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Subject: Cosmic Awareness Issue 94-03 Dave Alexander -- S.P.I.R.A.L. Society for the Protection of Individual Rights and Liberties Minneapolis Chapter 94-03 (Issue No. 429) ----------------------------------- Find Out Who, |* REVELATIONS OF AWARENESS *| How Many Have In Fact, You |* The New Age Cosmic Newsletter *| You Served? And Really Are. ----------------------------------- How Well? Cosmic Awareness Communications Box 115, Olympia, Washington 98507 email: (E-mail subscription information, FTP information and SnailMail hard copy information available at end of this file) "Helping People Become Aware Since 1977." ----------------------------------------------------------------- REVELATIONS OF AWARENESS is a cosmic newsletter, published by Cosmic Awareness Communications, Box 115, Olympia, WA 98507, a not-for- profit organization. Copyright 1993 by Cosmic Awareness Communications and the Aquarian Church of Universal Service. Reproduction is permitted, but no alterations may be made without express permission. ----------------------------------------------------------------- COSMIC AWARENESS is the Force that expressed Itself through Jesus of Nazareth, the Buddha, Krishna, Mohammed and other great avatars who served as "Channels" for the "Heavenly Father" and expresses itself once again as the world begins to enter the New Age of spiritual consciousness and awareness. This information is for those who desire to help in bringing in the New Age. Throughout the thousands of "readings" given, Cosmic Awareness tells us not to *believe* anything, not even Itself, but to question, explore, doubt, and discover through your own channel what the truth really is. Cosmic Awareness will only "indicate" and "suggest." Neither CAC or the Interpreter is responsible for anything Cosmic Awareness states in any of these readings, nor does CAC or the Interpreter necessarily agree with the statements of Cosmic Awareness. The Interpreter interprets the energies as they are seen in trance levels and are not personally responsible for what is said. The Interpreter has no connection with, nor control over the editorial comments, which are entirely the responsibility of the editor. Paul Shockley, Interpreter Avaton, C.A.C Editor Alex, OCR'er and NetPoster Vikki T., Office Manager ------------------------------------------------------------------------ IN THIS ISSUE: NEW WORLD ORDER PROBABLY WON'T HAPPEN UNTIL THE NEXT CENTURY; The "Book of Revelation" a Masonic Writing; What About Gun Confiscation and Civil War?; Gun Control Will Come in Increments; Government and Criminals May Combine; How Gestapo Tactics by Government Can Snowball; The Lone Berserk Gunman Scenarios: Will These Increase or Decrease?; Freedom Will Not be Taken Easily From Citizens; Centuries-Old Plans Are Now Culminating Today; "Magic is Afoot" and Freedom Cannot be Contained; Power-Seekers are Unaware of Eighth Chakra; New World Order Can't Stop Spiritual Evolution; The Ever-Present Ghost of Insecurity; Insecurity Bugs the Super Wealthy; What Are the Roots of Insecurity?; Insecurity: The Sin or Error of the Wealthy Have a Party! Celebrate Your Insecurity!; The Super-Rich and the Satanic Connection: Wouldn't This Create Great Insecurity?; How Satanism Controls the High and the Mighty; Satanic Groups Often Need a Scapegoat to Cover-Up; Satanic Groups Always Degrade Entities; Greed and Eternal Unfulfillment; Special Rights for Minorities: How Far Can It Go?; More on the Roots of Homosexuality; The Right to Free Speech: What Are the Limits?; About Marge Schott Tirades and the Friends of the Rabbit Club; Discrimination in the Business World: Where Will the Cries Stop?; Fatties, Homosexuals and Pedophiles Cry Out; Blaming Their Problems on Their "Genes"; Minorities Who Cry "Discrimination"; The Golden Mean of the Greeks; Are One's Genetics Programmed Before Birth?; How Great Grandpa's Syphilis Can Cause Cancer Today; Genetic Memory in Worms and Humans Are Similar; How Some Homosexuality is Created; What Motivates the Macho Homosexual?; Why is Sado-Masochism Getting so Popular? The Psychology Behind This Unusual Fad; Why Lesbians Turn to Sado-Masochism; The Psychology of Heterosexual Relationships; S&M Lesbians are Self- Defeating; Hypnotherapy for Lesbians?; Religious Bigots Are No Help at All; Is Father the Real Cause of Bulimia?; Will a New World Teacher Come to Power in 1993?; Be Wary of Those Who Call themselves the New Messiah; How Napoleon the Antichrist Treated the Pope; The New Antichrist a World Puppet; What Can You Say to an Atheist to Help Expand His Awareness?; How to Define a God You Don't Believe In; What to Say to a Would-Be Suicide?; What Happens When you Pretend Suicide? ------------------------------------------------------------------------ NEW WORLD ORDER PROBABLY WON'T HAPPEN UNTIL THE NEXT CENTURY C.A.C. General Reading, November 3,1993 OPENING MESSAGE: This Awareness indicates there is an old phrase that many young people today perhaps have not heard, but this phrase is apropos for what appears to be coming in the struggle for the New World Order, and this Awareness wishes to use it in this opening message. This Awareness indicates It will first define the phrase: "Nip and tuck." This Awareness indicates in earlier days in this century, entities would say, for example: "It was nip and tuck all the way!", which in a sense meant, give and take, or that the struggle was fairly evenly matched for some time. "Nip and tuck" indicated that it was not a clear winning at that time, nor a clear losing, but that there was both winning and losing back and forth as the struggle ensued between two opposing forces. This Awareness indicates that It sees the energies relating to that which is termed the New World Order as that which is moving into a kind of nip and tuck state where there will be that give and take, that balance that is neither extreme nor of any surrender on either side, but a kind of back and forth trade-off that keeps active for years to come. Because of this nip and tuck positioning of forces it appears the New World Order will be delayed considerably into the next century, at least beyond the year 2010 before any serious differences are experienced to lead to a conclusion. This Awareness indicates that it does not appear that it will have a clear-cut conclusion to this struggle until at least the year 2010. By that time, the energies may be much different, so that perhaps it does not even come about then. This Awareness indicates It wishes to give this information now, because some of the information given by this Awareness in the past in describing the New World Order may have given the impression that it was fixed as a position on the horizon that would indeed manifest on this plane. This Awareness indicates there is the plan for this to occur, but there is a big difference between the plans of man and the outcome of the plan in reality, and it does not appear that this will come about easily, if it does come about at all. This Awareness indicates that even the proponents of the Book of Revelation may find that the Book of Revelation does not meet with reality and that the Mark of the Beast may not ever completely manifest on this plane. The "Book of Revelation" a Masonic Writing This Book of Revelation was indeed a Masonic writing, that was inserted into the compilation of the Bible because entities did not quite understand what it was talking about and were fearful that they would leave out something of importance. This Awareness indicates that if modern-day Biblical scholars had known and had the opportunity to put the Book of Revelation in or leave it out of the Bible, the realization that it was of a Masonic nature would have led them to leave it out. This Awareness indicates that in those days, Biblical scholars were not sure just what it was all about, and they could use the symbolism to fit with certain of their own suspicions about forces at the time and see it as a warning against those forces, and therefore felt it could benefit their own purposes to include it. This Awareness indicates they also were concerned about the curses at the end which warned against changing any wording of the book, and felt that if they did not include it, the curses might also apply to them. Thus, it was included in the New Testament and has been a mystery since. This Awareness indicates that even in the centuries that followed, every generation was generally influenced by the Book of Revelation, thinking that it applied to their own times. This Awareness indicates that it applies even to these present times, in its symbolic way because symbolism can be used to apply to many different situations and because of the potential application of the symbols, entities often are certain that it relates to these particular times. This Awareness suggests however, that the times will follow their own historic and karmic directions through cause and effect and the energies that are in motion, regardless of what the Book of Revelation says. In other words, your time is not directed by the Book of Revelation, and if a parallel occurs, it is because the Book of Revelation is symbolic enough to have an application to whatever occurs. This Awareness indicates that those who understand the nature of symbolism in the Tarot, for example, can see how the Tarot could apply to various events that are occurring in their lives on a daily basis and these symbols that have various meanings can be used in their symbolism to be representative of events that are happening to any entity under any situation. This Awareness indicates that It wishes entities to realize that the future is not fixed; that the Book of Revelation or any other predictive source of information does not fix the future. This Awareness suggests that a nip and tuck scenario in regard to the New World Order, the forces promoting and the forces objecting to it, does seem to be in the future years, and this nip and tuck scenario will prevent it from having a clear resolution within this century. This Awareness suggests that therefore, through the remainder of this century, you will probably be given more information about the threat and about the curtailment of the New World Order in its appearance or manifestation on earth WHAT ABOUT GUN CONFISCATION AND CIVIL WAR? FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: Well, from letters we've been getting over the months about this, most of the members seem to think that the long-term New World Order plot, along with the Mark of the Beast and so forth, will probably never actually occur, but they're more concerned about the alarming information we put out about the ongoing attempt of the government to confiscate the guns in this country, which in turn will create a civil war, and create, as Awareness observed, the blood running in the street will make World War II seem like a picnic. Rhetoric like that alarms people and their concern mainly is the ongoing attempt to confiscate the guns which gets stronger and stronger every day and that this scenario will actually occur and that the government will haul in U.N. soldiers to confiscate the guns. What does Awareness see about that particular part of the New World Order? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that this is seen as part of a plan. Whether this plan actually manifests into action and reality is yet to be determined. It is more probable that this will occur than that the New World Order will actually be successful in setting itself up. This Awareness indicates that it is quite possible that there will be these dramatic moves to establish a control that would remove guns from the hands of U.S. citizens. This Awareness indicates that this is a priority before a New World Government could be established. This Awareness indicates that it does not appear that it will be an easy event or easy goal for a Globalist to conclude. It appears that there will be great resistance to having the guns removed from the citizens, and they will not likely attempt any action until the guns are removed. This Awareness indicates that the possibility exists that if there is not a consensus among or a majority among the masses in favor of gun controls, and if this does not catch on among the masses, then the indication would suggest the people have no intention of giving up their guns, and it may be sufficient to keep the Globalists from enacting their scenario of bringing in U.N. troops to confiscate guns from people's homes. This Awareness indicates that the people who refuse to be disarmed will not be disarmed in the future, if this refusal is widespread and a kind of general majority or consensus of the people insist that they wish to keep their right to bear arms. This Awareness indicates that no government on earth would risk trying to take guns from a majority of people who are armed ten to one over that government's officials, and when you have some of the police in the government also objecting to the disarming of the masses, it puts quite a damper on the government effort to disarm the masses. Gun Control Will Come in Increments This Awareness indicates that instead, the approach would be to disarm them in small increments, taking away certain rights, requiring registration of guns and so forth, beginning with what is obvious: the disarming of children (which is obviously a necessity), and moving from there on to the next step, registering guns and investigating gun buyers before selling a gun to them, etc. By creating many little laws regarding the ownership of guns, the hope is that there can be a gradual changing in the consciousness in regard to licensing and regulating gun ownership, and if entities can be licensed, then every one who has a gun is known in terms of location and the ownership of the gun, which makes it easier for every future government to locate those people having guns. There can also be taxation placed on guns at some future date, and there can also be the action of government control over the bullets, and in so controlling the bullets and the making of shells for these guns, the government can render the guns useless, or nearly useless. This Awareness indicates that there are many ways whereby the government may attempt through one increment after another to disarm the people, even if they cannot get them to give up their ownership of their gun. This Awareness indicates that it is something that entities may wish to consider and to watch carefully in terms of what is coming next in the attempt to disarm the people. This Awareness indicates that when a people are totally disarmed and the ownership of guns are only in the hands of criminals and government forces, then the people will be at the mercy of the criminals and the government forces. Government and Criminals May Combine If the criminals and the government forces should join together to enslave the people, there is little that can be done by the people to avoid this. In many people's minds, the criminal organizations may be seen not so much as in dependent of government control, but as part of a greater conspiracy using the criminal organizations by the government. For example, down through history, there were many governments who used those forces from that group known as assassins. The assassins were a secret society of a Moslem nature, but this secret society offered and loaned individual assassins to various nations to help those nations wipe out their enemies. This Awareness indicates that the same has been suggested in regard to the government use of the Mafia, whereby if a legitimate government agency was not effective in dealing with a particular individual or group, the government might enlist the Mafia to take part in the assassination. This was one of the scenarios discussed in the Kennedy/ Castro dispute wherein it was presented that the Mafia was asked to assassinate Castro and there is the suggestion that when Castro found out, he turned the tables and set up the Mafia, and asked the Mafia to assassinate Kennedy. This Awareness indicates that whether there is truth to this or not is not so much the issue, but the fact that governments were alleged to be using hit-men for their own ends in terms of doing something that they as governments would not want to do through their own agencies, or would not want the public to discover. This Awareness indicates the point being that the masses have become more paranoid in some cases, more paranoid of their own government than they are of organized crime, and this may be a factor that is based on some justified paranoia. This Awareness indicates that much of this can explain why entities do not want to give up their guns, because if a government is armed and the citizens are not armed, then the citizens of that government feel that they are, in fact, a government of the people, for the people, and by the people, if they arm their servants and give up their own right to bear arms, for the bureaucracies are indeed the servants of the government in the United States, and the government is the people. How Gestapo Tactics by Government Can Snowball This Awareness indicates that with this recognition, there are many people who consider it their patriotic duty to keep the right to bear arms, and become quite concerned when they feel that the elected officials are encroaching on that right, and have seen the results of elected officials in the past, using their brown-shirt techniques to come in with guns drawn into homes, into places of business, to raid a clinic or a home because someone has violated some statute which was improperly placed in the first place. The FDA may decide that some vitamin is improper or is ineffective or perhaps doing too good a job and cutting in on the earnings of the medical profession, and may raid a clinic or a health food store that carries such vitamins, with guns drawn in their Gestapo tactics and they take away all the supplies, all of the vitamins and properties of that clinic or health food store, to totally put the business out of business, and entities would be totally helpless. This Awareness indicates if all entities were without any protection of arms and it were known all over the United States that only government officials had the right to bear arms, do you not think that these Gestapo tactics would increase ten-fold, and become much more belligerent and threatening in their expression? This Awareness indicates that as long as people have some protection, protection against their own elected officials, against their own bureaucratic appointees, and the organizations that have been created from the executive branches of various administrations down through the years by lobbyists from various special interest groups, as long as these entities do not feel they can have proper justice in this country and these lobbyists and special interest groups can buy off government to create agencies that protect their special interests, such as the FDA or the IRS or other groups such as the firearms and alcohol and housing authorities or whatever, do you not think that before long you might also have postal inspectors raiding your home because of some product or information you have been sending or receiving through the mail? Do you not think it might spread to other government bureaucratic agencies so that perhaps the welfare mother will be invaded by welfare agents who come to check to find out what she eats, or what she does with her money? This Awareness indicates if entities are totally helpless, those in power tend to bully, even if they are supposed to be the servants of the people. This Awareness indicates that your choice of medical care may someday be classed as criminal, if you have no power left, and if these entities have strengthened their power by your total disarmament as a citizenry. This Awareness indicates that therefore, the struggle for total domination of the people by those in positions of bureaucratic status can become either a curse upon the people, or the people can remind the bureaucrats where they are, and who they are to serve. This Awareness indicates that if the power base is given to the bureaucrats, then the people are really nothing more than victims, dependent on the good will and altruism of those who carry the guns. This Awareness indicates that there will be a time someday in the future where guns can be eliminated from consciousness, but it is not appropriate to eliminate these tools of protection while there are still others out there who are willing to use these tools as weapons of control. THE LONE BERSERK GUNMAN SCENARIOS: WILL THESE INCREASE OR DECREASE? (Freedom Will Not be Taken Easily From Citizens) QUESTION: Almost every day there's an account in the media of so called lone berserk gunmen committing atrocities, senseless killings of citizens. For example, on Halloween there were at least two cases in the paper, one where some assailant mowed down a group of little children out trick-or-treating. Does Awareness see this as decreasing or increasing in the government's attempt to fire people up to the point where they will literally scream for gun control? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that it is being used to give the impression that the control of guns will stop the senseless violence. This Awareness indicates that the same could be said for automobiles. Entities could also say that if they were seeking to get rid of automobiles, for example, they could point to the accidents that occur and these could be broadcast on television, to show that even though entities have a right to automobiles, that they should have that right curtailed, that they should lose all rights to drive automobiles. This Awareness indicates that they could show the dangers and the continued accidents that are occurring and make a good argument that entities should have their automobiles taken from them. This Awareness indicates that many entities driving automobiles would feel very paranoid about these arguments and would cling even tighter to their automobiles, and they might be made to feel some what guilty for having an automobile when other people are giving up their automobiles, and in the case wherein money was offered by the state for entities to bring in their automobiles, there might be some who will bring in their old automobile that does not run well anyway, in order to give themselves the feeling that they are complying with the wishes of the government and of the majority of their peers who are opposed to automobiles, but they may keep or turn around and take the money to buy another automobile. This is what has happened in some of the areas wherein guns were taken, where entities were paid to bring in their guns, where the state or the police would buy guns from the citizenry. They would receive old guns that were almost worthless or ineffective and pay for those guns and the people would take the money and go out and buy a better gun. This Awareness indicates that the people who bear arms and know that they have the intelligence to use them properly, are not likely to give up their guns any more than they would give up their automobiles, and the government has begun to realize this. In some areas, where there were laws passed that entities could not have guns, instead of entities turning in their gun, they went out and bought more, and there were more guns being sold in that general area than had been sold before. This Awareness indicates that in other words, the more effort there is in taking the guns from the people, the more fearful the people become that they are being set up for some kind of government enslavement. This Awareness indicates that there is something in this that makes people realize the reason for Article 2 in the Constitution, the right to bear arms. This Awareness indicates that more and more, as these efforts are made to disarm the people, the people will begin to appreciate the Constitution that gives them their rights, and they will begin to assert themselves in promoting the Constitution and the efforts to take away the Constitution and the right to bear arms is very likely to backfire on the Globalists so that rather than having a One World Government, they will themselves be targeted for being traitors to the nation and may be called criminals for treason. This Awareness indicates that there would be a great excitement among most entities if indeed they could trust a One World Government if that government had the kind of guarantees offered in the U.S. Constitution for all of the citizens of the world. Most entities would be highly excited and glad to support such a government, but who in their right mind would support a world government that wants to destroy the U.S. Constitution, and offers no clear discussion of what the New World Order will be, other than control by the U.N. and its troops over all countries and people who do not comply with the New World Order and its agenda? This Awareness indicates that there are not many who are willing to risk throwing away the good things they have to take on a world government that does not have its own clear definitions offering the same good things to the people. This Awareness indicates that as of yet, there has been no clear-cut definition of what the New World Order offers to people. There is no clear constitution guaranteeing rights, guaranteeing justice, or guaranteeing that a nation has its own right to its own justice and that the people can pursue life, liberty and happiness without hindrance from the New World Order. This Awareness indicates that who needs a vague undefined leader or structure that does not define what it offers, when you already have something that defines the kind of freedom, the kind of protection that entities would in other countries give their lives for, which entities in the past have given their lives to promote and create? This Awareness indicates that most entities appreciate the freedoms of your country guaranteed by your Constitution. They would like, in fact, to have even more guarantees and more freedoms made available. This Awareness indicates it does not appear likely that even with the control of the press and media that the Globalists will indeed sustain and survive in their efforts to destroy the U.S. Constitution and enslave the masses under the New World Order, although it is quite possible that many entities will be destroyed in their effort to do so. Centuries-Old Plans Are Now Culminating Today This Awareness indicates that It cannot guarantee that the masses will have smooth sailing in the coming years, or that there will not be suffering, for you are in the midst of a culmination of a plan that has been brewing for many, decades, even centuries, wherein these entities have sough to create a One World Government for several centuries and have accumulated many tools and techniques and methods for accomplishing that purpose and wherein they have garnered many individuals under their control in particular positions wherein they control the media, much of the political arena, the money system, medical systems and other bureaucratic agencies and organizations where they even have fingers extending into the religions of the world, to control these areas. It is indeed like a giant octopus with tentacles reaching into all areas of one's life, and these entities are arrogant and believe they have total control, yet in the end there is something in the souls of entities that remains free to some extent, even in the most totalitarian case or situation. "Magic is Afoot" and Freedom Cannot be Contained Even in that totalitarian time of the U.S.S.R. and the Communists who controlled everything in that country, there were people, and these people were under control of the Communist regime, yet something broke it loose and that something that broke it loose freed many of these entities for the first time in their lives. Something in the souls of these entities leaped for freedom, still loved freedom and individual expression, and it came out and again expressed itself with these entities who had been conditioned for life to be obedient and subservient to the state, and these entities threw off that control for something they have never openly experienced: their own individual rights of expression and personal freedom. This Awareness indicates that it is always there, like the song says: "Magic is afoot!" Wise men try to block it, try to stop it, try to damn it up, but it seeps out, out of the cracks, coming from the smile of a child, coming out of the efforts of oppression. It continues to move out like water that cannot be contained, and the magic is that love of freedom that entities, regardless of how high or how low in their social status, always have. Power-Seekers are Unaware of Eighth Chakra This Awareness indicates that these global planners who would enslave the masses, make them into living robots or machines, have no chance of winning, have no chance of gaining the kind of control they want for their own power and security. This Awareness indicates that any who pursue power of this kind are deluding themselves, for power of this type is promoted by those who operate from the seventh chakra and they apparently are unaware of the eighth chakra, and that eighth chakra in collective consciousness is that doorway to the Divine; and it opens into the terrestrial levels to send its energy in and to give its blessing to those who seek further spiritual evolution. This Awareness indicates there is no way it can be stopped or blocked. There is no way that the Dark Forces can contain this energy. All that can occur is that entities have put forth efforts to stop it fruitlessly or allow it to have its way, for the spiritual energy that floods in on this plane will continue to flood, coming out through the cracks, coming out through valleys, through those areas left unguarded. There is no way it can be prevented. New World Order Can't Stop Spiritual Evolution The spiritual energies that uplift humanity will continue, regardless of a New World Order, a totalitarian world order, or whatever other kind of order any human on earth or any negative power on earth can conceive of to prevent this spiritual evolution from occurring. This Awareness suggests that entities reading this material should not be excessively frightened. It is one thing to be aware; it is quite another to be frightened of what you have become aware of. It is important that entities recognize the dangers in the plans of those who would harm you, but it is equally important that entities realize the power they have to prevent those few who would harm you from carrying out their plans, for it is really, at this stage, a matter of information. The war is a war not of guns and bullets, but of ideas at this stage. And as these ideas are presented into consciousness, the shooting war may be put on the back-burner or pushed off the back of the stove altogether, for if the ideas become broadcast to enough people, those few entities who are promoting this Globalist agenda will realize they haven't a chance and that they may only end up hurting themselves if they move too far too fast, and that they had better sit back and if they have to think of world domination, they may wish instead to consider this as fantasizing and enjoy their own personal fantasies like some demented person who can never have all of his sexual fantasies fulfilled, but can still enjoy his fantasies anyway, for this is the situation that is connected to the Globalists who plan and fantasize in having world domination. They are nothing more than people indulging in false fantasies. This Awareness indicates they have a certain amount of personal power which does not satisfy their full greed for lust and power. They want more, and although they have a million times more personal power than most entities would dream of, they are not satisfied. For one thing, personal power over others is not something that ever satisfies entities. They want absolute control of all of life. They want to be Gods, and have absolute control over everyone and everything, and also, they want personal immortality, and without all of that they are still incomplete, and because they have the feeling of some incompleteness, some insecurity, they keep struggling to gain more power, so they never have any insecurity left. The Ever-Present Ghost of Insecurity This Awareness indicates it is a problem for entities not to feel totally secure, but it is only a problem for those entities who think there is a way to get total security. The reality is that as mortal beings, you cannot have total security, and this Awareness suggests that if, as an individual, whether as one on the bottom of the economic scale, or on the top of the economic scale; if as an individual anywhere on this scale, you can accept the fact that your life will always have some insecurity involved, then you can stop worrying about that insecurity. Learn to live with insecurity, just as though you were in a home, and in your home was a ghost, the ghost of insecurity. You can do everything imaginable to get rid of the ghost but the ghost does not leave. You can spend your entire life trying to get rid of the ghost, but the ghost of insecurity always remains somewhere in your home, in your psyche. Your neighbor however, has adjusted to having the ghost of insecurity in his home and is not troubled by it. Thus, you go and speak with your neighbor and your neighbor says: "I can't get rid of it. I just have to learn to live with it. It is as simple as that. I work around it. I do whatever I want and let it be wherever It wants. I totally ignore it." And therefore, your neighbor is happy. He has no quarrel with the fact that insecurity is part of his home. You can take a lesson from your neighbor and deal with your insecurity in the same way, and thus, you do not have to have absolute control. You can accept insecurity as part of life. You can work around it. You can do things that keep you from falling off the stairs. You can put banisters on your stairs to help you improve your feeling of security. You can make sure that your foods are labeled and that they are safe so you do not have to have unnecessary insecurity in your refrigerator or in your cabinets or in your cooking and thus, you attend to some of the more obvious threats or dangers, but you still have some insecurity which you have to live with, and if you are overly anxious, frustrated or concerned, or suffer great anxiety because there is still some insecurity; if perhaps for example, you are afraid that the limb from your oak tree might break and fall on your bedroom, then you can either learn to live with it, or have the limb cut off, but still, you have the opportunity for energizing more insecurity as a concern. You can become very insecure about the fact that your roof has no protection over it, and what's to prevent something from falling from an airplane and going through your roof, right into your bedroom? You can become very insecure about this if you dwell on it enough, or you can simply have faith and trust that it is not likely to happen and you can recognize that someday you are likely to have an end to your sojourn on earth and you do not know when that end will come or how it will come, but you can enjoy each day that you live and you can make plans for each day you live, and for days of the future in expectations that you will live long enough to fulfill those plans. Thus, you can work around the insecurities, not energize them to the point of being anxious and worried, and you can do whatever is necessary to take care of the more obvious insecurities while giving more time to enjoyment of what you are and what you can be, and to having faith that in taking care of most of the threats and dangers, you sill have time and room enough in your life to enjoy being alive. Insecurity Bugs the Super Wealthy This Awareness indicates that if you can learn to live with some insecurity, then indeed insecurity is no longer a problem for you. This Awareness indicates that the problem with those who are super-wealthy, who have immense control over others, feel that because of their super- wealth and immense control and power they should somehow be totally secure. It is harder for these entities to accept any degree of insecurity, and therefore they seek even more power than they have, and more control over their world. This Awareness indicates it is a kind of sickness that befalls the wealthy, and the more wealthy the entity, the greater the sickness, for they cannot accept insecurity in any form. This Awareness indicates it is for this reason that these entities want to have greater control over the masses, because they feel insecure themselves in some level, and they cannot tolerate even the slightest amount of insecurity. After all, these entities have enough money and enough power to get almost anything they want, why cannot they close that last hole through which insecurity comes? This Awareness indicates it is not so much evil that dominates these entities, but insecurity, and you may find that even in the lower echelons of the financial status, the entities who are perceived as evil, may actually be driven by fear of insecurity, or some kind of insecurity may be behind their so-called evil intentions and motives. This Awareness indicates the solution to rid these entities of these problems is to help them accept insecurity as part of life, and to learn to work around it, and to build their lives around insecurity not on it. WHAT ARE THE ROOTS OF THE INSECURITY? FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: Are not these insecurities of these world planners, do they not stem back through a karmic level through eons of time, going back to originally making a wrong decision? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that it is more like part of the genetic code of the human condition; that genetically entities all know deep down that some day they could lose their lives and that it is possible at any time to lose control to someone or something that they cannot control, and when these entities in growing more and more wealthy, find themselves getting more and more control of their own lives and of the lives of others, it gives them the feeling of success as persons who have unusual power, because of their special wealth and status, and they get a glimpse of what it's like to be omnipotent, and that feeling of omnipotence causes any degree of insecurity to seem as though it is a great threat to their omnipotence. Therefore, it is the evil in their lives from their point of omnipotence and they cannot tolerate having that continual insecurity as part of their omnipotent lives. They want it out. They want to rid themselves of that insecurity. It could happen to anyone who moves into greater and greater wealth and power. It is not something that is karmic necessarily to the individual, for any individual who suddenly has great wealth and power will experience this fear of the insecurity, for as you gain something, you also dread the fact that you could lose it, and the more you have, the greater the loss and the threat to that loss. This Awareness indicates that entities need to learn how to live with things as much as entities need to learn how to live without things. You can learn to live with your lack of security, just as you can learn to live with the securities you have. An entity who has great wealth and great power, probably has more security than most entities. But they can't quite get rid of that glimmer of insecurity that pokes through some hole in their armor, and therefore, it becomes a greater and greater obsession to them. It is as though their wealth and power is a fort to protect them from the threats of the world, but the fort always has a hole somewhere, where an entity, an enemy could crawl through, or if not a large enemy, then maybe a small enemy. There is always the threat that a spider might come through and bite them, or that something even smaller than a spider; if they can patch all the holes to keep spiders out, what about those little tiny invisible germs which could come through some crack somewhere and get them? There is always that threat of insecurity. Also, they have their insecurities of those who are around them who would like to take over their empire, and they have the insecurities of their own aging process. What will happen when they begin to lose their mental faculties? There are all these things they can worry about so that they do not fully live the enjoyment they have garnered about themselves. They do not enjoy their wealth. They are fixated on their insecurities. This Awareness indicates that meanwhile, the tramp on the street who looks through garbage cans and finds a half-eaten sandwich or head of lettuce, can be quite happy at his find and may enjoy his momentary victory more than anything the super-rich entity enjoys in his entire life. This Awareness indicates that if this is the case, it is because the tramp on the street is living with insecurity, has insecurity all about him, and suddenly finds some thing that gives him security and pleasure and enjoys it immensely. The entity who has all of his extreme wealth but cannot enjoy it because he is fixated and obsessed with the insecurities, has built around himself everything imaginable to provide security, but still feels that insecurity and therefore, by being fixated on the insecurity, fails to enjoy all that he has garnered in his life to make himself feel good. Insecurity: The Sin or Error of the Wealthy This Awareness indicates this is the sin, the error of the wealthy. It is not so much that they are evil, it is more that they are fixated on insecurity and are willing to go further toward trying to create more and more security, even at the expense of others; thus the entities may come up with ideas that will make the poor poorer, in order that they may be richer, so that they can feel more secure. This Awareness indicates that there are very few entities who have enough riches to feel satisfied, but this is not necessary, for the wealthy can learn to enjoy their wealth and to let insecurities abide in their lives, without receiving so much attention, without becoming a fixation point, without their being obsessed with insecurities, even on a subconscious level. Have a Party! Celebrate Your Insecurity! They can simply recognize the inevitable presence of insecurity; that it cannot be totally eliminated because they are mortal beings. Mortal beings will always have some level of insecurity. This Awareness suggests you may wish to create a ritual or have a party to celebrate your acceptance of insecurity. Do something to make insecurity part of your life, to show your acceptance of it, and you will never again have a problem with insecurity, and then you can go about enjoying the rest of your life. THE SUPER-RICH AND THE SATANIC CONNECTION: WOULDN'T THIS CREATE GREAT INSECURITY? (How Satanism Controls the High and the Mighty) QUESTION: There's more and more information coming out now, some of which Awareness has confirmed in the past about these super-rich families, and particularly those in power, even political power, that they have for generations had a Satanic ritual connection with entities who meet together and perform these rituals, and I would think that if that is true, that the fact that they got their power and their wealth supposedly through this, that this aspect would be one of the minor one insecurities that they would have. COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that they are generally taught through the Satanic movement that they can overcome any insecurity by accumulating greater and greater power. Therefore, they become involved in this quest for power, but the quest for power also asks them to sacrifice something to the Satanic power, and many of these entities will have at some point or another, either sacrificed one of their own, or sacrificed something of their own to that Satanic power, and then they begin to become accepted in that circle and they may help one another to gain greater wealth by being part of the group, but along the way they also are asked to participate in further sacrifices or to carry out some action of less than the highest, and more often, extremely debased in nature. For example, they might be asked to participate in a ritual in which some entity is sacrificed, and they are to be the one who places the blade for the sacrifice, or assist in the killing of an entity, and if they do not participate in this, then of course they are not a full party in the group and are looked upon as not being worthy, and therefore, they either join in the negative behavior and criminal act, or they lose face and position in the group. If they go along they will be rewarded, but they also are always vulnerable to blackmail. If they should ever try to tell about it or get out of the group, they can be blackmailed, for there have been witnesses who saw the dastardly deed take place, and saw that this entity did it himself. This Awareness indicates that the more they participate, the deeper they may get into the participation of crimes so that eventually they have done so many of these things that they cannot extract themselves, they cannot get out without the great threat of their associates turning against them. Satanic Groups Often Need a Scapegoat to Cover-Up This Awareness indicates that as they get deeper into it and have less chance of getting out, they may be asked to do more and more dirty deeds, and at some point in their lives, they may also be asked to take the fall, or take the punishment to avoid further damage to the organization. It is sometimes this that entities see when something occurs in a political situation, whereby an entity is put on the spot politically and publicly and goes along with being found guilty, either by the press or by the courts in order that this entity can stop an investigation that would have gone further had it not been that they found a scapegoat. This Awareness indicates of course, this entity then, having played the proper scapegoat for the Satanic group, stops further investigation and the Satanic group is indebted to the entity and may at some point or another reward the entity, or at least protect them and let them retire in peace. This Awareness indicates that it is that kind of artificial power of conspiracy protection that is available in some of these Satanic movements. There is not seen any real spiritual power from Satan to these entities, for Satan has no actual power. It is only an organizational conspiracy power based on the name of Satan that gives these entities any power whatsoever. This Awareness indicates that as it turns out, entities involved in that kind of organizational activity and the Satanic hierarchy never find happiness or peace; they are always searching for more power and the power they get comes from the group they are in, and the group they are in often extracts extreme payment for any power that has been given the individual. The individual, in suffering these punishments or payments from the group, will sometimes be rewarded some what financially and physically and may enjoy certain material blessings, but in the process his soul, his self esteem, his freedom and his enjoyment of life become distorted, twisted, stomped and destroyed, so that his life is not one of happiness, but of one very serious and overly-concerned and worried that his own group, his own Satanic associations may then become his greatest enemy and threat, for they have the power over him in greater degree than he could ever achieve. Satanic Groups Always Degrade Entities Though he may have some power over others whom he looks at as subordinate to himself, he also knows that he is under the power of the group. This Awareness indicates therefore, it is not a happy life that these entities live. It is all focused on getting something and losing something and hoping to have more power and always having greater power over you, and being asked to perform some deed that degrades you further and further as a human being, so that your spirit, your soul, the precious humor and lightheartedness that may have once been yours as a child is lost throughout your life and instead, you are given material rewards and put in a debased condition under heartless and cruel superiors who make you do things that are also heartless and cruel toward others. This Awareness asks: "Who needs all of the material gains, if they cannot find ordinary happiness in life, and if they are made to be cruel, cold, heartless and lacking in genuine joy?" This Awareness indicates that the insecurity for these entities is immense, and all of the rewards given to compensate for insecurities does little to rid them of those insecurities. GREED AND ETERNAL UNFULFILLMENT CLOSING MESSAGE: This Awareness indicates there is also that consideration that many entities have which is associated with greed. There is something about greed that feeds on itself. The more people have, the more they want. What they are truly seeking is not more stuff: they are seeking that feeling of fulfillment. They want to be fulfilled. They want fulfillment, so they will no longer have hunger or desire. They want everything they desire. They want to fill their appetite, to have nothing more to want. This Awareness indicates that many entities speak of the Eternal Fulfillment. This Awareness advocates that entities accept the Eternal Unfulfillment; that in being eternally unfulfilled, and accepting that position in life, you will always have something to draw you from one moment to the next. If any moment is totally fulfilled, there will be no need and no follow- up for another moment. The feeling of unfulfillment leads you into the next moment, and each moment has its complete energy that is necessary for that moment, but it also has a vacuum, something that is not fulfilled in that moment, and that vacuum is what leads you to the next moment. This Awareness indicates that as you move from moment to moment, unfulfilled, if you can accept the fact that there will be no fulfillment, and stop searching for fulfillment, and enjoy the half-full moment, you can have great joy in life from each of those moments that are half-full, indulging completely in the half-full moment, and moving on to the next and the next and the next, never lamenting or never being frustrated because no moment is totally full. Why should it be full? Why not go from half-full moments to half-full moments, eternally, with great joy, for these half-full moments keep you going and give you eternal life. This Awareness indicates that the entity who seeks fulfillment becomes more greedy, and the entity is always unhappy because he cannot feel fulfilled. But by accepting unfulfillment and recognizing that the little amount you got from this moment was good, and you can get a little more in the next moment, it helps you to look forward with greater anticipation and enjoying each moment for what it offers. This Awareness indicates that this enjoyment of each moment for what it offers allows an entity to move from moment to moment, having an enjoyable life. (End of Reading; The Law of Gratitude is given.) SPECIAL RIGHTS FOR MINORITIES: HOW FAR CAN IT GO? (More on the Roots of Homosexuality) CAC General Reading, March 16, 1993 THE RIGHT TO FREE SPEECH: WHAT ARE THE LIMITS? (About Marge Schott Tirades and the Friends of the Rabbit Club) QUESTION: A question from L.H., Baldwin, New York. "There was a controversy this past winter that concerned a major-league baseball owner named Marge Schott, who owned the Cincinnati Reds. She was accused by a disgruntled ex-employee of using ethnic slurs against Blacks and Jews during a telephone conference call with other baseball owners, a couple of year ago. Even after expressing a public apology, Schott was suspended from handling her own team's business, even though she owns the team, and was fined the maximum amount of $25,000. Some have voiced the opinion that baseball's punishment was not hard enough while others contend that major league baseball simply caved in from pressure from the Reverend Jesse Jackson, who has vowed to organize a boycott against baseball. The question is about freedom of speech. (He's got several questions here, so I'll read the statement). "Is the First Amendment applicable only to matters of government concern or is a person's protection of free speech extended to private conversations? Here is a clear case of a person being punished for things that were said, regardless of how ridiculous or insane, during a private conversation, while other owners on the same conference call were not sanctioned. When do political and financial threats like those being proposed by Reverend Jackson override a person's right to free speech? Should this be a concern to CAC members who, in spreading the Awareness material, speak publicly or privately on matters of controversial concern?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates this appears to be two different sets of questions. This Awareness indicates in the question of First Amendment Rights, it appears that the concept of the First Amendment relates more to public concerns or public statements, and not to private conversations. If something is reported from a private conversation, and made public, then it becomes possible for entities to turn it into an Issue for the public to debate upon and to make much ado of. This Awareness indicates that in this instance, the entity herself as one who for many years has had a history of bad-mouthing everyone from the Irish to Jews to Blacks to any other ethnic group, even to Catholics, and to Protestants alike. The entity tends to have something bad to say about every classification of people. This Awareness indicates it is simply her personality and her attitude that is abrasive to most groups and most individuals who might belong to or associate with any of those groups which she is so hostile to. The entity is one who is essentially quite hostile in her expression, as she has very little respect for others. This Awareness indicates that in this particular instance it became a political issue. By political, this Awareness refers to public, or a people's issues because it became publicized and many entities had their image at stake and a desire to sanction the entity for remarks made. This Awareness indicates that there is a strong question as to whether the entity had a Constitutional right to speak her mind, or whether it was a violation of her First Amendment rights. This Awareness indicates that it appears there was some violation to her First Amendment rights, and the entity does of course have the option, if she so chooses, to take this to court. The way entities protect their rights is through the law, and the entity would have to go to court, challenge the sanctions of the baseball commission and go to court and if necessary, appeal to the Supreme Court to view the constitutionality of the fine and punishment imposed on her. This Awareness indicates of course, the baseball commissioner and the groups have their laws and their rules which they can assert, and if those rules are in violation of Constitutional rights, then they will need to be challenged in a court of law. This Awareness indicates likewise, if your Girl Scout Club or Boy Scout Club or your Friends of the Rabbit Club have their own particular rules and someone violates those rules and the club decides to fine them, the entity can question whether it is constitutionally right for them to have been fined and if they think not, they can go to court, taking action against the Friends of the Rabbit Club and can see if it passes all the test and is voided by the constitutionality as determined by the courts. This Awareness indicates that if there are entities who stand by the Friends of the Rabbit Club in opposition to your efforts, then that is all part of the game. It is also possible that the entity will feel it is not worth the effort to take the issue to the Supreme Court to get a Constitutional ruling. This Awareness indicates in the case of Marge Schott, she has not yet indicated a desire or wish to take this into the higher courts for a Constitutional judgment or ruling. This Awareness indicates that her remarks, of course, were in bad taste, but the lady has been doing this for approximately 40 years or more to all types of people and is simply a person with an antisocial attitude and this kind of thing might as well be expected from her. This Awareness indicates that the ruling has not stopped her from expressing her attitudes even now. She still has bad things to say about various ethnic groups. This entity is much like one of the members in CAC who many of you know, who cannot seem to balance the attitude and continues to spout vindictive attitudes towards various races and ethnic groups, and has not appeared to have changed one iota in the past twenty years, regardless of many readings and messages from this Awareness and from individuals trying to help change the entity's attitude. This Awareness indicates this entity Marge Schott is a female version of the same thing. FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: I believe she is Jewish herself, yet she uses ethnic slurs against Blacks and Jews for some reason... COSMIC AWARENESS: ..and Catholics, and many other groups. She also has hostility toward the Irish, and toward the English, German, Poles, French, Gypsies and other groups. DISCRIMINATION IN THE BUSINESS WORLD: WHERE WILL THE CRIES STOP? (Fatties, Homosexuals and Pedophiles Cry Out) FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: It seems to me that questions like that simply reflect the bad taste of an entity and have no business being hauled into court over things like that. We just saw something, for example, on the television, of a very fat woman, who went in to get a job. She was perfectly qualified to answer the phone or something, but when the boss saw how overweight she was, he never called her back, and so she was raising Cain about this discrimination and so forth. Where is the line drawn, or is there a line drawn where people who own their own businesses, for example, and wish to project a certain image, are allowed to do that without legal harassment? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates the line is drawn where the market and the marketplace and the law come together in accordance with the demands of ownership, social tradition, the agreement by legal and lawful precedence and whatever entities can get by with in determining a position that stands the test of time. This Awareness indicates it is for this reason that some areas are in constant change and flux. This Awareness indicates there are also situations in which women seek to join into men's clubs. It will not be long before certain men will be suing women for their clubs because they have not been allowed in. This Awareness indicates do not be surprised if you hear of a man who in attempting to join the National Organization of Women is threatening to sue because he wants to be part of the NOW group. This Awareness indicates that the concept of the discrimination against entities being overweight is very little different from the same issues that are being promoted by homosexuals. The arguments pro and con for homosexuals having special rights can be argued by entities who are overweight, and where the homosexual argues that he or she is discriminated against in terms of jobs, the overweight person can say: "I have been discriminated against because I am overweight!", and if someone says, "Well, why don't you just lose your weight, and you won't have the problem?", the arguer can say: "Well, homosexuals don't have to change their sex lives in order to get a job.", and the overweight person can argue that the same thing holds true with them. Where homosexuals claim they have no choice but to be homosexuals because they were born that way, the overweight person can argue: "I was born with genes that led me to become overweight." The homosexual person can argue that: "It is not a behavioral pattern that caused me to become homosexual, but a genetic pattern that led to this." The overweight person can also argue the same thing. This Awareness indicates that next, you may be hearing pedophiles expressing this same argument: "I simply have to attack children, because I was born with genes that lead me to this. I have no choice but to be who I am. Why can't you simply accept me for what I am? Why am I being discriminated against?" Blaming Their Problems on Their "Genes" This Awareness indicates that following this, you may find that rapists or murderers also present a similar argument which is logically equally compelling, if not emotionally equally compelling. They may use the exact same logic to say: "I am being discriminated against because there are so few of us murderers around that the whole of society looks down on us and turns against us and we were born with bad genes, with genes that compel us to act out our aggression. It is not a behavioral problem. It is a genetic situation." Minorities Who Cry "Discrimination" -- Where will it Stop? This Awareness indicates that the question comes: "Where will the cries of discrimination stop?" It is one thing to point out that one has no control over the color of one's skin or one's racial or national background or that one has a right to one's religion so long as it does not violate others. It is quite something else when one's behavior is touted as a genetic creation or influence and that the one having such a behavior should not be held responsible, but should be given special privileges because they are a minority. This Awareness indicates the definition of discrimination needs to be carefully examined in all these various cases. There are of course the activities of judgment involved wherein society judges entities according to its values and standards and there are also those entities who, caught under the judgment of society, are being taught and trained by watching other examples, to scream discrimination. "I am being discriminated against, simply because I conned those people out of all their money. Society is now turning against me and making it appear that I am unworthy to live in society. Why can't I continue to live in society? I was born with the genes I have which have influenced me to con people out of their money, but it is not my behavioral problem that is causing this. It is simply a genetic situation." This Awareness indicates that already there are laments regarding the child abuser who does not like the rules that require him to notify neighbors after he has been released from prison, that he is a convicted child abuser so that neighbors can be warned and watchful of their children. This Awareness asks: "How far will this kind of ruling go?" Will the entity who used drugs in the past some day be required to place warnings on their door that they have used drugs? Or will the entity who in the past had a violent temper be required by law to put notices up: "This householder has a bad temper and may react violently under stressful situations." This Awareness indicates it would eventually create a society in which everybody knows everything about everyone else and therefore, can be judges of everyone else's behavior, or it can go the other way, whereby all of these minority individuals have special rights and are given special treatment and that society has no right to interfere or fail to give them the special treatment they seek. This Awareness indicates that it is as easy to visualize signs on doors saying: "This household is homosexual", as it is to visualize the homosexual having special privileges in the neighborhood whereby no one is allowed to talk about them or say anything negative in regard to their lifestyle, for fear of being jailed or punished. The Golden Mean of the Greeks This Awareness indicates that in the ancient Greek philosophers' heaviest thinking, it was determined that there was a "Golden Mean", a halfway point in everything, a point between extremes which was golden and preferred above all else. This golden middle ground or compromise position which existed theoretically in everything, wherein nothing was extremely yin or extremely yang, extremely right or extremely wrong, it was right in the middle as an ideal for all things in society. This Awareness indicates this Golden Mean is something which may be the solution to all these questions. Why do we need to be so polarized in all directions? Is it possible that there can be something that tolerates a little here, a little there and allows differences to exist so that we make our rules and our traditions somewhere in the middle, so that the extremes are not accepted as normal, but so that the middle path is accepted as normal and proper? This Awareness indicates that it is something to consider and even though not all entities will accept the middle path and many will be on the extremes and edges, still the society itself may find a middle ground as the norm, and that norm may help to keep the rest in balance. ARE ONE'S GENETICS PROGRAMMED BEFORE BIRTH? (How Great Grandpa's Syphilis Can Cause Cancer Today) FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: If indeed, it is genetics or genetic programming that some entities use as an excuse, for example, certain homosexuals, is it not also the truth that if entities program their own life from the other side, that certain programmings were put there as a challenge to overcome? And if this is so, in a lot of cases, then it would make invalid the claim that because of their genetics they have no choice. Is that correct? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness wishes to explain it in this manner: The genes of an entity change many times during one's lifetime. They are infused in the entity's system as a child, but the entity in changing himself or herself in terms of tendencies, by changing the tendencies or propensities that are genetically induced, the entity also changes the gene make-up in his or her structure. An entity's genes at birth can be changed in old age or in middle age, by a change in one's behavior, a change in one's health habits, a change in one's dietary systems, or a change in behavior. Illnesses often change the genes in an entity's make-up as well. This Awareness indicates this is especially indicative in situations wherein an entity, for example, may contract a venereal disease which has genetically been passed on from generation to generation in the genes of the offspring to become a different disease. In other words, as one homeopathic doctor explained: "The cancer l am treating in her now came from her grandfather's syphilis." Thus, the entity has a propensity for cancer based on the genetics that was passed from the grandfather because of his contracting syphilis. This Awareness indicates according to this approach there are several diseases that passed through generations, create a multitude of different diseases. In this sense, the genes of the grandfather were affected by the syphilis and were passed on to the future generation. This Awareness indicates that the same can be said for other forms of behavior. They can be passed on as memories. Genetic Memory in Worms and Humans Are Similar You will recall the experiment of the 16-year-old boy who taught a worm how to move through a certain maze to get food, then chopped up the worm and fed it to others, who then knew how to get through the same maze without having to go through the learning process of the first worm. This Awareness indicates that this was carried in the genes and the memory of the first worm into the second, third or further worms, so that they inherited genetically, or gained genetically from the learned memory of the first worm. This Awareness indicates that it is the same with humans. When an entity practices a certain form of behavior, it may be passed on genetically. It does not mean that the entity has to follow that behavior any more than the first entity had to adopt the behavior to begin with, nor does it mean that an entity's behavior is the result of a parent's behavior, in the genetic sense. How Some Homosexuality is Created An entity might take on a certain form of behavior as a reaction to a parental behavior rather than as a genetic response from the parental behavior. This Awareness indicates in other words, one parent may be highly overweight and the child may have a propensity to over-eat but may be so offended by the parent's overweight that even as a young child, the entity abhors the idea of gaining weight, and looking like his parent. So, instead, he eats small portions of food, knowing that it will keep him from getting obese. This would be a kind of reaction to the parent rather than a genetic reflection of the parent. This Awareness indicates that likewise, an entity who is homosexual is not necessarily testimony that the entity's parent was homosexual. The entity's parent may have been quite heterosexual, but something the parent did in his or her behavior toward the child could perhaps have triggered a reaction in the child that led the child to become homosexual. Many lesbians, for example, have experienced rape from their fathers and have such an hostility toward men because of the incestuous relationship with their fathers that they cannot relate to men at all, and therefore turn to women for their affection. This Awareness indicates that similarly, homosexuality in men can sometimes be triggered by a relationship with the mother in which perhaps there is some kind of attraction or perhaps an hostility toward the mother. The attraction perhaps causing guilt and causing the entity to be abhorred at his own feelings and the reaction being to drive the boy toward other young men rather than toward women. It is not necessarily that this is a cause, but it is not an unusual situation which leads some entities into the homosexual route, due to reaction rather than genetics. There is some genetic influence that occurs with some homosexuals, particularly when they are in the midst of a change, moving from a woman's body in one life toward a man's body in another life, and they perhaps still feel feminine inside while having a masculine body wrapped around the feminine soul. This Awareness indicates that there are so many different variations involved that it is impossible to explain all the many ways by which entities become what they are. This Awareness indicates however, that entities can change themselves when given proper incentive to do so. WHAT MOTIVATES THE MACHO HOMOSEXUAL? FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: There are some male homosexuals who appear to be very macho, and will become bikers and get into certain sports and body-building. These homosexuals that Awareness just indicated are sometimes sort of in between lifetimes, and still carrying over a feminine valence; it seems to me it would be more difficult for these entities to change than it would be for the other homosexuals who don't carry these feminine characteristics. Is that correct? COSMIC AWARENESS: This is in the affirmative. This Awareness indicates that a more macho type of homosexual is acting out a kind of aggression against men in their homosexuality. They appear in general to have a feeling of aversion toward women, or in some cases, they are attracted to both, but the homosexuality aspect appears to be related to a kind of subdued aggression toward men. They would like to punish or hurt the man whom they feel drawn to. This Awareness indicates much of this has to do with sado-masochistic approaches or attitudes deep in the subconscious also. In some cases, the homosexual has a background in which women have been made to seem taboo, either because they could cause trouble by having babies or by some other reason to fear them. Perhaps they are too much like their domineering mother in the entity's mind. They are afraid of being close to women, and in some cases feel guilty about getting too close to women, and therefore, they feel it is more proper to be with men than with women. This kind of behavioral pattern often starts with the young boy who has been warned heavily and severely about respecting women and not doing anything nasty. This Awareness indicates that this kind of teaching can, in some cases, become obsessive to the boy, if the boy has had attraction toward women and fears it is going to cause extreme problems, so that instead he will turn his attention in the opposite direction and find men to be more safe for his expressions. This Awareness indicates there are many ways whereby entities can have their love/hate relationships, their compensations. Some entities choose food and have this love relationship going with food which can eventually, in excess, lead to hatred and guilt and all kinds of similar feelings. Others may have their love centered around people or centered around fantasies of the opposite or same sex. There are many ways whereby entities may live their fantasies or seek to fulfill their appetites. This Awareness indicates that the obsessions and excess is that which often leads into the perversion of the normal or natural life. The perversions coming from too much of one thing or too strong an attitude toward something. This Awareness indicates that when entities can balance their psyche to that of a kind of Golden Mean wherein they reside halfway between all polarities, between all extremes, in perfect balance, most of these distortions of personality are diminished and the entity can find a unique and very harmonious state of being. WHY IS SADO/MASOCHISM GETTING SO POPULAR (The Psychology Behind This Unusual Fad) FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: There's a newspaper column written by a lesbian out here at the Evergreen State College newspaper, which I receive, and she almost invariably in her columns is promoting lesbianism for other women and attempts to lure and recruit them; lately she's gotten into promoting sado-masochism, the S&M, and trying to explain to young women how great this particular lifestyle is. Now, I've noticed in magazines a lot of the advertising is starting to trend toward S&M, and I was wondering: Is this primarily a thing that lesbians go into for their own reasons, or are heterosexual people being led into this also, and if so, why? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that there are always entities who wish to explore other things that are being promoted by the masters of this or that thing. When an entity has explored new territory, he or she always appears to be a master to the one who has never been to that territory. Thus, there are those who have experimented with sado-masochism, and there are those who have never done anything of that nature, but because someone has, and is an expert, they want to hear more about it. This Awareness indicates the only thing that is involved in sado- masochism that appeals to certain entities is the fact that pain tends to serve as punishment and thus alleviates feelings of guilt when inflicted and experienced by an entity. The infliction of pain on another tends to give the inflictor a feeling of power, and the one who is experiencing the pain as a victim, tends to feel a punishment that is capable of relieving any guilt he or she may feel for anything of the past. Many entities, coming from strong value families have considerable guilt from the mistakes they have made or from violating those family values of that past. This Awareness indicates that this creates an appeal for the masochist on the one hand, who needs to have guilt alleviated, and for the sadist on the other hand, who feels within as a weakling that needs to experience power over others. In both cases, there is a sickness involved that is being acted out in a way whereby the entities seek to gain something to satisfy their hungers on a subconscious level. This Awareness indicates they would both be better off getting therapy than using these sado-masochistic techniques, because the sado-masochism does not do anything to cure the problem, to gain understanding. The entity who has guilt punished does not really lose the guilt, but simply feels a temporary relief as though they have been spanked for having done something wrong and therefore, they do not have the momentary dread of further punishment. The main reason entities want punishment for guilt is because they are afraid they are going to be caught and punished. Thus, if they are punished, for some reason, by having pain inflicted upon them, that dread of being caught and punished is temporarily alleviated. Why Lesbians Turn to Sado-Masochism This Awareness indicates that in the lesbian community, the very thing that most lesbians turn lesbian for, to get away from the brutality of men, and find something more gentle in their life, begins to revert back to sado-masochism, wherein they feel themselves perhaps bored with two feminine forces and need to have that intensity of masculine energy to be inserted in their relationship. Thus, they turn to sadistic energies to represent the masculine energy and thus, by promoting a masculine energy of aggressiveness. assertiveness, and the abusiveness which they associate with men, they then have a polarized relationship which can be resolved by expression of the masculine energy upon the passiveness of the masochistic energy. This Awareness indicates that this is simply a re-creation in the females of the very thing they sought to avoid through heterosexual relationships. This Awareness indicates that the nature of heterosexual relationships is such that when men become excessively overcharged with too much aggressiveness, they often seek the passiveness of the female. They want that relief from their excess intensities and the female, seeing this as her role, of helping to calm the man, takes a position of caretaker or nurturing of this animal quality in the man, to calm the savage beast within. The Psychology of Heterosexual Relationships This Awareness indicates for the female, it is a way of fulfilling her own needs of expression, while also alleviating his need to express himself and his intensities of the extreme polarities, male and female become neutralized by the interchange of energies between them. She calms him and he becomes gentle and gives her the feeling of great importance in his life. This Awareness indicates that this extreme of polarity is not naturally found between women, and therefore, the lesbian relationship eventually becomes boring even though they originally seek a more gentle erotic relationship between themselves and the gentle relationship is less violent for them, perhaps than what they have experienced. They do not like the rough treatment that they have experienced with men. S&M Lesbians are Self-Defeating Therefore, they turn to gentle women to relate to, and gradually they become intimate to satisfy their deeper needs, but become eventually somewhat bored with those types of relationships and intimacies so some of these entities switch or move toward sado-masochism because they don't want to go back to the roughness of men but they miss the roughness and the role of pacifying that intensity, therefore they go into the sadistic and masochistic role-playing in order to spice up their otherwise boring relationship. In so doing, they defeat the very purpose for becoming lesbians. This Awareness indicates however, it may be that by moving toward the sado- masochistic approach, it will serve as a way of working out of the lesbian relationship and back toward heterosexuality. This Awareness indicates in some instances this sado-masochistic relationship between women becomes much more violent than male/female relationships. This Awareness indicates the problem seems to be that entities expect too much from sex; that sex is not the answer to every thing entities need in life. Those who put too much emphasis on sex may become the victims of excessive problems surrounding their sexual lifestyle. This Awareness indicates that entities could focus much of that energy into feeding the mind, learning, training, developing skills and talents, whether musical, dance, artistic business, math, linguistic or literary, and find that life holds many more treasures of great value that are unrelated to sex and still provide great worth for the entity and great joy in the entity's life. This Awareness indicates in such a way entities can channel their sexual energy into creative energies and expressions. HYPNOTHERAPY FOR LESBIANS? (Religious Bigots are no Help at All) FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: In the case of lesbians, would a good session of hypnotherapy help them change their lifestyle, if these memories of abuse as children were brought forth into their consciousness? COSMIC AWARENESS: In many cases this would be beneficial. The only drawback is that most would not particularly submit themselves to hypnotherapy, or admit to a desire to have their situation changed through hypnotherapy, or any other approach. There has to first be the desire to change one's lifestyle before one can expect change, through any method whatsoever. This Awareness indicates also that the condemnation by religion toward the homosexual is not likely to motivate them to change their lifestyle. They simply would rebel or ignore or flaunt their activity in the face of the religious condemnation. Thus, by entities judging, pointing fingers and berating a homosexual with religious scripture or other attempts, they do not help to change the homosexual, they simply alienate the entity further or drive the entity further into his or her lifestyle and away from that particular religion. IS FATHER THE REAL CAUSE OF BULIMIA? FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: In regard to hypnotherapy and subconscious blocks; there's a condition called bulimia, particularly in females, where they over-eat, and then they regurgitate their food, and doctors have claimed that they don't really know what causes this. I read the other day that a psychiatrist, working with some of these entities under hypnosis discovered that they were abused as children by their fathers and the father forced them into a pattern of oral sex with him, and it was regurgitating the ejaculate of the father that created this trauma within them which they never could consciously remember, but manifested as adults in this throwing-up the food that they ate. Now, if this psychologist's theory is true, how prevalent is this particular reason for this condition, or are there other reasons for it? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates it appears there is considerable substance to this theory. It appears that it is not the absolute cause in every case; that it does appear to be a cause in many of the instances. This Awareness indicates that there also can be bulimia caused from entities gradually developing a pattern of simply overeating, and realizing how miserable they feel from overeating, and then throwing up as a result from the excessive eating pattern and this becoming repeated several times, may lead to compulsive behavior in that direction. This Awareness indicates it is not a matter of every case being caused by this father/daughter type of behavior. ED's Note: For more information on incest and its ramifications, please refer to "Revelations of Awareness" 81-25, Incest: the Unspeakable Crime; 78-43, Incest & Bestiality and the Scars that Result; $3.00 each from C.A.C. For more information on homosexuality, please refer to issues 84-05, Another Cause of Homosexuality; 78-43, Two Levels of Homosexuality; 81-25, A Common Result of Incest and Child Molestation; 84-20, Homosexuality and the Releasing of the Astral Energies; 85-22, Homosexuals: Do they Really Have no Choice?; 92-07, Homosexual Serial Killers and Aliens; 85-22, Homosexual Energies not Balanced Energies; 91-06, Can Homosexuals be Cured to go Straight?; 93-10, AIDS & Global 2000; 93-3, Do Reptoids Promote Homosexuality?; $3.00 each from C.A.C. WILL A NEW WORLD TEACHER COME TO POWER IN '93? (Be Wary of Those Who Call themselves the New Messiah) QUESTION: A question from S.K., in Illinois. She writes: "There have been Predictions about an entity born during the unusual alignment of planets in Aquarius in 1962 coming to power at age 30 which is now. Does Awareness see this occurring?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that this appears to be a gradual development in the next three years. The entity may begin to gradually be brought into focus during this year and over a period of three years, whereby by the end of approximately the third year, around 1995 or 1996, that this entity would rise to a position well-viewed internationally, and while the entity's words and appearance can be very charismatic and promising in terms of being like a peace maker, this entity's later actions would be that which would be very detrimental to the masses of the earth. This Awareness indicates it appears that most countries will accept this entity as a kind of new Messiah or spiritual leader and also political leader, but that Russia, the United States and Canada generally will not buy into the promotion of this entity. There will be some, of course, in these countries who do, and some in other countries who don't accept this entity as a kind of Messiah, but this entity will create extreme problems for most of the world before he is brought down. He will appear to be a savior, or one who can bring peace and economic well-being to the world as he rises in power. FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: Is this entity of alien origin, or is this the same entity, the so- called Maitreya that Benjamin Creme maintains is creating all these miracles in the background, and that the world is waiting for him to come forth at the right time? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness wishes at this time not to answer this question. The importance is for entities to be discerning, and to observe. The entity has studied, the entity was born in Egypt, has studied business, has studied politics, has studied religion, and is being carefully tutored. The entity being given background in various religions, being taught how they all have similar connections or parallels and this entity will focus on these parallels in such a way that each religion will feel he represents them, or at least, that is the intention of his training, to give that feeling, so that no matter where he is, or what religion he speaks to, others from other religions will think that he is teaching their religion to the heathens, even though those who he speaks to may think that he is teaching their own religion in a more global and all inclusive way. He will appear to speak little and say much with the words issued. It will be more his followers who speak in his behalf and the entity's gradual ascension on the stage of life in the media will begin to be felt more in 1994, '95 and '96. This Awareness asks you to be very discerning and attentive to any who claim to be a Messiah. This entity will in the end be much more of a threat to humanity than were the two previous "Antichrists": Napoleon and Hitler. This Awareness indicates that the term "Antichrist" for these entities is not perhaps a correct label though it has been historically presented to these entities by theologians who were waiting and expecting the Antichrist and saw these entities as representing the Antichrist . How Napoleon the Antichrist Treated the Pope This Awareness indicates that the entity Napoleon created in a single action, a separation of church and state. When he was to be crowned King of France by the Church, he reached out and took the crown from the hands of the Cardinal who was preparing to crown him, and put it on his own head. Thus doing, he symbolically took power from the church and gave it to the state, to himself, as head of the state or King of France. This Awareness indicates that in so doing, he gave himself power, rather than allowing the church to give the power to him, and this was the beginning of the separation of church and state in this regard. This Awareness indicates that for this, there were many who saw him as a challenge to the church, a challenge to religion and called him an Antichrist. This Awareness indicates that his further deeds and actions, taking war to many lands, contributed also to those arguments that he was an Antichrist. Of course, those who know of Adolf Hitler, realize he was a manic/depressive who had psychotic tendencies an was basically mentally sick and not actually a greatly intelligent person. He was not really an Antichrist so much as a mentally insane person trying to run the country with megalomaniacal dreams of world conquest. The New Antichrist a World Puppet This Awareness indicates the new Antichrist will be much more sophisticated than either of these, and his influence will be smoother and more well-controlled. He will not necessarily be the power behind the throne; there will be other powers behind him that are truly pulling the strings. He will be a world puppet playing the role of an extremely sophisticated world leader. This Awareness indicates it will also be at a time when the number system and marking system on individuals has been introduced. A world currency will also be introduced and money in the world currency backed by gold will be promoted at that time, so that this entity will accompany the development of the world economic system and New World Order and control of nations. This Awareness indicates however as previously suggested, the United States Russia and Canada appear to be unwilling to accept this and eventually will bring down his power. WHAT CAN YOU SAY TO AN ATHEIST TO HELP EXPAND HIS AWARENESS? (How to Define a God You Don't Believe In) QUESTION: Another question from S.K. "What can one say to an atheist to expand his awareness? What questions might one ask him?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness suggests that you may ask them to define what they mean by "God," when they say they do not believe in "God." Ask them what it is that gives them the faith to be an atheist, and how they justify that faith. This Awareness suggests you ask them if they do not believe in God, what is it that is the cause behind existence, and what name do they give that cause? This Awareness indicates that you ask them if they are aware of a cause behind existence; that something has caused existence, then whatever they name it, under whatever name, could they simply be speaking a different language and mean by the same thing, that which others mean when they speak of God. This Awareness indicates that in most cases they have this definition of God as being a little white-haired man sitting somewhere up in the sky and they don't believe in that concept. This Awareness indicates that most entities who are religious do not accept that concept either. This Awareness suggests you may ask them if there is any way they could perceive of themselves living in a universe that is vibrating in all levels throughout the universe at different frequencies in an electromagnetic scale, where those higher frequencies are called "God" or spiritual, and where those higher frequencies might resonate to levels of consciousness. And, if they can conceive of that possibility, you might ask them if it is conceivable that those higher levels of consciousness could also contain frequencies that are associated with love and that those frequencies might permeate and penetrate everything in the universe on such levels that create life and love throughout the universe, and if this were true in terms of physics, could it be put into spiritual terminology to describe it for another culture as being the energies of the Creator, or as consciousness in action? This Awareness indicates that some entities, even scientists, do not acknowledge the existence of consciousness, but they might acknowledge the existence of ultra-frequencies or ultra-high frequency vibrations and thus, by showing these to be connected to concepts of consciousness, one may theoretically present a theory or potentiality that the universe is alive and conscious and that the living universe can be called "George" or can be called "Homer," or can be called "God," depending on what culture or particular language an entity wishes to attribute in his or her labeling of that phenomenon. This Awareness indicates the first thing you must do is to ask them to define the "God" they don't believe in, for usually you will find that their definition of "God" is that which is a childish version of what entities perceive as a God. It is usually the version that a child is used to visualizing. WHAT TO SAY TO A WOULD-BE SUICIDE (What Happens When you Pretend Suicide?) QUESTION: One last question, this from S.K. also. "What can one say to a 'non- believer' in a spiritual life to keep them from committing suicide?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness suggests that you may present an argument to these entities that, "Sure, anyone can die. Anyone can commit suicide, but what is the reason for the suicide, except to escape from something you do not like in this existence, and why not simply pretend in your consciousness, in your mind, that you have killed yourself, and hang around to see what happens?" Thus, just giving up your control over life is enough. You don't have to give up your ability to view what happens after you have given up your control over life. This Awareness indicates that in giving up one's control over his or her life, by pretending in the mind that he or she has committed suicide and can no longer effect the outcome of anything, an entity then can simply let go and observe and see what happens as a result of their not being able to control anything anymore. They will see that life goes on and they will see that there are things of interest that they can respond to. In fact, they will recognize they have experienced a total ego death, by giving up their personal control over issues they wanted control over. The reason an entity would wish to kill themselves is because they cannot make life do what they want and they are willing to die to do so, but the dying does not make life do what they want. So they may as well simply let go of their control and watch to see what happens when life falls apart after their time of the death of their control. This Awareness indicates that it is a simple process and it changes the way entities look at life. This Awareness indicates they can, for example, visualize themselves driving off to a high mountain or cliff and imagine themselves jumping off and crashing on the rocks below, and then going to sleep, and waking up the next day knowing that they died last night and cannot do anything to make the world the way they want it to be. They simply have to accept it as it is. This Awareness indicates that, of course, these entities know that they have not really killed themselves, and they also know that they still could at some time in the future go ahead with their suicide plan, but meanwhile they may as well let go of their control and see what happens and accept the world as it is, and just experience observing for awhile. They will notice a great relief that they no longer have any controlling interest which is being thwarted by life. Very gradually, over periods of time, they may find that things start happening to bring them joy, pleasure, reward, recognition, or something of interest to study, to learn from, and they may find themselves getting back into life. They may find themselves making changes. If they died last week, why are they still doing this boring job? Why don't they simply quit? And then they find themselves making changes in their lives, quitting their job, taking on another that is more interesting, or going somewhere else and doing something different. This Awareness suggests you may give them the idea that instead of committing suicide, why don't you pretend you committed suicide and give yourself six months to live and see what you can do in that six months. Let go of the life you had, start over with a new life for six months or a year, or whatever time you determine. Most entities who talk of suicide are simply seeking to escape from the situation they find themselves in and they don't know quite how to extract themselves gracefully, except through suicide, which would make other people excuse them and feel remorseful about their particular situation and perhaps they want those entities to feel remorseful. This Awareness indicates that it is so final, when entities actually commit suicide and nothing can be done that can reverse the action. While the pretending of suicide to oneself, where one says, "All right, tonight I died. Now what happens? I want to see what happens. I shall go elsewhere. I shall do other things. I shall extract myself from this situation because I died from it.; I died to this situation. I am no longer part of it. Now what shall I do next?" This gives an entity a new lease on life, a new start, and allows the entity to look back on the situation from a distance, from a separate place in the same way that the entity might separate through actual death. He never has to return again to that situation, or, if he has reasons to return, he has still options left open that allow him to return to that situation, whereas through death, there are no options, when actual death occurs. You do not have the option to return to that situation. This Awareness indicates also, you can't lose by pretending to have died, while in actual death you can lose. In the pretending to have died, you have all of your options still available, including the opportunity to commit suicide in the future at some point, if that remains an option. But if you commit suicide now, and find yourself in a situation that is not to your liking, it is too late. You can't un-commit suicide, and you are stuck with whatever you are stuck with. And you have no way of knowing if it is truly the end of your existence or if it is only the beginning of some other equally difficult or more difficult existence. GOOD QUESTIONS: SEND IN SOME MORE! QUESTION: Thank you. Does Awareness have a closing message? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness appreciates the questions asked in this reading. These have all been very good questions, good topics for discussion and for thinking about. This Awareness indicates that It requests that other entities also seek to formulate questions that may be sent along these and other lines, which have value to entities in their life styles, in their understanding of who they are, what they need, and where they may grow from answers that are not easily obtainable elsewhere. This Awareness indicates that it is good for a time to have questions that are related to personal interests and needs. Soon enough there will be those other issues that come forth which require turning the attention away from the personal and spiritual paths to the more critical levels. This Awareness indicates that for some time now, these questions have centered on conspiracies and other worldly realities. It is good to have questions during this lull, which allow entities to have something they can apply to themselves and to their own personal growth and development. (End of Reading; The Law of Gratitude is given.) ED's Note: Yes, please send in those questions now! For more information on suicide, please refer to "Revelations of Awareness" issues No. 79-29, A Special In-depth Report; $4.00 from CAC. 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