitution of the United States. "The United States of America, Incorporated," this federal government being a separate corporation called "The United States of America," should be called "The United States of America, Incorporated." It sees itself as a Democracy, whereas the original states of the Union were a Republic. This "Republic" is no longer recognized by the "Democracy" known as the "United States of America." It should be understood that "Democracy" essentially is majority rule, or what some call "mob rule" and a "Republic" is a system of government that is focused on the rights of each individual. The rules are such as to protect the rights of the individual, not so much the mob or the majority, but of the individuals that make up the whole. This Awareness indicates that these are things that most entities are not taught in their schools or through the news, through television or through the ordinary information sources of the country. It should also be realized that the "United States of America, Incorporated" is dominated and controlled by 13 powerful banking families -- the Rothschilds being the dominant influence -- so that laws are passed to help curb the freedoms of the states. Originally, the laws passed were by consent of the states, but it has reached a point now where the Federal government creates laws that are imposed upon the states and because the Federal Reserve Bank has such power, and because loans to the states or programs for the states can be financed from Washington DC, the states sell out and go along with Federal programs in order to get Federal money. This Awareness indicates that it has been a very slow and gradual takeover of the states and their sovereignty and independence, so that the independence is more of a sham. So-called Independence Day is a celebration that occurs each July 4th, more out of memory than out of actual reality of the present time. There is really very little independence. In fact, there is much talk of "interdependence," meaning that the states are dependent on the Federal government, and the Federal government has some reliance on the state for it's taxes collected from the people of the various states, and in this sense there is an interdependence. They each depend on each other. How the Constitution's One Real Tax -- the Excise Tax -- Works But this Awareness indicates this is not the way the country originally was created. The taxes originally allowed in this country were excise taxes, which was like a sales tax, where the grain from the farm was sold and the buyer of the grain owed or paid a tax, and the seller of the grain paid a tax and the grain was made into flour, and in the making of flour, a tax was imposed, and the flour was then sold to others and a tax was imposed and collected, and others took the flour and made everything from bread to pasta to cakes. Today, there are in fact 72 turnovers on the grain that goes into producing a loaf of bread, so that the bread is taxed 72 times in that which is termed an excise tax. This Awareness indicates that this was the way the Constitution taxed the public to make its money. There was no such thing as an income tax, which was, in previous times, known as a head tax. Any income from products was recognized as corporation or business tax that came down from the products themselves, and the products created the taxes that were allowed to be used for public necessities, the funding of projects and so forth. This Awareness indicates that prior to the Federal Reserve Bank, the Treasury was empowered to coin and mint money and any time money was needed, the Treasury was simply directed to print up the necessary money for the project. Thus, if money was needed for fighting the Civil War, rather than borrowing from bankers, the US government, under the direction of Abraham Lincoln, simply printed up the Lincoln Greenbacks. This saved the country from being made bankrupt for many years. It would have gone bankrupt much sooner had Lincoln gone to the bankers and borrowed money to run the country during the Civil War. Once the Federal Reserve Bank was created, people of the government needing money would only borrow from the Federal Reserve Bank. The Federal Reserve Bank only had to go to the Treasury Department and get money printed at printing costs, and then loaned the money out at full face value, thus making enormous profits and putting this nation into enormous debt. National Debt Not a Legal Debt The debt that is known as the National Debt of so many trillion dollars is simply the result of borrowing from the Federal Reserve Bank, the money that the Treasury Department prints for them, which it used to print for the country. In other words, instead of being printed for the United States, it is being printed for the foreign bankers and the United States borrows from them and owes them the National Debt, and the National Debt is so high now that even your grandchildren will never be able to pay it off. By the year 2000, the debt will be so high that the interest will be greater than the total of all taxes brought in. This Awareness indicates that the country will be bankrupt again. This time it will be taken over totally. This Awareness indicates that the United States went bankrupt in 1933 and the gold standard was removed from the dollar, and the country will be again further bankrupted, even though it has been operating on Federal Reserve notes. These Federal Reserve notes have been used in such a wasteful manner that all the borrowed money from the Federal Reserve, creating the National Debt, have not worked to restore a solid economy for this country. It is like the entity who goes broke, is bankrupt, has nothing, but through the apparent gratuity of a banker, is allowed to borrow enough to get a fresh start on credit. The entity begins working, using credit to rebuild an apparent business, but forgets perhaps that it is all borrowed money, and thinks that he is doing quite well in his new thriving business, only to discover that after awhile, he is getting nowhere and his business activities are suffering further damage, and that he owes far more than he ever imagined he would owe, so that he is even deeper in debt now than he was at the time he borrowed the money to start his new business. According to Law, National Debt is Null and Void This Awareness indicates that essentially, this country is bankrupt several times over, and the only way that it can be made whole in a legal sense is when entities recognize that the law suggests that anything, any debt, any contract, any activity of partnership between entities which is based on fraud from the beginning, is null and void. This Awareness indicates that in accordance with the law in the Western world, which has come down from Rome through England and into the United States, the law reads that any contract, any obligation, financial or otherwise, which is based on fraud and misrepresentation or illegal activity, is null and void from the beginning. New World Order Accelerated Due to Hildebrand Lawsuit This Awareness indicates that because the Federal Reserve Act was illegal, according to the Constitution, and because the loaning of money by an illegal foreign bank to the United States government and its people and projects is based on a banking scam that was originally illegal, then the debts that were brought about from such loans are themselves illegal This Awareness indicates that with this understanding, the National Debt could be -- and should be -- declared null and void. This Awareness indicates that this is the concept or theory behind the Hildebrand settlement with the Federal Reserve Bank and there are several other suits that have been brought against the Federal Reserve Bank based on similar or the same concept. This Awareness indicates that on the one hand, the debts are falsified and are originally based on misrepresentation and fraud. On the other hand, they appear to be real debts to both to the Federal Reserve Bank and to the 13 super-wealthy families of the world. The appearance is that which these families wish to continue. This is what is creating the extreme urgency to bring on the New World Order before enough people awaken to stop the fraud, to stop the takeover of this country by those who perpetrated this fraud early in this century, and they use every means possible to continue and perpetuate this fraud. This Awareness indicates that when Lincoln was assassinated, no one thought to put an end to his declaration of Martial Law because of the Civil War and because the Martial Law has continued up to this time, from the time of the Civil War, the nation can be directed by what is called Admiralty Law or Martial Law by simply a command of the President or the authority of the land or his agents. It is not even acquired by Admiralty Law that Congress conduct proceedings to make laws. The Admiralty Law can provide statutes, which are called statutory laws, while the country is under Admiralty or Martial Law, but the Admiralty and Martial Law must, come to an end eventually, and this is the year in which it must either end or be reinstated. Thus, within a short time, entities will find a new effort to create Martial Law in this country again. It may be Martial Law against what is termed a "crime wave," even though crime has decreased two years in a row and has not increased much in the past several years. This Awareness indicates it still is considered to be a major concern by most entities, because crime is being advertised continuously on television and in the news media, to make entities feel that crime is ever on the march, ever on the increase. Haiti A Dry Run to Confiscate Our Guns This Awareness indicates that the action in Haiti is a kind of practice or what may be termed a "dry run" for confiscating or creating a method, a program to confiscate guns from the people of this nation. They will set up a program to confiscate the guns from Haitians and they will learn from that program, and they will write down the rules, the policies, and the difficulties in confiscating guns from the Haitians by the United States troops and the Haitian police. They will eventually use that material to confiscate guns from the people of the United States, by the UN troops that are already present in this country, who are being trained in this country. It is very likely that most of the US Military and National Guard troops will be sent elsewhere for some foreign war or situation, so that the only military in this country will be that of the United Nations. You can expect this to begin happening much sooner than is hoped. It appears it will occur near the end of this year or the beginning of the next year. This Awareness indicates that this has been clarification of the scenario that looms in the near future. It has been touched upon in previous readings, but it is much clearer now, so that entities can begin to recognize and understand more clearly when these things begin to happen. The Intelligentsia May be the First to Go When the UN troops enter into homes and begin to confiscate weapons from individuals, they may also arrest individuals who have weapons, or they may ship off certain individuals whose names appear on lists as patriots, or who may for some other reason appear to be a potential threat. Perhaps they are seen as part of the "intellectual" community and, as in Hitler's Nazi Germany, the intelligentsia was the first to go. Patriots and Christians Will be Persecuted There may be book-burning. There may be roundups of different ethnic groups or of different individuals. It appears that the fundamentalist Christians will be targeted, even as the Jews were targeted in Nazi Germany. This Awareness indicates that many of these entities will be taken to concentration camps, where guillotines and gas chambers are part of the landscape and many of these entities will be executed to prevent them from ever having a voice or influence in altering or threatening the New World Order. If these Patriots, if these Christians, it these various groups are removed from the face of the earth, if they are removed from this country, who will ever free the masses? Who will ever have reason to challenge the brutality of the totalitarian forces? These entities from these foreign countries can be given any order: "Shoot those who resist!" "Shoot those who appear hostile! ", and there will be no police force you can go to, no military you can appeal to, to protect your Constitutional rights, for there will be no Constitutional rights -- there will simply be the New World Order. This Awareness indicates this is not a positive message. If this Awareness could, It would like to give a positive message. The only positive message this Awareness can give is that there are still many patriot groups, there are still many Christians who have been taught of the "End Times" to the point where they believe the New World Order is a structure for the Anti-Christ, and therefore, they are opposed to it and because of this opposition and because of the patriot groups, there are still some entities that are not easily persuaded to follow the plans of those who sponsor the New World Order. Because of this, while there are still some entities alive, there is a degree of hope, for those who do not wish to be enslaved under the so- called New World Order, which is the structure of the 13 powerful super- wealthy families that would control and enslave the entire 5 billion people on earth. This Awareness does wish to indicate one more thing: These 13 families are, deep down inside, absolutely terrified that the masses might awaken before they have established total control and might come after them. THE EUROPEAN UNION: SHOULD COUNTRIES JOIN? IS THE NEW WORLD ORDER BEHIND THE MOVEMENT? QUESTION: A question from M.R., in Norway, who writes: "We here in Norway have applied together with Finland, Sweden, and Austria to join the European Union. I have not noticed Cosmic Awareness saying a lot about the European Union, or the E.U. I wonder if it is appropriate to ask some questions about E.U. and the future for us here in Europe?" He asks the following questions. I'll read them, and then we can go back, if Awareness suggests: "Is the E.U. a part of the New World Order? What are the forces behind the E.U.? Nazi? Alien? Democratic? What would the future be for Norway if we decided to stay outside of the E.U.? And how do the new Eastern European nations fit in here?" COSMIC AWARENESS. This Awareness wishes to comment that the concept of a United Europe is not that different from the concept of a United States. The states in the United States Union were essentially and originally individual sovereign states that joined together in a kind of union. To say "United States" is much like saying "Union of States." This Awareness indicates that the idea of a union of states was pure and could be very beneficial, but when the union of states became controlled from outside by the "United States of America, Incorporated," in Washington, DC, whose jurisdiction in reality, should only be its own ten square miles of territory, and when this union of states let that corporation begin to rule them, because the corporation is capable of giving them large sums of money if they yield to their control, then a problem developed. They are selling their souls to the devil, in a sense. The same can be said for Europe. If these countries, which are sovereign independent countries, join together, and if, in their joining together they allow some external corporation or country or organization or force to begin dictating to them, then they have lost something very important: their own sovereignty, their own right to make their own decisions. This Awareness indicates that first it may be very insignificant and unimportant. The decisions that are made may not be of great concern, but the time will come when the outside force begins to dictate heavier and heavier policies, imposing restrictions on these sovereign independent countries, so that freedoms, which were once commonplace, are no longer allowed. This Awareness reminds you that in 1933, Adolf Hitler spoke of a "New World Order," believing that it was his destiny to bring about a "New World Order." This Awareness indicates you should also know that George Bush's father was one of those who helped finance Adolf Hitler into power and that George Bush belonged to the Skull and Bones Society in Yale University, which was an offshoot of the Skull and Bones Society in Nazi Germany. New World Order Will be Worse than Hitler This Awareness indicates that the movement of the Nazis across Europe in Hitler's effort to promote the New World Order by force, by invading one country after another, and by subjugating the various countries in different ways, should give you some indication as to what to expect in a New World Order, even though it will be much worse in modern times than in Hitler's times, because the equipment and technology for mass control and mass murder is much more advanced now than it was in Hitler's time. This Awareness indicates that if a United Europe could unite with a focus on freedoms and the preservation of freedoms under some kind of constitution that guaranteed these freedoms and the rights of individuals, it could be most beneficial. But if it is simply a joining together for economic purposes and political controls, be very wary, for it is quite likely that these political controls will begin to become imprisonment controls, keeping entities under greater and greater control for the purposes of certain individuals. Rothschild London Estate a Sovereign State This Awareness indicates that the Rothschild headquarters are on certain grounds that are independent of the British and of England. They are essentially sovereign territory areas so that the Rothschilds cannot be controlled by the English laws because they are on land that is sovereign or separate from that of England, much the way the areas known as Washington DC is separate from the states, and therefore, technically, those committing crimes against the states, who live in Washington DC, cannot be held for treason until they are brought back to their own state, or to the neighboring states. As long as they are on foreign land, Washington DC, these are not under the laws of the U.S. Constitution or the States' constitution. Likewise, the Rothschilds are on separate foreign land in England and cannot be held accountable to English law. This Awareness indicates that this is the way by which they create their own empire in the middle of London and carry on their mischief in such a way that allows them to be immune to any prosecution from English law, regardless of their fraud or misrepresentation or other crimes. Rothschild: The Head of the Beast This Awareness indicates that as long as entities understand this as being the Head of the Beast and can recognize the importance of staying separate from the Rothschild influence and creating a union of countries, they can do great things in the preservation of freedom in the future. But, you must realize too that Rothschild agents are like cockroaches crawling around your home. These cockroaches crawl all over Europe -- they are everywhere. They are all around the world: in the United States, in Europe, in Asia in Africa, in Japan and the Orient. They are constantly maneuvering and working for the Rothschild purposes. When this Awareness speaks of the Rothschild purposes, it refers also to those cohorts, the other 12 super-wealthy families that associate or ride the coattails of the Rothshilds. Europe Must be Told of Imminent Danger Now! There are many people in these families, but there are essentially 13 major families. There are approximately 300 families, but 13 major families that make up the international banking community, which is behind the creation and supports the organizations known as the Bilderbergers, Council on Foreign Relations, the various secret cults such as Masonry and the Tong organization and the Mafia -- all of these various organizations are sub-orders of the international banking community families. This Awareness indicates that being in Norway, the questioner is in a unique situation. Having received this kind of information may put the entity in particular circumstances of having knowledge about things that many others do not have. This can be a situation which causes the entity to feel a great sense of responsibility as to what to do with such information. How can it be spread to others? Especially how can it be spread to others without endangering himself in the process? This Awareness indicates that if the entity can write books or can create chain letters or can leave information lying around here or there for people to read, particularly if the entity can organize some way to mass produce more information, to research if necessary and rewrite and bring out information for the masses, and print up this information, whether in books or in pamphlets, or in small booklet forms, this entity can do great things to get the information started n his area, and in other areas of Europe so that more and more entities over there can create their own way of spreading the word. Europe Needs SPIRAL Organizations Immediately This Awareness indicates that this entity might consider the SPIRAL organization: "Society for the Protection of Individual Rights and Liberties," and as a SPIRAL organization in Norway, the entity could promote the concept for others that they too form SPIRAL organizations, and before long these organizations could be spawning many, many SPIRAL organizations throughout Europe, dispensing information for others to research, to start their discovery, and to spread the word as to what is happening. This Awareness indicates that in this country, the Founding Fathers understood these things and did all they could to preserve freedoms into the future, but there has been so much deception during this century by those entities in places of power, that many of the efforts of the Founding Fathers have been laid to rest to the point where the masses in this country cannot accept the reality of conspiracies to take away their freedoms. They would rather deny such things and go on happily drinking beer and watching games and television shows, watching something that makes them chuckle and laugh after a hard day's work is about the limit of the average American. This Awareness indicates that if each day can bring a few hours of relaxation and enjoyment in front of the 'boob tube', they are content. They do not have the time, energy or interest to discover that their country is being taken over in a silent war by foreign forces that have infiltrated, bought off, deceived and lobbied and purchased elected officials. SPIRAL GROUPS COULD BE EUROPE'S SALVATION FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: We have quite a few members in the various European countries, particularly Holland and Germany. Would it be correct to say that we could suggest that they also create SPIRALS over there? COSMIC AWARENESS: This is in the affirmative. This Awareness indicates that these SPIRAL organizations, if they catch on and begin spreading properly, could be the salvation of people on earth in regard to their freedoms and liberties. This Awareness indicates that SPIRAL is simply an organization that spreads information regarding the efforts of those who would take away freedoms and liberties, and if entities can spread such information and at the same time encourage other SPIRAL organizations to be created, this can go miles in helping to reverse the trend of these 13 families and their efforts of controlling and lulling the masses to sleep while they take over their lives. It is not seen as being an easy chore for entities to present the SPIRAL information dissemination, but if there is a problem, there are certain SPIRAL organizations that may be helpful: Robert Hanzel in Phoenix, Arizona (Box 57775, Tucson, AZ 85732); Chris Locke in Japan (Grandeur Neyagawa 408, Oaza Takamiya 457-3, Neyagawa City, Japan 572); Dave Alexander (e-mail alex@spiral.org). Each have their own way of running their own SPIRAL organizations. They simply print up what they can afford to print, and in accordance to those bits of information that they find of interest to themselves. This Awareness indicates that if you can put out information and receive some donations or payment; in return for the newsletter or presented information, or if you can sell your publication, all the better. If not, perhaps you can afford to print an issue once or twice a year, or whatever; and even though your SPIRAL organization may be small and under-funded, it still can be of great benefit, for the information may be spread by others who receive it. You give permission to other SPIRAL organizations to reprint the information that you have given so that this information begins to be spread throughout the various other countries that are interested in such activities. There may need to be translations. By translating into foreign languages, you can eventually have SPIRAL organizations in Eastern Europe, Russia, and Asia. This Awareness indicates that the important point is to let others know that they have the right to print any and all information from a SPIRAL origin. The use of the name is not copyrighted or incorporated. SPIRAL organizations are free to anyone who wishes to create one for him or herself. This Awareness cautions entities only that they be careful about their own country's political situation, for if you are in a certain country that does not allow much freedom of speech on certain topics, there is no protection for the SPIRAL organization you create. There is no way to keep government forces from coming down on you if they feel threatened by your statements. This Awareness suggests therefore, you be careful not to criticize your own government or do anything to offend your own government if you are in such a country that is extremely strict and has controlling obsession of any information being released. This Awareness indicates for example, an entity in Syria, Iraq, or Iran should think carefully about what is being printed for fear you might offend someone in power whom, in their offense, might take what you say personally or as an attack upon the state and come down on you heavily. This Awareness does not wish to see entities getting into trouble by being too radical in their expression. This Awareness suggests that entities simply present the information regarding the movement that is known as the New World Order and anything that might be associated with the kind of conspiracies that would take away individual freedoms. The more of these SPIRAL organizations that are created, the greater the spread of information, and the greater the spread of such information, the less chance of a world takeover to destroy individual freedoms. This Awareness indicates that there also needs to be many more such organizations in the United States and in Canada. The SPIRAL organizations have existed in North America since 1979; they are grassroots, spontaneous, individually-promoted organizations with no particular center or head. The entity Robert Hanzel, in his SPIRAL organization, sends pertinent and very important information to members of Congress, and influential people around the country to keep them informed of the various events or situations that might be of interest in protecting freedoms and individual liberties. The entity Chris Locke in Japan has a focus, to some extent, on UFO information, and sends information to various people around the world regarding UFO conspiracies to cover up UFO sightings or information and the entity occasionally presents information regarding other political and other areas of concern that might threaten individual liberties and freedoms. Dave Alexander is the archive administrator for the Patriot Archives, a site on the world-wide Internet that archives more than 300 text files about the New World Order and its plans and actions (ftp to tezcat.com /patriot). There Is no absolute requirement as to where your focus should be in running your own SPIRAL organization except that it be focused on protecting individual rights and freedoms. ED's Note: SPIRAL was invented by Cosmic Awareness 15 years ago and given to entities as a means to spread information to others. Basically, all you need is to use SPIRAL (Society for the Protection of Individual Rights and Liberties) is to print up urgent information by any means, FAX, copy machines, whatever, and get it into the hands of others by any means possible, such as hand-outs, letters to editors of newspapers and magazines, TV commentators, neighborhood bulletin boards, and chain letters. You do not need to print your name or address if you don't wish to. You can send the information out anonymously, with only the SPIRAL signature as an explanation. Urge others to read the information, make 50 copies and copy it for or mail it to others, who in turn are urged to make 50 copies, etc. You can make audio and video tapes under the SPIRAL banner, and you can spread SPIRAL information through computer networks and bulletin boards. In other words, you would spread urgent information in the same manner you do now, except it would be coming from this anonymous source called SPIRAL (an updated "Mark of Zoro") which entities will come to identify when the symbol keeps popping up from numerous sources. CAC asks SPlRAL groups that may sprout up to keep us informed and send us samples of your SPIRAL literature so we can also help inform others. Many thanks! WHY CAN'T THE "ASCENDED MASTERS" ETC. DELIVER THE WORLD FROM THE NEW WORLD ORDER (Awareness Finally Tells It Like it Is!) QUESTION: One last question from N.J., Buffalo, New York. Awareness has addressed this situation numerous times, but this entity puts it a little differently, so I'll read his statement: "Please explain the advantage of the citizenry rising up against the hidden and virtually invisible specter of the international bankers versus the intervention of the power of prayer, decree, fiat and mantra of the ascended hosts in a visible tangible way on the planet earth? How does this Awareness expect that the masses of humanity, who for the most part have lived off of the largesse of the international bankers, who whether under the guise of the UN or under the guise of the USA, or under whatever guise, have had a virtual lock on the sale and/or distribution of armaments worldwide for decades and centuries? Would it not be better to "force" this Awareness to, through the ascended hosts demonstrate in an undeniable fashion the true "power" of the "New Age" by "forcing" these ascended ones to withdraw from their retreat, and once again to make their visible tangible selves known on Terra, so that even the Nephilim bankers must tremble and bend the knee?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that if these "ascended masters" exist -- and the question is IF they exist, because there has not been any evidence of their existence other than verbal claims -- then why haven't these "ascended masters" done something? They have seen the plight of humanity. They have apparently some kind of "higher intelligence" so they must know what is going on in the world. If indeed, there are any such "ascended masters," they seem to be very impotent in terms of their ability to rescue humanity. And this Awareness suggests also that if humanity is not really interested in rescuing itself, if it simply sits back and lets itself be robbed, lets itself have freedoms taken from it, and then cries out for some "ascended master" which may or may not exist, isn't humanity negligent in its preservation of freedoms, in its pursuit of happiness? Why should humanity be rewarded for simply muttering some mantra to some imaginary "ascended master"? This Awareness indicates that there are entities who make fortunes from promoting "ascended masters," there are entities who promote these "ascended masters" with great fanaticism, but what have the "ascended masters" done for humanity? Do they really exist? Who has any evidence of anything that they have done or said that has helped change or clarify the human plight? This Awareness indicates there are messages through channels from the "ascended masters" for humanity, but most of these messages from channels are simply like cotton candy or bubble-gum. They have the appearance of something important, but they seem to be filled with hot air, and when you try to bite into the substance of their message, your mouth is empty. The message seems empty. There is little substance to what is presented for you. This Awareness indicates that if entities want to worship bubbles, then let these bubbles be strong enough, large enough to make a pop when they are broken, so that you can at least hear and know that there really was a bubble. This Awareness indicates that It does not see a great energy to substantiate the claims of the "ascended masters". It does see entities working to persuade others of the powers of "ascended masters", but It does not see the power that they promote. Where is the actual power of these "ascended masters"? Where is this intelligence, this information from the "ascended masters"? Most of the information from these "ascended masters" is simply promoting themselves, attempting to persuade entities of their existence and of their importance and of their love for humanity. And these words are simply syrup poured over bubbles, and when the bubbles break, you end up with a sticky substance which does not satisfy. CLOSING MESSAGE: This Awareness indicates that It does not wish to disturb people's comfort zones -- and there are many entities who feel comfortable with the concept of "ascended masters" -- but this Awareness has, for so many years, heard so many people promoting "ascended masters" as if this were some kind of religious fanaticism, and It has seen so little evidence or benefit from the concept of "ascended masters," where the only benefit this Awareness sees is that some people feel comfortable in their hallucination or in their belief of "ascended masters." This Awareness does not mean that there are no higher frequencies or beings, It simply means that those who define these higher beings as "ascended masters" do not attune to the higher beings. They simply promote the sizzle, and thrill of some kind of belief program. One can talk about the names of the various "ascended masters" from now until eternity, but if these entities do not tune in to the higher frequencies of the higher beings, if they simply promote the concept of some imaginary character, of some imaginary hierarchy system, all the talk in the world will do nothing. This Awareness indicates that the higher beings are simply vibrations in the electromagnetic scale, and entities can travel up these frequency levels to enhance their own spiritual evolution, but if they stand down at the bottom of the electromagnetic scale and point to different energy focuses, and they say, "There is Honka! There is Tonka! There is Hobo! There is Bobo!" or whatever name they attribute to the various hierarchy beings; what are they doing? They are simply worshipping these spots that they have named on the electromagnetic scale, as though they were some kind of special gods. This Awareness indicates there is only ONE ultimate Divine Being, and Its vibration is the vibration of Love. Its frequency and vibration is the same as Universal Intellect, and if they know it is there, why do they focus on the lesser beings, the lesser gods, and create some kind of structure that allows them to play with these lesser beings, these lesser gods? It is like entities who know of the White Light, but who dwell in the colored lights of the lower levels because they like blue or pink or red or violet, and they ignore the White Light, the Divine Light. What is the purpose of this kind of thinking other than to serve as a distraction of spiritual evolution? This Awareness indicates if you go deep enough within yourself and look beyond the so-called "spiritual hierarchy," you will see the ultimate Divine Creator, and if you move into unity with that frequency or vibration, you will wonder why you ever hung around the lower frequencies and the lower hierarchy of beings. This Awareness indicates that indeed, entities can attune to the higher frequency, but even in attunement to the Divine, they may still find themselves earthbound to some degree, acting as an agent or disciples of the Divine Force in such a way as to want to do something to prevent the loss of freedoms for humanity, and in their attunement to the Divine, they may still want to inform the masses of the dangers that are coming through the negativities of those who are working against freedom and Divinity. This Awareness indicates that It is not suggesting that entities take up or try to build or find weapons to equal those of the New World Order, but It does not see much benefit in standing in a corner and mumbling words to Monka or Tonka or any of the other hierarchy creations of various channels. This Awareness indicates that if entities can perceive Divinity, let them tune into the Divine and get their instructions straight from the Divine as to whether they should move or whether they should sit on their couch waiting for the world to erupt, and allowing it to move in its eruption to whatever destiny it would take without their involvement. This may be the fate they seek; to be able to deny what is happening, to sidestep what is happening, or to simply sit back and watch what is happening, or their fate may be to jump into the middle of the ruckus and try to keep the polarities from colliding and destroying entities. What they decide may be best decided by their own attunement to the Divine. This Awareness indicates if the highest and most Divine frequency they can imagine is Monka or Tonka, then indeed, let that be their focus. But if they can perceive beings of higher frequency, then let them tune into those higher frequencies. This Awareness indicates that if they cannot perceive any form of action to take to help alert the masses, to awaken the masses, then bring about an awareness of what is going on, then maybe all they can do is mumble in the corner. This Awareness does not wish to discourage any method that any entity can do, so long as it is the best that he can do. (End of Reading; Be Law of Gratitude is given.) ED's Note: For more on the New World Order, please refer to the following issues of "Revelations of Awareness": 91-05, The New World Order and How You Can Make the Difference; $3 from CAC; 93-12 (Special Report: The New World Order, Part 2 (It is Later Than You Think); $5 from CAC. THE "DIVINE ATOM" WITHIN EACH ENTITY QUESTION: A couple of questions from M.G. from Garnerville, New York. He writes: "I plan to use part of the information of a couple of questions in a metaphysical book I'm writing. It will contain about 150 drawings, all metaphysical, and I plan to send a copy to you people when published. Ill be illustrating the book." And he sent in an article which he'd like Awareness to expand on and verify. It's called "The Divine Atom," and it was taken from the book "The Life and Teachings of Jesus." "In the early 1920s, a Doctor Hannish made known his findings on the Divine Atom. He said that within the back of the fourth chamber or the left auricle there is a fifth chamber. Within this fifth chamber is the Divine Atom. This chamber is an airless cell and maintains a perfect vacuum. When exposed to a microscopic camera, and when enlargements were made up to a million times, the magnified Divine Atom became visible. It appeared as a mature being in perfect youth. "It is the same in an old person as in a newborn babe: mature and youthful. It is and remains free from all human qualities. It stands upright without touching the cell walls anywhere. Within the Christ flame in each one's heart is the perfect image and likeness of his creator. There is the Divine pattern, just as it was in Jesus. Each one should let his Christ Self burst the tomb of his own human concepts and externalize the Divine Atom." That's the end of the quote, and he would like to ask Awareness if It would give more information on the Divine Atom, if indeed there is such a thing. COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that this as being taken out of context. The context in which the information was given as that which was perceived in a symbolic sense, rather than in a strict physical sense. This Awareness indicates that the entity, in his observation or perception of the information which he presented in this definition, interpreted the findings in a kind of symbolism in the manner of observation; that one can look at something and find certain terminology to explain that is not strictly accurate in terms of what is seen, but is quite representative of what is seen. It can represent it without being absolutely accurate. This Awareness indicates that in this sense, the entity's interpretation of what he saw in the Divine Atom, which is his term for what he saw, as being that of an entity; that this was essentially a projection from the entity's own consciousness. It is a situation relating to quantum physics, where the observer affects the experiment, affects what is found in the observation. This Awareness indicates from a symbolic sense or a metaphysical sense, this can have valid meaning. This Awareness indicates that in actuality, it is quite accurate, for in the fact of existence, the fact of ultimate reality, everything is created out of consciousness, either Divine Consciousness or collective consciousness of the many energies of the universe, or from the collective consciousness of various species, including the human species, or the consciousness of individuals of the species. This Awareness indicates that consciousness is everywhere present and creates all of that which is observed by consciousness, for it projects and it receives what has been projected by aspects of consciousness, thus, an image of one's Divinity can quite easily be projected into an atom, into a drop of water, or into a mirror. If the entity is truly looking for something, it is possible to see that which you are looking for. This Awareness indicates that in this sense, the entity's finding was accurate, but if you are attempting to represent the rational physics of material science and claim that within the atom or within certain portions in consciousness it is possible to materially observe into an atom and see a being; in this situation the observation is purely symbolic. This Awareness suggests that there is room for much writing in regard to such realization and consciousness wherein entities understand the nature of consciousness as being the creator of all things, and that things are in effect but the projection of consciousness from its various aspects, either the Divine Consciousness, the Absolute Consciousness of Universal Creation, or Its various sublevels, or the individual: this Awareness indicates that even the cells and atoms have their own consciousness and all reflect up and down the scale of consciousness. THE "GOD CELL" WITHIN EACH ENTITY FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: Years ago, in the Introspective Meditation, I believe it was called, Awareness referred to the fact that every entity had a "God Cell" that could be contacted. I wonder if that God Cell, if it could be located and enlarged a million times, like this entity suggests the 'Divine Atom" was, would that cell look any different from any other cell? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that It has given information in previous readings in regard to that which It termed the black hole; that there is a black hole within every individual. It is that point within consciousness through which one can move and enter into other dimensions. This Awareness indicates that this is also symbolized as the God Cell; that essentially the God Cell is the seat of consciousness, the heart, the point at which consciousness enters from antimatter into material reality. This is not so much a thing as it is a state, but it is on the cross between spirit and matter. This is the ultimate meaning of the cross as a spiritual symbol -- matter, represented by the horizontal arm, and spirit represented by the vertical arm, come together at that point, and that is where the God Cell hangs suspended, in a kind of crucifixion. It is hanging suspended between life and death, between matter and antimatter. It is where your life emanates from which animates your body and makes it move, and when it retreats and passes through that black hole, that vortex, that void, then the body no longer is animated and becomes gross matter, without spirit, without life. lt is in effect, where the breath of life comes from, and this can be referred to as the God Cell within, and entities seeking to find that God Cell within, move to that center from which consciousness emanates and therein find the key to the kingdom, the opening to the Divine Realm within, that is, where spirit emanates from. This Awareness indicates that in this sense, antimatter, or Akasha or spirit, the life force, gives movement to matter and makes it live. This Awareness indicates that it can be perceived with a certain kind of psychic vision; that an entity looking through a microscope at some hypothetical point at which area this might reside, could hypothetically observe the place, but in order to do so, in a factual sense, the entity would need to slice open the head at the point to expose the seat of consciousness, and in so doing, that seed of consciousness would be damaged, and the life function would retreat. WHERE ON THE BODY IS THE "SILVER CORD"? QUESTION: His other question: He sent an illustration of an entity laying down with his astral body parallel above him, and his question is: "Where is the silver cord connected to the astral body?" His illustration shows a cord coming out the chest of the entity, and going up into the head of the astral body. Is that correct? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that this silver cord as that which is symbolized in different cultures in different places; that for some cultures it is symbolized as moving from the navel. In some cultures it is symbolized as moving from the top of the head, from the crown chakra, and in other cultures it is symbolized as moving from the heart chakra. This Awareness indicates that it is symbolic in nature; it is not something physical. It is something that can be felt astrally by entities who are astrally moving, but depending on the culture an entity has been trained in will determine much in accordance to the way the entity will visualize the astral, the silver cord. WHEN YOU SAY "I AM GOD" THINK OF THE WATERMELON (Opening Message, CAC General Reading, August 11, 1993) This Awareness indicates there is seen that which appears to be a large green watermelon; that this watermelon appears to be that which is a metaphor, carrying a message. This Awareness indicates that this message is such that it applies concept of individuality and the nature of God, where an entity proclaims "I am God!" while still being inside the body of God. This Awareness indicates that it is like the seed in the watermelon claiming to be the watermelon. It is true that the seed has the potential to become a watermelon at some point, but it is doubtful that anyone will accept the claim that the seed is the watermelon. The watermelon is like a symbol for universality and the seed is the symbol of universality within that universal creation, and the deity is like the Universal Consciousness and the individuality is like a seed within that Universal Consciousness, and that seed may eventually become a Universal Consciousness also. This Awareness indicates that there is a degree of truth in the statement of the seed that it is a watermelon, but many of the remaining seeds in the watermelon simply will not buy it, will not believe it, nor is the seed that claims to be a watermelon able to totally accept the claim either. There is a seed of truth when an individual says: "I am God!", but most other individuals will not accept this, nor does the individual accept it totally either. This Awareness indicates that any time someone states: "I am God!", think about this metaphor of the watermelon and its seeds, and you will understand what the entity means, or what the entity should understand from his or her statement. 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