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Origin: CHANNEL1 - 0700 - EMAIL From: DAVE ALEXANDER PRIVATE To: SEARCHNET ZEC Date: 05/17/94 at 10:03 Re: Cosmic Awareness Issue 94 ------------------------------------------------------------------- @FROM :ALEX@SPIRAL.ORG @SUBJECT:Cosmic Awareness Issue 94-06 94-06 (Issue No. 432) ----------------------------------- Find Out Who, |* REVELATIONS OF AWARENESS *| How Many Have In Fact, You |* The New Age Cosmic Newsletter *| You Served? And Really Are. ----------------------------------- How Well? Cosmic Awareness Communications Box 115, Olympia, Washington 98507 email: alex@spiral.org (E-mail subscription information, FTP information and SnailMail hard copy information available at end of this file) "Helping People Become Aware Since 1977." ----------------------------------------------------------------- REVELATIONS OF AWARENESS is a cosmic newsletter, published by Cosmic Awareness Communications, Box 115, Olympia, WA 98507, a not-for- profit organization. Copyright 1993 by Cosmic Awareness Communications and the Aquarian Church of Universal Service. Reproduction is permitted, but no alterations may be made without express permission. ----------------------------------------------------------------- COSMIC AWARENESS is the Force that expressed Itself through Jesus of Nazareth, the Buddha, Krishna, Mohammed and other great avatars who served as "Channels" for the "Heavenly Father" and expresses itself once again as the world begins to enter the New Age of spiritual consciousness and awareness. This information is for those who desire to help in bringing in the New Age. Throughout the thousands of "readings" given, Cosmic Awareness tells us not to *believe* anything, not even Itself, but to question, explore, doubt, and discover through your own channel what the truth really is. Cosmic Awareness will only "indicate" and "suggest." Neither CAC or the Interpreter is responsible for anything Cosmic Awareness states in any of these readings, nor does CAC or the Interpreter necessarily agree with the statements of Cosmic Awareness. The Interpreter interprets the energies as they are seen in trance levels and are not personally responsible for what is said. The Interpreter has no connection with, nor control over the editorial comments, which are entirely the responsibility of the editor. Paul Shockley, Interpreter Avaton, C.A.C Editor Alex, OCR'er and NetPoster Vikki T., Office Manager ------------------------------------------------------------------------ IN THIS ISSUE: PREPARING YOURSELF FOR THE COMING NEW DIMENSION: THE EMERGENCE OF THE QUANTUM BEING (Part 1): THE ALTERNATIVE TO GROWING OLD -- REVERSE AGING BY DEHYPNOTIZING YOURSELF; More Cover-Ups Coming to Light; Whitewater Much Ado About Nothing; Popular Magazines Releasing UFO Information; Harvard Professor Writes Book on Abductions; What's Going on With Bill Clinton?; What a Difference a Haircut Can Make; Will a Cataclysm Hit New York City on May 19th as Psychics Proclaim?; More on the Cobalt Bombs Under New York City; Interpreter's Problems In Attuning to Awareness; How Psychics Often Get Their Information; The Nature of Prophecy; How Entities Can Create or Thwart an Event; Collective Consciousness Can Be Altered; We Are All Living In A Collective Dream; The Problems Of Controlling Your Dream World; How To Escape the Collective Mind Hypnosis; The Senses' Perception of Reality is False; The False Reality of the Materialist; How Your Mind and Body Can Remain Ageless; Break the Hypnosis and You Become a Quantum Being; "The New Being" -- The New Dimension of Consciousness; Getting Dehypnotized is to Awaken to the New Consciousness; The Collective Universal Consciousness; The "Blue Planet" Revealed -- The New Earth Dimension; The Fate of Those Seeking Materialistic Power; The Bottomless Pit; Your Destination: Bliss Consciousness Known as God; Entities Must Now Choose Their Path; The Pursuit of Divine Vibration; Be Cautious in Dealing With Loved Ones; The Alternative to Slapping the Face; When It's Time to Give a Hug; A Child Loses Innocence When Betrayed by Parents; The Best Relationship: Become a True Friend; Angry Spouses Who Seek Revenge; Why Many Men Are Unfaithful to Their Wives; The Secret of a Good Call-Girl; Why It is Important to Respect Your Child; Turning Hostility Into Love; The Path to Maturity or Immaturity; Weirdness: Is It a Sign of Social Decay?; Rings In Ears, Strange Looking Clothing, Boom Boxes; How a Child Makes a Mark on the World; Graffiti and Senseless Destruction; Who Benefits From Social Decay?; More on the New World Order Scheme; The Coming Explosion on Jupiter; Who Sabotaged the Hubble Telescope?; More on that "Cosmic Storm"; Government "Shielding" of Info Frustrates Interpreter; Were Moon Craters Created by Space Wars?; More on "The Unholy Six"; The Truth About NAFTA; How the Pleiadians' "No Money" System Works; Federal Reserve Subverted Our Money System; The Use of Scrip as Money; Bonafide Currency of U.S. is the One Dollar Bill; U.S. Now Run on Admiralty Law, Not Constitution; Shadow Laws and Shadow Money Run U.S.; A Meditation to Attune Yourself to Higher Consciousness; Locate the Highest Sound You Can Hear; Deep Breathing to Gain More Oxygen; What is the Real Purpose of Sex?; What Isn't Awareness Telling Us?; What About Being Addicted to Sex?; Warren Beatty's Dilemma; After an Accident He Begins Speaking French. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ PREPARING YOURSELF FOR THE COMING NEW DIMENSION: THE EMERGENCE OF THE QUANTUM BEING (Part 1): THE ALTERNATIVE TO GROWING OLD -- REVERSE AGING BY DEHYPNOTIZING YOURSELF (C.A.C. General Reading, March 22, 1994) MORE COVER-UPS ARE COMING TO LIGHT (Whitewater Much Ado About Nothing) OPENING MESSAGE: This Awareness indicates the material that you gave the Interpreter to read when he arrived here as that type of information that will be coming out in public during this period, which this Awareness previously spoke of as an expose of secret or hidden material related to the corruption and various conspiracies. This Awareness indicates that, in fact, this very information, this very material as having already been sent to officials of the government before you received it and certain scrutiny of the material is taking place. This Awareness indicates that it is already having certain repercussions in terms of a backlash against the current president and the Whitewater situation is that which is an attempt to pose a threat to the current president, to keep this kind of information from coming out publicly. This Awareness indicates whether it will spur the president to get the information out more quickly, or whether it will intimidate him for fear the Whitewater situation may cause him to lose office is still questionable. This Awareness indicates however, the situation appears at this point to be one whereby the information is more likely to be exposed than to be hidden for fear of presidential exposure in regard to the Whitewater situation. This Awareness indicates there is actually not that much of a problem with the Whitewater situation although there may be some tainting or potential gray areas that could be exaggerated and made into political fodder to help assassinate the character of the president, if opportunities were allowed in this direction. This Awareness indicates that this appears to be more of a hullabaloo over nothing, or very little, as an attempt to keep this other information from being brought out. It is like someone blackmailing another to keep them quiet about something much more serious than the blackmailing would cause. This Awareness indicates that it is like the difference between someone who has caused a serious crime to be committed, trying to blackmail someone who knows about the crime, by saying: "If you tell about this, I'll tell your mother you were smoking!" This Awareness indicates the Whitewater situation being like the child smoking as compared to the crime of the person who threatens to expose the smoking, which, in comparison, may be similar to that of robbery. This Awareness indicates that at this time, this Awareness does not want to discuss the material that was presented, as it is information that is very touchy and could create not only trouble for your own safety, but for other individuals involved in the material itself, including certain government officials and certain witnesses who are discussed in the material, if this became too widespread and too public at this time. Popular Magazines Releasing UFO Information (Harvard Professor Writes Book on Abductions) This Awareness indicates that along with this there are also other types of exposures, release of information. Entities who have not noticed already should be very watchful for the April issue of "Omni" magazine which discusses the government cover-up of the UFO conspiracy; that this is full of information, much of which parallels that which this Awareness has given over the past two years, but it also has certain new information that was not covered by this Awareness. This Awareness indicates also there is in "Psychology Today" of March and April, an article on abduction written about a professor, John Mack, from Harvard University, who speaks of the reality of the alien abductions and aliens on earth. This is by a professor who is a Nobel prize winner and who has stirred up quite a controversy between his claims and many of his peers who are shocked by him being so open and talkative about this subject. The entity has also written a book on UFOs and abductions. This Awareness indicates that you may wish to watch for other similar exposure coming out this year. It is not unlikely that a great amount of new information will be released, much of which this Awareness may have spoken of before, but which has not officially been released as yet by your authorities, governments and experts. WHAT'S GOING ON WITH BILL CLINTON? (What a Difference a Haircut Can Make) QUESTION: A question from D.T. that came in a couple of months ago. He writes: "Les Aspen has just resigned from the Defense Department. Would Awareness like to comment on this in regard to the scenario of a takeover of the White House by the folks behind the scenes? One thing I don't understand is why, if Clinton has been in their pocket all along, as well as Bush, why the need to replace them at all? It sure does appear that the replacement scenario has occurred, what with a (potential) new director straight from the NSA and the CIA (Bobby Ray Inman)." COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates it appears that the entity Clinton was replaced by a double on the air field when he received his two hundred dollar haircut. The idea being that in sitting for an hour blocking traffic, receiving a haircut for two hundred dollars, you would expect the entity to look somewhat different when he gets off the plane, so that keen observers, in seeing one entity get on and another get off, would attribute the difference to his haircut. This Awareness indicates that it appears that there is still a secret war going on, some of which is very unclear, even to those who are participants in this secret war between the shadow government and the real government, so that the allegiance of different entities is not always obvious. This Awareness indicates that with so many of Clinton's close associates having been removed one way or another in the past year or so, and with the threat of his own removal at this time through the Whitewater situation, entities must wonder who is doing what to whom. This Awareness indicates that the question is whether the entity in charge at this time is working on behalf of the true government of the United States -- which represents the people -- or whether the entity is a tool of the shadow government. This Awareness indicates that there are two ways to look at this: the real Clinton may have been duplicated by an impostor working for the shadow government, or he may have been duplicated by certain agents loyal to the people of this country, and if so, it may be that the Whitewater scandal is attempting to remove this entity so as to regain control of the government by that shadow government. This Awareness indicates that the energies do not yet appear to be clear enough for the Interpreter to see what this Awareness is saying or presenting to him, and therefore, it appears the information needs more energizing in order to get a clearer picture. This Awareness suggests that the energizers count to twelve to see if this can be of help in clarifying these energies. (A count of 12 is given by the energizers, which takes the Interpreter into a deeper level of trance.) This Awareness indicates that it appears the new Clinton is one who represents the people of the United States, but who is under attack by those shadow forces that would control the country. It appears that the Whitewater issue is simply something intended to drum up scandal and to defame his character in preparation for something yet to come, wherein this entity would be removed from office so that the shadow government can regain its control. This Awareness indicates it is not a matter of Republican or Democrat or party lines; it is a matter of the hidden government having had control from the time of Kennedy's assassination until Carter was elected and from the time Carter lost the election through the fact of the hostage situation in Iran and the Bush/Reagan plans and negotiations with Iran to keep the hostages from being released until after the election. It appears that the shadow government from that time until the Clinton election, held control in the United States over the officials, and whereby that has continued somewhat after the Clinton administration through the influence and control over this entity. This Awareness indicates that the recent change appears to be an effort of certain entities loyal to the Constitution to bring about a new influence with the new Clinton in an effort to keep the influence of the shadow government away. This Awareness indicates that it has so far not been highly successful. It appears that there is some effort within the current administration to protect themselves and to find ways of circumventing the power of the shadow government. This Awareness indicates the shadow government's head quarters appears now to be in Texas. This Awareness indicates that it is an ongoing conflict between those who are following the law and those who see themselves as above the law. This Awareness suggests that enough has been said on this topic; that more will be released and changes will occur from time to time. This Awareness indicates that from an astrological sense, the negative forces eventually will be exposed and the people of the land will learn the truth. This Awareness indicates for many this will be very shocking, and many will be dismayed by the revelations. This Awareness indicates that this Awareness does not wish to imply these revelations will come from this Awareness. They will come openly and publicly from very many sources and entities will learn the truth of what has been happening in their government over the many years of this century in particular. This Awareness indicates that this particular century, especially the last half of the century, has been the seat of the greatest of the corruption in this government and it will be exposed slowly, inevitably, within the next few years. FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: Awareness indicated that George Bush took his cabinet to Texas. Does this have anything to do with this? COSMIC AWARENESS: This as in the affirmative. WILL A CATACLYSM HIT NEW YORK ON MAY 19TH AS PSYCHICS PROCLAIM? (More on the Cobalt Bombs Under New York City) QUESTION: A question from J.D. in Vermont. She writes: "I have been told that various psychics are reporting a cataclysmic event such as nuclear detonation in New York City on May 19th, 1994. What does Awareness say about this?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that It has not seen this event as coming in the future; It does recognize that this is a anniversary of the Mount Saint Helens eruption, or very close to that anniversary, approximately to the date. It also recognizes that in the late 1970's and early 1980's, cobalt bombs had been placed under Manhattan Island, deep in the caverns. It does not see that these have been removed as yet. This Awareness indicates that It does not see these events that are discussed by these psychics; It does not see this event as happening at the time. It does see the potential for this to happen at some time if entities do not take steps to remove those cobalt bombs and to defuse the danger to that area. This Awareness indicates, of course, there could also be some different form of crisis, such as the use of terrorists to bring in some kind of explosive from outside the country, or someone within the country to make an explosive of greater danger than the World Trade Center bombing. This Awareness indicates that it could well be part of a plan by the shadow government to create chaos in this country, to regain greater control. Interpreter's Problems In Attuning to Awareness This Awareness does not see the event described in the question. This Awareness indicates that you must realize when the Interpreter speaks in terms of this Awareness, the Interpreter is speaking in terms of his attunement and perception of this Awareness. This Awareness may not be in perfect attunement to the Interpreter's consciousness in order to respond 100 percent to every question. If the Interpreter cannot attune 100 percent to this Awareness when a question is asked, then the statement: "This Awareness does not see this," could be somewhat erroneous in terms of the reality of the situation. The Interpreter should in fact say: "This Interpreter does not get this information from this Awareness." This would be a better way of wording the response. lt is possible that this Awareness sees what is going to happen, but the Interpreter does not get a clear enough channel to be 100 percent perfectly right about the information. This Awareness indicates, or more precisely, this Interpreter indicates that it does not see, through this Awareness, that it perceives the events of the question as described as coming about on the 19th of May. This Awareness wishes to explain further: If the Interpreter changes his language to read: "This Interpreter does not see through the Awareness..." rather than saying "This Awareness indicates...", the very wording tends to separate the Interpreter further from the Awareness, making the attunement more difficult. The very wording: "This Interpreter does not see...", or "This Interpreter indicates..." will separate the Interpreter from the Awareness somewhat in the very statement, and therefore, the loss of attunement occurs to some degree. Therefore, generally, the Interpreter will state "This Awareness indicates..." and in so doing, keeps the attunement, but in certain situations, it is necessary to clarify, because this Awareness Itself sees and knows all. but the Interpreter is not attuned close enough to see and know everything that is available to this Awareness. It is that which in the past this Awareness has described as the 15 percent error that occurs in some questions. This Awareness hopes this explanation can clarify to entities the problem of relying 100 percent on these readings. It hopes to show entities why they should always question the readings and why sometime there are errors in the readings. It is not that this Awareness, which permeates all of consciousness, does not know what is happening, it is just that the entity who is attempting to interpret by attunement to this Awareness is not 100 percent capable of such attunement while still in physical form. How Psychics Often Get Their Information This Awareness indicates that often, psychics in presenting a message such as the statement that a nuclear bomb might occur in New York City, will have their messages read by other psychics and the other psychics may tend to believe that is correct, or may hear this message and in their trance, or reading or psychic attunement, make it a corroboration of the first psychic message so that they end up parroting each other and an observer caught in between may hear this message from different sources, different psychics, and the tendency would be to think: "It must be true because several psychics have said it." It is not always a good way to reason, for the several psychics may have heard each other's prediction and may simply parrot that prediction, trusting the original psychic's attunement. The message may have very little substance to it. This Awareness indicates on the other hand, just because this Awareness, through this Interpreter, does not see the potential for this event, does not prove it will not occur, or that the other psychics have made mistakes. Perhaps they have seen clearly and this Interpreter has not. FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: In regard to those cobalt bombs, if I remember correctly, they were placed there by the Russians, years ago... COSMIC AWARENESS: In the 1970's. QUESTIONER: Yes, and now that we supposedly are friends with the Russians, whose responsibility is it to deactivate those bombs? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates originally, this was the responsibility of then General Brown, but the entity was removed from that office by, it appears this was the group of Kissinger and Brzezinski. This Awareness indicates that it is not seen that these were ever removed; that it appears they are still present in this underground cavern that is under Manhattan Island. Whether there is anyone capable of discharging these weapons is not clear, but it is probable that the control of the weapons was closely guarded and has been passed on, perhaps released from the Russians to certain American counterparts, possibly within certain intelligence agencies. This Awareness indicates that if this were to occur, it would fit in with the Edgar Cayce predictions, and also could be part of the Fatima prophecies and of Nostradamus. This Awareness indicates that it could play a major role in a series of events that would leave this country quite vulnerable to takeover by force. This Awareness indicates however, the country appears to be already vulnerable to takeover and it does not appear that force is the only way by which this could occur, but if there is an anxiousness to take the country over quickly, an event of this nature could be cause for the declaration of National Emergency, martial law, and all that goes with the Executive Orders for taking over the nation. This Awareness again indicates It does not see this occurring on the 19th of May. QUESTIONER: Or any time in the near future? COSMIC AWARENESS: Correct. It does see it as a potential; that it could be, but this Awareness does not join the prophecies of others in this regard. This Awareness indicates there is a line in the Leonard Cohen song: "Of this you may be sure, but I may be wrong," which paraphrases this situation. The one voice saying "This is going to happen, but I may be wrong." The Nature of Prophecy This Awareness indicates there is so much, when it comes to predicting the future, that fits into this kind of statement: "Of this you may be sure, but I may be wrong." This Awareness indicates that entities should recognize all future predictions can be summed up in this manner. There are very few that can be absolutely certain, for the future is not fixed. Those who have a tendency to be absolutely right, generally have some kind of inside information relating to the plans, and even the plans often go awry. This Awareness indicates that even the predictions of Nostradamus, who is considered perhaps one of the best of prognosticators, are in metaphor or in code so that they do not always convey literally what is going to happen, and often only by hindsight and looking backward for the metaphor that fits the event are the events seen as having been prophecies. This Awareness indicates that seldom do the events clearly present themselves through prophecy, so that when it occurs, entities have been expecting it. Usually, it is only when they occur that entities look back and find something to fit the occurrence so that it can be called a prophecy. How Entities Can Create or Thwart an Event This Awareness indicates that this is because the world and the environment in which entities live is, to a great extent, the reflection of mass-consciousness or the thinking of masses of entities. This Awareness indicates that many entities thinking together can create an event, or can lead to an event occurring, but it is also possible for entities attempting to create an event to have that event thwarted simply by one or two people whose influence may change the minds or change the thinking or change the image held by those masses. Collective Consciousness Can Be Altered This Awareness indicates that thus, collective consciousness may help to bring about and create the future, but collective consciousness can also be altered by a few entities who influence the collective consciousness to be different from what it originally started out to be. This Awareness indicates that also, one entity in predicting something can often lead to the masses going along with that prediction so that their energies help to contribute to the outcome and manifestation of that prediction. This Awareness indicates that likewise, if something dire or evil is being predicted and everyone goes along with it and says: "Oh dear, this is going to happen!", and if someone else from the group or from outside the group comes in and says, "Why? What's happening?", and the group says: "We're about to have a terrible crisis! A great earthquake" or something of this nature. "There is going to be something terrible happening!", and this outside entity looks at the situation and sees the seriousness of everyone, and then says: "Oh, no, it's not going to happen! It's a false alarm!", and 50 or 90 percent of the crowd says, "Oh good! What a relief!"; this entity has defused the energy that was working to make the prediction come true, and it may be that the prediction will not occur at all. This Awareness indicates that it may be that the prediction may not occur at all; that it is a matter of how strongly entities hold on to a belief, how much they energize it together and whether it can be altered or should be altered, and whether one entity has the power to change the minds of all, or most of the others. We Are All Living In A Collective Dream This Awareness indicates that this is basically quantum physics; that the physics of reality react from the consciousness of the minds of entities involved in that reality, for you as individuals are essentially living in a collective dream. It is not the same as your own personal dream, where you can alter it with ease simply by altering your own mind, so that you can change a nightmare into a pleasant fantasy if you simply take control of your mind, for this is a collective dream, being dreamt by many. This Awareness indicates that your awake reality is such that in the words of Chopra, you are being socially hypnotized. The social hypnosis you experience is the collective belief of society in which you are a participant. If society sees this as occurring, and you put yourself along with the beliefs of society, then you are individually involved in the collective society's self-hypnosis. If however, you don't accept their collective hypnosis or belief and you see yourself as standing apart and having a different belief, the effects of the hypnosis do not touch you in the same way it touches others. Therefore, you may escape some of the collective society's karma or belief. This Awareness indicates that on the other hand, collective society can very well influence certain things because of the collective belief, and it may be utterly impossible for you, even if you are not caught in that belief or hypnosis, it may be utterly impossible for you to overcome the collective belief of society. For example, if society believes that half of society is evil, and the other half is good, and they begin to point out which ones are evil, and label themselves as good, you may soon find a divided society which is capable of having a civil war. If you yourself are outside of that polarized situation, you may not necessarily be adding energy to the civil war, but even being neutral your world has changed and you may find yourself caught between two fighting forces in such a manner as to have your life endangered. Thus, were entities to say: "You are the master of your life. You will not face danger unless you bring it on yourself. You will not face loss or pain unless you bring it on yourself and it is done through your own thinking," this kind of argument is not necessarily true. The Problems Of Controlling Your Dream World This Awareness indicates you are still in a world, or in a dream filled with polarities that are not of your own making, and the collective consciousness may have an effect on your personal consciousness that is not part of your own making and of which you may have no control over. This Awareness indicates therefore, to understand this, one needs to recognize that each individual needs to be awake and aware in order to use that part of his or her consciousness over which he or she does have control, but they need to also be aware enough to recognize there are areas of reality that one cannot or one does not have control of. This Awareness indicates that if you did not make the laws of the land and the laws of the land are imposed upon you and others, you may still be subject to the laws of the land, even if your personal reality does not believe in those laws, does not agree with those laws. You may find the same to be true with any rules, even if they are Cosmic Laws or rules. This Awareness indicates that, therefore, you may find yourself having to recognize laws of the land, even though you know yourself to be beyond the need for such laws, or even though you know the laws to be unjust or unnecessarily limiting. To escape such lesser laws you may need to appeal or apply higher laws that overcome the lesser laws. This Awareness indicates even when this occurs, you may not be totally free from the influence of those lesser laws of society, for even as the entity in the story of Jesus was able to overcome certain laws of society's reality, he was not, according to the story, able to overcome the social laws that ordered him to be crucified. This Awareness indicates that there are certain laws that affect even the masters, even those who are higher in their consciousness than the masses, yet these entities, in time, may still overcome those lesser laws, such as the resurrection, where the entity comes back from the dead. This Awareness indicates that, in other words, one who is aware, who is awake, and who is beyond the lesser laws may be influenced by those lesser laws, but may be able to overcome the effects of those lesser laws when given enough time to apply higher laws. This Awareness suggests that in the new quantum age, or the new physics that are emerging in this era or age, entities will begin to recognize that the mind can go by rules that limit the body, or the mind can move beyond these rules and adapt to concepts and laws that free the body. How To Escape the Collective Mind Hypnosis In the book by Chopra, "Ageless Body, Timeless Mind," the entity speaks of becoming attuned to the concept of immortality. He explains that time is an artificial creation, created by the mind in which there are seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, centuries, and millennia; and these are all created by the mind, and that entities in accepting and looking at these segments or little moments of time become caught in those artificial creations of time and fail to recognize the eternity that exists in every moment. This Awareness indicates that they become hypnotized into thinking in terms of days, weeks, years, and see themselves at certain ages and, through social hypnosis, find themselves aging at the social rate attributed to the social hypnosis, which is based on the belief that matter is the base of creation and consciousness is a secondary attribute, whereas the entity points out that in the quantum physics, consciousness is the basic attribute and physical reality is the result of the consciousness that created the physical world. This Awareness indicates it is paralleled in your dreams. Your dreams are pure consciousness. The realities of the physical world within your dream are images that appear to have substance, appear to have solidity, but in reality are nothing more than consciousness, and if you recognize this world as being that of a social phenomena, a creation of images and materialization based on social hypnosis by collective consciousness, and you see that it does not have to be your reality, and you can begin to look at the world materialism as but energy in a form vibrating, shifting, responding to social consciousness, you can begin to escape from that hypnosis of the collective mind, and form a new reality. The Senses' Perception of Reality is False You can form a new reality which is based on the fact of consciousness being all that is, and its thought-forms creating the material that the senses perceive as real. The entity points out that the senses' perception of reality is false, and that even though you feel the table, you know it is vibrating atoms, and that the atoms are not substance, they are simply moving parts, they are simply vibrations. The False Reality of the Materialist This Awareness indicates he also points out that in earlier times, before people became more into quantum reality, they believed the earth was flat and that the sky was flat above them, because that's the way the senses perceived it to be. Now they understand the earth is round, but they still don't understand that the so-called materialism is really vibration and is subject to consciousness. The collective consciousness that holds it together like glue, that forms it into shapes, pictures, patterns, that helps to maintain the appearance of materialism, that forms the body in its particular shape; this consciousness has control and influence on all that is around, and those who are collectively hypnotized can form energies, shapes, forms, that hold together and appear to be solid and generally together, appearing to be solid, satisfy the senses of everyone who witnesses these images, and the senses are fooled into thinking these things are real, and that is the reality of the materialist. The reality of the quantum theorist is that mind is the creator, matter is the created, and that entities who see themselves as mind, recognize the body resulted from their consciousness, from the use of certain energies that are broken down, turned into consciousness as food, and that out of this ingestion of energy as food, the image took on more solidity and growth to become larger and larger and more sensuous, capable of being aroused by the five senses so that it looked and felt like something solid. How Your Mind and Body Can Remain Ageless But, when the mind leaves, when consciousness leaves, it simply dissolves again back into the thought-form of planetary energy. This Awareness indicates that with this understanding, Chopra continues to show that with time as an illusion, and you actually living in an eternity that never ceases, you can remain free of the hypnosis of time so that you do not age with time, as does the hypnotized entity in a society, but rather you simply remain where you are and continue to rejuvenate your cells as they are. You remain ageless and timeless both in body and mind and you keep your youth, even though the artificial time clocks continue to tick and pretend that something is happening. The entity points out that there are certain events that can happen to you as a result of your current thinking or activities. You may fall down a hole and experience pain, or you may take in some environmental energy and experience a physical problem. For example, you may spend 30 years smoking cigarettes and experience cancer. But because you have taken this in and added it to your creation of your image, your shimmering reality of atoms and collections of atoms and molecules, you now have some additional creation accumulated on your special sacred creation of your body, and you think of this cancer or this scar or excessive attribute as being the result of aging, and so you say: "I can't get away from aging. I have these warts! I have these blemishes on my skin! I have this hair that turns gray! I have this cancer!" This Awareness indicates that you begin to yield to the hypnotic social collectivity and become one of the many who accepts the artificial time as being that which takes its toll. This Awareness indicates you can also look at these things as being pollutants to your ever-youthful body, and if you can break the cycle in the mind so that you no longer accept pollutants, you can also get rid of the cancer, the blemishes, the gray hair, and see yourself as eternally young in the moment. Break the Hypnosis and You Become a Quantum Being You have to break the hypnosis. An aware person is one who is capable of breaking that hypnosis. If you are not aware, you are hypnotized. As you become more aware, you gain the ability to break that hypnosis that goes with aging, that promotes the aging. You may need to work very diligently at altering your consciousness to become a Quantum Being, where you see all things as consciousness and the reflection of consciousness, and see your consciousness as being a creator of material things, and you may need to recognize that there are forces out there that are attempting to hypnotize you all the time, attempting to put their materialism on you, attempting to make that materialism stronger than your consciousness, and you may find it very difficult to fight off that kind of collective consciousness that attempts to force you into accepting it as reality. This Awareness indicates that those entities who make the effort to stay conscious and not accept materialism as being anything other than focused consciousness and as being something that they can diffuse with consciousness, even as you have been told and taught you can diffuse a cloud with your consciousness. "The New Being" -- The New Dimension of Consciousness When you become aware of this, and can dehypnotize yourself to accepting materialism as a basis for your being and instead accept consciousness as the basis for your being, with materialism as the result of your consciousness, as the result of collective consciousness; when you can do this, you move yourself further into the New Dimension which this Awareness has spoken of as that which comes in the next century, 2013 and beyond. This Awareness indicates that as you move into this next dimension of being, of the New Being; the New Being as that which is consciousness molding physical forms for it to reside in, it is like consciousness building its home. The word "home" and "human" body as being much the same. It is a temple that you build with your consciousness to live in, to house your consciousness, although your consciousness is capable of residing outside the body, even without the body. The body becomes a carriage that helps to manipulate matter. Your arms and fingers can lift and move matter. Therefore, your creation of a human body for your consciousness to manipulate is quite an accomplishment. Just as mankind can create great machines to pick up boulders, to build roads and dams, to cut trees into lumber, to build houses around the physical body which is the home of the consciousness. All of these things parallel, like dimensions within dimensions. You live in a home. Your body is your home for your consciousness. This Awareness indicates that the homes join together, forming cities. The bodies join together forming groups of people. The cells of your bodies join together to form organs. They all enjoy the collective consciousness that makes them what they are, and they are what is called physical, but they are actually derived from consciousness. Getting Dehypnotized is to Awaken to the New Consciousness This Awareness indicates that all man-made things on earth began with an idea from someone, and many participate in bringing that idea into reality. Most entities recognize this, and recognize that the collective consciousness of many entities goes into the creation of all man-made things. Few entities realize that the rest of the world is the creation of consciousness that lies beyond the consciousness of individuals residing in human form. The consciousness that inhabits the universe creates planets, galaxies, etc., and entities are capable of joining with that Universal Consciousness in the same way that entities are capable of joining with the collective consciousness and being hypnotized by the collective consciousness. And as entities join with the Universal Consciousness they awaken. They no longer are hypnotized by the collective consciousness. And as more and more of these entities in society awaken to the Universal Consciousness, few and fewer are hypnotized, and fewer and fewer contribute to the mass collective hypnotized consciousness that sees materialism as the basis for being. The Collective Universal Consciousness As entities become more awakened to the Universal Consciousness, more and more will join together in a collective Universal Consciousness and will be able to change the reality of this material dimension into that which is subject to mind, whereby collectively their minds alter the material reality to become more wispy, more pliable to consciousness so that material reality becomes a thing of the past. Material physics then becomes a thing of the past, and quantum physics, the physics of consciousness becomes the new reality. This Awareness indicates when this occurs, entities will heal themselves with their minds. They can also heal each other with their minds, so long as the one needing healing is able to let go of material reality or belief in material reality and accept the reality of consciousness as the creator of material things. This Awareness indicates when this occurs there are likely to be many entities who cannot make the change. These will be the entities who follow the path of the material plane while the higher consciousness entities will move into a dimension of a more spiritual planet and go into a higher dimension as has been discussed by this Awareness previously. This Awareness indicates this is the split that will occur in the next century, beginning at approximately 2013. The changes leading to this event will begin earlier, and are already beginning, and actually began when it was recognized that the earth was round rather than flat, as the senses perceived. The "Blue Planet" Revealed -- The New Earth Dimension Thus, as entities overcome the belief in the senses which are the five fruit of the Tree of Knowledge which entities ate of and fell from Eden; when entities begin to overcome this reliance on the senses and awaken to the reality of consciousness which is the Tree of Wisdom, they will then be well on their way into the Higher Dimension, the New Earth. This Awareness indicates this has in the past been referred to as the Blue Planet. This may be called by some other name; it may be called Heaven or it may be called by some different name altogether, but it will be a new dimension, a split from materialism and a movement into the spiritual reality of a new beginning. The Fate of Those Seeking Materialistic Power (The Bottomless Pit) This Awareness indicates therefore, entities should not worry too much about the corruption that is occurring on your plane, for those entities who seek power over materialism, who seek power at the expense of others, who seek to take your freedom, can only take your body, can only take your labor; they cannot take your soul, they cannot take your spirit, so long as you connect to consciousness and to the Divine Consciousness in particular, and move with those changing energies into this new dimension which this Awareness has spoken of. Those entities who cling to the power, who want power over material things will find themselves growing more and more attached to that planet that moves in a downward spiral, away from the higher dimensions and becomes more gross in its materialism and they become more trapped on that planet, wherein they find themselves without spiritual light, having only physical power over physical forms and images of their own creation. And these entities, having physical power over physical forms of their own creation, will fight against each other as to who is to be ruler, and these entities will, in the end, become more and more involved, losing their evolution by joining in the involution, and the involvement in matter will lead them into deeper and deeper levels of materialism and that which has been called the bottomless pit. The gravity will increase and they will eventually, in the long run, find themselves in that which is called the black hole. There is a point in which no light can enter, and they go into this black hole of intense gravity where they are crushed and become so small that they become basically meaningless in terms of Universal Reality, and when they go far enough into that ultra-gravity state of the black hole, they must at some point explode out the other side and they will again begin the movement of evolution. They will begin to evolve again and will have another opportunity to move toward the Light. Meanwhile, those entities who have accepted the Spiritual Light and identify with consciousness as opposed to materialism will have evolved into Light Beings, into Higher Spiritual Beings, and will go into higher dimensions and will be enjoying the Bliss of Higher Consciousness, for as entities approach those Higher Levels of Consciousness they get closer and closer to bliss and love. Your Destination: Bliss Consciousness Known as God This Awareness indicates the Highest Consciousness in the Creation is that of Bliss Consciousness known as God, and that ultra-consciousness of Bliss is also known as Divine Love, and as entities approach these higher frequencies of Divine Love, Ultra-Love, Ultra-Bliss, they become capable of the experience that lies beyond comprehension to humans. Humans think that a little bit of love from someone on earth is the highest experience entities can have, and many chase after material things in order to impress someone so they can have a token amount of physical love from that person or from some other person either for a long term or for a brief moment, but they seek love, they seek it through power, pursuit of power, or through material gains, wealth, attempting to buy love from someone who also wants material things in order to express love. This Awareness indicates however, that these entities find the more they struggle to attain physical controls and power, the less true love they have in their lives. Often they become bitter, and rather than being loving people, they become hostile people. Perhaps they can keep a dual life going where they have love in their home but hostility in their job and they find themselves out in the field killing others, and in the home, carrying on a double life with family and children, being an ideal father or mother. This Awareness indicates that these entities cannot continue in this duplicity. Eventually that family they loved so much will either leave or will be taken from them. They only have their own memories and the recognition of their true self as a very demented person, and this forces them to realize they are not lovable at all. They don't deserve love. They have taken the lives of others. They have caused harm. They have caused pain to others. This Awareness indicates these are the entities who, in clinging to materialism and power, seek to move toward love, to gain love, to buy love. They have chosen the wrong path for love. Had they simply surrendered self to Divine Love, they would have found all kinds of love on the path toward Divinity. They would have found many different offerings of love as they moved toward the Divine. This Awareness indicates that the entities made a wrong choice and they move ever downward in the bottomless pit of materialism and gross power. They lose themselves by excluding that which is Divine, that which is true love. This Awareness indicates the movement into lower vibrations takes them further and further from the vibrations of love, which are at the top of the scale. Entities Must Now Choose Their Path This Awareness indicates that is the picture of reality in a nut-shell, and entities should find where they want to be, which way they want to go, and pursue that direction. Remember, if you choose to move downward in the spiral of vibrations you may end up in that black hole, but even there, given several million years, you may find yourself popping out the other side and moving back into an evolvement toward spiritual energies, so even that path is not absolutely hopeless. It is not like the "Eternal Hell" that has been spoken of. It will only seem eternal to those who are there. But there will be a time when even those who have found themselves in these realms of darkness, will eventually have the opportunity to be liberated. The Pursuit of Divine Vibration It may be, as indicated, millions of years for some entities. This Awareness indicates that since this separation is likely to occur within the next 20 years, it would behoove entities to hitch their wagon to a star and move toward higher vibrations, toward higher frequencies, to surrender themselves to the Divine Vibration, however you may perceive that. Surrender to the Divine Vibration by whatever name It may go, whether it be personified as an individual, such as Jesus or Mohammed or Krishna or Allah. It doesn't matter that much what name you give to this Divine Vibration. What really matters is that you hook yourself to the highest vibration you can find and surrender self to it, and let it take you to that promised land, to that highest frequency, and to that new dimension of spiritual rebirth. This Awareness suggests you not worry so much about the material concerns that hypnotically are dangled before you, the material concerns that are made to move back and forth in front of you, to keep you attached to the fear of losing certain material things, for these things often are baubles of the hypnotist. The hypnotist being the collective mind of materialistic humanity. This Awareness suggests instead, look upward and join those who are attempting to find that highest frequency and vibration, and join with them in their pursuit and find your own Higher Self, your own Higher Vibrations. Be Cautious in Dealing With Loved Ones This Awareness suggests entities be especially cautious in their dealing with loved ones. It is so easy to condemn a loved one for not being everything you want them to be, for not doing everything you want them to do. It is so easy to find reasons to criticize. It is so hard to find the courage to encourage them in their pursuit of the spiritual life. The Alternative to Slapping the Face This Awareness suggests that encouragement to these entities who are often bitter, who are angry, who have been hurt is sometimes difficult. You would just as soon slap them across the face than say something nice to them because their behavior is so difficult for you. This Awareness suggests however, that when you see someone who is doing something that really annoys you and you have the urge to slap them across the face, think about an alternative action. Think about reaching your arms, gathering them into a big hug and holding them, and letting them express their frustration while you let them know you understand or you care, or that you don't understand, but you're willing to listen. This Awareness indicates this action of hugging an outrageous child will surprise you, for the child will generally melt. The anger will fly away. If it doesn't, just offer to let them speak and tell you what's frustrating them. In time, you will have the opportunity to hug them again. This Awareness indicates of course, if they are hostile toward you, and they want to hit you, it may not be the time to hug them. They might end up biting, and this could cause an adverse reaction on your part which you would regret. When It's Time to Give a Hug This Awareness indicates the time to hug a child or to hug a partner, or to hug someone who is frustrating you is when you see that person's behavior as indicating they are totally frustrated. They do not understand, or they do not know how to proceed and they are angry because they are hurt. This is the time when a hug can do the most good: when you really would like to hit them, but instead of hitting them, you reach out with a kind word, with a loving touch or a big hug, and you will find that these entities are very much human, very much in need under all that bombastic reaction. This Awareness indicates that too often mothers say: "I just can't handle my child! My child is driving me crazy!", and then the mother screams at the child without really knowing what the child has done. Simply because someone in the other room cried, they assumed the child must have done something to hurt the other and they scream at the child or they hit the children before evaluating what happened. Perhaps what's happening is the child, being hit and screamed at so much, is feeling under a lot of stress and pressure from Mommy or Daddy and takes it out on little brother or sister. Perhaps it starts from the top and goes down, but Mommy and Daddy generally think it starts from the children and comes up to them and they can't deal with the energy they get. Perhaps it needs to be looked at in a different way. The most frustrating child may actually be crying out for help, crying out for love, but the Mommy or the Daddy may think the child is creating trouble just because the child is obnoxious and the Mommy and Daddy may think the child needs to be punished; that punishment will make a loving child out of that obnoxious kid. A Child Loses Innocence When Betrayed by Parents This Awareness indicates that this generally does not work. That generally parents find when they betray their child's trust, the child loses his or her innocence, loses touch with that which is called love and becomes a survivor, and as a survivor, a competitor, and in the competition, is ready to strike out whenever, wherever and however possible. Thus, the child becomes more belligerent rather than more obedient, and even if the child is forced to obey, the child finds ways to become belligerent and harmful to others when Mommy and Daddy are not around. The Best Relationship: Become a True Friend This Awareness suggests that the best relationship an entity can have with another is that of a true friend. A true friend is one who can talk and share his or her feelings with another. Can you share your feelings with your child? Can your child share his or her feelings with you? If so, you are friends. If the child does not trust you enough to share his or her feelings, there is not much friendship there and there may be arrangement of certain prescribed behavior, but there is no friendship, and where there is no friendship, there can be very little love, very little affection, very little loyalty. This Awareness suggests that entities look again at their children, look again at their mates, and create friendships whereby feelings can be expressed and shared without threat being part of the expression, whereby threat is removed and feelings are shared equally each way between entities. Do not think that you can force an entity to share feelings, for if they are afraid or hostile to you and you try to force them to feel, or beg them, or coerce them by some kind of promise or threat, you will simply alienate them all the more. Simply work quietly, slowly, patiently, letting them express themselves when they can to the degree they can comfort ably do so. Angry Spouses Who Seek Revenge This Awareness indicates there are too many people who want to get the other to express themselves, and when the entity gets one or two sentences out, the listener interrupts. "Why did you do a stupid thing like that?", and the entity realizes: I should not have tried to tell her or him about this. It was a mistake to think I could talk to this person!" This Awareness indicates that too often a spouse will only listen to the other long enough to find something to criticize because they want to keep an argument going because the spouse is angry or hostile about something that happened in the past between them and has not yet gotten his revenge on her, or her revenge on him. This Awareness indicates that they might also wait to hear something which can be used for criticism, to tear down the dignity of the spouse or to show themselves as being above and better than the spouse, so that when an entity tends to express himself or herself, the other interrupts, uses the entity's words against him or her, and then leaves the entity feeling betrayed. It happens with parents and children; the parent tries to get the child to tell what happened and then betrays the child by spanking, criticizing, or lecturing the child after the child has opened up to tell the parent what happened. This Awareness indicates only so much betrayal is allowed, and the entity will cease to trust the other and no longer speak. Why Many Men Are Unfaithful to Their Wives This Awareness indicates that most men who are unfaithful to their wives are unfaithful because the wife will not allow the man to express himself openly to her without criticism, and most men who go to strangers for love, only go in order to find someone who will listen to their problems, to their complaints, or to their secret messages which the wife does not listen to without condemnation. The Secret of a Good Call-Girl Most good prostitutes and call-girls practice listening to their partners, knowing that it is the main reason the men come to them. Most women whose husbands are unfaithful will find that the other woman is simply a good listener. She is not necessarily younger or more beautiful, but she is a listener and she listens to what her husband has to say and that is the main attraction the men have in going outside of marriage to another woman. Usually, they cannot communicate with their own wives. This Awareness indicates that rather than be ready to pounce on and criticize your spouse, it is very important to listen to her or listen to him. This Awareness indicates that women who do not have good relationships with their husbands often feel that way because the husband does not want to hear their complaints. It is important for men to realize: "You do not have to resolve all the problems your wife comes up with, but it is urgent that you hear them, that you listen to them. They do not expect you to provide them with everything they want, but they do want to tell you about their needs and their wants." Why It is Important to Respect Your Child This Awareness indicates with this understanding, entities can improve their relationships with each other. It is especially important for entities to listen to their children, for the children are excessively vulnerable to the relationships from their parents and it is easy for them to reach a point where they feel the parent no longer cares or where they feel they have done something wrong, and can never make it right again and the parent no longer likes the child. This Awareness indicates that this betrayal on the part of the parent betraying the trust of the child, can lead to a lifetime of alienation between child and parent. It is so easy for these things to happen, and yet is also so easy to keep them from happening. But you have to respect the child. Respecting the child helps the child respect the parent. It is not the other way around. The parent who demands the child respect them does not deserve the respect of the child. It is first necessary for the parent to respect the child as an individual; a small individual, yes, but still an individual. Perhaps the child appears retarded or stupid to the parent, but the child is still an individual, and his or her needs are as important to them as yours are to you. This Awareness indicates that it is so easy for a parent to say: "You don't need that; you're just a child!", and to ignore and to deprive the child of so many things that the child wants or needs or thinks he needs, while the parent indulges himself or herself and could so easily pass a few crumbs to the child to make the child much happier and to give the child a much better sense of himself or herself. That's what it is about: respecting the child enough to give the child a good sense of his or her own worth. Perhaps you only give the child a few throw-away toys. If that's what the child needs to feel good about himself or herself, that's important. This Awareness indicates that it isn't important that the child always take great care of paper dolls or throw-away toys, it is only important that the child thinks you must care for them. They must be important to you, or you wouldn't have bought them that particular thing or given them that particular food or that attention. It is important for you to recognize what the child really needs: a sense of being worthwhile as an individual, as a person, worth enough for you to take your time or take your money or take your attention to satisfy the child's urgencies and needs and desires. It doesn't matter that you satisfy every desire that the child has, but it is important that you are willing to discuss it in a calm way without chastising the child for wanting something that he cannot have, or that you cannot afford. Turning Hostility Into Love CLOSING MESSAGE: This Awareness has touched on many areas. It has touched on areas that It personally, or cosmically, (however you wish to say it), feels are important to entities in their daily lives. It may touch on these topics again. There are so many little things that can make life easier for entities if they simply take the time to look, to understand and to show respect for one another. It does not mean you have to sacrifice yourself; It simply means you need to avoid expressing your hostility, even though you may have good reason to be hostile. Perhaps you have been hurt, deeply hurt by someone in the past. Perhaps you would like to take that hostility you have for someone in the past and dump it on someone in the present. This Awareness suggest that you will find it is much more beneficial to you to look at the hostility you feel and want to dump on someone else and turn it upside down into love, and express love to that entity, but many of these entities whom you feel hostile to will be shocked, pleasantly shocked to find you expressing affection to them and will, in turn, turn around their hostility towards you and express a respect that you have never expected from them. You will be amazed at how you can change hostilities into friendships. There are times of course, when you may find it necessary to stand up against someone who is violating you. Once you have made your stand, made your point, and the entity has stepped back and looked at you with greater fear, it is then that you may begin to look at the entity and wonder: "What is it that hurt this entity so much that I had to confront him in order to get him to leave me alone? Why is this entity so hard to get along with?" This Awareness indicates you may find that the entity had a difficult childhood, a difficult life and the entity is filled with hostility because the entity endured pain for so long. This Awareness indicates that pain suffered takes a great price on entities' souls and often makes them extremely bitter and hard to get along with. Sometimes, it does not take a lot to open up that entity who is covered by a shell of hostility, but sometimes it takes a great deal of trust before such an entity will open, for the entity may be very much afraid of further hurt. This Awareness suggests that no true love can come to an entity until they are willing to be vulnerable for rejection or for being hurt in some way. This Awareness indicates that when an entity learns his or her own strength and ability to accept rejection, when an entity finds peace within themselves and with their Divine Self or the God they attune to, those entities can open themselves up to be vulnerable to others, knowing that even if the entity rejected them, they are still at one with God, they are still at peace within themselves, and these entities are no longer in danger of becoming embittered, of becoming negative people. They are a positive force in alliance with Divine Energies, regardless of what happens to them. This Awareness indicates this is the state of consciousness that this Awareness wishes entities to achieve in their relationships with one another, whereby they know themselves to be one with the Divine, and therefore are able to accept whatever comes to them in regards to the actions of others. Then these entities can be loving without fear, for if they can love without fear, their love is much greater. This Awareness indicates if you cannot, or have not, reached such a state, you may wish to reel out your love piecemeal, a little bit at a time as a fisherman feeds bait to the fish, hoping to catch a fish, whereby you reel out a little love hoping to get something positive back from someone, and be ready to turn tail and run or swim away quickly if that entity appears to reject you in any way. (End of Reading; The Law of Gratitude is given.) Ed's Note: For additional references, please refer to the following "Revelations of Awareness" Newsletters: 86-14, The Physics of Consciousness; 89-13, The Physics of Consciousness: Part 2; 89-15, The Nature of Prediction; 91-11, Predictions: How they Work; 93-02, The End of the World: 2012; 85-14, Male Infidelity. $3.00 each from C.A.C. The book "Ageless Body, Timeless Mind: The Quantum Alternative to Growing Old", by Deepak Chopra is currently on the New York Times Best- Seller List and available from any bookstore. Also available from CAC for $22 plus $2 postage and handling. Not listed in our book catalog, but we have it. (This a hard-bound edition) The Path to Maturity or Immaturity WEIRDNESS: IS IT A SIGN OF SOCIAL DECAY? (Rings In Ears, Strange Looking Clothing, Boom Boxes) QUESTION: A question from L.K., in Indiana. He writes: "What is the origin and purpose of the declining standards seen in various areas of society during the last 30 years? Intentionally dressing like refugees from backward nations with holes and rips in clothing; men wearing pony tails; amplified electronic noise with unintelligible or boring lyrics, combined with aerobic exercises is considered 'music'; street gangs spreading violence everywhere; and odd-balls expecting their weird lifestyles to be accepted as normal. These are too many negative changes to have happened by chance. What will the next 30 years bring us? Who benefits from such drastic social decay?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that the deterioration in clothing is largely an effort to shock society by entities who enjoy standing out as an insult to others, or who look at society with contempt. This Awareness indicates the action of men wearing earrings as that which came from the gay community, the earlier practice of wearing earrings was an indication of one who was homosexual, and the ear in which the entity wore the ring would indicate which kind of homosexuality the entity enjoyed. This Awareness indicates that this was a signal for other homosexuals to help them make contact with each other. This Awareness indicates that since that fashion began in the homosexual community, other entities who may not be homosexual have also picked up on wearing earrings without realizing what the signal or the sign implied Therefore, it is no longer a clear indication that one who wears earrings is necessarily homosexual. This Awareness indicates however, that the homosexual community is very likely to assume any man wearing an earring is homosexual and such an entity, knowingly or not, invites an approach from homosexuals. This Awareness indicates that the loud noise-boxes are simply another sign of entities who want attention without earning attention. The action of becoming famous in other times, whereby everyone paid attention to one generally required that the entity do something noteworthy which received praise and attention from the public. There were periods of time when entities would do certain negative things to receive attention of notoriety, and notoriety heroism were the ways whereby most entities garnered attention, if they wanted fame. This Awareness indicates that now, it is only a matter of being able to gather $75 to steal a boom-box, or some kind of loud cassette player and turn it to full blast, and walk or drive by the neighborhood and everyone will look and the entity can have the attention and fame he seeks for having bought the loud noise-maker. This Awareness indicates that it is an action of immaturity, for children generally have this quality of wanting to make their mark on the world. How a Child Makes a Mark on the World If a child comes into a room in which everything is properly placed, the child feels a great urgency, indeed, an obsession, to make sure that something is misplaced, is moved, dropped, broken, or is somehow messed up in that room before he or she leaves. It is as though they are preparing themselves to make their mark on the world, and regardless of whether there is a need to move something, it is going to be moved by the child. This Awareness indicates that as the child grows a little older, he or she may become a little more selective as to how he or she makes a mark. Usually the mark they make will gradually become more permanent with age. As they grow older they want to make a permanent mark, thus they deface buildings, they deface walls or anything available with permanent marker pens or with paint or with something that cannot easily be removed. Graffiti and Senseless Destruction This Awareness indicates it is the artist in them that is expressing itself and in some cases, the artist is a destructo-maniac and wants to break apart the previous work of artists who put something in their environment that was smooth, proportional and perhaps beautiful, thus, they cut into a painting, drive a nail into a piano, or hack at some statue, or throw paint on a wall or do something that destroys the beauty of a previous artist, and in so doing they feel an accomplishment, that they have made a mark on their environment. This Awareness indicates that this destructiveness can carry on beyond the young child, into puberty and beyond and it can become more and more sophisticated as the entity grows older, and learns more ways of leaving a permanent mark. The entity may even mark things in the environment by blowing them up or by somehow tearing them down. The entity who matures, not so much with technological ability to destroy better, but the entity who matures in real sense, may at some point begin to wonder: "How does this work? How does this clock work? How does a person make a statue to look like that?", and they may begin studying sculpture or some other form of art, or they may begin to study mechanics or something to figure out how the person before created such a thing, and in so studying, they may become appreciative and want to create something rather than destroy everything, and this person is on the path toward maturity. The other person may remain on the path to immaturity and destruction, but this person has chosen the path toward maturity, and instead of tearing things down, and instead of getting kicks by shocking people, by offending people, he begins to seek to please people. He wants feed back on his creation, not on his destruction. This Awareness indicates that unfortunately, in this current society, people give more attention to the destructiveness of youth and they talk about it, it gets put on television, and it is seen as sometimes a statement in society about the ills of society, and the youths feel justified. The youths feel that: "We wrecked that building and we got on the news and everyone said that it's because our people are not being given enough help!", and they feel as though they are somehow heroes of society for their destructiveness. This Awareness indicates the entity who is working to make something worthwhile will be looked at by critics and told: "That sculpture is simply disgusting! It is horrible! I couldn't imagine how you would make something like that and try to promote it!" Now, the entity may have worked very hard in creating the sculpture. It may not be very good, but critics are critics and they have a knowledge of what art should be, and therefore, they are not about to praise someone on his first attempt when they know that someone down the street did much better. This Awareness indicates that the problem with modern day society is that there is too little praise for those who make the effort to do something creative and too much attention given to the entities who are destructive and too many excuses made for those destructive entities, which makes them feel that they are doing something good for society by pointing out the ills of society with their destructiveness. This Awareness indicates that much of this has come through modern psychology giving explanations of why someone destroyed the outhouse or why someone destroyed the neighborhood buildings. This Awareness indicates that of course, there is even further praise for the destructive entity from those who are raised in similar value systems and especially from those who are encouraging that kind of destructiveness in society. This Awareness indicates when you get authorities in society explaining and excusing the actions of destructive individuals as being the result of not having been given enough, then of course you have people who say: "Yeah, I wasn't given very much either. I wonder if I shouldn't destroy the fire station to let them know about our part of town, to let them know how little we have, how deprived we are!" This Awareness indicates that it is a matter of teaching values. It is a matter of encouraging creativity over destructiveness and it a matter of discouraging destructive behavior. WHO BENEFITS FROM SOCIAL DECAY? (More on the New World Order Scheme) QUESTION: Larry also asks: "What will the next 30 years bring us? And who benefits from such drastic social decay?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that if the people in the higher levels of control are promoting this kind of social decay for a purpose in order to take control of a country that is in the midst of decay, their purpose will be to impose a new order on that country or on the world, if it is indeed world-wide, where they will eventually clamp down very heavily on this kind of behavior that is destructive and they will probably wipe out, exterminate, destroy, terminate many entities who are of a destructive nature, but only after they have gotten complete control of the society for themselves. It will no longer be encouraged. At present time it is being encouraged in order to break down the fabric and structure of society, which they wish to replace with their own New World Order. Therefore, when they eventually do set up their New World Order, they will very likely have enforced laws and rules that make people clean up their messes, make people clean up their cities, make people clean up all abuses to the environment, and force them to work even at slave labor if necessary to beautify the world, which they now own, and of which the people now are servants to their ownership. This Awareness indicates that in other words, the people become servants to keep the world clean for them, to keep the world beautified, to be constructive and build those things which they want in their world, and the people, as servants, work for the rulers, and the world takes on a new order, which is governed by those who rule. This Awareness indicates that this may be coming in the next 40 years or there may be further chaos and conflict. If people do not wish to let themselves become enslaved, or it could be too that people may turn and see where the problem comes from, that these authorities of the super- rich are not helping society and there may be a way whereby in the waking up, the masses throw off the yoke and control of the super-rich and go back to the law of the land, the Constitution, or something similar, or they may write new laws that protect themselves, and in the process they may begin a kind of co-creative clean-up of society and of the land, of the environment, so that as a group of people, there is a co-creative society that works together to improve the world, with elected officials playing coordinated parts. This Awareness indicates that this is a remote possibility. It appears the more likely is a chaotic future or one that is of a totalitarian structure because humanity does not appear as yet capable of co-creative action working together. This Awareness indicates however, it is still an option if humanity should choose that path. THE COMING EXPLOSION ON JUPITER (Reading January 14, 1994) A question from T.H. in Wisconsin. He writes: "I've enclosed a story from the press dated June 13, 1993, headlined "Comet Chunks Might Hit Smack Into Jupiter." The story, out of Berkeley, California, says that astronomers think that the comet Shoemaker Levy, discovered earlier this year, might collide with the planet Jupiter on July 20th, 1994. The story says also that the collision, if it occurs, would be as powerful as the one many scientists believe killed off all of the dinosaurs on the earth 65 million years ago." And he asks: "Is this a cover story for the impact of the plutonium bomb on board the space probe Galileo that is scheduled to ignite in Jupiter's atmosphere and turn it into another sun? Or what is going on?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that this appears to be related to that and also related to the so-called "21 asteroids" that are moving toward Jupiter in a line. This Awareness indicates that this has been also discussed by certain scientists, that there are 21 asteroids moving in a line which have broken off from a comet; perhaps the same comet. This Awareness indicates that the so-called "asteroids" are seen as alien space probes that are due to land on Jupiter in or around the first week of July and to have the Hubble telescope fixed and ready for this event, and send the space probe to meet at the approximate rendezvous place with explosive weapons for these 21 space probes, would be a way by which a battle could take place on Jupiter without entities fully understanding what is happening, by calling it a comet and making it appear as though it was some natural phenomenon. This Awareness indicates that with the use of Element 115, the planet Jupiter could be turned into an incandescent planet, which could be likened unto a second sun. However, it would need to be carefully controlled so as not to become too bright, too hot, too soon, for it could have adverse effects on the earth. This Awareness indicates the value of a second sun is that Element 115 is then possible to create. This is an element heretofore known by and created by extraterrestrials for use in powering their space craft. The U.S. government having some small amount, which has been given to them from agreements made with the Zeta Reticuli Greys. This could be used to help keep the Reptoid invasion from occurring, and also to help turn Jupiter into a sun, which would allow the binary star system of Jupiter and Sol to become a way by which earth could benefit from two suns as described in the Arthur C. Clarke novel "2010." This Awareness indicates that William Cooper also discussed this project and said it was a project known as "Noah's Ark" and referred to it also as "Adam and Eve," in that it was a new creation, or would lead to a new creation. This Awareness indicates that lt appears there is something going on here related to this project that is not being clearly expressed or conveyed to the public. It will be a time between the 20th of June and the 20th of July when these things shall be most likely to occur in this year. WHO SABOTAGED THE HUBBLE TELESCOPE? (More on that "Cosmic Storm") FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: The paper claims they just repaired the Hubble. Awareness suggested that it had been sabotaged. Could It explain who sabotaged the Hubble originally? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that this appears to have been sabotaged by Reptilian aliens who did not want the telescope to be used for certain interstellar military purposes. This Awareness indicates that it appears that the telescope has specific interstellar military purposes, such as was just mentioned, and that with this telescope being capable of its extreme clarity over long distances, it could be of great benefit in helping to guide or to watch or to achieve and see results from certain activities. This Awareness indicates you will recall sometime back wherein there was the discussion of a cosmic storm on one of the planets and the discussion being that it was fortunate the Hubble telescope had been aimed in that direction to catch the appearance of this storm. This Awareness indicates that it appears this was an explosion, a nuclear device, not a cosmic storm. It was an experiment to see if it would be possible to hit a target that far away with accuracy. Government "Shielding" of Info Frustrates Interpreter This Awareness indicates that the energies on this kind of activity relating to military actions in space are shielded somewhat with protective energies that make the reading of these energies somewhat difficult. This Awareness indicates that it is like throwing shields up to hide and to confuse so that clear vision is not easy to discern. This Awareness indicates it is like the technology used for Stealth bombers to hide these things from radar. There are certain technological abilities used by your military and alien technology that allows a shielding factor such as a Stealth-type factor to hide some of the information in such a way that the Interpreter is not given clear insight or clear view. There are distortions involved in this. It is not that this Awareness is distorting, but there are distortions that are created which block the clarity from Awareness to the Interpreter, and this comes about as a reflection of the Stealth-like distorting technology used by these forces through the alien technology. This Awareness indicates it is like when entities wrap themselves in White Light to protect themselves against Dark Force energies. It is also a kind of parallel to things that certain Dark Force energies can do in hiding and making their activities more secret. There is a distorting energy surrounding these areas of alien technology that make it difficult for clear probing into what is happening. It does not mean these things cannot be seen, but that it is like looking through a glass darkly or through clouded glass or distorted space warp energy fields and trying to discern what is there, if it could be seen clearly. This Awareness indicates that it appears this will become more clear as time passes and the Interpreter becomes more skilled at reading distorted messages or reading through the distortion to the message. WERE MOON CRATERS CREATED BY SPACE WARS? (More on "The Unholy Six") QUESTION: A question from J.D. in Vermont, while we're in this area of outer space: "The moon craters are direct impact, and most are on land areas, few in the sea. Meteors would have hit randomly and at angles. Is it true these are particle beam craters from a war that destroyed that planet?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates it appears there is truth to this observation. It appears that this was a kind of warfare that took place at least two billion years ago, when the earth was still in its infancy. This Awareness indicates that it appears this occurred at a time when the moon had an atmosphere and was a sub-station for travel from various planets, to and from Mars, and that at the time, the earth had little value because it was still too hot to live on. This Awareness indicates that the concept of the particle beam weapons is that which is not precise as to the weaponry used at that time, but it is similar to that which is presently known as particle beam weapons. It was a kind of laser and beam-like weaponry used. These entities who were involved in this conflict were those who later conquered the civilization in Orion and turned that civilization into that which later became know as the Unholy Six, in which six of the major planets were made to become enemies of the rest of the galaxy. This Awareness indicates it appears this as having been associated with some of the earlier wars of the galaxy that were associated with the so- called Fall of the Angels. The battle that took place in this vicinity which created some of the craters on the moon was a minor skirmish in galactic affairs, but it disarmed and put the moon out of commission. The moon itself as having been a kind of gigantic space ship being hollow inside and covered with dust, dirt and debris, where it was put out of commission and left abandoned in its present location. It did not always revolve around the earth. It was brought to this place from elsewhere. This Awareness indicates that this is reaching back in time too far in that it is of little bearing in regard to today's needs for understanding. This Awareness indicates this was at a time when the earth was at its infancy. The earth in fact was younger than the moon itself. THE TRUTH ABOUT NAFTA This Awareness wishes that entities watch very closely in regard to the efforts to finalize the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), as this program is very much a threat to your financial and national security. This Awareness indicates that by allowing this program to be enacted, it encourages the manufacturers and other companies to transfer their further activities to Mexico, and pay very low wages in terms of the working class and enormous profits will be made since the goods made in Mexico will, in the greater part, be returned to the United States for sale to the people. It will tend to take money from the people of the United States to purchase these goods without allowing the people who have lost their jobs any good alternative for earning money and gradually in this way, not only will the displaced workers bring down the economy of the United States, but those who somehow manage to retain some income and money will be spending as much to purchase the goods from the American companies in Mexico as they would had they remained in the United States. In other words, the savings in the production of goods is not likely to be diminished, at least until most of the money available is extracted from the economy, from the consumers. This Awareness indicates essentially, it will lead to making the United States into a Third World country with only the few remaining people who are able to keep jobs as supporting and serving as a tax base, therefore, gradually, the country will become more or less bankrupt, unable to pay its debts, unable to support its costs, in nurturing or caring for a population that is so much out of work and a general collapse of the economy will be imminent. This Awareness indicates this as occurring within 5 years of the passage of this program. This Awareness indicates that there will be some continuing action of jobs for small companies that will not benefit from moving to Mexico, or where the move would be too expensive, but the larger companies would benefit greatly by saving so much; the workers in Mexico earning under a dollar an hour for the same work that would be done in the United States for ten dollars an hour or more. It displaces these U.S. workers and gives really very little to the Mexican workers, but it allows them food money. This Awareness indicates that this entire project as that which appears to be designed to bring down the wealth and security of the United States, even create crises in the streets which can later be exploited in other ways that have previously been discussed. This Awareness indicates that it is something to be very aware of and very concerned about during these coming months. The project or program that was started by George Bush as part of the movement toward a New World Order is being continued by that other fellow with the smile, the entity William Clinton. HOW THE PLEIADIANS' "NO MONEY" SYSTEM WORKS QUESTION: A question from T.K., Santa Clara, California. Awareness has touched into this area, but maybe some of his questions here might bring out some new information. "Awareness has indicated that when Creston returned to his associates in the Vegan system, they were puzzled about earth's involvement in the money-system. We here are similarly puzzled how a society can exist without a money system. Will Awareness please describe how the Vegans' and Pleiadians' systems operate without money. How is industry production accomplished and how are the "basic necessities" of life produced and distributed? What are the rewards for those who are innovative, rather than those merely existent within the system?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that in the Vegans' system, entities are rewarded more with praise for things well done, and with encouragement and social acceptance, and they are given higher status as they are productive and in their production, whether it be on a kind of industrial line or in a social service or whatever, they are rewarded more by the kind of social prestige than by money They do not receive money. They receive whatever is needed from the production that everyone involves themselves in, as they move, as a kind of social obligation to society. In other words, the child grows and learns to help in the home and as the child grows older, he learns to help outside the home, and eventually in society and they are free to determine what areas they want to devote their energies toward, and the energies of society may be divided into services or job activities related to some production line or agricultural line or military, or whatever. Perhaps a kind of leadership group of entities, whatever the entity is inclined to do in terms of his or her desire. There usually is an effort on the part of society to help the entity learn more about that area of society so that he or she can fulfill some kind of function. And as they become more able to function in that area of society they move into opportunities for more prestige and capacity to act in still higher and more responsible positions. This Awareness indicates that everyone is allowed benefits from the society. It is as though money were being given out, but money is not given out. Instead, goods are made available by the society for each individual, according to the needs of the individual. Some individuals' occupation requires that they have certain types of foundation from which to work. In other words, if one must travel around the country to do his or her job, they may have more access to vehicles for traveling, as compared to the entity who stays in one place to grow food. That entity may not have as much access to traveling. This Awareness indicates still another who must entertain others may have a more elaborate place of residence whereby the entertainment may be done, whereby guests may come and stay as compared to the entity who is involved in janitorial work or cleaning of a building and needs only some small cottage to live in. This Awareness indicates in other words, the occupation can determine in part the kind of benefits an entity has, but money itself is not necessarily a part of the social fabric. This Awareness indicates that when It spoke of this, It was not intending to say that these societies did not know what money was; they understand the concept of money. They simply did not understand how money would be such a factor on earth as to prevent entities from having grief. They did not understand how a society could operate with money and yet have that money taken from people to be used as a control factor over the people, as has been done since the implementation of the Federal Reserve Bank, where in a matter of less than one century, the Federal Reserve Bank has accumulated wealth through interest and loans of these Federal Reserve notes that could not be paid off, even if you sold the entire United States twice. Federal Reserve Subverted Our Money System If everything in the United States were sold, it would pay off not quite half of the national debt. If everything were sold twice, there would still be some of the national debt left over, and yet this country was founded with the principle that Congress would reserve the right to mint and coin money, and set the value thereof. This Awareness indicates that this is what the Pleiadians and Vegans did not understand: how the money system had been subverted so totally, as to deny the masses of a country the ability to use or to gain from the work and labor that they were paid for. This Awareness indicates, of course, they did not understand that the Federal Reserve notes are nothing more than bank notes, such as were used by mining companies wherein an entity from a mining camp might be paid a note from the local mining store saying that it was worth so much at the mining store, if entities wished to purchase something from the mining store. The Use of Scrip as Money This Awareness indicates that in the early part of this century, there were banks in towns, there were mercantile stores in towns that had their own scrip, and it is still legal if a store or a business or a corporation or a factory wanted to pay the workers in scrip based on that company's work or that bank's work, whereby you could, for example, have a note from the First Interstate Bank, this being just an example, which indicated that it was good at the Interstate Bank and nowhere else, it could put out its own bank notes so that you could use this to buy and sell anything that is available through any of the stores that accept these First Interstate Bank notes. The bank note would be something like a coupon that says "This may be redeemed at our local grocery store or our local drug store" or whichever local stores had agreed to accept the First Interstate Bank note. This Awareness again repeats: this is simply a hypothetical example, and First Interstate Bank does not, to the knowledge of this Awareness issue such notes. It is simply giving this as an example, for early in this century, some of the banks did do this. There were certain local banks in the town that would issue bank notes that were good in that town at various stores and when the stores gave goods to entities and received these notes from the local bank, they could turn the notes back to the bank and receive credit in the form of money, or if they wished, in the form of more bank notes. This Awareness indicates essentially, the Federal Reserve note is the same thing. It is the note on the Federal Bank, a privately owned bank that says it is good for paying debts, and it is true, as long as everyone agrees to use these notes, and as long as all of the banks around the country that have accepted and agreed to use these Federal Reserve notes, continue to do so. Bonafide Currency of U.S. is the One Dollar Bill It is not however, the bonafide currency of the country, according to the U.S. Constitution. The bonafide currency of the country is the dollar bill, and the dollar bill is worth a dollar in silver or gold, and can be evaluated according to that which is set by Congress. This Awareness indicates that in other words, if Congress decides that a dollar bill should be backed by an ounce of silver, then the silver backing the dollar bill should be one ounce. If it decides that a tenth of an ounce is enough to back the dollar bill, then one tenth of an ounce of silver is sufficient. This Awareness indicates that it has the right to mint and coin the money of the country and set the value thereof, but Congress turned over its rights and obligation to the Federal Reserve Bank in 1913, and allowed the Federal Reserve Bank to write these bogus notes in lieu of the dollar, and then Congress gradually stopped printing the dollar through the Treasury Department, and allowed the Federal Reserve notes to take over the flow of currency throughout the nation. U.S. Now Run on Admiralty Law, Not Constitution This Awareness indicates now, these Federal Reserve notes are equivalent to, or are valued by the Federal Reserve and by the people as being worth, a dollar, when in fact, they are only as valuable as people perceive them to be, and they have no actual backing by the Constitution of the United States and by law are not of any value other than is given by the new corporation known as the United States of America which is based on statutory law and exists more in the realm of a bogus country that does not fully operate under the Constitution and real law of the land, but operates from the Admiralty Law. Shadow Laws and Shadow Money Run U.S. This Awareness indicates this is similar to when U.S. citizens were in Germany as soldiers and they were given military scrip to use to purchase and buy things in Germany and in lieu of using German currency, using the military scrip which was valued at a certain amount, the local stores would accept the military scrip and later turned this military scrip in to banks to substitute the U.S. dollar or German Mark in place of the military scrip. In other words, they traded the military scrip for real money after a certain amount had been accumulated. The Federal Reserve note is basically the same kind of thing. It is a maritime, martial law scrip being used in this country, which is now being ruled by Admiralty Law and martial law and therefore, it is all a kind of shadow country, overshadowing the real United States of America. This Awareness indicates that it is no longer the Republic that the founders of the country created with the United States Constitution, because it has been taken over by a shadow government and shadow laws and shadow money all based on illusions and the principles of a reflection of the old. Entities are told they are free. Entities are still led to believe that the Constitution rules, but if you go into a court of law and start quoting the Constitution, the courts will simply tell you: "If you speak of the Constitution once more, I'll hold you in contempt." This Awareness indicates that you cannot plead Constitutional rights in a court of law that is based on Admiralty Law or statutory law, which is the case here. There are ways however, that you can keep your common law rights. This Awareness indicates that this will be a different topic and this Awareness does not wish to get into this at this time. A MEDITATION TO ATTUNE YOURSELF TO THE HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS (Opening Message, CAC General Reading, April 12, 1991) COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness wishes to give entities something to meditate on during times when they wish to experience the higher levels of consciousness. This Awareness suggests that It has, at various times, indicated that the universe is filled with consciousness, and that consciousness itself is a vibration, and that this vibration is everywhere present, and that the vibration is of such a high frequency level that it is almost beyond perception. This Awareness indicates, in fact, it is only perceived by consciousness itself, which is capable of perceiving itself. Consciousness can be aware of consciousness, but the senses, which operate on lower frequency levels, are incapable of perceiving consciousness. This Awareness suggests that as a kind of exercise that you close your eyes and listen to vibrations that you may perceive within the realm of your consciousness. Locate the Highest Sound You Can Hear These may be actual sounds which you hear in your environment: the hum of the refrigerator or some other sound, or these may be sounds that you hear as a kind of ringing in your ear. That you listen for sounds behind sounds, and sounds that vibrate at higher frequencies than other sounds, until you have located the highest sound that you can possibly hear. This Awareness indicates that in the listening process, in locating the highest sound you can possibly hear, It suggests that you now turn your inner vision toward that sound to see if you can locate it with your inner vision. You may see it as a vibrating light. This Awareness indicates that in looking with your inner vision, with the eyes closed, you may also see that all around you are shadows and light that vibrate in a kind of shimmering motion. Though the eyes are closed, your inner vision sees this shimmering motion of light and shadows. This Awareness suggests that you look between those small patches of light or shadow and focus on the even more subtle vibrations that make up these patches of light and shadow. This reminds you of the pixels on a television screen which make up a picture, but these frequencies and vibrations of the inner vision are much more refined and subtle. They are much finer; many more pixels per square inch in the inner vision screen than on the television screen. This Awareness indicates that as you continue looking at these minuscule pixels or vibrations on the inner screen, that you consider you have just barely touched the vibratory scale in a level that allows a frequency of approximately one half that distance on the scale to the frequency levels that become the higher bands of the electromagnetic frequency levels, and that these frequencies that lie beyond are even, more refined than those you have seen with your inner vision. This Awareness indicates that each tiny fragmented frequency movement that you see through your inner vision, if magnified thousands of times, would contain further frequencies and bands of light that could also be observed for their minuscule parts, and if you can visualize your ability to focus further into these minuscule parts to the ultimate end of the vibration, whereby the vibration becomes so fast, so rapid, that it is almost undetectable, even to consciousness itself, then you are reaching to those levels where consciousness can see its own reflection as a vibration and frequency. This Awareness indicates that it requires consciousness to attune to its own vibration to do this, but the more you practice, the more aware you become of the movement up the scale of vibration toward consciousness. This Awareness indicates that by focusing in this manner, in a kind of meditation with no distractions, you gradually begin to attune to higher consciousness and vibrations, which allows you to see beyond your previous consciousness level, and expand your consciousness accordingly. This Awareness indicates that this activity is like the building of a muscle. The more it is practiced, the easier it becomes for your consciousness to attune to higher levels of frequencies, to see the higher realms of consciousness and to become more self aware, in these levels of consciousness. This Awareness indicates that after some few moments of meditation, you will return to the world or environment around you, but you will be experiencing a greater awareness with a higher consciousness for having meditated in this manner. This Awareness indicates it strengthens the concentration, it strengthens the power of consciousness, and it gives greater power to the mind Itself. This Awareness suggests entities who practice this daily will find themselves moving into higher spiritual and consciousness levels in a gradual evolution. This Awareness suggests it is best done without thinking, with the mere focusing of consciousness and no particular thoughts running through the mind at all in regard to the meditation. Deep Breathing to Gain More Oxygen This Awareness indicates that deep breathing prior to the meditation can be helpful in giving greater focus and inner vision. Charging the body with oxygen can be an assistance to this meditation, so long as you do not over oxygenate. This Awareness suggests a half dozen deep breaths; each breath being slightly deeper than the one before would be sufficient for charging the body with oxygen. This Awareness indicates that oxygen being brought into the body through deep breathing in this manner also brings in greater inner vision light to the body. You will find the images seen through the inner vision will become more light-filled. WHAT IS THE REAL PURPOSE OF SEX? (What Isn't Awareness Telling Us?) QUESTION: A question from J.P. in El Paso, Texas. She writes: "Some years ago you published information about sex given by Awareness. I don't recall the message. What I do recall and have patiently been waiting for is the follow-up information, which I don't recall ever reading. As I recall, Awareness made a statement along these lines: "The purpose of sex is not what you think it is, but your readers are not ready for this information at this time." Does Awareness think we are ready yet? I have wondered a lot about the purpose of sex. It just doesn't seem as if our society's standards and rules regarding sex work. I am at a loss as to the purpose, other than procreation. I do recall the attitude about sex in the movie "10" which I believe was Blake Edward's movie. In that movie, the young female played by Bo Derek, had a rather enlightened view about sex. She used it as a tool to get to know herself better, as I recall. This makes sense to me, but I hesitate to say it, because of the AIDS virus. It has always seemed to me as if sexual attraction was a means to get one to look at certain traits your partner reflected back. Because sexual attraction is often an intense feeling, it is a reflection of the degree or the extent to which we need to view certain aspects of our selves. A problem I see with this theory however, goes back to the times before birth control. During those times, one couldn't explore sex as an avenue for personal growth because of the dangers of getting pregnant. Today the fear of AIDS is a deterrent. Is the purpose to learn self discipline? I have given a lot of thought to this over the years also, and am still confused about what it's all about. A few months ago a reader wrote in asking if we were "given" sex-drives as a motivation to procreate in order to produce more food for certain aliens. That reminded me that CAC had never followed up on the purpose of sex." COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that It does not see clearly the reference to which this entity speaks, or the context of this statement to which she refers. It may have been a statement made within a certain context or within a certain frame of reference that has somehow been interpreted in a way other than intended. This Awareness indicates however, that the basic purpose of sex is that of expressing the creative energies of the life force in the universe. This generally means procreation, however, sex does not limit itself to procreation. The very action of energies that come together in a focal point and then invert are essentially sexual energies regardless of whether they are expressed through living physical beings or through the physics of energies or concepts or heavenly bodies. The black hole, for example, is a sexual experience. An exploding supernova is a sexual experience in the energies of the universe. To experience an enlightenment after much probing and study and effort is a sexual experience. It may have been a mental experience, but it still is also a sexual experience in consciousness. Thus, likewise, is the climax in a song or a musical piece, which builds to a crescendo, reaching a climax that then subsides. These various vibrations that build and build to a crescendo, a climax, and then come to rest: this is a sexual experience in vibratory rates. This Awareness indicates that in understanding this notion of the build- up and release, the focus and dissolution, the intensity and relaxation, the action of a society or culture, building to its ultimate and then experiencing a decline; all of this is related to the sexual energies. Whereas these things come to a focal point or fruition and are released, it creates or sets the stage for a new creation to come from the old. This Awareness indicates that the cycles of summer, fall, winter and spring also serve as sexual energies of the seasons and out of the old prior energies comes the new, the rebirth of the cycle. It still is related to the procreation of the year or whatever it relates to. Perhaps when this Awareness stated it was not what people thought it was, It was referring to the general attitude which people tend to think of wherein they think that sex is a measure of their value as a human being or as a man or as a woman. This Awareness indicates that It does not clearly see what was intended in that remark, if the remark was indeed an accurate quote from this Awareness. Perhaps this question could be re-asked after finding the reference to which the question relates. QUESTIONER: I couldn't recall such a reference when this question came in. COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness suggests the next question be asked. Perhaps this entity can find where this reference was made and inform you so that the question can be re-asked at a later time. WHAT ABOUT BEING "ADDICTED" TO SEX? (Warren Beatty's Dilemma ) FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: "Okay. One thing about this subject of sex is that the accent seems to be on procreation. What about the sex drives in certain males, for example, the movie actor Warren Beatty admits that he's what he calls a "sex addict"; that as far back as he can remember, he's had to have sex four or five times a day or he didn't think he could survive the day, often with various partners, and today he's taking counseling from a sex expert, I guess. This drive must be more significant than that, because certainly he could father children in between all this, could he not?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This as in the affirmative. This Awareness indicates that a tree puts forth its fruit. It only needs to create a few pieces of fruit to have the seeds to create further trees, but some trees are more prolific than others. This is because of the nutrients which the tree receives and the genetic structure or strain the tree evolves from and thus, one tree may create bushels of fruit, while another may only create a few pieces. This Awareness indicates that it is a matter of fertility. Some are more fertile than others and tend to be more prolific in the realm of creating fruit of the vine. AFTER AN ACCIDENT HE BEGINS SPEAKING FRENCH QUESTION: There was a small article in the June 1, 1993 edition of "The Globe" that talks about a car crash that leaves an American speaking French. An American who had never spoken French or taken French, a 57 year old Massachusetts man, is just one of a dozen known victims of the rare condition that has doctors baffled. He has severe headaches and problems concentrating, but he couldn't hear anything different in the way he was speaking and he thought everyone was crazy for asking if he came from France, but when the doctor played back a tape of him talking he was shocked and disturbed to hear he was speaking in a language he did not know. Is there anything to this, or is this just a tabloid filler they've thrown in there? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that it appears the entity had a flashback into a language he had spoken in a previous lifetime. It is very unusual for an entity to experience such; that the language part of the brain, the right side of the brain as that which affects the language and usually when an entity comes into physical form they do not carry the memory of the previous lifetime in a conscious sense. They may carry it subconsciously. This Awareness indicates however, it appears that somehow the accident triggered the subconscious into releasing this language aspect of the brain into the conscious level which allowed this entity to speak, to consciously speak in French. 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