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Origin: CHANNEL1 - 0700 - EMAIL From: DAVE ALEXANDER PRIVATE To: SEARCHNET ZEC Date: 07/19/94 at 21:10 Re: Cosmic Awareness Issue 94 ------------------------------------------------------------------- @FROM :alex@spiral.org @SUBJECT:Cosmic Awareness Issue 94-09 Message-ID: <199407200110.UAA14544@riverside.mr.net> From alex@MR.Net Wed Jul 20 00:15:43 1994 Received: from riverside.mr.net (Riverside.MR.Net []) by coyote.channel1.com (8.6.9/8.6.4) with ESMTP id AAA10121 for ; Wed, 20 Jul 1994 00:15:43 -0400 Received: from [] by riverside.mr.net (8.6.9/SMI-4.1.R931202) id UAA14544; Tue, 19 Jul 1994 20:10:19 -0500 Date: Tue, 19 Jul 1994 20:10:19 -0500 Message-Id: <199407200110.UAA14544@riverside.mr.net> From: "Dave Alexander" Reply-To: "Dave Alexander" To: alex@spiral.org Subject: Cosmic Awareness Issue 94-09 94-09 (Issue No. 435) ----------------------------------- Find Out Who, |* REVELATIONS OF AWARENESS *| How Many Have In Fact, You |* The New Age Cosmic Newsletter *| You Served? And Really Are. ----------------------------------- How Well? Cosmic Awareness Communications Box 115, Olympia, Washington 98507 email: alex@spiral.org (E-mail subscription information, FTP information and SnailMail hard copy information available at end of this file) "Helping People Become Aware Since 1977." ----------------------------------------------------------------- REVELATIONS OF AWARENESS is a cosmic newsletter, published by Cosmic Awareness Communications, Box 115, Olympia, WA 98507, a not-for- profit organization. Copyright 1993 by Cosmic Awareness Communications and the Aquarian Church of Universal Service. Reproduction is permitted, but no alterations may be made without express permission. ----------------------------------------------------------------- COSMIC AWARENESS is the Force that expressed Itself through Jesus of Nazareth, the Buddha, Krishna, Mohammed and other great avatars who served as "Channels" for the "Heavenly Father" and expresses itself once again as the world begins to enter the New Age of spiritual consciousness and awareness. This information is for those who desire to help in bringing in the New Age. Throughout the thousands of "readings" given, Cosmic Awareness tells us not to *believe* anything, not even Itself, but to question, explore, doubt, and discover through your own channel what the truth really is. Cosmic Awareness will only "indicate" and "suggest." Neither CAC or the Interpreter is responsible for anything Cosmic Awareness states in any of these readings, nor does CAC or the Interpreter necessarily agree with the statements of Cosmic Awareness. The Interpreter interprets the energies as they are seen in trance levels and are not personally responsible for what is said. The Interpreter has no connection with, nor control over the editorial comments, which are entirely the responsibility of the editor. Paul Shockley, Interpreter Avaton, C.A.C Editor Alex, OCR'er and NetPoster Vikki T., Office Manager ------------------------------------------------------------------------ IN THIS ISSUE: PREPARING FOR THE NEW DIMENSION (Part 3): WHY THE AGING PROCESS CAN BE REVERSED -- HOW TO REJUVENATE THE AUTOMATIC FUNCTIONS OF YOUR BODY AND PREVENT THE DEATH FACTOR FROM ENTERING; Autonomic System Declines One Percent Each Year; There's No Real Reason Why the Body Should Deteriorate; Why The Death Factor Enters the Body; Focus on Various Organs Five Minutes Per Year; How "Exercise" Really Works; How the Intent of Your Attention Saves You or Kills You; You Can Consciously Re- stimulate Your System; Why Don't Animals Live Forever?; Is Growth and Decay a Natural Pattern?; Why Tibetan Mystics Stop Their Hearts; An Herbal Way to Anti-Aging?; More on LSD Use During the 60's; Be Aware of Other Hazards to Your Health; Avoid Potentially Lethal Herbal Combinations; The Perfect State of Being Meditation; The Timeless "Here and Now" to Stop the Aging; Pulling the Plug on Loved One's Life Support: What Karma, If Any, Is Involved?; No Excuse for Life Support If Entity is a Vegetable; Should You Donate Your Organs at Death?; The Pros and Cons of Being a Good Little Citizen; Replacing a Hip or Knee Joint; Is There a Way to Regenerate Lost Bone?; Purgatory Created by Rothschilds Will End; Are Pleiadians Due to Land on the Earth This Year?; Are TV Programs About Aliens Designed to Alert the Public?; Pope John's Diary Reveals Knowledge of Aliens; Timing of Aliens Landing May be Slightly Off; Be Attentive to the News This Summer; Awareness Gives Some Specific Dates for Possible Events; "Virgin Mary" Predicts Big Earthquake; Why Are Neighbors Killing Neighbors: More on the Genocide in Bosnia; The Slaughter in Africa; What Can We Expect Now in South Africa?; Will Nelson Mandela Prevent a Bloodbath?; Will Women Buying Guns Stop the New World Order?; Ban on Assault Weapons Will Not Disarm American People); Why Were British Commandos at Waco?; New World Order Pulls Off a "Dry Run"; Why is England's John Major Being Attacked?; Why Margaret Thatcher Was Removed from Office; Is There a Central Ultimate God Consciousness?; Is the Universe in Danger of Overpopulation?; The Unlimited Dream of God; What We Call Reality is the Dream of God; How to Nourish and Develop Our Spirit; Is Prayer Really Necessary?; How to Bask in Divinity; Keep Your Soul Filled With Wonder; Does Cosmic Awareness Know Everything?; The Importance of Asking the Question; How to Answer Your Own Questions; How Some "Channels" Fake Cosmic Awareness; Why the Interpreter Isn't Cosmic Awareness; The Jesus Parable About Becoming as Little Children to Enter the Kingdom of Heaven. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ PREPARING FOR THE NEW DIMENSION (Part 2): WHY THE AGING PROCESS CAN BE REVERSED HOW TO REJUVENATE THE AUTOMATIC FUNCTIONS OF YOUR BODY AND PREVENT THE DEATH FACTOR FROM ENTERING (C.A.C. General Reading, May 4, 1994) OPENING MESSAGE: This Awareness indicates that the human body is such that, from birth, it has already developed a great number of a activities that occur on the unconscious level, and these activities continue on the subconscious level throughout one's life so that millions, even billions of processes occur in the body without the entity having to make any mental efforts. These activities include breathing, certain cellular behavior, the process of exchanging chemicals and fluids from one cell to another, the process of various organs in their activities, the atomic movements of energies within the body; all of these things occur on an unconscious level, so that the entity can devote time to other activities; to learning, to discovering, to doing, and to exchanging of information or expressions with others. One does not need to give conscious attention to most of the critical bodily actions that are necessary in keeping the physical vehicle alive. This Awareness indicates the body grows and develops without much special attention being given to that growth and development. This Awareness indicates that the mind can focus its attention on its own spiritual, career, family and social concerns, and the entity can grow and develop spiritually and socially, career-wise and so forth, with the focus of the mind helping to bring about this growth, but the physical body tends to develop automatically with very little special attention. This Awareness indicates of course, entities may have some mental understanding that certain foods, certain dietary substances or certain physical activities can help the body to grow in a certain way that is more beneficial and therefore, some mental awareness of the body's activity of growth may be experienced by those entities who are to some degree conscious of their physical growth. This Awareness indicates that all these activities of the physical body that are operating unconsciously will continue to function in this manner in a relatively healthy way. This Awareness indicates that approximately one percent of the automatic activity of growth will go awry in a given year, and during that year the one percent of error in the activities of physical growth do not seem to make much difference. The body still grows, still remains strong, still gains certain momentum, particularly up to approximately 30 or 40 years of age before the one percent of accumulated errors in the autonomic system begin to be noticed. At that point. entities will notice that certain slight wrinkles have begun to appear. The energy level is not what it was a few years ago. Autonomic System Declines One Percent Each Year There are certain other symptoms; perhaps the hair is fading or being lost. Even vision can begin to go, generally around the age of 40, but occasionally before that age, and entities begin to think: "Hey, I'm growing older." This Awareness indicates that the autonomic system, failing by one percent each year, gradually accumulates so that what was once a hundred percent automatic in terms of bodily functions has dropped by the age of 40 to approximately 60 percent. By 50 it is half as perfect as it was at birth. The arteries have accumulated certain coagulation so that the circulatory system is not what it was at birth. This Awareness indicates that by the age of 70, 80, or 90, the entity may he running on approximately 10 or 15 percent of the energy that he or she had as a child. The muscle-tone will have deteriorated greatly. This is the reliance on the autonomic unconscious mind to operate the body, where its perfection is slightly less than 100 percent due to various things such as pollutants, toxins or emotional traumas that may not be experienced in the body for several years after the event. This Awareness indicates that as the entity ages, many of the events of childhood, the events of youth or young adult levels begin to show up in the physical body as certain disturbances to good health, disruptions to good health. This Awareness indicates that the autonomic growth system, the automatic functioning of the body begins to have certain disturbances, much like an automobile that is built to go a hundred thousand miles, but at 70 thousand miles, begins to have certain troubles. Perhaps it is only a bearing that is bad. Perhaps it is a hose that rots and begins to cause radiator problems, or perhaps it is a fuel pump that becomes leaky or does not function in full capacity. The human body is much the same way. Its parts begin to function with less efficiency. This Awareness indicates that this causes the gradual wearing out, and that which is referred to as old age, and many entities will say that there is little or nothing you can do about it other than maintain your vehicle every so many thousand miles. Keep the oil changed, or in the case of the human body, flush out the toxins through various methods. Clean your system as often as you can. Keep pollutants out and use good quality food and think healthy thoughts. There's No Real Reason Why the Body Should Deteriorate This Awareness indicates all of these things can help to prolong the life, but they do not always preserve the life into great longevity. This Awareness indicates that there is yet no real scientific reason why the human body should deteriorate. If the atoms of the body continue to change whereby one recognizes that an atom is a vibration and is the basis for all elements of the human body, and that these atoms in vibration can be as new as the moment or may be viewed as being billions of years old if each vibration is not counted as new, but is seen as a conglomerate of an action which began billions of years ago and is known as an atomic particle. The particles are not actually particles; they are simply clusters of vibrations. This Awareness indicates that these atomic particles that make up the molecules, which make up the substance that appears as the human body; these have no particular life span. If they pass from a human body into the soil, they continue vibrating in the same way as before, and will live on millions or billions of years into the future. This Awareness indicates for some reason, the sub stances which they create: the organs, the molecules making up the organs, will sometimes change. They change, not because of the atomic particles aging or becoming weak, but because the intelligence surrounding the atoms changes and causes a change to occur in the functioning of the atoms and the molecules, and the organs. Why The Death Factor Enters the Body This Awareness indicates the question may be: "Why does the intelligence surrounding these living creatures change to allow the death factor to enter into a human body?" This Awareness indicates much of that change is caused by the hypnotism and belief in mortality. When one believes in mortality, intelligence directs that as an intent on the cells that you are to function this way for so long, and gradually lose your momentum and then stop functioning when the time comes. This Awareness indicates that this is a key to the longevity or immortality. It is also a key to how one can overcome these limitations in terms of the human body or how one can make the human body more than merely a physical vehicle. They can transmute the human body into a light vehicle so that it overcomes physical limitations. This Awareness indicates that It wishes to point out some thing very critical in this: the role of the mind and its effect on the atoms and molecules of the physical body. That which is basically automatic in the growth cycle of a human body, automatically leads to full maturity and then automatically leads to the demise of the human body, its weakening and eventual decay and death. This autonomic system that occurs on the unconscious level is that which can be altered by entities who become aware. You do not normally take the action of becoming aware of your digestive functions, becoming aware of your heartbeat and paying attention to your heartbeat. This Awareness indicates in fact, some entities might even fear that if they become too focused on their heartbeat they might stop their heart from beating. This Awareness indicates It wishes to assist entities in understanding something very critical in this regard: You do not have to take control of your automatic system in order to mentally have some effect on improving it, if you, in your meditations take a few moments in each year to focus on the various automatic systems of your body. Focus on Various Organs Five Minutes Per Year For example, if you focus on your digestive system, or focus on your heartbeat, or focus on the kidneys and their function, giving strict attention to these with the intent of getting them to function automatically in greater perfection, even a few moments each year will increase their automatic function, improving it, and offset the one percent deterioration that might occur. In other words, if you could spend five minutes per year focusing on your heartbeat, giving it energy, with the accompanying intention of healing the heart, of healing the heart beat, of energizing the heart so that it pumps and you watch it and you lend attention to it and you do it for the purpose of healing any damage that may have occurred during the past years, you will rejuvenate the automatic motor of the heart to make it that much more healthy during the next year. As far as the heart is concerned, you will have rejuvenated it in its functioning. You will have overcome the one percent error that might have otherwise occurred in the autonomic controls, the subconscious controls of your body functions. If you do this with all of the organs and elements of your body, consciously focusing on them, you will find yourself rejuvenating in very subtle, in very slow ways. Your automatic systems will become more accurate, and experience less breakdowns, and the aging process will be reversed to that extent. How "Exercise" Really Works This Awareness indicates that for example, if your muscles are beginning to weaken as you grow older, which tends to happen with most people, the fat content of the body increases, the muscle content decreases, but if you find your self bending over to pick up a paper or tie your shoes, and you put your attention not so much on the paper or shoes, but on the movement of the muscles in your body, to feel the muscles in your body as you move, you will notice that it feels as though you are exercising. Just the very action of bending over becomes like an exercise. This Awareness indicates in fact, the only reason that exercising really does have any benefit is because you think of it as exercising and your mind assumes it is something healthy for you, and in your attention you give information to the cells that they are being exercised, and therefore should become stronger. How the Intent of Your Attention Saves You or Kills You This Awareness indicates that every time your cells move automatically, they create a new situation for themselves, but every time they move under your conscious attention while you are aware of them, they respond to the intent of your mind, and they take on whatever the intent indicates. Intention has to do with the action the cells are to take. Attention simply notifies them and alerts them that you are in command and looking at them, and it sends energy to the cells. It puts them under the spotlight, but the intent of your looking at them is what determines whether they grow, whether they weaken, whether they die, or whether they turn cancerous or whatever. If your intent in looking at yourself is that of negativity, you may actually start some kind of disease in your body, responding to your negative impression of yourself, reflecting the intent of your attitude toward yourself. Therefore, you must have a good healthy attitude, loving yourself, and looking at yourself with strong attention every time you move so that every movement you make becomes an exercise to help build greater strength in the cells of your body. You will soon find that you are so filled with energy that your age seems to have rejuvenated and you feel much younger because you are so filled with energy. The energy comes from your attention and the energy shapes according to the intent of your attention. Look at yourself and every movement so that when you walk across the room you see it as an exercise building great strength so that as you raise your arm to feed your mouth, it becomes an exercise of the biceps and the wrist, even the fingers, and see these movements not simply as unconscious behaviors, but as intentional behaviors to strengthen yourself. If you can get into the intent space, into the mindset of looking at every moment you make as though it was an aerobic dance or as if it was some kind of life exercise, so that every moment is an exercise of the physical body to rejuvenate it; if you can get into that mindset, you will find yourself growing ever stronger, ever healthier, ever more energetic with each day that passes. This Awareness indicates that in using this energy of the mind to restore your own health, you do not have to shut off the automatic functions. In fact, you will not likely to be able to shut off the automatic functions in your body. They can only be shut off by negative thoughts, by death wishes and such behavior. The automatic functions of the body can however, deteriorate with time, unless they are augmented occasionally by conscious re-stimulation. You Can Consciously Re-stimulate Your System This Awareness indicates that this Awareness wishes you to understand that you can consciously re-stimulate the automatic functions in your body; re-stimulate the heartbeat; re-stimulate the digestive system. Focus on the digestive system. Let your mind focus on the digestive activities of the stomach, of the intestines so that you see these areas getting charged with Light Energy, the Light of Consciousness, and inform that consciousness that these areas are being restored in terms of their vitality and proper automatic functioning. This Awareness indicates in looking at your heart, meditate on the heartbeat, watch the blood flow through the veins, through the arteries, down into the different parts of the body, into the legs and feet, watch it come back up and move again toward the heart. Watch it move up the arms into the neck, into the brain, etc., and back to the heart. Watch this movement consciously. You can let it run unconsciously or you can make the attempt to follow it with your mind, with your feelings, with your attention, and if you can follow this with reasonable ability, as though you were running it yourself, trying to tune in to the automatic function and follow what it does and become conscious of it; if you can do this, you will re- stimulate the automatic activity to function with greater effectiveness, greater efficiency, so that you again have the circulatory ability of a younger person, not one whose age has led to a diminishing of the effectiveness. The one percent per year of age will no longer apply to your circulatory system. This Awareness indicates that in this manner, you can extend your health, you can extend your life, you can extend your vitality, your joy of living, and by working on those organs of the body, focusing for example, on the liver. Find out in an anatomy book exactly where the liver is, then try to turn your attention to that area of the body. Feel it, focus on it. Suggest that it cleanse itself, that it restore itself, to be a good filter, to filter out toxins. Focus on the liver. Likewise, do the same with the pancreas and the kidneys. You can likewise do the same with any organs of the body that may not have the vitality that they once had when you were younger. This Awareness indicates that the focus, the meditation, the quality of focus and the intent of your attention all become critical in helping to rejuvenate the automatic function of your body. This Awareness indicates that this wards off the aging process, the gradual shut-down from the assaults and insults to the body, to the emotions that occur in living a life on earth with its pollutants and its traumas. WHY DON'T ANIMALS LIVE FOREVER? (Is Growth and Decay a Natural Pattern?) QUESTION: When I was discussing the cause of rejuvenation, someone observed that looking around at nature in general, the natural pattern is for the growth development to decline and decay, and I didn't really know what the response would be. Is it true that this pattern should apply to humans? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates the pattern does not apply to humans because those things that follow that natural pattern only apply to them because of their lack of awareness. They are not aware of themselves. They do not have self-awareness. Humans are capable of self-awareness, they are capable of taking charge and handling the behavioral pattern of their autonomic system. If they do not do so, then they will follow the normal pattern of nature. This Awareness indicates that if the human can become aware of its autonomic systems, the natural movement of energies in the body, and if the human can become aware of the cycles, and injects conscious control or experience into the formula of nature to disrupt the pattern, they can change the situation from a preset cycle to that which creates longevity, then this becomes an action of great attention and true conscious control. In other words, when entities have become less unconscious and more conscious in these areas, they can actually move toward immortality. Immortality of course, will require full conscious awareness of these unconscious autonomic functions. When entities can become fully conscious, they will then have the ability to overcome the unconscious autonomic controls and will be able to restart or shut-down these functions at will. Why Tibetan Mystics Stop Their Hearts This Awareness indicates it is for this reason that some mystics, particularly in India and Tibet, have worked to stop the heart, move into the heartbeat, stop the heart and exist in a state of suspended animation, with the ability to restart the heart after a much needed reasonable rest. This Awareness indicates of course, to do so, they must first fill the body with oxygen. Filling the body with oxygen the heart needs not beat, because it needs not send oxygen to the rest of the body if it is already saturated. This Awareness indicates that this allows the heart then to rest and to rejuvenate and eventually to restart with new vitality. This Awareness indicates this of course requires great awareness, great attention and extreme discipline on the part of the entity. The Kriya Yoga and Hong-Sau Yoga are two methods in which these entities can train for and do these exercises. This Awareness indicates that, in short, the human is capable of entering into higher levels of consciousness than a tree or than animals, and therefore can move into a different cycle that does not follow nature's prescription. FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: Is this a case of the Higher Law transcending the normal law? COSMIC AWARENESS: This is in the affirmative. This Awareness indicates the Higher Law, of course, relies on consciousness frequencies and vibrations, whereas natural law relies strictly on genetic encoding and information. ED's Note: The Hong-Sau meditation in its entirety can be found in "Revelations of Awareness" issue No. 82-21 ($3.00 from CAC). AN HERBAL WAY TO ANTI-AGING ? (More on LSD Use During the 60's) QUESTION: A question from P.M., Magna. Utah. "I was wondering if Awareness would comment on the following information. I read in one of those tabloids where they found information in some scrolls that dealt with longevity and anti-aging. The combination of belladonna, the hemp plant (marijuana) and the poppy flower, with the right proportions, could make people live for hundreds of years, like some people in the Bible have done. The wrong combination would be lethal, would kill the person. Does Awareness see anything to this?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that It sees the wrong combination as being lethal. It sees the possibility of a combination being found that would put an entity into a mental state which might allow the entity to have great insight into the nature of reality so that the mind could perceive the truth and overcome social hypnosis in order to live without being hypnotized by the suggestion of aging and death. However, It also sees that this would not likely occur as a single action; that it could take repeated actions over the years to dehypnotize the entity throughout a long lifetime. This Awareness indicates that there are also other substances that would be less risky, less dangerous. The entities in the '60s who have experienced the use of LSD, for example -- many of these entities also recognized timelessness during their experiences, and knowing timelessness, could have focused on the new, the real reality to an extent of dehypnotizing themselves, and many of these entities may have prolonged their lives by so doing. This Awareness indicates that continued use of LSD would not have helped, but an occasional re-experiencing of the timelessness state, either through the use of LSD or some other substance or through meditation, which would be the more preferred case, the entity could re- experience timelessness and reaffirm his essence as a spiritual being and thus increase his life span. Be Aware of Other Hazards to Your Health If this is repeated every two or three decades, entities could conceivably live long lives that reach into the future for many decades or centuries. This Awareness indicates that there are always other forms of assault against the human body than the mere action of being hypnotized into the aging process. Physical injuries take their toll or destroy the human body. Pollutants and toxins, drugs, particularly certain pharmaceutical drugs, are a common cause of side-effects that lead to physical problems that can eventually result in the death. Therefore, it is not only the mind of the entity, but the entity must also be very aware of hazards that one might encounter by way of environmental pollutants and toxins or by way of substances that are ingested into the body, even those substances that are alleged to be helpful, for many of these so-called helpful substances are either toxic or may be created in a way that causes side-effects that are harmful to the body. Avoid Potentially Lethal Herbal Combinations This Awareness would not recommend the entity experiment with those substances mentioned, for they can be lethal if taken together or individually, especially if the entity is not fully aware of the use of such substances. This Awareness indicates that Belladonna is considered a poison, yet at the this time, certain medical uses for Belladonna are commonly used, and have been used for many centuries. Therefore, one cannot simply rule out all use of such substances, but this Awareness does not wish to recommend entities who are not trained or who do not clearly understand the use of such substances; that these entities should avoid playing around with substances they do not fully understand. THE PERFECT STATE OF BEING MEDITATION (The Timeless "Here and Now" to Stop the Aging) (Opening Message, C.A.C. General Reading, March 25, 1994) This Awareness wishes at this moment to move into that timeless state, the state of Here and Now in which you do not even consider clock time, or yearly time, or anything, you simply experience Now. This Awareness suggests that you experience Now as it reaches toward the future and reaches toward the past. Feel yourself floating in the timeless Here and Now. This Awareness wishes you to accept these words as though they were your own words: "I am moving toward my perfect age, my perfect maturity in my body, where I am at my very best, having my best strength, my best health and my most beautiful state of being, and this is happening to me and will continue happening to me, whether or not I believe it." "My belief has nothing to do with this. It is occurring because I have tapped into the cosmic energy of Here and Now which automatically moves me to this perfect state of being. I am always in the Here and Now, and therefore, am always moving to correct myself to become the perfect state of being that I am intended to become as a cosmic being." "In this perfect state of being, I attune to that which is immortality. This is happening whether or not I believe it, in spite of my thinking. Even when I move back into thinking three dimensionally, I will continue to move in this direction of attuning to my perfect state of being. This will happen whether or not I believe it, because, having tapped into the Universal Moment of Now, I am in touch with Cosmic Being of myself, and this creates all the corrections that are necessary to move me into perfection." "I am no longer hypnotized by the belief that time moves and drags me toward a dysfunctional destiny. I am instead floating in a perfection of cosmic energies that make corrections on my being and leads me into my perfect state. Wherever I go, whatever I am doing, that perfect state in my being is always there and I can notice it, at any time, regardless of what I am doing, regardless of where I am, regardless of what is happening around me." "I can check on it and it is always present with me. I have stepped into the cosmic energies and reside therein on a permanent basis, and these cosmic energies move me toward perfection: perfection in body, perfection in age, perfection in beauty, perfection in spirit, and I am always moving toward perfect emotional balance and toward perfect love. "My presence in this state of perfection as I move more and more toward it with each passing moment affects others and helps them also to move toward their own perfection. The vibrations that I float in emanate from me and touch the vibrations of others who are not yet aware of their perfect being and help them to move also in this same direction toward perfection." This Awareness suggests that entities allow this to either be placed on tape; they can read it themselves and put it on tape or they can have someone read it to them while they are in a state of meditation, or they can simply have it read while they are moving around and notice that even though they are walking around and doing things, the perfect state of being is still with them. They are still floating in it. They are basically attuned to it, attached to it, and it moves and affects them even as if they were in a state of meditation. This Awareness indicates that if you find it easier to stop moving and experience this state, then let that occur until it becomes equally easy to move around and experience this state in movement. Eventually this Awareness wishes entities to make their entire life a state of meditation and attunement to the Cosmic Energies of the Divine Force, of the Divine Creator. This Awareness indicates that the only thing necessary for this to happen is your realization that you are always wrapped in the arms of this Cosmic Force of the Divine Creation regardless of where you are. By "wrapped in the arms" this Awareness is poetically speaking of being attuned to the vibrations of the highest frequencies in the universe. They are always with you, whether or not you realize it. lt is important for you as much as possible to realize it, to get the full benefit of their frequencies in your life and on your being. ED's Note: For more information on how to stop aging, please refer to the following "Revelations of Awareness" issues: 94-05, The Secret of Alchemy -- The Philosopher's Stone, the Elixir of Life; 94-06, Preparing for the New Dimension (Part 1); and 94-07 (Part 2), $3.00 each from CAC. PULLING THE PLUG ON LOVED ONE'S LIFE SUPPORT: WHAT KARMA, IF ANY, IS INVOLVED? QUESTION: A question from M.B. in Connecticut: "Recently we have had to pull the plug on the life support system of my mother-in-law. The doctors said her condition was hopeless and suggested we do so. We did this. Is there any karma for any of us if we did this so she wouldn't suffer? She fell and broke her neck. She stopped breathing, but brought back by CPR. She came back to slight consciousness. We said good-bye to her. Is there a lesson in this for her loved ones who are left behind? Since she originally appeared to die, but was brought back by CPR, that may indicate that she wanted to go. Please comment on this, and also how this soul received this action. I hope we didn't hurt her in any way." COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that the action of artificially keeping an entity alive is that which is not natural. In other words, the entity could not naturally preserve her life on her own and therefore, the entity was by her own capacity ready to move beyond this physical existence. The taking away of an artificial stimulus that artificially maintains life is not the same as taking away an entity's life; you are forcing the entity to stay alive with the artificial means, and therefore that is an act contrary to the spirit of the situation. This Awareness indicates that it can be of some benefit only when there appears to be a reason for keeping the entity alive, perhaps for some redemptive value, such as if the entity needs a new heart or a new form of medicine which is on its way but without the artificial life support system the entity could not be expected to survive long enough; then it would have some purpose, especially if it appears the entity would have a good healthy life if he or she could only wait long enough to get the needed medicinal help. This Awareness indicates that such an action would be seen as a violation to nature, but at the same time, it could be seen as a miracle in overcoming a natural inclination to die, whereby if an entity could be put on an artificial life support system long enough to receive medication that would restore the entity to good health, entities could then see this as a real blessing. No Excuse for Life Supports If Entity is a Vegetable This Awareness indicates that if this purpose of life support system does nothing other than simply keep the heart beating, keep the life present in the body with no hope of anything further occurring, with no hope of the entity ever regaining any form of independence of autonomic expression of self or functions, then what is the point of the artificial life support? It is simply demonstrating that the life support system works and keeps this dead person alive to the extent that the heart beats and the brain still exhibits some electrical patterns. This is not enough to excuse an interference in nature by some life support system. Therefore, this Awareness suggests you have done nothing by way of activity in unplugging the life support system to merit any kind of negative karma for this act. This Awareness indicates you may count it as a blessing that she was able to return to you long enough to allow you to say your good-byes. It was an action on her part for your benefit. The entity herself also felt an obligation, a desire to say good-bye and this freed her to go on to other actions that she needed to experience. This Awareness suggests you consider it an act of love on both parts, yours and hers, that she returned and that you were there to give your good-byes to her. This Awareness indicates it is like placing a period at the end of a life sentence; it was like tying up the strings so that entities recognize a completion, and had you not been able to express your good- byes, you might still feel something was left unfinished and might still feel some kind of anxiety when you think of her. This way, your emotions can eventually settle in to a feeling of a new satisfaction that her life was lived and completed and things were all settled at the end. This Awareness indicates that you may now experience harmony in regard to this situation. There was no karma, there was no violation, there was only the completion of a long wonderful relationship that occurred when entities came together in a lifetime and wherein one left before the others to go on to other experiences which she needed. SHOULD YOU DONATE YOUR ORGANS AT DEATH? (The Pros and Cons of Being a Good Little Citizen) QUESTION: A question from J.R., Tacoma, Washington. "Awareness has stated that donating organs upon our death can have an effect on the passing of our souls to the next plane. I am not quite sure and would like to ask if Awareness believes it would be unwise to donate organs or just a sort of delay in our "complete" passing. I would like to be able to donate my organs for others' benefit, but now I am uneasy in this decision?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that It does not suggest that entities not donate their organs, but It does wish entities to realize that when they do this, it may not simply be over because they have passed on. This Awareness indicates they may still feel some influence from the organ that is still living which once came from their own body, and the organ that is living in another person's body may influence them wherever they are in some ways, and they may have to deal with this energy or influence, even though they are in another life or another form of existence. If you are aware of the risks involved, and feel it is still an important action on your part that you wish to help another, do so, but do so with that awareness that it is not simply an action of donating an organ and being rid of it. This Awareness indicates there is, for example, an incident in which an entity received a heart transplant from a young man who died in an automobile accident. The entity had several flashes, dreams and experiences in which she began to crave alcohol and hamburgers. She wanted to go to McDonald's for a hamburger. She wanted to have beer. This was totally unusual for her because she never indulged in beer. She wondered why she felt these urges. The entity also began to receive a name in her mind that kept recurring; and the entity became curious as to what was happening to her. When she spoke to her doctor about it, he informed her that her heart had come from a young man who died in an automobile accident whose name was the same name as that which she had been experiencing in her mind. She checked further to find out more about this entity, and discovered that he loved to go to McDonald's and he drank too much beer, and that was the cause of his accident. He was drunk when driving and the accident killed him. She received his heart, along with his consciousness in regard to his name and his desires. This Awareness indicates that this is evidence or an example of what can happen with an organ transplant. You give your organ to an entity and wherever that entity is, the entity's vibrations are affecting your organ. If you have already passed over, you may still receive vibrations from your organ, along with the influence of the entity who is wearing your organ so that you receive not only your own vibrations, but other vibrations of someone else. It is a kind of Russian roulette, whether you get a good spiritual person to take your organ, or if you get someone who is of low vibratory rate, or who is not compatible with you in your vibration so that you find yourself being influenced over a long period of time by someone who is still wearing your organ, vibrating your energies, and emitting his or her energies to you to experience also. It of course will occur on a subconscious level, and even in spirit, entities will experience these confusions of organ transplants. This Awareness just wants entities to be aware of this factor and not think of it in the same way as cannibalizing cars from a junkyard, where the automobiles have no particular vibratory attachment to their various parts. You, as a human, have a vibratory attachment to your organ, and if it is implanted in someone else, you will be picking up on their vibrations at the same time. It could, in some cases, affect one's destiny, one's in- between life destiny, even to the point of influencing the entity to take a certain path upon return to the physical that might not be the exact same path, had the entity been vibrating only his own or her own energies. This Awareness indicates on the other hand, giving a portion of your physical body to someone else could be an action of great generosity and good karma. It is simply a question of: What risk does the entity wish to take? If you do give an organ, would it be given to someone worthy of your vibrations, or to some entity who has been involved in low vibratory behavior? FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: So, donating an organ while you are alive could bring negative reaction. COSMIC AWARENESS: This is in the affirmative. This Awareness indicates to a lesser extent, even the donation of blood can have some adverse effect upon the donor, when his or her blood is later injected to another entity who is of a low spiritual vibration. You are still attuned to that vibration of your blood, even if it is surging through the veins of someone who has been involved in violence, and you never know where your blood is going. This Awareness indicates it could be injected into someone of a very negative karmic nature, and you may have some vibratory reactions that affect your general well-being in a negative way. This Awareness indicates that on the other hand, you could also be giving blood to someone who is truly needy of it. For example, to a child who really needs a blood transfusion, who's vibrations and spiritual level is quite high. The action could be such that you would receive great karma and even benefits from having donated the blood. It is a risk that entities must take when thinking in terms of donations from their own bodies to others. This Awareness does not wish to discourage entities, but It does wish to inform entities of what Paul Harvey would call "the rest of the story." This Awareness indicates that if you do not know the full impact or full ramifications of an action, you are acting not in levels of awareness, and therefore you are not fully responsible for your actions, and this Awareness wishes entities to be aware and responsible and accept the risks of an action while being aware, rather than through some unaware action. FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: If I understand correctly then, reversing the example given, that an entity passes over and donates his organs, and the organ goes into a young man who is say alcoholic or into drugs, and the departed spirit who has given the organ, could pick up a desire for alcohol or a yearning for things of the flesh back on earth? COSMIC AWARENESS: This is in the affirmative. Or the entity, for example, could give a donation of an organ to a hit-man, without intending to do so, and the entity, in his vibration on the other side, could experience a strange situation in which he is not only carrying his personal karma which needs to be dealt with, but he is carrying vibrations of the karma of the hit-man and the entity might, by vibrations, be set up to return to the earth with karma that was not even his own. In this sense, the entity could be taking on the karma of others, of the entity whom he had saved by donating his organ. This Awareness indicates that on the other side, it is not something that can simply be totally known to everyone there, that this entity's vibrations are as they are because he has donated an organ to this hit-man. This Awareness indicates they would simply match the vibrations to the map necessary for the entity's future in his next life. They do not trace back to find out if the entity has somehow acquired the vibrations of someone else by some generous deed, and the entity, not knowing that his organ transplant went to a hit-man, would not even have that argument to make if he did have a chance to argue his case. REPLACING A HIP OR KNEE JOINT (Is There a Way to Regenerate Lost Bone?) QUESTION: Awareness probably just answered this question from D.P. in Kentucky. She writes that she doesn't recall reading about transplants and replacement of body parts, although we have published such, such as hips and knee joints. She asks: "Does Awareness approve of this? I have osteoarthritis in my knees and it's very painful. Cortisone shots didn't help much. I don't like the idea of implants, but would feel better if Awareness approved. I'm a young 73, but much overweight. Is there a way to regenerate the lost bone?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that certain benefits in terms of regeneration can come through the use of shark cartilage, particularly if the shark cartilage contains Chondriana. This Awareness indicates that there is such a substance. It is forbidden by the FDA, therefore, it is not likely to be easily available. This Awareness indicates that at any rate, the shark cartilage is a way by which this could be helped. This Awareness suggests that another approach would be a metal knee transplant wherein these metallic knee joints are made to serve precisely in the way the knee works and attached to the bones above and below the knee and the skin and flesh is placed around the metallic knee and it does not take a great deal of time to heal, and they function quite well. The metallic knees may need to be replaced every decade, in some cases, and in some cases, when entities live in extremely cold weather, or experience cold winters, the metallic knee can become cold inside and feel uncomfortable to the wearer. This Awareness indicates that this would be a minor problem for most entities unless they live long periods of time in cold weather. It is not a major complaint, but it is a slight discomfort that some wearers complain of. This Awareness indicates that the transplanting of another human knee carries with it some additional problems, that of fighting against the body's desire to reject the knee and having to take drugs that act against the rejection or immune system. This would be a difficult circumstance in regard to the transplanting of human knees, or any human body part, for the body tends to reject anything that is not of its own vibration and frequency. Certain types of drugs can also hinder the immune system of the entity, because it is the immune system that is seeking to reject the foreign substance or particles, in this case, the knee. These are things to consider, to think about. This Awareness suggests that the Interpreter could possibly get information on the shark cartilage that might allow the entity to follow further a tracking of this. It appears that this would require her traveling to Canada for such help if it is available and if the doctors there consider it to be something she could benefit from. FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: Then there's no ethical problem in relation to an implant of a mechanical knee replacement then? COSMIC AWARENESS: None whatsoever. FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: Don't they have plastic now as an addition to the metal that's easier on the person? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that if there is plastic, this would be much better, because it would not be subject to temperatures, nor would it be so heavy. It would also be easier to attach the bone to plastic than to metal. ED's Note: For more on organ transplants and donating blood, please refer to "Revelations of Awareness" issues 92-10 and 82-23, $3.00 each from CAC. PURGATORY CREATED BY ROTHSCHILDS WILL END CLOSING MESSAGE: This Awareness indicates that the assault on the human health which has been carried out methodically by the same entities who brought you the New World Order, the income tax, the Federal Reserve banking system; all of these same entities stemming from the international banking group headed by the Rothschilds; these entities have created a kind of purgatory on earth for the masses to endure during this century. This Awareness suggests that their time has run out, and it appears that as this century comes to a close, these entities will no longer be a force to be reckoned with. Entities will then have the opportunities to create new medical alternatives, new ways of thinking, new ways of dealing with reality, and a new kind of freedom and lifestyle between entities around the world will begin to emerge, not based on the greed factor -- as has everything in this century been built upon -- but based more on the factor of what is right for humanity in general and what is right for the individual in particular. These are the concerns that will begin to emerge properly within the final years of this century, and these are the concerns that will help to lead entities into the coming change: the dimensional shift that follows shortly after the turn of the century. This Awareness asks that entities treat themselves well (healthy entities are happier entities) so that they might live to experience the paradise that can come to the earth, as these Dark Forces are made weaker. ARE PLEIADIANS DUE TO LAND ON EARTH THIS YEAR? (Are TV Programs About Aliens Designed to Alert the Public?) (CAC Reading, May 4, 1994) QUESTION: A question from G.K., Gresham, Oregon. She writes: "In practically every newsletter and magazine that deals with he Pleiadians I have received this year, it is being said that the Pleiadians are planning to land in 1994. The most recent was in "Connecting Link"; that they have met with the major nations' governments and the result of that contact was that a meeting has been approved between them and will take place during 1994. If this is true, it could explain why mass consciousness is being bombarded right now with media-hype and television movies concerning UFOs and extraterrestrials, to prepare the masses. If true, it could also upset the apple cart, so to speak, in the plans for the false rapture and invasion. I feel the Light Forces have been working toward this for quite some time. Now it hopes to do just exactly that! Is this true, and just what exactly does Cosmic Awareness see as the outcome?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that there are many things happening at this time, where the Light Forces have suddenly begun to express themselves. This is happening not only in relation to extraterrestrials, but also on earth as has been given in the last several weeks. This Awareness indicates that it is a time in which the Forces of Darkness are being put on the spot, under the spotlight and will have to account for their behavior and actions. This Awareness indicates that in regard to the Pleiadians, Vegans, Arcturans and Sirius forces, all of which are allies with each other; these entities have long held back and watched for fear that they might interfere with the Prime Directive which they follow and which has been stated in the Star Trek series as interfering with a planet's own culture and evolutionary interests. They do not wish to interfere with the wishes of a people on a planet. They have held back because the leaders on earth have up to this time not been open or receptive to speaking with or holding discussions about aligning with the Pleiadians and their allies. The Greys and the Reptoids had their own agenda for earth and made certain contacts and contracts with earth leaders. lt was only in the past few months that the forces from the allied groups became aware of the discrepancy between the leaders of the world's nations and the people of the world, where they realized that the leaders of many of these nations were working not as representatives of the people but as manipulators of their own people, and that they were working to manipulate on behalf of the Greys and the Reptoids. This allowed them to take a new look at the rules to which they adhere in regard to that which is called the Prime Directive of non- interference. They realized that they not only had a right to interfere, but an obligation when the leaders of countries are manipulating the masses rather than representing the masses. This Awareness indicates that it is for this reason that these entities are making strong moves at this time, to make their presence known and to give the people of the world great choice, a greater chance for throwing off the yoke of oppression. The Light groups in general are outspoken about wanting these Light Beings to intervene in earth affairs and this has served to further substantiate the recent realizations that the leaders have not been working on behalf of the people, but have been trying to manipulate the people for an alien power. FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: So the report that the Pleiadians are planning to land this year of 1994 is basically valid? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that it is a consideration. It is not finalized that this will occur. There is a strong potential for this. This Awareness indicates that this may occur. This Awareness indicates there is a strong indication that this may occur in November or possibly before November. There is also some indication that it may occur in early December. FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: When this occurs will it be... COSMIC AWARENESS: ..if this occurs. QUESTIONER: If this occurs, will the press be denied this information or will there be some kind of media blackout? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that this will depend on what the attitude of those who control the press will be. It does not appear that if these entities wish to make themselves known, that any press can stop the information from being released. It may not come from your formal mainstream press. It may come from other reports and other media, separated or different and apart from the media that is controlled by Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateralists or Bilderbergers, but it will be released if it occurs, for these entities know how to make themselves known, if they wish to do so. This Awareness indicates there is some indication that many of those forces that have attempted to control the alien agenda information, keeping it from the public, are losing their ability to intimidate and control others who want this information released. This Awareness indicates that over the past two years, the formula that had worked prior, of ridiculing UFO believers and UFO stories, is no longer working. Entities are finding that the UFO stories draw more attention to shows, the public is more interested in UFOs than ever before, and the public is no longer laughing. They simply want to know, and this has created a totally different environment, making it more difficult for those who sought to hide the truth, to do so. The truth cannot be hidden as well now as it could two or three years ago. POPE JOHN'S DIARY REVEALS KNOWLEDGE OF ALIENS (Timing of Aliens Landing May be Slightly Off) QUESTION: B.B. of Honeydew, California, has a question. He writes: "Last week on Art Bell (radio program), he read from Pope John 23rd, his diary, which had been kept secret by the Vatican all these years since 1960. He talks of visitations of Mary and Jesus showing him future scenarios and toward the end of the century, odd looking beings would come down and assist us to purify and clean up the earth and neutralize the poisons, etc. Would Awareness please comment?" he asks. COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness suggests that the information presented by the show host appears to be based on information that he received that appears to be valid. The questioner wishes this Awareness to comment on the Pope's vision of the future, and as to what it means or whether the Pope was seeing things correctly. This Awareness indicates that it appears the Pope was seeing a vision of extraterrestrials, Greys in particular, and that some kind of agreement would be forthcoming whereby these entities and their technologies could be used to help clean up the planet. It appears that the Pleiadians are more likely to be the ones who help clean the planet, or the Arcturans. The Arcturans appear to be even more likely to be of assistance. This Awareness indicates that it does appear, however, that some agreement with the Greys will be forthcoming, were they become more cooperative with humans and may break free of the controls placed over them by the Reptoids. In the event this happens, the Pope's vision could be accurate. This Awareness does not see this as happening as quickly as indicated: that this would not likely occur before the year 20OO, but this Awareness indicates there are potentials for considerable changes to occur in the next 24 months which may alter this perception. There are changes occurring and many things that should have occurred prior to this have not occurred, and the Pope's vision may be slightly off in the timing factor. FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: Does an entity who becomes Pope, who is usually a mainstream human being like everybody else; when he becomes Pope and has visions such as this, is this because of his office and the belief that the entity is a messenger from God, or is this because so many Catholics in the world focus on this entity and give him energy to make this possible? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates it appears to be because there are so many Catholics in the world who send information to him, making him aware of things that most people are not aware of, and being aware of the presence of Zeta Reticuli and Orion types on earth, he could easily conjecture that before the century change, these entities would make themselves known, and he could well surmise that their presence here was to help mankind, and would then presume that this would be in terms of helping to cleanse the planet, since that is one of the greatest problems facing mankind. BE ATTENTIVE TO THE NEWS THIS SUMMER (Awareness Gives Some Specific Dates for Possible Events) (CAC Reading, May 5, 1994) OPENING MESSAGE: This Awareness indicates the situation relating to the material released by Linda Thompson and the court case against the Federal Reserve Bank put this country on the brink of coming into its true spiritual evolution, whereby the masses can receive the benefits for which the country was founded. It can, under the proper circumstances, allow individuals, who for some 80 years through their own actions or the actions of their parents and grandparents, recoup those energies that have been lost through the defrauding actions of the foreign banking interests. Or, if things do not go right, it can be the last breath of freedom for some several hundred years on this plane, or until some outside force intervenes, to rescue mankind, and this may not come as easily as entities would hope. This Awareness indicates that entities need to be very attentive to the news throughout this summer. One thing to be watchful for is any attempt to move troops out of this country to some hot spot somewhere. This could be used to disarm the country of its soldiers so that United Nations troops could be brought in quickly to take over the nation, disarm the masses and set up a dictatorship. This Awareness indicates if the troops are for some reason moved out to some hot spot somewhere, and there are few soldiers or militia left, then the protection of the country would fall upon those civilians who have guns, who own guns, and who could become the civilian militia, protecting the country from foreign invaders. CLOSING MESSAGE: This Awareness indicates that there are many energies in movement in 1994, and so many that are not clearly defined, it is indeed a year of great potentials for change, great potential for uncertainties. There is very little that stands out as being highly probable other than those areas that have been discussed previously, and these are even also undefined in the ultimate sense. The only thing that does seem to be absolutely clear is that which was given in the New Year's prediction that there are certain exposes that will occur during this year whereby information that has been given will be brought forth to the masses and entities will begin to discover what in fact is really going on. This Awareness indicates that there appears to be certain points in time that may signify significant expressions. Approximately mid-May; the month of July in the mid-part, between the 15th and 22nd; the first part of September; mid-November and the early part of December, around the 10th, 12th, prior to Christmas: these are all seen as important time periods in which you may expect unusual things to occur. This Awareness indicates also early November can be a significant time in a political sense. This Awareness indicates that the events are somewhat nebulous, with those areas that have been described being somewhat topically defined, but not in the appropriate detail that would be desirable because the details are still unfocused, and there is still error possible, or change possible, when it comes to details in these events. The Importance of Understanding What is Happening This Awareness indicates that there have been a great number of behind- the-scenes activities occurring from last fall to the present. This Awareness has discussed these things and entities are aware of them. They are in motion. There is the potential for freedom in the highest order in terms of political freedom, economic freedom looming on the horizon. There is some danger which relates to the old concept: "There is many a slip between the cup and the lip," but at least the cup is there, and you may soon be able to drink of it, providing there is no slip. This Awareness indicates that by the time this Interpreter again returns in mid-June for further sessions, there should be a considerable amount of new information on these changes that are in store. This Awareness indicates that meanwhile, you may wish to study the material coming in the next few readings, or which may have already been sent to you by the time you read this, and there should be a phone number for the entity Linda Thompson's organization which can provide you with more information or more means by which to gain further information. This Awareness indicates that the more you understand what is occurring, the better it will be. "VIRGIN MARY" PREDICTS BIG EARTHQUAKE QUESTION: Question from A.B.. Jacksonville. Florida. He writes: "I have just finished reading Annie Kirkwood's book "Mary's Message to the World." In it, the Virgin Mary states that to give proof she is giving valid information to Annie Kirkwood, the Virgin Mary states the long-awaited big earthquake in California will happen in 1995 and after it, the ice- caps at both polls will begin to break up and melt and cause coastal flooding worldwide." And he asks: "Will Cosmic Awareness comment on the accuracy of this book?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that the book was written in accordance with the author's perception of truth. If the questioner wants to know whether the Virgin Mary or her prophecy is going to be correct, this Awareness suggests that it is her prophecy and entities can wait and see. WHY ARE NEIGHBORS KILLING NEIGHBORS? (More on the Genocide in Bosnia) (CAC Reading, May 9, 1994) A question from S.D., Yelm, Washington. "I want to ask Awareness whether this neighbor-against-neighbor in Bosnia is orchestrated by the You- Know-Who: the people behind the people? Since it is an ethnic killing, I want to know how come now? It has been 50 years since Marshal Tito fought against the Nazis in his country and brought every one together. Or did he? He must be turning over in his grave, as the saying goes. Why are the Serbs rebelling now and calling it "their" country?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that Tito held great power over the people in Yugoslavia to the extent that they were not tree to express themselves and were held in check in those areas so that the peace was kept because of an overpowering police force under Tito and this had preserved the peace for quite a long number of years. The hostility was there, but it was not expressed or exercised as it later came to be after the fall of Communism and the disruption of the controls in the country. Once these controls came down, then these ethnic groups and agendas began to develop. It is simply a matter of fighting over power that is left from the fall of Communism in the region. This Awareness indicates that it would be the same in the United States if your national government and state governments fell. The religions would then begin to come closer together and their differences would be expressed more fervently until conflicts would begin to break out and those conflicts would lead to insurrections and violence here and there. This Awareness indicates that this is not an uncommon situation in such a scenario. The people of various religions have often many deep hostilities toward other religions, though they can be civil to each other when there are superseding powers and laws governing a community or nation. THE SLAUGHTER IN AFRICA FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: Isn't that what it basically is, a religious war? with Roman Catholics slaughtering Muslims? COSMIC AWARENESS: This is in the affirmative. FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: How about the slaughter that's been going on in Africa lately, where hundreds of thousands are being butchered by various tribes? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that tribal warfare has occurred in Africa throughout its history; that only recently have these various tribes been able to acquire modern arms that allow them to have the immense killing power that is now being witnessed in these conflicts. Prior to recent times, the entities used spears and blow darts and stones in their battles with one another, or other types of projectile weapons. FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: So this is just a traditional thing, and the New World Order instigators have nothing to do with these slaughters? Is that correct? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that the New World Order instigators or people may have something to do with these situations, but they did not create the situations. They are looking to direct and guide the situations in such a way that it furthers their own agenda and part of their agenda is to gain peace and control at the same time. If they can show themselves to be effective in gaining control and peace in a region, it will make the argument that the UN and the New World Order is indeed necessary for earth to find lasting peace. If they are ineffective in dealing with these conflicts in small countries, entities will wonder why they should support or rely on a New World Order, which is ineffective anyway. Therefore, it is in their interest to find some way of gaining control over these areas, and impressing the world as to their importance. FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: Is it not true that since they plan to depopulate the earth to a certain extent, that these genocidal wars are actually to their advantage? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that through germ warfare, through war and starvation, those whose focus is in eliminating or reducing the population in various areas have a special interest in prolonging war or using the war as an excuse for further depopulation. This Awareness indicates that the people who are focused and specializing in the depopulation activities are not necessarily the same ones who are focusing on the political promotion of the New World Order, and those focusing on the promotion of the New World Order are seeking to get the most mileage out of bringing UN interests to the area, which includes a peaceful resolution to the problems, but it also includes making a name for the UN as a peacekeeper so that when peace comes, rather than to the participants in the conflicts, even if they reach peace on their own by reconciling with each other. This Awareness indicates there is a political agenda. There is also that which is the population control agenda. These are not necessarily working in harmony with each other. WHAT CAN WE EXPECT NOW IN SOUTH AFRICA? (Will Nelson Mandela Prevent a Bloodbath?) QUESTION: The long-awaited election in South Africa occurred, and Nelson Mandela's party won by a large majority. Now he is saying he's going to keep the economy going, there is not going to be a nationalization and that sort of thing to calm the white minority, whereas others are claiming that it won't be long before the blacks in the majority will create a blood-bath against the whites. Does Awareness see this new black party ruling the country ending up on a more positive note than some of these forecasters are predicting? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that much of the prejudice against blacks in all countries by whites is based on their own fear that if they had equal opportunities, the blacks would attack and destroy the whites and therefore, the whites have often believed and promoted the idea that blacks must be subjugated in order to keep any kind of peace. Therefore, this argument is but a continuation of that same previous attitude where now the whites feel they have been betrayed and that the blacks not having more power will eventually come down upon them and wreak havoc. This Awareness indicates that after many years of subjugation, many of the blacks do feel that now they have a greater power, and they may seek revenge. The whites recognize this and feel this as a strong potential. The blacks recognize this and know that they could perhaps push for vengeance and drive the whites out of their country. This Awareness indicates it is a matter of who is in charge, and will they allow this kind of potential conflict to erupt in South Africa. It is not something that can be clearly evaluated, because it could happen. There is a chance that it could happen. The blacks would turn against all whites and begin a massacre of whites in South Africa. This would build from certain incidents and gradually the sense of new power could become a feeling of power that needs to be used. This Awareness indicates that it is indeed a potential. It does not necessarily have to occur, but if the blacks do not find the rewards and benefits of having black leadership and whites continue to persecute or belittle the blacks, it could aggravate further racial tensions which would in turn lead to this kind of violent reaction. This Awareness indicates that it would be advisable, although it may not occur, for whites who are seeking security to avoid travel or living in that area until it becomes quite clear that there is indeed a safety factor. This Awareness indicates that one of the advantages the blacks in South Africa would work for in trying to maintain a stability is the foreign investments in their country. If the country does not appear to be stable, then many of the foreign investors from other countries will pull out and leave the country in financial shambles that would eventually develop. This Awareness indicates on the other hand, if the country maintains a strong safe haven for entities to live and do business, and the racial tensions can be diminished, then indeed, outside foreign business interests could increase and make the country very profitable and economically sound. WILL WOMEN BUYING GUNS STOP NEW WORLD ORDER? (Ban on Assault Weapons Will Not Disarm American People) A question from N.L., Oak Park, Illinois. He writes: "60 Minutes related the story of increasing gun sales to women. The increase in crime, especially against unprotected women, is a motivating factor for these sales. As a young woman puts it, "This is an equalizer, and gives us a chance to protect ourselves from rapists and murderers." A sales pitch from a female instructor on how to use a gun, a film shot showing how they were manufactured, and a couple of true stories of women surviving by using their weapons were dramatically presented. Now, it seems to me that a new factor has come into play against the New World Order. This organization, in order to succeed, must disarm the American citizen. It would be ironic that an increasing crime rate may become the obstruction that will stop it. There's also a lot of money to be made selling handguns to a new population of gun owners. Would Awareness indicate, if, as I hope, profits and more guns will stop the New World Order dead in their tracks?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that the fact that 75 million Americans in the United States own guns has already stopped the New World Order from proceeding until those guns can be confiscated. This Awareness indicates that the efforts to confiscate the guns are not very effective up to this time. Even today, the Bill passing against the guns, the ban on various assault weapons, only touches those guns that have extremely large numbers of bullets and which are rapid-fire in nature and those types of guns are unnecessary in the first place. This Awareness indicates that removal of that type of gun is not sufficient to consider the American people disarmed for takeover. It does not appear that they will be successful in taking away enough guns to make a slave state out of the United States and its people. Every time a gun Bill is brought up for a vote, people rush out and buy more guns. It is a fact that the majority of Americans do not trust their government and are more concerned about their government and its oppression than they are about crime and the Mafia organizations within the United States. WHY WERE BRITISH COMMANDOS AT WACO? (New World Order Pulls Off a "Dry Run") QUESTION: In a recent "Full Disclosure" magazine, they did an article called "Waco: Truth and Warning; How Truth was Suppressed by Technology and Terror," and one of the things that they said, which I want to ask Awareness about is: "The March 21, 1993 edition of the Sunday Times, London, England, tells of the "Secret war at Waco. The story reveals that British SAS Special Air Service regiment, an elite strike force of paratrooper commandos, were deployed to Waco. There was no mention of this in the American mainstream press. The entire outside world can know, but America must be kept stupid and asleep." It goes on, but does Awareness see that as valid? Why would they send British troops clandestinely U.S.? ED's Note: Full Disclosure, published by First Amendment Press, Inc. 8129 N. 35th Ave., Suite 134, Phoenix, AZ 85051. (12 issues $29.95). This is the nation's No. 1 Surveillance Magazine and recommended by CAC. COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that in the plans for taking control of this country for the New World Order calls for foreign troops to fire on American citizens if necessary, for fear that American troops would not wish to do so. This Awareness indicates any time a plan of a military nature is expected to take place, preparations through what is often called a "dry run" or "pre-enactment" of the plan are implemented . This use of British forces, done in secret, would be a typical military action for such a pre-planned test. This Awareness indicates it is seen as an action to give information and data as to how the British reacted to the use of their military powers in a situation dealing with American civilians. WHY IS ENGLAND'S JOHN MAJOR BEING ATTACKED? (Why Margaret Thatcher Was Removed from Office) QUESTION: A question from P.F., Axminster, England. She writes: "My experience of life has shown me that the most outstanding inventors or pioneers into the higher sciences which would upset the status quo are always subject to attack on their characters; their work, their books, and inventions destroyed, and in some cases, their lives. For example, Wilhelm Reich. I could include the persecutions of the Middle Ages in England where the church stamped out by torture and death, people like the Cathars, who taught the truth about reincarnation. My question: Could you please ask Awareness why John Major, the British Prime Minister is constantly under attack? He is made to look like a spineless wimp. I feel he is a strong character, ethically sound and above corruption." COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates the entity is not a pawn of the Rothschilds and therefore, those agents of the Rothschilds are doing what they can to bring him down. This appears to be the major factor involved in his constant harassment by these entities. There are, of course, issues that are also part of the reasons for the harassment and certain stands he takes on certain of these issues. This Awareness indicates that Margaret Thatcher was also removed from office because she did not support, with proper zeal, the concepts of Great Britain going into the New World Order and the European Economic Market. She had reservations and expressed her presentations and was soon removed from office. ED's Note: Margaret Thatcher is on a lecture tour in the U.S. We were recently sent a notice that she is booked in Seattle later on this year. The subject of her lecture: The New World Order. IS THERE A CENTRAL ULTIMATE GOD CONSCIOUSNESS? QUESTION: S.K. of Roselle, Illinois, asks: "Is there a central ultimate God Consciousness that is really in charge of the universe, or has that God Force relinquished Its control in giving birth to countless souls with minds of their own?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that it appears the question is asking if there is a God Consciousness that is centrally located somewhere in the universe or whether that God Consciousness is spread throughout the universe. This Awareness indicates that this is spread through out the universe and in some areas is more densely collected, where consciousness is stronger in some areas than in other areas within the universe. This Awareness indicates it is less strong in high density matter. It is more strong in areas where prana is more prevalent. Prana being that which is created where light and oxygen and other substances come together. This in reference especially to gaseous substances or vibrational substances of a high vibration. FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: That part of her question: "...or has that God Force relinquished Its control in giving birth to countless souls with minds of their own?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates the question as to what is meant by "relinquished Its control"; relinquished to the individual minds, or relinquished to a collective of minds? It appears that to create entities with minds of their own would be to create an area of high density God Consciousness. Whether this consciousness remains faithful to the God Creator or turns against the God Creator would determine whether the control was relinquished or remained steadfast as part of a God Force. The God Force can retain Its Godness, even if it is projected into physical bodies or It may be distorted much as occurred in the story of Lucifer in which the force became self-serving and glorified in Its own personal excesses and vanity. IS THE UNIVERSE IN DANGER OF OVERPOPULATION? (The Unlimited Dream of God) QUESTION: One other question from S.K.: "Is God even now continually giving birth to new souls, and if so, is there any danger of overpopulation of the universe?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that the universe has no limits except those which are set by consciousness. If entities were to explore outwardly toward the edges of the universe, they would find themselves creating new regions as they went, because the universe is consciousness, and you can't come to the end of your consciousness unless you create an end for yourself. It is much like the action of lying down and going to sleep and worrying about whether your dream will be big enough to hold all the people you create in your dream, or whether there will be too many and they will bump into the edges of your dream. This Awareness indicates the dream of God in the creation of the universe is unlimited in its size, or limited only by the boundaries put on it by the consciousness of the Creator. If the Creator wishes to conceive of a universe that is cramped and crowded, that becomes the creation, and one could experience cramped and crowded universes filled with too many people, but it is only a matter of mental creation or visual and imagery creations, so one can just as easily create greater space to have more room for more entities if desired. This Awareness asks you to think on this carefully: In your next dream, try to determine how big your dream is, whether there is any danger of running out of room in your dream, if you were to bring in more people, or whether your dream will expand to accommodate the hundreds, thousands, millions, billions, trillions or more that you bring into your dream. What We Call Reality is the Dream of God This Awareness suggests you realize what you call reality is the dream of God. Here again, you may witness another interpretation of the message: "Born in His image," for if this is indeed the dream of God, it is an image in the mind of God into which you are born. Thus, you are born in His images, or in His imaginings, in His dream. This Awareness indicates that of course, it is not necessarily a "He"; that is just the human way of creating gender for consciousness to be represented. Consciousness has no gender other than that which entities attach to it. It could just as easily be referred to as "She", and think of the consciousness as an ocean of consciousness. The ocean of consciousness may be more easily perceived as feminine in gender, whereas the spirit of consciousness tends to be more easily visualized as a masculine consciousness. It matters not. HOW TO NOURISH AND DEVELOP OUR SPIRIT (Is Prayer Really Necessary?) QUESTION: A question from T.M. in Vashon, Washington, or at least a suggestion. I'll read her letter. She writes: "Congratulations for making it for 20 years. Your booklet arrived in my mailbox 13 or 14 years ago in Providence, Rhode Island, and I have looked forward to each issue since then. I went through your efforts for a Peace College and fund-raising for a decent car for Paul so he could get to Olympia, letter-writing campaigns and other efforts. I'd like to think it all made a difference. The latest information on aliens and so forth has certainly given us all the opportunity to stretch our minds beyond anything I could have imagined. I hope you will continue giving us health improvement updates regularly for our bodies. I'd appreciate some specific guidelines from Awareness for nourishing and developing our spirit. For example, what daily routine? How to pray, what to say and so forth; or is it necessary at all?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that prayer is asking for Divine help. It is suggested that unless you have a particular need to ask for Divine help that you not feel it to be an obligation. This Awareness suggests rather than feeling obligated to pray or ask for Divine help that you meditate. Meditation is more an action of tuning in to the Divine. This Awareness suggests that if you can identify with or tune into the Divine Force, become One with It; hold your mind, hold your consciousness, hold your eye single on Divinity of the highest that you can perceive, then in the action of holding yourself to the Divine, you begin to merge and take on Divinity and absorb Divinity into your cells, and the spirit of that Divine Energy becomes closer to you and will assist you, guide you and help heal you as may be needed. How to Bask in Divinity This Awareness indicates that if you must visualize a Divine Being in order to meditate, then that is permissible. This Awareness suggests being cautious about seeing Divinity in shapes of anthropomorphic beings for you may attune to some lesser being that puts on the trappings of a Divine Being. This Awareness suggests rather that you visualize the Divine Light as a bright Clear Light emanating from the highest that is, and visualize this light bathing over you, giving you strength, vitality, spiritual comfort and essences, and visualizing this light as giving you the taste of Divinity that satisfies your deepest needs. Bask in it, in your meditations, for as long as it takes to feel satisfied. Let it be a way of eating Divinity. Just as you sit down to eat a meal for the body, this may become a way of eating Divine Energy for the soul. Thus, this kind of meditation may feed your soul on a daily basis. This Awareness indicates that you follow these lights to the highest as though you were following a stream or a current to its source, and when you reach the source of this highest Light, you may find it to be even brighter than ever imagined, and emanating energies of greater bliss than ever dreamed of, and you may know things that you never realized were possible. KEEP YOUR SOUL FILLED WITH WONDER CLOSING MESSAGE: This Awareness indicates as consciousness moves through the adventures of life, there are many areas which call out for attention, many areas which warn the entity to walk lightly, heed caution, take care, help here, be cautious of this direction, go elsewhere, come this way; there are many warnings, directions, lures, rejections and supplications, enticements, and entities are constantly moving hither and thither, far and yon, near and ever nearer to the strange, or to the familiar, and entities are constantly discovering something new among something familiar. This Awareness indicates that life is a great adventure filled with corners, rooms, hallways, journeys, and as entities travel day to day through these pathways, through these adventures, they find many mysteries, and these mysteries cause questions, and some produce answers, and this Awareness asks entities to continue to question and continue to explore, for this continuation of exploration keeps your mind alive and active, keeps your soul filled with wonder and keep you ever-moving toward this Awareness. DOES COSMIC AWARENESS KNOW EVERYTHING? QUESTION: A question from Rev. G.K., Gresham, Oregon. She writes: "I once asked the "Cosmic Council" during a session: 'Why didn't Awareness mention so and so?', having to do with what, I don't remember now, but the answer was: 'The Awareness is not aware of everything. And we are sure, if you ask Cosmic Awareness, It will be the first to tell you this." So, my question to Awareness was, or is: Is this true?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that the Awareness is like water in an ocean. If you can visualize all of the landscape at the bottom of the ocean, and recognize that there are certain shapes and certain entities in terms of oceanic plants and creatures, all of which are touched by the water of the ocean, and ask yourself: "Is the ocean water aware of all of these things? If it had knowledge would it be aware of all of these things?" Your answer would be: "Yes, it is aware of all of these things, where it touches these things, because the nature of water is such that when it touches something it is in connection with the entire body of the ocean and what it touches, it is aware of, if it has intelligence." This Awareness indicates that you may ask further the question of: "Assuming the ocean does have intelligence, and touches everything in its domain, is it aware of the little starfish at the end of the rock, under the ocean near the great trench?" And by pointing out what it should be aware of, or asking whether it is aware of that, the intelligence goes to the starfish, notices the starfish as described by the questioner, and can give information on the starfish. This Awareness indicates that to another person in another place, who does not ask the ocean for its awareness of some thing, but simply points out: "Oh, here's a white line on a rock. I wonder if the Oceanic Awareness knew about that? Because it has never spoken of that white line on the rock before." This Awareness indicates that the question might be asked of a school of fish in the area: "Why didn't Awareness speak of the white line on the rock? It has never spoken of this." The school of fish might answer: "Well, it isn't aware of everything." This Awareness indicates It has the capacity to be aware of everything. It does not pay attention to everything at every moment throughout the entire universe. It is aware, but It is not focused on that exclusively until someone asks a question about it. How could Awareness focus on everything exclusively for entities or for bringing up everything that can be talked about in the universe in order to keep entities fully informed of what Awareness is aware of? This Awareness indicates that is why the questions are necessary. A question must be asked in order to focus the attention of the Awareness on that which is being asked about. This Awareness indicates there are many, many things that entities on earth don't even know about enough to ask a question, nor do they have reason to ask such a question, and for this Awareness to supply information on everything, could take billions of years of readings for these entities to receive such information, and It would only then start to scratch the surface. The Importance of Asking the Question This Awareness indicates that: Yes, the Awareness is aware, just as space touches everything, just as life permeates everything, just as the ocean water touches all of the ocean shoreline and It is touching these things as a kind of recognition of the edge of the shoreline, and as these things touch, it has Its connection, and if the ocean were aware, and flowed from the North pole to the South pole and someone points to something in the North pole and the entire ocean then is asked: "Are you aware that there are certain things at the North pole that quiver in the cold water and are very small, about 2 inches long?", the very act of focusing allows the ocean consciousness to become aware of those things and to focus on those things which might have been somewhat ignored before. This Awareness asks you as an individual: "Are you aware of yourself?" if this Awareness points out that you have not told anyone about your little toe for at least several months. You have not spoken of it. Have you forgotten it? Have you ignored it? Or were you unaware of it? This Awareness indicates as soon as it is mentioned, you become aware of it in a way that you were not aware of it when you were thinking about your algebra test or about learning to use a computer. During those times, were you also aware that you had a little toe? Or were you simply taking it all for granted? The little toe has no need for attention. It simply does what it does and you can focus all of your attention on the computer or the algebra test or whatever else is put before you at the moment. This Awareness indicates that it is a question of focus, not simply awareness. Surely you have been aware of your little toe, but while this Awareness is speaking of your little toe, what about the eyelash on the far right side of your left eye? Have you forgotten about that? This Awareness indicates until something is focused on, it does not necessarily receive a lot of attention. This Awareness indicates if you are attentive to everything, you may as well realize that you have also forgotten to focus. If you are focused on your toes, your toenails, all of your toes equally, your feet, the skin on and in your body, the deeper levels of skin, the blood circulating through your toes, through your body, if you are focused on every single thing of your being, you are not focused on anything, because you cannot focus on everything at once. It is impossible. This Awareness indicates therefore, to be aware, means to be alive, alive in the highest sense. But to be focused with your awareness means that you have the opportunity to study a particular area and if that area is called to your attention and you focus all of your energies and attention to that one area, you are also ignoring other areas, because your attention cannot focus on everything at once. It can only focus on one thing at a time. This Awareness indicates that It hopes this answered the question of the woman in a way that clarifies her concerns If it does not appear that this was a clear response to the question, this Awareness suggests the question be repeated HOW YOU CAN ANSWER YOUR OWN QUESTIONS QUESTION: The answer seemed pretty clear to me. I'd like to ask a question. If this lady has, or anybody has questions that they would like Awareness to focus on, they can do this through meditation can they not? COSMIC AWARENESS: This is in the affirmative. The first thing to do is to let go of self. You cannot be a "self" and at the same time be a Universal Consciousness. You cannot be personally conscious and simultaneously be cosmically conscious. You have to let go of self, go beyond self into pure consciousness. As long as you are thinking of self, as long as you are wanting to do something for yourself in the name of God or in the name of Cosmic Consciousness or in the name of Isis or any other being, you cannot really do it until you let go of the personal self. This is why this Awareness suggests that entities surrender self to merge with that of the Higher spirit or Being that they wish to identify with. This Awareness suggests that, in identifying with Universal Consciousness, you have to let go totally of any persona, any persona of self or of any other creature that has a persona. This Awareness indicates when you become pure consciousness and a question is asked, all of your focus, all of your consciousness flows toward that which was spoken of in the question and surrounds the subject of the question and in so doing, answers to the question are felt and experienced. This Awareness indicates all you do is to describe what is experienced when the question is asked and that pure bliss consciousness surrounds the object of focus. How Some "Channels" Fake Cosmic Awareness This Awareness indicates there are occasionally entities who think they are channeling this Awareness because they used the term: "This Awareness" and have learned certain aspects of the language, and they claim to be able to channel this Awareness, but often as not, they have a kind of agenda in mind behind their message, and often they will begin asserting or expressing their agenda, their personal agenda as to what they want from the message from this Awareness, and they will be expressing this Awareness in such a way that has a personal purpose as the message, and as long as there is a personal purpose in the message, it is not from this Awareness. It is only themselves, using the format and language of this Awareness, promoting their own agenda, their own message, and it is very easy for an informed entity to spot the phoniness of such messages. This Awareness indicates that sometimes entities become very clever and most of the messages given may be for others, but invariably, an entity who is faking the Awareness message will begin to promote a self-serving message or something that they want to promote in terms of their version of a Cosmic Awareness message. WHY THE INTERPRETER ISN'T COSMIC AWARENESS This Awareness indicates it is very difficult for anyone seeking to channel this Awareness to even focus on self and stay in levels of Cosmic Awareness. There have been entities who think that the Interpreter should have the benefit of Cosmic Awareness's wisdom for use in his own life, and in his own life decisions, but the entity is not capable of staying in Cosmic Awareness levels while thinking in terms of self, unless he can throw that self into total abstractness and not identify with the self, seeing it only as though it was "out there" somewhere as a separate entity from himself, and separate from his state of openness to the Cosmic Consciousness. Therefore, when the Interpreter moves into trance, he lets go of self, he lets go of mind, emotion and feeling, and allows himself to be totally lost in the wholeness of Universal Consciousness. If someone asks a question about the Interpreter he has to avoid getting back into selfness and stay in Universal Consciousness to be able even to focus on the question without coming out of trance. This Awareness indicates therefore, it is not advisable that an entity seek to enter into a Cosmic Awareness state in order to get something for themselves because almost invariably, they will come out of the Cosmic Awareness state and lose that consciousness and move into self: consciousness and self-serving ends. This Awareness hopes this helps to alert entities to some of the problems which many often face when they attempt to find channeling of this Awareness. This Awareness indicates that too often entities appear to have the proper form, and language and can give a good imitation, but do not actually have the understanding of what it truly means to surrender self to the highest. THE JESUS PARABLE ABOUT BECOMING AS LITTLE CHILDREN TO ENTER THE KINGDOM QUESTION: A question from S.K., Roselle, Illinois. Awareness may have given this in the past. "What did Jesus mean when he said 'Unless you become as little children you shall not enter the Kingdom of Heaven'"? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates the Kingdom of Heaven is within and unless entities can open themselves to be receptive and to explore self it is difficult for entities to become able to experience the inner reality of inner self. This Awareness indicates that entities who are too old in their manner of thinking, who go around feeling self-important and who think in terms of goods and treasures and external things. are not very subjective. Their thoughts have to do with their senses and the world according to the senses, but the child is very close to feelings and is very much attuned to consciousness levels and in fact, the child is often unable to distinguish between himself and the environment around him. The extremely small baby does not have such ability to distinguish until he begins to realize his mother is not attached to him, his mother comes and goes. Then the child begins to realize what part of his reality is himself and what part is his mother. This Awareness indicates that the child is more easily capable of seeing everything as one, wherein the child becomes one with everything, but the older person sees everything as separated from everything else. This Awareness indicates that this kind of experiencing that comes from growing older and more wise can become more limiting so that an individual does not see the reality of oneness, but sees the reality of separateness. This Awareness indicates that this appears to be one of the meanings, or the meaning of the entity's statement. There could be other meanings. This Awareness indicates it takes a child-like attitude to look within for the Kingdom of Heaven. This Awareness indicates also, children have a certain kind of openness and curiosity in which they look at the world and learn so much so quickly, because they are totally receptive and adults lose that receptivity. They are more into controlling that which is outside of themselves than taking it in and absorbing what it has to offer. This Awareness indicates that this would be another meaning of the statement. This Awareness indicates that unless entities can become as little children: curious, open, receptive, humble, and very observant, how can they begin to understand the Kingdom of Heaven within? END OF ISSUE ----------------------------------------------------------------- How to Get Electronic Copies of "Revelations of Awareness": ----------------------------------------------------------------- NEW ISSUE ANNOUNCEMENTS: As hard copies are OCR'd by SPIRAL, they are announced in the following Usenet newsgroups: alt.alien.visitors alt.conspiracy alt.paranormal talk.religion.newage and posted in the alt.paranormal.channeling newsgroup. BACK ISSUES: Back Issues Lists, which include the topics discussed in each newsletter, are also periodically posted to those groups. 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