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Origin: CHANNEL1 - 0700 - EMAIL From: ALEX@SPIRAL.ORG To: SEARCHNET ZEC Date: 02/01/94 Re: Cosmic Awareness Issue 94 ------------------------------------------------------------------- Subject: Cosmic Awareness Issue 94-01 94-01 (Issue No. 427) ----------------------------------- Find Out Who, |* REVELATIONS OF AWARENESS *| How Many Have In Fact, You |* The New Age Cosmic Newsletter *| You Served? And Really Are. ----------------------------------- How Well? Cosmic Awareness Communications Box 115, Olympia, Washington 98507 email: alex@spiral.org (E-mail subscription information, FTP information and SnailMail hard copy information available at end of this file) "Helping People Become Aware Since 1977." ----------------------------------------------------------------- REVELATIONS OF AWARENESS is a cosmic newsletter, published by Cosmic Awareness Communications, Box 115, Olympia, WA 98507, a not-for- profit organization. Copyright 1993 by Cosmic Awareness Communications and the Aquarian Church of Universal Service. Reproduction is permitted, but no alterations may be made without express permission. ----------------------------------------------------------------- COSMIC AWARENESS is the Force that expressed Itself through Jesus of Nazareth, the Buddha, Krishna, Mohammed and other great avatars who served as "Channels" for the "Heavenly Father" and expresses itself once again as the world begins to enter the New Age of spiritual consciousness and awareness. This information is for those who desire to help in bringing in the New Age. Throughout the thousands of "readings" given, Cosmic Awareness tells us not to *believe* anything, not even Itself, but to question, explore, doubt, and discover through your own channel what the truth really is. Cosmic Awareness will only "indicate" and "suggest." Neither CAC or the Interpreter is responsible for anything Cosmic Awareness states in any of these readings, nor does CAC or the Interpreter necessarily agree with the statements of Cosmic Awareness. The Interpreter interprets the energies as they are seen in trance levels and are not personally responsible for what is said. The Interpreter has no connection with, nor control over the editorial comments, which are entirely the responsibility of the editor. Paul Shockley, Interpreter Avaton, C.A.C Editor Alex, OCR'er and NetPoster Vikki T., Office Manager ------------------------------------------------------------------------ IN THIS ISSUE: THE COSMIC AWARENESS FORECAST FOR 1994: THE PROFOUND EFFECT OF SIX PLANETS CONJUNCTING IN CAPRICORN IN 1994; The Age of Genetics and Biogenetics Begins; Capricorn Will Bring Out the Worst and Best in Men; Vibrations Will Become a New Science; 1994 -- The Year the Lords of Karma are Unleashed; Freedom vs. Security: Trouble for Entities in 1994; Various Wars to Continue in 1994; North Korea a Powder Keg in 1994; Congress Very Concerned About Public Opinion; The Fed Getting Nervous Over Trillion Dollar Lawsuit; Economy to Continue Slow Growth; Crime Among Youth to Diminish Slightly; A Pull-Out in Somalia in Order to Save Face; New Trade Deals with South America; More Republicans to Win in Elections; Religions in General Will Not Fare Well; Schools and Municipalities; Awesome Breakthroughs in Genetic Engineering That Genetically Engineered Cow Hormone: How Safe and What Complications?; Is Growing Bigger Teats Immoral?; Creating Oversexed Humans: How Ethical is This?; Be Wary of "Scientists"; The Problems of Drinking Cow's Milk; Possible Earth Changes in 1994; Will Maui's Volcano Blow?; Colder Weather is Forecast; Is Mt. Rainier a Disaster Waiting to Happen?; Is a Police State Growing in Canada?; Is the Immigration of Asians Something Sinister?; NAFTA Plan to Send British Columbian Water to Mexico; Health Freedom Bills Still Need Energizing; The Hubble Telescope Repair Job; The Drug Situation in 1994: Clinton's Surgeon General Wants to Legalize; Drug Courts to Become Popular; A Four-Day Work Week is Inevitable; A Dramatic Drop in the Minimum Wage; 13 Banking Families Could Foreclose on America; Lawsuit Against Fed Could Wipe out National Debt; The Children of the One World Planners -- Will They Carry On the Plans or Carry the Light?; The Super-Wealthy Families and Their Psychiatrists; Australia's Super-Secret Underground City; There are Many Places the Wealthy Elite Will Hide; The Alien Situation in 1994; The Vegan Ignorance of Our Money System; How Ron Rummel Bypassed the White Light at Death; What is One's Time Worth? ------------------------------------------------------------------------ THE PROFOUND EFFECT OF SIX PLANETS CONJUNCTING IN CAPRICORN IN 1994 (CAC General Reading, December 4, 1993) QUESTION: Awareness, we're here today to begin a series of CAC general readings. Does Awareness have an opening message? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness suggests that the following information may be considered as predictions for the year of 1994, but that this is of a somewhat different type of discussion than is usually cited for this purpose and that more predictive type of information may be made available in a following reading. This Awareness wishes however, to discuss certain forces and energies that are already in progress which will affect not only the year 1994, but for several years following. This Awareness indicates that this is in reference to the groups of planets beginning to form a conjunction of six planets in the sign of Capricorn, during the present and next month, in that these six planets -- and particularly the larger more distant planets -- will have a profound influence on the events of this 1994 year and of many years to come. This Awareness indicates that the conjunction of Neptune and Uranus at this time as that which will herald a totally new type of experience. In the previous conjunction, in the 18th Century, it heralded the Age of Industrialization. The Age of Genetics and Biogenetics Begins This Awareness indicates that essentially this is bringing in the Electronic Age and the Biogenetic Age -- the ability to create new creatures, the ability to heal diseases, to classify disease and to bring about healing through genetics, and also the ability to commingle electronics and genetics into what might be termed biogenetic creations, whereby certain matter and living tissue are brought together in a way that becomes a new field of science. This Awareness indicates that the growing of chicks, using protein and living tissue along with minerals, is that which is a probability in this time period. This Awareness indicates that the greatest concern has to do with the morality of such creations and attempts in the scientific field to play God in these areas. This Awareness indicates that regardless of the morality and the spiritual aspects of such experimentation, it appears that these things will occur in the coming future. Capricorn Will Bring Out the Worst and Best in Men This Awareness indicates that there is also the effect of this grouping of planets in the sign of Capricorn having an effect in a much different area -- politics. This Awareness indicates that it appears it will be a trigger for bringing out some of the worst in men, and some of the best in men, where there will be efforts to find ways to control humanity in a most insidious manner, where a step-by-step attempt to enforce more and more control over the masses is implemented, while at the same time, forces are also released astrologically that will eventually free mankind from those forms of bondage; political, economic and materialistic bondage, that will allow humanity to find its ultimate and reasonable balance in the area of security and freedom. Freedom and security appear to be at opposite ends and a balance is necessary. This Awareness indicates it is like a diving board, where if the board is too stiff, giving too much security, it does not work well for the diver. If it is too limber and bends too far, the diver loses security. This Awareness indicates the balance of a good springboard allows for a maximum amount of freedom and a maximum amount of security for the purpose at hand. This Awareness indicates that it is the same in regard to the human condition. Humans need a certain amount of freedom. They also need a certain amount of security, and security tends to curtail excessive freedom. This Awareness indicates that it is during this coming age that entities will find that proper balance. Vibrations Will Become a New Science This Awareness indicates that there will be enormous changes and discoveries in the area of science, in regard to electronics and vibrations becoming part of an eventual medical system that will help heal entities. The vibrations also forming all types of electrical devices and tools and home implementation that can help make more comfort in one's home. This Awareness indicates that these uses of these vibrations as ways of triggering certain functions in one's technology are such that a new generation of home conveniences will be made available. This of course is not in reference simply to 1994, but that it will be on a long-term basis, much as the Industrial Revolution affected the masses over a period of many, many decades. 1994 -- The Year the Lords of Karma are Unleashed This Awareness indicates that for the year 1994, the planet Saturn, moving into Pisces from Aquarius in the latter part of January, is seen as an omen of unleashing the Lords of Karma on the earth, whereby many of these entities who have for so long gotten away with negative actions and seem to have what is termed the "Teflon Suit," -- where nothing sticks to them, but simply rolls off, and you cannot catch them in the act or pin the crime on them -- they will find that time has run out and their crimes are catching up to them and they are not any longer so easily freed from the consequences of their behavior. This Awareness indicates that it is a year in which things will come to light, even as entities try to work more diligently and much harder in hiding their misbehavior and in confining the masses into more interior positions. Whereby those who would enslave the masses put forth greater effort in their attempts, they may find that they are also exposing themselves to greater risks and this unleashes a karma upon themselves whereby they have made their push and it is risky and they have a backlash coming toward them for their efforts. This Awareness indicates that this year of 1994 appears to be extremely important in this regard; that the more those who would enslave others attempt to finish their work, the more they put themselves out in the spotlight so that they themselves become targets from the masses. This Awareness indicates that essentially, this will run approximately two and a half years, throughout all of '94, '95 and part of '96, before this effect completes, at which time many changes will have occurred to allow the freedoms that entities are ordained to inherit, to become more solidified. Freedom vs. Security: Trouble for Entities in 1994 This Awareness does not see the freedoms of humanity ever being totally curtailed or taken from humanity, but sees them as in constant peril and endangerment. The very nature of humanity, especially those in the Western World and more precisely, those of the United States, in which entities have been taught for centuries to value their personal freedoms; that these have become so much a part of the human condition that they are not going to be given up, even under the most tyrannical types of leadership, and government controls. Therefore, even though there will be efforts and attempts to curtail the freedoms of the masses, these attempts will only expose to the masses the ones who want to do this, and the masses will continue to hold on to their freedoms, even at the potential event of civil war. This Awareness indicates that there is not only this effect in regard to freedom and bondage that will be a trouble during 1994 in relation to governments and people, but this same influence will effect individuals in relation to one another, even in relation to their own careers, their own selves. Some people will put heavy restrictions upon themselves only to find themselves rebelling against their own restrictions. This Awareness indicates that there will need to become a dialogue between individuals and even between oneself and the two types of values one may have, whereby the entity may break certain disciplines of his own in order to find freedoms that he needs in order to find happiness. Thus, one's sense of responsibility may have to give way to one's demand for freedoms, so one can have a semblance of happiness. This Awareness indicates that this kind of trouble, even within the individual or between entities who live intimately together, or between members of a family, or between groups or between organizations is a strong likelihood in this year of 1994, and the more entities can work out the conflict between freedom and security and the need of some to have more freedom, and the need of others to have more security, the more these can be discussed and worked out, the better adjustment and harmony that entities experience, will follow. Various Wars to Continue in 1994 This Awareness indicates that in regard to events around the world, it appears the Middle East will continue much like it has been in the past, with continued discussions of potential peace agreements, but with sporadic conflicts occurring between the Arab and Israelis. It appears that Yugoslavian situations will continue being a problem that may simmer down somewhat at different times and flare up again at other times without a great chance for a solution, although there does appear to be some potential for a solution in the latter part of the year. This Awareness indicates that the conflict in Ireland is beginning to reach a point where a solution could come during 1994, wherein there could be some arrangement that would eventually lead to peace in that area. This Awareness indicates that a danger spot that is becoming more critical which this Awareness spoke of some time back in other yearly predictions, is that of North Korea. The problem in North Korea continues to grow, but it has grown at a very slow pace. North Korea a Powder Keg in 1994 The rate of conflict growing centers on the North Korean production of nuclear weapons and of course the New World Order. The powers of the world do not want to see this country become a nuclear power, or if developing nuclear weapons, to be able to use them, therefore this has become a problem that is now at such a dangerous level that something very critical must be expected. The potential for a healthy solution is available; the potential for a conflict is also strongly present, and either one could occur early in 1994. This Awareness indicates that for the solution or resolution to the problem to occur, it appears it would require considerable negotiation that would lead to monetary interchange between North Korea and other countries so that the economic condition of North Korea would be benefited greatly by their cooperation with the United Nations inspection teams and the defusing of nuclear arms that may have been developed in North Korea. If they can be economically compensated enough, they would disarm and reach some kind of agreement whereby they could have economic intercourse with other countries and thus have a security that would satisfy them, whereby the nuclear weapons would not seem important to them or to their security. This Awareness indicates that this would be one way of defusing the problem, otherwise, the approach appears to be a confrontation that could ignite conflict, even nuclear in nature. Congress Very Concerned About Public Opinion This Awareness indicates that there are proponents for both approaches and it appears it will come to a head in 1994, most likely during the early part of the year, whereby decisions will be made. This Awareness indicates that the government will be very much focused on the public in almost every aspect of its activities throughout the year of 1994, whereby many entities in Congress, in the Senate and in the administration will find it very difficult to make decisions because they are becoming more and more concerned with public opinion and the masses. The potential for some kind of change in the situation as to who really is in control will be of great concern throughout this year. This Awareness indicates that in the past, there has been the assumption by those entities in power that the super-wealthy and the greater organizations and corporations held the power and that all that was necessary was to please these entities. It is now reaching a point where many are becoming more concerned about the masses of little people in the United States and there may be the realization that these little people are waking up, and gaining understanding and the lobbyists may find it more difficult to push through their programs. The Fed Getting Nervous Over Trillion Dollar Lawsuit This Awareness indicates that there is also a growing concern that the people are catching on to who is behind the people behind the people behind the people behind the strings that are being pulled against the common people. This Awareness indicates in other words, when entities speak of suing the Federal Reserve and Treasury Department for a trillion dollars, on behalf of the American people because of fraudulent activities on the part of these organizations, those entities who are behind the Federal Reserve Bank are going to become nervous. They have always operated in secrecy, giving the impression that the Federal Reserve Bank was part of the government and therefore, owned by the masses of the people who make up the government, but when someone files a suit against the Federal Reserve Bank and demands a trillion dollars be returned to the American people, these entities can no longer hide behind their lies and the truth begins to sift out into the public and it makes them very uncomfortable, for they realize that people are catching on and they are put into the position of either having to act now before everyone wakes up and risking bad timing for their plans of world domination or wait and hope that they can somehow squelch the suit and keep things going a little longer while their plans, inch by inch, set up a world totalitarian dictatorship. This Awareness indicates that it throws a monkey wrench in their plans. This Awareness suggests that this is in part related to the unleashing of karma in the year of 1994, where entities who would bind others find themselves being bound because of their own actions; and the fact that the karmic energies work in reverse, turning around the ill-gotten gains and misconceived ideas, to work against the one who would harm others. Economy to Continue Slow Growth This Awareness indicates in regard to general economics, it appears the economy of the United States and Canada and also Mexico will grow at a very slow, but positive rate throughout most of 1994. It does not see any highly significant deviation and it does appear to be a slow and beneficial improvement that occurs throughout this year. It appears that in the latter part of the summer there can be some slight improvement in the growth rate. Crime Among Youth to Diminish Slightly This Awareness indicates in regard to the level of crime and violence in the United States, that this will diminish very slightly in the year 1994. It does not mean it is a turnaround, but more like a lull in the activities of crime. This may not last throughout the year. The latter part of the year may see the lull coming to an end. This Awareness does not wish to imply to entities that crime will cease, It simply suggests that it appears to be diminishing somewhat from its normally high rate, especially among youth. A Pull-Out in Somalia in Order to Save Face This Awareness indicates that it appears there will be a pull-out from Somalia early in 1994, and that much of the efforts by the U.N. to bring about a more stable area in that part of Africa will be somewhat successful, even after the United States has pulled out. This Awareness indicates however, that it does not appear that it will have actually accomplished its original intention of stabilizing the area completely and setting up a government that will function on behalf of the people there. This Awareness indicates it is more like a situation in which there is the desire to get out, save face, and pretend that things are better for having gone into Somalia in the first place. This Awareness indicates that it appears some potential for the warlords of Somalia to organize some kind of group rulership in that area may be attempted, but that not much benefit for the people will come from these organizational efforts, although once the U.S. and U.N. troops pull out of Somalia, there will be very little press reports indicating how things are going. Once they pull out, it will be more like a wish for entities to forget what happened there, or why, or whether anything good came from the efforts. New Trade Deals with South America This Awareness indicates there appears to be in 1994, further attempts within the concept of NAFTA type deals to work for some kind of further trade agreements with countries in South America, between the United States, Canada, and Mexico, and those of South America. The North American continent will seek to make trade agreements with South American continents in order to help improve those countries' economics and many of the companies in the United States are likely to set up branch companies or move headquarters into some of the South American countries. This Awareness indicates that there is seen the potential for some of these companies that have moved to Mexico, to eventually come back to the United States, but that this does not appear to be on a large scale, or any time in the near future. It appears that it may happen before the century is over, after the United States' economy has nearly collapsed from lack of employment, and whereby people are willing to work for a much lower wage. More Republicans to Win in Elections This Awareness indicates It does not see the Health Care plan advocated by Clinton as passing in 1994, unless it is very late in the year, and even that is questionable. It appears that this will drag on throughout most of his ad administrative tenure until sometime shortly before the next presidential election. This Awareness indicates that it appears the elections that do take place will be more favorable to the Republicans than to the current administration and Democrats in general. This Awareness indicates that, in general, this is beneficial; that whoever is in is be voted out, because the longer entities are in, the more danger they can do to the country and by constantly shifting entities from office and putting new people in, the government is less able to effect negative changes on the country with effective programs for that purpose. This Awareness indicates that by constantly voting out those who are in, it appears the least amount of damage will be done, for the longer entities are in, the more they become aware of how to feather their own nests at the benefit of themselves and the detriment of those who have elected them. This Awareness suggests this appears to be the reason why the next election will favor the Republicans considerably. This Awareness indicates also that the economy, in regard to the stock market, appears to be that which holds relatively stable. It does not see a great crisis occurring throughout the first half of the year. It does not see clearly whether this remains stable during the latter half of the year. Auto and Electronics Industries to Prosper This Awareness indicates that the automobile industries appear to be relatively stable throughout this year with some increased benefits being brought to American vehicles through the research and development of better fuel systems so that a greater economy of fuel is developed for these vehicles. This will give more of a market for these vehicles than for many of the foreign-built vehicles. This Awareness indicates the electronic fields and computer-driven industries appear to be in continuing health or robust in nature, so that these areas begin to reach into more markets and stimulate those areas of the economy to a healthy level. The software businesses also continue to be healthy. Religions in General Will Not Fare Well This Awareness indicates that in regard to religion, it appears there will be considerable number of events and situations that occur whereby the various religions come under scrutiny or attack or criticism, whereby they find themselves under restrictions that are not easily handled or dealt with. This Awareness indicates that this can range from problems relating to child abuse to problems relating to tax situations in regard to freedom or non-profit status. This can also relate to general notoriety from the press against certain religions' practices or certain religious groups, but in general, religion will not do well for the next two and a half years. This Awareness indicates likewise, prisons may have certain problems during this coming year. Do not be surprised if there are prison riots, if these riots are triggered by excessive restrictions on the inmates, or on their diet or on their treatment. Schools and Municipalities This Awareness indicates that schools appear to be some what restricted by financial needs, but in general, healthy. The teaching systems are still lacking, but it appears there will be a gradual rediscovery of the needs and methods whereby students are taught better so that a gradual improvement of the educational system begins to come about this year, and in the years following. It appears that more emphasis on the phonics system in reading will begin to re-emerge in schools as entities realize that the "see and say" system simply does not produce readers. This Awareness indicates that most municipalities will continue thriving much the same with some municipalities needing to take some more desperate means by which to raise money, either by raising taxes or by implementing some kind of fundraising programs, such as lotteries and jackpot type gambling programs. Awesome Breakthroughs in Genetic Engineering This Awareness indicates that in general, the year will be relatively mellow on most levels, but while it is occurring in these levels in mellow appearance, there will also be many major and important changes that occur, more behind the scenes or out of the limelight, which begin to have a greater effect on humanity's direction for the future. For example, those efforts and the work being done in genetic engineering or in genetic decoding of diseases, these activities which do not make headlines often and are not paraded in the spotlight, are of extreme importance in terms of the purpose, direction and evolution of humankind in its movement toward greater levels of awareness and understanding of everything about humanity, in regard to health, in regard to heredity and in regard to the potential of humans to do more than they realize. This Awareness indicates as these genetic breakthroughs occur, more and more people will begin to benefit from them so that those things which have made humans less than they could be are gradually eliminated and those that can help entities to become more than they imagined will gradually be implemented, but these are things that grow gradually over long periods of time. The Industrial Revolution, when it started, had little effect in its first year, even in its first decade, but as the decades passed, the change in humanity became awesome. This Awareness indicates the change in its effect upon humanity became awesome, and the same can be said for the genetic engineering potential; it can have awesome effects upon humanity in the coming decades. THAT GENETICALLY ENGINEERED COW HORMONE: HOW SAFE AND WITH WHAT COMPLICATIONS? (Is Growing Bigger Teats Immoral?) FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: Speaking of genetics, the FDA has given the go-ahead to the dairy industry to start using or applying genetically engineered recombinant bovine somatotropin, or BST, intended to increase milk output. And this seems to be a controversial thing, and a lot of people are wondering about the effects of this hormone. Could Awareness comment on this? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that it appears not to have any harmful side effects; it appears that its effect is simply to increase the amount of milk that a cow produces on a daily basis. This, if anything, would have more of an effect on the cow itself than on the milk. This Awareness indicates however, it is more of a moral question whether to make an animal into a more massive milk producer, changing its genetics to become more of a milk producer, or whether it would be better to simply add another cow to the group. This Awareness indicates that when entities begin to create mutations, it is sometimes difficult to reverse the trend. One can ask: "What happens when all cows are producing twice as much milk, and someone wants to make them produce even more? Where does it stop? What does it do to the animals to make them produce more and more milk? What happens when the animal simply becomes a big bladder full of milk, so much that it can hardly walk? Is that a better cow or would it simply be better to have more cows?" This Awareness indicates it is more of an ethical question than anything. Practically speaking, it does not appear that there will be any inherent harm in the increase of milk. It does not appear that it will change the nature of the milk, but it does indeed change the shape and nature of the cow that must be more productive. Creating Oversexed Humans: How Ethical is This? This Awareness indicates that taking this same concept further, in a different time setting, a scientist might decide to create a human that is capable of producing more babies, and giving the human certain genes to cause it to become oversexed to cause it to produce more babies. Is this ethically a good program? Practically speaking, if you simply want to create more babies and more breeders of babies, it would seem to be a practical program for that, but is there any ethical need or reason for doing this? And is it ethically right to change entities in this way? The question is: "Where does this alteration go and where does it stop?" This Awareness indicates one could also say: "Does it really matter?" But this Awareness indicates that it could very easily matter to entities in the future if this kind of thing gets out of hand. This Awareness indicates that it is quite conceivable that a new genetically altered cow could become the best milk cow of the future and that these cows could be bred carefully so as to create for ranchers the best milk cows available. That in itself does not appear to be a potential problem, but what about genetic engineering that begins to be used on humans to permit humans to become twice as fertile, or twice as big or twice as strong as others? What then happens to the rest of people? What then happens as a result of meeting with someone who is twice as focused on sex, and if you happen to know what this entity is focused on, where does that leave you? This Awareness indicates that of course it could lead to difficulties and problems if it is not well understood prior to the genetic alteration in certain circumstances. This Awareness suggests that one who trusts that scientists will always be mentally competent in making such decisions is rather naive, for there have been many scientists in the past who have given their blessings to various projects which have been to the extreme detriment of humanity, even though these scientists were presumed to be highly intelligent. Be Wary of "Scientists" This Awareness indicates that the earlier scientists who promoted antibiotics and who decided viruses cannot have an effect on entities who are laden with antibiotics, did not comprehend that the viruses can overcome and develop an immunity to the antibiotics so that they are much stronger than originally found, and they did not realize that viruses can mutate into greater strains, greater types of viruses. Yet, these were scientists. The fact that the world "scientist" is used often deceives people into thinking that "If he's a scientist he knows what he's doing." This Awareness indicates that it is not necessarily so. Many scientists know what they know, but they don't know everything, and it is what they don't know that is the danger. FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: In regard to this genetically engineered dairy cow hormone, the main controversy is that people are wondering if the public can be confident that the milk and meat from these cows is safe to consume. Awareness indicated there would be no problem. COSMIC AWARENESS: This is in the affirmative; that this appears to be much like inter- breeding of cattle to create a stronger milk cow or the activity of splicing plants together to create a stronger strain of plant. There are certain things that have been done already in regard to this kind of action, whereby certain improvements can be made. The question is whether it will stop with a slight improvement, or if it will be carried to an extreme, whereby the animal is made into some kind of grotesque creature just for the economics involved. This Awareness indicates for example, perhaps the next time someone wants to improve upon a cow, they will make the legs a foot longer in order to make it possible to have a cow with its udders a foot longer to hold another couple of gallons of milk. This Awareness indicates that the question is: "Where does it stop? If you have a cow 20 feet tall and a milk bag hanging 15 feet, is that sufficient to get enough milk from that cow?" This Awareness indicates that perhaps that will be the next genetic trick: to grow longer even legs so that the bag can grow longer. This Awareness indicates or perhaps the entity will simply suggest that the farmer cut a hole in the floor and do his milking from below. This Awareness indicates there can be so many ways to alter creatures in order for economy and the dollar to become more of a part of the equation, that unless other things are brought into balance, the situation can very easily get out of hand. The question is: "What does it do to the cow, to its comfort, to its being, to its life and the quality of its life? Or does that even matter to these entities?" THE PROBLEMS IN DRINKING COW'S MILK FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: It's rather ironic. They are putting out cows that will give more milk, when there's more and more reports, even government reports, stating that milk should not be drunk by humans and particularly children for various reasons, including allergic reactions and so forth. COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that the greater dangers of milk come from the homogenizing process; the mixture of the milk molecules and cream together and the method by which it is accomplished, is that which causes the milk to collect along the inside of the veins and arteries. This is an area that is most dangerous in regard to milk. It also has its stronger allergy effect in this act of homogenization. If you drink raw milk or skim milk, preferably skim milk which is not homogenized, then this problem does not occur, and many entities who have allergies to milk can drink skim milk or could drink raw milk with out any problem. The value of milk is largely in its calcium content. It also has other vitamins and minerals. This Awareness indicates that if you do not use milk, then you have to find some other source for these vitamins and minerals and that is not always easy. A diet without milk is sometimes more complicated. Entities can get considerable calcium from other foods, such as the cabbage family of foods, but entities may not want to eat cabbage related foods every day. This Awareness indicates that sometimes entities just enjoy a glass of milk, or milk in cereal, and should not have the fear of it being detrimental to them. Therefore, this Awareness suggests that they learn to like skim milk. Skim milk is actually sweet because it has the lactose in it. It just doesn't have the fat of the cream that is in other milks which have been homogenized. Once entities become used to skim milk, the creamy milk usually does not feel good in their mouth. It feels slimy. It feels mucus-like and causes mucus very quickly once they drink it. In comparison to skim milk, this does not occur. POSSIBLE EARTH CHANGES IN 1994 (Will Maui's Volcano Blow?) QUESTION: We received a note from M.B, who's lived on the island of Maui, Hawaii, for 17 years, and she's just now moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico. She writes: "There is a mass migration of longtime friends from Maui which began last spring. Five have gone and four are making plans. The economy is a major factor, but behind the obvious, I believe the spirit is shoving us off the island because of future earth changes. Haleakala volcano on whose slopes I reside, has gone from dormant to inactive, to active in the past three years. Steam is now coming from a couple of vents. Eruption is inevitable. I have felt it and dreamt it. Of course, the general public has not been made aware of these changes. Could Awareness please discuss that and possible earth changes for 1994? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that the entity is correct. It is not seen as a danger in the coming year, but that over a period of time, this is likely to become an eruption, even in her own local vicinity. This Awareness indicates that it does appear there may be some eruptions outside of her local area in 1994. The year of 1994 is seen as potentially hazardous in regard to earthquakes in those areas in which there are earthquake patterns. It appears that the major earthquake in California that has been somewhat stalled by release of pressure from smaller earthquakes is still rebuilding energy for some future date. It does not see this as yet being strong enough to create a strong and devastating earthquake to the area. This Awareness indicates that the weather in the area shows more rain for '94 than in the past in the California area; the drought, in other words, is over. It appears that the threat of gigantic hurricanes such as Andrew are not likely in '94. There will be smaller hurricanes. This Awareness indicates that earthquakes in other parts of the United States may occur. There does appear to be something in the middle part of the United States in the Southern part, or below Illinois, in or near the Mississippi river, but this is not likely to be of great significance. It would be a minor quake. The potential for a quake on the East coast is also seen; again, this being of a minor level. Colder Weather is Forecast This Awareness indicates that there is seen considerable potential for cold weather in the winter of 1993 and 1994 in the North and Middle and Eastern parts of the United States especially. This Awareness indicates of course Canada also will have these very cold situations. This Awareness doesn't see any extremely devastating situations in 1994 affecting the north American continent. IS MOUNT RAINIER A DISASTER WAITING TO HAPPEN? QUESTION: The local paper has been running a series of alarming articles about Mount Rainier. They claim it's a disaster waiting to happen, and that three million people live near the aging crumbling volcano and its dangers go ignored, and there is little being done to prepare for the potential horrors that Mount Rainier could unleash, maybe within months, years, or maybe a hundred years. Does Awareness see Mount Rainier as being any threat in the coming few years? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that this is not seen as a threat in the next year; it is seen as a potential problem within a ten year period, but in this case, it would be not so great. If it does not occur within ten years, and goes on for 50 years before its release is expressed by this mountain, it could be much more devastating at that time. This Awareness indicates that it could equal that of Mt. St. Helens. The question of course would be: "Which way would it blow?" And if it blew in the wrong direction, toward the Seattle and neighboring cities, it would have a very devastating effect. If it blew in the other direction or valleys and country areas, its effect would be less devastating, more like that of Mt. St. Helens. IS A POLICE STATE GROWING IN CANADA? (Is the Immigration of Asians Something Sinister?) A letter from A.E., in British Columbia. He writes: "There are certain things that have been on my mind for quite awhile that concern North America as a whole. As most people are aware of, Canada is the extension of Great Britain with the Bronfman gang as the front men (running drugs). He controls all the liquor, and I believe he was head of the World Zionist organization a few years back. Their power in Canada is to the extent where we practically live in a police state up here. On the surface it may not seem so, but if one becomes too visible or makes certain statements which should be directly in conflict with their interest, one would be shut down immediately. I believe that we live in a country up here that is totally controlled by the Bronfmans and all of the lawyers that go with it. The consequences of this can be seen in the politics in every department of this country, and I believe that something very strange is going on with regard to immigration here on the West coast of Canada. If you want to conquer a country, you divide and conquer. Well, I believe that this is what is going on here in Canada right now. We are in the middle of a depression when sentiments are running rather hot or high. When people are down they do not see clear and often it is "easier" to blame another race or country for what is wrong. Of all the people moving in to British Columbia and Vancouver in particular, approximately 70 percent are of Asian origin. I find this strange that this stepping-up of immigration comes during a depression. Most of these Asians are wealthy and bring money into the country, which is, of course, the government's explanation for all this. However, I believe there are other long-term plans behind all this. The arms of the Royal Crown and the Rothschilds' reach everywhere. What better way than to have a large Chinese population here in Vancouver in case of a future war with China? Can Cosmic Awareness comment on this and to what extent these immigration factors are part of the elite's total planning every where?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that as you know, Hong Kong is to be turned back to mainland China in the next few years. This Awareness indicates that most of these entities immigrating to Canada are from Hong Kong. They are bringing their wealth with them because they do not trust Communist China to allow them to continue their activities of Capitalism, once it becomes a Communist owned territory. This Awareness indicates that the British have been consulted by many of these entities with regard turning Hong Kong back to China after all these years of allowing it to be a British colony or port, with capitalistic businesses? And the British, having no alternative but to continue in their agreement to turn Hong Kong back to China, have offered these entities safe haven in their own territorial countries, such as Great Britain, Australia or Canada. This Awareness indicates that this is more of the reason than any kind of conspiracy relating to future plans for war against China. This Awareness indicates however, that with the Rothschilds' track-record and planning there may be some truth in the evaluation of the situation. This Awareness does not see this as being clearly indicated at this time, but this Awareness would not rule out your observation as being in error. It very well could be. This Awareness indicates however, the reason on the surface is that these entities want to leave Hong Kong in order to preserve their assets in a country where they feel safe, and of course, Canada can benefit from the influx of this large amount of money and business, for these entities can carry on their business in Canada, almost as easily as they did in Hong Kong. NAFTA PLAN TO SEND B.C. WATER TO MEXICO CLOSING MESSAGE: This Awareness indicates that there is seen a plan developed by the world planners of such things, that when the NAFTA agreement between Canada, U.S. and Mexico is fully assured and completed, that this will include bringing large amounts of water from Canada down through Washington, Oregon and California, into the southern parts of the United States and Mexico. The idea being to use the Grand Canyon and Colorado river to move these large amounts of water to Mexico, to help make Mexico a more valuable place, and to help Mexico become more of an agricultural country. This is something that the Canadians will find not to their advantage, but somewhat frustrating for this to occur. This Awareness indicates that on the more positive side, it will gradually improve certain areas of the country to have more water. The question is: "Will it harm British Columbia to lose that much water?" (End of Reading; The Law of Gratitude is given.) HEALTH FREEDOM BILLS STILL NEED ENERGIZING (C.A.C. General Reading, December 7, 1993) OPENING MESSAGE: This Awareness indicates the Health Freedom Act appears to be gaining momentum in terms of support. It appears that this still needs to be energized by entities who care about being able to purchase vitamins and supplements without a doctor's prescription. This Awareness indicates that in some of the foreign countries already, a doctor's prescription is necessary to receive any potent vitamin and mineral supplement. The very weak amounts available without prescription are hardly worth purchasing. This Awareness suggests therefore, entities are still interested in being able to obtain supplements, it would be to their benefit to write their Senators and Congress people before it is too late, for once the FDA makes this use of vitamins and minerals dependent on prescription, it is unlikely that entities will ever again have the opportunity to buy these things, even to buy the super Vitamin C or Vitamin D or certain minerals without permission or prescription from a doctor, and of course, to do so would require a doctor's appointment and office call, and whatever cost that entails, along with the cost of the vitamin or mineral. This Awareness indicates it could more or less cause the AMA to corner the market on alternative health programs or health care and, of course, run the prices for such care to astronomical levels. ED's Note: This is Senator Hatch's Bill: The Dietary supplement Health and Education Act of 1993, SB 784 and HR 1709. Call your Senators and Congress people and ask them to help sponsor these bills. Don't be fooled by the news stories the FDA is putting out. They are trying to stop the ground swell by stating not to worry, it won't require prescriptions, that is all just misinformation that the health food industry has been putting out. Remember, the law is already on the books and in the months or years ahead, when the protesters stop writing their Congress people, the FDA could quietly start the process of making health foods prescription items available only from AMA doctors. The Hatch Bills named above are designed to change the original bill so they cannot pull this on the American public sometime in the future. THE HUBBLE TELESCOPE REPAIR JOB QUESTION: Today, and in the last few days, the media has been filled with the story of astronauts supposedly up there with the Hubble telescope, repairing the lens and everything. I'd like to ask Awareness if this information they're putting out true, or is this whole thing a fake, as I suspect? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that it appears that there was some deliberate sabotage of the telescope to prevent certain images and information from being relayed or presented to the public and that this was being repaired during these past few days. It appears that your evaluation is correct. It is essentially a fake; but that there was actually some damage to the telescope from deliberate sabotage other than from accidental cause. FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: Are the pictures they're sending back of the Hubble actually from space or is this being constructed on the earth as a fake Hubble? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that it appears that at least some of the pictures presented as this telescope are being photographed from earth. It appears that some of the pictures are those which have been taken from space. THE DRUG SITUATION IN 1994 (Clinton's Surgeon General Wants to Legalize) QUESTION: In regard to the drug problem in the United States, tonight, a high official in the Clinton administration is advocating or at least looking at seriously the idea of legalizing drugs, and the other day the police killed Pablo Escobar, the famous drug lord of Colombia. Does Awareness see in 1994 anything happening in the so-called drug war, or the legalization of drugs as a result of these two incidents? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that It does not see that there will be any major change or dramatic change in the drug use or in the violence related to drugs during 1994. It does see there is a possibility of some continued episodes in which drug arrests are made and entities are imprisoned and discussions become important in regard to the concept of legalization or further crack-down. Drug Courts to Become Popular This Awareness indicates that there is a strong likelihood of Drug Courts being a popular new concept and many advocates suggesting that instead of putting people in prison and trying them in courts, which ties up the criminal justice system, that drug users be put into drug courts, and instead of being imprisoned, be given sentences requiring social service and community service for x-number of days or weeks or months in punishment for the use of drugs. This Awareness indicates that already several states have begun working toward this kind of drug court, like the concept of traffic court as a substitute. Rather than traffic violators going to criminal court for traffic violations, they go to traffic court. In this case, they would go to drug courts to be sentenced according to certain guidelines determined by those who create the drug courts, and various laws that would decriminalize the drugs from the system and move it into a different form of justice procedure. This Awareness does not see this as becoming a quick fix in 1994, but rather as something that will begin to emerge as an alternative during the year of 1994. A FOUR DAY WORK WEEK IS INEVITABLE QUESTION: In France, they are talking about going to a four day work week to counter the depression and the increasing unemployment. Does Awareness see anything like that occurring in the United States in 1994? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness does not see this clearly emerging in 1994, but It does see this as an absolute necessity within the next few years. That it will of course mean lower wages for those who are used to 8-hour jobs, but in lowering the wages of individuals it will also require that prices come down, to be compatible with those of the consumers, and their ability to purchase. Therefore, it will allow more entities to go to work, even though the work is more infrequent and the monthly earnings are lower Still, it will even out within the society, giving people more leisure, but less money to spend, and this will require prices on products to come down. It will also help to even out the wages between the Mexican worker and the worker from the United States. This Awareness indicates that this does not mean it will improve the economics of the countries, but it will make a change and allow everyone a piece of the economic pie, even if the pie is only half the size that they are used to. This Awareness indicates that if entities are used to getting a dime a day, and suddenly their allowance is only a nickel a day, they will not be inclined to buy as much as they once did, until the prices come down to match their nickel a day allowance, in which case the manufacturer and producer of goods is likely to realize they will never sell their product if they don't reduce the price, and eventually this will work its way up to not only the manufacturer and producer, but also back to the raw goods so that they have to be either stacked up in the yards and not sold, or dropped in terms of price in order to get them out to the public. Therefore, it will eventually bring the economy down to a level where the poorer consumers will have a chance to purchase the products available and may eventually be balanced out, but there can be considerable suffering between that time and now, for this will have to take place on all levels of society; rent, utility costs, energy costs, food, shelter, clothing, etc. This Awareness indicates that in general, however, 1994 does not appear to be a year in which great disruption to the economy is seen in most areas. The economy will generally maintain itself at near present levels through out most of the year. A DRAMATIC DROP IN THE MINIMUM WAGE? (13 Banking Families Could Foreclose on America) FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: Back in the 1940s, the minimum wage was around forty cents an hour or better, but forty cents would buy quite a bit. Does Awareness ever see the minimum wage in this country dropping severely from what it is now? I believe it is $4.50 an hour. COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that this may occur later in the decade; It does not see this occurring in 1994, but It does see this as a possibility as hours are shortened and general wages come down, due to shorter hours and due to the NAFTA effect on the economy. This Awareness indicates that it is seen that as the people of the United States begin to earn less and become unable to pay as much in taxes, or are taxed less, and the national debt is still at its present level, that the people who are owed the debt by the U.S. citizens will have a greater opportunity to foreclose on the nation and take over the country based on its inability to pay off its debts to the Federal Reserve Bank. Lawsuit Against Fed Could Wipe out National Debt This Awareness indicates that the only way that this Awareness sees that this may not occur is if by some unusual circumstance the Federal Reserve Bank owners are persuaded to sell the Federal Reserve to the Treasury Department as has been suggested by some, or if the entities who are presently making an effort to sue the Federal Reserve Bank in behalf of the American people are somehow successful and can show the fraudulent scheme behind the Federal Reserve Bank owners and stockholders as an attempt to control the economy of the United States and that it was unconstitutional and irregular from the beginning, in which case, the courts if ruling in favor of this, or if the bank were truly sold to the Treasury Department, then the national debt would be dissolved or could be wiped out, leaving the country free again. This Awareness indicates that this would be a way in which the country might be saved from complete take over by these entities who own the Federal Reserve Bank. There is not a great deal of time for these things to occur, and if they do not occur within the next two or three years, then the likelihood is that the Federal Reserve Bank shareholders, the 13 families that own the Federal Reserve Bank, will be able to foreclose on the United States and claim it as their own country which they then could rule, and could create a new Constitution or laws for governing. In all likelihood it would become part of the New World Order, which is also fostered by these entities. This Awareness wishes entities to realize that there are many things that could happen to prevent this from occurring, things related to those potentials just mentioned; the possibility of the Federal Reserve Bank being purchased by the U.S. government, or the possibility of someone being successful in suing the Federal Reserve Bank for fraud in behalf of the U.S. government and the people of the United States. There is also that potential of the thing continuing as is until the earth and solar system move in to the photon belt wherein everything will be changed anyway. THE CHILDREN OF THE ONE WORLD PLANNERS -- WILL THEY CARRY ON THE PLANS OR CARRY THE LIGHT QUESTION: A related question by B.C., Carmel, New York. "Cosmic Awareness once mentioned that what the One World planners expected, may not happen since their children, who are now becoming adults, do not see the same goals. Are the children bearers of Light and is there any way that they can be safely contacted regarding the possibility they hold?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that this was not intended to imply there is a great chasm between the generations, or that all of the children are rebellious against their parents. It is more that they are not as ambitious in terms of power as are their parents, and therefore, they are more capable of being swayed into less dramatic or ambitious goals. The Super-Wealthy Families and Their Psychiatrists This Awareness indicates that most of these super-wealthy families keep their children well under control by use of psychiatrists and counselors who work with the children, making sure they know exactly where the children are in their thinking, and of course the psychiatrists and counselors are part of the network of the hierarchy system that these super-wealthy families belong to. It appears also that these super-wealthy families are part of what may be termed the Satanic Hierarchy (see issue 93-14 for more information about the hierarchy), and also the psychiatrists that are used by these entities belong likewise to that same hierarchy. They constantly monitor the children to make sure they toe the line and adopt the policies of their hierarchy system. AUSTRALIA'S SUPER-SECRET UNDERGROUND CITY (There are Many Places the Wealthy Elite Will Hide) QUESTION: Another question from this entity B.C. He writes: "I went to a meeting where Valdamar Valerian spoke, and he mentioned the super-secret project going on in Australia where a whole city is being built into a side of a mountain with entrances big enough for planes to land, where the elite will protect themselves from the coming earth changes and possibly photon belt. This project is so protected apparently that it has backing from the government since any workers who are caught talking about it, will automatically be put in jail. Can Awareness expound on this? Is this true, and what is the real purpose for this, and are there others like it being constructed around this planet?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that this appears to be a major project. It appears that there are plans to make this a place in which the super- wealthy can go and stay during any global catastrophe and expect to survive, providing the global catastrophe is of short duration. This Awareness indicates in other words, if there is a brief nuclear war or if the photon belt scenario becomes such that these entities fear what might happen and think they can perhaps hide it out in these underground caverns. They are underground caverns, even if they start in a cliff. This Awareness indicates that you can be sure that when these entities move to this area, that the other areas of earth will no longer be immune to war and violence if they decide to perpetrate any kind of war. In the past, the areas where these entities lived has always been a sacred and protected ground where war did not touch, such as Switzerland and the United States. Switzerland was a neutral zone where many of these financial wizards stayed. The United States was a neutral zone away from war; war being exported from the United States, but not allowed in the United States. It is only recently that violence on the street has been mounting in the United States which implies that the United States is no longer a safe haven for these super-wealthy families and they are preparing, if they have not already done so, to move to a new location. This Awareness indicates that wherever they live, peace follows them by their own design. This does not mean it will always be so, for there are forces outside their control that also have some input into what happens. This Awareness indicates that however, they do not concern themselves much because with all their technology they try to be on top of everything happening, including earth changes, and therefore, they assume that they have full knowledge of what is going to occur either by their own artificial creation or by their monitoring of natural events and natural dangers. This Awareness indicates therefore, they will feel quite comfortable in their decision to move into Australia, which they see as a stable place in most ways, especially when their cities are built within the underground caverns of a cliff. This Awareness indicates yes, there are a few other places on earth where similar types of fortresses have been built but none like this. This Awareness indicates that the underground base at St. George Island was described earlier by Dr. Beter as being such a place, but this was for military purpose mostly. Also, similar military bases under sea in the area of the Falkland Islands, and also there is seen one in Eastern Australia. This Awareness indicates that there are other bases underground in the United States where some of the elite intend to go, and which such bases are stocked with supplies to allow entities to stay underground for quite some time. This Awareness indicates that these of course will not be the super wealthy families so much as the experts and lieutenants and military and political and private advisors and key personnel to nations and organizations so that they can go underground at a critical time while the people may be left outside to suffer whatever consequences may come about from certain actions taken. Many of these entities have already expressed some disapproval for the plan because they know that even though they have the opportunity to be safe and secure under ground, their families are not allowed to come with them and this is likely to create a growing dissension among some of these entities who are not high enough in the ranking to deserve or to be granted sanctuary for their families. THE ALIEN SITUATION IN 1994 QUESTION: In regard to the alien situation in 1994, does Awareness see any change occurring there? For example, is the government still destroying the underground bases? Are there still two factions fighting among themselves as to whether to inform the public or not? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that most of the dissenting members of MJ-12 -- those who were seeking to get information out to the public -- have been silenced, either through termination or through intimidation, and those who sought to keep the information secret now have the upper hand. However, this does not mean that there is no longer a force that is working to counter the efforts of MJ-12. It appears that certain elements in the Navy intelligence, and certain factors relating to their connections with the minority in MJ-12 are still intact, even though the Navy too has been purged somewhat from the release of information that has come out in the past several years, yet there still are pockets of intelligence groups in the Navy and in other area of the U.S. society which are working very quietly and very carefully and secretively behind the scenes. This Awareness indicates that it is more dangerous now to release information on UFOs and the likelihood of an unplanned release of information becomes rare. This Awareness indicates that it appears if and when information does get released, it may be deliberate from MJ-12 in an attempt to misinform the public of real truth. This Awareness indicates that the situation at present can change, of course. There are many factors that suggest a change will be coming in the not too distant future whereby more information will be released suddenly from many different sources in a manner that is unstoppable from the view of MJ-12. This Awareness indicates that it appears some of this release may come from foreign countries rather than from this country. THE VEGAN IGNORANCE OF OUR MONEY SYSTEM QUESTION: Some of the mail we are getting is showing that quite a few people aren't buying the explanation that Awareness gave on the Ron Rummel thing. This is a typical question: "Concerning the individual Creston, named Ron Rummel, mentioned in the last newsletter, specifically, who was this individual really here on earth, what did he do, and how was he killed. In reading the New World Order/alien connection, I can't believe the Vegans, Pleiadians, etc. could be that stupid as to not know or comprehend the situation of not having enough money to do more on this planet in fighting the negative power, even if they don't have a monetary system on their home planet. They've been following the history of this planet for thousands of years. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that one out!" And another writes: "They walk among us; how could they not know?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates this entity has made a presumption that he cannot prove and has built on that presumption to a conclusion. This Awareness cannot prove that the Vegans do not fully understand or grasp the nature of the monetary system in its ability to hinder and stop the Light Forces in their tracks on this planet. This Awareness indicates that it is obvious there is a strong lack of communication, not only from the Pleiadians and Vegans not comprehending the monetary system on earth, but also from earthlings who think that Light Beings have some kind of bank account where money is made in the sky and handed to different people on earth. If they are Light Workers, they work with Light. This Awareness suggests that you work as Light Workers and find ways to finance your needs as well as you can, by working together, by helping each other. This Awareness indicates that the entity Ron Rummel, for the past two years, has been in contact with what may be called his counterpart in Vega named Creston. This is where he selected his pen-name, and Creston kept telling Ron Rummel in his communications to him that he should do certain things. He would give him directions on what to do. Ron Rummel would tell him: "I can't do that. I don't have the money to do it." Creston would say: "Don't worry about money, just do it," and Ron Rummel would explain: "There is no way I can do that. I can't go to Arizona, or to New Mexico," or whatever it was that Creston requested, "because I don't have the money to do it." Creston would simply say: "Do it!" And Rummel would do everything he could to raise the money, to make the trip according to the instruction of Creston and come up empty, and Creston would say: "Don't worry about it. I'll get the money to you in three weeks." Three weeks would go by and no money came. Then, he would again talk with Ron Rummel, and the communication would be that he was working on something to raise money for Ron Rummel so that Ron could do many different things. There would be large amounts of money coming on a certain date, from certain actions which Ron Rummel had to initiate. Ron Rummel would initiate the actions. He would be extremely excited because of the money that Creston had promised would be coming and he would work on these things, only to have them blown out of the water by some situation. The entities, for example, worked one and a half years on a videotape which his friend and he put together for sale, and the friend and he had a post office box and advertised the videotape, and then the orders came in to the post office box, and the friend picked up the mail and gave the impression to Rummel that nothing was coming in and that they weren't getting any orders. When Rummel finally found out about the fact that orders had come in, and confronted the entity, the entity began to yell and scream that only a little bit had come in and that he needed that to pay back some of his expenses. Rummel also explained that he too had expenses, but the entity said that his expenses were due now and he had to have the money. Therefore, a big fight followed, and the two split and the entity moved and was nowhere to be found. Therefore, the entire video project, which took one and a half years, which Creston had said would raise great amounts of money, simply went up in smoke, due to negative forces. This Awareness indicates that this kind of thing happens. FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: Awareness has indicated that for eons of time, the Orion aliens, Draconians and so on, have conquered many other planets, in some cases, if not all cases, using the money system as a corrupting agent. With this in mind, I think the reason so many people have written in asking us to ask for more information about the Ron Rummel thing is that these other aliens from Sirius, the Pleiades and so on, must certainly be aware of these tactics of the Orion entities. COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that is an assumption. These entities, when they do come in and live among the earthlings, go through the same birth process as earthlings and have the same conditioning as earthlings and they do not have the full consciousness as they had as Vegans or Sirians or others. This Awareness indicates that when they leave the planet as dead or spirit beings, they generally don't retain any memory of their life on earth in How Ron Rummel Bypassed the White Light at Death This Awareness indicates there was a unique situation that happened in regard to Ron Rummel wherein he was not transferred into spirit in the usual sense. He was met at his death by Vegan friends who took him immediately aboard a space ship, one of their ships. Rather than going through the White Light and the tunnel that is always associated with death and dying, he went directly aboard the ship. He had his astral and spiritual body completely intact with his full memory, and therefore his ability to explain to them what it is like to live as a human being on earth with full emotion, mental understanding and verbal ability to explain. This Awareness indicates he was able to explain this in absolute detail with examples that he had encountered here, just as if he was speaking to a person living on earth about his life. This Awareness indicates that this was a very unique and different situation. Even through greater contacts, the entity insists that he is not in spirit, that he is still here; that his body has been dissolved but he has been moved into another dimension in full human body form, as a Vegan. This Awareness indicates that maybe this helps to explain the difference. This Awareness indicates that even if an entity who was from one of the other dimensions landed on earth and walked among you on earth, the entity might not fully grasp the importance of money until he or she was asked to produce it, and generally that is not required because the entities do not stay long enough to require spending or earning money to keep up the cost of rent, of food, shelter, clothing and medical expenses, etc. FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: Is Awareness saying then that for the eons of time that the wars have been going on between these Draconians, who foster money systems, and the Pleiadians and Vegans in their gathering of intelligence information on an enemy like that, do not have information in their libraries and computers at all that show how they conquer these planets through setting up a money system? COSMIC AWARENES5: This Awareness indicates they understand the money system is used and that it is used in a certain way where people fall into line and use the money system. What they did not understand is what it is like to be without money in a situation such as that. This Awareness asks you if you can imagine yourself living in a world in which everything is supplied to you, and you do not have to work to make money. You can do whatever kind of occupation you want to do, but you do not have to do it in order to get your meals. This Awareness indicates in other words, it is like a three-year-old child who has all of his food handed to him; his clothing and his comfort is provided without his effort, other than to cry and wail. This Awareness indicates that if you were to talk to such a child, a three- year-old child who had everything provided for him, and ask that three- year-old child to "Help me! I can't seem to make enough money to do what I'm here to do!," the three-year old child looking at you might say: "What is it you have to do?" You might say: "Well, you have given me a certain directive that I am supposed to do certain things here on earth and I need help from you and the Higher Forces such as yourself. Please help me to do it." The child would say: "What do you need? What kind of help do you need?" You respond: "I need money!" The three-year old child has no idea what money is. Perhaps he has seen it somewhere here and there, and perhaps he has seen a penny or has a penny or a few coins and he goes and gets these coins for you, and he says, "Here. Here is money. Now go do it!" This Awareness indicates that if you then complain: "This is not enough! I need hundreds and thousands of dollars to get what I need to do done!", and the child says: "I don't understand why you keep asking for money. Just go do it!" The child knows that when it wants to do something, it just goes and does it. If it is hungry, it just goes to Mama or the provider and gets whatever it needs. Now, when this entity living in this other dimension asks for something from the child, the child cannot understand why it just simply doesn't fall into line and work with its environment and get money or whatever it needs in its environment to do its job. This Awareness indicates if this entity looks at this job he has to do in this particular dimension or environment, and turns back to the three-year-old child and says: "Please give me money so that I do the work I was sent here to do! Why is it that you guys up there can't provide for us down here?" The futility of that line is like appealing to a three-year-old child who has had everything provided for him and has no comprehension whatsoever of having to get out and earn a living or do it himself. This Awareness indicates that put it another way: Visualize yourself going into that photon belt when the earth passes through it, and entering into that dream state that this Awareness spoke of. In this world, your mind creates whatever you need to have. You want a chair? You simply create a chair and sit down. The matter is fluid and subject to your mind and your mind creates what you need. Thus, in this state you make contact with someone who is in a fixed world such as the earth, and you tell the person: "Why are you having so much trouble? You were supposed to do this, this, and that while you were down there." And the entity says: "Help us! We don't have any money!" The entity in the consciousness-dominating world who can make anything simply by thinking it, looks back at the entity and answers: "Why don't you have money? Make it. Create it." The entity in the fixed world says: "All I can do is wash dishes. I've never done anything else. I don't know how to make money the way some people do." The entity in the pliable world looks at the entity and says: "Then wash dishes. But when you get finished, take your money, go buy an airplane, and fly down to New Mexico. And then, when you're finished there, go over to Nevada. Get yourself a camcorder, and get yourself a helicopter and a pilot to take you into the hills." The entity says: "My dish-washing job won't pay for that!" Then the entity in the pliable world says: "Don't give me this thing about money. Just get money and do it!" The entity in the pliable world could create anything he wants with his mind, but the entity on the fixed world is like being frozen on a photograph and unable to change the picture. It is very difficult for the entity to change the picture once it has been fixed. Therefore, the entity is stuck. He simply says: "Those people on the Light Realms do not understand. Those People in higher consciousness can't understand what we go through here. This Awareness indicates that supposing somehow the people on the higher Light Realms were able to take this entity out of the frozen picture and bring him directly into the pliable world and let him explain completely what it is like to be in a fixed world, and to not only explain, but to demonstrate by the nature of his fixedness and how he can't bend and he can't become something different, a different shape. They would have a better understanding of what indeed has happened on that plane and why it is not so easy for entities. This Awareness indicates that perhaps that helps to create a better understanding. This Awareness indicates that the entities in these pliable levels realize from information they have been told that money is a strong factor and that people are controlled by money. What they don't understand is why entities let money control them, and why they can't just manufacture money if they want it, and the entity Ron Rummel helped to explain this in a more clear way so that they could get the feeling for it, not just the words, not just the data bank of information as to how these negative forces use money in exchanging goods and so forth. WHAT IS ONE'S TIME WORTH? QUESTION: I think that pretty much explained it. One last question, this one from J.S. in Seattle. He asks: "In a world that places a price tag on everything and everyone in terms of what one's "time" is worth, how does one get a sense of one's own real worth? Especially when one has grown up understanding the hypocrisy and insanity of power-seeking and money- grubbing?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates you place the value of your own worth upon yourself. It is like a painting. You can take a painting and put it in a certain place and place a price tag of ten cents on it, or you can put it somewhere else and place a price tag of ten dollars on it, or you can put it somewhere else and place a price tag of a thousand dollars on it, and someone, somewhere, sometime will buy it at any of those prices. This Awareness indicates that you yourself must place your own value upon your own self. This Awareness indicates that in regard to the value of your time, you must recognize how much value your time is worth, not only to yourself, but also to others, and the value of your time to others has to do with how much they value what you do for them during the time you are there. If you can do something of great value for them, then you can charge more for your time. If you do nothing but distract them, your time is wasted and they wish you would go away. They do not want your time. They do not want to share time or even kill time with you. This Awareness indicates that time is valuable when that which you offer during the time is valuable to them. Of course, there are some things wherein your time given can only be of a certain value, because there is only one thing they want from you during that time and they only care to pay so much for that service or commodity and therefore, will not pay you more for your time. Yet, it is possible for you to go elsewhere and be of some other kind of service and ask for more for your time. This Awareness indicates, of course, time cannot always be measured by money. Money is not necessarily the bottom line for everything of value. There are some things that are valuable beyond money, and this too should be considered in evaluating your work. This Awareness indicates another thing to evaluate is how much time you have, for if you have a very short amount of time, it may be important to measure it and use it more carefully than if you had excessive time, which of course is less valuable and can be wasted without such consequences. END OF ISSUE ----------------------------------------------------------------- How to Get Electronic Copies of "Revelations of Awareness": ----------------------------------------------------------------- NEW ISSUE ANNOUNCEMENTS: As hard copies are OCR'd by SPIRAL, they are announced in the following Usenet newsgroups: alt.alien.visitors alt.conspiracy alt.paranormal talk.religion.newage BACK ISSUES: Back Issues Lists, which include the topics discussed in each newsletter, are also periodically posted to those groups. 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