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Subject: Cosmic Awareness Issue 94-02 Dave Alexander -- S.P.I.R.A.L. Society for the Protection of Individual Rights and Liberties Minneapolis Chapter 94-02 (Issue No. 428) ----------------------------------- Find Out Who, |* REVELATIONS OF AWARENESS *| How Many Have In Fact, You |* The New Age Cosmic Newsletter *| You Served? And Really Are. ----------------------------------- How Well? Cosmic Awareness Communications Box 115, Olympia, Washington 98507 email: (E-mail subscription information, FTP information and SnailMail hard copy information available at end of this file) "Helping People Become Aware Since 1977." ----------------------------------------------------------------- REVELATIONS OF AWARENESS is a cosmic newsletter, published by Cosmic Awareness Communications, Box 115, Olympia, WA 98507, a not-for- profit organization. Copyright 1993 by Cosmic Awareness Communications and the Aquarian Church of Universal Service. Reproduction is permitted, but no alterations may be made without express permission. ----------------------------------------------------------------- COSMIC AWARENESS is the Force that expressed Itself through Jesus of Nazareth, the Buddha, Krishna, Mohammed and other great avatars who served as "Channels" for the "Heavenly Father" and expresses itself once again as the world begins to enter the New Age of spiritual consciousness and awareness. This information is for those who desire to help in bringing in the New Age. Throughout the thousands of "readings" given, Cosmic Awareness tells us not to *believe* anything, not even Itself, but to question, explore, doubt, and discover through your own channel what the truth really is. Cosmic Awareness will only "indicate" and "suggest." Neither CAC or the Interpreter is responsible for anything Cosmic Awareness states in any of these readings, nor does CAC or the Interpreter necessarily agree with the statements of Cosmic Awareness. The Interpreter interprets the energies as they are seen in trance levels and are not personally responsible for what is said. The Interpreter has no connection with, nor control over the editorial comments, which are entirely the responsibility of the editor. Paul Shockley, Interpreter Avaton, C.A.C Editor Alex, OCR'er and NetPoster Vikki T., Office Manager ------------------------------------------------------------------------ IN THIS ISSUE: HOW THE MESSAGES OF COSMIC AWARENESS HAVE INFLUENCED OUR WORLD AND SOCIETY; Believe it Or Not, Society is More Tolerant and Accepting; More Choices: Some Good, Some Bad; Terms and Concepts the Awareness Movement Created; The Reconciliation of Yes and No Has Occurred; Awareness First Spoke Through Ralph Duby 30 Years Ago; Why Many Negative Awareness Warnings Never Occurred; A War of Information is Occurring; You Are the Founding Fathers of the Future Generations; Does the Proposed Health Care System Pose a Threat?; The New World Order Chugs Slowly Along; Why Your Voice Today is So Important; Will the Global Planners Control Our Minds?; How These Arrogant Planners Manipulate the Masses; How the Polluters Took Over One Environmental Group; Watch National Rifle Association Very Carefully; How General Electric Conned Northwest Environmental Groups; Is the Hundredth Monkey Point Near?; What If Awareness is Double-Crossing Humanity?; Is CAC Being Cleverly Manipulated?; Has Awareness Erred in Its Presentation?; The Ant-Hill Mentality is Not for Humans; Nazi Tactics Being Used to Track Aliens; A Preview of Things to Come if Not Stopped Now; Sinister Uses for a National Identity Card; The Role of "Civil Servant" Needs Redefining; Remember, You're the Boss -- They Work for You!; How to Understand What Consciousness Is; The Bardo States of Consciousness; Entities Can Never Cease to Exist; Entities Can Become One With God at Anytime; Do We All Get Together After Passing Over and Reminisce and Reflect on the Past Lifetime?; Carrying Attachments Into the Next Experience; The Word "Attachment" is Defined; Across the Crowded Room...Their Eyes Suddenly Meet; Does This Relate to a Previous Lifetime?; The Pursuit of Women by Would-Be Lovers; Vikki's "Service" In the Temple of Isis Comes Home to Roost; The Story of Rhyee and Isis; In Pursuit of the Holy Grail -- Red Knighting; Between Lifetimes, How Are Trips Planned?; How People Get Together to Perform a Mission; What Form Are We In Between Lifetimes?; How Some People Get Together in Spite of Distance; Will Earth Changes Set Back New World Order?; Martial Law Declared by Abe Lincoln is Still in Force; Is the "White Brotherhood" Part of the New World Order?; The So-Called "Spiritual Hierarchy" of the So-Called "Great White Brotherhood"; To Ask About the "Spiritual Hierarchy" is Like Asking What Luke Skywalker Had For Breakfast; Another Conspiracy: Who Really Owns the Railroad Rights of Way?; That Underground Base in Albuquerque; Is the "Germ" Theory Correct?; Visualize Your Body Being Cleaned Out; How to Deal With Uncooperative Children or Spouse; The Importance of Caring About Their Wishes and Their Feelings; Dealing With an Angry Spouse or Child; How to Handle the Child that Wants Something; A Child Never Forgets Its Treatment by Parents; Learn to Give Love and Respect to Others. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ HOW THE MESSAGES OF COSMIC AWARENESS HAVE INFLUENCED OUR WORLD AND SOCIETY Believe it Or Not, Society is More Tolerant and Accepting C.A.C. General Reading, November 1, 1993 OPENING MESSAGE: This Awareness indicates that when entities look at their world and feel that nothing much is changing, except that things are getting worse, this Awareness wishes to point out that over the past several decades, while some areas have become worse in terms of being less civilized in your society, there are also certain areas in which the society has become much more tolerant in terms of accepting and caring about members of the society. This Awareness indicates that there was a time in which differences were intolerable, now there are many situations in which differences are accepted without much thought. This Awareness indicates that there are still of course those racial prejudices that some entities hold. There are prejudices in regard to the differences between the sexes, and there are prejudices relating to children and to nationality and to religion. There are of course, many other types of prejudices, where entities are not yet tolerant of one another. This Awareness indicates however, that in a general sense, there has been some change that has occurred in this area, and many entities who are walking around today would have been totally alienated in a society of the 1950s. This Awareness indicates that there has been considerable influence in regard to the rights of entities to think and speak in ways that are quite different from that which was acceptable and tolerated in the 1950s. This Awareness indicates that the fact that entities have more freedom to express themselves today is that which is both a blessing and in some cases, a crisis, because the expressions of some entities spill out into the lives of others and offend them. Therefore, what is sometimes seen as gain by one group is seen as a loss by another. An entity may have the right to express himself in certain types of language or certain types of behavior, but another group may suffer from this same freedom as their own space is interrupted by the expression of another. This Awareness indicates however, there are changes that are occurring, and in many levels, these changes are benefiting many entities, along with those changes that are detrimental to many entities. Of course, the drug scene, the violence has increased. This Awareness indicates that these things of course are detrimental to entities. There are also areas in which material written and presented to the public that was once forbidden is now available, and in some cases, this is to the benefit of humanity, particularly in regard to the rights of entities to learn more about their own health-care, to learn more about the religions and beliefs and philosophies of others whose culture or religion is different from that of the mainstream. Therefore, entities now have opportunities to study other types of philosophical and religious material. This Awareness indicates that in the 1950s, you could not find certain types of religious and philosophical material that is available today to entities. This Awareness indicates that because information is more available today, entities have a greater selection, and having a greater selection, allows them the benefits of more choices as to what to read, as to what to purchase, and these things, for good or ill, are generally a sign of a society that is more tolerant and accepting. This Awareness indicates that, of course, there are some who would prefer to role back the clocks to a time wherein everything was dictated by church and state and entities had fewer choices. This Awareness indicates that fortunately, this is not the situation. Unfortunately, there may be too many things offered, too many options, too many choices, and in some choices, the choices offered are to the detriment of humanity. More Choices: Some Good, Some Bad This Awareness indicates that nevertheless, the times have changed. Entities have more choices, and it becomes imperative that entities with all these choices develop certain values to help them decide what choice they shall partake in, for there are many things that are detrimental to them that were unavailable in times past, but which now present themselves as possible choices for involving in one's life. There are even choices in movies and in television shows that can be detrimental to entities and therefore, entities need to decide what is proper and improper for them so that they are not simply partaking in everything that comes their way, whether poisonous or beneficial. If entities can develop a recognition that they wish to incorporate as their own personal set of values, they can then weed out those areas of choice that are no longer of benefit to them or which would be disruptive to their purpose and direction. This Awareness indicates that being tolerant, one needs to recognize that what you tolerate is what you become, and therefore, you need to recognize the limits of your toleration, as to how far you will tolerate your own involvement in something. It is one thing to tolerate the expression of another; it is quite another to tolerate such expression to the point where you begin to express it also. This Awareness indicates that all these things need to be looked at and considered in this modern era, wherein too much is available to everyone, and your choices have to be limited to that which you can accept as part of your own personal value system. This Awareness indicates that It has, for quite some time, given information to entities and over the years, this information has gradually spread throughout society in such a way that an effect has come upon society that is far beyond that which entities recognize as having come from this Awareness. This Awareness indicates that just recently, sports programs have been talking about the concept of "energizing." One of the coaches used the term "energizing" and the sports broadcasters began talking of this use of the term "energizing" as though it were a new word introduced into consciousness, and it was new in the realm of sports. This Awareness indicates this term has been used in connection with the Awareness movement for more than 30 years, yet even in the realm of sports, it is now being used as a term to help simplify a process of action, and the coach speaking of energizing his player. Terms and Concepts the Awareness Movement Created This Awareness indicates that there are many other ways and terms that are being lifted from these readings at various times, in various ways, whereby the writings of others using these terms begins to have an effect, perhaps in very subtle and minuscule ways. For example, a doctor's paper recently circulated for the discussion of the World Peace University and many entities said that it was written beyond their understanding. They could not comprehend certain of the terms the entity used. This Awareness indicates that one of the terms being used as "reflective." The entity spoke of the action of entities in their world as being "reflective" of the world about them and how it allowed them to affect their world. This was different, he explained, from the word "reactive," and after considerable discussion, someone who had been familiar with the Awareness readings from the past, suggested that perhaps he was speaking of "co-creative action." The entity look and said, "Yes, that's the term we need," and thus, his dissertation contains the term "co-creative." This Awareness indicates that the terms, the words used, the concepts that have been circulating within these Awareness messages and readings and throughout the movement generally, slowly get through, and pop up here and there in areas totally unrelated and outside of the Awareness Movement itself. This Awareness indicates there have been examples where politicians of the past have used certain of these terms that were used in these Awareness readings, so that gradually the concepts, the words begin to creep into the collective consciousness of humanity. This Awareness indicates that likewise, with the introduction of these terms, certain concepts are introduced into the collective consciousness and these concepts begin to have their effect on the collective consciousness, and the effect in some cases has made for considerable change in the otherwise direction of human experience. Had it not been for these alterations to collective consciousness, there is no clear telling as to which way consciousness would have gone during these many years of the Cold War and the movement of entities toward their pursuit of power. The Reconciliation of Yes and No Has Occurred This Awareness indicates that the reconciliation of Yes and No as that which has had its own particular influence in the collective consciousness, to help bring about certain of the new realizations regarding the diffusion of polarities. and though this may not be clearly drawn out in the press, in your society's speeches and discussions, the reconciliation of Yes and No and the diminishing of polarities has occurred somewhat, and it has had an effect in diminishing the potential for greater conflict. This Awareness indicates that as these concepts continue to spread, even though they may only appear to spread from one person to another, occasionally it pops up through some writings that are seen by many, or through some movie or through some discussion that is witnessed by a large number of people, and the terms and concepts spread leap by leap, inch by inch, word by word, or speech by speech, so that more and more people are getting into the abstract awareness of terms and concepts and ideas that help to bring about the new reality, the new being. This Awareness indicates that it appears that these changes are so subtle, are so insignificant in their individual moments that the effect is unnoticed, except in terms of long term alteration to the direction of humanity, the direction of humanity being nudged and influenced in its movement, has changed course over the past 30 years since this Awareness first spoke through Ralph Duby as of this Thanksgiving day. Awareness First Spoke Through Ralph Duby 30 Years Ago This Awareness indicates that on Thanksgiving day in 1963, this Awareness first spoke through Dr. Ralph Duby. It is now 30 years later. The course and direction of humanity has changed considerably, part of it because of these messages that have come through the various Interpreters. Part of it has come because the messages have been relayed by those who read, have been passed on by those who comprehend the messages from this Awareness. This Awareness indicates of course there are also others who were not familiar with these particular readings but who were capable of tuning in to this Awareness in their own way and changing their consciousness, changing their mind, and in so doing, spreading different concepts that changed the minds of others so that gradually, over years, the direction of humanity has made its change in its otherwise course and direction. Why Many Negative Awareness Warnings Never Occurred This Awareness indicates that even though this Awareness has warned of many negativities that were pressing in on humanity, many of these negativities have not manifested because the very nature of the warning, much like road signs along a highway, helped to cause the caution, helped to bring about a warning so that entities became alert and aware and watched carefully in the direction of movement and in many cases, avoided calamity by being forewarned. This Awareness indicates this continues, and while this Awareness has warned about the dangers of the New World Order and the various parts that are leading to this, this Awareness also sees that there are subtle changes occurring already and that many of these changes are taking place even on the daily news whereby that which six months ago was almost a certainty now becomes a struggle as to whether or not it will succeed, and the question of whether it will succeed may bear greatly on the general and total outcome of the manifestation of the so-called New World Order. This Awareness indicates that entities should not despair, for there are enormous numbers of people whose interests lie in preserving the good life for each other, and those who would enslave the masses are very few, and though they may have many who work for them, most who work for them do so more out of fear than out of desire. They do not desire to enslave their fellow associates, but will do so because they are afraid that if they do not, they themselves will suffer greater ills. This Awareness indicates that gradually, as the masses awaken, they begin to recognize who their true enemies and oppressors are, and as these masses awaken, those who reside in positions in between will come to recognize the power of the masses as being greater than that of the masters, and their allegiance will change, not to support the masters, but to work for the masses. This Awareness indicates that therefore, it does appear, although it is perhaps too early to say, it does appear that the masses in the end, will remain in charge and regain the power that has been designated to them by the Constitution, and those who would destroy the Constitution and enslave the masses will be out of luck, and will have exposed themselves for what they are. A War of Information is Occurring This Awareness indicates that it does appear that this should not be construed as telling entities that they can forget it and relax, that all is well, for all is not well yet. You are involved in a war of information; it is not as of yet a shooting war. It may never become a shooting war, for the information that is spread to awaken the masses may be sufficient to ward off any shooting war, and to keep the masses free from oppression. This Awareness indicates changes occur, decade after decade. They occur so slow and so subtly, that sometimes entities are not even aware of the changes until they look back over months, years or decades and see how much has occurred in the way of change. This Awareness indicates that entities should not be discouraged, should not be depressed by the continual threats of conquest by those who would subjugate the masses, for this has always gone on in humanity, but there are always those thrilling moments and pages in history where entities have thrown off the yoke of oppression and found moments, glory and freedom and expression, and these have grown more and more frequent as the centuries have passed. You Are the Founding Fathers of the Future Generations This Awareness indicates that the threat is one thing, and needs to be observed and needs to be given attention, but a threat, while it may continue to exist, does not necessarily result in oppression. The resulting oppression is that which comes when entities do not heed or watch and become aware of the threats. Therefore, this Awareness suggests that you continue to be awakened and alarmed, but you appreciate the moments wherein you are free, and use those moments to help preserve future freedom, to help defuse that threat that might otherwise impinge on your future. This Awareness indicates that you think not only of your own freedom, but also of the freedom of your children and the future generations, for you are the founding fathers of the future generations. You are the heroes of tomorrow's generations, and if you fail these future generations, these children of your children may curse you and rightly so. This Awareness indicates that it is very important for entities to be aware of dangers and threats to the freedom and security of their own and future generations, and to do what is within their own power to make sure that these freedoms are passed from generation to generation; that every moment there are entities who would deny these freedoms, who would seek to gain their own power and freedom at the expense of others. This Awareness suggests that in truth, no one is free until all are free, but these entities do not understand, and they seek to gain more freedom for themselves by denying freedom to others. Therefore, this Awareness suggests you make sure that their excessive greed for power or personal freedom at the expense of others is not expressed in such a way as to deny your freedom and the freedom of your children and their children. This Awareness indicates that it is important for you to understand, when someone presents something that they say is good for you and your children, it is important to look at it and to question whether this is just another trick to deny your freedoms, or whether indeed it has something to offer your children, and your children's children. Does the Proposed Health Care System Pose a Threat? This Awareness indicates the question should be asked: "If the health care program requires that all citizens in the country have a health card, does this not constitute a national identity card? And is this not a way of tracking individuals, much like license plates on cars, and is this really the main purpose of this so-called health care plan that is being promoted with such fanfare?, or is this truly a humanitarian effort to make sure that everyone has proper health care?" This Awareness asks also: "Why does this health care plan force entities to have a choice only of the one particular type of medicine? Is there not a right for entities to have a choice of the types of medical help they wish? Where are the naturopathic, homeopathic, and chiropractic doctors in this health care plan? Where are those who have other desires for health care of an alternative nature? Must everyone come under the domain of the American Medical Association? Is this health care plan promoted by these entities or in their behalf?" There are many questions about this health care plan that need to be explored further, and fortunately, there are many entities now who are giving this another look, so that it is not going to be jammed down the throats of Americans without examination. The same appears to be happening to the North American Free Trade Agreement treaty. It is also being examined by many segments of society. These two programs, and no doubt many others, are part of the scenario for promoting the New World Order. The gun law efforts also being part of that program of imposing the New World Order on Americans and is likewise finding certain resistance from the masses. The New World Order Chugs Slowly Along All of these things together suggest that the New World Order isn't coming in like a blazing locomotive, but is chugging very slowly and having considerable difficulty in reaching its destination. Perhaps this is a good sign that it is being examined carefully from a lot of different angles so that it does not simply push out the Constitution and impose itself without the masses having any idea of what is going on. This Awareness indicates it does appear that there is some growing resistance to the idea of simply allowing a New World Order to seat itself upon the laps of the masses without their invitation and understanding of what is happening. This Awareness indicates the very act of people questioning: "What's going on here anyway?" is an act of preserving freedom. For if you ask the questions and seek to find out, you are not as likely to become victims of some kind of disguised intrusion into your lives by someone or something that has ulterior purposes. There is no harm at this time of asking: "What is this all about?" There is no harm in examining, but come tomorrow or days ahead, these questions may be forbidden, even as they were once forbidden in Poland and behind the Iron Curtain in many of the other countries where you could not question authority for it was forbidden, and you had to simply obey or be exterminated. This Awareness indicates you still have freedoms because of the Constitution that is law of the land, because of the customs of the land, of the nation, of the culture. Are you yet so willing to risk these freedoms to try something different simply because some authorities advocate a New World Order with rousing voices and flags of hope? This Awareness indicates these hopes, the flags, these rousing voices may all be part of the slick advertisement of those who would oppress and steal your freedoms and enslave you under their New World Order. This Awareness suggests you ask yourself: "What indeed is this New World Order? Is it not or is it perhaps the same thing as the old world efforts of a few to gain control of the many? For if it is, we have heard this tune many times before, and it is no different from many of the old world orders that have existed down through history, except today it is larger in scope and may have more subtle methods of reaching its goal." Why Your Voice Today is So Important This Awareness indicates that if it were possible for this Awareness to encourage entities to think for themselves without telling them or suggesting to them a line of thought, It would surely do so, but it appears that most entities want someone or something to direct their thinking and thus, this Awareness must make suggestions from time to time regarding certain ideas and concepts so that entities are not afraid to turn their eyes in a different direction to question something from a different view. This Awareness indicates it would be so much easier for entities to go along with the authorities on everything that is promoted for there is then no threat of resistance or counter-action. This Awareness indicates however, entities who go along to get along too often find themselves ensnared in the slaughterhouse, in the dark room of enslavement, in gas chambers, imprisonment, entrapment, and this has been so throughout the history of humanity. This Awareness warns entities not to go along just to get along, without being aware of the potential dangers involved in your action, for sometimes a stitch in time can alter the outcome and if you are so bent on going along to get along, you may miss an opportunity to take that stitch, to take that move, to give that action, that effort to alter, where the leverage is available, to alter the course of history, for there are moments when a little leverage here, a little information there, can change the course of future history. This Awareness indicates that if the energy isn't given, if the leverage isn't used, the movement is not altered, and those making the plans to enslave you and your family and your children's children may have their opportunity because you missed yours. This Awareness indicates that It only asks entities to become more and more aware of what is happening in their world, for in that awareness, they will take the right actions in accordance with their level of comprehension and awareness. As you become aware, you act in accordance with your levels of awareness, and in making others aware, they too act in accordance with their levels of awareness, and the spreading of information at the right time can alter the entire direction of a movement, of an effort that may be for no good. This Awareness suggests that as previously indicated, this is a time wherein a war is occurring over the capture and containment of the souls of humanity and the war is being fought with ideas and concepts and information. It could, at a future time, include weapons, and the weapons may be used in the future to wipe out segments of society, if the ideas of today are not used properly in this battle for control of the minds of entities, for as entities seek to understand, they may turn to the wrong sources, if your voice isn't present, if your information isn't made available. This Awareness suggests that as you spread information, you spread opportunities for others to see a different side of the picture, for your information may be just what they need to understand the full scope of something they only suspected or wondered at and which they would have otherwise ignored, had it not been for the information you provide. Think not that you have nothing to say. This Awareness suggests that all ideas are part of the collective consciousness of humanity, and if your ideas are not spread, then there is a gap in collective consciousness of humanity, resulting in a degree of ignorance. WILL THE GLOBAL PLANNERS CONTROL OUR MINDS? (How These Arrogant Planners Manipulate the Masses) FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: With the many new choices today that Awareness mentioned are occurring compared with 20 or 30 years ago, I would assume that the more choices people have the more open their minds become and the mind, I would think, would be the first thing the Globalists would have to control, if they really wanted to enslave the people. So, if this is true, then isn't this trend detrimental to the Globalists and why aren't they doing something about it? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates they have had so many years of working with influencing the masses, and they are so comfortable with the idea that they can influence the masses of people with their tricks, their techniques, their ways of doing things, that they feel they have control of this entire situation. For example, they want something to happen for the masses to accept something, they simply create two sides for the argument and then create a fatal flaw in the argument on one side so that when that fatal flaw shows up, the entire argument appears to be in error and the entities select the other side, which the planners wanted selected in the first place. It is very common for them to create two people to represent the two sides of an argument, or two organizations and to let the one side that they wish to fall, have some sort of scandal or error in their expression so that the public turns against them, to accept the other argument, which the planners want accepted. This Awareness indicates that these entities have had many years and many successes in using this and other types of techniques for manipulating masses. Therefore, they have no fear that they can't control the masses when the time comes. The dangers are that the masses may let their interests reside in the hands of a global conspirator who is pretending to represent the masses but who is already in agreement with the oppressors to sell out at the last minute. Whereby the time is right, and entities are ready to choose, this entity who has promoted himself as a leader for the masses, will do something to show that he is erroneous, false, evil, or otherwise to be rejected, or that his program, his ideas are wrong, just at the right moment, so that all of the entities and energies focused on him will suddenly go and say: "I don't like him anymore. He's phony. His ideas are false. His program is wrong. I'll vote for the other.", and thus, the divided camp swings suddenly to the other side, with full promotion of the other's ideas and program. How the Polluters Took Over One Environmental Group This Awareness indicates that this is quite likely to occur in many of these situations that are being promoted and which appear to be in conflict with one another. This Awareness indicates it happened with the environmental movement in the 1970s, where there were many entities who were organized as environmental groups, but when it came time to create a serious and official organization representing the masses, the groups that were the most villainous in their pollution called all of these environmental groups together and in their discussions, created a new super-environmentalist organization that was sponsored largely by those who were guilty of the greater pollution. Thus, the great polluters formed their own environmentalist group and took aboard some of the others who had their own environmental agendas which were then scrapped, and in taking aboard these entities, giving them pay and jobs, they created an environmentalist department that was run by the corporations who were guilty of the greatest pollution, so they had control of the environmental organization that was then classed as the authority. Watch National Rifle Association Very Carefully This Awareness indicates that this same thing can happen today. The NRA, the National Rifle Association, has long been an opponent to the gun control laws. This Awareness warns entities to watch carefully, for it could, in the final moments of the situation suddenly turn and embrace the concepts and principles advocated by those who would disarm the masses. Or, it could simply present weak arguments, at a time when its arguments need to be strong, and thus, lose by losing face, and let the other side win. This Awareness indicates there are many ways by which under certain circumstances, the opposing forces can be manipulated, and in so doing, can manipulate the masses. This Awareness does not wish to imply or suggest that the NRA is in collusion with these forces that would disarm the masses, It is simply using this as an example and warning that entities should not fall for such an action, if it were to occur. HOW GENERAL ELECTRIC CONNED NORTHWEST ENVIRONMENTAL GROUPS FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: Which environmental organization is Awareness referring to? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates this especially was notable in the Northwest, relating to General Electric, which called forth for this meeting to set up a larger more official environmental control department, after many of the smaller environmentalist groups were objecting to General Electric's influence and poor environmental planning, especially regarding the Hanford nuclear plant. This Awareness indicates however, it also occurred in many other parts of the nation, wherein various environmental groups were manipulated into giving up their power and individualism to some larger environmental group or organization which was controlled by forces of a less environmentally conscious organization. The action of General Electric was to bring in many of the environmentalists into their staff to help work on their programs under a totally different name, an environmental group that was incorporated separately, but still influenced by entities from General Electric, thus giving General Electric the influence it needed over the environmentalists' efforts and causing the other smaller environmental groups to fade away as having little or no influence and the new environmentalist group as becoming more inactive in regard to the Trojan nuclear power plant. This Awareness indicates this is based on the principle that if you have an adversary and wish to defuse the adversary's power, you ask him to join your group, and you offer enough money to make it tempting. IS THE HUNDREDTH MONKEY POINT NEAR? QUESTION: In reference to the information that people are passing around to each other about the New World Order, are we getting anywhere near the point of the Hundredth Monkey point? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that this is in the affirmative; that there is the gradual awakening of consciousness. There is continuing suspicion in the minds of many and will be more and more questioning that will occur. This Awareness indicates of course you understand that the story of the Hundredth Monkey was not actually based on truth. It is simply a mythical story, a concept, but the idea is helpful in understanding certain principles. The principles being that if enough entities become aware of something, there comes a time when all of society catches on. It begins to spread like wildfire, at a certain point. WHAT IF AWARENESS IS DOUBLEQCROSSING HUMANITY? IS C.A.C. BEING CLEVERLY MANIPULATED? QUESTION: Two questions from D.L., Boston, Massachusetts. I'll read them both. I think Awareness has answered the first one, more or less. He says: "I have a question for Awareness. Does the super-rich conspiracy that wants to enslave us really have as much control over the destiny of the world as they think they do? Or have we reached a state in our evolution where we can turn the tables and transform a One World Movement and religion into something good? Isn't this a point that Awareness has repeatedly tried to slip between the lines of alarmist rhetoric? Maybe this is several questions, because I want to ask: If you were the agent of forces opposing the unity of humanity, wouldn't it be very clever of you, the generic you, not specifically Awareness, to spread sinister rumors so that the very instrument of unification, such as the One World Government, capable of spreading peace and a One World Religion, ending religious persecution, are regarded with horror by many underground conspiracy groups and fundamentalist religions?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that indeed there would be nothing better for humanity than to have a unified world, wherein all people enjoyed the benefits of a free society, of a society as guaranteed by the principles similar to those of the Constitution: the rights of humans to exist under certain beneficial situations and to have their freedoms to choose various things that are harmful to no other, and beneficial to themselves, if they so choose. This Awareness indicates however, that is not recognized in the principles promoted by the so-called New World Order. There is that Tugwell Constitution that was formulated in Chicago and Santa Barbara, some 30 years ago which still haunts the future as a kind of potential threat, as a replacement of your Constitution for the people, of the people, and by the people, which would impose a kind of tyrannical control over the people, if it did indeed replace your Constitution. And it is still being promoted as an alternative. And there are still discussions and threats that the U.S. Constitution should be abandoned, is no longer fit for a modern society, etc., and there is the United Nations charter and the promotion of certain principles of the UN which require governments to surrender their autonomy. This Awareness indicates that in surrendering the autonomy of your government, you would do away with your Constitution and accept the rules of the United Nations, and the rules of the United Nations do not have the same guarantees of individual rights that are available in your Constitution. This Awareness indicates that if you wish to trust your life to the hands of ultra-rich families who have shown in the past that they are willing to start wars over oil, or over business or for the increase of business through their munitions factories, if you are willing to turn your lives over to these entities then you might appreciate the New World Order. This Awareness indicates that if these entities promise you that there will be no more wars if you turn your life over to them, you also might appreciate certain groups and cults that would ask you to turn over your home to them in exchange for protection from their group and cult, for these are the same principles. When entities ask others to turn over their rights, their properties, their lives, and to trust them, and in trusting them, to surrender everything, you are really taking a chance. Has Awareness Erred in Its Presentation? This Awareness indicates that if this Awareness has led you to think It is promoting separateness by warning about this New World Order, It has erred in Its presentation. for this Awareness has always promoted unity, and warned against separateness. But this Awareness has also recognized that unity can only exist when two forces or more unite, not when one rules the other, for unity is not based on vertical controls of higher forces over others underneath. It is based on a relationship on a horizontal level in terms of two entities who relate clearly to each other. This Awareness indicates also that even children should be treated with the respect that is due an adult, in accordance with the ability of the child to respond to the expectations of the associate. Thus, if a child is incapable of responsibility, then the entity does not give the child that responsibility. If a child is incapable of handling a degree of freedom, the entity does not give the child that freedom, but this does not mean the entity is lording over the child any more than it means a case worker is a guard over a retarded client or ward. The case worker is simply protecting the ward. The entity who has certain circumstances in relation to a child is protective of the child, in denying the child ammunition or circumstances that would be harmful to the child. It does not mean that the case worker or the person watching the child should see himself as ruler over the child. The baby- sitter assists the child, works with the child, protects the child, and keeps the child from doing things that would be harmful to it, or to others. It is the same thing with the police in a society. The police are there to protect the people, to assist them, to keep them from harming themselves or others. They are not there to show who's boss. They are not there to promote the idea that they are superior and the people are inferior. That is not the purpose of the police in a healthy society. This Awareness indicates thus, unity between entities has to do with agreement, has to do with recognition of capacity of individuals and duties in regard to that capacity and the roles which entities are to play without the addition of the concept of superiority and inferiority being part of the role-playing. Thus, this Awareness does not advocate unity based on sadomasochistic controls, does not advocate that you can have unity when one person owns or possesses or controls another at the expense of that other's rights and capacities. If an entity is capable of controlling himself, he does not need someone else controlling him or her. This Awareness indicates that in this sense, the New World Order, if it is set up as a controlling factor over the masses, to keep them subjugated, in order for the few who are in control to have the greater benefits from the labor of the masses; this is not what this Awareness perceives as unity, even if it is entirely peaceful, because the masses are so deeply enslaved and controlled. The Ant-Hill Mentality is Not for Humans This Awareness indicates that if you had a complete society of ants or humans, wherein the queen ruled and the other slave-ants worked, this Awareness would not consider this as perfect unity, even if everything worked in a kind of mechanical precision. Instead, this Awareness would see it as a master/slave organization which needs to be rearranged, whereby a more horizontal relation ship occurs between all those involved. This Awareness indicates that if the ants had the right to elect their queen and all had the right to choose their positions in the culture according to their abilities, this would be a more free society, but wherein the ants are subjugated to certain positions from birth, are relegated to certain activities and are put in a lower and a higher status, this is not seen as a free society to this Awareness. This Awareness indicates that It does not want to see humans subjected to the ant-hill mentality, especially after they have already shown themselves capable of a more horizontal type of civilization wherein individuality and co-creativeness and cooperation are possible. This Awareness indicates that even if the organization itself suffers, where human dignity is empowered, this Awareness would prefer to see that human dignity empowered at the expense of the organization. This Awareness indicates therefore, It does not get goose-bumps or thrills from the concept of the New World Order as it is presently promoted. NAZI TACTICS BEING USED TO TRACK ALIENS (A Preview of Things to Come if Not Stopped Now) QUESTION: Vikki received a letter today from her Congress lady who mentioned she was sponsoring a Bill, among other things, that would create some kind of an electronic ID card for aliens, particularly aliens from Mexico. The purpose of this, she says, is to eliminate the illegal aliens because there are so many of them in the country, and you can track them this way. What does Awareness see in relation to this? If this is put through, is this more of the type of tracking device to come? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that this is already in use in California and Arizona. It appears that the idea may have originally had limited purpose, but that it opens the door for expansion into the creation of an ID card for other entities also, so that eventually all entities may be required to have ID cards. This Awareness indicates of course, this becomes similar to that which occurred in Nazi Germany, wherein everyone needed to be identified or to have identification papers with them, which then makes it impossible for entities to have any sense of true freedom. Sinister Uses for a National Identity Card This Awareness indicates that it helps the law enforcement society to be able to know exactly who an entity is, and the argument can be set forth that if you have nothing to hide, what does it matter if they know who you are or not? This Awareness indicates that the only thing that might matter in such a case is if they decide that they want to rid the country of all Jews or all Christians, or all Anglo-Saxons, or all people earning a minimum wage, or all people who are not seen as productive enough, or all people over a certain age, they have the ability to do so by checking the ID cards of individuals and learning all they want to know about such entities. It also conditions the entities to move from an ID card to a chip in the hand without thinking of it as such a great difference. This Awareness indicates that the more control you give to the government over you as a citizen, the less control you as a citizen have. This Awareness indicates that instead of entities being willing to give up more and more control to the government, it should be the other way around. It should be that the citizen, the people, put more and more controls on the government, for the people are the real government, and those who work for the government in this country are supposed to be working for the people. This Awareness indicates that this is the ideal situation, and when the New World Order embraces this kind of concept for all other governments of the world, it will be an ideal concept to have a New World Order in which the bureaucracy works in behalf of, and for the people of the world. THE ROLE OF "CIVIL SERVANTS" NEEDS REDEFINING (Remember, You're the Boss -- They Work for You!) CLOSING MESSAGE: This Awareness indicates that the term of the civil servant as that which has been around for many decades, but the concept is that which hardly exists in reality. The civil servant generally thinks of himself as a bureaucratic demi-god. He has his little power seat, and the people come in to see him regarding something, and he immediately lets them know he is boss, and they are to take a number and wait until he is ready. This Awareness indicates that this concept of the civil servant needs to be redefined according to its original meaning, and needs to be reapplied to the bureaucratic demi-gods so that it covers their demi-god status and the are reminded that they are civil servants and they are there to help, and they are paid by the people who are their bosses, who are their employers, and when this begins to happen and entities begin to realize they are indeed the civil servants of others, and their purpose is to serve the masses, then the government will take on a new appearance and the people will begin to recognize their own empowerment and the value of the Constitution and the law of the land as having been something quite special, that needs to be preserved. This Awareness indicates that as entities begin to think of these government officials as civil servants rather than cringe when they come close to one, they will begin to give a different air or aura upon meeting with a civil servant so that they are no longer frightened of them. Why be frightened of a civil servant? This Awareness indicates however, the idea has been switched around so that entities being called in to see an official are always terrified or nervous or frightened in some way that the so-called civil servant will extract money from them or put them in a position inferior to where they are now, or will deny them something they need and are entitled to. This Awareness wishes entities to stop thinking so much of the bureaucrats as official authorities and think of them more as civil servants, and remind them, if necessary, who pays their salaries. Remind them that you can petition your fellow citizens to have them removed from office if they cannot fulfill their civil duties. This Awareness indicates that it is important of course to be respectful and fair in your dealings with civil servants, particularly those who recognize their job is to serve you and your fellow citizens. (End of Reading; The Law of Gratitude is given.) HOW TO UNDERSTAND WHAT CONSCIOUSNESS IS (CAC Genera] Reading, October 5, 1990) OPENING MESSAGE: This Awareness indicates that all is consciousness; that those things which appear to be tangible objects are also consciousness, moving in a slow motion form. This Awareness indicates that your physical bodies are comprised of consciousness moving in slow motion. The atoms that form material and tangible substances are consciousness moving in slow motion. This Awareness indicates that understanding this can help entities to have a greater feeling of security in regard their permanence, for to realize that the ultimate substance of the universe is consciousness, and from that substance, all things comes, and to that substance all things return, this allows entities to recognize their place in the Universe as being permanent in the level of consciousness. This Awareness indicates that in your Western world you have been taught that consciousness evolves out of matter through some kind of chemical reaction. This Awareness indicates that it is possible to look at reality with that perception and to assume that is the way things occurred, or, just as scientifically, rather than assuming matter existed first, and consciousness followed, is also possible to look at consciousness and recognize that matter is the creation of consciousness; just as occurs in one's dream, where forms appear that seem to have substance in reality within the dream. The Bardo States of Consciousness This Awareness indicates that within that which you call reality, there is the appearance of matter and substance, and if one can make a parallel with the dream, then they an recognize that the matter and substance creating images within the dream are self-contained within the dream and have no real existence outside of the dream. Likewise, in a parallel way, the reality that exists outside the dream only exists when entities are out of the dream state, and in that particular reality. This Awareness indicates that from the dream state, you cannot recognize the reality of what you term the real world. It is only by leaving the dream state that the real world comes into existence. Likewise, leaving the real world and entering the dream state, the dream state then becomes more real to you. This Awareness indicates that these are called Bardo states of consciousness, each being self-contained, a reality unto its own self, but not having a reality when viewed from a different Bardo state. This Awareness indicates that when within a particular state of consciousness, you experience a reality and a view of other states of consciousness without entering those states, appears to be unreal or hallucinatory, you begin to recognize that there is mental or consciousness involvement that is influencing what you term reality. This Awareness indicates so it is on all levels. Consciousness, and the perception of consciousness, is that which determines whether you are viewing reality or an illusion of reality. Your own perception in this sense, will indicate to you whether it is real or unreal, according to your perception. This does not mean that your perception is correct for everyone else. It may be correct for you in a subjective sense. Others may disagree when and if they perceive differently. This Awareness indicates that the collective perception in consciousness is that which dictates the collective reality that the masses perceive as being representative of reality. This Awareness indicates that what the masses perceive as reality may be of little consequence to the individual who is slipping from one dimension of reality into another and begins to perceive a new reality. This Awareness indicates that as entities slip into sleep, or pass through the door of life into another realm of existence, they are no longer interested in the collective reality of a previous existence. This Awareness indicates they are only concerned about the reality they perceive at the moment. This Awareness does wish entities to understand that reality, or that which you call reality, is subject to the laws of consciousness, and that consciousness is the ultimate state dictating what you experience. Entities Can Never Cease to Exist This Awareness indicates that entities cannot, in actuality, cease to exist. They only slip from one level of consciousness into another, and in their movement in consciousness, they may form a physical body, or an astral body, or a dream body, which they consider to be real within that particular state of consciousness. This Awareness indicates that understanding this, and realizing your permanence as a conscious being, helps to eliminate the fear and worry that might otherwise accompany an entity who believes himself merely to be a body with chemical reactions that create an animation within the nervous system, and causing what is termed a consciousness experience. This Awareness indicates that you are far more than chemical makeup. The consciousness itself endures. It is the vibration from which all things come. The highest frequencies in consciousness are the types or levels of consciousness that have been termed the Creator or God. Entities Can Become One With God at Anytime This Awareness indicates that all entities have at all times the ability to align themselves or attune themselves to those higher frequencies and be one with God, either from within the physical body, or after discarding or overcoming the physical body, such as an out-of-body experience. This Awareness indicates it is simply a matter of moving one's consciousness to identify with the universal, or the Universal Creative Consciousness, rather than one's personal consciousness. This Awareness suggests entities who wish to experience cosmic consciousness may simply surrender to the consciousness that is of the highest frequency within the universe. It does not mean that you will necessarily know all things at once. It does mean, however, that you will feel the feelings of universal consciousness, and that universality will be an experience in which you will find yourself attuned to the frequency of universal consciousness. This Awareness indicates from such frequency, you may then wish to explore and observe parts of the universe and in such observation you may attune to the part of the universe that interests you and have greater under standing of it from that level of consciousness. In this manner, you may read the energies of the part from the level of the whole. DO WE ALL GET TOGETHER AFTER PASSING OVER AND REMINISCE AND REFLECT ON THE LAST LIFETIME? (Carrying Attachments Into the Next Experience) FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: In reference to consciousness and memory, there's a rather widespread notion that entities who work together during a particular lifetime and go through all sorts of adventures and relationships and so forth, after the passing over, can all get together and maybe sit on a tree limb or something and laugh and joke and reflect on that lifetime, and how serious it seemed at the time, and see it in a different perspective. Is Awareness saying that basically this is wishful thinking; that after the passing over, this isn't what is possible? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness is not indicating the impossibility or unlikelihood of such attraction. This Awareness indicates on the contrary, this is quite common, that entities create identifications for their consciousness to attach to something in their experience, and those attachments can become quite strong. This Awareness indicates it can be a person, a thing, or an idea, and the entity can carry these attachments into other realms in their consciousness, just as they might be highly attached to their own name, and carry their name in their memory into another lifetime. This Awareness indicates that if their name is extremely important to them, it is not uncommon for entities to carry a name or some of the letters of the name with them when they go into another lifetime, and they may recall their name. If, on the other hand, their accomplishments and activities are extremely important to them, when they move into another lifetime, they may recall and carry with them the memory of what they have done. Thus, they may recall previous lifetimes from activities they have experienced in that lifetime, or accomplishments that they have completed in that lifetime. The Word "Attachment" is Defined This Awareness indicates that if their attachment is extremely strong to an individual, or to a group of entities, when they move into another lifetime, those energies of attachments may continue to search for the frequencies and vibrations with whom they are accustomed, and when or if those energies are then met in another realm or future life, the entity may gravitate quickly to that entity and form an alliance similar to those alliances and activities of previous incarnations with the entity. This Awareness indicates that attachments are essentially emotions of gravitation to bind entities together in a kind of harmony or, in some cases, karmic debt. This Awareness indicates the debt may or may not be clearly recalled, and in some cases it may not be a debt at all, it may be simply a matter of trust, but there is some kind of contract, spoken or unspoken, written or unwritten, perhaps only in an emotional sense, or perhaps from experiential events that have occurred, where these entities are bound together by some form of attachment, based on previous relationship together. This Awareness indicates that this attachment and the emotional feelings accompanying it, can carry over from lifetime to lifetime, sometimes through several lifetimes, until the entities come together again and work things out to break the attachments, or to allow each other to be free of these attachments. This Awareness indicates in some instances, the attachments are not so much to people, things, or ideas, but as to places, and an entity may reincarnate in a place, or reincarnate somewhere, and then gravitate to a place where he or she had lived in previous life time experiences. ACROSS THE CROWDED ROOM, THEIR EYES SUDDENLY MEET (Does This Relate to a Previous Lifetime?) FOLLOW-UP QUESTION (VIKKI): I've had two or three occasions where I have been in a room with a lot of people, and my eyes have met the eyes of someone I've never met before in this lifetime, (actually they've all been men), but in this case the eyes would meet, and there'd be a feeling like...almost like a bolt of lightning. this some sort of recognition from past life associations? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that this may be, or it may be a recognition of features of the individual that remind you of someone you know. This Awareness indicates that it is difficult to say that it is absolutely related to previous lifetime contact with the entity, for in some cases it may have been familiarity with eyes that resemble the eyes of someone else whom you feel an affinity toward or feel some kind of recognition toward. This Awareness indicates for example, an entity might look at someone and feel repulsion to that entity, even though they have never seen the entity before. It may not necessarily be from past life incarnations with the entity. It's possible that the entity has some feature that reminds the entity of someone who the entity does not like, and feels repulsed by, and thus because of familiarity or similarity in appearance, or certain features that are similar in appearance, an entity may have a first impression that also creates repulsion, for no known reason, or no apparent reason. This Awareness suggests however, that if and when you do have such recognition or feeling in regard to another, it may be beneficial to make further contact with the entity in order to pursue and determine whether there is something in common with the entity. This Awareness indicates that this can either confirm or dispel your suspicions in many cases, or you may gradually conclude that the entity simply reminds you of someone whom you knew and had almost forgotten. This Awareness indicates that often, if it is a person whom you have been with in previous lifetimes, and there is something yet to bring you together, either for resolving something or for completing something, usually such recognition is followed by further contacts with the entity, and usually relationships do continue and evolve from that first recognition. This Awareness indicates that most entities whom you meet, you have some kind of previous life contact with, or what may be termed karma for good or ill, through previous meetings. This Awareness indicates however, the degree of karma varies from individual to individual. It is not seen that every individual you meet in your lifetime is a karmic contact from the past, but most of those with whom you have strong dealings or activities will have at one time or another, at least crossed paths with you in previous lifetime experiences. THE PURSUIT OF WOMEN BY WOULD-BE LOVERS (Vikki's "Service" In the Temple of Isis Comes Home to Roost) FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: There have been a number of rather persistent men that attempt to come into Vikki's life over the years, even though she indicates she is not interested, and I always half jokingly tell Vikki that it was indicated in a reading at one time that she was in the Temple Beautiful at one time long ago. Is that a possibility, that there's a recognition for that sort of... COSMIC AWARENESS: This is in the affirmative. This Awareness indicates the entity also was in that which is called a Temple of Isis. In the Temple of Isis in the latter part of the Egyptian empire, this especially in and after the 4th Century B.C., in which this entity did have two different lifetimes in the Temple of Isis. There, the entity was part of an activity which, at the time, was condoned and fostered by the Egyptian government. It was different from prostitution, more like that of the Geisha girls, but it was specially designed for these entities in the Temple of Isis to help counsel and assist the men of the time to become more harmonized within themselves. For example, soldiers and men having great hostility might be sent or might choose to go to the Temple of Isis to be counseled and assisted by the women of the temple, in order that they could become more productive in their own being, and rid themselves of the imbalances in their psyche, such as perhaps anger or insecurities, or poor self- image, etc. This did not necessarily involve them in sexual relationships, although in some cases this might occur, but there was, in the counseling also, the expression of affection given by those in the Temple of Beauty, which, in the expression of affection toward the men, allowed them to feel them selves to be more complete and wholesome and lovable. The Story of Rhyee and Isis This Awareness indicates that it was more in terms of the true role of Isis. If you recall the concept of Rhyee and Isis as given earlier in the David Worcester readings, in which Rhyee was the first separateness, and represented the masculine energy, leaving the Godhead, going out on his own, and Isis, representing the female energy, was left alone, and then later decided to pursue Rhyee to bring him back into harmony with the Godhead. This Awareness indicates that the role of Isis was that which would help to modify separateness, and to bring about a feeling of oneness or unity with all things, and in the Temple of Isis, the purpose of the women in their position in the temple, was to help alleviate the feelings of separateness that led men to become combative and hostile and extreme in their expression of masculinity. In Pursuit of the Holy Grail -- Red Knighting This Awareness indicates that there is a book by Johnson called "He" and a book called "She," which relates to the story of Arthur and the knights of the Round Table, in which the writer describes a type of behavior known as Red Knighting. The Red Knighting is an action in which a young man, after having experienced, generally in his late teens, a feeling of bliss, then begins to pursue, and seeks to recapture that feeling of bliss, through various types of earthly pursuits that have more to do with ego needs than anything actually spiritual in nature. In the experience of bliss, it is referred to as the meaning of the Holy Grail. Wherein the young man experiences the bliss, he is essentially drinking of the Holy Grail of life. It may come in different ways, such as the beauty of a sunset, or the beauty of a young woman, or of a child, or of flowers in a field, of a breeze, or some other form of experience that lifts the entity's heart in a great wonder at the beauty of life. This is perhaps his first encounter with spiritual bliss. This Awareness indicates that it leaves him hungry for more. As he pursues this hunger, trying to satisfy it, he may then turn to other efforts, such as drink or drugs, or adventure, or the pursuit of women, or other forms of adventure: all of these are termed by the writer as Red Knighting, because the Red Knight went forth looking for the Holy Grail. This Awareness indicates that Red Knighting is a term he uses to describe men who go forth in their adventures, trying to prove something to themselves to satisfy their longing for spiritual fulfillment, even though they do not recognize that is what they really are after. They will pursue this need through drinking, through drugs, through fast cars, through the pursuit of women, or through the pursuit of great personal accomplishments, such as sports, adventures, or business deals. This Awareness indicates they are generally combative in nature, as with the Red Knight. This Awareness indicates that these entities often in their Red Knighting, go after someone whom they perceive to be pure and clear in purpose, and the pure and clear entity whom they choose will for them represent the Christ Consciousness, or the innocence and purity that they hold in high esteem, thus represented by Guinivere in the story of Arthur. This Awareness indicates that this in reference to her at an early age in the story. This Awareness indicates that these entities, in their pursuit of the innocence of the female, are attempting to satisfy that spiritual urge to grasp the Holy Grail. This Awareness indicates that the cup symbolizes the heart and the emotions, and the holiness of the Grail symbolizes that heart and emotions seeking something of purity to bring forth the fulfillment of one's spiritual need. This Awareness indicates that this need is seldom fulfilled by any of the actions the entity takes, and eventually the entity going forth and Red Knighting for a long enough period of time, comes back empty-handed, disillusioned, and then will begin to discover the real need in his life is that of a spiritual pursuit rather than a worldly pursuit. This generally occurs after the age of thirty-six. This Awareness indicates that as the entity then begins pursuing the spiritual quest, he may eventually discover that the Holy Grail is everywhere present, and it is there for him to take at will. It is there for everyone to share. lt is the spiritual essence that is everywhere present. This Awareness indicates that the explanation of this story has some bearing on the question asked, and the relationship that some entities develop in their quest and search for their place in life. By seeking to find that spiritual treasure in the quest for the Holy Grail, often they seek this through other people. ED's Note: The books "He" and "She" by Johnson are available from CAC. Please see Book Catalog Price Sheet. BETWEEN LIFETIMES, HOW ARE TRIPS PLANNED? (How People Get Together to Perform a Mission) QUESTION: In reference to all being consciousness, and particularly this idea of losing memory of a previous lifetime, I've never been able to put together how it is done between lifetimes, how they put together a particular trip, another lifetime that's coming up, all to get involved in a particular thing. For example, Vikki, the Interpreter, and myself; Awareness has indicated we've been together in at least one other lifetime, the George Fox and William Penn lifetime, in which we did certain things together, and in this lifetime, we're thrown together again, and I've always had the feeling that my getting into the Awareness Movement was no accident. But what I don't understand is in between lifetimes, did we as individuals, consciousness, see a need for coming down and having a relationship, working together for something like this, or was this accidental, or was it planned by the consciousness that takes care of all this? Could Awareness explain how this type of thing in between lifetimes is set up, so it all seems to come together at the right time in the next life experience? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates there is generally a lifetime in between physical incarnations on earth, in which entities live in other realms or on other planets, in this or in some other realm, and often the entities have another home planet which is their true home, and in that true home, they have many contacts and friends, and they may simply see this planet as a mission, such as that of a missionary going to a tour of duty, which one would call another lifetime on that planet. Between lifetimes on that planet or other planets, they return to their home planet. This Awareness indicates that in some cases, these home planets do not even have names; they might have numbers or have some kind of location or way of establishing placement. For example, it might be the 22nd or 23rd planet in the solar system of some particular constellation and there may not be names associated with the planet itself, but the entity still, as a soul, returns there between lifetimes, and many of his or her close associates may return there between lifetimes, and they, being missionaries, may plan future lifetimes together, so that they both end up on the same mission at the same time. This Awareness indicates there are other ways whereby entities plan lifetimes based on debts they owe and activities or things they need to develop or learn, for their own soul growth, and may choose a planet or place of birth according to what is necessary for their development. It all depends on the individual's personal intention or needs. This Awareness indicates that some entities do not have a clear understanding of their needs, and will be assisted by those who are more knowledgeable, helped to pick the right time and place of birth, according to their needs, and they may be even helped in selecting their parents for that birth, in accordance with their needs. The needs may be for them in terms of a need to learn, or in terms of a need to perform or accomplish something that they wish to accomplish. It depends on the individual as to why he or she is incarnating. This Awareness indicates that many of the people whom you meet are not from your home planet or realm, but have common purposes on earth, and you are drawn together by those common purposes. There are forces that draw entities together because of likeness and similarities in values, and there are forces that draw entities together because of differences, where the entity needs to understand things that are unfamiliar to them. Thus, some entities may be drawn to those who are of a similar nature, or have certain similarities, while also being drawn to other entities who are quite different, or have major differences with them. These differences are for the purpose of helping entities to tolerate or to learn from others. The similarities are generally for helping entities to have a kind of support, for those who are like you, tend to support you. Those who are different, tend to oppose you, and lead you to learn how to get along, or how to cope with adversities. Thus, it becomes a learning experience, when there are differences involved. WHAT FORM ARE WE IN BETWEEN LIFETIMES? QUESTION: On this home planet, in between lifetimes, when entities meet to discuss or plan another lifetime, what form are they in, or is it like a human form? COSMIC AWARENESS: Normally, entities retain their form from lifetime to lifetime, unless there is some artificial interference, such as has been briefly described in regard to certain events relating to alien transplanting of souls from body to body, in which case an entity who is of one form, and who may be transplanted into the body of a different life form, could establish a kind of identification with the second life form, so that the entity later, in identifying with that life form, continues in the next incarnation, wherein it is made possible to continue that same life form. This Awareness indicates it, of course, depends on what life forms are available for reincarnating. This Awareness indicates that in some instances, entities who have an obsession with a particular life form or type, may find themselves incarnating into that life form, because obsession with something is much like attachment. Thus, an entity who is extremely bigoted against a certain life form or race of people, might, because of that bigotry, have an attachment, a mental attachment so strong that he cannot get it out of his mind, and thus might find himself reincarnating in the form which he most detests. This Awareness indicates that this occurs frequently with entities who have extreme and fanatic hostilities against certain races. HOW SOME PEOPLE GOT TOGETHER IN SPITE OF DISTANCE QUESTION: In reference to the planning of the next lifetime, sometimes it seems that there was no planning at all. For example, the Interpreter was born in Oklahoma, and years later moves to Oregon. I was born and raised in Oregon, and years later I moved to Nebraska, and years after that, I move back to the West Coast, and eventually we got together. Incidentally, I found myself in Olympia, just 12 miles from where Vikki (and Ralph Duby) were born. Now, was this all accidental, coincidental, or was this all somehow planned that we would all get together at an appropriate time? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that you also have your spirit guides, or your higher selves, what may be termed your guardian angels, that help to move you from place to place in your lifetime once you have arrived. These aspects of your higher self, either as guides or guardian angels or your Higher Self Itself, are also in on the planning, and therefore you may perceive that there is a kind of overall guiding factor that leads you through these seeming coincidences. ED's Note: Although this reading goes into some personal areas of the CAC staff, we decided to print it because it greatly clarifies how entities can come together during a lifetime to do certain work or mission. And yes, I did consult Vikki before printing it. Her only response was to make sure you understood (particularly certain males out there who have written her before with various propositions), that her lifetimes in the Temple of Isis was long, long time ago, and "I don't do THAT anymore!" WILL EARTH CHANGES SET BACK NEW WORLD ORDER? (Martial Law Declared by Abe Lincoln is Still in Force!) QUESTION: Another question from P.L. "I read that the earth changes would assist the New World Order to come about. Is it possible that it could disrupt things for them in any way?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that it appears they have made contingency plans for any major earth changes so that they can utilize the event to effectively control people. For example, in the event of a major earthquake, they could throw up certain laws, rules or crowd and population control programs that will help them to gain a new degree of control which might otherwise not occur. For example, they may find that a crisis lets them circumvent rules or laws that are protected by Constitutional principles so that they break the Constitution by following the procedures in the activity of a guise of helping out in a crisis. The emergency acts often set aside laws and once a law is set aside for an emergency, it may be left sitting aside. For example, Abraham Lincoln declared martial law during the Civil War. Martial law has not been lifted yet from his declaration of martial law, over a hundred years ago. This Awareness indicates that any time entities in power want to do something that is illegal under the Constitution, they simply go ahead with it under the principle of the martial law declared by Lincoln. That is how the Executive Orders are presented. They are Executive Orders based on a martial law that has not been lifted. This is also referred to as admiralty law. IS THE "WHITE BROTHERHOOD" PART OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER? QUESTION: Another question from this entity: "The White Brotherhood has long been looked upon as evolved benevolent beings who have chosen to help our solar system and its inhabitants evolve. Some say they too are a part of the conspiracy. Is this true?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates there is a question as to whether the so-called White Brotherhood, as presented historically, even exists as an organization. There is of course, the so called White Brotherhood which formed in recent years but there is a question as to whether this dates back in history or whether it is simply a concept such as the idea of the Magi being an historical group of people stemming from the time of the Three Magi. There is also an Essene group today, but their roots, which they claim date back to the time of Christ did not grow during that time in between. There were no roots from the Essene time of Christ to the present time, or present community. This Awareness indicates that it is like forming a society of Pharaohs and claiming that your society stems back to the time of the ancient Egyptian Pharaohs. It becomes hard for anyone to prove it doesn't, but you, of course, cannot prove it does reach back to that time. Thus, you do not want to make the claim because if you make the claim you may be asked to prove your claim but if an entity says: "We are the White Brotherhood!", and entities read that the White Brotherhood dates back to the Caucuses Mountains and to the time when entities moved from there down into Egypt, prior to the flood, and that in Egypt they worked as a force to civilize the world; if one reads this and it is called the White Brotherhood, and some group is now incorporated as the White Brotherhood, the implication is that they are the same and that they have existed for these thousands of years down to the current "White Brotherhood, Incorporated," or whatever name they use in present time. This Awareness indicates that essentially, the question is: "Is the White Brotherhood part of the New World Order, or are they contributing to the New World Order?" This Awareness indicates that it appears that these entities who call themselves the White Brotherhood, are basically an independent group. They may support the New World Order, just as an individual is independent but may choose to support the New World Order or may choose not to. This Awareness does not see that these entities have formerly created ties to the New World Order as yet. Sane of the entities appear to be inclined in that direction. Some appear to not have such inclinations. Some appear to be totally without interest in the concepts of the New World Order. Some are not even aware of what the New World Order is. As for the entire organization, it is essentially made up of members who are not totally in harmony on that question. THE SO-CALLED "SPIRITUAL HIERARCHY" OF THE SO-CALLED "GREAT WHITE BROTHERHOOD" FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: It sounds like Awareness is speaking of a physical earth organization. I always thought the White Brotherhood were supposedly high entities on other dimensions that influenced earth, and that was what the question referred to. COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness was speaking of the White Brotherhood group that existed in the 1960s which appears to still have some remnants. Their base appears to have been in the Western United States, particularly in the area of Colorado. This organization is very loosely formed and has some entities claiming to be part of the White Brotherhood. This Awareness indicates if you are speaking of the ethereal group supporting the New World Order, that this does not appear to be in support of the New World Order. This Awareness indicates however, there may be instances where certain channels, speaking in behalf or claiming to speak in behalf of the Great White Brotherhood or the hierarchy of such, might give messages to suggest that their particular source of information favors the New World Order. This Awareness indicates that this of course could be an error in the interpretation or channeling of the information. This Awareness indicates that the Great White Brotherhood in the sense of the spiritual hierarchy is more of a concept, is closer in fact to "Saint Twinkle" (an entity created as an exercise by CAC members in the early 1980s) than to any reality, in terms of spiritual hierarchy. It is created from imagination, of imagination, and by imagination, and energized into a semi-reality. It is not fully realized as a hierarchy system. It is promoted by certain concepts and ideas of certain entities as being a real bonafide physical hierarchy of divine beings, but it is only recognized by those who have heard of it and who accept it as reality and its reality is only as great as its believers. This Awareness indicates of course, this can be said of anything. The earth's reality is only as factual as is the belief of its inhabitants and those who witness the earth as a place in reality. All things are created from imagination, and energized into existence by individual and collective imagination. But the spiritual hierarchy is in a kind of infancy, not totally formed into reality, and being energized into manifestation, is being formed by different imaginations that are sometimes in conflict with one another, so that it is not absolutely clear as to a solidified reality. To say whether this spiritual hierarchy is in favor of the New World Order, or is not in favor of the New World Order is somewhat moot. For one thing, the New World Order hasn't formed yet either; it is still in its infancy. It is still being manifested, it is still questionable whether it exists, and if it exists, exactly what it means, or what it is. To ask if the Great White Brotherhood, which is not fully formed, believes in the New World Order, which is also not fully formed, is somewhat distressing, because there might be some forces or imaginary beings in the Great White Brotherhood who approve of the New World Order as they perceive it to be, not knowing that it is different from what their perceptions are, or not knowing exactly what it is to perceive. Another entity might be upset and opposed to the New World Order, while seeing it in a fixed sense or imagining it in a fixed sense, and not liking what he sees. This Awareness indicates it is generally premature to answer whether the spiritual hierarchy of the Great White Brotherhood, if that is the name given to the spiritual hierarchy, is truly in favor of the New World Order or is opposed to it, because there is no consensus. In fact, there is no consensus that the New World Order is in existence, or if it will ever be described in a way that everyone agrees on, and there is no consensus as to whether the spiritual hierarchy even has an opinion on this because they are questionable themselves as to whether they have fully manifested as beings. It sees them as energies, as concepts, energized somewhat but not energized even as much as Luke Skywalker, or Han Solo, who appear much more real by the vast energizing process than the members of the spiritual hierarchy. TO ASK ABOUT THE "SPIRITUAL HIERARCHY" IS LIKE ASKING WHAT LUKE SKYWALKER HAD FOR BREAKFAST. Does Awareness have a closing message? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that It hopes It has not created confusion in this last question; that there are energies in the universe that are nebulous. They are in some cases right on the borderline between material and imaginary. The energies are real, but you must understand also the imaginary realities have a certain portion of reality, and yet they are not considered by humans to be real. This Awareness indicates that everything must be viewed from a particular frame of reference, and if you are speaking from one frame of reference and jump to another frame of reference, it creates a schism in the concept of reality. It is likened unto talking of Luke Skywalker, and asking if this entity likes eggs for breakfast. You are speaking of a mythical character as if he were a biological character, and the question then becomes one of what frame of reference shall we take to answer this question? Is the question erroneous if it spans two different frames of reference that are incompatible with each other? This Awareness indicates that the "spiritual hierarchy" is a kind of myth in consciousness that has its particular value substance without having a biological substance. This Awareness indicates that this is a concept that is difficult to explain but it is important for entities to understand frames of references stretching from a biological foundation or premise into an ethereal or mythical or imaginary level or frame of reference, are like the fusing of poetry, whereby something is discussed in one setting that calls one to think of a totally different setting and allows entities only the dichotomy of the imagination to bridge the gap. This Awareness indicates that when this Awareness is called upon to fuse imaginary elements with biological elements or physical elements, It can only respond with an uncertain answer because one cannot fuse biological and physical reality and mythical reality into the same frame of reference to get an answer that fits in a biological physical form or in the mythical imaginary realm with any real substance to the answer. (End of Reading; The Law of Gratitude is given) ED's Note: For more on the "Spiritual Hierarchy" check the back issues catalogs. ANOTHER CONSPIRACY -- WHO REALLY OWNS THE RAILROAD RIGHT OF WAYS? QUESTION: Vikki and I were talking yesterday to a member who comes every year or so to attend the Ramtha school, and he was telling us at lunch that he has information on the Bilderbergers, that amongst their numerous scenarios that they have backlogged to use as the world turns, is one that I've never heard of before, and he claims that the railroads of the United States, which were given the go-ahead by Congress back in the last century to open up the West and given these great right-of-ways in property for so doing, actually, according to this entity, were only leasing this land given to them by the government, and which they later sold to timber companies and others, and that all of the people today who now own the property that the railroad right-of-ways entail -- the main railroads and all of the cross-section of railroads that criss- cross our country -- are actually owned by those who own the railroads, and have only been leased to the people, unbeknownst to them, and that these lease owners do not intend to renew the leases which come due in another ten years or so. Does Awareness see any validity to that scheme? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that this appears to be correct; that this would suggest the people who own the railroad system will become the owners of the land on which the railroad systems are built. The significance of this is not seen as being anything different from what most entities would have already perceived, for most entities did not know the system was being leased from these entities and have generally perceived the ownership of the railroads as being that land owned by those who claim owner ship to the railroads. This Awareness indicates however, that the people owning the railroads will then have greater rights to make certain demands on the railroad companies in terms of the use of the railroads. It could affect the prices of shipment or use of the railroads. This Awareness indicates that It does not see this as being a conspiracy of any great significance even though it might have some minor significance in terms of shipping costs in the future. This Awareness indicates that if the expenses for shipping by freight train become too great, entities will simply shift into giving more business to truckers, and will ship by truck. Therefore, It does not see the great significance of this information. FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: Well, I'm not sure that's the point. I was asking this entity some questions about this. The railroads, for example, Burlington Northern out here, originally received a ten mile right-of-way, I believe it was, on both sides of the track, which became legally their land. Much of it was in ancient forests which eventually the Weyerhaeuser company bought and logged, and then started building a series of homes on it, huge developments, which is now its major income, I believe, from these huge housing projects, and the question is, if this is true, the present owners of that land could start charging rent to everybody who owns a house within that right-of-way. In other words, thousands of people who believe they own their homes could be told they are really only renting or leasing it. COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that if this were true, then whoever sold the land to the housing developers or the housing developers themselves, having sold houses without informing the people that the land did not go with the house, could be guilty of fraud or could be subject to penalties of having to repay the buyers of those homes. This Awareness indicates that it there was deception involved in selling property that did not include the land underneath it, this would be likely to constitute some kind of claim against the housing developers, by those who purchased the property. This Awareness indicates that it does not appear that an entity could legally sell property on land that does not go with the property without including such information in the contract. If the contracts include such information, then the buyers of such property not reading the contracts, could be jeopardized. FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: That was the point of his argument, that the fine print never appeared all the way down for the last hundred years or so, that the railroads were only leasing these right-of-ways. I imagine the statute of limitation itself would run out on such a claim, would it not? COSMIC AWARENESS: This would appear to be so in certain states that have such statutes of limitation, or reverse possession laws whereby anyone occupying a land for a certain number of years, even if the land is owned by others, becomes the new owner unless they have been told to leave the property within the allotted time of that state law. THAT UNDERGROUND ALIEN BASE IN ALBUQUERQUE QUESTION: There have been rumors of a large underground base beneath the Albuquerque area. It is known that the Air Force and the Dept. of Energy have hollowed out a large complex inside the Mansano mountains, to the east of Albuquerque. This is well-known locally and has even been admitted by the government in the local papers in recent years. The story is that this complex has been used for the storage of nuclear weapons. My question is: Has the underground base in the Mansano mountains also been used for UFO related activities?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This is in the affirmative. FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: Do the Greys also work and live there? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that this is in the affirmative, especially in reference to past times. FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: He also wanted to know if it had subterranean tunnel connections with other underground complexes at Dulce? COSMIC AWARENESS: This is in the affirmative. IS THE "GERM" THEORY CORRECT ? QUESTION: A question from J.J. in New York City: "Is the 'germ' theory correct, or do we become ill from inner generated pathogens or other causes instead?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that illness generally comes about from toxins in the body which, when left to multiply or to develop, create an atmosphere that is conducive to the growth of bacteria and viruses, or that which is often called germs. This Awareness indicates the germs are scavengers, creatures that live in and thrive on toxic wastes in and around the body and therefore can be considered as real, but the environment must be conducive to them before they can be multiplied enough to have their own negative effect. If the toxins of the body are diminished, the germs are not given a good environment in which to operate and do not take strong control within the body and therefore are not likely to be a serious problem. The stronger body, the body with fewer toxins is said to be immune or more immune to the germ than if the body is filled with toxins, which causes the so-called system to become weakened so that the germs, viruses, or bacteria can thrive. VISUALIZE YOUR BODY BEING CLEANED OUT CLOSING MESSAGE: This Awareness indicates that consciousness itself through one's meditation, through one's imagery, through visualization, can also send messages into the body. The visualization, for example, of white blood cells attacking toxic areas, attacking germs of viruses, attacking bacteria to clean out the body; this kind of visualization can have some effect. It is not as effective as cleaning one's inner self through fasting, dieting or the separation of food types and special ingestion of cleansing foods. The use of plenty of water for example may help to flush out many toxins from the body, and this can be more effective, even than the visualization techniques of seeing oneself being cleansed. Nevertheless, there is some benefit, some value in visualization and watching one's white cells defeat and destroy the toxins in the body. This Awareness indicates therefore, entities may wish to consider not just one approach to good health, but several different ways to improve one's health, to strengthen one's immune system and to give oneself greater energy. This Awareness indicates the cleansing of the body, the inner body, may be the most important or most effective method, but other approaches can be used in tandem to accomplish a much quicker cleansing approach. HOW TO DEAL WITH UNCOOPERATIVE CHILDREN OR SPOUSE (The Importance of Caring About Their Wishes and Their Feelings) OPENING MESSAGE: This Awareness wishes to address certain behavioral patterns that affect relationships between entities. This Awareness indicates that there are common ways of reacting to situations which are not always the only way nor necessarily the proper or best way. This Awareness would like to suggest alternative ways of reacting and that entities experiment with these for you may discover surprisingly that certain things which you have always used, which generally led to intensification of difficulties may have simple alternatives that solve the problems more easily. This Awareness indicates that It is referring especially at this time to relationships that entities sometimes have with their spouse or their children who confront them or who are rebellious and antagonistic toward them. There are many mothers whose children seem to enjoy being at odds with them, where the mother, on any occasion, giving a directive to the child, will be confronted by the child with a rebellious attitude. This is not necessarily a continual pattern but may occur with the child on occasion, leaving the mother, or in many cases the father, if it is an interaction between the child and the father, into a confrontation in which the child becomes punished for not obeying or for sassing, or for being uncooperative. This Awareness indicates that most parents feel they have not only the right, but the obligation to punish the child who is not cooperative. In the punishment of the child, they then have a wailing child, screaming and crying who feels victimized themselves feel guilty for having punished the child, and both sides feel like they have lost in the situation. The child feels it has lost and the parents feel they have lost because they could not simply punish the child in a way whereby the child learned the lesson and became cooperative and appreciated the effort of the parent. Dealing With an Angry Spouse or Child This Awareness indicates that often it is not that the child is intentionally trying to be uncooperative, often the child just simply does not feel well due to other circumstances outside the particular situation, and the situation simply triggers the child into behaving in an uncooperative manner. This Awareness indicates that this can happen not only between parent and child, it can also happen between spouses, wherein a spouse may object to a directive or statement or comment of the other, and feel that he or she is being given a treatment that is not just to the relationship desired, and may object to the manner of being spoken to or to the circumstances that are being imposed on the entity by the other, and may in the objection, become quite angry and lash back or react in a manner that dumps the same kind of energy back on the spouse in an exaggerated amount, intensifying or increasing the confrontation with each interaction until both entities perhaps are angry at each other and have a strong fight between themselves. This Awareness indicates that as this occurs between children, it also occurs between adults, wherein the child part of the adult feels infringed upon or feels belittled or feels disrespected. This Awareness indicates when this kind of behavior is observed in a more objective way rather than experienced in a subjective manner, the entity may find that there are few benefits from such extreme reaction and that by exaggerating the emotional conflict there is less of a solution and an intensification of both sides because of increased polarity. This Awareness suggests that with this situation in which one is confronted and feels a need to react to dominate the other person, whether it be a child or spouse, this Awareness suggests that you try something different and if it works for you, you may find it to be a much more satisfying method of responding to such situations. This Awareness suggests that when the child confronts you, or objects to you, or in some way seeks to fight with you, rather than getting angry and shouting and screaming at the child or threatening the child, or punishing the child, or the spouse, this Awareness suggests that you reach down and pick up the child and hold the child closely, and show affection for the child. It will surprise the child, and satisfy what the child is actually desiring from the interaction, for often the spouse or the child, in confronting the other is simply wanting the attention in a negative sense because it has not been able to get the positive attention from you. This Awareness indicates that the child may simply want your attention, may want your affection, but because it cannot seem to get any positive attention it becomes more demanding and takes on a negative attitude toward you. This Awareness indicates that by simply picking up the child holding the child closely and being reasonable with the child, particularly in discussing what it wants and why it should or should not have what it wants or making some kind of deal or agreement with the child about what it needs to do in order to have what it wants, so that the child is treated with respect, not as an inferior to you, but as one who needs to understand the reasonableness of your position, and also allowing yourself to hear the reasonableness of the child's position; thus by listening to the child, either the child in your spouse or the child in your family, you may hear these wants, these desires being expressed, and you may see them as being some what foolish or childish, but by listening to them, you can then deal with them in a calm manner, explaining why you can't provide the entity's wishes or why the entity could or should seek something different, and in such explanation, help the entity to understand why the request is denied, if it is, or how to achieve and acquire the request so that you feel good about honoring it. This Awareness indicates that in this manner, you switch the relationship from one that is confrontational to one that is a kind of negotiation and communication, to allow each party respectful expression and consideration of their positions. This Awareness indicates that the most interesting part of such type of communicating is that you may find yourself remaining absolutely calm through out, not having to get riled up, excited or disturbed or angry and also, finding that your calm approach is reflected in the behavior of the other, who likewise calms down and perhaps switches from anger and demands to a more pleading attitude, pleading with you to under stand why they need this or that, why then want this or that. How to Handle the Child that Wants Something This Awareness indicates that this is much easier to deal with than the confrontations which are hard on both parties, especially when these entities live together day in and day out and have frequent conflicts in terms of values and wishes. This Awareness indicates that it is especially helpful in dealing with children, because children never quit wanting, and their wants always seem so extremely important to them. The child who wants something has just as great a need or desire for that something as you may have in your great need for something as an adult. To you, you may understand that your needs are much more important, your desire for something of significance in your life may be much greater in importance than that of the child but to the child, its needs are just as great if not greater than yours. It doesn't matter whether the child's needs are but cheap and temporary. The child still believes that what it needs is important, and even though you may have little respect for what the child needs, the emotions of the child in regard to its needs may be the most important thing to the child at that stage of his or her life, just as important as your greatest needs at your stage in your life. Therefore, even though the needs may seem foolish, you must respect the feelings of the child in regard to its wishes and needs. A Child Never Forgets Its Treatment by Parents This Awareness indicates that it is the feelings that entities need to deal with, for the way you treat the child will be remembered throughout the child's life. You are not simply dismissing the child's feelings because they are unimportant and have no bearing without some consequence. The child will always remember you for the way you have treated it, even if later the child looks back and sees that its needs at the time were not so great as it thought, they will still feel the anger or the hurt at the way you treated them at the time, if you have not shown respect for their feelings. This Awareness suggests therefore, you respect the feelings, if not the goals of the child in its wishes. This Awareness indicates that this can make a great difference in your relationship, not only at the time of the dispute, but it can also make a great difference in your long-term relationship with the entity, and you must remember always that within each entity, regardless of the age, there is still the little child that has its wish to be respected and admired, and if you belittle or otherwise intimidate, ridicule or make the entity feel less than important to you, that entity will remember and have certain feelings toward you from the experience, and may eventually, if not now, then later, find ways of getting back at you, either through confrontation or perhaps through alienation and abandoning its relationship with you. This Awareness indicates that essentially, everyone alienates the other in the degree that they reject the other or treat the other with little respect for the other's feelings. You cannot put another in a diminished position without alienating that entity to some degree. You cannot hurt another and expect the other to love you for it. Even though you may demand respect, demand affection, the way you express your demands may drive away the respect and affection you demand. Learn to Give Love and Respect to Others This Awareness suggests therefore, entities learn to give love and receive love in return and not to worry so much about how much they are themselves receiving in the relationship, but concern yourselves more with what you are giving to the relationship, for what you give determines what you get from the relationship. This Awareness indicates that as long as you give affection and respect for the feelings of the other entity, even if you cannot fulfill their wishes and demands, you are giving love and will be appreciated by that entity on some level, even if the entity does not acknowledge the appreciation. There are many entities who would perhaps attempt to use another, and in your expression of concern for their feelings, they may think that they can use you and get you to give everything they wish, and in this effort may express anger if they do not give them what they wish. It is not your responsibility to provide everyone or any one in particular what they desire at all times but it is your responsibility to care about their feelings, and to let them understand that you do care about their feelings, if you wish to have a true friendship with these entities. If you do not care about their feelings, then do not expect a friendship with them. This Awareness indicates this refers not only to adults, but also to adult/child relationships. There are too many adults who look at children as little objects that are interfering with the adult's pursuit of happiness and they do not care to concern themselves with the happiness of the child, but if you truly can look at the child and care about the feelings of the child, you will find in that relationship a growing meaningful joy that develops between yourself and that child that can be more precious than any other gift or thing you might acquire in life. This Awareness indicates that likewise, with your spouse, it is not essential that you grant your spouse everything he or she wishes. It is necessary to listen to their wishes and to care about their feelings in regard to their wishes. 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