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Origin: CHANNEL1 - 0700 - EMAIL From: ALEX@SPIRAL.ORG To: SEARCHNET ZEC Date: 12/11/93 Re: CAC issues ------------------------------------------------------------------- Message-ID: <9312111949.AA15441@riverside.mr.net> alex@spiral.org Dave Alexander -- S.P.I.R.A.L. Society for the Protection of Individual Rights and Liberties Minneapolis Chapter 93-14 (Issue No. 423) ----------------------------------- Find Out Who, |* REVELATIONS OF AWARENESS *| How Many Have In Fact, You |* The New Age Cosmic Newsletter *| You Served? And Really Are. ----------------------------------- How Well? Cosmic Awareness Communications Box 115, Olympia, Washington 98507 email: alex@spiral.org (E-mail subscription information, FTP information and SnailMail hard copy information available at end of this file) "Helping People Become Aware Since 1977." ----------------------------------------------------------------- REVELATIONS OF AWARENESS is a cosmic newsletter, published by Cosmic Awareness Communications, Box 115, Olympia, WA 98507, a not-for- profit organization. Copyright 1993 by Cosmic Awareness Communications and the Aquarian Church of Universal Service. Reproduction is permitted, but no alterations may be made without express permission. ----------------------------------------------------------------- COSMIC AWARENESS is the Force that expressed Itself through Jesus of Nazareth, the Buddha, Krishna, Mohammed and other great avatars who served as "Channels" for the "Heavenly Father" and expresses itself once again as the world begins to enter the New Age of spiritual consciousness and awareness. This information is for those who desire to help in bringing in the New Age. Throughout the thousands of "readings" given, Cosmic Awareness tells us not to *believe* anything, not even Itself, but to question, explore, doubt, and discover through your own channel what the truth really is. Cosmic Awareness will only "indicate" and "suggest." Neither CAC or the Interpreter is responsible for anything Cosmic Awareness states in any of these readings, nor does CAC or the Interpreter necessarily agree with the statements of Cosmic Awareness. The Interpreter interprets the energies as they are seen in trance levels and are not personally responsible for what is said. The Interpreter has no connection with, nor control over the editorial comments, which are entirely the responsibility of the editor. Paul Shockley, Interpreter Avaton, C.A.C Editor Alex, OCR'er and NetPoster Vikki T., Office Manager ------------------------------------------------------------------------ IN THIS ISSUE: THE NEW WORLD ORDER: THE ALIEN CONNECTION, THE METAPHYSICAL CONNECTION, THE ECONOMIC FORECAST; The Separation of the Wheat from the Chaff: More on the Density Change Which Has Now Begun; Why You Shouldn't Quit Your Job at This Time: The Economy Isn't Going to Get Any Better; The Situation Intensifies for Europe and the World: Economic Forces Are Controlled by the New World Order; Make Alternative Plans Now for Survival in Future; Get Used to Boiled Beans and Cornmeal Muffin Be Extra Alert in the Coming Holiday Season; That Hum in Taos, New Mexico; Tunnels and "Dragon Holes" in England; The New World Order Needs NAFTA: North American Free Trade Agreement Must Pass; Is Puerto Rico a Test for Martial Law in the U.S.?; The Attempt to Change Canada's Constitution; The Hierarchy of Evil...THE NEW WORLD ORDER: THE METAPHYSICAL CONNECTION; Why Did Awareness Include "New Age Groups in New World Order?; The National Council of Churches: Where Do They Stand on the New World Order?; What is the "Fourth Reich?"; The Arrogance of Those Committing Treason; The Treasonous "Globalists" Now Being Discussed on TV; Law Enforcement Agencies and the New World Order: What Percent Will Go Along?; Taking a Stand: More and More Are Doing It; If You Don' Own a Gun, Will They Still Come After You?: The Many Ways the Government Can Spy on You; Why Would the New World Order Want to Stop Cars? What is Michael Younger Doing These Days?; Where Does the Pope Fit In?; When the Pope Visited the U.S. This Summer...; New World Order May Become Moot; Why Awareness Gives You Heavy Information: Knowledge is Power; The Hierarchy of Evil...THE NEW WORLD ORDER: THE ALIEN CONNECTION: A Synopsis of the Good Guys and the Bad Guys in Space; That Hidden Computer Deep Within the Earth: What Was Its Purpose and Use by Aliens?; CIA Helped to Shut Down Crystal Computer Network; Toledo Imbecile Obeys Orion Channeling on Computer; The Hierarchy of Evil...THE NEW AGE CONNECTION: How the New World Order is Using the New Age Groups; Krishnamurti and the Theosophical Society; That Recent Church Gathering in Chicago; Mr. Rothschild of England Introduces a Reptilian From Draco to His Committee; Those Who Receive Orders From Aliens: A Review of the Contacts and Connections; "Space Brothers" Channelings Mislead Many; Evil Aliens Aligned with Ahriman/Angelic Host with Pleiadians; THE DIMENSIONAL CHANGE: How Does This Fit In?; Will Earth Be Controlled by Draconians? Will Draconian Conquest Frustrate the Goals of Galactic Command?; The Battle is to Save the Souls of Earthlings. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ THE NEW WORLD ORDER: THE ALIEN CONNECTION, THE METAPHYSICAL CONNECTION, THE ECONOMIC FORECAST THE SEPARATION OF THE WHEAT FROM THE CHAFF (More on the Density Change Which Has Now Begun) (Excerpt from a CAC General Reading, August 9,1993) OPENING MESSAGE: This Awareness indicates as the energies from the new frequencies begin to have a continuous effect on the physical material of this plane, entities will find themselves more and more naturally gravitating toward higher spiritual energies, if they are open to such movement. This Awareness indicates that those who are dedicated to goals which would require self-interest and separateness may find themselves having more and more difficulty in working together with others. This Awareness indicates that as these energies have only begun. There are approximately two decades for these energies to run their course, and many changes will occur. Some entities will] find themselves moving more and more into the denser levels and frequencies and in so doing, experiencing greater and greater separation from the Universal Consciousness levels, from their spiritual being or from their Higher Selves and from the energies of others in their relationships. Thus, those who cling to the lower vibrations will also experience greater separateness and pain in living, in being isolated, in achieving any form of happiness. This Awareness indicates that this will serve as a warning to such entities not to pursue a path of negative vibration. Most entities -- the majority of entities -- will turn back from these levels. Some will become more determined to find happiness by pursuing these energies all the more. This Awareness warns entities that the seeking of power may appeal to entities who want to find happiness but that the seeking of power is the wrong path and will not bring happiness to entities. This Awareness suggests instead that entities surrender themselves to the Higher Vibrations, give themselves to the loving energies and Divine Forces of the universe, giving love from universal frequencies to others so that they become a channel for loving energies and also a magnet leading to loving energies. This Awareness indicates that as entities turn their attention more and more to these higher frequencies, they will find increasing harmony and joy in their lives during these coming two decades. This Awareness indicates that this will be experienced eventually in the total separation of the dimension whereby two dimensions emerge and one moves toward lower vibrations and the other toward higher vibrations and it becomes more difficult for entities in these two dimensions to track each other. This Awareness indicates in this sense, entities shall find themselves moving either toward a higher dimension, or moving toward a lower dimension as time approaches the year 2012 and 2013. This Awareness indicates that at such time, the dimensions will have created a gap or chasm that will be extremely difficult for entities to bridge. This Awareness indicates that this is what has been referred to as the "separation of the wheat from the chaff." ED's Note: For more information on the density change, please refer to "Revelations of Awareness" No. 93-02 (Will We See the End of the World?"); $3.00 from CAC. WHY YOU SHOULDN'T QUIT YOUR JOB AT THIS TIME (The Economy Isn't Going to Get Any Better) (Excerpt from a CAC General Reading, September 11,1993) QUESTION A question from C.L. "Many changes are happening in the business world, but many employees feel caught. If their company isn't changing and is even a nasty place to work, can they leave this economy, or should they stay to keep their pay checks and try to change things from within?" We hear this question a lot. Does Awareness have any strategies for these people? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that it appears there is a trend for companies to rid themselves of as many employees as possible. This is occurring with most companies at this time which indicates that most of these companies are not likely to be hiring, to replace entities who leave. Therefore, it would indicate a continued shortage of jobs for most entities. This Awareness indicates that in other words, if an entity plans to quit a job, it might be very difficult to find another. This Awareness indicates that one should be very careful about quitting a job, for the job you quit may be less problematic than the job you get to replace it. This Awareness indicates that if a job is totally intolerable, the entity may consider quitting that job, but if there is simply an inconvenience or a sense of boredom or a sense of a lack of enthusiasm, which allows an entity to find excuses for quitting, this may turn out to be not so much in your favor, and you might find yourself in a situation that is not what you anticipated. This Awareness indicates that a good general rule is: Find a job to replace the one you have, before you quit the one you have. Have some assurance that you can move in to a job before you let go of the old one, or prepare yourself in such a way as to create a business or a job for yourself prior to cutting off your previous means of making a living. This Awareness indicates that some entities might be better off to continue working with the realization that while they are doing this, they are also creating some other business on the side that will grow and develop into a full time job. There have been many entities who have done this kind of career change, so that they do not quit their job until they are so busy with the new career that they no longer have time to work at their job. This Awareness indicates that these are approaches that have been beneficial for many entities. This Awareness indicates that almost everyone tires of their job to some degree and would like to quit and do something different, but this is not always practical, even if it sounds desirable. FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: The newspapers are saying that all the new economic indications are that the year 1994 looks very grim. How does Awareness see this in relationship to the unemployed and to those who will continue to be unemployed? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that it appears that the continuing action of companies that are cutting back in terms of their expenditures; those that are becoming more concerned about trimming down will be laying off more entities, and thus creating a job shortage for the masses. The fact that many of the military bases have been closed and will continue being closed, and many of the government expenditures are being cut is likely to cause a drawback in employment levels. There are those who want expenditures cut, while at the same time would like to see the economy grow and improve as usually only happens when government begins to spend big money. (continued next message) <*> Origin: CHANNEL1 - 0700 - EMAIL From: ALEX@SPIRAL.ORG To: SEARCHNET ZEC Date: 12/11/93 Re: CAC issues ------------------------------------------------------------------- (Continued from last message) But, if government is not going to spend big money to help create new jobs through military buildup, or other types of government sponsored welfare programs for the big companies, then the likelihood is that many jobs will disappear. Companies that do exist may also find that they need to trim back because some of these companies no longer get government contracts and their business becomes more lean. This Awareness indicates that it does not look extremely favorable for new jobs. At the same time it does seem that there will be some benefits in terms of paying off the national debt to some degree, trimming down the economy so that there is not a continual buildup in national debt other than through the great interest that is already accumulating on the old debt. This Awareness indicates that in a general sense, It does not even see the debt being taken care of in the coming years because the interest rates accumulating on that debt are too high and the economy will not grow sufficiently to overcome the cost of paying for the interest on the old debt. This is in reference to the national debt. This Awareness indicates it looks as though it will be very slow for any economic growth to occur during the next several years, but, at the same time, it appears that there will not be an extreme downturn, and that certain factors or certain areas of the economy will benefit during this time. This Awareness indicates that the low interest rates do not seem to be benefiting too many people among the masses, but appear to benefit some of the banks and mortgage companies who receive loans, receive money from the lending institutions at very low interest rates, turn around and loan money at higher interest rates; this group appears to be benefiting more than any other in the economy in regard to interest rates. There are some entities who borrow on their properties at lower interest rates and benefit in that regard; others who keep the higher interest rates because the cost of points or the cost of shifting to a new lender or the cost of qualifying for a new loan are not available to some entities. This Awareness indicates that it appears that certain areas of the economy will begin to gradually improve. Inflation appears to be something that will stay low. Most of what is occurring right now appears to benefit the multinational bankers and lending institutions more than anyone else. Low interest rates mean that the monetary value will maintain in a relatively strong and stable position, so that any debt owed will be paid back with money that is not being inflated. This Awareness indicates that there have been, of course, suggestions by some that it would be possible to pay off the $4-trillion owed on the national debt by creating highly inflated money, and of course this is not to the liking of those who have loaned or given money to this country, for its national debt. This Awareness indicates that things do not look very promising in terms of the economic future for this country. It would appear that everything is being done to create an economic situation that can be used at some time in the near future to further the New World Order. This Awareness indicates that entities have good reason to be concerned. This Awareness indicates that it is important for entities to find ways of creating a second job or alternative funding source if it is possible for them to do so. It almost is a requirement in any family to have two people working in order to maintain a normal average household. Things have changed considerably in the last 40 years. THE SITUATION INTENSIFIES FOR EUROPE AND THE WORLD (Economic Forces Are Controlled by the New World Order) FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: How about Europe? In a letter from P.F. in Westminster, England, she writes: "The economic and financial situation in this country is hitting the young people just out of college who have no prospects, and the 30- 40 age groups who are losing their jobs, homes, cars, status and self- respect and are now without hope in the foreseeable future. People are being thrown out of work by the thousands and no one in authority gives a damn. Awareness offers a little hope when we are told there are still those in the government who read letters from their constituents. This government cannot last. Its party is split down the middle. The Left have no feasible plans, only the same old row with the trade unions which has been going on for the last 60 years or more and the liberal Democrats offer nothing that makes any sense to me. How can they, when everything is in the grip of the banks and big business? Mergers take place all the time. Thieves fall out. The only satisfaction I have when I contemplate their positions of power which seems so invincible, is the knowledge that they do not know what is coming to them. Meanwhile, too many suffer through out the world. We witness this and can do little to help mend the situation other than pouring in the Light and healing thoughts". COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates it appears that throughout the world, the situation intensifies whereby the individual depends on sustenance from the employer and is at the mercy of the employer's business which is becoming more and more difficult to sustain. Many businesses are beginning to fail or cut back considerably, so that they have to lay off more and more people. This Awareness indicates that you can expect this kind of situation to continue as part of the general pattern which is designed by these bankers who want to impose the New World Order on the countless suffering masses by some form of economic crisis that can be manipulated into a political situation whereby they can direct the behavior of the masses in order to gain control over them, in order to get them to follow a pattern of behavior that allows them to gain greater control. Make Alternative Plans Now for Survival in Future This Awareness indicates It has given much information on this previously; it relates back to the Gathering Storm material of 1979. That scenario given at that time is still being considered for the near future. This Awareness indicates that entities should consider the basics of life: food, shelter and clothing, and may wish to consider alternative lifestyles that are more lean and spartan in nature. Learn to eat foods that are less rich and fancy, but which are able to supply you with the basic requirements of a decent diet. This Awareness indicates that entities may need to consider having an area somewhere whereby they can grow food and store or can food that can be used to help supplement their diet if money problems persist, for food and shelter are two of the main concerns that entities will need to focus on if the economy continues to worsen. Get Used to Boiled Beans and Cornmeal Muffin This Awareness indicates that one can live without electricity. One can live without a telephone, but it is difficult to live without enough to eat, for one's health begins to fail, and one will need to spend money on health care if this occurs. This Awareness indicates that entities need to create good relationships with others, for you never know when you may need to call upon someone you love for help. You need also to be able to help others at times when they may have crises. This Awareness indicates that it is not the end of the world. There have been depressions before. It is simply that economic depressions are so unpleasant for most entities, but even in those economic depressions, there were many joys for many entities who knew how to enjoy life regardless of what happens around them. This Awareness indicates that one may be used to lobster, steak or caviar, but one can quickly get used to boiled beans and cornmeal muffins and enjoy those things just as well if one is simply open to "What Is" and willing to accept "What Is" without extreme resistance. This Awareness indicates that It does not wish to alarm entities into thinking that things are going to turn critical overnight, but things have become more critical over the years and entities can expect that this trend may continue for some time further, for these powers that control the economies of the world are still moving things whereby they control through the economies the destiny of the people, and attempt to move them through such manipulations into the New World Order. This Awareness indicates that entities may wish to consider moving to another place if they are in a crowded city, where food sources could be shut off. They may wish to consider making an effort to live in the country where they can raise their own food, store their own food from crops grown on their own land, or share a plot of land for a garden with others who have such available whereby they can exchange some of their bounty of their farming with the owner of the land or give the owner something in exchange for use of the land for growing a garden which can be a source for food throughout the summer and for the storage of the food for winter use. This Awareness suggests also, entities may wish to consider storing sacks of grains, particularly rice, for those potential times when money is extremely scarce and one needs to supplement their meals with something that they have on hand from earlier times when money was more available to them. By buying large bags of rice, storing these in plastic containers or in sealed containers, entities can be more confident and secure in terms of their foodstuff, so that they do not need to worry about finding something to eat, even if their job should suddenly end and they should find themselves unable to find another source of income for some time. This Awareness does not wish to alarm entities unnecessarily; It simply wishes that entities consider the potentials regarding the future and recognize that security is not guaranteed and to be prepared is very helpful to one's peace of mind. *** ED's Note: Recommended reading on this subject: "Revelations of Awareness" issues: 89-05, The Vanishing Farm and the Coming Food Crisis; 89-12, Economic Depression: It's Time to Think About It; $3.00 each from CAC. Also recommended is the book, "Where's the Food?" by Lindsay Ted Williams $5.50 plus postage, available from CAC. BE EXTRA ALERT IN THE COMING HOLIDAY SEASON (Excerpt from a CAC General Reading, October 7, 1993) CLOSING MESSAGE: This Awareness indicates that in the coming months, entities will be focusing on holidays, but always be watchful during these holiday times for events that occur on or around the holiday period, for these are often very significant in that they can often be events that have a powerful effect on the lives of people, in one way or another. This Awareness indicates that generally speaking, many things slip through on or around Christmas time, when most people are focused on Christmas and family, and do not have much concern or interest in the affairs of the nation during those moments. Therefore, things can be done of a mischievous nature with out getting too much attention, or without the attention getting the way of what is being done, for the people generally remain more attentive and focused on family matters. This Awareness indicates the same may be said of Thanksgiving in a much lighter way, since it is not celebrated with the same focus and intensity as is Christmas and the New Year's holiday period. THAT HUM IN TAOS, NEW MEXICO (Excerpt from a CAC General Reading, August 12,1993) QUESTION: On another subject: I'm sure we asked about this and it got printed, probably within the context of another reading on aliens, but evidently the membership either missed it or want more details, for they're sending questions. I have a packet here of about 12 questions on this same subject. It concerns a hum around Tao, New Mexico which seems to be spreading. Perhaps Awareness has some more information. I'll read this article, which is typical: Taos, N.M.-- When the wind is still and the nearby meadowlark silent, Steven Welters' back yard falls quiet. Too quiet. So quiet that he hears The Hum. "It sounds like a great, big American car engine that's on idle," says Walters. Looking out at the majestic Sangre de Cristo Mountains on the eastern horizon, he confides, 'When I first heard it, I thought I was going crazy." The same thing happened to many others. In Taos, in Santa Fe, in Albuquerque and In spots fall beyond -- even in Florida -- hundreds of people lately have said they are hearing a similarly mysterious low-level frequency or hum. The audible vibration, they say, is as annoying as a mosquito circling your ear. Only this bug won't die. And the noise won't stop until you turn on the TV, or turn up the stereo, or scream and shout, to do anything to drown it out. The enigma has gained wide-spread attention -- and a slow but growing acceptance -- after a Taos couple spoke out a year ago about a humming sound that was driving them nuts. At first, many people dismissed Bob (continued next message) <*> Origin: CHANNEL1 - 0700 - EMAIL From: ALEX@SPIRAL.ORG To: SEARCHNET ZEC Date: 12/11/93 Re: CAC issues ------------------------------------------------------------------- (Continued from last message) and Catanya Salzman as nuts themselves. But those impressions faded when others spoke up. After they went public, several hundred people in northern New Mexico also said they were suffering from the constant noise, frequently described as a diesel engine idling In the distance, or a low throbbing, or a sputtering generator. Soon, the story spread across the country, and more than 50 people from Washington state to Vermont, contacted researchers with the same problem. Another 75 people contacted the Saltzmans. And soon it became known that this was not a new phenomenon, that more than 2,000 people in the London and Southampton areas of Great Britain have reported hearing sounds dating back to the 1940s. The English have an organization (The Low Frequency Noise Sufferers Association, a comprehensive news letter and even a name for themselves "The Hummers"). A New Mexico scientist refers to the Americans as "The Hearers." This story and others go on and on. Scientists using extensive tests have determined the sound is about 33 to 80 hertz. Steven Walters, a musician hears the sound and now he is afraid to meditate because the sound returns. Now every article on this has a little different frame of reference, and this hum seems to be spreading all over the country." Could Awareness give a more in depth discussion on this? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that essentially the humming as that which relates to two different potential sources. In some cases it is one, in some cases it is the other. This Awareness indicates there are those underground tunnels that have been worked on since the early 1940's in the United States. There are underground tunnels that are being connected from one place to another; these being created and built on behalf of, for and by the aliens, in connection with their contracts with the U.S. government. This has been discussed previously. Those machines that are used which create large circular tunnels underground as they grind through rock, through dirt, inching their way, like a giant worm-like motor creature, create a great humming sound. It would not be a humming sound if you were up close; it would be a grinding sound, but these are one source of the sound. This Awareness indicates there is also a lesser used phenomenon which has to do with experiments of a military nature, using infrasound, a very low frequency sound in certain types of testing. The testing having to do with the effects of the devices and also sometimes being used for probing the earth's crust, with these infrasound waves. This Awareness indicates that the sounds in London generally have to do with the underground drilling or digging of caverns and most of the sounds in New Mexico and over to Florida, where these underground tunnels have been and are being built to bring two types of alien transportation beneath the earth of this nation. This Awareness indicates you have been given certain maps of the underground tunnels. These of course do not include the newer ones that have been created since. This Awareness indicates that essentially, these are the main sources of the sounds. The infrasound waves that are occasionally used in military testing can also produce a similar type of vibration which entities sometimes hear. These also can be associated with earthquakes in some instances. This Awareness indicates that basically, these are not natural phenomena; they are artificial. In some cases the machines are human-operated such as the military infrawave machines and some of the underground boring equipment that bores holes and tunnels through the earth. This Awareness indicates that pictures of these boring machines to create tunnels are available in the book "Alien Magic," by Hamilton. There is some description of these machines in that book also. ED's Note: CAC has been able to locate Bill Hamilton's book "Alien Magic," the second edition, and has a limited number of copies available at this time. Not listed in our Book catalog but priced at $20 plus $2.00 postage. This 2nd edition does not have the illustrations mentioned of the underground digging equipment, but does have some text on the subject. Those wishing actual photographs of these machines should contact: Leading Edge Research Group, PO Box 481-MU58, Yelm, WA 98597 Send them $10 and ask for their catalog index. TUNNELS AND DRAGON HOLES IN ENGLAND FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: Awareness mentioned that there was underground tunneling in London. Is this man or alien connection? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Appears to be a joint venture between humans and alien technology. This appears to be something that connects entities to London through those underground tunnels to Europe and to areas within the British Isles and to certain, what have been termed "Dragon Holes", those holes that were drilled by aliens in ancient times that are artificially created and have been used to enter underground tunnels. This Awareness indicates there is also seen a connection underground from the British Isle to the North American continent; particularly seen is one to Newfoundland, and there are others branching from there that go into the lower states. FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: Where would these Dragon Holes be found? COSMIC AWARENESS This Awareness indicates that these are found in various places in the English countryside. The "Alien Digest" also speaks of these and gives some information as to where these have been located. This Awareness indicates it also ties in with Pendragon Society or that of Arthur Pendragon, who in his family history and the subsequent organizations relating to the Dragon Society, were aware of these Dragon Holes. This Awareness indicates the entities Adams and Madison were part of that Dragon Society and had connections in England through their families with the Dragon Society. These entities in that Dragon Society were aware of these Dragon Holes. These are called Dragon Holes because in the early British period, the aliens of Reptilian origin, from Draco, came to those places, drilled holes approximately the size of a large open well, down into the surface and created underground bases. This Awareness indicates that there have been reports in the last several years of Rothschild having communication with reptilian humanoids. These are references to what this Awareness calls the Reptoids. This Awareness indicates that these are the entities who have an historical background in the English folklore relating to those Dragon Holes. THE NEW WORLD ORDER NEEDS NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement Must Pass ) (CAC General Reading, September 8,1993) OPENING MESSAGE: This Awareness indicates that there are a number of messages that this Awareness would touch upon, but these will be held in abeyance for the moment. The message this Awareness wishes to give at this time is that which relates to changes that appear to be happening in consciousness relating to attitudes among the masses, in regard to the global society, the New World Order. This Awareness indicates it appears there is a growing number of organizations and individuals in significant places or in significant positions who are beginning to express themselves in opposition to this New World Order or to different aspects of it. The NAFTA, or North American Free Trade Agreement, is that which is receiving considerable opposition in that many entities find this as not being favorable to the people, but as being favorable only to the super- wealthy. This Awareness indicates that if this NAFTA treaty does not pass, it is likely that much of the rest of the New World Order will also have its setbacks. This is seen as helpful to the people in that the New World Order appears to have more benefits for the super-wealthy, the ultra- wealthy, than for the masses in general. This Awareness indicates that these programs for the New World Order essentially were conceived by and promoted by those of the super wealthy or ultra wealthy class, as a way of bringing all rules and laws under one jurisdiction, which happens to be that which they can more easily control so that individual nations or countries do not have their own laws and protections for their own except as may be superseded by these UN or new global laws that will be enforced by the New World Order. This Awareness indicates that the longer entities have to understand the nature of the New World Order, the more they will tend to disapprove of it. This Awareness indicates that there are numerous leaders around the country who are now speaking out against the NAFTA treaty so that it may become more difficult to get this first hurtle of the New World Order accepted by the Congress and to get it enforceable as a new program. It is seen as questionable whether this will pass. This Awareness indicates if it does not pass, then the entire program of the New World Order is likely to come under question as to whether it will be enforceable. This Awareness indicates that It does not see anything inherently wrong in the idea of a global society, but It sees many things that have not been presented in the concepts of the New World Order to guarantee the rights of individuals, as are guaranteed in your Constitution. This Awareness suggests, in fact, that a more likely scenario for the future will be a New World government based upon a Republic and Democracy which utilizes the principles, if not the exact wording of the U.S. Constitution, for all its countries that are joined in that new Republic. This Awareness indicates that this will be something more satisfactory to the masses, if not to the super-wealthy, the ultra-wealthy. This Awareness indicates it is still somewhat premature to make such a prediction, but it is seen as a strong likelihood that if the movement in consciousness continues, this will be the outcome. This Awareness indicates that if the movement in consciousness should for some reason be stopped and entities should go along with the efforts toward a New World Order, this Awareness sees that approximately two billion people on earth will be eliminated by the year 2,000 as the New World Order is imposed. This will be mostly through biological warfare and disease, but also through war and violence perpetrated on individuals and also through certain planned starvation that will be allowed to wipe out many of the more vulnerable people of the earth. This Awareness indicates you must understand that these entities who are promoting the New World Order are proportionately few in number when compared to the earth population. They hold certain positions of influence and power in government, but there are also likewise, many who are opposed to the New World Government who have similar positions of power, so that it is not simply a matter of the government doing this. It is a matter of certain entities within government positions trying to impose this on the masses, but putting themselves in jeopardy and making themselves vulnerable when they do so. These entities trying to impose this totalitarian system on the world may find that as they make their move, they leave themselves exposed and therefore, vulnerable to charges of treason or other dangers to themselves. Therefore, they do not wish to move hastily or recklessly toward this New World Order, although many of them are over-confident and see that they have things locked up and feel that they can pretty much do whatever they want to do at their own timing. This Awareness indicates that this is not the true situation. If they move too quickly, they can very well expose themselves to be traitors to the country, for the Constitution is still the Law of the Land, regardless of their wish and desire to have it scrapped. It is not yet scrapped, therefore, they could find themselves in deep trouble if they move too recklessly or too quickly. This Awareness indicates that longer they delay, the more opportunity there is for people to catch on to their nefarious plans. IS PUERTO RICO A TEST FOR MARTIAL LAW IN U.S.? QUESTION: There was an article in the August 23, 1993 Spotlight, which I would like to read a little of to Awareness and ask It to comment. It's titled: "Martial Law for America?" Is Puerto Rico a testing ground for military takeover of the United States? Civil libertarians are concerned about the current use of National Guard troops in Puerto Rico to enforce civilian law and are (continued next message) <*> Origin: CHANNEL1 - 0700 - EMAIL From: ALEX@SPIRAL.ORG To: SEARCHNET ZEC Date: 12/11/93 Re: CAC issues ------------------------------------------------------------------- (Continued from last message) fearful that the U.S. Commonwealth in the Caribbean is being used by the administration of President Bill Clinton as a testing ground for the use of the military in the event of a National Emergency being declared in the United States. The Spotlight was the recipient of a "Project Censored Award" for publishing one of the nation's top ten most unreported or censored stories of 1990. The popular weekly's exclusive dealt with the legislation introduced that year by Senator Phil Graham of Texas and Newt Gingrich of Georgia which allowed for the suspension of the nation's Bill of Rights by the declaration of a National Emergency. By Executive Order, the President declares a National Emergency which in the case of the Graham/Gingrich legislation, was to control the widespread sale and use of illicit drugs. The legislation called for the establishment of detention centers for civilian detainees and the arrest of civilians without just cause and without due process. COSMIC AWARENESS:: This Awareness indicates these would be the concentration camps that have been mentioned previously, these detention centers. Continue... STATEMENT CONTINUES: The legislation never made it out of committee of either the House or Senate due to its exposure by the Spotlight. It has not been reintroduced in either House of Congress. Currently Puerto Rico is spending a million dollars a month to use National Guard troops to augment civilian police. Abuses such as illegal searches end seizures have been reported. While those on the U.S. mainland who would be appalled by such misuse of the military have been unaware of this experiment in enforcing civil law, National Guard troops have been patrolling on foot Puerto Rico's beaches armed with M-16's and driving through shopping plazas, parking lots and the streets of the Commonwealth capitol of San Juan in military vehicles as if they were civilian police cars. The guard has been there since Puerto Rico was devastated by Hurricane Hugo in 1989. While over the years the National Guard has been used to quell riots such as the recent outbreak of violence in Los Angeles and invading victims of natural disasters, it is the first time such troops have been deployed to assist civilian police in enforcing civil law. In fact, the use of the military to enforce civil law in the United States raises serious questions about Posse Comitatus Act violations, it being a violation of the Constitution to use the military to enforce civilian law. Already executive orders by every president since World War ll permit a chief executive to virtually turn the nation into a military dictatorship with the declaration of a National Emergency. As an example, President Bill Clinton in view of the recent World Trade Center bombing in New York City and the subsequent discovery of an alleged plot to bomb several other targets in the New York metropolitan area and to assassinate a number of political figures could declare a National Emergency to control terrorism. If such action was taken, civil law as Americans know it would be suspended and the military would take control under the direction of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) which was given such power during the administration of President Jimmy Carter by the issuance of Executive Order 12148. This sinister purpose for FEMA was exposed for all to see during the recent devastation in Southern states that resulted from Hurricane Andrew. It was discovered FEMA was totally unprepared to deal with a full-blown natural disaster and calls to the agency for communication equipment brought out multi-million dollar mobile command centers designed to maintain order and to coordinate FEMA control of the United States during the declared National Emergency. According to Puerto Rican National Guard officials, at any given time from one thousand to eight thousand members of the National Guard including soldiers who saw combat in the Persian Gulf are assigned to crime fighting operations in the commonwealth using weapons and equipment supplied by the U.S. government. It would appear from this that the Clinton administration is allowing the Pentagon, not the Justice Department, to determine what constitutes gross violation of civil law. The Coalition of Human Rights group in Puerto Rico plan to bring a Class Action against the Commonwealth government for violation of the Constitution. It goes on, but the gist of the article is: Is what's going on in Puerto Rico a test for what they would like to bring down in America? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that as with most of the projects of this type, there are several purposes; this being one of the purposes, to watch and to see how this project could be re-applied for use in the United States. Its primary purpose, of course, being said to keep peace in the Puerto Rican setting, while a new civilian government is put in charge. This Awareness indicates that these both are the two primary purposes; the one being stated, the other being unstated, but it is also seen that much of the action in Somalia is also being monitored and recorded as to its application in other countries for purposes of subduing the population and confiscating weapons, such as may occur in future situations in various places of the world. These are what, in military terms are called "dry runs," or practices wherein troops are brought in to practice war or practice war situations, to see how they do. This Awareness indicates that in Somalia, for example, the confiscation of guns as that which will give them considerable information when and if it is used in the United States or other countries where guns are prevalent. The information then is put into programs, and used for the future purposes that would confiscate guns from other countries. The lessons learned, in other words, applied from one situation, are evaluated and re-applied in the next or similar situations. This Awareness indicates that the activities in Puerto Rico do not tend to offend most Americans because they see this country or state as being somewhat apart from the United States, failing to recognize it is governed by the same rights and by the same Constitution. Therefore, the people are more tolerant of violations to the Constitution if it occurs in Puerto Rico, than if for example it were to occur in Indiana or one of the mainland states. This Awareness indicates the problem is that when a precedence is created in a place like Puerto Rico, that precedence then becomes a background or pattern by which it can be re-applied to mainland states. THE ATTEMPT TO CHANGE CANADA'S CONSTITUTION QUESTION:. A question from J.M., in British Columbia. "Regarding the U.S. Constitution information, the Canadian government recently attempted to revise the Constitution. However, changes were defeated by the Canadian people. Many tactics were used, ranging from guilt trips regarding patriots, East versus West, English versus French and so forth; plus, the infamous dinner invitation, which appeared to be an unofficial kidnapping of the provincial leaders. The bottom-line proposed changes were not accepted by the Canadian people and the matter laid to rest, or was it?" And then she has three questions which I'll read here: "Was that the original intent and purpose of this revision effort? Was the revision as proposed truly beneficial for Canadians, but they really did not understand it, as suggested by the present Prime Minister Kim Campbell? Or, was all that time and energy and money devoted to this proposed revision a sort of diversion for 'other activities'?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that it appeared that there was a kind of testing going on in regard to that Constitution in Canada. The nature of most people is to protect their tradition, to protect the current and present laws of the land, and because of this, these entities having to choose from that which has worked for hundreds of years, over that which is not suggested a change, most entities would prefer to stay with what they know rather than to take a chance on something new that they have not tested nor perhaps fully understand. Therefore, the provision to change the Constitution simply did not sit well with most entities, who perhaps did not have enough understanding to see what the changes would bring, or were suspicious to any change to their traditional values. This Awareness indicates that it provided certain information to those who would make such changes, that the changes will not be easy, or that people simply do not go along with change just for the sake of change, or just because some authority says the change would be beneficial This Awareness indicates that it is likely to be a lesson also for those who wish to tamper with the United States Constitution; that there is still a great loyalty to that instrument, even though many entities do not fully understand the rights and laws of the Constitution enough to quote or realize how much freedom it gives, and even though many of the people recognize it as an instrument that does not fulfill every wish that entities might have, in that for example, it perhaps gives protection to some criminals, which many entities would like taken away. This Awareness indicates that when it comes down to the very heart of the matter, whether to change the U.S. Constitution for something that is different, it appears that the people will object strongly to any changes. There has been a history of suffering and an effort and struggle by many people to protect the Constitution and that which it has given, along with the additional amendments that have come from such hard work by many entities, so that the Constitution has changed sufficiently to add greater self-determination by the masses and greater protection from any potential tyrannical government. The people are not likely to give up this instrument with out a great struggle, without a civil war. The Hierarchy of Evil... THE NEW WORLD ORDER'S METAPHYSICAL CONNECTION (Why Did Awareness Include "New Age Groups in New World Order?) QUESTION: We received a letter from J.L., of Lincoln, Nebraska, which has some questions. She writes: "Dear Cosmic Awareness, the New World Order mailing came yesterday. Not a fun mailing! It is very confusing to me that New Age types and those involved with the metaphysical and esoteric forms of faith are connected in this mailing with the New World Order. The spiritual lessons of Cosmic Awareness have metaphysical elements. There are New Age people surrounding the planet with light and meditating as anchors of light to help raise the vibration of this planet with the hope of preventing or lessening the calamities that can come to this planet. New Age bookstores carry books such as "Bringers of the Dawn: Teachings from the Pleiadians," by Barbara Marciniak, which has a different way of saying some of the same things Cosmic Awareness has said. Alice Bailey materials have been helpful to many spiritual seekers. I consider myself open to esoteric forms of faith and that is one reason I have been open to the trance material of Cosmic Awareness for years. I'm definitely against the New World Order. Please clarify this matter soon, like in the next newsletter if possible! " ED's Note: Awareness reviewed Barbara Marciniak and her work in issue No. 93-13; $3.00 from CAC. COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that you must also remember that Adolf Hitler was heavily into astrology; that the whole Nazi movement was into astrology. This Awareness indicates that, in fact, the Nazi movement in the United States refers to itself as the "Aquarius Movement," recognizing that they are entering into the Age of Aquarius. They seek to impose their New World Order on the masses and make use of the metaphysical and Aquarian Age movements, such as those you speak of are based on metaphysical teachings and these metaphysical teachings are, in themselves, ancient teachings that reach back into history carrying truths from alien technologies, from alien materials and information, particularly from the Sirius and Pleiadian cultures, so that these elements carry with them certain amounts of truth. But, you must also recognize that these are often misapplied by those who would use something good to create a hierarchy of evil, of oppression on the masses. Therefore, just because it is New Age does not mean it is unhealthy for humanity, nor just because it is New Age does not necessarily mean it is harmful to humanity as some of the Christian groups would have one think. This Awareness indicates that just because something is based on Christian foundations does not necessarily mean it is healthy for humanity or even spiritual. It may be a way of controlling and manipulating the masses. This Awareness indicates that you cannot simply label everything under one umbrella as "good" and that under another umbrella as "bad," you simply have to look at the particular activities involved and to understand that *any* of these specifics can be misapplied by those who would like to manipulate and control the masses. This Awareness indicates that therefore, setting one group against another is an old trick of "divide and conquer" and that even while many Christian churches object to New Age activities, they fail to watch carefully their own leadership, and many have been infiltrated by Satanists, who continue to spout the doctrine, but who gain more and more control over the church, for their Satanist plans of the future. This Awareness indicates that perhaps this clarifies for you why there is some confusion. It is the same thing that happens during war time. Entities in one country can be infiltrated by spies or saboteurs from another country and one may ask: "How can it be that this country is said to have certain negativities involved when it is in opposition to that other foe?" This Awareness indicates that it is quite possible for gangs to infiltrate each other's ranks and to say that just because one is of a certain color in one gang, doesn't mean that they are all individually loyal to that gang. Likewise, just because one claims to be involved in (continued next message) <*> Origin: CHANNEL1 - 0700 - EMAIL From: ALEX@SPIRAL.ORG To: SEARCHNET ZEC Date: 12/11/93 Re: CAC issues ------------------------------------------------------------------- (Continued from last message) metaphysical teachings or New Age teachings and your experience with New Age and metaphysical teachings are people whom you admire, does not necessarily prove that everyone in the metaphysical field is admirable. FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: So, it's the motive and use of the metaphysical tools, as opposed to the tools themselves, that counts. COSMIC AWARENESS: This is in the affirmative. THE NATIONAL COUNCIL OF CHURCHES: WHERE DO THEY STAND ON THE NEW WORLD ORDER? QUESTION: J.L. has another question: "Where is the National Council of Churches in all of this? A division of the National Council of Churches -- Church World Service -- helps with disaster and traumas around the world, with funds, blankets, etc. Church World Service seems like a truly helpful branch. There is currently a lot of reorganizing going on in the National Council of Churches and it is not known how this reorganization will effect Church World Services. I have found my spirituality much more aligned with the metaphysical and esoteric. Church seems like spiritual kindergarten. We have relatives that fit the Fundamentalist Christians described in the newsletter that will fight the New World Order. Their Christian beliefs are far too narrow and limiting for me. However, I definitely agree with them in regard to the New World Order. This bothers me and I would appreciate any answers that can be given." COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that quite a number of years back, when the churches began to unite, there were influences and intentions by some of those who originated the concept of United Church bodies, to bring the various churches together under one form of control; one organizational body that could control all of the churches. This was all part of preparing for the time when these churches could be brought into alignment for the One World Government so that they could get the churches to agree to embrace the New World Order or One World Government. This Awareness indicates that by bringing all these churches together, all that is necessary is for the hierarchy leaders of the church leaders organization or union, United Churches, to accept the New World Order and in so doing, all of the churches will then be supportive and allied to that New World Order. This Awareness indicates that unfortunately, some of these entities were not so much interested in the religion of the churches, as in the control of those religious bodies, so that they could get more support for the New World Order when the time came for that support and allegiance to be extracted. This Awareness indicates that, of course, most people in the religious order are loyal to the church and to its beliefs and its purposes and intent as spiritual bodies, but even with all that loyalty, if there are those in the hierarchy leadership above that church and the churches are united together in an organization and that organization declares itself subservient to the New World Order and gives its allegiance to the new World Order, then of course the churches are under and subservient to the New World Order, regardless of whether their allegiance is truly to God or to their own beliefs. They are then subject to the laws of the New World Order, which may in future times then effect their beliefs and their ability to function. This Awareness indicates that in this sense, there is a need for entities to be aware of what is occurring. This Awareness indicates that the same can be said for corporations, or other organizations, social organizations, for example, even for people who are concerned about education. When the educational organizations of the country, the schools and so forth, find their allegiance being shifted from the U.S. and its Constitution guaranteeing certain freedoms, to the U.N. or New World Order, they would find it necessary to question what the new rules of the U.N. or New World Order are going to present by way of influence on the fields of education. This Awareness indicates that the shifting of allegiance from one parent to another will effect the children of those parents in such a way that wherein perhaps one parent had great concern for the welfare of the child, the other parent may have only concern for how to keep the child under control while the child's fortunes are being extracted for the benefit of the parent. This Awareness indicates that essentially, these organizations and these people, these groups within the United States and throughout the world are like children of the New World Order, and their energies may be extracted by means of new laws that are presented through this New World Order, and before entities join and make them selves subservient to this New World Order, they should at least find out what the orders are going to be and who is going to give those orders and what rights they will give up in order to be part of that New World Order and what obligations they will accept in becoming subservient to that New World Order. This Awareness indicates that just because someone says; "Do this!" doesn't mean it is in your interest to obey. That just because everyone else is going along does not necessarily mean that it is in your interest to go along also. Remember the trains in Germany that carried the Jews to the gas chambers. Many of these entities followed simply because everyone else followed, and they followed because they were told to do so, but it was in none of their interest to follow those orders. What is the "Fourth Reich?" Remember also that the New World Order was first introduced in 1933 by Adolf Hitler in his speeches. Remember also that George Bush belonged to the Skull and Bones Society, which originated in Germany during that time period and which had a branch in Yale University where George Bush attended, and you may begin to recognize that there is a connection between the Nazis and the concept of the New World Order, and that may lead you to wonder "What is the Fourth Reich?" If Adolf Hitler offered the Third Reich, what then is the Fourth Reich? Could it also be the same as the New World Order? This Awareness reminds you also that the servants elected by the people in the United States have sworn allegiance to the Constitution of the United States. If they are promoting a New World Order that would dismantle and put aside the U.S. Constitution in favor of the new set or rules of the New World Order, are they abiding by their sworn allegiance to the Constitution, or are they not, in fact, acting in a treasonous manner, showing their loyalty to be to foreign and non-American governments? The Arrogance of Those Committing Treason This Awareness indicates that if their allegiance is to a foreign country or government or world government instead of that of the United States, they are acting as traitors to their country. It is this concern that some of these entities recognize and it causes them to be a little cautious, even though they have a great deal of arrogance in their actions regarding the New World Order and very little respect for the average person on the street. Their arrogance tells them: "We can do anything we want and you can't stop us!" But there is also that recognition that, by law, they are acting as traitors and are treasonous in their actions and could be held responsible. Treason is a capital offense. This Awareness indicates there is a growing number of people within the government who recognize this and who are joining together in a movement to stop this action of the treasonous few; that more will develop in the coming months in regard to this and you may see in the future, a tremendous change take place which will totally dissolve the efforts toward a New World Order and a government promoting such. The Treasonous "Globalists" Now Being Discussed on TV This Awareness indicates however, that this is still an uncertainty, for there are still strong forces on both sides. The entities are now discussing the "Globalists," those who are promoting the New World Order; there are entities who are discussing these entities, referring to them as Globalists and showing that their plans only benefit the super-wealthy, the ultra-wealthy, and do not benefit the masses, and are contrary to the United States Constitution. Many of these entities have been on television. The entity Pat Buchanan for example, moderated a seminar on C-Span recently, where various guest speakers from various positions of leadership spoke out against the NAFTA plans and against the New World Order plans, in a way that was quite adamant and poignant in its approach to this issue, showing that these entities who are promoting the Globalist's point of view are, in fact, acting against the laws of the land and are putting themselves in positions of treason to the country. There are instances wherein these entities referred to this as treason, and it is certainly to the benefit of those who spoke out in that situation on national television because it surely gave others the courage to evaluate their position in light of that understanding. This Awareness indicates that it appeared for a while that entities would simply go along quietly with the promotion of the New World Order because the leaders were promoting it and to object would put one in peril, but when other leaders began to object at their potential peril to the New World Order, it encourages those who are vacillating, to take a stand on one side or the other, and indeed, it helps entities who might have not had quite enough courage to stand up against those Globalists to re-evaluate and recognize that: "There are strong forces that oppose this New World Order and therefore, I am not so frightened anymore in my own opposition." This Awareness indicates that this recognition of others who are in opposition to the New World Order is growing and the more it grows, the more unlikely those who present themselves as Globalists will be able to feel their arrogance. Many may even begin to speak in more subdued tones or change their position entirely as the opposition grows. LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES AND THE NEW WORLD ORDER: WHAT PERCENT WILL GO ALONG? QUESTION: S.W., of Huntington Beach, Calif., has a question along this line. "Concerning the New World Order, what percentage, roughly, of the law enforcement agencies, the army, etc., would go along with the overthrow of the Constitution, our freedom and rights? Would there not be a substantial number who would refuse to participate and even fight against this?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that the majority of entities in the law enforcement agencies simply follow orders from their superiors. This Awareness indicates at present, if orders came down from federal agencies or from the various agencies that have acted in response to those directives that originated from the Rockefeller camps or the Rothschilds' camp, such as the CIA, the NSA, etc., the majority of the police force would follow that which appeared to have the greater power, and of course, the police are not, in a general sense, as much concerned with Constitutional issues as with directives and statutes handed down from the federal government. Therefore, at this time, the probability is that most of the police organizations, the local militia in the United States, would follow directives that were handed down from higher federal agencies. However, this Awareness suggests that there is a growing number of police agencies in various parts of the country who are being made aware of what is starting to transpire, and there are more and more of these individual police officers who are being told about the fact that New World Order program is in violation to the Constitution, and that if they go along with that program, this would be in violation to the Constitution also. This is causing them to question their potential position in future scenarios, or in hypothetical future scenarios. This Awareness indicates at present it appears to this Awareness that approximately 40% of the police militia throughout this country would hesitate to go along with the directives from higher agencies in regard to the violation of individuals if that directive violated the Constitution. This amount of 40% appears to be present at this time, and growing so that within approximately a year's time, more entities becoming more informed, may find themselves taking a different position, saying "No way am I going to violate the Constitution, or intrude into entities' lives without it being legal by standards of Constitutional Law." Taking a Stand: More and More Are Doing It This Awareness indicates that likewise, it is also starting to change in regard to many of the political leaders of the country, who are beginning to recognize that they did not expect such a backlash or did not expect such a growing awareness among the people, and therefore, they now have those who are trying to coerce them into going along with the New World Order and there are those that are resisting the New World Order, and expect them as political entities and appointees to do something about that threat of the New World Order. This Awareness indicates because of this conflict, these leaders are (continued next message) <*> Origin: CHANNEL1 - 0700 - EMAIL From: ALEX@SPIRAL.ORG To: SEARCHNET ZEC Date: 12/11/93 Re: CAC issues ------------------------------------------------------------------- (Continued from last message) uneasy in their positions and do not wish to take a stand in either direction, because they do not know what stand to take, to be politically correct. There are some, such as certain entities that appeared on the Pat Buchanan C-Span discussion who are not afraid to take a position. There are others who take the position in favor of the New World Order. The entity Bob Dole favors the NAFTA treaty and there are quite a number of others, but there are also others who are beginning to question and to doubt their positions. This Awareness indicates that you will likely see many entities vacillating and perhaps changing their position on this issue. This Awareness indicates that this is good, because it creates many questions for those who would promote those policies and programs of the New World Order, and it is also putting them in a position of having to take a stand as to where they are in the concept of overthrowing this country with a global government, or standing by this country as they swore to do in their acceptance of their elected position. This Awareness indicates that those who have sworn allegiance to this country, to its Constitution, and who now shift that allegiance to the New World Order, should be removed from office, if not tried for treason, and this may begin happening in the near future as these issues become more clarified. Much of the reason that those hidden patriots within the government have not come out with their full barrage of information on this topic is because they want to see who is where, who is in favor of what, before they begin weeding out the patriots from the One Worlders, for they do not want to have entities weaseling out of their position as a One Worlder by saying: "Oh no! You misunderstood! I've always been patriotic to this country! I simply made a few remarks that allowed for debate!" This Awareness indicates that it is often easy to weasel out of your position if you have not committed yourself clearly, completely, and there are many who are waiting for these entities to make that final step into a position that can't be denied. IF YOU DON'T OWN A GUN: WILL THEY STILL COME? (The Many Ways the Government Can Spy on You) QUESTION: A couple of questions on this subject from C.S., of Portland, Oregon. "How likely is it that a person would have their house searched if they do not own a gun?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates it depends on whether the entity has a high profile as a person who has spoken out against this or that or for this or that, and if that entity has done so in a place where he or she might be recognized and noticed. This Awareness indicates that for example, there are many situations in which the CIA, for example, may hire students from college to sit in taverns, as an example, to listen to people talk, just to get an idea of where certain entities are in terms of their ideas, and these entities report on a weekly basis to the person who has hired them, and thus they collect information about entities who simply sit and talk in a tavern. There are other ways of spying on the population of the United States through mail, through the kind of material they receive, and through purchases they make at the supermarket in terms of reading material. For example, you purchase a gun magazine and the sales slip indicates the name of the magazine. The sales slip is given to you, but the record of what you purchased may also be kept on a computer or sent to a computer along with your bank account number or your check number so that anyone wishing to find out more about you can call up those check numbers and see what kind of material you purchase from stores, or supermarkets or bookstores, and what the names of the books are that you have been reading. Much of this is still in its infancy stage in terms of spying on the public, but it is part of the global plan for monitoring all individuals. This Awareness indicates in the future it will be more easily accomplished through the micro-chip implants in a person's finger or hand. This Awareness indicates that the likelihood of your home being broken into, if you are a relatively nondescript individual is very small, unless someone has given your name or something has occurred that calls attention to you. This Awareness indicates however, you must also realize that even if your home is not broken into during that particular switch-over time, your future freedoms can still be taken so that you are subjected to dictatorial experiences in the future, and while you may escape the immediate invasion into your home, you may not escape the confiscation of your freedom and your rights as an individual. Therefore, do not think that simply being not attracting attention is the answer to your problem, for you can still lose all of your freedoms to express or to read or to learn in the future, even if you are safe at a particular moment, when homes are being invaded. WHY WOULD THE NEW WORLD ORDER WANT TO STOP THE CARS? QUESTION: He also asks: "The thought of cars made after 1987 being stopped by satellite is shocking. How does it benefit the New World Order by shutting down a town?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates this would be in order to gain control of that town, in order to prevent entities who are trying to escape, or who are in need of some kind of activity or sustenance, to be stopped in their tracks so that other actions can transpire. For example, to stop all traffic in a city, to shut down all business operations with one simple operation allows the authorities of the New World Order to dictate to the town, to the city, exactly what they must do. For example, at that time they could tell entities to go to their post office, get their micro-chips in their hands, and whatever else is determined to be in the interest of this New World Order and then allow commerce and activities to proceed as usual, except under a new guideline, new laws and new directives. This Awareness indicates that to shut down all traffic creates impotency among the people. They cannot function without their cars. The greater portion of their empowerment is in their ability to move from place to place, and if that empowerment of movement is prevented, they can be told what to do, and what to do may actually be an act that would give up some of their rights, and once they give up some of their rights, they will not likely ever get them back. FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: Can this satellite technology also single out a specific automobile and shut off its... COSMIC AWARENESS: This is in the affirmative. It would do this by tapping into the particular number associated with that auto mobile such as the Vehicle Identification Number. This Awareness indicates that there is another situation related in some degree to this same topic. That Humming Sound Again: Government Now Locating Implants This Awareness indicates that many entities have heard or read about those who are experiencing or hearing a humming, a deep audible humming sound which in some cases has driven many people insane. It is said that approximately 3-1/2 million people in Europe have complained about this humming, and that a great number of these entities have actually gone insane. Some have even committed suicide. This Awareness indicates that it is also being heard in the United States, particularly in the Southwestern part of the country and in some other places. This Awareness suggests you consider that this humming be a vibration from a satellite that effects only those entities who have had implants of a certain type, whereby these implants are being stimulated within the individual so that only that individual hears the humming. It appears that this is a way whereby the government is locating individuals who have implants, and is attempting to locate these entities so that the alien technology of using implants for its future war will be nullified. It appears that this counter-technology of creating the humming sound for those entities with the implants can either eventually destroy the implant and its functionality, or the individual will become incapable of carrying out any directives from the implant. FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: In last month's session Awareness indicates that those hummings in Southwest U.S. specifically, New Mexico, was due to aliens or tunnels being drilled underground for the aliens. ED's Note: This question appeared earlier in this newsletter. COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that this as a source of some of the humming that entities have reported, but that the greater number of the hummings being experienced by entities is that which relates to the implants that entities have been given. This Awareness did not perceive this at the time of the questioning; that is why this Awareness is now adding this information. WHAT IS MICHAEL YOUNGER DOING THESE DAYS? QUESTION: C.S. has another question: "Whatever happened to Michael Younger, the "Hot August Night" guy? Is he still alive? Is more info coming from him? Is he being fed false information now that he's revealed the Hot August Night plot?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates it appears the entity is still alive; the entity does not appear to be active, but appears to be taking a low- profile approach. The entity does not appear to be communicating with many people at this time, and does not appear to be giving further information of this degree, although it appears he still has his close circle of friends with whom he relates. WHERE DOES THE POPE FIT IN? QUESTION: C.S. has one other question regarding the New World Order. "Where does the Pope fit into all of this? And why is the Vatican so tolerant of Eastern religions if there supposedly is "no salvation outside the church?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that it is probably best described as professional courtesy. The Pope can be courteous to other religious orders, in a kind of professional courtesy, while the priests who deal with individuals can be more specific in describing that there is no salvation other than through the church. This Awareness indicates that the Catholic Church is more concerned with its own survival and its principles and doctrines than with political conflicts and therefore, it does not take a strong stand against the New World Order. This Awareness indicates that even during World War II, the church was able to tolerate the fascist regime of Mussolini and the Nazi invasion of Italy during the wartime period, and it was able to switch quickly to accept the allies as they moved into Italy and removed the Nazis. This Awareness indicates it is likely that it will simply continue its position as a Catholic Church and allow the One World Government to unfold around it. The only thing is that when the One World Government begins to set up a One World Religion, it may require the Catholic Church to make certain compromises and to accept certain changes in its philosophy. It is likely that if this were to occur, the church would simply call a convention of bishops and become more tolerant of other religions, and accept certain changes in the belief and dogma of the church, to allow it to continue in a kind of coexistence with the other religions of the New World Order, so that there was no great conflict that might disrupt or create conflict between religions. The purpose of the New World Order's program for One Religion is to prevent religious wars so that all religions would gradually become so similar that there is not enough reason for religious wars to exist. This Awareness reminds you of the time in Rome when religious conflicts were tearing Rome apart and they were brought together and told "to form one religion that all of you can live with, and anyone who does not join in with this action will have a religion that is not recognized by the state! " (continued next message) <*> Origin: CHANNEL1 - 0700 - EMAIL From: ALEX@SPIRAL.ORG To: SEARCHNET ZEC Date: 12/11/93 Re: CAC issues ------------------------------------------------------------------- (Continued from last message) Thus, they came together and formed the Catholic (which means Universal) Church of Rome and it embraced the various religious sects of Rome at the time. This Awareness indicates that this became the foundation or basis of the Christian religion as taught by the Roman Catholic Church. This Awareness indicates that you are at a time when the New World Order is preparing to do the same thing with all of the major religions of the world, and if these religions cannot come together in a kind of universal religion, they will not be recognized by the New World Order. This Awareness indicates a question may be asked here: "Who cares if the religion is recognized by the New World Order or not?" This Awareness indicates the Truth is the only true religion, and if entities can find truth in a religion that is fine. If they cannot find the truth in a religion, then they must look elsewhere. WHEN THE POPE VISITED THE U.S. THIS SUMMER In the August issue of Flashpoint, a newsletter ministry of Texe Marrs, who's a rather vocal Fundamentalist, I'd like to read just a little of this and ask Awareness if this is valid. He writes: (this has already happened) "Pope John Paul II is coming to America again, this time to spiritually "globalize' the world's youth and to declare a New World Religious Order. What's more, President Bill Clinton is helping the Pope implement his extraordinary plan, and Chuck Colson -- wittingly or unwittingly -- is playing a small but key role in the unfolding end- times agenda. What is happening is stupendous: It is the coming together of all the religious abominations of the earth. This is the energizing of the Whore of Babylon, the Mother of Harlots who has many "daughters" -- our planet's multitude of false religions and cults. The Pope and one of his secret orders, the Knights of Columbus, are teaming up to conduct a 'World Youth Day' event in Denver, Colorado, this August 11 to 15, 1993. Organizers day that more than 124,000 young adults from over 70 nations are expected. At least that many older adults will also be on hand, and some are saying that the total audience in Denver may exceed 500,000. In Denver, the Pontiff will make a major address in which he will call for a "spiritual" New World Order and urge the unity of all faiths, religions, and sects. The Pope's talk will be broadcast internationally to an audience of over two billion people." It goes on and on, but the question is: Is it significant that the Pope is talking about a spiritual New World Order in relation to the New World Order scheme? (Flashpoint: Living Truth Ministries, 1708 Patterson Road, Austin, Texas 78733.) COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates the Pope is covering his bases. If the New World Order comes into being, the Pope wants to make sure that the Catholic Church has a place in it. This Awareness indicates that the entity in writing with condemning terms about this effort of the Pope, simply is promoting his own personal religious feelings, in seeing that the Pope is in error, he shows that he thinks his religion is better, and the Pope shows that he thinks the Catholic religion is the one that needs to be center-most in the New World Order. It is typical for all religions, for entities representing them, to see other religions as false, and to see their own religion as the "right one." This is simply a conflict of religious opinion. These religious arguments hare gone on since the beginning of time. Therefore, there is nothing significant in this. This Awareness indicates the significance being only in that many entities will buy the Pope's message more quickly than will buy the other entity's message because the Pope got a bigger audience from his message. But this Awareness suggests also, the entity who objected to the Pope's visit may have solidified his small audience behind him somewhat stronger for his message. NEW WORLD ORDER MAY BECOME MOOT CLOSING MESSAGE: This Awareness indicates that much of this New World Order information may eventually become moot. It is seen as hopeful that it will become moot as more and more entities catch on to the origin of the ideas of the New World Order, and who is behind it, who is promoting it, and who it will benefit, and as entities begin to catch on, hopefully, they will spread the word to still others so that none will be fooled by this deception and all will realize that it is a step backward rather than a step forward. This Awareness indicates that if entities wish to step forward, they should seek to promote concepts of the U.S. Constitution to provide other countries with those same freedoms and with the Bill of Rights that are part of the U.S. Constitution, something, if not in the same words, something that is equivalent or better than that which is presented in the U.S. Constitution and its Bill of Rights. *** WHY AWARENESS GIVES YOU HEAVY INFORMATION (Knowledge is Power) (CAC General Reading, September 10,1993) OPENING MESSAGE: This Awareness indicates that over the past several years this Awareness has given some very heavy information, information that could be quite frightening to entities. The intent of giving this information was not to frighten entities but to expand their awareness to look into those areas that are normally hidden from the view of most entities. All these bits of information relating to UFO and UFO-connected material, and the conspiracies involved in promoting the agenda of those UFO efforts, the alien's agenda, which includes that which is commonly called the New World Order, all of this information as being somewhat frightening to entities or at least, it *should* be somewhat frightening to entities; was given for a reason. This Awareness indicates that once you have, in a safe environment, received the information, you can adjust to the information, or adjust the information to your own level of understanding, so that if and when experiences begin to manifest that include efforts and activities associated with the given information, you will not be at that time paralyzed by fear. Your attitude will be like that of others who have said, "We've been through this before. We have dealt with it before. Therefore, we are not afraid in the sense of being terrified." This Awareness indicates that other entities, just discovering the information, may find themselves in a state of panic or extreme fear, but you, having read this before, have at least participated on an emotional and mental level, if not in the physical sense, so that your emotions are not totally frozen by the potential of some alien activity or conspiracy event occurring. This Awareness indicates in other words, the purpose of these messages as being to inform entities, to make them more aware, to push back the envelope of human awareness so that it begins to recognize things outside the usual confines of consciousness that most entities experience and understand. This Awareness indicates that the fear you may have experienced over the past couple of years in regard to messages given by this Awareness now will result in your having the courage to face any potential threat that has been discussed, but you will also have the ability to understand the nature of that threat, and even in the event that this Awareness can no longer communicate with you, you will have a basis by which you can project your own understanding on the events you may encounter in the future. This Awareness indicates that in other words, entities becoming aware have a greater advantage, even if they are aware of things they do not particularly like. This Awareness indicates that knowledge is power, and much of what this Awareness has given you to enhance your knowledge of the world in which you live has given you considerable amount of power to deal with the unknown, or what is unknown by others so that in the event of emergencies relating to what has been given, you will have the knowledge and power to deal with this in a way that is more objective, more rational to the experience than if it were totally new to you and you have had no understanding of what is happening until it was upon you. This Awareness indicates the same is so for that which is termed the New World Order; it is simply the old ritual of trying to gain greater power over others under a new name. Those who would promote the New World Order expect to get a piece of the pie, wherein they share in the power over the masses over which the New World Order is designed to enslave. THE NEW WORLD ORDER: THE ALIEN CONNECTION (A Synopsis of the Good Guys and the Bad Guys in Space) QUESTION: A question from B.N., of Omaha, Nebraska, along this line. She writes: "A red flag went up upon reading the sentence on page 5 of issue No. 417. The sentence reads as follows: "This Awareness indicates that they being able to see some distance in the future by reading an entity's consciousness, can see what an entity's potential is in regard to their plan for a New World Order, One World Government and connecting earth to the confederation, and therefore, they may take action based on their discoveries from reading the entity's consciousness, to hinder the entity's future progress." What was being discussed here was how certain aliens do not want individuals to advance, be it spiritually or in ways that would help an individual position or power that might cause a threat to the alien agenda. The obvious implication here is that the New World Order, One World Government is actually desired by an alien nation and not directly by beings of this planet. It was stated by an implantee over a year ago that this is the actual order of things and that there are many clones in high positions of government at this time who are carrying out the plans of this alien nation. Can Awareness indicate if the plans for a One World Government, New World Order, actually did come from the Greys and those connected with them which are so often discussed in this newsletter?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that It believes this has been covered previously, but in the event it has not been covered, It will restate, or state the issue more clearly. This Awareness indicates the New World Order is part of the alien agenda, promoted by those Greys from Orion. The purpose being to set up the world for its future inclusion in the Orion Empire. This Awareness indicates that while this is planned, it is not seen as the only option or alternative. It is seen that the Galactic Confederation, which includes the Pleiadians and the Vegans and the Sirius groups, are all also concerned and hoping that the earth does not become part of the Orion Empire, or the Draco Federation. This Awareness indicates that they prefer to see the earth become part of the Galactic Confederation. This Awareness indicates that the earth is in a particular position in the galaxy and has a special value in regard to the water on the earth as well as that central core computer that was placed under the earth's surface by Orion overseers from the past, when they in ancient times had great control over this planet, and they wish to restart that computer, and reclaim the planet as their own in their network. This Awareness indicates that there have been a number of extraterrestrial cultures who have, in the past, made claim to the planet and who have either abandoned those claims and gone elsewhere, or who have lost control of their property through war or other conflicts, so that at present time there are disputes among these extraterrestrial cultures as to who really owns the earth. This Awareness indicates that it is not clearly defined, even though there are certain cultures that would have entities believe that they are the true owners of the earth; the Reptoids date a claim back some ten thousand years; the Sirius groups claim to have taken control from the Reptoids and the Pleiadians claim spiritual connection with humanity. The Vegans see the earth as not theirs but as an ally to which they wish to assist and join the struggle against tyrannies from other extraterrestrial cultures. This Awareness indicates the Orion Greys, the tall big-nosed Greys, are those who claim some kind of ownership based on their having placed a computer in the subterranean levels of earth which has guided energies on the earth through grid-lines and through certain forces that were used through these grid-lines and through their economic controls that have been handed down over the hundreds and thousands of years since that time, up till the present. The Orion Greys appear to be in a position of economic power, wherein they are more powerful economically, and thus hold control over other extraterrestrials, such as the Draconians and the Zeta Reticulans. This Awareness indicates the small Greys or those of the Zeta Reticuli are basically mercenaries under the domination of the Draconians, the Draco Reptiles, which are subservient to the Orion Greys, even though they have greater military power and greater force. (continued next message) <*> Origin: CHANNEL1 - 0700 - EMAIL From: ALEX@SPIRAL.ORG To: SEARCHNET ZEC Date: 12/11/93 Re: CAC issues ------------------------------------------------------------------- (Continued from last message) The Draconian forces have the ability to take control away from the Orion Greys, but the Orion Greys are such good managers of planets that the Draco Reptoids do not envy them of their job and therefore, let themselves be the military arm of the operation, while giving the economic and political control to the Orion forces. This Awareness indicates this essentially is the synopsis of what is occurring in the overall picture of the dispute over earth. Humanity in the meantime is semi-oblivious to all of this and simply goes along on their daily pursuit of pleasure/pain behavioral lifestyles. This Awareness indicates that there are a very few people in the human population who understand much about the overall picture in regard to the alien presence on earth or the agenda of the alien presence and its overall intent. This Awareness indicates the Galactic Command, composed of the Pleiadians, Vegans, Sirius and Arcturans, is such that it keeps a low profile, because they have not been clearly invited by all of human representatives and governments to assist humans in throwing off the yoke of oppression that will come from these Draconians and Orion forces. In fact, most humans do not yet recognize this potential for enslavement by these forces, and therefore are more concerned about what kind of health and technology these forces may give them in terms of enhancing their own particular power over others on earth. Those involved in these higher levels wherein there is communication with the aliens, are more concerned with what they are going to get out of the situation as individual humans than they are by what the agenda has in store for the rest of humanity. The Galactic Command simply waits with its plans and abilities and forces until the time is right for it to move in order to help humanity, if indeed humanity does seek help. This Awareness indicates that the recent death of Creston, also known as Ron Rummell, is that which has been a turning point in regard to the Galactic Command and its understanding of the human condition, for this entity was not sent here simply to alert humanity of the presence and threat of the Greys and Reptoids which he assumed was his reason for being here. The entity also was here to find out, for the Vegans and Arcturans and others, why it is that the humans could not stand up to the dark forces in regard to the money system and the controls and power of those operating for the dark forces on earth. The entity having lived with very little income and having to depend on help from friends to keep his research going, had a very clear knowledge and understanding of the difficulties of living on earth when controlled by the money system. It was not until the last few years that he realized the money system was essentially controlled and placed on earth by the Orion forces, and that it was a form of control over the masses of this earth plane, and it was not until the last few years that he realized this control had great power in keeping entities afraid, for they would be fearful of losing their jobs if they began to speak of UFOs or of aliens while at work. This Awareness indicates that the control of money was even able to determine whether entities in higher places could speak out with knowledge they had learned, could alert the masses, for in all cases if anyone bucked the system, they would lose their job and have no money and without money, they would lose their home and quite likely lose their family and it would become a downward spiral towards total isolation and despair. This Awareness indicates that when this entity was killed and moved back into contact with his Vegan friends and fellow associates, the first thing they sought from him was information on what his situation was like. Why was it so hard to do anything? Why couldn't he do more, when he knew what was going on? And his information was: "I had no money!" To them this was total puzzlement, for they do not use money on that planet in the Vegan constellation. The Pleiadians likewise, do not let themselves become controlled by a money system, nor do the entities from Sirius, nor do the Arcturans. It is only those entities who are subject to the Orion influences who must rely and serve the money system. This Awareness indicates that the entity Creston, which was his Vegan name, also known as Ron Rummell, which was his earthly name, gave the Vegans and Arcturans and Pleiadians the information which they needed in order to understand why earth people have such a problem in throwing off the yoke of oppression. With this new information, they now have an understanding that they may have to be more direct in their interference; that they may not necessarily have to follow the so-called "Prime Directive" of avoiding any influence on a culture unless invited. This Awareness indicates that they realize now that an invitation by the subjugated masses may not be possible because of the way the money system controls everything. This Awareness indicates in other words, in the killing of Ron Rummell, or Creston, the alien forces may have sealed their own end, their own demise, in regard to the Galactic Command, which after re-evaluating its position, and its status in regard to human affairs now has reason to become more assertive, knowing that humanity is likened unto the prisoner who cannot call for help because they have been muzzled and made speechless. This Awareness indicates that the future will determine whether this has been the undoing of the Dark Forces, or has contributed to their undoing, or whether it has helped them as they anticipated in ridding the planet of this entity, but this Awareness suggests it has backfired on them and will create repercussions against them that will be felt hard and heavy in the coming years, as they attempt to complete their takeover of this planet. THAT HIDDEN COMPUTER DEEP WITHIN THE EARTH: WHAT WAS ITS PURPOSE AND USE BY THE ALIENS? FOLLOW UP QUESTION: In regard to that computer in the earth: What would happen if they were successful in getting this restarted? How would this aid them? Ed's Note: Years ago Awareness indicated the Els original purpose of the computer was for good. The modifications made to it later by the Orion Empire were for the purpose stated below. COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that its purpose was to send out certain vibrations that kept the masses confused; that prevented them from...It was a kind of barrier against spiritual energies, to ward off the spiritual energies. It was a kind of computer that emanated frequencies that caused entities to become more focused on self-security, and to feel fear and conflict. Certain vibrations have the effect of causing entities to experience disturbances; that these disturbances are also triggered by planets in their movement into certain aspects of an entity's chart. For example, the planet Saturn, when square to the entity's Sun will give its certain negative effect on the entity. Saturn as an influence vibrating at a certain frequency is one element in nature. But to create a computer that emanates certain frequencies on the planet that are negative to human evolution, or to human spirituality by emanating fear and paranoia or conflicts, those energies can be used to stimulate war or violence or other self-serving purposes against one's fellow humans so that greed becomes a way of life or conflict becomes a way of life, or fear becomes a way of life for many entities who are susceptible to those vibrations from that computer. CIA Helped to Shut Down Crystal Computer Network This Awareness indicates that in the past two decades, there has been an effort by a certain faction of the CIA who sent entities working for the CIA into some of the underground caverns and caves to destroy many of the crystal computer network terminals that were in these caves, and it resulted eventually in the shutdown of that centralized computer. This Awareness indicates that the particular group within the CIA that was responsible for doing this work was eventually eliminated and the activities ceased, but not until much of this had been completed. This Awareness indicates that this activity took place not only in the United States, but also in Germany, back during the late '50s, '60s and early '70s. This Awareness indicates that eventually the centralized computer became less and less effective, until it simply ceased to have its effect, even on weather. The question as to what would happen if it started up again: This Awareness indicates it very likely would have a negative effect on the evolution of humanity, but it does not appear to be likely that it will start up again. Toledo Imbecile Obeys Orion Channeling on Computer This Awareness indicates there are some entities who have without full knowledge of what they are doing, put forth an effort to locate this computer and rebuild the grid-work and start it up again. These entities think it will be for the good of humanity. These entities have been receiving information from Orion channeling, and believe that it would be to the benefit of humanity to do this. This Awareness indicates that it would not be to the benefit of humanity, and this Awareness has made certain that it is not to happen, at least not through this group of entities. This Awareness indicates that this appears to be centered in the state of Ohio, in Toledo. It appears also that the efforts to restart that computer have generally been thwarted or set aside. This Awareness indicates it is highly unlikely that this can now occur. THE SATANIC HIERARCHY: THE NEW AGE CONNECTION (How the New World Order is Using the New Age Groups) QUESTION: Some questions from P.L., Omaha, Nebraska. She writes: "I have just finished reading "Conspirators' Hierarchy: Story of the Committee of 300." Hopefully, my depression will lift sooner than later. Much was not news, being a CAC newsletter reader for a couple of years, and other sources, however, the ultimate goal and the depths to which the Committee of 300 has penetrated every segment of society is most depressing to say the least. I'm thankful to have experienced farm life in the '30s, even with the Depression, the '40s and the '50s. At least I have memories of a time when life seemed wholesome and secure. You asked for questions, and I have some." Then she goes on. She has about a dozen questions, some of which Awareness has covered. I'll read them until we get down here. "Did they initiate the New Age movement, Lucis Trust and the Theosophical Society, or are they just using them to accomplish their goals? I realize that most of the organizations listed have a front function that makes them acceptable to the public, and I assume that it may be true for these three also. Her first question: "What philosophical ideology of these movements is compatible with the 300's goal? In other words, how are they using them and of what should we be aware?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that the Lucis Trust is being used to promote the so-called 'Maitreya" or Messiah for this age. One needs to understand that the Lucis Trust was originally called the Lucifer Trust; that it was part of that network of energies associated with what the Christians refer to as the Satanic Hierarchy. This Awareness indicates that the use of organizations that promote certain agendas of the conspirators, often the members of such organizations do not recognize or realize they are being used. This Awareness indicates the funding for the Lucis Trust, much of which came from the Rothschilds, is also something to think about. This Awareness indicates that in general, entities need to be aware that these organizations may have been founded with good intentions or by people who had good intentions, but may have also been infiltrated or influenced or funded by entities whose intentions were to use the organization for some other more sinister purpose. Krishnamurti and the Theosophical Society This Awareness indicates the Theosophical Society, if you recall, was also beneficial in helping to promote Krishnamurti, but that Krishnamurti's brother, on his deathbed, stated to him: "If you are truly the Messiah, as the Theosophical Society said, then you don't need the Theosophical Society, and if you are not the Messiah, then you should not allow the Theosophical Society to promote you as such." The entity of course, at that time, realized the truth in his brother's words and dropped out of the Theosophical Society and began instead teaching on his own about the dangers of following a Messiah. This Awareness indicates that this was made more poignant at a later time when Time magazine, writing on Krishnamurti, referred to him as the "guru to end all gurus," for he taught entities not to rely on the guru or teachers, the spiritual teachers. He taught them to look for the truth through their own insights and he taught entities how to have clear insights by breaking down the conditionings that have been put on them. This Awareness indicates that with this understanding, there are many organizations that can be easily used. It is not only among the (continued next message) <*> Origin: CHANNEL1 - 0700 - EMAIL From: ALEX@SPIRAL.ORG To: SEARCHNET ZEC Date: 12/11/93 Re: CAC issues ------------------------------------------------------------------- (Continued from last message) metaphysical and New Age organizations, but also among the churches, the mainstream traditional churches, that the conspirators will work in order to get support for their New World Order. That Recent Church Gathering in Chicago This Awareness indicates the recent gathering of churches in Chicago to help form a New World Order religion or spiritual organization indicates that they are trying to unite all religions into one, and trying to get the churches and those who attended to be part of the effort. In many cases, those entities and religions that attended are doing so as a kind of effort to make sure their own religion is included in the New World Order religion which will become an official religious body. This Awareness indicates that of course you understand that the One World Order could care less about religion; they are simply trying to include all groups according to their particular inclinations and interests into the One World Order in order to get bodies, or voters, or constituents involved in the New World Order. If you can get a particular church to endorse the New World Order, you have brought in perhaps millions of people in one quick stroke of the pen. This Awareness indicates that it is a kind of political activity that is happening, wherein each time a group comes into the New World Order, they also divorce themselves from the Constitution of the United States which guarantees freedom of religion and other human freedoms and this is basically what the New World Order wants to happen. As you embrace it, you sell out your rights to other things that have been given or earned by the struggle of many entities over the previous centuries, and you turn to that which is but another form of tyranny in new clothing. Once there is a New World Order, if it is indeed a tyranny which appears to be the case, there is no force that will intervene to help throw off the tyrant except perhaps if it comes from some extraterrestrial source. In earth history, usually a tyrant will fall either from revolution within his own ranks, or from external forces that intervene and overthrow a government; but who will overthrow a One World Government? Only those within the ranks of that people. If the One World Government is ever set up the way they want it to be, they will confiscate all weapons, and have them only in the hands of trusted and loyal militia. They will prevent all leaders from having a way of speaking out to rally the masses, into any kind of action, and they will generally keep a tight control on everyone by making sure they have just enough to eat, just enough to live with, if they are obedient and work properly so as to not have too much time for mischief or for talking about over throwing the government, or for any other kind of activity that is not work related, or perhaps some amount of rest and recuperation from one's work. This Awareness indicates that it will not be an age of art and philosophy, for they will not allow free thinking or free art, any more than occurred in the Soviet Union. In fact, this will become even more stringent. The New World Government as proposed and as fitting to the alien agenda is designed mostly to make use of human energies for working and building the world into a suitable place for its masters: the extraterrestrial beings who intend to take over and run the place for their masters, and to keep humanity subservient and in labor for their purposes. MR. ROTHSCHILD OF ENGLAND INTRODUCES A REPTILIAN FROM DRACO TO HIS COMMITTEE QUESTION: Another question from P.L. "Are certain ones of the 300 in direct contact in receiving their orders from the aliens, or is it through mind control. Dr. Coleman did not mention the alien influence. Is it possible that he is unaware?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that the entity in London, the Baron Rothschild, is reported from good sources to have held a meeting at some point in his home, among certain important people, and during that meeting, he informed them that he wanted them to meet someone special. The entity reportedly brought in a Reptoid. This was reported from several sources, and the Reptoid introduced himself as being from Draco, and the entities were told that he was a representative of others like himself, who were now on the planet earth and were helping to set up the changes and transitions necessary for the earth to become part of the Orion Empire and the Draconian Federation. This Awareness indicates that this is evidence of a direct communication between who is probably the most powerful human on earth in regard to monetary power -- and perhaps even political power, because money is the motor of all politics -- between this entity and the representative of the Draconian forces. This indicates a direct communication that has most likely taken place between these entities, apart from the dinner event that was described by entities present. This Awareness indicates also, if you recall from Adolf Hitler's writings, he spoke of meeting the 'Supermen' and "His eyes were terrible, and I was afraid." He spoke of meeting this superman when going into an underground cavern. The entity was very much subservient to the directives of those so-called "Supermen". These were the extraterrestrials who were guiding Hitler in his effort to conquer the world. The so-called Third Reich was intended to set up a government which controlled all of Europe, and would later spread to other parts of the world. The Fourth Reich is, of course, the New World Order, as another attempt in a surreptitious way to create a world dictatorship, a world totalitarian system, not much different from that which Adolf Hitler envisioned when he spoke of the New World Order in 1933. This Awareness indicates it does not appear the entity who wrote the book fully understood the physical realities of and influence of these aliens on this conspiracy, but even if the entity did understand this, he might not have felt it appropriate or prudent to include such information in the book. For one thing, it could be hazardous to his health. THOSE WHO RECEIVE ORDERS FROM ALIENS (A Review of the Contacts and Connections) QUESTION: She goes on: "In regard to those indirect contacts and receiving their orders, how far back does recognition and direct contact go, and have most of these people involved convinced themselves that they are doing what they feel is best for humanity? Our kids went to school with one of these men listed as committee member's children, and it is hard to imagine him in a consciously sinister role." COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that this goes back to 1947, at the time when contact was first made with the Orion Greys between them and the government, then under the administration of Harry Truman. A treaty was signed at that time with the Orion Greys and assistance was soon being given to the Orion Greys. This Awareness indicates that there were other contacts with aliens or extraterrestrials dating back to the mid '20s, but these did not affect the United States directly. There were contacts made with forces in Germany in the late '20s and early '30s and these appear to have included contacts with Adolf Hitler. It appears that there were others who were aware of these contacts; others in the United States who were aware of these contacts with extraterrestrials being made during that time period. This Awareness indicates that the Orson Wells radio show on the invasion from Mars was a test to see what reaction the American public would have to information on an alien presence on earth, and the test indicated the public would panic and would do things that were totally unacceptable if they were to be informed of an alien presence on earth. Therefore, the idea of telling the public was hidden. This Awareness indicates that you will recall that War of the Worlds was made into a movie in the '50s, and from that time forward, science-fiction themes and movies continued to promote concepts of aliens on earth. This was in part to help condition people to accept that as a possibility It was also in part to test the people to see how frightened they were by the prospect of aliens. "Space Brothers" Channelings Mislead Many This Awareness indicates also that in the '50s, many entities began to channel messages from the "Space Brothers." This was an attempt to get the people open to the possibility of contact with extraterrestrials so that they would think they were "friendly little people who were only there to help us," and in that approach, many of the people began to feel less frightened by the concept of extraterrestrials visiting this planet. This Awareness indicates that it eventually began to come out that these entities were not the friendly creatures they were made out to be, but by this time, most entities were already convinced of their friendliness and their good will, and only in the past few years has it been recognized that these entities have been abducting masses of people, have broken the treaty, have failed to return some of the people, have mutilated and killed many of the abductees, which was against the treaty. The treaty only allowed aliens to abduct humans for minor scientific and medical examinations, but entities were being implanted, given artificial insemination, being affected sexually through the extraction of eggs or sperm, and in other ways being operated upon, and in some cases, mutilated and not returned. This Awareness indicates that entities who have been abducted have told of seeing cow blood and parts in vats aboard UFO ships, and some have reported seeing human parts floating in those vats along with cow parts. It has been from these and other stories, determined that the aliens use those vats for absorbing nutrients. They swim in those vats and absorb the nutrients from the blood because they have no digestive tract of their own. They have no digestive systems. They are clones of clones of clones. They do not reproduce in the way humans to, and over generations of cloning, they have lost many of their organs. Their organs have atrophied. The mouth does not have a way of swallowing. All it can do is hold something that could dissolve and liquefy. In other words, the mouth is its own stomach, for they have no stomach. This Awareness indicates that these entities, by necessity and by their nature, look upon humans as inferior creatures, capable of supplying them with some of their biological needs. They do not see humans as having any special divine rights to life, liberty or individuality. They see humans as simply being another type of animal on earth which has certain unique qualities in terms of its chemical make-up, in terms of hormones, in terms of various qualities that can be used to extract energy ant life essence. They see humans as producers of Adrenalchrome and as capable of giving them genetic material for genetic engineering purposes. It is not that they are necessarily evil in this regard, although they would be considered evil to the human, but they are really not any more evil in this regard than would be the human who is hired to take off the heads of turkeys for Thanksgiving slaughters in order to market the turkeys. This Awareness indicates that this of course would not be the opinion of the turkeys involved, if they had the ability to express their opinion. They would think the entity was quite an evil person. This Awareness indicates that essentially, the activity of aliens is incompatible with the values of humans. Aliens Aligned with Ahriman; Angelic Host with Pleiadian This Awareness would also like to point out the aliens are very much aligned with the forces that are associated with Ahriman, or that which in Christian terminology is known as Satan. This Awareness indicates that the Orion Greys and the Reptoids are the ones this Awareness is speaking of at this time. The angelic hosts are associated with those of the Pleiadians, Sirius, Arcturan, Vegan forces. There are also others. This Awareness indicates that the Asuras or demons that work with Ahriman or Satan are the higher officials in the ranks of the Reptoid and Orion Greys. The Zeta Reticuli are simply little imps. They have also been known as trolls and goblins and elves down through the ages, where they have been seen in other countries without full understanding that they are from other planets. This Awareness indicates there are of course the Deros, which are the demented Greys that were left on this planet long ago when the other Greys left, and these demented Greys became more and more demonic so that they are even worse than the Zeta Reticuli who have arrived in the last 30 years. This Awareness indicates that essentially, what you have in these negative extraterrestrials is the Satanic hierarchy, and what you have in the friendly extraterrestrials is the angelic hosts as presented in the Christian doctrines. (continued next message) <*> Origin: CHANNEL1 - 0700 - EMAIL From: ALEX@SPIRAL.ORG To: SEARCHNET ZEC Date: 12/11/93 Re: CAC issues ------------------------------------------------------------------- (Continued from last message) ED's Note: "Conspirators' Hierarchy: The Story of the Committee of 300" by Dr. John Coleman, is published by America West Publishers, Carson City, Nevada, 89702, and is also available from CAC. Please refer to Book Price Sheet under the category of "Conspiracies." THE DIMENSIONAL CHANGE: HOW DOES THIS FIT IN? QUESTION: Another question from P.L. "How does all of this fit in with what we read about the earth moving into a new frequency? Will the new frequency be compatible with this type of mind control and manipulation of people's free will?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that this new dimensional shift will create an ever-widening difference in the frequency between the Forces of Light and the Forces of Darkness on this dimension, and this shift in the frequencies will eventually spread so far apart that the Forces of Darkness; will not be able to touch or even see the Forces of Light on this dimension. The Forces of Light will still be able to see those Forces of Darkness for some time thereafter, but eventually, the two energies or frequencies will become so far apart, that a dimensional shift will have occurred, whereby parallel dimensions, one based on Darkness, the other based on Light, will exist simultaneously on this earth, whereby those Forces of Light, in the higher frequencies, can still see and use and make reference to certain earth points. They will still, for example, witness the Rocky Mountains, the valleys and trees and canyons and rivers and seas, as will also the Forces of Darkness. Those Forces of Darkness on a different frequency level, will still have use of the earth as it presently is, but they will not be able to see things from the higher forces of Light. At some point these vibratory forces, the Forces of Darkness and the Forces of Light, which both will reside on the earth at that time, mutually sharing the same earth; there will gradually become for these two forces, the interdimensional shift, whereby the Forces of Darkness will have the ability to affect the earth without it affecting the earth which is witnessed and understood and experienced by the Forces of Light. In other words, the earth itself begins to shift into two different dimensions so that Forces of Light will have their earth, and Forces of Darkness will have their earth, and the Forces of Darkness on their earth may find themselves destroying their environment, while the Forces of Light may find themselves improving their environment, and while it was originally the same earth, it will be likened unto an amoebae splitting, and one part going into a new dimension, the other part going into a lower dimension. This Awareness indicates that entities may not even realize there has been a shift, but they will recognize that things have improved considerably, or that things have really gotten a lot worse, depending on which dimension they find themselves moving toward. WILL EARTH BE CONTROLLED BY DRACONIANS? FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: Well, in that case, isn't the lower earth going to end up being controlled by the Draconians? COSMIC AWARENESS: This is in the affirmative. The earth that the Draconians inherit will be that which is generally destroyed by their own hand and own procedures. The earth that the more spiritual people inherit will be that which becomes more improved as it moves into a higher dimension and is nurtured by the people who follow it or lead it into the higher dimension. This Awareness indicates that this is a kind of dimensional shift rather than an end of the world, and it will take place very gradually over a period of years. The action has already begun, but it will continue for many years. By 2013, it should be at the point of separation, whereby the separation begins or occurs in such a way as to break off the negative vibrations from those of the positive levels, so that entities following the positive vibrations will arise spiritually during those proceeding years, and those who are attached to the negative vibrations will find themselves growing more and more aware of a world that is becoming even more negative in its expression. This Awareness indicates that the violence that entities see today is part of that negative dimension which is to come, as the world moves more in that direction for those negative forces, and those who align themselves with those negative forces. This Awareness indicates that those beautiful aspects of the world and the more compassionate expressions of humans are those that will move more toward the higher frequencies and higher dimensions so that entities who align themselves with these energies will find themselves over the next 20 years to be moving in those directions in that dimensional shift toward a new dimension, a new more spiritual dimension. WILL DRACONIAN CONQUEST FRUSTRATE THE GOALS OF THE GALACTIC COMMAND? FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: If all the Draconians would inherit would be the lower levels of earth, would this still be a negative impact on the Arcturans and Vegans and other people that are following this? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that it will allow the Draconians to have a strong negative base in this sector of the galaxy from which to activate and operate launches into other planetary systems of the galaxy that are nearby. In this sense it will be somewhat of a setback, but because it is on a more limited dimension, the Galactic Confederation groups will be able to contain the negativity of these forces in that dimension, reasonably easy. This Awareness indicates that it does not appear that it would be a major setback for the Dark Forces to have their dimension into which they can move. The concern of the Arcturans, Vegans, Pleiadians and those of the Galactic Hierarchy is that they want as much as possible to see the souls of humans rise in evolution toward a spiritual dimension, rather than following those Draconian and lower negative forces into that spiritually unhealthy dimension. THE BATTLE IS TO SAVE THE SOULS OF EARTHLINGS FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: So their interest is more in the souls... COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates essentially, the souls of humans is the only issue involved that is of greatest urgency to the Galactic Command or Confederation, for this saving of the souls is that which the spiritual forces perceives to be the real purpose and value. The physical body is temporal anyway, and has only a short time on earth, but the soul being more permanent, being more or less eternal, is the more important concern. The Draconians and Orion forces think that by making it appear the soul is just an illusion and that one's body is what counts, they find themselves able to influence people by fear and by coercion, based on bodily needs and preservation. And in this manner they actually capture the souls of entities who are trying to preserve their body and will do so at the cost of their soul. ED's Note: for more on the New World Order, please refer to "Revelations of Awareness' issues: No. 91-05, The New World Order and the Draco Reptilian Connection; 93-12, The New World Order: It's Later Than You Think, Part 2,. $5.00 from CAC. For more on the density change in 2012, please refer to issues: 93-02, Will We See the End of the World?; $3.00. For more on that computer hidden in the earth, please refer to issues 79-18 and 91-12. $3.00 each from CAC. END OF ISSUE ----------------------------------------------------------------- How to Get Electronic Copies of "Revelations of Awareness": ----------------------------------------------------------------- NEW ISSUE ANNOUNCEMENTS: As hard copies are OCR'd by SPIRAL, they are announced in the following Usenet newsgroups: alt.alien.visitors alt.conspiracy alt.paranormal talk.religion.newage BACK ISSUES: Back Issues Lists, which include the topics discussed in each newsletter, are also periodically posted to those groups. 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