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Date: Mon, 20 Jun 1994 21:21:43 -0500 From: "Dave Alexander" To: Subject: Cosmic Awareness Issue 94-07 94-07 (Issue No. 433) ----------------------------------- Find Out Who, |* REVELATIONS OF AWARENESS *| How Many Have In Fact, You |* The New Age Cosmic Newsletter *| You Served? And Really Are. ----------------------------------- How Well? Cosmic Awareness Communications Box 115, Olympia, Washington 98507 email: (E-mail subscription information, FTP information and SnailMail hard copy information available at end of this file) "Helping People Become Aware Since 1977." ----------------------------------------------------------------- REVELATIONS OF AWARENESS is a cosmic newsletter, published by Cosmic Awareness Communications, Box 115, Olympia, WA 98507, a not-for- profit organization. Copyright 1993 by Cosmic Awareness Communications and the Aquarian Church of Universal Service. Reproduction is permitted, but no alterations may be made without express permission. ----------------------------------------------------------------- COSMIC AWARENESS is the Force that expressed Itself through Jesus of Nazareth, the Buddha, Krishna, Mohammed and other great avatars who served as "Channels" for the "Heavenly Father" and expresses itself once again as the world begins to enter the New Age of spiritual consciousness and awareness. This information is for those who desire to help in bringing in the New Age. Throughout the thousands of "readings" given, Cosmic Awareness tells us not to *believe* anything, not even Itself, but to question, explore, doubt, and discover through your own channel what the truth really is. Cosmic Awareness will only "indicate" and "suggest." Neither CAC or the Interpreter is responsible for anything Cosmic Awareness states in any of these readings, nor does CAC or the Interpreter necessarily agree with the statements of Cosmic Awareness. The Interpreter interprets the energies as they are seen in trance levels and are not personally responsible for what is said. The Interpreter has no connection with, nor control over the editorial comments, which are entirely the responsibility of the editor. Paul Shockley, Interpreter Avaton, C.A.C Editor Alex, OCR'er and NetPoster Vikki T., Office Manager ------------------------------------------------------------------------ IN THIS ISSUE: PREPARING FOR THE NEW DIMENSION (Part 2): THE AWAKENING OF THE NEW BEING -- HOW TO EXPERIENCE THE ETERNAL MOMENT OF "NOW" AND BEGIN TO STOP THE AGING PROCESS IMMEDIATELY; Experience Eternity; Re-Experiencing Eternity; Experience the Eternal Moment of "Now"; Visualize Perfect Health; Visualize the Arteries and Veins Being Cleaned; The Beginning of Your Ability to Heal Yourself; The Great Lie You Were Hypnotized to Believe; More Out-of-Body Experiences Will Occur; To Heal You Must Focus Your Attention; Practice This Meditation Daily for Rejuvenation; The Hypnosis Put Upon Mankind For Aging; You Are the New Being Awakening; How Did the Great Lie Originate?; In Biblical Days 'Old Age' Was Really Old; Cosmic Awareness Defines "Sin"; How Lying is Accepted in Some Societies; How Some Create Pain and Accidents From Feeling Guilt; The Hypnosis of Time and Aging; Prolonged Anger Creating Hypertension is Confirmed; Feeling Rejection a Common Cause of Cancer; To Find Love, Learn to Love Yourself and Radiate Love; This is What It's All About; The Role of the Dark Force and "The Lie"; Did a Hypnotist's Suggestion Kill?; Stage Hypnotists and Mass Hypnosis; Are Happy People Really Insane?; What is the Purpose of Radio telescopes; Taxpayers Are Paying Millions To Hear From E.T.; Use Meditation of Rejuvenation Daily; It's OK to Reach Out and Touch Another; Don't Be Concerned About Sexual Arousal; That Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 Which is Due to Strike Jupiter; An Equivalent of a Million Atomic Bombs; Galileo Project and Creating a New Sun; Is There Life on Jupiter? Adolf Hitler's Reptoid Comic Book; Are Nazi's in Charge of Our Armed Forces?; General Shalikashvili's Nomination as Joint Chiefs of Staff; Are Nazi's in Our Government Decreasing?; The American Indians: How Much Do They Know About the Alien Presence?; How to Condense Information and be Legal; Must the Phoenix Always Become Ashes?; More on Those Asteroids Approaching Jupiter; The Explosion Will Have an Affect on You; The Possibility That Jupiter Could Ignite; Element 115 Requires Two Suns; Asteroid Story Could be a Cover for Nuking Jupiter; The July Event Will Affect the Earth; Exposes Will Enlighten the Masses; Stop Self Destructive Habits; Hildebrand vs. The Federal Reserve Ruling and What It Means to You and Your Pocketbook; Why Haven't We Heard About it in the Press?; New Treasury Notes to be Released; Time is Short: Powerful Forces Are in Motion; Where Does Attorney General Janet Reno Stand?; Find Out if Your Bank Has Complied; Military Forces to Make Banks Comply; Everyone Can File Claims Against the Fed; A $300 Filing Fee is Required; To Pay or Not to Pay; That is the Question; The Bottom Line -- What to Look For; Was a Retroactive Bill Favoring Rothschild Just Passed?; An Event Creating Turmoil Could Occur Soon; Where to Get More Information. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ PREPARING FOR THE NEW DIMENSION (Part 2): THE AWAKENING OF THE NEW BEING HOW TO EXPERIENCE THE ETERNAL MOMENT OF "NOW" AND BEGIN TO STOP THE AGING PROCESS IMMEDIATELY (CAC General Reading, March 22, 1994) OPENING MESSAGE: This Awareness suggests that entities, while reading this message, pause frequently to experience what is being given so that this can be a kind of meditation. This Awareness indicates that when pausing, this Awareness suggests you close your eyes for a few moments to experience what has been said in a way that allows you to experience and comprehend beyond the mere words into the reality of what the words attempt to explain. This Awareness indicates that you have been told that you will live a certain length of time if there are no accidents or early violations, that your life span is basically around 70 to 80 years, give or take a few. This Awareness wishes entities to understand that such a statement is a hypnotic suggestion and it does not have to be accepted. You can live a much longer life with good health and good vitality if you can break the hypnotic suggestion that has been given. This Awareness suggests that you temporarily, at this time, on completion of this next sentence, close your eyes and experience what is being given to you. Experience Eternity This Awareness suggests that you close your eyes and experience eternity, forgetting years, forgetting time you know it, experience eternity reaching out from you in all directions: past, present, future; above and below, experience eternity in terms of time. This Awareness suggests that during that experience there was no need for clocks, there was no need for years; all of these things are simply artificial or manmade creations and have nothing to do with reality. The experience of eternity was yours, and you can hold that experience for as long as you so desire before returning back to the artificial reality that is the hypnosis of society that has been put upon nearly all of its members. This Awareness indicates you may again close your eyes after this sentence and experience what is being said. Re-Experiencing Eternity This Awareness suggests re-experiencing eternity with the understanding that it is always this way in spite of the hypnotic suggestion of days, hours, months and years that often is placed in your mind, recognizing that the eternity always is this way in reality and that you have believed a lie by accepting minutes, hours, months, years and decades as an artificial chopping up of time. This Awareness asks you now to look at this eternity and realize there is no end in time. There is no time-line. There are simply things in motion in space with certain cycles or certain duration of their own and it has no real connection to time in the eternal sense, for time is no more than an artificial creation by man. Meditate on this for a few moments. This Awareness suggests that you look at that moment or few moments of meditation in which you recognize the eternal time, how time can be eternal and understood as eternal even in but a brief moment of meditation so that you understand the eternalness is a reality; even in the brief moment, if you do not corrupt it with artificial time segments. Experience the Eternal Moment of "Now" This Awareness suggests in your brief moments of meditation, if you can stop the mind from thinking, from acting, from jerking here and there, focusing here and there, and instead, let it spread outward in future, spread backward in the past, spread in all directions, experiencing the Now, the Now that is everywhere present, throughout the eternal universe, so that you see the Now as also encompassing the future and the past. This Awareness indicates that in doing this, you place your being in a state of consciousness that allows you to experience the oneness of all eternity as part of your own environment so that you reprogram your self through your new awareness of eternity, to experience immortality, to experience the reaching into the future, into an ever expanding Now, in all directions, forward and backward. Visualize Perfect Health This Awareness suggests that in so doing, you also place yourself in a state of consciousness that allows you to visualize perfect health so that the intrusions upon your health by the ravages of artificial time begin to fall away, fall off of your being, and your being starts to rejuvenate into its own pure essence, and its own true vitality, so that it can become its perfect self, as the hypnosis of artificial time is cast off. This Awareness suggests this kind of meditation on a daily basis will create a rejuvenated body out of your consciousness, of eternal vitality. This Awareness suggests this kind of meditation wherein you experience the eternal Now and let it go further and further into the future, while recognizing its roots in the past, or recognizing that in the past, it was also in the eternal Now, and that during some course of its state of consciousness, it began to accept the hypnotic suggestion of a line of time being put upon it, so that it began to accept the hypnosis of aging. This Awareness suggests that you see yourself now as no longer hypnotized by the concept of time and instead, able to live in an eternal moment of Now, repeat, an Eternal Moment of Now in which you can have your own focus of rejuvenating the body eternally Now, so as to become immortal. By visualizing a healthy, vibrant, vigorous, youthful, strong body of your own creation, the body reflecting the images that you place upon it so that as you image health, beauty, strength, vitality, the body conforms to those images that you present it in this Eternal Moment Visualize the Arteries and Veins Being Cleaned This Awareness suggests you visualize the arteries and veins throughout your body, the blood flowing through these veins, cleaning them, clearing them of debris. Visualize a magic something that your focus rings toward the heart, which creates within the blood something that is like a cleanser, and that your blood as a cleanser, with this new chemical in it runs through the veins cleaning them as it moves, as the heart pumps, so that the circulation throughout your body improves and so that the toxins within the bloodstream, within the veins and arteries, break loose and go back into the digestive system and are eliminated from the body, leaving a clean circulatory system. Visualize this being initiated, each time you meditate, and within days, or moments, over repeated meditations, you will notice that indeed you are growing healthier, your vitality is increasing. Your blood circulation seems to be much better. Your energy levels are improving. You are growing healthier with each attunement to the Eternal Now. This Awareness indicates that each of these meditative moments in the Eternal Moment of Now becomes greater in quality, a greater experience to you. It does not matter whether the moment lasts 5 minutes, 10 minutes, or only 5 seconds or 30 seconds, because the moment is within the Eternal Now, and you can hold it, or you can let it go, but the attunement to it and the quality of the attunement is most important. Experience it fully, as a moment of Now. Experience it fully and it will seem as though it was experienced for a great period of time, that split second of attunement with great quality will be carried into your non- meditative daily life as an experience of great importance. It will carry over into your other mundane routines, giving you greater vitality, a greater sense of eternal youth and immortality. The Beginning of Your Ability to Heal Yourself This Awareness indicates that you will be amazed at how much these momentary experiences can help your general well-being and help your vitality and under standing of Who, In Fact, You Really Are. That indeed, you are an immortal being who has been hypnotized into thinking you are mortal, but who now awakens to your true self. This Awareness indicates this may be seen as the beginning of your own ability to heal your self as a spiritual and cosmic being discovering your own deity. This Awareness indicates that as you move more and more into the quantum-type reality which this Awareness in future readings will assist you with, you shall become more and more able to look at those little blemishes, those little diseases, those little physical problems that tend to plague humanity in its hypnotized state, and you will find yourself able to squeeze them into non-existence by simply visualizing them being made smaller and smaller and smaller, whereby they simply become a mere point in a field of enlightenment and vitality, and then they fade away entirely, leaving only health, vitality and a field of good energy. The Great Lie You Were Hypnotized to Believe This Awareness indicates this new energy then becomes your Self, your living body, your Body of Light. This Awareness indicates that it will, in future readings give more of this kind of meditative activity for you to work with in your daily visualizations and meditations so that you can more easily attune to the quantum reality and enjoy becoming a conscious being rather than a mere physical being with some consciousness as an outgrowth. This Awareness indicates that indeed, your essence in reality as a conscious being that developed a physical body is the truth, for you have been made to believe you are a physical body brought into existence by some physical quirk of accident which by some further accidental quirk, developed consciousness because of some chemical reaction in the physical accident called the body and that this consciousness ceases to continue when the body receives sufficient insult or damage. This Awareness indicates that this is the Great Lie, and the Great Truth is that you are a consciousness creation, a creation born in consciousness that has learned to create a physical housing called the body, in which the consciousness can rest and find a home in which the consciousness can park itself, to find some kind of anchor in this dimension so that it can have an effect on the dimension through the use of that physical body, but that this consciousness is not trapped in the physical body and can come and go at will, as long as it realizes it has the freedom to come and go. This Awareness indicates the consciousness is the owner and creator of the physical body. It has been given help by certain entities to attend and care for the physical body so that it can grow strong enough to become responsible for the care and maintenance of the physical body. More Out-of-Body Experiences Will Occur This consciousness, in becoming more and more aware of the use and maintenance of the physical body, can also reach a point of understanding that allows it to park the physical body somewhere and go exploring outside of the body itself, as a conscious being, so that out of body experiences can become more common and can become a useful part of one's life and behavior. There is no reason to become trapped in a physical body, any more than there is cause to be trapped inside an automobile. If a driver is hypnotized into believing that he cannot get out of his automobile, for fear that in doing so he will be killed, the driver is likely to cling to the automobile in such a way as to become imprisoned within the automobile. Some entities have the same attitude toward their bodies. They think they cannot get out until they die. This Awareness indicates that it is important for entities to realize that the automobile was created by yourself as a conscious being; the automobile of your body, and that you do have the ability to enter and reside therein, or to leave, to park it and leave and go outside your body, traveling to other places, to other dimensions, to other planets in other galaxies if you so desire. This Awareness wishes entities to understand that in the quantum reality, that is the reality into which science is now finally moving, toward a quantum reality; you are a conscious being first and foremost and you are a physical being secondarily and perhaps temporarily. This Awareness indicates that it is possible for you to keep the physical being going for long periods of time, much longer than ever imagined, if you care for it in the me way that an entity might care for an old automobile, restoring, repairing, maintaining, to keep it healthy and alive, to use it with respect, not to abuse it, not to misuse t, but to use it respectfully and keep it restored, repaired and maintained with proper fuel, proper nutrients, proper cleanliness and proper repairs when needed. To Heal You Must Focus Your Attention This Awareness suggests that entities look over this message daily when meditating, and meditate on these concepts, experiencing the Eternal Moment of Now, while also attuning to that moment and going into the body to repair with the intent and focus of consciousness to repair any damage found, to repair any areas in which pain or pollution or stagnation or weakness might be seen, by giving focus of attention, which is energy, a healing energy, to that area. You simply focus on the area within your body that appears weak or not vibrant, that appears polluted or damaged, and by focusing on that area with your consciousness, as though you were shining a light of consciousness into that area, you will find that it is gradually being healed, while you reside in this moment of the Eternal Now. By attuning to that moment of Now, first expanding your consciousness outward to allow that moment to become eternal, you pick up a cosmic energy. You then focus that energy toward those areas of the body that appear to be weak or inadequate or lacking in energy, and in so doing, healing begins to occur. Practice This Meditation Daily for Rejuvenation This Awareness indicates doing this daily, even if it is only for a few seconds will gradually begin to create a reversal of the aging destructive process that entities have been hypnotized into accepting, and you will find rejuvenation taking place. This Awareness suggests also the use of good vitamins, minerals, supplements of all kinds, enzymes, and a good healthy diet will assist in this rejuvenation, but the greater activity of rejuvenating will come from this meditation. This Awareness suggests this meditation be practiced regularly, daily. It only requires a few seconds, 15 seconds of good quality attunement and visualization, 30 seconds, two minutes; whatever is comfortable for you, whatever allows you to do the focus and healing that is necessary. Forget about artificial time when meditating. Attune to the Eternal Now, the moment of Now. Spread it out into the future and past in all directions. Feel yourself floating in time, floating in the Eternal Now as an immortal being. You are immortal because there is no death. There is no end. There is only the Now, and the Now reaches forever, into infinity. And while in that floating state, focus on repairing, restoring, maintaining and nurturing your physical form. In doing this, you will reverse the aging process. You will reverse the deterioration of the body, and give new strength and new life to the cells. You may speak to the cells of your body, directing them to get rid of the poisons and toxins within themselves, and make repairs, clean house and "fix yourself up to be perfect cells within my body." Giving these directions to the cells informs them that they are to stop aging and start rejuvenating. The Hypnosis Put Upon Mankind For Aging They have their own consciousness and their consciousness is obedient to your higher commands. They will do that which you tell them to do. In the past you have told them to age slowly: "At 20 you are to look like 'this', to be like 'this'. At 30 you are slowing down some, but you are strong. At 40 you are becoming more weak, but you are still strong." At 50, 60 and 70, your consciousness in the past would have told them to start shutting down. "Life is almost over. Don't do too much. It is time to begin resting." This Awareness indicates this is the hypnosis that has been put upon mankind through society, through the collective consciousness of humanity, but you are no longer part of that. You are becoming the New Being. You Are the New Being Awakening You are the New Being awakening, and you must tell your cells to awaken and to become something new; to become rejuvenated, vital, full of energy, cleaning up then selves inside and out. Getting rid of any toxins that have attached themselves within or without, so that the areas between the cells also are cleaned. Give these directions to the cells of your body and you will find yourself in an overall state becoming stronger, healthier and more vigorous, with youthful energies that you may not have felt for many years. This Awareness indicates when this begins to happen, you will find also a new kind of enthusiasm. The word "enthusiasm" means "God within." The enthusiasm is because there is more life within yourself and the enthusiasm can inspire you to do things you haven't had the energy to do, or never thought you had the time to do. You will find yourself looking further into the future because you will know that you can live longer and do those things that you have given up on. This Awareness indicates that It wishes to awaken the youth, the rejuvenating being that you truly are, providing you can turn off the hypnotic suggestion that has been given to you by society over so many years. And this Awareness sees this can be done, and It sees that this must be done by the year 2013 so that you can move into the higher dimension with others who shall develop their own New Being and their own Light Bodies. HOW DID THE GREAT LIE ORIGINATE? (In Biblical Days 'Old Age' Was Really Old) FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: In the old days, according to the Bible anyway, and certain authors, entities lived many hundreds of years. If those people actually lived that long, how did this lie actually begin, and how was it perpetuated? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that much of this came about from the priests and the teachings in those earlier times, that used threats to manipulate the behavior of entities, for they would tell entities the wages of sin is death, then they would accuse entities of having sinned, and the subconscious of these entities would say, "Uh oh. I have sinned. And the wages of sin is death and dying." This Awareness indicates that likewise, there were other such statements issued that helped in the hypnotic process of leading entities into thinking that they were suffering from their mistakes, from sins, from guilt, so that gradually a mistake became something that deserved punishment and that punishment was being inflicted upon them even if they did not know it or see it happening at the time. Thus, entities began to experience the punishment as realities through the suggestion. It is likened unto telling an entity under hypnosis: "If you touch the cookies, your fingers will burn." Entities being so hypnotized eventually will test the hypnotist's suggestion and reach out and touch the cookie, and of course, since they are hypnotized, the cookies will burn. This reinforces the suggestion for any others who may have seen it, who may have watched the entity get burnt from touching the cookie. Once it is reinforced, another entity may test it by touching the cookie and may also get burnt, providing this entity is hypnotized. Gradually, if enough entities get burnt from touching the cookies, the hypnotic suggestion becomes ever more powerful for others so that even if they are not hypnotized, they are now believers because they have seen ten or twenty people get burnt from touching the cookie. Thus, when these entities who have not yet touched the cookie, try to test the reality of the belief, they too are likely to experience a burn so that all of consciousness now knows: "If you touch the cookie you get burned. If you break the rules, committing a sin, the wages for such an action is death." This Awareness indicates that, of course, the hypnotist then provides the definition of "sin", according to the latest political definition, and if the king or the priest decides that sin is an act of failing to give enough donations or that an act of sin is "this" or "that" and forgiveness of sin requires a large donation, then the entity finds himself perhaps committing a sin. Cosmic Awareness Defines "Sin" This Awareness is not going to define "sin". It is simply an error, according to those who wish to set the rules. In other words, sin is breaking the rules of society. This Awareness sees the action of hurting others as the only real "sin" of humanity in terms of sin against God in that by hurting others you sin against God, for others have been created by God, and you are destroying God's creation, or harming God's creation and it is an error to do so. Therefore, by the hurting of others, this Awareness sees a sin, but man creates many more sins in his various societies so that in one society, sins are created by entities becoming intimate with each other outside of wedlock, or even in wedlock in some cases, particularly for example, the Skoptsis, who would allow only one or two children, after which any further intimacy would be considered sinful. How Lying is Accepted in Some Societies This Awareness indicates that sin also would be described in some societies as lying, or falsifications, while other societies allow lying along certain lines, but not along other lines. It is alright to lie about Santa Claus, to say he is climbing down the chimney to bring presents to your children. That kind of lie is acceptable in some societies. In others, it would be wrong. This Awareness indicates that there are some lies some societies accept. Other lies are totally unacceptable. This Awareness indicates that being violent can be a sin in one society and can be seen as a righteous act in another society. One society would never think of beating a child; another society would think: "I must beat my child in the name of God, to have him or her grow up to be a God-fearing entity." This Awareness indicates that sins change according to the society's values and customs. Yet, entities who are told, "The wages of sin is death" are forced to follow these social codes of behavior or experience guilt which leads to the consciousness level in which an entity begins shutting down his life circuits and moving toward death. This Awareness indicates that over the years some of these societies have unified their concepts of sin so that they become more uniform, and large civilizations grow up accepting a uniform code of values and behavior so that everyone in that society understands what society means by sin. This Awareness indicates that this simplified things for many entities for many years, because the social code of these countries that had a unified code of behavior knew uniformly what sin was, and therefore, they could get old, age, shut down their life circuits according to the sins that were described by their culture. This Awareness indicates that in today's world, culture gets commingled. Television from one culture reaches into another and presents a code of behavior that is different from that culture's own code, and entities become confused as to what code is proper, which behavior is sinful, which behavior is admirable. The violence in one culture or in a movie pertaining to culture, may be seen as heroic in some groups, so that when this movie reaches into another culture that is non-violent, that culture begins to recognize the importance and the admirable qualities of such violence, and the cultures' uniform code of behavior begins to change to embrace that from another culture. Thus, these entities in this culture that were normally peaceful, may take on more violent qualities and see this as good behavior. Thus, you have in Third World countries children playing "Rambo," when before they might be much more passive and much more interested in nature than in violence. This Awareness indicates that as the world becomes more close- knit, as it shrinks and communities reach into each other so that customs are spread from community to community, more and more do these behavioral codes will become confused and intermingled. It will cause chaos for some time, but in time, these societies that are different, that are being squished together, will begin to create new values, new uniform codes of behavior, and eventually there will develop a kind of global uniform code of behavior, which the entire world will recognize as universal and proper in terms of values. This Awareness indicates that this does not necessarily mean these codes will be right. It depends on who has the greatest influence in creating the laws for the masses to follow, in creating the rules, in creating the codes of behavior that the masses are to accept. How Some Create Pain and Accidents From Feeling Guilt This Awareness indicates that nevertheless, as entities begin to accept these codes of behavior, they have the actions and the values and also must suffer the consequences that breaking the codes, the laws, the rules, might bring. Therefore, they believed that breaking a rule causes physical harm, they may begin experiencing physical problems for having broken a rule, even if not caught by the authorities. This Awareness indicates that often an entity who breaks the law or violates a code of behavior will punish himself subconsciously by creating or causing himself to experience an accident or by falling or harming himself in some accidental manner, or by taking on some kind of disease that causes the entity to experience pain or punishment for us or her action. Many times this occurs with entities, but they do not consciously know why they have this problem of poor health or of painful nature. This Awareness indicates likewise, the aging process generally centers on burst of activity that create karma for an entity and a resulting physical impairment or difficulty, and these things begin to accumulate over periods of time until the entity is laden with heavy physical problems and the entity begins suffer and refers to this collection of karmic attributes or impairments as a result of aging. The Hypnosis of Time and Aging This Awareness indicates that this is the hypnosis of time and aging that society creates for entities and which entities create for themselves in their accumulation of karma over long periods of time. This Awareness indicates that by ceasing to accept time as a factor of the karmic process, by ceasing to call it aging, and by discarding time and tuning in to the Eternal Moment of Now, an entity can instead look at the collection of karma results as it has affected his or her body and can begin to discard the karma by working it off, either psychically or physically or both, any karmic debts and any attitudes of condemnation that the entity may feel toward himself or herself, so that the entity attempts to repay any karma due and to forgive self and others for any wrong-doing that may have occurred which results in the physical impairment the entity suffers. Prolonged Anger Creates Hypertension is Confirmed This Awareness indicates sometime back this Awareness discussed various things that cause physical problems and discussed anger as a cause for circulatory problems. Last week CNN news had a broadcast in which it was stated that certain research had concluded that prolonged anger caused hypertension. This Awareness indicates that this now has been confirmed. Circulatory problems are caused by anger. When a child is punished unjustly, and the child experiences anger over and over for long periods of time, you can expect the child twenty years, thirty years or forty years down the road, to have high blood pressure. It is environmentally induced more than dietary, but very often it can become both. An angry child may find it very satisfying to chew on a piece of fat meat, and this may become a major part of the entity's psyche and lifestyle, so that the entity likes eating steak because it helps to pacify his anger. It is like the animal part of the entity fighting back and eating his enemy. Eating a piece of steak over a long period of time, repeatedly, helps to add to the circulatory problems, and thus contributes, along with the anger to the problem of hypertension, to clogged arteries, and eventually to strokes or heart attacks. Feeling Rejection a Common Cause of Cancer This Awareness indicates likewise, rejection is a common cause of cancer. Entities are rejected, they are confused, they wonder "What's wrong with me?" The cells of the body begin to turn upon each other in the same way: "Why was I rejected? Why am I so awful?", and the cells turn upon each other and in the process become cancerous. This may not occur immediately upon rejection, but several years down the road, cancers begin to develop within the system because of a chronic sense of rejection. This Awareness indicates that these rejection complexes can come about from abandonment by a father or mother or both, or by a spouse, even by losing someone to death, whereby a mate dies, and two years later, the entity left discovers he or she has cancer. To Find Love, Learn to Love Yourself and Radiate Love This Awareness indicates that the psyche, the consciousness in the mind that creates the body, can also destroy the body when it finds the body not suitable or not satisfying to it. This Awareness indicates It wishes entities to love themselves in spite of what goes on around them, in spite of the hostilities around them, in spite of the rejections that occur around them. It wishes entities to learn that they can enjoy life and that in the enjoyment of life, the opportunities for love become ever greater, but simply by being a loving person, being in love with the Divine Force, which is itself love, allows the entity to radiate love through his or her life and thus become lovable in return. It does not mean you can have the precise person you think you want. It does not mean you can control another's life and make them love you, but It does mean you can become lovable so that someone worthy of your love will be attracted to you, and you in turn will be capable of loving such a person. This is What It's All About This Awareness indicates this is what it is all about; being first in tune to love itself, which is Divinity in consciousness; attune yourself to the Divine Force and you will be attuned to Love. Radiate that love in your life expression and love in return through others will be brought back to you to help enhance the love you feel and to give you ever greater boosts in your ability to love and be loved in return. This is what it comes down to and how your spiritual evolution leads to greater enjoyment of life. THE ROLE OF THE DARK FORCE AND "THE LIE" FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: In regard to the perpetuation of the lie, does not the Dark Force, for whatever reason, also perpetuate this? COSMIC AWARENESS: The perpetuators of the lie are the Dark Force. The Dark Force is but a name given to that hypnotism or that hypnosis of thinking that you are a material object accidentally created which has accidentally developed consciousness. The Dark Force is that which makes you feel separate from Universal Consciousness, apart from God, the Universal and Divine Consciousness, and which makes you feel less than whole, for when you feel whole, you become part of Divinity. When you feel yourself as but a part of the whole, you become part of separateness, and that separateness is the Dark Force. It is through separateness and from separating that evil or darkness gets motivated into competition, gets motivated to fight against something else. If you are whole, at one with everything, you have nothing to fight against. If you are separated, there is something out there that can be your enemy, and if it is seen as an enemy, then you will want to fight against it, and thus, you become vicious, cruel, or whatever is necessary to further your competition. DID A HYPNOTIST'S SUGGESTION KILL? QUESTION: In regard to hypnosis, on March 14th, on the TV tabloid show 'Hard Copy', they did a story about a lady in England, a young woman named Sharon, who goes to see a stage hypnotist, named Andrew Vincent, and at the end of the show, he gave affirmations that all subjects would receive ten thousand volts of electricity. Sharon, who was in the audience, leaped up and looked very strange. Her friends said she was not herself, and she was found dead in bed the next morning by her husband. The husband claims the hypnotist was the reason for her death. Would Awareness comment on that story? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness does not see any purpose nor have any desire to comment on this. The question asks for affirmation of the story, either as seen by the husband or for rejection of the husband's evaluation. This Awareness indicates that it is not within the nature of this Awareness to say that the hypnotist was the cause of the woman's death, nor to say that the husband killed his wife and blamed it on the hypnotist. Rather, this Awareness suggests that this be left to the proper authorities and suggests that either scenario is a possibility. This Awareness indicates that it would be extremely foolish for a hypnotist to give such a suggestion to entities, but It does not suggest that this is beyond the realm of the hypnotist to do so. It simply suggests it is a very foolish thing -- indeed, a criminal thing -- for a hypnotist to make such a suggestion. STAGE HYPNOTISTS AND MASS HYPNOSIS FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: In the case of a stage hypnotist, he had five or six subjects under his hypnosis and they all got the same affirmation. Why would one person, and nobody else it the degree of suggestibility that made it more effective on one than another? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates this is in the affirmative. Also, how the entity accepted the suggestion would play a part. This Awareness indicates that when a stage hypnotist hypnotizes several people at once, they do not always simultaneously react to the suggestion in exactly the same way. One entity being told that the water is vinegar may react to the vinegar water with greater frustration than another might upon drinking that water. This Awareness indicates that a common trick for a stage hypnotist is to give his hypnotic subjects glasses of water and tell them it is alcohol. "This is a stiff drink. You will drink it and will feel very drunk." The entities drink the alcohol, which is really water. Some of them get very drunk, others don't get quite so drunk. It varies from entity to entity. The degree of suggestibility is indeed common among stage subjects of hypnosis. ARE HAPPY PEOPLE REALLY INSANE? A.P. in Philadelphia sent in a reprint of an article from a tabloid called the Sun. It may or may not be a true article, but it says that "Dr. Richard Bentall, a senior clinical psychology professor at Liverpool University in England, expressed his theory in a report: A Proposal to Classify Happiness as a Psychiatric Disorder, published in the Journal of Medical Ethics, and it says that if you're happy, you must be sick. According to the psychologist: "Happy people suffer from a form of insanity which distorts their view of the world," says this Dr. Richard Bentall. Could Awareness comment on that? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that this is a matter of subjective definition and semantics. If an entity is happy, an observer, looking at the happy entity, might consider it insanity, if the observer himself has a belief that he or she knows what reality is, and that there is nothing to be happy about. Therefore, it is a matter of subjective evaluation, and not a question of whether it should be called happiness or insanity. It is not seen as a proper role of a psychologist to determine the definitions of reality, and to determine whether happiness is a form of insanity simply because his definition does not fit the reality seen by the subject. The action of defining happiness as a form of insanity appears to be extremely subjective on the part of the psychologist. lt is seen as something that could be accepted by many entities who want to find fault with those who are happy, who want to classify everything so that it can be diagnosed and where meters can be placed for counseling and entities can be charged for the time it takes to cure the entity of happiness. This Awareness indicates what is the point, other than to create more jobs for psychologists and to worry people into thinking there is something wrong with them because they are at last happy? What does this do to other efforts of psychologists to treat other forms of mental problems that cause their patients to feel unhappy? What happens to those patients who over years of therapy finally find happiness in their lives, only to discover that now that they are happy, they have some kind of new mental problem and must go back to their psychologist or psychiatric therapist to get rid of the happiness they have finally achieved? This Awareness asks the question: Who is really insane here? WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF RADIO TELESCOPES? (Taxpayers Are Paying Millions To Hear From E.T.) QUESTION: A question from J.S., Pacifica, California: "Our government spends millions of dollars a year to support SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence), they have constructed enormous radio telescopes, purportedly to search for radio signals from outer space as evidence of extraterrestrial life forms. Of course we know all about the government's covert connections with the aliens that have gone on for decades, so why do they continue to promote this fraud? What is the purpose of these radio telescopes?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that essentially it is a sham creating the impression that the government is looking for evidence of extraterrestrial life forms, but also the action of setting up telescopes that reach out into space to watch for extraterrestrial invasions of the planet earth in the event such might occur. It is also a way by which they can justify gathering more tax money and can pretend to funnel money, which actually may go to other purposes. It is a way whereby they can track incoming ships, if and when these approach earth. USE MEDITATION OF REJUVENATION DAILY CLOSING MESSAGE: This Awareness wishes to remind entities again to use the meditation of rejuvenation, the meditation that allows entities to heal themselves, for this meditation of timelessness can become one which leads to many different discoveries, where the entity can begin to remake himself or herself through the work of mental focus, redefinition into the New Being, and this Awareness suggests that It will continue giving messages along this line for entities to encourage them to work toward becoming the New Being so that they may improve their body, improve their attitudes toward life and toward themselves as they approach this New Age in which they must change in order to survive as a healthy spiritual being. (End of Reading; The Law of Gratitude is given.) ED's Note: For more information on longevity and stopping the aging process, see Revelations of Awareness Issue 94-06, Preparing for the New Dimension' and 94-05, Alchemy -- The Philosopher's Stone Which Reverses Aging, electronic copies available via e-mail from, hard copy from CAC for $3. IT'S OKAY TO REACH OUT AND TOUCH ANOTHER (Don't be Concerned About Sexual Arousal) (Reading, March 25, 1994) OPENING MESSAGE: This Awareness indicates that in the 16th, 17th and 18th Centuries there was a kind of teaching that began and spread and had its culmination with the Puritans, wherein it was taught that you avoid touching the body of another; that children should not touch each other's body, even in the sense of holding hands, patting each other on the back; that children should not touch each other, and that adults should not touch each other. Of course, it was still permitted for mothers to cuddle babies. This Awareness indicates that the idea was that humans touching humans was an arousal to temptation for closer intimacy and this was seen as a very negative thing to happen. This Awareness indicates that the idea of a mother kissing a child today is totally acceptable, particularly if that mother and the child are related, but in some circles, even 50 years ago, there were entities who would frown on such touching or kissing between parents and child. This Awareness wishes to point out that it is not necessary for entities to become concerned about sexual arousal simply because of comforting touches or strokes or light kisses between entities, and would encourage entities, particularly spouses, to give each other strokes occasionally throughout the day. Sometimes the words entities speak do not seem very comforting to each other. They are busy, they are concerned, they are troubled by things, and when they speak to each other, they may be hurt or abrupt, giving each other a feeling of coolness between them rather than warmth. But this kind of feeling can easily be broken when one spouse simply reaches out and touches the shoulder of the other or holds hands with the other while walking in the same direction, and this kind of thing can be extremely pleasant and helpful and encouraging to the spouse or close friend, to have someone who expresses affection through touch. Some people are much more responsive to touch than others, and the health and nervous system of an entity and stress levels can be affected by such touching. An entity who touches someone can help to lower their blood pressure for example, or can help to reduce stress or to give encouragement to the entity to make the entity feel that he or she is still OK in the eyes of the other, and this can be very important. This Awareness wishes to encourage entities, especially spouses, to touch each other at least a half a dozen times daily; these touchings to be perhaps quite light. They do not have to be bear hugs, but just a comforting touch once in awhile throughout the day to let the other person know you care about them. You would be surprised how much better it makes the other person feel and how they respond to you when you occasionally give them the comforting strokes they need. They may not even realize they need it, but when you give comforting strokes, they generally will begin to respond with a kind attitude towards you. This Awareness wishes to encourage this kind of stroking action through touch. Comforting words of course can also be helpful, but some entities respond better through touch than mere words. Sometimes it is difficult to express things in words, but it is not so difficult simply to touch a person on the shoulder or to give a slight massage to the shoulders to let the person know you care for them. THAT COMET SHOEMAKER-LEVY 9 WHICH IS DUE TO STRIKE JUPITER QUESTION: It seems everybody is sending in articles on this comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 which is supposed to hit Jupiter this summer, and although Awareness has mentioned this, I don't think It has gone too far into it. A typical question is J.C., from Ardmore, Pennsylvania: "I'm sending in an article from Science News, February 19th, Vol. 145, No. 8 about the fragments of comet Shoemaker-Levy 9. The question is: What is it that we're seeing on the images from the Hubble? Comet fragments? Some type of spacecraft or a combination of both? Are the comet fragments and the surrounding material being used as a type of smoke screen for the alien crafts to orbit Jupiter, undetected by earth technologies?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness perceives these as being crafts, artificial, rather than natural objects. This Awareness indicates that it appears the idea of a comet with asteroids lined up in a straight line moving toward Jupiter is but a cover to allow the public to have some way of perceiving what is occurring without being told that it is alien craft. This Awareness indicates that asteroids moving In a straight line, particularly 21 of them is an unnatural event. This Awareness indicates if asteroids came off of a comet they would be going in all directions, not in a straight line towards Jupiter. This Awareness indicates that if scientists say these are asteroids and they are moving in a formation together toward Jupiter, what does it matter whether the public believes them or not? The masses of people being told this by authority and by the news media will not object, will not raise a great fuss, will not assert themselves as authorities to challenge scientists or news media stories. They will simply wait and see and go along with the story. "After all," they say, "Who am I to know what's going on out there? I don't even have a small telescope. I don't even have a way of seeing these things, let alone trying to make sense out of the situation or phenomenon." This Awareness indicates it is much like the swamp gas that was described as being the light seen in the state of Michigan when entities described UFOs in a particular area and the experts came to check it out and concluded it was merely swamp gas that glowed, causing an appearance of the idea of a UFO. This Awareness indicates the swamp gas of course did not explain how it could zip back and forth and move around as a solid object, but it served as a vague enough description to stop the press and the public from pursuing it any further. This Awareness indicates that if you have experts giving answers, you don't have to have something making total sense or being fully explained. You simply go by a little bit of information and conclude that the experts must know what they are speaking of, otherwise, why are they called "experts?" This Awareness indicates it will be of interest to see what happens to these "asteroids" when they strike Jupiter, if they create a great dust storm, if that dust storm is perhaps large enough that it would be a kind of explosion, or if they simply land on Jupiter and are never seen or mentioned again. This is supposed to take place in later July of this year. AN EQUIVALENT OF A MILLION ATOMIC BOMBS FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: They're claiming that it's expected to hit Jupiter with the force of millions of atomic bombs and that the Galileo probe is likely to have the best view of the collision. COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates this has been spoken of before, and it is also suggested that the potential for these things to be destroyed by a nuclear device on Jupiter may be what entities will actually be seeing or witnessing rather than merely the falling of the asteroids. This Awareness indicates that this information was given approximately a year ago by this Awareness in reference to these objects coming toward Jupiter. This Awareness suggests that the nuclear weapons may actually be made from Element 115, which is a very powerful type of energy device, far greater than anything the government has ever had or used before. Element 115 is an alien energy source with a great magnitude of explosive power; thousands of time more powerful than uranium or plutonium in nuclear devices. This Awareness refers also to the Sitchin material, in which he described the return of certain forces that will move toward Jupiter on the way to the earth. That this is a 3,600 year cycle in which the Mardukians come around in their planetoid into the same area, come to the earth and after some period of time before their planetoid leaves the area, they then go back aboard and move on. This Awareness indicates that this was discussed in previous readings so this Awareness will not go into detailed repetition of those previous references, but entities may wish to re-examine the Sitchin material and some of the past readings in regard to this information. GALILEO PROJECT AND CREATING A NEW SUN FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: Well, I'm not sure I understood what Awareness was saying about this comet to hit Jupiter, whether it is alien ships, or is this part of the project Galileo which the government was going to try to turn Jupiter into a sun? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that It has spoken of a planetoid that was outside of Pluto in the direction of Orion. This has been discussed in previous readings during the past two years on several occasions. This Awareness indicates that this also was discussed in different words by the author Sitchin in his works on the Earth Chronicles, and in this he described those entities who helped to .create the genetic mutation from the Neanderthal types to the Cro Magnon and Homo Erectus humanoids or modern man, through their genetics, as being entities from a planet that he termed the "12th Planet," which made a periodic journey to the solar system every 3,600 years. This Awareness indicates he spoke of this as being due in this present time frame. This Awareness indicates that It has suggested that this planet is the same as that described as being outside of Jupiter in the direction of Orion some several years ago, which scientists have on several occasions acknowledged as being there. This is not often spoken of in terms of the media, but there were some references in the 80's and throughout that decade, and now it is being spoken of and called a comet. The line of asteroids from the comet are said to be in a formation of a straight line heading toward Jupiter. There are said to be 21 of these asteroids, and that they are cast off particles from the comet. This Awareness has challenged this in saying that they are not asteroids, they are ships of alien origin and that aboard the comet or planetoid, there are intelligent beings, and that the government and scientists realize this and see this as an invasion force preparing to come to the earth and are preparing to stop it at Jupiter by initiating some type of long-range nuclear explosions on Jupiter to destroy the craft when they land on that planet. This Awareness indicates that there is nothing anyone can do at this time in terms of membership in this organization but to watch and wait and see what happens and to listen to the way which this is explained to the masses by the spokesmen for the goverment. This Awareness indicates it will no doubt be explained as a natural phenomenon that occurs, rather than as a military action or interplanetary combat between earth and the alien forces. This Awareness indicates that there is the possibility that this nuclear explosion could also serve in helping to create a chain reaction that would turn Jupiter into a second sun. This Awareness does not see this as necessarily being part of the plan, but that this could be used as part of the plan so that it would appear Jupiter became a sun because of natural events from the striking of asteroids upon its surface. This Awareness indicates it is unlikely that asteroids striking the surface of Jupiter would really have a great effect on the overall nature of the planet, because it is so many times larger than earth, that comparing the asteroid which struck the earth and destroyed the dinosaurs some 60 million years ago, or whatever time periods it actually was, is not anything like the comparison of these 21 asteroids striking Jupiter, even if they were each as big as the one striking earth because Jupiter is so much larger than was the earth. They could perhaps have some effect in terms of Jupiter's atmosphere for awhile, but it would be much less significant than what happened to earth in terms of magnitude in comparison to the size of the planet. In fact, the effect of 21 asteroids striking Jupiter would be rather minuscule in comparison to the size of an effect on the planet Jupiter. IS THERE LIFE ON JUPITER? QUESTION: Has Awareness indicated before what kind of life, if any, is on Jupiter? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that It has not discussed this. This Awareness indicates that there is however, a humanoid type of civilization there. These not of earthling types, but of a variety of humanoid types. Jupiter is a kind of base for travelers. This Awareness indicates that entities traveling from other places in the galaxy normally use Saturn as a way station, but some stop on Jupiter. Saturn appears to be the more commonly used way station. FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: Are those who are planning this Galileo project aware that there is life on Jupiter? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that this does not appear to be so; it appears the entities are mostly concerned about the alien forces planning to use Jupiter as a way station on a trip toward earth; that these entities are seen as a threat to earth; these being Draconians. The people working on this project are being given some help from certain of the Greys who recognize the Draconian threat to earth and to their own freedoms and future well-being. The Greys see they have a better future by aligning themselves with humans rather than with the Draconians and are assisting certain of the humans in this project to stop the incoming flow of Draconian forces. ADOLF HITLER'S REPTOID COMIC BOOK QUESTION: A question from T.H. in Wisconsin. He writes: "A story that appeared in the Weekly World News of October 12th, 1993, tells of a comic book that Adolf Hitler drew in 1909 which featured a lizard man. The story also says that some historians say that Hitler's failure to interest publishers in his comic book caused him to switch gears and jump into politics. Please ask Awareness if this is evidence of Hitler's contact with the Reptoids from Draco as far back as 1909, and were they in fact the ones who influenced him to enter politics?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that the entity known as Adolf Hitler as having been the reincarnation of the Atlantean god known as Bael, that the entity Bael was one who was of Draconian descent. The entity Bael, from Draco, had contact with those lizard men of old, and Adolf Hitler was attuning subconsciously to a past life and ancient genetic memories that he experienced without realizing the source of his memory when he indulged in the artistic work of his comic book. This Awareness indicates that it does not appear the entity met the extraterrestrials which he later wrote of when he spoke of the superman, until some time later through the Thule society. This Awareness indicates that the entity later spoke of: "I have seen the Super Man and his eyes are terrible. And I was frightened." This entity was referring to having been taken underground to meet extraterrestrial beings who influenced him in his rise to power and in his conquest which he believed to be a sacred mission of conquering the world in behalf of German super powers linked with the extraterrestrials. ARE NAZIS IN CHARGE OF OUR ARMED FORCES? (General Shalikashvili's Nomination as Joint Chiefs of Staff) (Jan. 14, 1994) QUESTION: Another question from T.H. He writes: "President Clinton's new chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General John Shalikashvili's father fought in a unit commanded by Adolf Hitler's most trusted branch of his army, the Waffen SS, some units of which committed the worst atrocities of the war. According to Defense Secretary Les Aspin, "Allegations about his father's history are not relevant to General Shalikashvili's nomination to be the next chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff." Does Awareness see this as being true or is this an attempt by the Nazi movement to take direct control of our armed forces?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that it is a way by which, depending on the entity's loyalties, he could be used to take control of the military if his loyalties are more toward that of a foreign power. This Awareness indicates that it appears there is some degree of mixed loyalties involved in this entity. It does not appear that the entity Clinton believes there is a problem in this regard. The entity sees the man as being a son of one who worked for Nazi Germany, but sees him now as an American citizen, and believes that past affiliations in terms of family should not affect his loyalties to his own nation: the United States. His record indicates a loyal person, but this Awareness sees there is some area within the entity's psyche that is not publicly presented and there may be mixed loyalties involved. This Awareness suggests the entity as one who should be watched. It is presumed that entities are honorable and noble and innocent until proven guilty, but it is also suggested that entities be watchful and vigilant in protecting their freedoms. This Awareness suggests therefore, if this entity's future actions are such that his position begins to be used in a way that is not to the benefit of your country's highest ideals, then one could very justifiably have reason to doubt the entity's loyalties. ARE NAZIS IN OUR GOVERNMENT DECREASING? QUESTION: Awareness has previously indicated that there is a considerable number of Nazis inside the government and various agencies, this was under Bush and Reagan, and now that Clinton has come in and has been talking about cutting down these agencies and merging them, does Awareness see this is going to help reduce the number of Nazis? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that It does not see that a great change in this regard will take place; there may be some reduction, but It does not see this as being highly effected in reducing the number of Nazis involved. This Awareness indicates it appears there will be some reduction however, and that also some of the power will be reduced for the duration of the Clinton administration, this in reference to the power of the Nazis in government, but it is rather insignificant in terms of the amount of reduction. This Awareness suggests perhaps five or ten percent reduction of power. THE AMERICAN INDIANS: HOW MUCH DO THEY KNOW ABOUT THE ALIEN PRESENCE? (Excerpt from a CAC General Reading, September 9, 1990) QUESTION: We got a letter from J.R., who puts out a paper called "The Native American News, Voice of the American Indian." He writes: "I recently received "The Web of Conspiracy" issues concerning the alien underground city at Dulce, New Mexico. An Indian chief, a good friend of mine named Three Eagles, of the Kaweah Indian Nation, sent me copies. It seems that the American Indians have had most of this information for many years. But they are very closed mouth on what they know when it comes to releasing this information to the White people. They won't even sell any information. I am in rather close contact with the Navajo leaders, the Hopi people and the Blackfoot Nation. As I have been working for years helping the Indian People in many ways. Helping them in one way to understand the peaceful way, to train and educate lawyers and teachers, and to use the White man's laws and courts to fight for their rights, as a human being and a citizen of the U.S. I have researched UFO activity since 1947. All the information I have collected, books, photos, and news clippings, it seems everyone else has the same info. This new information on MJ-12, Area 51 in Nevada, and the Web of Conspiracy concerning the underground city at Dulce, N.M. and other caverns of alien bases and tunnel systems, I think should be released to the general public as fast as we can get it out. I have a photo offset print shop in my home. At present I am doing nothing in the way of printing. I have been setting up a layout for a monthly newspaper and waiting for some money I have coming, so as to buy more supplies. I am retired and on Social Security so I have a lot of time on my hands. I would rather be busy. If I could afford it I would order everything you have on the "Web of Conspiracy" and underground alien activity. I would print it out and send the info out to everyone I know. It wouldn't cost me anything, but work I love to do, and postage." That was his statement. I had two questions in regard to this entity's letter. Number one: The information that he says that most of the Indians know about the aliens and won't talk about it. Is this correct? COSMIC AWARENESS: This is in the affirmative. This Awareness indicates that these Indian entities have long known about alien presence on the earth, also of Sasquatch or Bigfoot, and recognize that it is important to stay away, to keep a distance, and there is a mutual respect between these entities in terms of keeping a distance. This Awareness suggests the second question may be asked. QUESTION: In light of that, I was wondering if we supplied him with free documents and things, and he printed this up and would publish it for the Indian Nation, would this be worth his while, if these Indians are so close- mouthed about the alien information? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that this would be of great benefit; that these entities need to be given enough information that they can begin to talk with each other without fear in regard to this topic. This Awareness suggests also that your entire membership might be offered the same opportunity to reprint this information and send it in various directions, in accordance to their own interests and wishes, so long as the information is not altered in terms of its content How to Condense Information and be Legal This Awareness indicates that in some cases, entities may prefer to delete parts in order to condense and save on printing costs. This Awareness indicates that if this is done, the entity should indicate that they have condensed information from a certain source and give the source of that information so that others can receive the full publication if so desiring. This Awareness indicates there is one danger, in terms of condensing, that some information could be left out which is pertinent to the meaning and therefore, this Awareness does not encourage entities to condense. It can be removed, information can be removed that does not relate to the message or topic in any meaningful manner. This Awareness suggests also that entities should know that they are allowed by law to paraphrase material such as that which Cooper puts out, and in paraphrasing material, can write their own book, using such information. It is only when you quote entities directly for more than six words at a time that you are in violation of a copyright law. This Awareness indicates that entities can even quote certain passages with permission, or short passages if giving credit, and with permission, of materials. This Awareness indicates that most entities wishing to write their own book based on someone else's information should read what the copyright law says in regard to this. You can find this at your library and thus be within the law, write your own book based on information received elsewhere that has been paraphrased into your own words. This Awareness indicates that you may also find it even more important and better to take several books and combine the information into your own book. In so doing, your book will have greater credibility and legitimacy. This Awareness indicates that it is good to give credit in references for much of the information you state so that entities can look up the sources of your information. This helps them to feel more confident in accepting or examining further what you say in your expose. This Awareness indicates that this would be another important way of getting the messages out, if entities wish to write their own books. This Awareness indicates that those who are not quite so ambitious may wish to write their own paper and put out a paper of one or more pages giving information of significance in regard to the subject. This Awareness indicates that there is also the idea of putting together tapes, cassette tapes or even video tapes giving such information. This could be more expensive and the marketing aspect could be more difficult than simply putting it in an envelope and mailing it. MUST THE PHOENIX ALWAYS BECOME ASHES? QUESTION: A question from P.F., Lewiston, Idaho. She writes: "Physical reality: touch, sound, sight. We are creators all, but in our search for harmony we often activate discord; however, since love and hate are but two ends of the same stick, great balance is required. It becomes necessary to draw into the center, which is the heart of justice. Question: Must the "Phoenix" become ashes in order to be reborn? Must we spoil our planet before we can penetrate the true nature of the physical mystique? Can we in time, and before utter destruction, become "Master Programmers" of individual and collective consciousness? Is not the programming already there, waiting to be released into a greater awareness? Do not the thoughts posed by these questions become a "mystical reality" based in consciousness through astral and physical intermingling, blending, becoming one energy behind the divided polarities of life and death?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that when questions are asked in a string, it becomes difficult to read the energies of these questions in the order given or to assure that all questions are covered for each question given carries its own energy and when these are stacked upon each other, the energies given off the stack do not allow clarity of each of the questions. (ED's Note: Please keep this in mind when you send in questions.) This Awareness indicates that it will respond to certain of the questions; others that are not touched upon can be repeated. This Awareness indicates that one question asked regarding the Phoenix: If things need to be destroyed before they can come back into being? This Awareness indicates that this is negative; that one needs not destroy a flower bed in order to plant new flowers along with those which are still growing, but if one does destroy the flower bed, one can then replant. Out of the ashes it is possible for something new to grow and develop, but one needs not create ashes in order to bring something new into being. One does not need to destroy in order to create something new. On occasion it may be advantageous to destroy the old, to make room for the new, if the old is in the way. This of course, must be weighed and judged and balanced in regard to many of the issues associated with the topic of discussion and the values in regard to what is being discussed. There are some who think that anything that stands in their way, in the way of their wishes or desires, should be destroyed so that they can present their new plan, and in many ways, in many cases, this destroys something price less and valuable in order to create something of mere commercial value. It is often a moral question or an artistic question or a question of social ethics which needs to determine what goes and what remains. This Awareness indicates that at any rate, the Phoenix needs not be burnt up in order to continue existing. It may simply continue to exist a while longer as it is, but when it is burnt up, it may then rise from its ashes and become something new. This Awareness indicates the Phoenix is simply a symbol for those things that are born out of the old or rise from the dead or come into existence after the end of a season through the birth of the next cycle. The Phoenix also symbolizes the ego, which rises from its own ashes, from its own ego death. This Awareness suggests that other questions in this series may be re-asked if these are seen as unanswered or needing further elucidation. FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: The question she also asks: "Can we in time and before utter destruction become the Master Programmers of individual and collective consciousness?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that entities had better become programmers of collective consciousness before mass destruction, and indeed they can, but the question is whether they will. It is a matter of choice. It is a matter of value. Where do entities' values lie? Do they want to preserve the existence of life and environment and values that have been given, or do they want to sacrifice everything for some short-term thrill or momentary gain? FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: Then the other question: "Is not the programming already there, just waiting to be released into a greater awareness?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates programming is always available, waiting for the greater awareness to recognize it. MORE ON THOSE ASTEROIDS APPROACHING JUPITER (The Explosion Will Have an Affect on You) (Excerpt from a CAC General Reading, May 2, 1994) OPENING MESSAGE: This Awareness indicates that in the approximate middle part of the month of July, according to your scientists, there is to be a collision of a group of asteroids or comets, depending on which scientists give the information, with the planet Jupiter. This Awareness indicates the variables of this situation differ according to who is describing the event. Some entities refer to it as a comet; others refer to it as a line of "asteroids." Some say between 15 asteroids and some say up to 20, or even 30 asteroids. This Awareness indicates that It has spoken on this previously and that the event appears to be that which is likely to occur in the third week of July. The third full week of July; this approximately the 20th, give or take a day or two. This Awareness indicates the scientists, in general, agree that the event will mean little to the masses of people on earth and that the earth will not be affected; that the most entities can expect is that if they have a good telescope they might see a flash of light. This Awareness indicates that even this may be unlikely to occur, depending on where these so-called asteroids strike. This Awareness indicates that the asteroids are said to be of such weight and speed as to each create the equivalent of 250 million hydrogen bombs in terms of explosive power. This Awareness indicates that some scientists say up to a billion for each; that others will state that because of the nature of Jupiter, these will simply fall into its mass and be assimilated. Jupiter is composed of hydrogen and helium, where the outer levels are gaseous in nature, and the further down one goes, the more liquid, until reaching the core, which has a liquid metallic quality, due to the intense gravity at the center. The liquid metallic quality of hydrogen and helium being at the heart of the planet. The Possibility That Jupiter Could Ignite This Awareness indicates that the planets Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Uranus basically being considered by some scientists as inverted suns or suns that have never been ignited, and there is some speculation that the impact of these asteroids on the surface of Jupiter could perhaps ignite Jupiter to become a second sun. This Awareness indicates that it is suggested that the scientific exploration of the galaxy implies the nature of most stars as being binary; that is: two stars connected closely together, and that a sun such as our solar sun being the only one in a system, is the exception rather than the rule, and that by the general rule, Jupiter, or one of the so-called planets, should have been ignited long ago, to become a second or binary sun. This Awareness indicates that the manner of igniting such a latent sun would best be accomplished through some kind of nuclear explosion within the sun and the potential for this occurring at this time is that which is not discussed by these scientists, but if you will recall some several years ago, the entity Bill Cooper spoke of a secret government project known as "Eden." The project would have created a second sun of Jupiter, turning it into a sun as envisioned by Arthur C. Clarke in his "2010" book. Element 115 Requires Two Suns This Awareness indicates that also in different readings, this Awareness discussed the alien element known as Element 115. Element 115 can only be created in a binary system; it cannot be made in a system such as this solar system, where there is only one sun. This Element 115 was brought to earth by extraterrestrials and the government has several pounds of it. Element 115 is thousands of times more potent than plutonium and the nuclear energy found on earth. Asteroid Story Could be a Cover for Nuking Jupiter This Awareness indicates that it would seem that a project of creating a sun out of Jupiter would require considerable doing on the part of a government, where if it were to be kept secret, there would have to be some kind of cover story and that it would have to look as though it were an accident so that the people could not hold the government responsible if things didn't work out right; if it effected dangerous weather patterns or heat patterns on earth that became destructive or disruptive to their welfare. This Awareness indicates that it may well be, although this Awareness does not wish to state categorically, it may well be that the so-called asteroid is but a cover story to allow this project to go forward. This Awareness has indicated that these so-called asteroids were alien ships, using Jupiter as a rendezvous point before coming to earth. Consider the possibility that a government, seeking to turn Jupiter into a second sun, and seeking to destroy invading alien ships might do both projects simultaneously through the use of such a scenario. The July Event Will Affect the Earth This Awareness indicates that this does not mean that the project will be successful and turn Jupiter into a second sun. It may take more than is visualized or assumed, and he hydrogen/helium may not ignite from this action. The use of Element 115 may not be sufficient to turn Jupiter into a second sun. This Awareness indicates that whatever the case, as this Awareness sees it, there will be an event occurring in mid-July, and it will affect Jupiter, and though the scientists say it is so far away it can have no affect on earth other than the creation of a blip of light which might be seen through telescopes for a very brief moment, this Awareness suggests that indeed there will be an effect on earth, although it is not likely to be a devastating or chaotic event in any way. Exposes Will Enlighten the Masses This Awareness indicates instead, this Awareness sees is as the creation of a resonance in the planet Jupiter that vibrates and causes astrological influences and affects on earth that may have profound effects in consciousness. The effects in consciousness being to awaken and enlighten the masses, and to bring about a revealing or revelation and expose that comes from entities becoming more aware quite quickly, so that in the months that follow, there is likely to be an expose of powerful forces on earth so that they actually begin to lose their power due to the higher frequencies in consciousness that reveal to the masses the reality by which they have been controlled and manipulated. This Awareness indicates this is a continuation of the expose discussed in the January conjunction of planets, but it is from a different influence. This Awareness indicates that entities can expect their own psyche, their own consciousness to be such as to improve their spiritual and physical and mental and emotional lives while also revealing some of the shenanigans that have gone on in political and governmental circles and among certain voices that are of a negative influence of humanity. This Awareness indicates this expose is that which will help to lead to the freeing of the masses. This Awareness indicates therefore, entities can expect the remainder of this year to be one which, while in some ways perhaps appearing to be difficult in short-range levels, to actually, in long-term effects, be the beginning of the freeing of the masses from higher forms of tyranny. Stop Self Destructive Habits This Awareness indicates that certain individuals should prepare themselves as much as possible for these energies and vibrations that will come to earth, so that they may take full advantage of the healing effects of these energies. If they are not prepared; if they are still locked into old habits of self-destruction through alcohol, cigarettes or other indulgences and thoughts and behaviors, the effects will not be of much benefit to them. In fact, it may stimulate the negatives within the individuals to cause them to have negative reactions. This Awareness indicates that this event also can be a triggering for that change that must occur on earth to lead to the shift into the new dimension within the next 20 years. HILDEBRAND vs. THE FEDERAL RESERVE RULING AND WHAT IT MEANS TO YOU AND YOUR POCKETBOOK QUESTION: Does Awareness have any information on any other current events that our readers should know about at this time? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that the lawsuit and settlement in regard to the Fort Collins case with Hildebrand and his associates, where a settlement out of court was reached, where the representatives for the Federal Reserve Bank and other banks within the United States were accused of operating illegally without having registered in the various states and as the foreign Federal Reserve Bank as not registered as a foreign agent, though it was doing business as a foreign agent for owners who live in foreign countries. This Awareness indicates this settlement agreed that April 15th, the banks would be turned back to the Treasury Department, insurance would be forthcoming from the Treasury Department and the money would then be promoted and spent into circulation from Treasury Department, rather than loaned from the Federal Reserve Bank, where all of this was part of the settlement, and the National Guard and military troops were alerted to help enforce this settlement. As of yet, not a lot has occurred. The banks have been very slow to make the changes. There has been very little given by the media in regard to this kind of change and one can wonder whether anything is occurring at all or whether it is simply a fraud action by certain individuals to take claims money from certain people and produce nothing in return. This Awareness indicates the Attorney General for Iowa made such charges for several months; that it was all nothing but a fraud, and that entities who spent their money or sent in filing fees to make their claims against the Federal Reserve Bank were wasting their money and were being defrauded. Police harassed the people who were working with Hildebrand and his groups, the receivers, threatening to jail them, and Hildebrand and others would say "Where is your evidence that there has been fraud or that this is not correct?" This Awareness indicates that the police could not produce any such evidence, whereas Hildebrand and others could put their fingers on evidence for the police very quickly. This Awareness indicates that the question of many entities who are tempted to put their money into filing claims against the Federal Reserve has led them to ask certain questions: "Where is a copy of the settlement contract that requires the Federal Reserve to dissolve, and the banks to turn back to the Treasury for their money?", and this has not been brought forth to entities Why Haven't We Heard About it in the Press? This Awareness indicates that there is also the question: "If this is true, why haven't we heard about it in the press?", and the answer is that the Supreme Court put a gag on Hildebrand so that he could not promote any further statements regarding this through the news media, and with Hildebrand's evidence that the press was working with the Federal Reserve Banks and the foreign bankers, they requested that the news media should also be gagged so as not to allow it to present any information regarding the settlement. Thus, both sides are gagged and the only outlet is through video tapes and through telephone and audio and video releases to individuals and through meetings. This Awareness indicates that this has been reaching thousands of people, and thousands of people are awakening to the event that has occurred. There are also certain statements by certain individuals that become available. New Treasury Notes to be Released National guard troops have spoken of this to certain individuals; that it is true the government will be releasing new Treasury notes very soon. There was in fact, an AP bulletin in a Texas newspaper stating that the Treasury notes would be released soon and there was some showing of Treasury notes in Texas. This Awareness indicates that there is also a radio statement by the Attorney General of Iowa who was so adamantly opposed to this information wherein she acknowledged that it was valid information. But this statement was issued at 6:00 in the morning and no one seems yet to have been able to get a copy of the statement from her. There are still efforts to get such a copy, and when a copy of this radio announcement by her is released, then it will make a big difference on the credibility of the claims. This Awareness indicates that in the meantime, these entities are more or less sitting on pins and needles waiting. They acknowledge that everything is quite peaceful at the moment, but they also see it as a calm before the storm, seeing that the Rothschilds and international banking powers are not likely to sit still and let their empire which they have built over a period of 80 years suddenly be taken from them because of some class action suit in the state of Colorado. This Awareness indicates that there have been reports of U.N. troop movements in Nevada as recent as January. There have been reports of U.S. troops moving in Texas during night-time periods, presumably to help prepare for the change of money and currency so that the banks will become legal. Once the banks are made into legal entities whereby they are returned back to the Treasury Department, then it will be possible to release the information on a more national level. Time is Short: Powerful Forces Are in Motion This Awareness indicates that meanwhile, it is still a hush-hush situation. This Awareness indicates that it is important for entities to realize the time is very delicate and critical. The forces involved are extremely powerful and if entities do not get the information out to the masses within a reasonable time, other events could overshadow and create a situation whereby the event could simply be swallowed up in the confusion or chaos so that it never again is heard of, and the entities involved could be rounded up and exterminated without the masses ever knowing such a situation had occurred. This Awareness indicates that this is the danger these entities see. They want the information to get out as quickly and to be as widespread as possible, but at the same time, they see that as long as it is kept quiet, their lives are in extreme danger, and the whole ruling or agreement for settlement is in jeopardy. If an event occurs, such as an international incident that could trigger a national security problem whereby martial law is declared or U.N. troops are brought in, the situation could become extremely volatile and disastrous to the entities who have promoted the settlement from the class action suit. This Awareness indicates that this information being received by the receivers of the settlement could then be passed on to the military officials who can then better deal with those banks that are not in compliance with the terms of the settlement. This could be most helpful to these entities. Where Does Attorney General Janet Reno Stand? This Awareness indicates that there is extreme danger at this time, for these entities do not know precisely what is happening from the other side. There is some indication that Janet Reno contacted the lady Attorney General in Iowa and told her to 'cool it', to stop attacking these entities for their class action suit and claims. The question is: "Was Attorney General Janet Reno doing this from a knowledge that this is a valid claim and that the government is behind the claim or was she doing it to keep the discussion levels at a minimum by ignoring these claims and simply stopping the controversy, so the information could not spread further or faster?" Find Out if Your Bank Has Complied This Awareness indicates that there is much to be concerned about, and when something changes it is important for entities to be watchful and aware of this situation so that they can better understand what the changes are about. This Awareness indicates that there are banks across the country who have already put notices on their windows that their money is insured by the Treasury Department. All banks were to have done this by April 15, but not all banks have done so. This Awareness suggests that entities who live in various parts of the United States should check their banks and the banks in their area and send notification either to C.A.C. or to the people in Michigan who could be a receiving point for such information, to let them know whether the banks in their areas have complied, or which banks have complied, and have notified their people that they are now working with the Treasury Department and which banks have not complied. Military Forces to Make Banks Comply This Awareness indicates that approximately a week ago, the military forces throughout the country, who have the authority under the Constitution to take charge of the nation in the event the administration fails to act according to the Constitution; these military forces, approximately a week ago were directed to move to make the banks comply. The intention was to get the banks legal so that the information could then be put out to the masses. This Awareness indicates that it appears the effort was not sufficient to reach all of the banks, although some of the banks in certain states may have been influenced by this action. This Awareness indicates that if entities could notify in regard to which banks are in compliance and which are not, this could be of great help in getting the action moving. The information should be sent to the people in Michigan. This Awareness indicates that an address for this can be published along with this reading. If you do not have such address, you could send it to CAC where the information could be forwarded. Everyone Can File Claims Against the Fed This Awareness indicates that as for the claims that entities may file against the Federal Reserve Bank, practically every entity in the United States would have a claim according to the rules that are set up by the receivers. Even small children can file or the parents can file for them because their financial standing has been hurt through the injuries to their parents over a period of 80 years. A $300 Filing Fee is Required This Awareness indicates the situation is such that the filing fee for the claims, which can run into the millions very easily, run $300 per person. This is where many consider the whole thing to be some kind of fraud, that entities would perhaps be losing their $300 which has no basis. This Awareness indicates that the basis is there. The $300 is not an unreasonable filing fee for such a claim. But there are entities who cannot really afford $300 for something that may be squelched by powers that are opposed to this, yet these entities need the money in order to get the information out as far and as fast as possible in order to keep their whole settlement from being squashed by those forces that would like to destroy them and keep the control over the money system of the United States. This Awareness indicates that therefore, what they are saying is that for entities who have the ability to spare $300, they are encouraging these entities to file with the realization that they are also helping to spread the information. This Awareness would suggest that entities who find $300 an overwhelming amount to take a chance on, and entities who would not waste $300 in a Las Vegas situation would be perhaps better off to wait for awhile, until things become more clear and certain. Entities who do not find $300 to be an excessive amount to lose or risk for a situation that could be highly beneficial may wish to go ahead and file their claims at this time. This could be most beneficial to these entities in helping to get more information out to the masses. This Awareness indicates that for those who worry that they may not be able to get in their claim on time, before it is stopped, this Awareness suggests that it appears there will be several years for entities to put in their claims. There is the possibility that these claims may be cut off, but it does not seem to be a strong possibility. It appears that there will be further time in future. This Awareness indicates however, it also must be kept in perspective; that if entities are focusing more on their $300 than are on their general overall financial and personal freedom and are willing to forego the chance of receiving a second opportunity for the American freedom as guaranteed by the Constitution and are willing to sell out to the New World Order for $300, then these entities may feel it is proper to focus on their $300 and to hold tightly to it, for fear of being conned or something. To Pay or Not to Pay; That is the Question If entities are more concerned about their freedom and about preventing the New World Order from taking over their lives and their children's lives, they might prefer to risk the $300 and do their part to help. This Awareness indicates on the other hand, such entities might also want to wait for awhile to seek some further evidence in regard to the viability of this situation. This Awareness suggests that entities who wish to purchase videos or get further information from these entities in regard to this situation should be given the address whereby they can seek to find the information that will fill in gaps and may talk with certain people. This Awareness indicates there was a hot-line open in the area of Michigan where these entities are headquartered. This hot-line gave information on the latest happening in regard to this situation, but the hot-line was closed several days ago because it was discovered that the adversary people, the ones trying to stop them, were using the hot-line against them, trying to stop any situation or event that was discussed on the hot-line, so that if they mentioned a certain bank was going to switch over, these entities listening in would contact the bank, make threats and stop them from making the switch. This kind of adversarial activity led them to decide it was better to close the hot-line and wait for further action on the part of the Hildebrand and military people to get things clearer before putting further information out in this regard that might hurt their efforts. This Awareness indicates that this whole situation appears extremely bizarre at this time, yet this Awareness wishes entities to be aware of it, even though you will not see anything on the news, in the press, until things are pushed into one direction or another, and at some time it may be too late for changes to occur. This Awareness indicates the importance of being aware of it now is so that future events, when they occur, can be better understood. The Bottom Line: What to Look For If, for example, new money is issued into circulation, you will know why and what is behind it. If your banks begin to display signs showing the Treasury Department is backing the accounts in your bank, you will know what is going on. If, on the other hand, you see a national emergency being declared and curfews or other martial law activities occurring, you will know we are quickly moving into a dictatorship that is set up to destroy this situation so that the Rothschilds regain their control over this country and its banking systems. Was a Retroactive Bill Favoring Rothschild Just Passed? There was, for example, a report on the news two days ago, approximately the 29th of April or the first day of May, which stated that a Bill was passed, it appears in House, allowing the banks to operate outside of or across state lines. This Awareness indicates that whether this Bill has something to do with the fact that the banks have operated illegally over the years by not being required, as other businesses are, to register within the states they do business in, or whether this is an effort to retroactively destroy the ruling that the banks have indeed been operating illegally, by passing a law that retroactively allows them to operate across state lines without registering in those states, which would then perhaps, if written properly reduce the settlement to a moot situation. An Event Creating Turmoil Could Occur Soon These are things that can be looked at and understood better when one has some background as to what is occurring behind the scenes. This Awareness indicates in other words, keep your eyes and ears open, and pass on information you hear or discover in regard to this situation. This Awareness indicates that you also need not to be surprised if some very significant event suddenly occurs that throws the country into great turmoil because of the efforts of the foreign bankers to regain control in this country. This Awareness wishes to say however, that it does not appear that any such action will be long-lived; there are too many forces in motion that would prevent tyranny at this time from gaining much stability. FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: If there's any way we could get any real facts or documents to back up any of those claims, it would seem that the way to alert the public would be to create some form-letters to the editor, and ask all the members to mail them in to send them in to their local newspapers. COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that this would be beneficial except that the Supreme Court order denying the media the right to discuss or talk about any of this could have a squelching effect on such efforts. Small publications that are independent could put out such information. Individuals could produce tapes and use bulletin boards and other means of writing and use of chain letters to spread the information far and wide. This Awareness indicates that when some good documentation is available, such as the statement from the Iowa Attorney General; if such is made available, this kind of information could and should be spread as far and as wide as possible, saturating the computer bulletin boards and wherever else it could be published. Some newspapers and magazines might publish the information without considering themselves as part of the mainstream media, so that they do not fall under the order of the Supreme Court, or perhaps they were never notified of this gag order, and therefore it would not hurt for entities to attempt to send letters to the editor to get information in newspapers even though they may find it not acceptable. There is no harm in trying. This Awareness indicates the bulletin boards may be the best and most widespread way of disseminating such information, along with letters to people in a community who have much communication. For example, ministers, teachers, speakers, and those involved in protest or tax statements or other forms of disseminating information to groups, either printed or spoken. WHERE TO GET MORE INFORMATION ED's Note: Although information on all this is hard to come by, C.A.C. has received some of it from several sources. There are meetings going on over the country, with instructions and forms being passed out on how to file your claim. One thing I noticed is that only one person in the family needs to pay the $300 filing fee, which entitles both husband and wife to file and collect on the same claim. You are entitled to get back all the Federal Income Taxes you have ever paid, as well as all personal and property taxes you have paid in your state. You are entitled to get back all the interest you ever paid on any or all loans you ever took out, all mortgages, etc., and much more. That is why you need the packet of information and the forms you will receive when you pay your filing fee. However, before you get the forms which explain how to file your claim and where to pay the filing fee, you need to get FREE information. You can obtain free information on this by contacting the address below. They request, but do not demand, postage. However, since C.A.C. knows how quickly this expense adds up, we suggest you include a dollar bill with your request. Also available at this address is a two hour video, which we recommend you obtain and then show to others. The video is a meeting of entities who explain the whole thing to a large audience with documents and charts etc. The video is priced at $10 which includes postage. For further information, please contact: Herb Haven Trust 5791 Cole Rd. 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