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Origin: CHANNEL1 - 0700 - EMAIL From: ALEX@SPIRAL.ORG To: SEARCHNET ZEC Date: 12/11/93 Re: 93-17 ------------------------------------------------------------------- Message-ID: <9312111954.AA15834@riverside.mr.net> alex@spiral.org Dave Alexander -- S.P.I.R.A.L. Society for the Protection of Individual Rights and Liberties Minneapolis Chapter 93-17 (Issue No. 426) ----------------------------------- Find Out Who, |* REVELATIONS OF AWARENESS *| How Many Have In Fact, You |* The New Age Cosmic Newsletter *| You Served? And Really Are. ----------------------------------- How Well? Cosmic Awareness Communications Box 115, Olympia, Washington 98507 email: alex@spiral.org (E-mail subscription information, FTP information and SnailMail hard copy information available at end of this file) "Helping People Become Aware Since 1977." ----------------------------------------------------------------- REVELATIONS OF AWARENESS is a cosmic newsletter, published by Cosmic Awareness Communications, Box 115, Olympia, WA 98507, a not-for- profit organization. Copyright 1993 by Cosmic Awareness Communications and the Aquarian Church of Universal Service. Reproduction is permitted, but no alterations may be made without express permission. ----------------------------------------------------------------- COSMIC AWARENESS is the Force that expressed Itself through Jesus of Nazareth, the Buddha, Krishna, Mohammed and other great avatars who served as "Channels" for the "Heavenly Father" and expresses itself once again as the world begins to enter the New Age of spiritual consciousness and awareness. This information is for those who desire to help in bringing in the New Age. Throughout the thousands of "readings" given, Cosmic Awareness tells us not to *believe* anything, not even Itself, but to question, explore, doubt, and discover through your own channel what the truth really is. Cosmic Awareness will only "indicate" and "suggest." Neither CAC or the Interpreter is responsible for anything Cosmic Awareness states in any of these readings, nor does CAC or the Interpreter necessarily agree with the statements of Cosmic Awareness. The Interpreter interprets the energies as they are seen in trance levels and are not personally responsible for what is said. The Interpreter has no connection with, nor control over the editorial comments, which are entirely the responsibility of the editor. Paul Shockley, Interpreter Avaton, C.A.C Editor Alex, OCR'er and NetPoster Vikki T., Office Manager ------------------------------------------------------------------------ IN THIS ISSUE: NEW WORLD ORDER COMPLETION IS SET BACK DUE TO GROWING MASS AWARENESS OF THE SCHEME; Why Are U.N. Troops Being Seen In Hawaii?; Various Scenarios on How The New World Order Will Spread, Should America Fall; Extraterrestrials and "Christ" Returning a Possibility; Rothschilds Already Control Half of World's Wealth; A World Revolution Will Throw Off the Yoke; How The New World Order Will Spread to Europe; Holland's Queen is a Bilderberger; Rothschild and Rockefellers Friendly Competitors; New World Order Plans 10 World Regions: The "Ten Horns of the Beast"; U.S. Taxpayers Will Fund New World Order; The Arms Control and Disarmament Act, Public Law 87297: A Legal Basis for Takeover?; U.S. Forest Service Now Has Its Own SWAT Teams; How the Executive Branch Creates Unconstitutional "Policies"; How Presidential Loophole Allows Treason to be Committed; Did the CIA Order the Execution of Christians?; Reagan and Colby Called Them "Disrupters"; More on "Operation Cable- Splice"; Operation "Garden Plot"; Is Cosmic Awareness Crying Wolf?; How Come the Apocalypse is Always Postponed?; What is the Current Status of Nemesis?; Creston Mentioned it Once Too Often; The "Asteroid Announcement" in June of 1993; Nemesis Launches 21 Ships to Jupiter; Police, Bankers, and Politicians: Has Awareness Condemned Them All?; Awareness Appreciates Letters of Confirmation; Is It Our Duty to Destroy Evil Whenever It Appears?; How Much Force is Necessary?; Should One Own a Firearm for Protection?; What's a Pacifist to Do In Today's Environment?; For Protection, Pacifists Must Rely on Those Armed; Violent or Non-Violent: You Can't Escape Karma; Taking a Stand Against Violence; General Rules Have Exceptions; You Have a Gun, but You Can't Make It Work; Having Weapons, Not Using Them is the Secret; An Information War, Not a Shooting War is More Probable; Let The Elite Know They Are Enemies of the People; A Data Bank of Names of the Elite is Needed Now!; Get Addresses of Those Who Voted for NAFTA; One Worlders Also Promote May Day as Sacred; We Must All Move Quickly; Time is of the Essence; The "Preparedness Expos" Now Going Around: Will the Government Shut Them Down?; How Awareness of the New World Order is Leapfrogging; Don't Ignore New World Order Sources Because of Christian Doctrine Slant; More Sources of Info Are Given; George Bush's Nazi Connections are Documented; The Dark Hierarchy System Which Connects it All; Are Talents in the Arts Influenced by Previous Lifetime Experiences? ------------------------------------------------------------------------ NEW WORLD ORDER COMPLETION IS SET BACK DUE TO GROWING MASS AWARENESS OF THE SCHEME (General Reading, October 4, 1993) OPENING MESSAGE: This Awareness indicates that if the energies that have been set in motion in regard to the New World Order continue at their present rate; this includes the energies of those who are in opposition to this New World Order, rather than it coming into focus and fruition in the year 2,000 as is planned, it will be between 2,006 and 2,010 before this New World Order is fully established. This Awareness indicates there has been a considerable amount of awakening among the public from many different sources in regard to this so-called New World Order, and many entities are discovering more about it with each passing day, and if this continues, it is certain to forestall the implementation of this New World Order, until at least 2,006 or thereafter. This Awareness indicates that if it goes to the year 2,012, if it can be forestalled to that time, the so-called New World Order will not affect those of a higher spiritual vibration, but will affect only those who are on the path of Darkness who would move into that lower aspect of the dimensional shift. Those who move into the higher dimensional shift will escape this altogether. This Awareness indicates this refers to earlier readings on the dimensional shift that this Awareness has spoken of as to occur in or near the year 2,012. This Awareness indicates that if you look at your fingerprint, you may find lines that split. You may find a line in your fingerprint somewhere that runs parallel to other lines, and then suddenly splits and two lines come off of one. You may think of this as symbolic of the nature of dimensions; that there are parallel dimensions, and occasionally a dimension will split into two different dimensions and carry on from there as two separate and distinct dimensions. This is what this Awareness foresees in the year 2,012, assuming energies that are now in motion continue in that direction. This Awareness indicates that these energies are quite strong in this direction and appear to be strong enough to make such a prediction of the future quite promising. WHY ARE U.N. TROOPS BEING SEEN IN HAWAII? QUESTION: A question from H.H., in Aiea, Hawaii. He asks: "What are the foreign troops, with their blue beret and blue U.N. trucks doing in Waimea, Hawaii, on the Big Island? The police are wondering too." COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that this appears to be part of a global maneuver where U.N. troops are being prepared by the use of a kind of program that ships foreign troops from place to place to familiarize them with various cultures where they may be later sent for certain purposes relating to the so-called Peacekeeping deployment programs of the U.N. This Awareness indicates that the uniforms may be different at that time. This Awareness indicates that it appears to be a preparation maneuver which is most common in all military circles, that when entities foresee a potential action in the future, they go through dry runs or maneuvers to prepare the troops for the potential future action; in this case, the action of becoming familiar with an area, becoming familiar with a culture can be seen as helpful to them in a future time when they may be brought to that area under different conditions. VARIOUS SCENARIOS ON HOW THE NEW WORLD ORDER WILL SPREAD SHOULD AMERICA FALL Extraterrestrials and "Christ" Returning a Possibility QUESTION: A couple of questions from E.S., who lives in the Netherlands: "I would be very grateful if Awareness answered the following questions: If the United States becomes a totalitarian state, how might the rest of the New World Order spread out to the countries in Europe, and more specifically, the Netherlands?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that in the scenario of a New World Order, each nation will deliver its own people into loyalty to the United Nations. It is like pledging allegiance to a United Nations for a particular reason, where the people will have been conditioned to cooperate. This is the plan. This Awareness indicates, of course, there will have to be certain situations that occur to make the people cooperative. There are several potentials ranging from economic disaster to potential global disaster such as earthquakes, war, or famine, to the scenario of extraterrestrial interference with human affairs, whereby entities are brought together to fight off extraterrestrials, or to embrace extraterrestrials as new deliverers or "saviors" of the world. There may even be the scenario of Christ's return, where the extraterrestrials are announced and introduced as Christ's forerunners or "angels." Whatever the case may be, whatever the situation may be, the circumstances will be designed to influence the masses to go along with the delivery aspects of giving their nation to the United Nations for its collective guidance of all nations, and those countries that do not cooperate and go along with this action will be gradually ostracized and possibly even punished in the future. The ostracizing of nations would include economic boycotts and a cut-off of any cultural and economic relations, so that the nation loses any foreign trade to or from its borders, and so that contacts with the nation would be considered outlawed. Eventually, the hope would be that the nations would join with the United Nations of the world and become part of the New World Order. This Awareness indicates that in order for these countries to be coerced into this action, the leaders would need to be enticed into thinking something for themselves would come of delivering the country to the New World Order, and thus, those in leadership within each country would hope to gain something from the New World Order personally, as well as individually and collectively. Meanwhile, the people of each nation would be hoping to see something worthwhile come from their country being delivered to the United Nations and losing its sovereignty. This Awareness indicates that it does appear that once entities begin to get closer to this day of reckoning, more questions will be asked, more skepticism and more suspicion will be spread among the people. Rumors will fly, and even though the media of each country will promote the New World Order, there will be many people within each country who will object and have grave doubts about this New World Order and its real purpose. Rothschilds Already Control Half of World's Wealth This Awareness indicates that it is simply another way for the rich to grow more powerful and more rich, to gain more power over more people. This Awareness indicates that already the Rothschild factions control nearly half of all wealth in the world, but these entities are not satisfied. They want more, and the New World Order is their way of seeking to gain control of the rest. (continued next message) <*> Origin: CHANNEL1 - 0700 - EMAIL From: ALEX@SPIRAL.ORG To: SEARCHNET ZEC Date: 12/11/93 Re: 93-17 ------------------------------------------------------------------- (Continued from last message) This Awareness indicates that people will begin to wonder why they need so much control over everyone's wealth and why they need so much power, when they have so much already, and this may lead to considerable resistance so that the events may not flow as smoothly and as timely as the perpetrators of this plan would like. This Awareness indicates that the more time passes, the more chance there is of a greater number of entities throughout the world waking up to the reality that the New World Order is designed to benefit the super-wealthy and not the average person on the land, in the cities, on the streets. These entities will lose even more to the super-wealthy under the New World Order. They will especially lose their own power and freedom as the New World Order encroaches on their personal lives. A World Revolution Will Throw Off the Yoke This Awareness indicates that as this comes closer, entities will begin to react with greater suspicion, with more questions and eventually a great revolution will occur throughout the world to throw off those who would impose this New World Order. This Awareness indicates that it may need to get very close, and its teeth may need to hurt before entities react sufficiently, but in the end, the New World Order will have a very short life, perhaps not even completely being established before it is thrown off. This Awareness indicates that the process, however, can be quite painful for all of humanity. This Awareness indicates that there are many entities in the police and military forces throughout the world who will begin to see what this New World Order really is and will turn their energies to resisting and stopping the action rather than assisting in the oppression of the masses. HOW THE NEW WORLD ORDER WILL SPREAD TO EUROPE Holland's Queen is a Bilderberger QUESTION: E.S. asks that question in the letter. It's sort of interesting, so I'll read it. She says: "I've only just started to get informed about the New World Order, but I think I begin to get the outline of it, especially about the situation in the United States. A great source for me was the book, "Behold, A Pale Horse," by William Cooper. What I can't figure out though, is how, in concrete terms, this New World Order, this totalitarian state, will spread to Europe, and how they will make the people here accept a One World Government, not to mention concentration camps. Here in Holland, there are still a few people who own a proper weapon, a gun, so it wouldn't do our supposed concentration camps much good. Still, what will they think of to diminish the Dutch population considerably? Although I know the Dutch government feels very strongly attached to the American government (and not only because of NATO), and for instance our Prime Minister and our Queen, who is deeply respected by the vast majority of the Dutch, are members of the Bilderberger group, I still don't see what the further scenario might look like after, for instance, the takeover by the F.E.M.A. of your country and the legalization of the new constitution for the NewStates of America. Also, I wonder what our fundamental and totally undemocratic European Community (ECC), means in connection with the New World Order, now and in the future?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that the conquest of the United States is not necessarily the beginning of the New World Order for Europe. The United States would need to be conquered if the New World Order were to be set up, but the purpose of conquering the United States is simply to get it defused as an independent country so it cannot, or does not wish to, resist the implementation of the New World Order. As for Europe under the New World Order, the Bilderbergers are an organization that has been created, much as the Council On Foreign Relations and Trilateralists in the United States were created, to bring these countries into the New World Order. The Bilderbergers are a great arm of the New World Order, to help secure Europe into the New World Order. You must understand that the New World Order is generally an outgrowth of the Rothschild forces or movements, the Rothschild banking and political powers, who greatly set up with the help of other organizations, the Communist control of Russia, and who also set up the control of the Nazis in Germany during World War II by helping to fund the Nazi movement along with others such as Henry Ford and some of the other large financiers of the world. This Awareness indicates that the Nazi movement and Communist movement, both being funded from these Rothschild wealth and power base, were simply experiments and early efforts to establish some kind of purpose in bringing the great powers of Europe under control of the financial institutions owned by and controlled by the Rothschilds. In the United States, the Rockefeller forces, who are often seen as competitors with the Rothschilds, are actually quite small in relation to the power and wealth of the Rothschilds, and could be quashed very easily by the Rothschild powers. Rothschild and Rockefellers Friendly Competitors The Rockefeller empire or forces or group or whatever term you wish to use, in that sense is relatively cooperative with the Rothschilds. Their competition is more like that of two business competitors who actually work with each other rather than in absolute competition as enemies. Therefore, while there are occasionally competitive events or actions between these two super powers there is also an underlying tie that leads them to work together. It is as though the two are working to make a pie, and the question is: "Who gets the biggest piece?" The idea underlying everything is to make the pie, but on the surface, there is a competition as to who gets the biggest piece when all is said and done. This Awareness indicates that therefore, the Rockefeller faction is promoting the New World Order, the Rothschild faction is promoting the New World Order, but there appears to be some competition between these two forces. This Awareness indicates the Rockefeller forces include the Council On Foreign Relations and the Trilateralists organizations, and these are helping to promote the New World Order. The Rothschilds are promoting the New World Order under Zionism, the Bilderbergers and certain Mafia contacts and through most of the banking establishments, and therefore, regardless of what happens in the United States, the Netherlands and the various countries of Europe will all have their own problems relating to the controls being established through the Rothschild forces and the European economic system. The European Economic Community will be brought together as a large conglomerate of nations and will begin to have greater breakdown of boundaries as the nations are emasculated or defused in terms of individuality. The definitions of each nation will begin to blur as the economics of Europe begin to spread and the boundaries are diminished, whereby entities can travel from one country to another without passports or without excessive need for the usual customs evaluation that occurs at borders. New World Order Plans 10 World Regions: The "Ten Horns of the Beast" This Awareness indicates that the same will eventually encompass many of the Russian and Eastern countries in Europe, and eventually it is planned to encompass all of Asia. This Awareness indicates that the plan calls for the establishment of ten regions of the world: these are what has been referred to in the Book of Revelation as the ten horns of the beast. This Awareness indicates within the United States there will also be, according to the plan, ten regions, and these are that which is referred to in the Book of Revelation as the smaller beast that forces the masses to worship the larger beast. This Awareness indicates that in this sense, the U.N., being funded mostly by United States money, is being promoted by the lesser beast, and when the lesser beast, the United States, becomes the NewStates of America having ten regions instead of 50 states, this country will then become more or less an enforcer of U.N. rules around the globe. U.S. Taxpayers Will Fund New World Order There will, of course, be cooperation from other countries who will supply troops, but much of the funding for such action of the U.N. will come from the United States. This Awareness indicates that it appears most of the funding, or the largest portion, will come from the United States, at least during the earlier stages of U.N. activity and world police enforcement. This Awareness indicates that this does not mean that the United States will be sending troops into Europe to enforce the New World Order on all of the people in all of the countries; it does not mean that the United States will become a new form of Nazi Germany bent on world conquest for itself. It means rather, that the United States will help to fund the United Nations in its various global projects in trying to bring resistant nations under control of the U.N., and Europe itself will be converted slowly and gradually by the Rothschild organizations and the various leaders of countries who are working with these Rothschild forces as they convert their countries into aspects of the New World Order. Many of the countries of Europe will be asked to donate troops and money to the U.N., and thus strengthen the U.N. as the centralized world governing body to allow it greater power to conquer the rest of the world for the super-wealthy, there being approximately thirteen families involved in this world conquest plan; the Rothschilds being the most notable of these families. This Awareness indicates that if this has not clarified the issue for the question that the question be re-focused in those areas that need further clarification. THE ARMS CONTROL AND DISARMAMENT ACT -- PUBLIC LAW 87297: A LEGAL BASIS FOR TAKEOVER? U.S. Forest Service Now Has Its Own SWAT Team QUESTION: M.J. in Sedona, Arizona, sent in a document. It's an official Congressional document dated September 26, 1961. He writes: "I'm glad the "Vampire Killer 2000" publication is of use. I heard Jack McLamb on Tom Valentine's show last night say that the response has been incredible. Military generals and base commanders are ordering the book to pass out to their staffs. An undercover agent sent to spy on McLamb lectures even ended up coming over to his side. Enclosed is the apparent public law enacted in 1961, which is to be the basis of the disarmament Awareness spoke of. Though it is ostensibly aimed at nuclear and international control and disarmament, a closer reading reveals no such limitation in scope. It even covers the hiring of street gangs at $100 per day as "experts and consultants or organizations. My sources indicate this is already being done in Florida, Waco and so forth. That 15 to 25 percent of the Ranger and special trainees are civilians. Also, the U.S. Forest Service has its own SWAT, now called Rapid Response Teams, and Huey helicopters. I believe the enclosed came out of a military briefing that took place approximately five weeks ago that was held to cover the plan to confiscate privately held firearms in the United States. This came from a source of mine whose friend was an officer in attendance. The time frame was projected at two to four months. Let's hope it will be another "cry wolf" that never happens so we can keep on being called "Paranoid Doomsday Fanatics!" That's okay. I'd still rather wear the defamation than the Mark. I'd like to ask specifically, if this document: Arms Control and Disarmament Act, Public Law 87297, is what Awareness referred to as the basis, the legal basis that the government will try to impose this New World Order?" COSMIC AWARENESS: How the Executive Branch Creates Unconstitutional "Policies" This Awareness indicates that this is one such policy; that there are continually being passed certain official directives from the Executive Branch which are established as rules and policies until someone challenges them in terms of the Constitution or brings them to be debated in Congress. Congress has the right to make or break laws, but the executive branch has the right to create policies. These policies exist and are enforceable until someone says: "This is against the Constitution, and therefore we challenge it." This Awareness indicates that the Presidents, too often, having sworn allegiance to the Constitution and to the nation, sabotage the nation in actions and in policies that are treasonous, but it is very difficult for entities to challenge them, for they could simply respond that: "It hasn't been ruled that my policy is unconstitutional, and until it is ruled unconstitutional you can't say that I am breaking the law and my oath to the Constitution." Once it is challenged, it needs to go either to Congress to be passed, or needs to go to the courts to be challenged in the courts of law. This Awareness indicates that when it is something of significance to many people who are aware of it, they generally get Congress to act on it and make it law, rather than just policy. This Awareness indicates that when it passed into law, it will be (continued next message) <*> Origin: CHANNEL1 - 0700 - EMAIL From: ALEX@SPIRAL.ORG To: SEARCHNET ZEC Date: 12/11/93 Re: 93-17 ------------------------------------------------------------------- (Continued from last message) enacted and treated as law, unless someone says it is unconstitutional, then it is challenged by the courts, if this entity pursues it, and the courts will decide whether it is Constitutional or not. Once it passes through the higher court, the Supreme Court, there is no higher authority in the United States for challenging that law. This Awareness indicates therefore, things can be passed by the Executive branch, the White House, the President, through Executive Orders, and they will stand, unless someone challenges them and makes a federal case out of it. This Awareness indicates that as long as these are not challenged and entities continue to use those federal statutes, they are the same as laws and they can base policy and actions on these things until someone challenges them and shows they are, in a court of law, unconstitutional. This Awareness indicates therefore, when one of these is challenged, the Executive Branch can come back with another policy which is slightly different, but aimed at doing the same thing, and to challenge these things can be quite expensive for someone. This Awareness indicates therefore, over the past 30 or 40 years, the Executive Branch of the various administrations have produced countless numbers of policies that are unconstitutional, but can be used anyway. This Awareness indicates that until the Executive Branch has some kind of restraint put upon it so that its policies have to conform with legal definitions that relate to and reflect the Constitution and its law, these things will continue, and it is extremely difficult for anyone to stop the Executive Branch from creating various laws that are sabotaging the Constitution. How Presidential Loophole Allows Treason to be Committed This Awareness indicates ,of course, if it is finally ruled unconstitutional, the President can simply say: "OK, it's unconstitutional so we won't use that policy any further." This Awareness indicates there is a kind of loophole here that allows Presidents to get around their oath of office and impose laws as policies that are unconstitutional, and this is how they have managed to move this country toward a New World Order for the super-rich over the masses of the country, for whom they are, as Ross Perot states, "the hired managers of the country." As hired managers, hired by the people, they have been negligent in their duties, but it is very difficult to enforce the rules under which they should abide, and people therefore have to constantly work to keep their hired managers in line. It is not something that can be done once; it is something that must be done repeatedly day in and day out. Vigilance is that only quality that preserves freedom, and when entities fail to vigilantly watch their leaders, they deserve to lose their freedoms, and those leaders will tell you the same thing, just as any good con-man would say: "If you are so stupid as to let me con you, you deserve to be conned!" You can't blame it entirely on the con-man, because it takes two to have a relationship. This Awareness indicates that an entity who becomes victimized by a con-man should have known better. The con-man may be the greater criminal, but the victim had to cooperate. This Awareness indicates that therefore, the masses of this country need to be informed, need to become aware, and need to be vigilant about protecting their freedoms, their liberties, their property and their rights as individuals and groups against the imposition of those who would deceive, manipulate and encumber them with oppressive tactics. This Awareness indicates that this is one of the policies that would be used, if possible, to take away rights from entities. There have been others since and there are others in the works to be passed as law, if entities will allow it, and as entities allow these policies to take away their rights, their protections, their freedoms, they will find themselves more and more encased in smaller areas of expression. This Awareness indicates that eventually entities may find no movement or no space for personal individual expression other than to serve the master ruler of their particular clan, culture or nation. This Awareness indicates that if they lose these freedoms, they not only lose them for themselves, but they lose them for their children also, for they create situations in which their children will be forced to fight against almost insurmountable odds in order to regain the freedoms that they have lost or that their parents or grandparents have lost. DID THE CIA ORDER THE EXECUTION OF CHRISTIANS? Reagan and Colby Called Them "Disrupters": More on "Operation Cable-Splice" QUESTION: We received four different documents from an outfit called "New Nation USA," P.O. Box 441, Morongo Valley, California, 92256. It says: "For a copy of our July '93 newsletter, "The Citizen's Claw," concerning this flier, send $2 cash only. Claw is $40 per year. No checks." It says: "Please post and distribute widely." And this is information on what Awareness has indicated earlier. One is called "The U.S. Constitution Dead!", and another one is "Public Notice that Clinton Overthrew the U.S. Constitution, But Nobody Noticed!", and they had a transcript from a videotape of C-SPAN and information from the House of Representatives. They say the National Emergency formalized here, and it has Clinton's document on this, suspends the Constitution and covertly establishes the President as dictator. "A coup has taken place with consent of the Congress. It's high treason, and time for Americans to demand accountability." And they write out the transcript: Clinton's letter to the House, where he's asking: "To the Congress of the United States, section 202D of the National Emergency Act provides the automatic termination of the National Emergency unless prior to the anniversary date of its declaration, the President publishes in the Federal Register and transmits to the Congress a notice stating that the emergency is to continue in effect beyond the anniversary date. In accordance with this provision, I have sent the enclosed notice stating that the emergency declared with respect to the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia is to continue in effect beyond May 30th, 1993. Signed, William Clinton, May 25th, 1993." That's one of the documents they're informing people about. The one I wanted to ask about is one that says: "Warning to American Christians! Will Your Church Be Next? CIA orders arrest and execution of Christians in the United States. In the early Eighties, somewhere in the Washington D.C. area, I spent four hours at a very secret meeting with people who were risking their lives by being there. There was a general from the U.S. Army, a colonel from military intelligence, a colonel from the U.S. Marines, a U.S. Senator, three members of the CIA and a person of a very high rank from the MPs. The meeting produced the following information: I was shown two documents stamped "Top Secret." One document was signed by President Reagan, and the other was signed by William Colby. Both documents referred to the Christians as "the Disrupters." The CIA document was to the Pentagon, and stated that the official Department of Justice and FBI terminology for Christians would be "the Disrupters Movement." The William Colby document proceeded to outline a plan for the arrest, execution, or mental rehabilitation of all Disrupters. The plan proceeds as follows: Stage 1: Terminate with extreme prejudice (that means to kill in cold blood) all Disrupters who are publicly interfering with "Operation Cable-Splice." Operation Cable- Splice is a plan to take over all municipal, county, and state governments into one Federal government and then into a World Government. Stage 2: Arrest either on criminal charges or on mental inquest warrants, all Disrupters who jeopardize Operation Cable-Splice by their fanatical religious lifestyles and/or their emergency preparedness, which would enable them to live outside of government direction and aid. Some Stage 2 Disrupters will have to be terminated, as they can't be rehabilitated. Stage 3: The arrest on criminal charges or mental inquests warrants all those who have listened to and followed the collaborators and infiltrators, plus the arrest of all collaborators, the confiscation of all wealth and property, for it is estimated that over half the wealth in the United States is in their hands. Stage 3 does not apply to infiltrators or government agents. Stage 1 is under implementation now. For more information on things that come about in this meeting, I urge you to purchase my new tape: "The Laodiceans Church Age." Also, if you are interested in documentation on Operation Cable-Splice and its sister, an operation entitled "Garden- Plot," we are releasing a new tape by Doctor Pabst, about the concentration camps that have been prepared for Christians in the United States." That's the main gist of these documents. I'd like to ask Awareness: Is that information basically true, and could It explain this "Operation Cable-Splice"? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that this is essentially correct. That this has also been discussed briefly in terms of the code names in the "Operation Vampire Killer 2000" booklet. This Awareness indicates that the Cable- Splice program as that which is self-explanatory, and this Awareness does not wish to elaborate on this because it is Top Secret, Classified, and therefore any comment further on this by this Awareness would bring trouble to your organization and staff, giving perhaps an excuse that you were releasing classified information. This Awareness indicates that It therefore does not wish to elaborate further on this. The questioner presented the general expression or outline of the operation, and that is sufficient. OPERATION "GARDEN PLOT" QUESTION: Does the same apply for Operation Garden-Plot? COSMIC AWARENESS: This is in the affirmative. This Awareness indicates the Garden-Plot, having to do with disposing of remains and other parts of a general program. Entities wishing to know more on this can perhaps write individually for more information to the sources mentioned. IS COSMIC AWARENESS "CRYING WOLF"? How Come the Apocalypse is Always Postponed? QUESTION: We got a letter from M.S., in Clarksville, Georgia and I'd like to read it. Perhaps Awareness could address it, if It believes it needs to be addressed. He writes: "I know my membership recently expired. I haven't completely decided to renew, but have some mixed feelings because I do believe that you and the staff are sincere, hard-working, and motivated by what you perceive to be a call, I at least owe it to you to write which is something I have been intending to do. Where do I start? First, let me say that Awareness comes across frequently as an alarmist by Its too frequent unsubstantiated cries of "wolf." This hurts your credibility of the material in general. Also, it frequently is evasive and muddled. As an example, the most recent doomsday scenario involved the elimination of the Constitution and establishment of a police state. Before that, it was "Hot August Night." Then there was "Nemesis," and before that the "Gathering Storm." What was before that was before my time, so I don't know. It has gotten to be that with each of these new apocalyptic predictions, my first reaction is not to prepare but to wonder what will be the explanation when it doesn't happen. I know all of you have wondered about this as well. Now let me say that I don't expect Awareness to be perfect. I have my own ideas about what Awareness is and I believe it is a legitimate intelligent energy. I say that with a disclaimer on myself because the world has enough experts and doesn't need one of the likes of me. I'm only saying that I wish the readings could be more concise and factual. I know that at times the questioner attempts to pin down more specific answers but I would like to see more persistence in that. This may not be possible; I don't know. Now as to personal preference in info, I would like much more on the status of "Nemesis." I would also like some info on the Montauk project and what happened with all that surrounds that. I know you can't please everyone with the questions you ask, but please consider delving into these areas more." Could Awareness address that part about the "crying wolf" and so forth? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that as much information as has been released on the issues or topics that have been presented by this Awareness, and follow-up material that has, in most cases, come from members, such as the question just prior to this, and the sources for more information, if entities wish to check this out, It does not see the entity's concern about "crying wolf" as being a valid concern. This Awareness indicates that if the entity does not wish to follow-up on the material that is usually mentioned as reference, it is his own problem. This Awareness indicates that if this Awareness gave more information on following up and proof, then this Awareness would be accused of getting the information, telling information that was not privy to this Awareness, as has been indicated by several other entities who accuse this Awareness of simply relating that which It finds elsewhere, or accuses the Interpreter as finding information and presenting it as though it was coming from this Awareness. This Awareness indicates It is in a sense damned either way to be in error, and this kind of criticism is part of the territory, and this Awareness does not concern Itself with this man's personal accusations, or try to search out more proof for what this entity could research on his own, for he is not likely to research it anyway. He wants every thing spoon-fed in little bites that he can take easily with out having to put forth any personal effort. This Awareness indicates that seldom does this Awareness give anything that isn't in some way backed up by other evidence, or indications of (continued next message) <*> Origin: CHANNEL1 - 0700 - EMAIL From: ALEX@SPIRAL.ORG To: SEARCHNET ZEC Date: 12/11/93 Re: 93-17 ------------------------------------------------------------------- (Continued from last message) some degree. Usually It gives substantiating evidence when there is any available. Not everything this Awareness gives is substantiated by press, by books or by television or by some common media form, and if entities prefer to believe the world to be as it is presented through the television media which is established to keep people calm and placated with society, and never to be alarmed, then that is their choice. WHAT'S THE CURRENT STATUS OF "NEMESIS"? Creston Mentioned it Once Too Often QUESTION: He'd like to hear more about the status of Nemesis. COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that there have been writings in various newspapers, in various underground UFO material and in some magazines referring to Nemesis. That one of the reasons given for the close friend of the Interpreter as having been killed recently was that he spoke of Nemesis too often. This Awareness indicates that it is something that apparently is not intended for the public. This Awareness indicates that there is very little information available on this except on rare occasions in various publications in small sentences or very brief statements. It appears that Nemesis is still somewhat beyond Jupiter. The "Asteroid Announcement" in June of 1993 This Awareness indicates that a recent gathering of scientists in Colorado in June, discussed a concern regarding some 17 to 21 asteroids or comets that were headed in a straight line toward Jupiter and were expected to hit the planet between June 27th to July 27th in 1994, during that 30 day period, with the most likely time being the 7th or 10th of June to the 10th of July of 1994. This Awareness indicates that as anyone knows, asteroids don't follow each other in a straight-line formation, nor do comets. These are guided ships, and the effect of this announcement or concern will simply have to wait until that time, and entities may wish to watch during that time for information. It is not likely to be blasted out on Tom Brokaw's news or on CNN or any other major news media. It is more likely that it will be presented only through leaked information, available in some astronomy magazines or UFO magazines or some other source that is not controlled by the major news networks. This Awareness indicates that if you want the commercial news to publish all your information, then you should not be subscribing to a newsletter such as this, for this kind of information is not going to make it on the news networks. This kind of news has little interest to the majority of people, and the purpose of the major news networks is to give all of the more exciting and common news around the world, in a way that does not disturb the people in their living room without following-up in terms of continual coverage such as the Gulf War and other activities that can be presented as a kind of information that exhilarates the minds of their listeners. These networks do not like to raise questions or create disturbances that cannot be answered and handled easily. They do not want entities to go around wondering whether the government is protecting them or is incompetent in its role as protector. Therefore they are not likely to release such information on extraterrestrials unless they can show that the government has everything under control and there is no need to lose any sleep whatsoever. Nemesis Launches 21 Ships to Jupiter This Awareness indicates that the 17 to 21 ships going to Jupiter having been launched from Nemesis. This Awareness indicates the Interpreter is still looking for old references to Nemesis and when and if this is found, he will give the editor the date and source of such references. The entity Creston as one who had such references, but that the Interpreter does not have any personal familiarity of this information and since Creston has been killed, it is not possible to ask him when this was published, or in what magazine. POLICE, BANKERS, AND POLITICIANS: HAS COSMIC AWARENESS CONDEMNED THEM ALL? This M.S. entity attached a P.S., "I thought of something that bothers me. This is the nature of the readings regarding the police and those in authority. Many might get the impression that anyone in law enforcement, banking or government is a demon in disguise whose only agenda is to enslave mankind. Sorry, but it just isn't true. I am a State of Georgia parole officer. I frequently rub elbows with the law enforcement personnel of all levels. Seldom have I encountered those of the mentality Awareness describes. A very good friend of mine who now works with parole is retired from ATF as manager of the Chicago office of ATF. He isn't that type. I've known numerous GBI and FBI agents, none of whom fit the profile. I know it sounds like I'm making this up, but I'm not. Next is banking. My father was chairman of the board of a bank. He was a very decent guy. I have cousins who are bank presidents and officers and none of them are sociopaths. Next is politics. Jimmy Carter and my uncle served in the George State legislature together r and are friends. When Carter ran for President he offered my uncle the job as his campaign chairman. I have seen Carter since then. If he is an organic Robotoid, then he is a very good one, and I sure as hell can't tell it. Sorry about the tirade, but I had to get it off my chest." COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that it does not appear to this Awareness that It indicated or criticized all police or all politicians or all bankers as being demons or anything of the sort. In Its statements, It was speaking of various things in the past, referring to various situations and may have given some reference to bankers and to politicians and to police in a sense of their involvement in negative plans or conspiracies. It certainly appreciates the police who are working with McLamb and those who are willing to protect the U.S. Constitution. It certainly appreciates the politicians who are working to protect the people and the Constitution according to their oaths as Presidents and as Senators and Congress people, or whatever position they hold. It certainly appreciates all of these entities who do what they are paid to do, who work in behalf of the people of this country. This Awareness indicates that It does not see any reason to indict or criticize any of these entities who are true to their decency and positions, when they are serving the people properly. If It gave the impression otherwise, that It thought all police and all bankers and all politicians were demons, It certainly did not intend to do this. It seems the questioner is presenting an exaggerated point of view with little regard for truth on this issue. He is, as he says, simply expressing himself emotionally in a kind of tirade. AWARENESS APPRECIATES LETTERS OF CONFIRMATION CLOSING MESSAGE: This Awareness indicates It is quite appreciative of the letter from the entity in Arizona which added substantial credibility to information this Awareness gave to which he responded with further information. It is this kind of feedback that can help establish credibility for these readings, wherein sometimes this Awareness does not have earthly sources to quote from or to present in order to make Its messages appear more credible. This Awareness indicates that when there is feedback for these messages from this Awareness from the membership, it is deeply appreciated when this can be sent to the Cosmic Awareness Communications to be used to help substantiate some of the messages from this Awareness because there are, in many cases, and rightly so, certain subjects this Awareness presents which are hard to believe, hard to accept, without some kind of further substantiation. This Awareness does not wish to present Itself as a kind of unquestionable authority, for It wishes entities to question, but It does not wish to hold back information just because It does not have on hand some earthly reference as proof of the information It wishes to pass to entities. (End of Reading; The Law of Gratitude is given.) IS IT OUR DUTY TO DESTROY EVIL WHENEVER IT APPEARS? How Much Force is Necessary? (CAC General Reading, October 4,1993) QUESTION: A question from J.J. She asks: "Get set for a deep question. It seems one of your readers had a most horrid experience a number of years back. He began writing letters to the AAUS urging them into serious investigation of the UFO phenomenon. Shortly thereafter, he began to receive veiled threats by telephone. Eventually, someone impersonated his voice and made calls wrecking his personal relationships and ruining what was then a very successful dermatology practice. He has lived off meager savings since then, and feels himself unfit to attempt to set up practice again because he remains obsessed with anger for those who did this to him. He says he would kill them if given a chance. He detests these feelings, but they consume him and he feels he must resolve them. He has sought my aid. He feels he is suffering from a version of post- traumatic stress disorder. Now, a few weeks ago, I woke up one morning from an unusually vivid and troubling dream that addresses this subject. I don't recall most of my dreams, and very few of them are memorable, but this one was effecting me intensely. In it, I had been having a casual, friendly ongoing relationship with a pleasant looking young man. We were not of a wavelength, but he had sufficiently attractive facets that I maintained a cordial rapport with him. Upon the scene comes an entity whom I identified as my spiritual instructor. We are observing the young man when I see something I've never seen before. His fingers and toes ended into claws. As I watched in astonishment, my "teacher" extended from each foot, three large wide talon-like claws with which he immediately attacked the young man and lacerated him to death. He was evil, the message was, and as such, ought to be destroyed on sight, not pacified or co-existed with. Debris from the carnage was scattered at our feet. Among it, two nails which to me symbolized the essence of that destroyed entity, and without thinking, I automatically picked them up, and pressed them into a nearby plot of fertile earth, where they would re-grow. This was a gesture of automatic Universal kindness on my part. I was immediately instructed that this was typical of my failing, and on instruction I removed the nails, tossed them on the ground and crushed them underfoot until lifeless. Shortly thereafter, I awoke in some emotional/mental turmoil. The lesson, so clear-cut in sleep, was hard to accept in wakefulness. Is it indeed wisdom or duty to destroy evil wherever it appears? To suffer it not? Or is evil, as in my own custom, to be treated with the same kindness I would afford to all? What does Cosmic Awareness have to say about this? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that all evil is due to ignorance. This Awareness indicates that if ignorance can be eradicated through non- violent means, that this would be the appropriate route or path to take. This Awareness indicates that if a force is ignorant and seeks to destroy that which is aware, or seeks to destroy that which is good or enlightened and there is no way by which the good or enlightened can eradicate the evil, or the ignorance through enlightened means, through methods of non-violent behavior, it may become the only option for an entity in saving his or her own life to resort to some form of base violent reaction to that which would destroy the enlightened one. This Awareness indicates however, that the more highly enlightened entity is not likely to find it impossible to deal with the ignorant or so-called evil entity, except by violence. The entity should be able to find a non-violent way of dealing with the so-called evil entity, the ignorant entity. It may be the only way is to simply get away from that entity or it may be that the entity has no choice and must confront the entity. It is especially important that if an ignorant or so-called evil force is attacking a loved one, that an enlightened being should have the understanding and recognition that he or she has a right and a duty and an obligation to protect the innocent against the ignorant or evil force by whatever means is necessary. This Awareness indicates that ethically, one should use the least amount of force necessary in defending self or others, but should use sufficient force to make the defense meaningful and not simply invite more violence. Sometimes an entity will not use enough force in protection and defense and it only aggravates and intensifies the attack against the defending force. (continued next message) <*> Origin: CHANNEL1 - 0700 - EMAIL From: ALEX@SPIRAL.ORG To: SEARCHNET ZEC Date: 12/11/93 Re: 93-17 ------------------------------------------------------------------- (Continued from last message) Therefore, it is important to use enough force to dissuade the attacker. This Awareness indicates that to simply destroy the force because one judges it to be evil is not seen as a general rule which entities should follow. This simply opens the door for entities to judge and to attack their enemies. This Awareness indicates that there is no guarantee that the entity who judges another to be evil has a proper judgment to begin with. It is the old way, and is commonly used and has been used for countless years of violence. The enemy is always evil in past confrontations and conflicts. This Awareness cannot recommend this as a general principle or rule for entities to follow. SHOULD ONE OWN A FIREARM FOR PROTECTION? What's a Pacifist to Do In Today's Environment? QUESTION: A question along these lines from E.M., Knoxville, Tennessee. "About firearms; Awareness has stated in the past that individuals must decide for themselves whether or not to have firearms, that the firearm itself doesn't attract hostile energy to the individual, but rather, it is the individual's own makeup that attracts this energy. Is this the correct understanding of this? Also, can you comment on this paradox: Since the New World Order needs to disarm the population, it would appear that obtaining firearms would be a drag on their efforts, yet, if you have them, you'd better be prepared to use them, or they're no good. If you are prepared to use them, doesn't this tend to attract the hostile energy you are trying to avoid in the first place? In short, what's a pacifist to do?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness cannot recommend to individuals whether they should or should not have firearms. This Awareness indicates that the firearm in itself is a kind of extension of one's own defense system. Should one ever make a fist at the end of their arm? This Awareness indicates that the same concern relates to whether one should have a stick or club in the event of potential harm to themselves. The gun is simply a different and more effective weapon than the club, the stick, the fist, the whip, the bow and arrow. This Awareness indicates that in general, guns are more effective than these things, but less effective than tanks and super-guns, therefore entities who take up the sword may find themselves inviting an attacker in the process, but entities may also feel it is essential to arm themselves at the threat of danger, and in some instances, the sword may be the salvation or solution for their particular situation. If you are being attacked by a bear or a madman, it may be critical for you to get a weapon. This Awareness indicates the general rule is this: Escape if you can, run, climb a tree, get away, hide. If this is not possible (and it appears it will not be possible in the New World Order) then you may have to consider arming yourself. This Awareness indicates that it is for the individual at the time he or she recognizes the peril, to either be able to prepare or to be already prepared to deal with the peril, and if it calls for self-defense or the defense of your loved ones and you have not prepared, it may be too late. You may not be able to prepare. This Awareness indicates that along with this same concern is whether the taking up of arms will prepare you. For Protection, Pacifists Must Rely on Those Armed This Awareness indicates that many pacifists will call on those who are armed to protect them at the time of such a crisis. Is this really any better than being armed yourself? Or is this not somewhat hypocritical for entities to call upon others who are armed to protect them? This Awareness indicates that these are questions entities may need to concern themselves with during these times prior to the advent of the crisis. This Awareness indicates that if one does not feel it in their particular interest or in their nature to take up arms, to protect themselves and their loved ones, then they must be prepared to face the consequences, whatever they may be in the event of such a crisis, and if it means they are martyred or sacrificed, then that must be their karma. Violent or Non-Violent: You Can't Escape Karma This Awareness indicates that if, in the process of being loyal to the pacifist's approach they must sacrifice or allow their children and loved ones also to be sacrificed to this force of oppression, then that too, is the karma for being a pacifist. You cannot escape karma. Every action has its own karma. Every non-action carries its own karma. It is a question of which karma and result you wish from your chosen path or directions. This Awareness indicates that to say it is right to become pacifist when your own life and your loved ones' are threatened by your own country or by those close to you, would be to pronounce that type of martyristic karma as being better than the karma that would provide or promote freedom for yourself, your neighbors and your family. Either karma is in one way negative and in another way rewarding or positive, but there is the question of whether the karma is more positive or more negative. This Awareness indicates there have been countless numbers of entities in the history of your country who have given their lives to preserve the freedoms and rights of individuals living in your country. There have been countless numbers of entities in Europe who have given their lives to try to bring about the rights of humans. Human rights, the rights of mankind have been bought with the blood and sacrifice of many. For a culture to lay down their arms and give up these rights simply by caving in or giving in to an oppressive force, or simply because they believe in non-violence and pacifism, may not be the right path. Taking a Stand Against Violence This Awareness indicates when entities take a stand against violence, they may wish to consider whether that stand is based on a disbelief by their conscience in the war or violence that is being offered them, or whether it is simply a matter of loyalty to non-violence per se. Can one be willing to fight for the rights of your loved ones, your neighbors, your principles, your beliefs, without drawing in karma of a negative nature? Or can one give in and surrender to an oppressive force simply because they wish to avoid violent confrontation, and in giving in to that negative force allow oppression, allow a power and force to enslave one's loved ones, one's neighbors and one's principles? And, can one do such without attracting a negative karma? This Awareness indicates these are things that need to be considered. These are things that need to be personal considerations, not something that is imposed by this Awareness. This Awareness has in the past suggested that it is erroneous to involve oneself in violent activities and war when these violent activities and war are fought for principles that are not of the most basic nature, such as the preservation of freedom, the preservation of the rights of loved ones. Wherein wars are fought for the profits of corporations, or for purposes of promoting or gaining power over others, these are wars that are intrinsically karmic wars, wherein one supports the negative karma of a nation going to war for profit or power and gain; these kind of wars are not to the individual's best karmic interest. This Awareness indicates that, however, when one fails to stand up to a tyrant, to an oppressor who would destroy one's children, one's life, and the very basis of decency in a society, when entities fail to stand up to such a tyrant, is there not a negative karma for such pacifism? This Awareness indicates that these are questions that individuals must answer for themselves. This Awareness does not wish to instill values or opinion on entities in regard to these considerations. It does not wish to dictate right and wrong to individuals, for individuals have that capacity to determine what is right and what is wrong, simply in considering these questions for themselves. This Awareness suggests that as the computer is an extension of one's mind, glasses are an extension of one's sight, a hearing aid extends one's hearing, tools extend one's capacity for handiwork, and the weapons one chooses extend one's capacity for defense or for offense. This Awareness indicates that how these tools, how these weapons are used and for what purpose and under what purpose and under what circumstances; this is the question: not whether these tools, these weapons are in themselves wrong or right, but whether they are used for wrong or right purposes. A knife can be used for cutting food, for cutting wood, for cutting paper, or for cutting flesh. The use of the knife determines whether it is a weapon for negative purposes or a tool for good. This Awareness indicates that even in the cutting of the flesh, it is not necessarily an evil weapon or tool, for it may save an entity's life if this takes place, for example, in the hands of a surgeon who cuts out some thing that would otherwise mean the death of an entity, or pulls out a projectile in another's body, or whereby the knife is used as a scalpel for an operation in some remote place. It may be necessary for the saving of lives. This Awareness indicates most instances of knives cutting flesh are of a negative nature or purpose. Likewise, in the consideration of a gun with bullets, the use of such a weapon may have some situations in which a lesser amount of karma is generated by its use than if it were not used. For example, in the event some monstrous force is attacking a child, whether this monstrous force is human in nature, alien in nature, or animal or other creature, the shooting of that force, perhaps in the leg or the hip, could perhaps render it incapable of further harming the child. Would this not be less karma than to simply stand there holding the weapon and watching the child be devoured or tortured by that monstrous force? These are things to consider. General Rules Have Exceptions This Awareness indicates it is one thing to have a general rule, as this Awareness has suggested to entities that non-violence is the appropriate general rule. It is quite another matter to have high enough levels of awareness to be able to evaluate a particular circumstance or to know whether something supersedes the general rule in a specific situation. This Awareness indicates it is like saying: "Never eat apples that are not ripe, they'll give you a stomach ache." That can be a general rule, but there may be exceptions to that general rule. If, for example, an entity is starving and has found no food anywhere and comes across an apple tree with green apples, with unripe apples, the entity may find those unripe apples as the only food around, and it may be that they could save the entity's life. Therefore, one needs to break general rules in some specific circumstances on occasion, and should not feel that this is necessarily a great taboo. In other words, general rules are general rules, and they are subject to being broken by specific situations requiring a different rule for that specific incidence. This Awareness reminds you of the plane that crashed in the Andes, where entities could only survive by eating the dead corpses of their fellow passengers. The general rule is never to eat those of your own species, which is cannibalism. But there was a circumstance in which more entities on that plane would have died had they not broke the general rule, for a specific necessity. This Awareness indicates that this does not mean these specific situations should be used lightly to break general rules of conduct. Your value system should hold many general rules which you value highly, but there are some situations of unusual and extreme nature that call for you to be flexible enough to break a general rule in an extreme emergency. It is during such times that entities must dig deep into their souls to compare values: "Do I love my child enough to raise a weapon in defense of that child's life, or to take the life of one who would destroy my child?" These are questions that can only be answered during those intense times and critical moments, those unusual and rare instances that occur in most entities' lives. YOU HAVE A GUN, BUT YOU DON'T KNOW HOW TO MAKE IT WORK FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: When mentally walking through a scenario of being at home and having that home stormed, my inclination would be to want to be able to have some sort of defensive weapon, like a gun, but since I have no training, pragmatically speaking, would having a gun in my hand be more likely to get me shot sooner, or would there be any actual practical advantage or (continued next message) <*> Origin: CHANNEL1 - 0700 - EMAIL From: ALEX@SPIRAL.ORG To: SEARCHNET ZEC Date: 12/11/93 Re: 93-17 ------------------------------------------------------------------- (Continued from last message) use? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that it would be more likely to get you shot. If entities trained in military or paramilitary actions saw an entity whose home they were attacking holding a gun, they would very likely shoot quickly, or much more quickly than if they saw an entity holding their hands up in a gesture of surrender. This Awareness indicates that for most entities, being harassed by a SWAT team, they would most likely to be unable to defend themselves against such a SWAT team, for even if they were able, which is almost impossible, to kill all of those in the SWAT team, it would only invite a greater team of paramilitary or military forces to come in on the particular home and obliterate it one way or another. Having Weapons, Not Using Them is the Secret You can never find a big enough gun or big enough arsenal to take on the entire government. As an individual you are incapable of defending yourself with weapons against an army as great as would be mustered by a hostile government. This Awareness indicates that the greatest benefit to the people of this country in regard to weapons is having them, not so much using them, for as entities maintain and have their weapons, it is a kind of formidable threat to any tyrant who would want to take over and imprison or enslave the masses. You cannot enslave the masses if the masses are armed. This Awareness indicates that when the masses are armed and troops come in to take their weapons, a great number of these armed entities may select to use their arms to protect themselves against the incoming armies, particularly if they are from foreign countries. This Awareness indicates that the New World Order plan calls for foreign armies to invade each country so that their own people aren't fighting against themselves. This Awareness indicates that this may be helpful to the New World Order in the one sense, but it may also invite the armed civilians to overthrow the encroaching armies since they are from foreign countries. This Awareness indicates it also could be used by the masses to cry treason against their leaders for allowing these foreign armies to come in on the soil of their own nation. This Awareness indicates that there will be no New World Order encroaching on this United States until it is clear that the masses are disarmed or have no way of mustering or using their arms against those encroaching armed forces from other countries. This Awareness indicates that whether you should be a person who is armed or disarmed is a personal choice. This Awareness does not advocate Its members to have weapons that are of a dangerous nature, but It does not wish to forbid this either, because the psychological value has its positive benefit. It is most concerned however, that the practical value of having a weapon is usually of a negative benefit, for one can harm oneself or a loved one, or loved ones can find the weapon and harm themselves or others, and this could be devastating to a family. This Awareness indicates that accidents can happen suddenly through the misuse or misunderstanding or mishandling or misplacement of a weapon, and therefore, this Awareness does not advocate that entities should arm themselves with weapons in their home. It does however, suggest that the armed home is a deterrent to oppressive armies or betrayal of the government over its citizens; it deters any outside force from coming into a home when it is perceived that the home is, or may be armed against such intrusion. Therefore, there is the psychological benefit that must be weighed against the potential physical detriment in having weapons in one's home. An Information War, Not a Shooting War is More Probable This Awareness wishes to say also that the greater war that may befall this nation in the coming years could easily be more of an information war than a practical war. The information that is spread by entities, where the pen is mightier than the sword, can carry information throughout the land to the masses, so that the few who are the elite sponsors of the plan to enslave the masses lose all support and cannot promote their plan against the masses of informed individuals. That is the way to win the victory over those who would enslave you, not through the use of weapons. The use of weapons is not going to make the difference. The use of information will make the difference. The fact that more citizens own weapons than there are militia or police and military force in the country is in itself a deterrent, but it is the information that is critical as the deterrent. This Awareness indicates that if entities could present an illusion that all citizens had guns and weapons to protect their rights and freedoms and that all of them knew the plot of the New World Order to enslave them, that all of them knew the names of the families who were the elite in the world, who held the power and had the desire to create greater power for themselves over the masses, and who understood the plans of these elite wealthy few; just that information alone would cause the retreat of the elite, and many others working for them to abandon their plans. Let The Elite Know They Are Enemies of the People This Awareness indicates that you do not need to get out and brandish your weapons, or show off the size and caliber of your weapon; just presenting the information that the weapons are in the hands of a mass number of entities is a deterrent. This Awareness indicates that those who push for gun control and the confiscation of weapons from the masses should receive messages from the masses that suggest to them they are helping the elite to set up a tyranny and therefore, are considered as part of the plot to enslave the masses, and that their names are being taken and that in the event a tyrannical movement occurs to take over and enslave the masses and that a civil war should break out, they will be considered enemies of the people. This and the names of those who support the promotion of the New World Order, and the names and addresses of the elite, to be circulated among the masses, to show the masses who of these elite are in charge of bringing on this master/slave One World Government or New World Order, so that the elite have a record of all people in their computers and all people have information on who the elite are who run and control the computers that have listed and marked all of the people of the world. It is only fair that if the masses are marked and put into a computer database so that they can be monitored, watched and evaluated by the elite, it is only fair that the masses should know all they can know about the elite, including their names, addresses, their activities, just as any good credit union would know in regard to the various entities whom they track on their financial day to day activities. This Awareness suggests that any entities who have such inclination in regard to those elite forces should begin thinking of a way to pool the information or to put it out on bulletin boards for the masses to collect and spread among themselves. A Data Bank of Names of the Elite is Needed Now! This Awareness suggests a list of New World Order supporters; those who are in the higher echelon, or such persons who support the concept of the New World Order should be listed in a data bank somewhere and put on computer bulletin boards or in booklets or in pamphlets for the masses to see so that they might understand who is pushing for this One World Government that would be run by the elitists over the masses, who are being put through the rigors of losing their jobs, losing their homes, and in some cases, losing their lives. The plan of course, calls for half the people of the earth to be destroyed, either by disease or famine, or execution, and the other half to be marked and labeled and enslaved to become the working class of the New World Order, with the elite forces in the higher levels as overseers, to keep those two and a half billion remaining people active in their duties and jobs of serving the elite. This Awareness suggests that these two and a half billion workers should have some access to knowing who their masters are. This Awareness indicates that of course, by the time the New World Order plans have been completed, the intellectuals and those who might be effective in helping to overthrow these elite forces would have long been destroyed and only the more uneducated and compliant citizens would remain as part of the work force, the slave force of the earth. This Awareness indicates that entities who wish to prevent this scenario need to work now, to work quickly enough that they find out who are their potential masters, their names, addresses, where they rank on the ladder or hierarchy level of the New World Order, and what the plans are and how these plans are expected to be implemented and this information needs to be spread through out all humanity so that entities can decide for themselves whether they want to be ruled by these people, whether they want to join them, or whether they want to over throw these mad rulers who would be kings of the world. This Awareness indicates that the elite constitute less than two percent of the population of the world, and therefore are in a very precarious position, if the rest of the people should decide, "Enough is enough, the plans shall not be completed." FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: Two percent, or less than two percent of the world population would still be in the millions, wouldn't it? How could you get all those names together? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness does not suggest you get all the names, just the names of the top levels, the ones who are known in political circles throughout the world. This Awareness suggests that you may only be able to compile a thousand names, but that will be enough to send shock-waves through these echelons of the elite circles. This Awareness indicates that when It speaks of two percent, It includes all of the potential people who would work for these elite, including the bureaucrats through out the world, and the police and armies that would probably engage in supporting these forces, if they got their act set up. This Awareness indicates at present, most of these entities do not even realize they are being targeted for actions to support the New World Order; they are still living in present time. This Awareness indicates, of course, the New World Order plans call for pulling in all police support from around the world, along with all bureaucrats and the businesses that function under a government in its structure. Many of these entities are in jobs such as tax collector or licensing bureau, etc., all of whom will have their part in helping to bring the masses into compliance with the New World Order, if the plan gets that far. This Awareness indicates that to list all of these millions of entities in the lesser echelons of potential New World Order plans is not necessary. What is necessary is to know where the entities are, who the entities are, in the higher echelons of today's promoters. This Awareness indicates for example, Brzezinski as an entity who is one who Promotes the New World Order, yet who knows this entity's address? This Awareness indicates that if this entity's address were known and spread among the masses, you can be sure that the entity would be less aggressive in his push and promotion of the New World Order, and if this were the case in all instances of entities such as this who promote the New World Order: the various Congressmen and women, the various statesmen, the people who speak out, who publish, who write, who moderate, who speak on television and radio and whose faces and names are household words; if all of these entities who are promoters of the New World Order knew that their names and addresses as promoters of the New World Order were being circulated among the masses, do you not think that these entities would be intimidated somewhat in their efforts? This Awareness indicates that all entities whose names appear on the Bilderbergers, the Trilateralists and the Council on Foreign Relations; all of these entities are involved as promoters of the New World Order. The entities Clinton, Bush, and their Vice Presidents are also promoters of the New World Order. This Awareness indicates that by publishing these entities' phone numbers and addresses and releasing this on bulletin boards or to the masses, this could be of great significance in hindering some of the bravado and aggressiveness of these entities in their push to enslave the masses. Get Addresses of Those Who Voted for NAFTA This Awareness indicates you can tell from certain votes in Congress and in the Senate and in the House as to which entities are for and which are against the New World Order. This Awareness indicates that most of those who voted for the North American Free Trade Agreement are for the (continued next message) <*> Origin: CHANNEL1 - 0700 - EMAIL From: ALEX@SPIRAL.ORG To: SEARCHNET ZEC Date: 12/11/93 Re: 93-17 ------------------------------------------------------------------- (Continued from last message) New World Order, and those who vote against it, are in all probability against the New World Order. This Awareness indicates those who have had Nazi ties reaching back into history, including George Bush, through his Skull and Bones connection and including Dan Quayle, and including Kissinger and Brzezinski; these entities are also promoters of the New World Order because the Nazi connection was part of the New World Order promotion. It was through Hitler in 1933 that the first use of the term "New World Order" was uttered. In his speeches he spoke of bringing about a New World Order. This was at the time called the Third Reich. After the defeat of this entity, the world planners began work on the Fourth Reich or that which is now called the New World Order. It is essentially one and the same. Those who are of a Nazi background think of the New World Order as being the Fourth Reich. Those who are not inclined toward Nazism simply call it the New World Order. One Worlders Also Promote May Day as Sacred If you are in Masonry, you refer to it as the One World Government. It was originally promoted by Adam Weishaupt in the early 18th Century with the Illuminati, on May 1, and May 1 is celebrated every year in that May Day is the holiday or the sacred day to these entities who are promoting the One World Government. It is essentially a plot by certain Luciferian based organizations and groups who want to set up a New World Order, or a One World Government, which allows them to have their own hierarchy system for control of the planet. There is no room in such a plan for nationalism or individualism. There is only the collective mass controlled by the higher elite forces of which they each vie for their position in that elite hierarchy system. Thus, the structure is being created. Everyone is jockeying for position, scurrying to get into their rightful place, hoping to get higher in the echelon of power, by doing whatever they can to please those in the higher levels. But, if the masses caught on, and began taking the names and addresses of those in the echelon and hierarchy system, these entities would become extremely nervous and there would also be a great amount of information that could be passed on to others, in some of the lower levels of the hierarchy system, so that these entities could see there is a great instability in the Tower of Babel that is being built as a New World Order. We Must All Move Quickly; Time is of the Essence This Awareness suggests this be done very quickly, and all entities who have any such, or can get any such information, to begin collecting and sharing that information, compiling the information to be shared with those groups and people who are already expressing their dissatisfaction with the potential New World Order. This Awareness suggests the information be spread by various groups and the groups trade information with each other so that many sources of addresses and names are made available throughout the country. Spread this not only to your spiritual groups, but also to those police forces and military forces who have already indicated their concern about the New World Order. This Awareness suggests that the list and names and addresses for these many different promoters of the New World Order should be sent as far and wide and to as many people as possible; that the quicker this is done and the more thoroughly it is done, the better. New names can be added as time goes by and as more entities are discovered and as more of them are exposed for their plans, and where the names and addresses are compiled. But to start with as many as are presently known and as many are presently available is the beginning. Whether it is a list of 100 or 500 or whatever number is compiled, this will be a start, and these lists should be sent to as many prominent persons, especially those who are opposed to the New World order, as is possible. This Awareness indicates you can start with lists from the Bilderbergers, Council on Foreign Relations and Trilateralists and then, add those who are in the Senate and the House of Representatives and others in the media as they are identified. This Awareness indicates that enough has been said, that entities should understand how this can be effective and each entity has the capacity to work on this and spread this information as far and wide as possible. There will be duplications, but this does not matter. There will be many entities on this, and it will gradually be compiled in time on a list which will be shared among the masses, just as all of your names are shared by the Beast computer in Belgium and the computer in San Francisco and in other countries around the world which hold the names of many other entities in foreign countries. QUESTION: JD in New York writes: "We were not given, and could use specific titles and sources of them, in which the super wealthy, in their own words, state their New World Order intentions." COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that this is expressed, especially in the book: "Vampire Killer 2000" by McLamb; that he quotes many of these entities in their own words, using this as the basis for his argument, seeing this as evidence, stronger than external accusations or evidence from other sources. This Awareness indicates there are, of course, also others he quotes: psychiatrists who are working to subvert the schools and the students and teachers into working to promote the New World Order concept, and he quotes the psychiatrists and psychologists as to their intent and purpose in bringing about the new forms of education. This Awareness indicates that this book is available for approximately $6 and the address can be given (see below). This Awareness indicates that there are many other works available on the New World Order. There are different books out, taking a stand against this which have much information in them. This Awareness indicates that the works of Eustace Mullens called "The World Order" is of considerable value, and there are other written more recently. Pat Robertson has his book. There are others of the same title by other authors. ED's Note: The book: "Operation Vampire Killer 2000" by Jack McLamb is available from: Police Against the New World Order, PO Box 8712, Phoenix, AZ., 85066. Price -- One book: $6; up to 4 copies, $4 each; 5 to 10 copies $3 each. Readers are urged to order as many copies as possible and distribute them to local police and law enforcement officials. The book, "The World Order" by Eustace Mullens is available from CAC. Please refer to CAC Book Price List. Current price is $14 plus postage. Pat Robertson's book "The New World Order" has the agenda and many facts (and remarkable restraint about his Christian point of view considering everything). We recommend this book particularly for researchers. You can get a copy at any B. Dalton Bookseller store or can order it from any bookstore if they don't have it in stock. Price is $18. You can also order it from his TV program "The 700 Club" CAC does not sell this book. THE "PREPAREDNESS" EXPOS NOW GOING AROUND: WILL THE GOVERNMENT SHUT THEM DOWN? QUESTION: The Interpreter and I went to one of these Preparedness expos in Seattle yesterday. These are going around to some of the cities, and they have a hundred or so booths of people selling various items for use, when and if, things come down. Most of these people seem to be very aware of what's in the works and we were rather amazed at the mass and quantity of literature informing people of the New World Order, from all these various forms of reference, most of which were from the Christian point of view, but most of them had the facts. I was wondering, the paper said that they expected eight thousand people in three days. I suspect there were a lot more than that, but the main question is: This type of thing obviously, if enough people can attend, will tip people off to what is going on. Does Awareness see this type of thing gaining momentum or being stopped from going around? This particular one is going to Salt Lake, and then to Arizona, in Tucson, but could this start some kind of movement to awaken entities or is it just a sort of flash in the pan type of thing? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates the movement has already begun. It began when George Bush began speaking of the New World Order during the Desert Storm operation or previous to the Desert Storm operations. This Awareness indicates that people became curious as to what he was speaking of, and those who already understood the efforts of moving toward a One World Government by these elitists recognized that he was speaking of the One World Government and the use of the U.N. as a cover for that. This Awareness indicates that they began already at that time to put together their books and their information and to research and gather more about the One World Government or New World Order. This Awareness indicates that the information that has been circulating and slowly gathering over the past several years is now reaching a point of breaking forth into a much broader level, like a grassroots political movement that becomes commonly known by almost everyone. The police are being alerted through the McLamb work and other efforts by other patriot groups and many of the newsletter organizations, the financial newsletters and advisors are beginning to put forth information relating to this. Many of the churches are spreading the information. It will grow immensely, because of these expos that are hitting several cities on the West Coast. How Awareness of the New World Order is Leapfrogging Eight thousand people or more who attend will contact at least five or ten people about this during the next several months, and how these entities will awaken and cause others to become curious, and thus, the information spreads so that within a matter of four to six months, the number of people who are alerted to this will have grown ten-fold. This Awareness indicates that you will be hearing debates on television in 1994 where much of this information will be being discussed. Of course, the media will try to keep it at a minimum, but it is very difficult to stop something when it reaches a certain level and it is very likely that a great amount of discussion will get through on television and through talk-shows. This Awareness indicates that by the time efforts are really being promoted to bring about the New World Order, there may be so many people already aware they will have to curtail and put off their plans for another decade or two. This Awareness indicates of course, the plans presently include the celebration at the great pyramid on New Year's Eve in the year 2000, but this may not be as an initiation into the New World Order. It may simply be some other kind of celebration, perhaps a mention, without any substance to the claim of the New World Order. This Awareness sees this as not being possible before the year 2006 and more likely up to the year 2010, with the possibility that it could even be prolonged further. This Awareness indicates of course this also depends on the energies that are in motion; that fact that many entities are now aware and are pushing to make more entities aware of the diabolical plans. DON'T IGNORE NEW WORLD ORDER SOURCES BECAUSE OF CHRISTIAN DOCTRINE SLANT More Sources of Info Are Given CLOSING MESSAGE: This Awareness indicates that it is true that the Christians are some of the main forces opposing this New World Order, partly because they have been targeted to be eliminated in the New World Order, partly because they have, in their New Testament, in the Book of Revelation, the interpretation that a time will come wherein a force will attempt to create a world control under a system known as the Beast, in which no one can buy or sell without that particular brand or mark of the Beast, and because so many aspects of the New World Order parallel or reflect the same kind of "Mark of the Beast" scenario, they see this as the time wherein the Beast is on the rise. Therefore, they have their particular concerns, because they know they will be the next victims of a holocaust if the New World Order actually manifests, in this country and in other parts of the world. This Awareness indicates that these entities write what they find and research, and often relate it to their Christian doctrines, and this then may be looked at by others who are not Christians and then these others may reject the entire message because it is sprinkled or filled with Christian doctrine. This would be a mistake, for entities who reject the entire information because there are Christian doctrines discussed. This Awareness indicates that these entities are searching for and promoting information that they gather, and which they see and understand. Much of their information comes from Christians within the government, military, or other levels who know what is in store and what is coming. It is a (continued next message) <*> Origin: CHANNEL1 - 0700 - EMAIL From: ALEX@SPIRAL.ORG To: SEARCHNET ZEC Date: 12/11/93 Re: 93-17 ------------------------------------------------------------------- (Continued from last message) fact that there are Christians in government, in military circles, even in the CIA and secret agencies, and these entities leak material to these Christian leaders who then commission others or give that material to others who write books. Therefore, some of this information gets out through these lines of release, or leaks. George Bush's Nazi Connections are Documented This Awareness indicates that these are not the only sources for information relating to the New World Order. The entity Anthony Sutton wrote a number of books on George Bush and his Nazi connections through the Yale University Skull and Bones Society and the entity also researched and found where George Bush's father and grandfather were involved in financing the Russian Revolution and the Nazi war machine, and this entity recognized the connection between the Nazi New World Order plans and that which has unfolded under George Bush. This Awareness indicates there are many other sources also. People who have delved into the study of Adam Weishaupt and Karl Ritter and Karl Marx in their works, to help bring about the One World Government, and have traced through history, up to present time, the efforts to bring this about, including that work of Bishop Pike, who helped to establish much of the plan as to the movement of bringing about the One World Government. This Awareness indicates that there are so many different sources of information from different paths or different directions that the material is provable from all of these different writers which point to the same thing, and then, when you look at present events and see these events coming into being, it becomes amazing that any one could question or doubt the intent and purpose and likelihood of the conspiracy of many to bring about this so-called New World Order and its purposes. This Awareness suggests the book "Pawns in the Game," by Commander Guy Carr. This Awareness indicates the entity was a member of the Canadian Intelligence Bureau similar to that of the CIA. This Awareness indicates that this entity wrote this book "Pawns in the Game" after World War II, after discovering the International Conspiracy and was killed shortly thereafter for writing the book. Several others who wrote similar books were likewise killed. The information had to be discussed behind closed doors and in secret, for fear of being killed. You could not publish such information at that time. It is only recently that enough people have become aware that they can speak of this without the grave danger of being killed. This Awareness indicates that because so many now are aware of it and speaking out, it has become less dangerous. If anything should happen to the staff of CAC, whether it is made to look like an accident or as in the case of Creston or Ron Rummell, a suicide, if this is somehow perpetrated, most of you will know what really happened -- that too much information on this matter was discussed through these readings. This Awareness suggests that you not believe the accident or suicide label, but investigate it and demand full investigations and not let it drop. This Awareness indicates that hopefully, this is not to be the outcome of releasing such information on this topic. It is now less dangerous because of those expose seminars that are going around in the various cities; therefore, the danger appears to have diminished considerably. The Dark Hierarchy System Which Connects it All This Awareness indicates that it appears that entities can breathe a little easier and not have to speak in whispers when discussing the New World Order and what it is about. That as more and more entities speak out, the danger diminishes even further. This Awareness indicates that wherever you turn, looking at the Nazi movement, the Neo-Nazi movement or at the Rothschild forces or Rockefeller cartel forces, or whether looking at the various hierarchy of the banking system as indicated in the book by Lyndon LaRouche, "Dope, Inc." which shows the hierarchy of the forces from the banking system, the Rothschilds and English royalty on down; all of these are levels of a hierarchy system which are in part connected or in some levels in charge of the movement toward the One World Government or New World Order. This Awareness indicates that all of these different forces are part of the same thing. They may have their particular disagreements, such as the Nazis are not liked by very many in the hierarchy system, yet they are there, and they are used to help bring on the New World Order. Even the street gangs have been incorporated into this effort as indicated previously. This Awareness indicates that any force that has any substance or power is often brought in and used to promote this New World Order. Therefore, it is not, in fact, a competition of great substance between these groups, even though there is some competition and the competition works hand in hand together to bring on the New World Order, but as suggested previously, they may fight over who gets what or who gets how much of the spoils of the game. This Awareness indicates the central aspects include that which may be termed the hierarchy of the Satanists organizations, the Satanic Hierarchy, although it is not necessarily the name many of these involved would seek to be labeled by. That is the name which most of the Christians who view the total hierarchy system of the New World Order would give to these skeleton levels of power. They see many of the groups promoting the New World Order as part of a Satanic Hierarchy and it is true that there are certain Satanic organizations around the globe who feed into and use and involve themselves in actions relating to this New World Order and its promotion. Therefore, you cannot exclude the Satanic Hierarchy from the equation. Thus, you have the Nazi powers, the Satanic powers, the money powers and the Ecumenical Council of Churches which has also been incorporated recently into this New World Order planning, wherein these many different churches have given themselves to support the New World Order. In many cases they are not knowledgeable about the true effect of their support, but they are enticed to taking this position because of the threat of exclusion and promise of reward for being involved. In other words, they have been deceived as to the nature of their compliance. This Awareness indicates that much of the hope lies in the Christian organizations, the military, and some of the political individuals, in the masses who become aware and in the patriot movement. This Awareness indicates it is possible that more information being spread will create other organizations or bodies that give hope, such as has occurred with the police association whereby the book, "Vampire Killer 2000" has been sent to all police forces across the nation and an enormous number of police have pledged themselves to support the Constitution and the people of the country against the U.N. invading forces or against those who would impose a New World Order tyranny over the people. This has been an enormous victory in the battle of information at this time. This Awareness indicates that the spread of such information continues and grows ever faster. (End of Reading; The Law of Gratitude is given.) ED's Note: For more information on the New World Order, see "Revelations of Awareness" Issues 93-03, The Prelude to War in the Middle East: A Special Report ($4); Also 91-05, The New "Democratic" World Order ($3); Issue 93-12, The New World Order: It Is Later Than You Think, a special 36-page report ($5); 93-14, The New World Order: The Alien and Metaphysical Connection ($3), all available from CAC. ARE TALENTS IN THE ARTS INFLUENCED BY PREVIOUS LIFETIME EXPERIENCES? QUESTION: A question from R.E.E. who writes: "Great artistic, entertainment, musical, writing talents and so forth are generally ranked superior to those with great IQ or academic type intelligences. These are said to be evolved over several lifetimes by physical experiences and built into the new life physiology, genes and horoscopes, in between lives wherein entities create their own future bodies with the assistance of mental plane entities. Must people go through this reincarnation cycle to become great painters, musicians or even architects and other talents now, and in the New Age, or is there some process, or will it be evolved such as in the trance regrowth of bodies Awareness predicted, whereby major talent improvements may be achieved by many without reincarnating, providing of course they qualify and have earned these under cosmic law?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that most entities have greater potential talents for writing, speaking, artistic, architectural, and musical and dance, or physical artistic qualities than they realize; that any of these requires dedication and focus and concentration and also a certain understanding that relates to the field of interest. For example, an entity may think that he or she has little talent for martial arts, but how can an entity know until they have taken some lessons from experts in the field, and learn the moves? Once they learn the moves they may find it quite simple, quite easy. Likewise, the entity who wishes to write, but just can't seem to get anything to sound good, may simply need to learn certain rules of grammar, rules of writing, rules of poetry and the techniques for creating irony or poetry and imagery. There are entities who think they have no sense of humor, but if they simply understood certain principles of humor, they could tell jokes as well as anyone else, providing it is of interest to them. Art also appears to some entities as being something that they simply cannot do. They have tried to draw a person and the person is totally out of proportion, but there are certain techniques that allow the entity to easily develop artistic proportions, and from there to develop greater artistic skills. It is only a matter of practice and learning the rules that have evolved in these areas over many years. Most people think that this kind of talent is supposed to come easily without having to learn rules, yet they acknowledge that you don't simply become a mathematician out of some abstract talent you were born with. You have to study math to do well with it, must learn the rules of math, the principles involved. It is the same with language. It is the same with art. It is the same with dance. It is the same with martial arts. It is the same with acting, and drama. This Awareness indicates that all of these artistic expressions can be enhanced in terms of increasing and developing one's talent by having help from books and teachers and learning the principles involved in each specific field of study. That as an example, if you know that almost all artistic expression benefits from a recognition of contrast placed beside patterns, or repetitions, whereby relationships and contrasts play key roles in any kind of artistic expression, the contrast showing the differences, the relationships showing the sameness; just even understanding that much will help an entity to become a better artist, dancer, musician or whatever. This Awareness indicates that if you know that humor is developed by recognizing something serious or meaningful lying beside an incongruency of something that is lighter and has less meaning, or a different meaning, that is the formula for humor, and if you know that and use it, it helps you in developing humorous jokes, thus, you speak of something dead serious, with a tone or with an attitude or with a picture or image that makes light of that dead serious circumstance, or you speak of a circumstance in which a word or statement is given, but the wrong word is placed beside what is intended so that there is a pun or double meaning or secondary image which is lighter and more humorous, but the dead seriousness is part of the situation, and therefore, it boggles the mind in such a way as to lighten something heavy into some thing of levity. This Awareness indicates these are principles that affect humor. Irony is much the same, but wherein one image is placed next to another, having a different meaning, the irony can be quite serious, and if it is sarcasm, the irony involved, cuts, it cuts and hurts. This Awareness indicates that an example of irony is clearly shown in Thomas Hardy's "Tess of the D'Urbervilles," where Tess is married and confesses that she had been raped by a preacher. Her husband then, highly disturbed, tells her to sleep upstairs; he cannot sleep with her. During the night he climbs the stairs in his sleep; sleepwalking, he picks her up from her bed. She is too embarrassed for him to waken him. He carries her down the stairs, out the door, down the road. During all this time she is too embarrassed to waken him. She does not want him to be hurt or embarrassed at showing her the affection he is showing her. He mumbles his love for her in his sleep. Irony is not yet seen. He talks to her: "My poor Tess. My dear Tess." As he carries her, he brings her to a bridge, lays her down, and in his sleep dreams he is placing her in a coffin. This Awareness indicates irony is the action of presenting one image that has one meaning while showing another action and meaning that has something entirely different so that both come together at once. This is much like the formula for humor, except it does not have the levity on the one hand, and the heaviness on the other hand. This Awareness indicates that puns are dual meaning words, one meaning something straight, the other meaning something different, and entities laugh because they see both sides at once. That this kind of contrast and relationship that is seen in these things can also be applied in dance, whereby an entity is shown being pulled toward another, as though great affection were pulling the entity to be with the other, only to (continued next message) <*> Origin: CHANNEL1 - 0700 - EMAIL From: ALEX@SPIRAL.ORG To: SEARCHNET ZEC Date: 12/11/93 Re: 93-17 ------------------------------------------------------------------- (Continued from last message) suddenly find themselves too close and being repelled and frightened, thus, you have the duality again, the desire to come together and the fear of coming together. Contrast and relationship, showing things together, showing things as different; the same with music. Those notes which harmonize, those notes which clash; the rhythm that repeats and repeats in perfect harmony in relationship, covered by those sounds that seem to have no particular corresponding rhythm. There are certain rules in every art form that are as meaningful to that art form as are the rules of math. It is a matter of whether entities wish to take the time to learn. Only in rare occasions are entities born with talent. In most instances they are born with the qualities that allow them to develop talent. The qualities of concentration, the qualities of discernment, the qualities of being able to get involved in some area because of the quality of curiosity and the quality of persistence, being persistent in order to assure that they master whatever it is they are seeking to do at that time. This Awareness indicates the genetic influence is more in terms of these generalized qualities rather than in terms of talent that carries over, although there can be slight influence in which an entity who has developed, for example, dancing skills or musical skills in one life, the entity may have similar skills in the next life, but it does not carry over as a talent so much as it carries over in terms of character qualities that may have resulted from the discipline of having developed that talent in a previous lifetime so that the entity in the next life time still has those character qualities that make for a good musician. 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