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Origin: CHANNEL1 - 0700 - EMAIL From: ALEX@SPIRAL.ORG To: SEARCHNET ZEC Date: 12/11/93 Re: CAC issues ------------------------------------------------------------------- Message-ID: <9312111951.AA15675@riverside.mr.net> alex@spiral.org Dave Alexander -- S.P.I.R.A.L. Society for the Protection of Individual Rights and Liberties Minneapolis Chapter 93-15 (Issue No. 424) ----------------------------------- Find Out Who, |* REVELATIONS OF AWARENESS *| How Many Have In Fact, You |* The New Age Cosmic Newsletter *| You Served? And Really Are. ----------------------------------- How Well? Cosmic Awareness Communications Box 115, Olympia, Washington 98507 email: alex@spiral.org (E-mail subscription information, FTP information and SnailMail hard copy information available at end of this file) "Helping People Become Aware Since 1977." ----------------------------------------------------------------- REVELATIONS OF AWARENESS is a cosmic newsletter, published by Cosmic Awareness Communications, Box 115, Olympia, WA 98507, a not-for- profit organization. Copyright 1993 by Cosmic Awareness Communications and the Aquarian Church of Universal Service. Reproduction is permitted, but no alterations may be made without express permission. ----------------------------------------------------------------- COSMIC AWARENESS is the Force that expressed Itself through Jesus of Nazareth, the Buddha, Krishna, Mohammed and other great avatars who served as "Channels" for the "Heavenly Father" and expresses itself once again as the world begins to enter the New Age of spiritual consciousness and awareness. This information is for those who desire to help in bringing in the New Age. Throughout the thousands of "readings" given, Cosmic Awareness tells us not to *believe* anything, not even Itself, but to question, explore, doubt, and discover through your own channel what the truth really is. Cosmic Awareness will only "indicate" and "suggest." Neither CAC or the Interpreter is responsible for anything Cosmic Awareness states in any of these readings, nor does CAC or the Interpreter necessarily agree with the statements of Cosmic Awareness. The Interpreter interprets the energies as they are seen in trance levels and are not personally responsible for what is said. The Interpreter has no connection with, nor control over the editorial comments, which are entirely the responsibility of the editor. Paul Shockley, Interpreter Avaton, C.A.C Editor Alex, OCR'er and NetPoster Vikki T., Office Manager ------------------------------------------------------------------------ IN THIS ISSUE: A TALE OF TWO LIFETIMES: CAN "GOOD KARMA" OFFSET "BAD" KARMA?; The Importance of the Concept of Remorse; The Law of Grace Can Override Karma; Can the "Karmic Lords" Really Read Your Mind?; Who the "Lord of Karma" Really Are; Taking on Another's Karma; Giving Sympathy to Another is Taking on Karma; The Great "Nothing" Question: Can Something Come from Nothing?; While You Sleep, Does Your Spirit Also Sleep?; As You Age, Does Time Speed Up?; Brain Biology and Time Speeding Up: More on the Effects of Duration; As a Human Collective, Is Time Speeding Up?; The Endless Universe: How Can That Be?; Putting a Box Over Your Dream; The "Scattered" Vibes of Tucson, Arizona: Much Ado About Nothing; What Are These Things Called "Words"?; A Description of Vibratory Levels: Hell, Hades, Heaven, Celestria, Sach Kahn; Heaven and Hell are Everywhere Around Us; Are These Levels Exclusively for Earthlings?; How to Attune to Higher Vibratory Levels; Soul Fragmenting: The Cells After Death: What Happens to Cells When You Drop the Carcass?; Dreams Where "Dead" Loved Ones Appear: Are You Actually Meeting Them Somewhere?; Deja Vu Dreams: Is the Soul Experiencing "Out of Time" Embodiments?; Dreaming Backward; Is There a Limit to Consciousness?; How to Determine the Size of Auras; Mana and Aura Are the Same Thing: How to Feed It; How Can So Many Claim They Were the Same Famous Person in Past Lives? Do Cosmic Awareness and Yogananda Differ?; Why Some Souls Don't Easily Solidify; Feeding the Moon; How to Become Self-Integrated; A Test to See if You Are Fully Integrated; "Integrity" -- Another Name for Integration; The Persian Gulf War: Did It Create New Diseases?; Time Traveling: How Is It Possible if the Future is Not Fixed?; Do Time Travelers Like "The Terminator" Actually Drop Naked Into Our Cities?; Zechariah Sitchin's New Book: "When Time Began", a Cosmic Awareness Book Review. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ A TALE OF TWO LIFETIMES CAN "GOOD KARMA" OFFSET "BAD" KARMA? The Importance of the Concept of Remorse QUESTION: Another question on karma. It seems readers are never satisfied with enough on this subject. This from R.H., Orlando, Florida, who writes: "Awareness often mentions "good karma." This is a subject that would make a good feature presentation in a future issue. Can good karma offset bad karma generally, or only on specific basis? If a person chooses a lifetime of positive service to others, can non-associated negative karma be erased? Can a person, spirit, choose a lifetime reaping good karma as a kind of respite from a backlog of bad karma, or must the karma be mixed?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that the action of doing good work for others, producing good karma, can indeed help to offset a moment or actions of a negative karma. This Awareness indicates that an entity having a lifetime of negative karma who comes back in future lifetimes and does good for others will go far in helping to work off and eliminate the negative karma. This Awareness indicates in other words, one does not necessarily have to face the same kind of negative experiences that one caused, if one can find a way of doing good for others. This Awareness indicates however, that there is often a tendency to experience a similar negative karma if an entity does not feel remorse for that negative action that caused the negative karma. In other words, if an entity violates another and does not feel any sense of remorse, then the entity may experience at some time in one life or the next a similar situation in which he or she is the victim of the same kind of negative event as he or she had dished out to others. This Awareness indicates that the concept of remorse is extremely important, for remorse is the same as an expression of regret or sorrow at one's actions in harming another. This Awareness indicates in many cases wherein an entity feels true remorse, there will be that grace that substitutes for karma and helps the entity to go beyond the need for karmic repercussion. This Awareness indicates that generally, the remorse will lead the entity into doing something for others. For example, if one does something in error and one feels the need to make up to the entity who was harmed, but there is no way by which this could be done, perhaps the entity has moved away and no address is known, or perhaps the entity has passed on to another plane, and you cannot make it up to that entity; if you can do something of service for others, in a kind of dedication to the entity whom you may have wronged, this can help to balance out any negative karma. The Law of Grace Can Override Karma This Awareness indicates that always, of course, the Law of Grace is greater than the Law of Karma, but you must also recognize that you have no control over whether you are gracefully forgiven by higher forces. All you can do is feel the remorse for your action and perhaps higher entities or entities of a higher spiritual nature will find a way of helping to forgive you for the karma that you accumulated. This Awareness indicates that this is not guaranteed. These forces might recognize your remorse and still feel that there is a need for some karmic lesson, because they may see that your remorse is not truly fitting to the negative action committed against the individual. Generally, if an entity feels a remorse that is appropriate to the error committed, the Law of Grace is invoked and the entity is forgiven and the karma is not exacted. This Awareness however does not wish entities to count on this and to simply attempt to feel or to portray the concept of remorse in order to help alleviate any karma, for if your motive is to help alleviate karma, then it is not likely to be true remorse. CAN THE KARMIC "LORDS" READ YOUR MIND? FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: Back in the late 1800's, the author Theodore Dreiser wrote a book called "The Great American Tragedy," I believe it was called, based on a true story, which involved a young man from the lower classes working his way up in a factory, who fell in love with the boss's daughter, who was very wealthy and upper class, and at that time he was living with a rather frowzy young lady whom he had gotten pregnant, and he didn't really love her, but he'd married her because of this. The basis of the story was he decided that, in order to have this socialite lady, he would take his wife out on a boat and there would be an accident and she would drown and that would solve the whole problem, and so the point of the story was, when he got out there on the boat, he changed his mind. He couldn't go through with it. But the boat did accidentally overturn and she did drown. He tried to rescue her, but he didn't, it was too late; and so, when he went to trial, the judge found him guilty and sentenced him to death, solely on the grounds after the truth came out of what he was thinking about, what was on his mind as he was swimming toward his wife to save her, and he had to admit, flashing before his mind was the image of the socialite lady that he really loved. My question is: In a case like that, do the Divine Forces, or whoever sets up a karmic situation that has to be repaid, can they see what was in that entity's mind at the time the sin was committed, and do they make this a basis of their judgment? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that this is not the proper question, because it is based on a premise that is not correct. The premise is that the entity himself knew what was going through his mind and he is the one who determines his karma. There is no Board of Karmic Lords determining whether an entity is to be punished or rewarded, for karma, good or bad. The entity who experienced the event or action knows what was in his or her heart at the time an event or action takes place, and one's own consciousness determines one's own karma. If you know you were involved in something that was not right, when on a subconscious or superconscious level, you evaluate your own actions, you become the judge. This Awareness does not judge entities. This Awareness only discerns What Is, and entities become their own judge to determine whether they are guilty, whether they have karma to repay or whether they deserve a reward for their actions. This Awareness indicates It hopes this answers the question and clarifies the issue of karma in regard to the misconception that someone in a metaphysical or cosmic conscious sense is set up to be a judge of the soul. For the judge of your soul is your own Higher Self, your own subconscious and superconscious, and the realization of what the truth is, regarding the actions or event that pertains to the karma. In other words, this Awareness suggests prior to rebirth, any karma carried over from a previous life is carried over because you know it has to be rebalanced. You know you have to balance out that karma, thus you carry it in your psyche into this life and work to clarify it in that subsequent life experience. WHO THE "LORDS OF KARMA" REALLY ARE FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: There have been books written and organizations that promote the so- called Lords of Karma, and Awareness has referred to the Lords of Karma in the past too... COSMIC AWARENESS: These Lords of Karma are your own Lords within your own consciousness, within your Triune Self, the subconscious and superconscious being your personal Lords of Karma. In some cases, your conscious mind may act in this capacity if you are consciously aware of your error or your deserving of a reward. This Awareness indicates that in terms of a group consciousness, such as a nation or a culture, there is what may be termed Lords of Karma, these being forces or energies associated with that nation or that group which recognize the righteousness or the unrighteous behavior of the nation or group, and these can be sometimes referred to as Lords of Karma. (continued next message) <*> Origin: CHANNEL1 - 0700 - EMAIL From: ALEX@SPIRAL.ORG To: SEARCHNET ZEC Date: 12/11/93 Re: CAC issues ------------------------------------------------------------------- (Continued from last message) These are simply energies or forces that are reflective of the group, the nation, the culture. These are often called Lords of Karma. But in the case of an individual, the Lords of Karma are your own judges from within your own Triune Self. TAKING ON ANOTHER'S KARMA QUESTION: I would like to know if it is perhaps possible to take on board someone else's karma. I'm thinking of a Dickens' novel, "A Tale of Two Cities," where one of the main characters, Sidney, takes the place of his friend at the gallows. Sidney had lived a life of debauchery and alcoholism, and at the end when he takes on this role, says: "It's a far, far better thing that I do now..." Can Awareness perhaps deal with this issue of taking on board someone else s karma?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates this is very common for entities to pick up the load of another and carry the other's karma. The entity Yogananda was said to have done this during his final days, which in turn led or contributed heavily toward his demise on this plane. This Awareness indicates that you can pick up karma for many entities at once, as is witnessed by the story of the Christian sacrifice on the cross. This Awareness indicates that an entity can, for example take on the karma of a nation, as may be witnessed by the activity of John Kennedy and his life situation. This Awareness indicates that you can also create karma for a nation, and while many entities in that nation may not have created the karma for themselves, had they acted independently because of your influence, you may create heavy negative karma for that nation, as for example may be witnessed by the entity Adolf Hitler and the Nazis. This Awareness indicates that any time you elect to help another, you tend to take on or pick up on their karma to some degree. The more help you give them, the more it costs you. That cost in helping them is essentially the karma you have taken on in their behalf. The cost is not necessarily money; it may simply be energy. It may be attention, it may be sympathy. Giving Sympathy to Another is Taking on Karma When one sympathizes with another, one takes on part of the karma of that other, takes on some of the frustration and pain of that other, so that you indeed can be carrying pain with you on behalf of another's sufferings and, in so doing, may lessen the suffering of the other. In some cases, an entity may suffer with another, suffer their pain, and yet not alleviate their pain at all. In such case, you are simply carrying karma with them, without alleviating their karma. This Awareness indicates that, for example, an entity may have some great guilt or may have done something that was erroneous, for example, perhaps may have stolen something or harmed someone, and you, seeking to alleviate their pain, may become an accomplice with them so that you carry some of the karma. You know about the situation and keep quiet and go along with them as a kind of silent accomplice and you may suffer with them when they experience sorrow or suffering from their activity for fear or punishment for their activity. You may not indeed, lessen the consequences for them, but may evoke similar consequences for yourself. Thus, because you love this person or care for this person, you may join the agony of your own self to wallow in the agony of the other and not diminish that entity's agony whatsoever. In this case, through your sympathy, you carry a karma for the other, without relieving the load of the other's karma. So you are simply joining in the karma, sharing with the entity in a way that you hope is comforting. This is much like the entity who has a serious disease, a contagious disease, and you feel sorry for that entity, so you tell them, "Give me the disease too. Then we can both suffer together, and that will make you feel better, because you'll have company in your suffering!" This Awareness indicates you won't actually diminish the entity's suffering, but you may add a kind of psychological comfort in letting the entity know that you care enough to suffer with him or her in the same pain. This is not appropriate, of course. You may be taking on karma without actually alleviating any karma for that entity, and therefore you have done nothing for the entity other than let him or her know that you care enough to suffer with the suffering entity. This Awareness suggests this is an erroneous attempt to carry another's karma; it is fruitless and inappropriate. This Awareness does not advocate entities carrying each other's karma, but It does recognize that when an entity loves another, they often do. It is that concept of "He ain't heavy, he's my brother," where you pick up the load, the burden, the karma of another, and help that other carry it, simply because you care about the other. This Awareness indicates that this of course creates good karma for you, and it shows the other that you care, and it can indeed alleviate the karma for the other for when someone cares enough to carry part of your karma, they are not further punished. They indeed, in most cases, feel a gratitude for your help in carrying their karma. This does not mean they cannot rack up more negative karma, nor does it suggest that the entities will learn from the experience, for they may take it the wrong way. They may think, "Oh, he's carrying my karma. Well, that isn't so bad. If this is the way it works, then I can go out and create more karma, and let someone else carry it for me!" And it may encourage the entity to go back and do the same thing again. This Awareness indicates it is this concept that helps promote some of the attitudes in India where someone who is suffering receives no help whatsoever because the entities look at the suffering being and say, "Well, that's his karma. I'm not going to help him because if I do, he won't learn his rightful lessons." This Awareness indicates that it is a way of denying any help to others, by arguing that the person has this karma and therefore, needs to work through the karma, needs to suffer in order to get the proper lesson. This Awareness does not suggest this is correct. It suggests that entities should love one another, should help one another. The entity who helps another who is over-burdened with karma, often helps the entity to feel loved and in that feeling of love, that entity may have a different attitude toward life, toward others, so that instead of going back and creating more karma of a negative nature, the entity takes on a recognition of something quite different, a loving force of energy that views life in a different way. This Awareness indicates that in other words, entities who are helped by someone who cares sometimes feel the need to spread that caring feeling to others who are also in need and likewise, entities who find no help from anyone, may become more embittered toward the world and toward others and may indeed develop greater karma of a negative nature simply because they are embittered and no one has cared enough to help them. FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: In line with that, how do you help the embittered soul who refuses to accept any help and continually blames others for their lot in life? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates you may not be able to help such an entity, if the entity is totally determined not to accept help from you. All you can do is inform the entity that "If you need my help, I will help, but you have to let me know." THE GREAT "NOTHING" QUESTION (Can Something Come from Nothing?) QUESTION: A question from J.R., Barryville, New York. "I just finished L.H.'s question: "Why should anyone pray to Cosmic Awareness?", in Issue No. 92-08. It was pretty interesting. Here's another question: A friend once asked if I thought God could create nothing. I said, "Yes," for reasons I won't go into now, but this is part of what I came up with. I'd appreciate your input. Suppose there is a Great Nothing that is self- supportive, needs nothing, has nothing and is surrounded by nothing. What if this void, as you expressed it, did something. This something was to exist. What if this existence made the Nothing Something. Once that is recorded anyway. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. My questions are: How long has this Nothing been known? Does it change or grow, and do we come from Nothing?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that the terms involved need some kind of definition. You speak of nothing, as though it was a thing. To speak of nothing as if it was a thing creates a conflict in your presentation, in your premise. Does this nothing exist? It depends on how you wish to describe or define the nothing. If the nothing exists, did something come from nothing? This Awareness indicates it is all words. In the words as given by you, indeed, something came from nothing, but in your definition, you imply that the nothing is something. Therefore, the terminology in your question is that which allows these concepts of something coming from nothing to exist. This Awareness indicates that if you look carefully at your word "nothing" and describe it as absolutely nothing, then it cannot become something. If you wish to pursue this reasoning in a more logical way, why not begin with the premise that "In the beginning, there was Something." The Something was without description, until Something began to describe and put qualities and the qualities began to include qualities of movement, qualities of consciousness, qualities of awareness, and these qualities began to add further qualities to that Something and after much additional description, the qualities that existed became substance and the substance took on many different forms. This Awareness indicates that you do not have to begin your premise with the idea that Nothing existed from the beginning and then Something came into existence. You can just as easily presume that Something existed, and out of that Something, matter emerged, and all forms of manifestation emerged from that existence of Something. This Awareness suggests that the existence of the Something essentially was frequency, and out of these frequencies, which in Biblical terms was called The Word, The Word being that which is a vibration or frequency, and these frequencies vibrating at different levels, created various forms of substance. This Awareness indicates that these substances took on higher and lower expressions of frequency so that matter and spirit were created from these frequencies. This Awareness indicates that Something always was, and that Something always changes to be Something Different. FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: Awareness, does this mean then that there never has been or could there be any such thing as "Absolute Nothing?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This is in the affirmative. This Awareness indicates that Something cannot come from Nothing, if you use the word "Nothing" in its true and absolute sense. Of course, you can use the word Nothing as Something that doesn't contain any tangible items, but that Nothing still has Something in it. This Awareness indicates that if you speak of Nothing, in your definition of the term, as being an absolute total void with absolutely Nothing involved, then how can you ever conceive of Something coming out of that Nothing? This Awareness indicates that on the other hand, if you can perceive a universe filled with clear space that has an exceedingly high frequency or vibration of consciousness within that universe, and if you can visualize this consciousness as being movable or acted upon, or capable of acting or being acted upon, then you are talking of Something that looks like Nothing, when compared to a universe filled with tangible objects, and that Something that looks like nothing can be the Creator, the First Cause, the Originator of all that follows as tangible objects in the universe that appears to have come from Nothing. WHILE YOU SLEEP, DOES YOUR SPIRIT ALSO SLEEP? QUESTION: A question from J.M., Paramus, New Jersey. "When a human being goes to sleep and his physical body, lying on the bed in a state of sleep, does the spirit within man sleep also? If the spirit is not sleeping, what would it be doing most likely while the physical body is in rest and sleep?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that the spirit is not the same as the conscious mind, although the conscious mind contains some spirit. The questioner in speaking of sleep, is speaking of the conscious mind going into a state of suspension, wherein it does not act in accordance with a conscious mind, but acts in accordance with a mind that is asleep. (continued next message) <*> Origin: CHANNEL1 - 0700 - EMAIL From: ALEX@SPIRAL.ORG To: SEARCHNET ZEC Date: 12/11/93 Re: CAC issues ------------------------------------------------------------------- (Continued from last message) This Awareness indicates that when a mind is asleep, it is not conscious, nor is it subject to the conscious mind in its willful assertions or activities. This Awareness indicates that when the mind awakens, it is no longer asleep, and it may assert itself in various way of expression. This Awareness suggests that the question may be re-asked, if this has not presented the satisfaction requested. QUESTION: Yes. I think his terminology is what the problem is. "Does the spirit within man sleep also?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates the spirit remains within man. The question of what does sleep mean to the spirit? The concept of sleep has only to do with the conscious mind becoming dull, so that it does not respond consciously. The spirit does not sleep. QUESTION: So basically, what he's asking is: "What is the spirit doing during these times, if anything?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that it simply waits and holds its position and purpose. The purpose being to enliven the body and soul of the entity. The spirit is the Life Force. The Life Force can be there, even when asleep. FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: If that is so, is there a part that does travel while asleep? The soul, for example? COSMIC AWARENESS: The subconscious, which is also equated to the soul, can travel when the conscious mind is asleep. The subconscious can go visiting others, can go to places which interest it. The subconscious essentially is free to go and be what it wishes to be. FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: Is it the soul that also partakes in the dream then? COSMIC AWARENESS: This is in the affirmative. AS YOU AGE, DOES TIME SPEED UP? QUESTION: A question from J.W. She writes: "I have heard that as one ages, time seems to go faster and faster. I find this true for myself to some extent. What are the dynamics of this phenomenon?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that it has to do with the concept of relativity; that relativity is essentially a matter of comparison and when an entity has lived three years and weeks go by, those weeks seem to be quite long, compared to the entity who has lived 60 years and experiences weeks passing. This Awareness indicates that if you are three years old, and a year goes by, the comparison of that year to your lifetime is one-fourth as long as you have lived. If a year goes by when you are 60 years of age, it is 1/60th as long as you have lived. Therefore, as you age and grow older and older, a year passes more quickly in comparison to your lifelong existence, and if seems to go faster because you are comparing it to something that is a basic part of part of your existence: the length of time in which you have existed. This Awareness indicates time is perceived either by synchronized measured instruments, or by feeling. If it is perceived by an instrument, entities will see that it goes about the same speed all the time, so that a year takes so many days, each day takes so many seconds to pass, and there is no speeding up or slowing down of these time periods. But if time is perceived by feeling, then entities will see that it is perceived in such a way that seems to go slow when you are anxious for something to occur, when you are looking forward to its passage, and seems to go very quickly when you want it to slow down, when you want to stop time and to savor the significance of a moment. Thus, when Christmas for a child is still two weeks away, the child sees time as creeping by, inch by inch, very slowly, but when two weeks is given as the time before a death row inmate is to be executed, each day seems to fly by so quickly, and the entity would like to stop the clock, to slow things down, but cannot do so, for time relentlessly flies toward that fatal date. It is a matter of perception. If you are anxious to get on with time, it goes slow. If you wish it to stop, to wait, it speeds up. It is a matter of subjectivity. BRAIN BIOLOGY AND TIME SPEEDING UP (More on the Effects of Duration) FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: So, does that mean, Awareness, that there is nothing biologically occurring within the brain that makes time appear to speed up with age? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that there can be biological things occurring within the brain that effects the subjectivity of the brain so that the entity perceives time as going faster or slowly, but whatever occurs in the brain of an entity does not speed up time or slow town time in behalf of the rest of humanity or other observing beings or of any mechanical measurement. This Awareness indicates that the ultimate measure of time as perceived and used by science has to do with the speed of light. There has been some scientific evidence to suggest that time is speeding up in regard to the speed of light. Again, it is a comparison. If light in its speed through the universe slows down even a fraction of a matter of a few miles per second, then, in a scientific sense, time would appear to be speeding up. This Awareness indicates that it is simply a matter of comparison; how you measure time. This Awareness indicates if you step outside the realm of comparison and step into consciousness, where there is no comparison, then of course, time ceases to exist, because you cannot compare one moment to the next. If you are simply in the void, in the space between all things; if you have no lineage in comparison to time here and time there, or this duration in connection with another duration; if you are simply in the void of pure consciousness, then time does not exist. There is no such thing as time. You are only Here and Now, and you don't even know what Now is, or how long Now is, or how brief Now is. Now, in pure consciousness, can mean a billion or ten billion years, or it can mean a billionth of a second, or ten billionths of a second or less. It means nothing. It is a matter of subjectivity and it is a matter of whether you can compare it mentally. In other words, time exists only in connection with a mind that makes comparisons, and if there are no minds to compare, then time would not exist in a real sense. It is when the mind compares these actions to one another that a duration is recognized, and that recognition of a duration allows the mind to create the concept of time. AS A HUMAN COLLECTIVE: IS TIME SPEEDING UP? FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: Awareness, you mentioned that individually, we subjectively perceive time. Do we also as a human collective perceive time, and is that perception of time speeding up? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that indeed this is correct; that the main reason why time appears collectively to be speeding up is because your moments are saturated with more and more incidents. When one is in a situation in which there is nothing happening; for example, suppose you were at a service station on a highway, where no vehicles travel, and you spend your day waiting for a car to come to stop and seek gasoline, or some food, and perhaps cars only come by once every two weeks or somewhere in that average; you would feel that time really goes slow. You would feel that nothing is happening. There is nothing occurring and you can watch the hours of the clock and they drag by every day with nothing of any significance occurring. Each minute can seem to be an eternity. This Awareness indicates that visualize yourself now, wherein the highway that took the traffic elsewhere has been disrupted and an accident has created an explosion and taken out several lanes of traffic, and all that superhighway traffic is now detoured to go around, and it must go around on the road on which your service station sits. Now you are flooded with traffic. It is bumper to bumper, minute after minute, one car after another coming in, getting gas and food, people talking to you, hurrying back into their vehicles and back onto the highway, everyone honking, everyone shouting, every one expecting fast service. Now things seem to go so much faster. You don't have to look at the clock, you don't have time to wonder what time it is. You just try to keep up with the demands placed upon you. This Awareness indicates that as more and more demands are put within each moment, time seems to speed up, because you have so little opportunity to look at time. You spend all of your moments jumping from one thing to another, trying to keep everything together, trying to keep things from falling apart. Thus, the day goes by, you are tired, you feel that the demands have been extremely taxing, and it may seem, when you look back, to have been a long day, but at the same time, you also recognize that you can't remember the whole day. Things occurred, you remember high points, or certain incidents, but you don't recall what happened throughout the entire day. And if it occurs again the next day, and the next, and the next, before long you are so saturated with so much input, you don't know what happened from one day to the next. You can't remember when that large truck with all the horses came in, if it was yesterday or if it was the day before, or the day before that, because there was so much input on all of those days and you are so saturated that it seems that time just flew by. You can't keep it altogether in your consciousness, and if weeks pass in this scenario, or months pass, you may find that after several years of this, when you stop to realize how long you have worked here, have lived here, have repeated these daily scenarios, you will see that time has flown by, even though you were simply filled from morning to night each day with input that you could not digest, could not handle, could not totally grasp, and time flies when you are extremely busy. If you are dreading the work, and concerned about getting away from it, time will tend to slow down for you, as long as you concentrate on time and how long you have to continue this work. As long as you focus on getting off work, time will slow down. This Awareness indicates however, if you really get into the flow of the action, then time tends to speed up, and you forget time altogether. This Awareness indicates that time appears to go slowest when you are bored and have nothing to do. It appears to go fastest when you are busy and have so much to do and are concerned about getting it done. FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: So time is very much a perceived thing, and therefore, we can control our perception of time, and therefore control time. Is that right? COSMIC AWARENESS: This is in the affirmative, although the concept of controlling time by altering your perceptions would be that which would require an enormous amount of understanding and discipline. This Awareness indicates even though you may perceive the nature of time to control it; to make it stop, to make it go, would require a certain amount of deep understanding, as well as strong discipline in controlling your consciousness. This Awareness indicates that if you are trying to control time with your mind, and you want time to speed up, you would have some difficulty without certain mental discipline in speeding time, while still thinking about the movement of time, because when you are thinking about time, it tends to be there all the time, to be there in your consciousness, and this would make it drag rather than go faster, unless you were trying to slow down time. Then of course, it would go faster, the more you think of it. In other words, your emotions play a good part in the speed or slowing of time. The entity who can hardly contain herself, waiting for the return of her lover, will experience time as moving very slowly. The (continued next message) <*> Origin: CHANNEL1 - 0700 - EMAIL From: ALEX@SPIRAL.ORG To: SEARCHNET ZEC Date: 12/11/93 Re: CAC issues ------------------------------------------------------------------- (Continued from last message) entity who dreads the dental appointment or the court trial, may find time going exceedingly fast toward that date. The stronger your emotions in regard to wanting time to speed or slow, the more it effects that speed or slowness of time. THE ENDLESS UNIVERSE: HOW CAN THAT BE? (Putting a Box Over Your Dream) QUESTION: A question from J.W. in Arizona, who works with children. "Could Awareness explain in a simplified form as to children, how one can imagine the universe as far as one's mind can go, and then mentally put a box on those limits, and then imagine what is beyond the box? In other words, how can the universe be endless?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that essentially, consciousness is endless, and the universe is created by the expanding consciousness of a collective sense, in that Universal Consciousness expands out as in a dream, to go as far as the consciousness can imagine. This Awareness indicates that you cannot box a dream and say "This dream will be contained within this box," without realizing that there is something outside the box, which is also part of the dream, and if you acknowledge that there is the box and the outside part of the dream, then you also know that your dream has no limits other than those which you accept. This Awareness indicates that entities like to think reality is a thing, and that the edges of their own reality are out there somewhere. There has been some discussion about the question the press once asked Einstein when he said that the universe curves back upon itself where the press said to him: "What's beyond the curve?" This Awareness indicates that there is no solid wall, there is no box beyond the curve, there is just more of the same, and if you can visualize beyond the curve, beyond the box, beyond the wall, then that too is part of it all, just as it is in the dream. You know that your dream is some thing within your head, in your consciousness, but when you are in the dream, you are running around in great fields or driving long distances or roaming about in the city, and that landscape in your dream is much larger than your head, and it has no walls, no box, no end which confines you, and your landscape reaches out as far as you can think, as far as you can perceive or imagine. It is the nature of consciousness to be unbounded, unlimited, and this world in which you live is just another house, another mansion, another realm that is created in consciousness for your experience. It is no more limited than is the landscape of a dream. The limitations have to do with the awakening of consciousness, not its limitations. There Are Many Mansions in the Father's House Thus, if you want to know the limits of this universe, you must awaken in consciousness. In some cases, entities will find that at the moment of death they will look back on this landscape of life and realize it was just another dream, a larger dream than they had experienced thus far, but they will awaken into a new dimension which also will have its unlimited scope and landscape, for all of these many mansions are within the Father's House and the Father's House is made up of consciousness, unlimited consciousness. As far as the conscious eyes can see, there are no walls, there are no boxes. There are no fences to lock one in. There are only the limitations imposed by one's ability or inability to stretch consciousness or to awaken to a new level of consciousness. THE "SCATTERED VIBES" OF TUCSON (Much Ado About Nothing) QUESTION: One final question from J.W. "People have remarked that the energy vibes of Tucson appear "scattered". Could this be true for Tucson, and what causes an area or city to have a vibration perceived by several to be the same?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that from time to time, energies can, for individuals or for cities, or nations or cultures, for any kind of organization or group, can appear to scatter or to split. This may be related to interests being diverted in different directions by the entities involved, or it may be related to considerations from different directions that are being perceived, but the concept of split energies should not be of any great concern, for it just means that energies are not focused. They are diffused somewhat. If there is a reason for the energies of Tucson to become focused, they can become focused very quickly. If, for example, there were a storm or a situation in which the town needed to rally to become focused on some emergency, then these energies would not be scattered, they would be focused very quickly. This Awareness indicates it appears that there are some entities who, seeking to be more noteworthy, will say things that call attention to themselves, and make them seem to have some kind of special insight, when in fact what they say is really not of any great significance. To say that a city is scattered may be a way whereby a psychic or an entity claiming to be psychic can impress his or her friends or associates and make them feel that he or she sees something of significance that others have missed, and thus, the entity appears noteworthy or knowledgeable, but what does this mean to anyone, and what can be done with the information? Who cares whether the energies are scattered? Who cares if half the town is focused on a basketball game and the other half is focused on the new roads that are going in on that side of town, and another group is focused on shopping for some special holiday coming up? This of course would indicate the town is scattered or has its focus divided. So what? Who cares? Is there anything wrong? Do the townspeople all need to be focused together at this moment? Or is it simply that whoever is calling attention to this is really seeking attention for himself or herself and has found something that is difficult to argue with? This Awareness indicates that it is very difficult for an entity to challenge such a statement by a so-called psychic or individual. One person says, "The energies of this city are scattered." Others say, 'What? Our energies are scattered? God forbid! We must get our energies together so we don't have this criticism of our beautiful town!" This Awareness indicates that another entity looks at this and says: "What can I do to bring our energies back into focus?" This Awareness indicates it doesn't matter. When the energies need to be focused, they will be focused. Let them be scattered. The scattering of energies, like the scattering of seeds, can have its purpose when it is appropriate. There are also times when things need to be focused. You can focus a garden hose so that it waters one plant. You can also scatter the water so that it waters the garden. Each may have its right and appropriate time. This Awareness suggests you not give too much attention or credit to this kind of statement and you might want to ask yourself why this person or these entities who make these statements are doing so. Are they simply trying to rally groups of people around them so that they can focus and thereby use those groups of people for some purpose of their own? This Awareness suggests you be very careful when people make such statements that they are not preparing to manipulate groups of people, for it would be very easy for someone to say: "The energies are scattered," for who is able to say: "No, the energies are all together" -- and prove it. It is also equally impossible to prove the energies are scattered. This Awareness suggests that when entities say this just to create a situation in which these entities need to substantiate their claim, it would be healthy for someone to say: "I don't agree. I think all of the energies are very much together. They are not scattered. They are focused on various things and they should remain focused in that way." This would put those making the claim on notice that someone doesn't agree with them and they would have to defend their argument and it would be very difficult to prove that the energies are scattered, and if they begin to attempt to prove the energies are scattered, then you could ask them: "Who cares? What is the significance of scattered energy, even if it were true? And how could you possibly prove the energies of this city are scattered? What is the purpose of your statement?" This Awareness indicates it is nothing to be concerned about. It is the kind of statement that entities who have nothing to say would like to say in order to appear to have something significant to say. WHAT ARE THESE THINGS CALLED WORDS? CLOSING MESSAGE: This Awareness indicates that there are many times when words are truly pointless, yet entities tend to feel a necessity to make words here, make words there, here words, there words, take them over there, go to your friend's house, make words, say words, listen to words, banter words back and forth, come home, think about the words that have been bantered back and forth, and there is the feeling that with all of these words having been tossed about: "Something was done today. We had words. Words went between us. I said my words, they said their words. Our words were met with words." What are these things called words? Many times they are just words. Occasionally, they describe realities. Occasionally they describe realities with a degree of accuracy. Occasionally they describe hallucinations or fantasies or wishes. Occasionally they describe feelings. This Awareness indicates that words are not the reality. At best they reflect or carry symbols to substitute for reality, but most of the time, entities try to make them influence others as though they were the reality. This Awareness reminds you of the statement by Ouspensky, who said: "If you were to strip all the words from the universe, then you would begin to see the truth." This Awareness indicates that all these words are like veils hiding truth, and many entities try to use words to point to the truth, to frame the truth, like a veil that is hung here so that entities can look in that direction and find something of truth, while others try to hang veils to create an illusion of truth. Thus, for example, the words that say: "Tucson is a city that is scattered, a city whose energies are scattered," what do these veils tell you about the speaker of the words? Do they frame a truth, or do they simply reflect the speaker's ability to create an illusion for you? This Awareness indicates that It does wish entities to be very much aware of the use of words, to see words as being used for hiding truth, creating illusions of truth, or for being able to frame truth, and this Awareness asks you to practice framing truth with your words, for this will make you much more capable of communicating and understanding truth and sharing that understanding with others. It will also help you to recognize truths that others frame and discern them from the illusions that are being framed by those who throw out words that have no basis in reality. (End of Reading; The Law of Gratitude is given.) A DESCRIPTION OF THE VIBRATORY LEVELS: HELL, HADES, HEAVEN, CELESTRIA, SACH KAHN QUESTION: A question from S.K. Awareness has given this information I'm pretty sure, but probably not in the order of her questions. She says: "Please describe the consciousness of an entity on the various vibratory levels: Hell, Hades, Purgatory, Heaven, Celestria, and Sach Kahn." COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates the consciousness of an entity in a state of Hell as that which would be equated to dire fear, intense hostility and desire for escape. The feeling being that which is total rejection of what is out there, and a feeling of persecution. This Awareness indicates that Hades as more likened unto the feeling of being used, abused, and victimized by some oppressor. This Awareness indicates that the consciousness of such an entity would be that of wanting to get things completed in order to become free of the obligations. The different intensities of course determining the intensity of one's dislike in that level of consciousness. This Awareness indicates that there is the beginning of hope which is absent from the first state described as Hell. (continued next message) <*> Origin: CHANNEL1 - 0700 - EMAIL From: ALEX@SPIRAL.ORG To: SEARCHNET ZEC Date: 12/11/93 Re: CAC issues ------------------------------------------------------------------- (Continued from last message) Purgatory as that wherein an entity feels that he or she is suffering punishment for errors or sins committed, a purging type activity imposed on someone and a punishment for errors. It is also accompanied by hope of redemption when the errors have been properly purged. Heaven as that state of consciousness in which one feels worthy of reward, in which one feels approval, in which one feels a great joy in regard to self-acclaim and self consciousness. Celestria as a state of consciousness in which an entity feels pure bliss, as though the air one breathes is bliss, the touching of things is bliss, the movement and sights are blissful, and oneself is part of the bliss. Sach Kahn is likened unto the total emergence of self into the creative energies of Divinity, wherein there is that absolute unity in all things, and the blissfulness is present equally in self or outside of self. Wherein one moves into state of being where self no longer is separate from the rest of creation and all of creation is blissful. This Awareness indicates it is also accompanied by the state of complete and total awareness of all that is, and the understanding of why things are as they are. It is a state of awesomeness, wherein one is in awe of everything. Heaven and Hell are Everywhere Around Us This Awareness wishes at this time to point out that each of these regions are present in the various dimensions, places or frequencies to one degree or another. That there are, for example, in Terrestria, levels of Hell, Purgatory, or Hades, and there are levels of Celestria or moments and circumstances of Heaven, Celestria and occasionally very rare flashes of Sach Kahn that are available to entities even while in the realm of Terrestria or the physical realm. This Awareness indicates that when entities move into higher realms such as Sach Kahn, they do not tend to experience the feeling or vibrations of Hell. They can imagine those potentialities, but they are not experiential. Likewise, in the state of Hell, one could not visualize or imagine Sach Kahn or Celestria. This Awareness indicates also that It wishes you to understand these are states that are created by the mind, and as agreed upon by the minds of people within a certain category or framework or frame of reference. When you discuss these different states as though they were realities, another entity might have a totally different set of realities under different names, but vibrations might still be similar or the same as those realities which you experience under these names, and the other entity experiences under different names. This Awareness indicates in other words, these levels that you speak of are not necessarily the same thing that others from other systems, planets or universes might speak of, but there are still for others, also different frequency levels which they may move up or down in their experiences and may label with various names or terms or images, or symbols. This Awareness indicates that in describing these frequencies or vibrations according to the terms given, It has used those terms and descriptions which accompany the most commonly accepted definition for the terminology. In other words, the concept of Hell being worse than Hades and Purgatory being not quite as bad an experience as Hades. Terrestria being a blend of many of these frequency levels, a kind of hodge-podge, with Heaven as a realm of higher frequency and vibration. Celestria being still more attractive in terms of the blissful experience and Sach Kahn as the highest frequency from which all things evolved or came into existence. ARE THESE SIX LEVELS EXCLUSIVELY FOR EARTHLINGS? FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: Do I understand that these six vibratory levels are not used solely by entities who experience earth life, but are also used by entities in other systems? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that these seven, which is including the Terrestrial or material plane levels are in existence, regardless of whether you speak English and use these terms, or whether you speak some kind of different language from a different universe or galaxy or different planet, or different country; these seven realms of vibration are still present in the universe of the creation. This Awareness indicates of course, there are many universes. Each of these many universes contain these seven realms; that they may have different characteristics according to the descriptions and according to the nature of the universe in which they are found. For example, one universe may have a certain type of matter predominantly, while another may have a somewhat different type of matter. This Awareness indicates the important thing is to realize that all of these realms of consciousness; that consciousness exists everywhere throughout all universes, that consciousness is the basis on which thought is formed, and thought is not necessarily the same everywhere. Therefore, words or terms or descriptions may vary according to the thought of the entities involved in the particular location or level of consciousness. This Awareness indicates that another universe would not necessarily or even likely refer to the material plane as Terrestria, or have even necessarily the same concept of materialism that is common to your modern physics and idea of terrestrial or material world. HOW TO "ATTUNE" TO HIGHER VIBRATORY LEVELS FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: S.K. also asks if Awareness can explain how one can elevate oneself from one level to another, or how one can "attune" to a higher level?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness suggests you first visualize it or imagine it, then move there in your consciousness as if you were traveling through inner space to that particular frequency or vibration you have projected before yourself. This Awareness indicates that to elevate yourself to a higher note when you are singing, you have to think of the note you have to raise your vocal chords to. It is the same with your consciousness. If you want to attune your consciousness to a higher frequency, simply visualize the frequency you are trying to hit and leap to it. Once arriving at that frequency, hold yourself there for as long as you wish to stay; that this is best done in a kind of meditative state where you can concentrate without distraction. SOUL FRAGMENTING: THE CELLS AFTER DEATH (What Happens to Cells When You Drop the Carcass?) QUESTION: Some questions from D.L., Fair Oaks, California. He writes: "Awareness has previously discussed how at the time of passing over, if it was without trauma and that the event was being welcomed and accepted as part of its experience, the soul may project images of previously departed loved ones derived from its memory, for comfort, security or for other reasons, then goes on to other experiences in other selected realms or dimensions, time zones, etc., according to its desires, and/or suggestions given to discarnates offering to assist with the soul's process of evolution. Would Awareness comment on the concept of soul fragments as it applies to the single soul experience? Would the above scenario be just a fragment of a more complex and "larger" soul who is experiencing other "lives" or existences simultaneously in other dimensions, time zones, past, present or future, as viewed and under stood by us humans on earth?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates the questioner appears to be applying the Law of Correspondence, the application of "As Above, So It Is Below," in which the concept of the soul, viewed as a cell in the body of another being on a different dimension, this fragmented cell/soul, which is but a small portion of the larger soul, might not simply be a partial creation within the body of a larger soul that is walking around on another planet in a different dimension. This Awareness indicates that the question of what is happening in this regard, at the moment of death, would be similar to that which might happen at the moment a cell dies in one's body, whereby the larger body may not even be aware of the death of a cell within his or her body. This Awareness suggests that if this is not a clear response to the question, that the question be repeated. QUESTIONER: The way he's written it, it is a complex question. I think he's asking if the scenario outlined is just a fragment of a more complex and larger soul who is experiencing other lives or other existences simultaneously in other dimensions, as viewed and understood by us humans on earth. COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates it is difficult to ascertain precisely what the entity is asking from his wording, but it appears that this is his meaning, and it appears the answer would be that there could be another action occurring on a higher or different dimension that parallels or reflected upon the entity's own passing over. This Awareness indicates it is not unreasonable to assume or to visualize that if your cellular deaths which occur within your body all the times might have more experience than the mere dying of a cell in the sense that perhaps the life within each cell of your body experience a psychic burn-out at the time it dies, wherein the live part of the cell continues to experience some kind of Light energy. Maybe it even perceives a tunnel, and moving itself toward a light, the same as is described in the passing over process of humans. It is not unlikely that this would be inconceivable. It is likely that the cells of the body may have some experience of an unusual nature at the moment they die within your physical body, just as it is likely that on a larger scale, yourself being in the body of a great being in the body of that Cosmic Being, experiencing the passing over, may pass into the next realm carrying memory or light from your lifetime, into that which is visualized as a tunnel movement and a movement toward White Light. This Awareness indicates that It does not see any major difference between the cellular death of particles of your physical body and the soul passing and body dropping movement at the time of passing over in regard to the Cosmic Body in which you move through the moment of death, except as a matter of size and as a matter of materiality. This Awareness indicates that there can be some difference as to substance involved, and size. This Awareness indicates in the earlier philosophies there was a consideration of shadow and substance. Shadow being defined earlier as those things that are not tangible. In other words, an astral shell would be a shadow by those earlier philosophical terminologies, and substance would be the physical or tangible aspects of a thing. So, in this passing over action, there is the movement from substance to shadow, or from tangible to intangible. Likewise, with the human body, there is the death of a cell in some part of your body, wherein it moves from tangible to intangible existence, like the tangible cell turning into auric matter, the intangible matter that is part of the astral or auric energy around the physical body. Likewise, when the physical body drops, your spirit body or soul body becomes part of the aura of God or the aura of the Higher Being to which you belong. DREAMS WHERE "DEAD" LOVED ONES APPEAR: ARE YOU ACTUALLY MEETING THEM SOMEWHERE? FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: What happens when you unexpectedly dream about loved ones that have passed over. They just show up in the dream and they seem to recognize you, and so forth. Are you actually meeting them, or is it some psychological thing? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates quite often these entities having passed on will visit you in dreams. On some occasions these are simply memories within your own psyche that are stirring up recollection. It is not difficult for entities to visualize a loved one who has passed on during their wakened state. You can think of yourself as sitting and having a conversation with someone who has passed over, and it is not forbidden that you do just because you are asleep. In fact, when you are asleep, your mind is quite imaginative. Therefore, you may simply be dreaming in a sense of imagination of meeting your loved one again. Thus, the dream can originate from yourself or in some cases, it can be influenced from the other side, whereby the other makes contact with you to share (continued next message) <*> Origin: CHANNEL1 - 0700 - EMAIL From: ALEX@SPIRAL.ORG To: SEARCHNET ZEC Date: 12/11/93 Re: CAC issues ------------------------------------------------------------------- (Continued from last message) moments with you, often to give you some kind of message that it wishes you to enjoy or to have This Awareness indicates usually these visitations from departed loved ones, if inspired from the other side, occur when you are troubled about something concerning them or shortly after they have passed over, when they wish to give you their fond farewell. DEJA VU DREAMS: IS THE SOUL EXPERIENCING "OUT OF TIME" EMBODIMENTS? QUESTION: Another question from D.L. "When one who is embodied dreams or images an event that has yet to happen, like deja vu, whether it be one day or 500 years hence, is this an example of our future self, Higher Self, coming back from "outer time to inner time," the present, to give glimpses of what is to be, so as to assist its development along certain paradigms? Isn't the past, present and future already happening, being changeable in specifics? Can a soul experience embodiments out of linear time sequence?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates this is in the affirmative; that in your wakened conscious state, or which is beta consciousness, your time lines tend to flow in one direction, from what you call past to what you call the future. This Awareness indicates that in the dream state, those time lines, depending on the level of your dream, may flow in the opposite direction, so that what you are experiencing in a dream may actually be a glimpse of the future and it may come back to meet you in the present. This is how entities sometimes will find themselves dreaming that, for example, they are going into a dark building. They walk in, there is a door, they try to open it, it appears locked. They push on the door, they can't open it. Someone comes up with them and breaks the window, reaches in and opens the door, and an alarm goes off. They realize there is a burglar alarm and that it has called the police and they feel panicky. The panic causes them to jump, shocked, and they suddenly awaken in bed and the alarm clock has just gone off. The question is: What caused the entity to dream so that perfect timing for the alarm clock would coincide with the burglar alarm in the dream? It is as though the entity dreamed backwards into present time to come in confrontation with the alarm clock, for the alarm clock was going forward in time, but the dream appeared to come into an alignment and confront the entity. The entity in the dream appeared to be moving forward in time to where the alarm clock rang, as a burglar alarm. Dreaming Backward In actuality, the dreamer was dreaming backwards in time from the future, and knew of the alarm clock ringing because it had already begun ringing in the past. This Awareness indicates that this is a most difficult concept to explain and It recognizes that It probably did not define or describe this properly. It is an experience that is beyond words. This Awareness indicates that essentially, dreams in future directions are possible, but it is also possible in different frequency levels of dreams to create a story in the future that moves backwards in time to a present event, and to awaken because of the alarm clock ringing. This Awareness indicates that there are those cognizant dreams and those dreams of remembrance. Many dreams come from remembering things that occurred during the daytime, or during the day before, or during some past life experience from earlier experiences in one's life or the entity may dream a cognizant dream of something from the future so that when the entity awakens, he or she senses that the thing he or she just dreamed of has yet to come true and it indeed may come true. This Awareness indicates that for some reason Capricorns or people who have Capricorn strong in their chart tend to be more inclined to having cognizant dreams of the future, dreams that predict future events, moreso than other signs. This is in reference to Zodiac signs. IS THERE A LIMIT TO CONSCIOUSNESS? QUESTION: One last question from this entity, D.L. "If consciousness, as Awareness indicates, accumulates in greater and lesser amounts in various times and places within the universe and it is coincident with areas of inhabitance, which would mean consciousness is not the same as the soul, then, is there a limited amount of consciousness available to be utilized by soul lights? Is consciousness being really created to or added to by souls' thoughts?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates it is not that there is a limited amount of consciousness. There is Universal Consciousness, but there is that which may be referred to as the magnetic aspect of consciousness or what you may refer to as the soul, which draws consciousness to it. Thus, an entity standing in a field draws in consciousness to the entity because the entity has a soul, which is a magnetic center. The soul essentially is the magnetic center that P.D. Ouspensky and Gurdjieff speak of. This magnetic center draws consciousness to it, according to its own strength and older souls or souls that have been around for many lifetimes tend to have stronger magnetic centers, tend to draw more consciousness to them than the new soul, the soul that is just beginning, or has had few lifetime experiences. This Awareness indicates that the entity standing in the field draws more consciousness to the point where he or she is standing than say, a point in the field twenty or thirty yards away where there is nothing but sand and rock. There is no particular magnetic center to draw consciousness, thus, the consciousness there is more empty or free. The consciousness is still there, for consciousness is everywhere, but it is not as condensed as it is around the entity who is standing in the field some distance away, because the entity's souls as a magnetic center, pulls consciousness to it. The consciousness fills the aura of the entity and enhances or strengthens the density of consciousness, creates a density around the entity that is missing in other parts of the field. If you get a crowd of animals or people in the field, then the field begins to take on a greater density of consciousness. The aura of these people or animals is a reflection of the amount of consciousness available. If you could see auras, you would be seeing the densities of consciousness. These are likened unto electrical bodies that surround entities, and an entity who has a strong aura can actually feel physical things which his or her aura touches if they are sensitive enough. Thus, an entity with a strong aura that reaches out ten or fifteen feet, in a dark setting, may feel that "There is someone or something over there," and the way they feel this is because their aura has touched it and they are sensitive through their consciousness to those vibrations of their own aura. How to Determine the Size of Auras This Awareness indicates that it is possible to determine how big your auric field is if you have someone who can do dowsing or if you can do dowsing. This Awareness indicates that the way to do this is to take a copper hanger or copper or brass welding rod would be better, and bend it in a 90 degree angle, creating a tall "L" shape. Get two of these and put the short length inside a copper tube about six inches long or four inches long so that the copper or brass welding rods can be held in front of you parallel to the ground, and you can hold onto those copper tubes without touching the welding rods that have been bent into an "L" shape, so that the short end of the "L" shaped welding rod goes down into the copper tubes which you hold in your two hands, parallel to the ground. Let those copper or brass welding rod ends which point out parallel to the ground in front of you, let them flow freely without touching them and walk toward an entity in a field, where there is no electrical or metallic interferences and carry in your consciousness the thought of coming in contact with that entity's aura, and as you move toward the entity from some distance out, you will reach a spot where those rods, if held perpendicular to the ground, or parallel to the ground, if those rods reach the aura of that entity, they will tend to come together and create a crossing at that spot. You may mark that spot on the ground if you wish and then you may also go to the other side of the entity and do the same thing. You will notice that at approximately the same distance the rods again will cross. You have come in contact with the entity's aura on both sides of the entity. This Awareness indicates that this will measure how strong or how far out the entity's aura protrudes from the entity. There are different densities of aura, and there are some auras that reach out twenty or thirty feet or even perhaps farther, and if you move inside that outer density, and again focus your rods toward the entity and begin to walk toward the entity, you may come across another density of the entity's aura where the rods again cross. Mana and Aura Are the Same Thing: How to Feed It This Awareness indicates this will be an inner aura that is stronger than the first, but which does not reach out as far. This Awareness indicates that this can be entertaining if nothing else, or it can be informative, for the larger your aura, the better your health is likely to be. That your aura will increase with blood-sugar and breath whereby breathing deeply and having some carbohydrates in your system, such as after having eaten bread or grain or sugars, you will find that the aura increases in size, because the blood sugar, mixing with the breath enhances one's aura, if one is healthy in other ways. If one cannot utilize or break down sugar, it may not be as effective, but the deep breathing process and the sugar digestion tend to create the increased energy for the aura. This aura is also that which in the Huna philosophy is referred to as Mana, and thus, in your Huna prayer when you send Mana to the Higher Self, you are sending this auric energy along with your prayer to the Higher Self, or if you wish to effect some kind of psychic phenomena, communicate with someone at a distance, or effect a prayer, it is this energy that is used. In the West it is usually called the aura. In the Huna philosophy it is called Mana, which is their term for water. It is also in the alchemical sense what would be termed electricity; the electrical body of the entity. Science refers to it as an electromagnetic field that surrounds all organic matter. HOW CAN SO MANY CLAIM THEY WERE THE SAME FAMOUS PERSON IN PAST LIVES? (Do Cosmic Awareness and Yogananda Differ?) QUESTION: We got another question on the past lives o# famous entities. Evidently, even as much as we've published on the subject, it's still not clear to some entities. I'll read this question from D.C. of Bayville, New York, which is the same old question, but it has a little different twist on it. "Sometimes it's disturbing when two sources which you think are reliable say two different things. For instance, Awareness has stated that Saddam Hussein was Ghengis Khan in a past life. Swami Kriyananda, one of Parumahansa Yogananda's closest disciples wrote in his autobiography that Yogananda said that Joseph Stalin was Ghengis Khan. Hussein and Stalin lived at the same time, so both of them couldn't have been Ghengis Khan. Who entities were in their past lives is probably a trivial thing and unimportant, but I still don't understand why two good reliable sources, Cosmic Awareness and Paramahansa Yogananda, are saying two different things. Also, Awareness has stated that Alexander Thompson, the person associated with the college in York, Pennsylvania, was Alexander the Great in a past life. Swami Kriyananda wrote that Yogananda said that Adolf Hitler was Alexander the Great in the past. Could Awareness please comment on this confusion and on these discrepancies?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that souls of entities, particularly moreso in the past than today, have what is called a "lifestream" that comes down from those ancient times into present expressions. These streams or lifestreams, do not always follow one channel. It is like someone saying, "This creek is said to come from the Silver River," and someone says, "No, it's that creek over there that comes from the Silver River." How can they both come from the same source? But if you could follow these creeks upstream, you might find that there is a fork where the Silver River splits and the vibrations or frequencies or waters from the Silver River go into the creation of two different streams that flow down the mountain in different places and take on different names, whereas the creek No. 1 and creek No. 2 both stem from the Silver River. This Awareness indicates that it is even more likely when you speak of souls that are made up of electromagnetic fields, that this electromagnetic field at some point split off or create a splinter or drop off some thought-forms or a portion of itself. This Awareness indicates, for example, 500 years from now, imagine someone who might describe an entity as being the reincarnation of the person who was described in an ancient book called "The Three Faces of Eve," where the entity is said to be the reincarnation of this lady Eve. This Awareness indicates then this entity begins to tell all of her friends: "I was once this woman in a previous lifetime, back in the 20th Century who was written about in a book called "The Three Faces of Eve." (continued next message) <*> Origin: CHANNEL1 - 0700 - EMAIL From: ALEX@SPIRAL.ORG To: SEARCHNET ZEC Date: 12/11/93 Re: CAC issues ------------------------------------------------------------------- (Continued from last message) She had multiple personalities." And someone hearing this says: "Oh, that couldn't be so, because I know the lady who was that woman and I received this information from a very reliable source." The lady may say: "She must be phony. I'd like to meet her. I'll tell her that I am the one." And so the two come together and the two faces of Eve face each other, each denying the other personality ever could have existed in their ancestral host. This Awareness indicates; in other words, souls can split or personalities can split and reincarnations can occur from one particular host of an historical nature, particularly when much time has passed. This Awareness indicates that there have been numerous Cleopatras and numerous Napoleons and it is possible that each of these entities who clearly recalls having been Napoleon may have some aspect of Napoleon energy especially wherein the soul of the entity was not solidified into a complete and permanent individuality. Why Some Souls Don't Easily Solidify This Awareness indicates that you may recall in the teachings of Ouspensky, that it takes quite some time for a soul to develop individuality and that souls can grow over many lifetimes and still not be solidified. This is because souls are capable of splintering or fragmenting when an entity does not have strong focus or strong magnetic center. The individualization of an entity is that which is the purpose of soul growth on earth and once one becomes individualized, then usually the soul has completed its sojourn and if the soul has also spiritualized itself, it is ready to leave the planet and go on to another realm. This Awareness indicates that there are many souls that are fragmented, are coming together and are now in the process of growing toward individualization. Most souls that are young are but the fragments of a soul which they have either splintered from or they are new in arrival upon this plane and do not have strong individuality and they are fragile. Feeding the Moon You may recall that Ouspensky also warned that entities who do not learn to individualize themselves or become aware of themselves, the self- awareness factor which he promoted through observing yourself observing; he warned that entities might go and "feed the moon." In other words, their energies at death might simply go to the moon, to serve as magnetic field for that body, if they did not have a strong enough magnetic field of their own to preserve their own soul or self-identity. How to Become Self-Integrated This Awareness indicates that this hopefully explains how some entities from the past may end up in two different bodies in the future. There can be as many as hundreds of bodies if the soul splinters or fragments enough. This Awareness indicates also, you should realize that the "you" of today is not the same "you" when you were a child, and that the child within you, is an energy that if not integrated into your present self, may splinter off and become a different entity in another lifetime, in the future. It is important for entities to learn to integrate all of their various aspects of self. To become integrated with yourself means to accept all those parts of yourself from different stages of your life and different experiences of your life and bring them together as one. And in so doing, that creates the integrated self, or the individualized person which is a magnetic center around which the soul may form and become solidified so there is no splintering or fragmentation to deal with. FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: So this could explain how Adolf Hitler and Alexander could have come from the same tributary. Is that correct? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that to this Awareness it appears that Adolf Hitler may have received some energy from the soul of Alexander the Great but it does not appear to be of great strength. It appears that most of Adolf Hitler's individuality and strength of who he was came from the entity Bael, from Atlantis. But in answer to your question,. this is in the affirmative. A TEST TO SEE IF YOU ARE FULLY INTEGRATED FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: In regard to getting integrated, is there some simple test you can give yourself to see if you're integrated properly? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that the best way is to look inward and see if you can find a center for yourself, and if that center is one, or if it feels split as though there are two aspects of yourself that are constantly vying for control. If you feel there is a center, a central source within yourself, you are most likely integrated. If you feel there is a conflict within yourself and part of you wants this, part of you wants that, you are more likely to be somewhat splintered or not integrated. This Awareness indicates that Ouspensky also once described the many "I's" -- the I or individuality of a person; he described these many I's as being symbolized by the Greek goddess Medusa that the snakes forming the head of Medusa were the many individualities of her being, and that each of these various snakes thought of itself as her, and as the individuality, but when one would say something, or make a statement or stand, another would interrupt and put forth its statement or stand. For example, when one of your selves says: "I will awaken at 5:00 in the morning, get up and get my work done early," that self is satisfied and then goes to bed, goes to sleep, but when the alarm goes off at 5:00 in the morning, another self says: "No, this is much too early. I'm not getting up now," and shuts the alarm off. Another may awaken shortly thereafter and say: "I've got to get that work done. I should get up." Still another will argue: "No. It can wait. It's waited this long, it won't hurt to wait longer. I've got to get my sleep." Still another may argue: "Let's give it another 30 minutes." And after 30 minutes, the alarm goes off again and another argument of one self against the other occurs, and finally, the entity can't sleep any longer and gets up, but the entity wants to go back to bed, wants to sleep some more, and even though he or she is up, he is still arguing with himself about whether he should be up or should be in bed, whether he should go to work or nurse his need for more sleep, and thus the entity is constantly arguing with self against self, one self against the other. This entity is not integrated. This entity is not individualized. This entity is torn between shoulds and should nots. The shoulds and the should nots are controlling the entity. "I should do this, I should do that." And all of these conflicts indicate the entity is lacking in integration, does not have himself or herself individualized. This Awareness indicates that It does not mean that an individualized or integrated person will not ever have conflicts, but It means that the conflicts will not be between yourself. The conflicts will be related to external matters, whether to choose this or to choose that, and the external questions will be solved by the one self within you. You will not be arguing with yourself, whether you should do this or should do that, as though there were two parties. This Awareness indicates another way to put it: Your want, your goal, your purpose will seem to be unified within yourself and you will be at one with yourself in terms of purpose, direction and desire, so that you are not arguing as to whether to be a fireman or whether to be an accountant or whether to be a child, or to remain in school or to drop out. You will look within, integrate yourself into what you want in your life, and you will gradually center your energies toward some acceptable direction and purpose and then gradually you come together as an individual, and you know yourself. This Awareness indicates still another way to express this is through the word "integrity." "Integrity" -- Another Name for Integration You have certain principles, certain values that you accept as being you, and you do not let things break those values, just because it is pressured upon you to compromise and break your values or to please someone. If the outer world begins to shift you around and turn you over and make you over and bend you over, you probably are not at peace with yourself. You probably are not satisfied with who you are and therefore, you may not be integrated completely. This Awareness also wishes to inform you that integration is not simply something that happens or doesn't happen. It is a process that takes time and occurs gradually over a period of time, where you gradually become more and more integrated as a being which is yourself. This Awareness indicates Ouspensky described entities who were forming their individuality and mentioned that for example, a robber might learn to concentrate on his purpose by sitting behind a tree for 10 or 15 or 20 hours or even several days, waiting for the stage to come by so that he could rob the stage, and how this took much integration for this entity to be so disciplined in his purpose, but also, he pointed out, that because this is a wrong purpose, he would have to unlearn everything he had done, undo all that discipline in order to correct himself and develop an integrated being that was more spiritually healthy with a purpose that was more meaningful and valuable, so that even if you do create an individuality, if the individuality is on the wrong path, you have simply hindered your growth and spiritual path and must undo what you have done before you can get back on course. THE PERSIAN GULF WAR: DID IT CREATE NEW DISEASES? QUESTION: J.W. had another question. She sent in a clipping which I'll read: "Wives of Persian Gulf veterans afflicted with puzzling, flu-like symptoms are experiencing a high rate of miscarriages and other illnesses, a family support group said. Dorothy Brooks, head of the Military Families Support Network based in Bules Creek, N.C., said that numerous children of sick veterans are also suffering from chronic health problems that antibiotics fail to relieve. Brooks said her group had compiled records of more than 1,000 gulf war veterans who came back with mysterious ailments, and found that some 76 percent of their wives had health problems. She said wives reported various gynecological problems in addition to miscarriages, and that several spouses complained of body aches and fatigue symptoms similar to those experienced by their husbands." That was the end of the article. Joyce asks: "This illness of the Gulf War veterans and their families has been reported very sporadically. What is the nature of the illness, and is this an attempt to cover-up?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that it appears there were some contaminations in regard to certain chemicals and also radiation that affected many of these entities. That there also, in some cases was damage done through waves, such as ELF frequency waves, or microwaves that were used against some of these entities in this war. This Awareness indicates that it appears that some of the chemical and toxic symptoms were brought home; that these entities in some cases affected their spouses. It is not clear at this time as to exactly how this passed from one to the other. It appears it relates to some kind of radiation of energies, possibly through water contamination or food contamination into the bodies and from there, through some unknown carrier within or through the entities. In some cases, the spouses' symptoms are caused by sympathetic psychological conditions, such as when a woman gives birth to a baby, the man feels labor pains along with her. Except, in this ease, the woman through sympathetic concerns takes on some of the karmic energy of the man's illness. It is quite possible for entities to do this, to take on each other's illness, if they are close and loving and sympathetic. It is important for entities in a situation where there is chronic illness over long periods of time, to be helpful without being so sympathetic that their vibrations draw the illness to themselves. This Awareness indicates that there is still something else in regard to this Desert Storm Sickness that is not yet seen or has not yet been understood, and this Awareness does not yet see this clearly. It appears that more will gradually be discovered during this coming year or several months from now, but this Awareness does not see clearly what is at the heart of the problem. It sees there are several possibilities, including microwaves, ELF waves or frequencies and also certain chemicals and possibly sand fleas as causing some kind of poisoning to the entities. There are also possibilities of contamination in water supplies or food supplies from the area, or radiation from some of the weaponry and the release of gas or smoke from bombs carrying some kind of unfamiliar contaminations. All of these are potential, but nothing stands out clearly to this Awareness at this time. It will continue to look at (continued next message) <*> Origin: CHANNEL1 - 0700 - EMAIL From: ALEX@SPIRAL.ORG To: SEARCHNET ZEC Date: 12/11/93 Re: CAC issues ------------------------------------------------------------------- (Continued from last message) these areas and energize a release and discovery so that this problem will be solved. This Awareness indicates the Interpreter as being low on energy and experiencing some pain in the side and suggests the Interpreter be brought from trance. (End of Reading; The Law of Gratitude is given.) TIME-TRAVELING: HOW IS IT POSSIBLE IF THE FUTURE IS NOT FIXED? QUESTION: Several questions here from J.J., of New York City. "If the future is not fixed, how can anyone time travel into it? What probable future do they travel into, and, if it's readily done with advanced technology, why are we not inundated with visitors from the past and the future, to say nothing of other dimensions, which is evidently even easier." COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that the future time-travelers, entities who move into these future times, tend to set or fix future events in their movement at that time. Thus, an entity who travels to the future to see something, view something, experience something, tends to create that point in time for that event to await. This Awareness indicates that another time-traveler following thereafter would be inclined to arrive at that particular time or point which was created by the first time traveler, and experience the same reality or witness the same event as the first time-traveler. This Awareness indicates this assuming that both parties are accurately time traveling. In this sense entities can repeatedly move into the future, and each can add more reality to a future whereby the future then contains those events that were created by time-travelers even though without such time travelers, the future would be unclear. It would be a kind of blank uncharted land. This Awareness indicates that in reference to the question of why entities are not more inundated by time-travelers from the future and from the past, it may be understood that there are not a greater many people who are time traveling in the future to come back, and that if entities time-travel from the past into the present, it is difficult to discern where they have come from or that they have come from the past because they are now in the present, and have present experiences and a sense of presence. This Awareness indicates that time-traveling is of course extremely unusual. The technology is new except for some alien cultures, and for these entities the situation is somewhat different, for these entities often do travel to and from past or future and do have their effects on time and on the present. It is not something that people of the present are invited to witness. This Awareness indicates in fact, time-traveling is a well-kept secret and most who possess the knowledge would like to continue keeping secret. This Awareness indicates that the fact that this Awareness has indicated the time-traveling as a reality does not mean that others involved in time-traveling are ready to embrace all inquirers and answer all questions and allow everybody to know all about time-traveling. The questioner assumes those using the advanced technology for time traveling would have a reason to inundate and notify everyone: "Here I am, coming from the past!" or "Here I am coming from the future!" These entities who are involved in this advanced technology are not disclosing these facts because it is highly kept secret for those entities who are just recently involved in this technology on earth. It is one of the more highly kept secret aspects of alien technology, and on other planets where aliens are aware of time-travel technology and have been for many decades of centuries, it is no big deal to the masses and the masses may know of this already. This Awareness indicates that these entities who travel from future to past and from past to future are not obligated to notify people of the present as to where they have been in terms of time travel nor do they even want to do so. It is highly secretive at this time because of the very nature of humanity, keeping anything that is advanced technology secret from others, partly for military purposes in case this becomes useful as a military tool, and partly for other scientific reasons, in case it becomes necessary to use the secret technology without the masses being aware of the use of such technology. Once the secrets are out, entities lose power. Secrecy is power for those who hold the secrets and the nature of people on this plane is to want to gather power over others. The curious question this Awareness senses in regard to the entity who asked the question is: Why she or he would expect the technology to be made public in its infancy, simply because it is advanced beyond human comprehension. Most entities would not expect such advanced information to be made public so soon after it is discovered and experienced. The governments and the forces of power controlling these technologies just don't give out such information to the masses. DO TIME TRAVELERS LIKE "THE TERMINATOR" ACTUALLY DROP NAKED INTO OUR CITIES? FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: My first impression of that part of the question was that she was basing it on something like "The Terminator" movie, where Arnold Schwarzenegger comes popping naked onto a street of New York City out of a future dimension, and it was my impression that Part of the question was, if this technology is so well-known in other dimensions and planets, why don't we see more Arnold Schwarzenegger-type people dropping out of these other dimensions into our time zone? Or is that a good analogy? In fact, I should ask: Is this indeed possible, the way Arnold came in that movie into this dimension? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that would be a very careless move on an alien's part to drop in in front of others in such a manner. That in fact, they would not simply drop in like that; they would materialize very slowly and most likely would pick a place where there were no viewers or observers to witness the materialization. This Awareness indicates that it is not a practical way to use the technology to simply fall down on the street from another dimension. It is not necessary nor is it practical, any more than to take off in an airplane and land in another city would result in your falling onto the street from the airplane. Things in such technology levels are more carefully controlled. FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: So there could be entities from other dimension and certainly other planets time-traveling to earth for one reason or another, that would not necessarily be visible to the public? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates they might become visible, but they need not become visible at the moment of arrival in an unorganized manner such as falling into the midst of a party out of the sky or out of another dimension. FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: They wouldn't necessarily have to be naked when they come in either, would they, as it was in the movie? COSMIC AWARENESS: This as in the affirmative; that the movie version is simply someone's fantasy for good story-telling. This Awareness indicates that except for a few instances in regard to aliens using their technology there has been very little use of this technology on this earth plane and it is not seen as having yielded great information or results sufficient to cause an expansion of the technology research of any great significance. The findings of previous efforts to explore this technology are the focus of attention in some areas of government research to see what more can be done before determining whether to invest huge sums of money into further research. This Awareness indicates it is not like testing a plane and deciding to build more planes. It is that there were certain huge sums of money invested and certain knowledge gathered from the experiments that followed, and these experiments led to the realization that time-travel is a possibility. There were complications involved. There were problems that needed to be understood and theorized and studies before further research could be considered. Then, after all that research and study of the previous efforts is completed, there will need to be more fundraising to pay for any further research in the area. Mean while, the aliens, certain of these entities have developed this technology on their own planets and have the ability to use the technology on occasion as they choose. It is through this technology that they are able to move into the future and to manipulate certain events that are to come, as indicated to Cooper in reference to the Fatima prophecies. CLOSING MESSAGE: This Awareness indicates that the consideration of future events always weighs heavily on the minds of humans because humans are apprehensive of the future. It is an area they cannot control from present time, and if they can know something for sure about the future, they feel they have a greater opportunity for control. Entities tend to seek control over every aspect of their lives and the future is one of the aspects or areas that is least controllable. This Awareness indicates that unfortunately, there is little that can be done about controlling the future or even knowing the future. This Awareness suggests that on the plus side, it is good that there is some area in entities' lives which cannot be controlled, so that entities have to have some degree of faith and trust, trusting either in their selves or in each other, or in higher powers to see them through any difficulties that might occur in future times. This Awareness indicates that again, these future times are there to help you enhance your reliance on faith and it is in not knowing the exact details of your future that allows this faith to grow and develop. This Awareness suggests you put your faith into higher forces, higher vibrations, higher beings, and trust that you will find the protection to see you through these future times, and that you not panic, simply because you don't know everything about the future. ZECHARIAH SITCHIN'S NEW BOOK: "WHEN TIME BEGAN" (A Cosmic Awareness Book Review) QUESTION: Zechariah Sitchin has released another book: "When Time Began: The First New Age." It's book five of the "Earth Chronicles" series, and the blurb says it takes the ancient astronaut concept where no man has gone before, into an examination of the cycles of time, and continues by showing how ancient man devised, or was taught to devise, permanent means of measuring time by way of stone computers. This knowledge was not to be shared by all. There were keepers of the secrets, and temples in which to keep them. Today we have only the ruins of these computers and temples to study, but the author unravels the tale they tell, all the way back to the literal beginning of time, and has something to say about time coming full circle." Is this particular book on time is as significant as his other books? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that this is in the affirmative; that it carries information that is quite unique, which can be of great benefit in helping entities to understand the nature of time and also to find further important pieces of the puzzle of life, the great Mandala of life. When all of these things that this Awareness has given over the years, along with the works such as this, are brought together and understood by entities, they will have a grand understanding of life in its fullest sense. They will have an understanding of history as few have ever understood it before. They will have an understanding of the cycles that consciousness moves through in order to become fulfilled. This Awareness indicates that this particular book will serve as a very important piece of the puzzle, much in the same way that the book "The Eighth Tower" helps fill a particular part of the grand design or puzzle. ED's Note: This book is not yet listed in our Book Catalog but we do have it in stock. Price: $5.99 plus $1.50 postage and handling. 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