BUDDHIST JOURNAL SURVEY Revision 18 Dec 87 +quot;We are all the leaves of one tree+quot; P

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BUDDHIST JOURNAL SURVEY Revision 18 Dec 87 "We are all the leaves of one tree" PROPHECY OF GURU PADMASAMBHAVA When the iron bird flies in the sky, and horses run on wheels, The Tibetans will like ants be scattered across the face of the world, and the dharma will come to the land of the Red Man. BLACK ELK'S VISION OF GREAT COMMUNITY I was standing on the highest mountain of all, and round about beneath me was the whole hoop [mandala] of the world. And while I stood there I saw more than I can tell and I understood more than I saw, for I was seeing in the sacred manner the shape of all things in the spirit [sambhogakaya], and the shape of all things as they must live together like one being [dharmakaya]. And I saw that the sacred hoop of my people was one of many hoops that made one circle, wide as daylight and as starlight, and in the center grew one mighty tree t shelter all the children of one mother and one father. And I saw that it was holy [sahajajnana]. Dedication Prayer of the First Dalai Lama "May the Sun of Dharma shine brilliantly as in Buddha's time, And may the Buddhist leaders be as one family, That the Doctrine come to greatly flourish and long endure." This work may be employed for any non-profit use that includes the following copyright notice: Copyright 1987 Kender Tomko, CCP, Acharya Ling Shen Ching Tze Temple, 17102 NE 40th, Redmond, WA 98052 USA (North American Survey Coordinator, 1987 Int'l Buddhist Directory) Current Address of Kinder Tomko is: 128 S. Adams Hinsdale IL 60521 USA "The thing to do right now is to create a new society within the shell of the old, with the philosophy of the new which is not a new philosophy but a very old philosophy. A philosophy so old it looks like new." - Peter Maurin -1942 Harmonist: "Do you see this emerging new paradigm and the values and attitudes that come with it as some sort of synthesis, sort of a new perspective on ancient traditions and the present?" Dr. Fritjof Capra: "Yes, absolutely... It comes from the fact that ecological awareness, which is an awareness of the way all things are connected and of the way we are embedded in nature and the cosmos, ultimately religious or spiritual awareness... In terms of spiritual traditions, there's much less interest now as far as the media is concerned, but there are many more practicing Buddhists now than there were in the sixties. You just don't hear about them so much." Interview copyright 1986 by The Harmonist Magazine This survey is dedicated to Dharma Stewardship, the development of Sustainable Buddhist Wisdom Culture in the West and the emergence of World Buddhism in this transitional period. All dharma practitioners jointly share profound responsibility for introducing the Dharma in the West and relieving mass suffering in the traditional Buddhist homelands of Asia. We must be of PRACTICAL help to each other, and the first step communication. That communication occurs on many levels, and between many schools of practice. This is especially true in North America, where there are one thousand fellowships of fifty two schools of thirteen different cultural transmissions (including Native American Buddhism). It is essential for us to realize that a generation of preserving and transplanting the Buddhist transmissions must be followed by another generation of equally important work integrating these efforts. If as H.E. Dezhung Tulku Rinbochay has said, "The future home of Buddhism will be in the West", then we must work together as brothers and sisters to make it a good home. This does not mean confusing the different transmissions, but rather acknowledging IN PRACTICE their common basic and shared intention. To borrow Black Elk's visionary metaphor, each school is a tipi in the sacred hoop of the community: "one hoop out of the many making one circle". What is essential is working from a sense of shared responsibility. This means an expansive activity born of high vision and deep meditation. Putting Great Vision into meditation yields Great Meditation. Putting Great Meditation into action yields Great Action. Padmasambhava said "While my vision is as vast as the sky, my actions are are as refined as flour." In a like manner, Great Community comes from thinking globally and acting locally, from Wisdom joined to Skillful Means. In recent months there have been several breakthroughs towards Great Community, including the Ann Arbor Conference on World Buddhism in North America, the consequent founding of an American Buddhist Congress, and the founding of Sakyadhita, a worldwide nonsectarian fellowship of bhikshunis and upasikas. Of great and lasting importance is the 1987 International Buddhist Directory, which is the first pan-Buddhist resource guide. When published, it will provide summary information on 2600 fellowships and activities in 66 countries. A major and now independent result of my work as North American Survey Coordinator for the 1987 Directory is the Buddhist Journal Survey. This survey details over one hundred English language Buddhist journals worldwide. It is based on journal lists provided by Renee Robinson of Vajrapani Institute and Spring Wind-Buddhist Cultural Forum, among others, but any inaccuracies stem from the editors lack of mindfulness. Numerous journals maintaining a mail address did not respond to this survey. For these, partial entries were constructed where possible. Survey updates are strongly requested, and should include journal title plus 1. Editors name, work address, and phone 2. frequency of publication 3. cost of yearly subscription 4. total circulation 5. availability of back issues 6. type of coverage ie., dharma talks, translations, interviews 7. types of submissions accepted ie., articles / advertisements 8. Buddhist lineage or type of activity represented This survey will evolve into the "Buddhist Communications Survey" with separate appendices containing descriptive paragraphs on: 1. book and audio/visual mail-order catalogs 2. local bookstores and retail outlets 3. educational programs (preschool through university level) 4. textual research and translation societies 5. on-line computer networks Obviously, I am counting on help from Journal Survey readership in developing and maintaining this work-in-progress. Please be sure to note any instance of the last five activities which need an entry in this survey and contact me so that no one's offering is unnecessarily left out of the Survey. The only requirements are (a) FORMAL Buddhist refuge and (b) that the resource or activity be USEFUL to people whose primary language is ENGLISH. Submissions from throughout the world are thankfully received. Please be sure to include a journal issue or catalog along with a summary of your work. In vajrasamayas Kender Tomko Ling Shen Name: Master Lien Li Kalachakra Name: Rinchen Dang Sal Kagyu Name: Karma Gonpo Dorje Aid For India Subscription free to supporters. Circ Editor Dharmachari Mahamati 5000. Includes book reviews, and 186 Cowley RD interviews. Represents Aid For India Oxford, OX4 1UE ENGLAND and also Karuna Trust. Tel : 0865-728794. American Buddhist Published monthly. Subscription $15 ($20 Editor Dr. Kevin O'Neil for institutions ). Circ. 5000. Back 301 West 45th issues available. Includes Dharma New York, NY 10036 talks, translations, interviews, book reviews and ads. Nonsectarian. Tel : 212-489-1075 Anh Dao Vang (No Response) Vietnamese-Am. Buddhist Assn. 7060 Wyndale St NW Washington DC 20015 Ars Buddhica Japan Publ Trading Co. Box 5030, Tokyo Int'l Tokyo 100-31 JAPAN Blind Donkey Published Quarterly. Subscription $15 Attn: Perle Epstein ($17.50 foreign ). Accepts Zen oriented c/o Koko-An Zendo articles. Represents Soto Zen school of 2119 Kaloa WY Robert Aitken Roshi Tel : 808-946-0666 Honolulu, HI 96822 Buddhayan Published Quarterly. Circ. 5000. T.B.M.S.G., Pune, 32, Represents Trailokya Bauddha Mahasanga Dr. Ambedkar Society Sahayak Gana, a Buddhist educational/ Yerawada medical/dharma self-help society for ex- Pune 411 006 INDIA untouchables. Buddhism Today Published Quarterly. Subscription $25 Editor Marian C. Valchar Includes articles on current issues worldwide Assoc. of American Buddhists and possible responses. 301 West Forty Fifth Tel : 212-489-1075 New York, NY 10036 Buddhist, The Theravadin newspaper. Buddhist Cultural Institute Tel : 806-762-4605 510 E. 23rd St Lubbock, TX 79404 Buddhist Peace Fellowship Represents Buddhist Peace Fellowship in England Editor Charles Radcliffe Tel : 0308-68966 The Old George, The Square Beaminster, Dorset DT3 3QD ENGLAND B.P.F Newsletter Published Quarterly. Subscription $15 Editor Arnold Kotler ($20 overseas) Back issues available Buddhist Peace Fellowship Includes dharma talks, interviews, book Box 4650 reviews, and social commentary. Berkeley CA 94704 Tel : 415-525-0101 Buddhist Studies Review Published Semiannually. Subscription $8 Editor Russell Webb Represents Pali Buddhist Union, Institute 15 Stedham Chambers Linh-Son Coptic St London WC1A 1NL ENGLAND Buddhist Temple Newsletter ( no response) 230 Treutland Box 121191 Nashville, TN 37212 Buddhist Text Information Published Quarterly. Subscription $5 Editor Richard A. Gard Back issues available. S.U.N.Y. Stony Brook Tel : 516-246-8362 Inst. for Adv. Studies of World Religions Stony Brook, NY 11794-3383 Buddhist-Christian Studies Published Yearly. Subscription $5 University of Hawaii Press 2840 Kolowalu St Honolulu HI 96822 B.C.A. Newsletter Subscription $10. Back issues available B.C.A. Represents Buddhists concerned for animals 300 Page St Tel : 415-485-1495 San Francisco CA 94102 Buddhists for Peace Published Quarterly. Subscription $8 Editor B. Wangchindorj Includes current events, dharma talks, ABCP Headquarters biographies. Accepts articles. Represents Ulan Bator-51, MONGOLIA Asian Buddhist Conference for Peace Tel: 53538 Canadian Buddhist ( no response ) Buddhist Churches of Canada 918 Batahurst St Toronto Ontario M5R 3G5 CANADA Center of Gravity Published Irregularly. Represents Zen Jemez Bodhi Mandala Tel : 505-592-6593 P O Box 8 Jemez Springs, NM 87025 Ch'an Magazine Published Quarterly. Inst. of Chung-Hwa Buddhist Culture 90-31 Corona AV Represents Ch'an tradition of Ven. Sheng-Yen Elmhurst, NY 11373 Tel : 718-592-6593 C.M.C. Newsletter Chicago Meditation Center 5049 N. Major Apt 1 Chicago IL 60630 Dakini Includes Articles of interest to female ATTN: Kay Coventry Vipassana practitioners and artwork. Accepts London Buddhist Centre prose and poetry submissions & advertising 51 Roman RD Represents female practitioners of Friends of the Bethnal Green Western Buddhist Order. Tel : 01-981-1225 London, E2 OHU ENGLAND Delek Published Monthly. Subscription $10 Tibetan Delek Hospital Circulation worldwide. Includes news of free Gangchen Kyishong community health care/ outreach services, Dharamsala 176215 fund raising and development projects of Himachal Pradesh INDIA Tibetan Dalek Hospital, a registered charity Densal Published Quarterly. Subscription $7 Editor Naomi Schmidt Circulation 1500. Includes current events, book Karma Triyana Dharmachakra reviews and Tibetan translations. Represents 352 Mead Mountain RD Karma Kagyu school. Tel : 914-679-2487 Woodstock NY 12498 Dharma Examiner ( no response ) Kagyu Thegsum Choling 412 West End Apt 5N New York NY 10024 Dharma Life ( no response ) Missouri Zen Center 220 Spring AV St. Louis MO 63119 Dharma Vijaya News ( no response ) Dharma Vijaya Buddhist Vihara 1847 Crenshaw BLVD Los Angeles, CA 90019 Dharma World Published Monthly. Subscription $10 Editor Hiroshi Andoh Kosei Publishing 7-1 Wada 2-Chome Suginami-ku Tokyo 166 JAPAN Dhiravamsa Foundation Newsletter San Juan Center Flyer with news of upcoming teaching schedule 1660 Wold RD Represents Vipassana school of Ven. Dhiravamsa Friday Harbor WA 98250 Tel : 206-378-5787 Diamond Sword ( no response ) Zen Buddhist Temple of Chicago 2230 N. Halsted Chicago IL 60614 Dreloma Published Semiannually. Subscription $10 Editor Pema Tsering Circulation 1000. Back issues available Drepung Loseling Library Soc. Lama Camp 2, Tibetan Colony Uttar Kannadia 581411 INDIA Eastern Buddhist Published Semiannually. Subscription $15 Eastern Buddhist Society Circulation 1500. Available in U.S. from Otami University Scholar's Press Box, Decatur GA 30031 Koyama, Kita-ku, Kyoto 603 JAPAN Empty Mirror Represents Tibetan Kagyu school Kagyu Theg Chen Ling 2327 Liloa Rise Honolulu, HI 96822 Endless Knot Published Monthly. Subscription by Kagyu Kunkhyab Chuling membership or donation. Includes 4939 Sidley St teaching schedules, Tibetan Burnaby, B.C. V5J lT6 translations, some news. Represents the CANADA Kagyu tradition of Kyabje Dorje Chang Kalu Rinpoche. Tel : 434-4920 Forest Light News Represents Vipassana school of Ven. Rina T.K.A.M. Sircar 18355 Big Basin WY Boulder Creek CA 95006 Garuda Represents Nyingma school of Chagdud Gonpa physician-lama Chagdud Tulku Rinpoche. 208 N. River RD Tel : 503-942-8619 Cottage Grove, OR 97424 Gesar Published Quarterly. Subscription $11 Editor Sylvia Gretchen Circ. 3000. Back issues available. Dharma Publishing Includes scholarly and historical 2425 Hillside AV articles plus Tibetan translations. Berkeley, CA 94704 Represents Nyingma school of Tarthag Tulku. Tel : 415-548-5407 Golden Drum Published Quarterly. Subscription 4.75 Editor Nagabodhi pounds. ( 6.25 pounds arimail and Windhorse Publications overseas ). Circ. 1000. Includes dharma 51 Roman RD talks, current events, interviews, and London E2 OHU ENGLAND book reviews. Represents Friends of the Western Buddhist Order. Tel : 01-981-1225 Hawaii Buddhism Represents Jodo Shinshu school Jodo Mission of Hawaii 1429 Makiki ST Honolulu, HI 96814 Hon Gan Kai ( no response ) New York Buddhist Church 332 Riverside DR New York, NY 10025 I.A.B.S. Journal Published Semiannually. Subscription Attn: Dr. B.D. Miller $25. Circ. 500. Back issues available. Dept South Asian Studies Represents International Association of 1227 Sweetbriar RD Buddhist Studies. Madison WI 53705 Inquiring Mind, The- A Journal of the Vipassana Community Box 9999 Published Semiannually. Subscription $3 North Berkeley Station Berkeley, CA 94709 I.M.S. Newsletter ( no response ) Int'l Meditation Center Vipassana school. Pleasant ST Barre MA 01005 Journal Represents Zen tradition of Jiyu Kennet Berkeley Buddhist Priory Roshi. Tel : 415-528-2139. 1358 Marin ( no response ) Albany CA 94706 Journal Published Annually. Subscription $16. Editor Dr. Lobsang Rapgay Provides in-depth studies of tantric 4909 E. Lakeside AV Buddhist medicine. Represents Tibetan Orange, CA 92667 Holistic Medical Center. Tel : 714-921-9426 Journal of Shasta Abbey Published Bimonthly. Subscription $15. Editor Kinzan Learman Circ. 700. Back issues available. Shasta Abbey Represents Soto Zen school of Jiyu Box 199 Kennett Roshi. Tel : 916-926-4208 Mt. Shasta, CA 96067 Journal of the Z.S.S. Published Semiannually. Subscription $5 Editor Genro Lee Milton ( $10 foreign ). Circ. 3000. Includes Zen Studies Society dharma talks, translations, interviews, 223 E. 67th ST and teaching schedules. Represents New York NY 10021-6087 Rinzai Zen school of Eido Shimano Roshi. Tel : 212-861-3333. Kahawai: A Journal of Women and Zen c/o Koko-An Zendo ( no response ) 2119 Kaloa WY Includes articles on feminist Zen. Honolulu, HI 96822 Scheduled to stop publication end of '88 Kalavinka ( no response ) Ekoji Buddhist Temple 8134 Old Keene Mill RD Box 2337 Springfiled VA 22152 Karuna: A Journal of Buddhist Meditation Subscription $10 Editor Kristin Penn Includes dharma talks, interviews, Karuna Dharma Society Vipassana teaching schedules, book Box 24468 Station C reviews, and social commentary. Accepts Vancouver BC, V5T4M5 CANADA articles. Khmer Buddhist Society of New England Editor Ven. Maha Ghosananda Published Quarterly. Subscription free. Khmer Temple Circ. 1000. Includes dharma talks, 178 Hanover ST interviews, and current events in the Providence, RI 02907 Cambodian community. Accepts articles. Represents Inter-Religious Mission for Peace in Cambodia. Tel : 401-273-0969 Maha Bodhi Published Monthly. Subscription $4 Maha Bodhi Society of India Circ. 2500 4A Bankim, Chatterjee ST Calcutta 73 INDIA Mahinda MahaMahinda Internationl Dhammaduto Society 58 Sri Vipulasena Mawatha, Published Quarterly. Subscription $2 Colombo 10 SRI LANKA Maitreya Institute Newsletter Published Bimonthly (?). Subscription $20 Editor Stephanie Harolde Includes events discount. Provides Maitreya Institute course descriptions/schedules for 3315 Sacramento ST, #622 multi-cultural program founded by Kagyu San Francisco, CA 94118-1911 lineage holder H.E. Tai Situ Rinpoche. Tel : 415-781-5590 Metta Buddhist Studies Center Honpa Hongwanji Mission of Hawaii 1727 Pali Highway Honolulu, HI 96813 Middle Way, The Published Quarterly. Subscription 6 pounds Editor John Snelling ( 7.5 pounds abroad, 10 pounds air). The Buddhist Society Includes dharma talks, teaching 58 Eccleston Square schedules, book reviews, and art prints. London SW1V 2 PH ENGLAND Accepts articles. Represents the Buddhist Society of Ven. Ajahn Sumedho. Monthly Guide:IBMC Newsletter Represents International Buddhist I.B.M.C. Meditation Center. 928 S. New Hampshire AV Los Angeles, CA 90006 Mountain Record Published Quarterly. Subscription $7 Editor Bonnie Myotai Treace Circ. 5000. Includes dharma talks, Zen Mountain Monastery news, interviews, teaching schedules, S. Plank RD book reviews, writings on Zen Box 197 JS disciplines and Right Action. Accepts Mt Tremper, NY 12457 articles and ads. Represents Mountains and Rivers Order of Sensei John Daido Loori. Tel : 914-688-2228. Naropa Journal of Contemplative Psychology Mng. Editor Rachel Anderson Published Annually. Back issues available 2130 Arapahoe AV Includes articles on Buddhist Boulder, CO 80302 psychology, contemplative psychotherapy, and case studies. Represents Naropa Institute Psychology Program. Tel : 303-444-0202 Naropa Magazine Published Semiannually. Subscription by Editor Susan Fielding donation. Represents Naropa Institute, 2130 Arapahoe AV an accredited Buddhist liberal arts Boulder, CO 80302 college founded by Chogyam Trungpa Tulku New York Buddhist (no response ) New York Buddhist Vihara 133-45 37th AV Flushing, NY 11354 Newsletter on International Womens' Activities Editor Dr. C. Kabilsingh Published Quarterly. Subscription $6. Faculty of Liberal Arts Includes dharma talks, accepts articles Thammasat University of interest to bhikshunis and lay women. Bankok 10200 THAILAND Represents Sakyadhita ("Daughters of Buddha") N.S.A. Quarterly Published Quarterly. N.S.A. World Culture Center Represents Nichiren Shoshu of America 525 Wilshire Blvd ( no response ) Santa Monica, CA 90401 N.C.B.P. Newsletter Published Monthly. Subscription by N. Cascades Buddhist Priory membership. Includes dharma talks, 2212 Second AV North teaching schedules, membership news and Seattle, WA 98109 coming events. Represents Serene Reflection School (Soto Zen). Tel : 206-284-1534 Oryoki Represents Zen tradition of deshimaru. Dojo Zen de Montreal Tel : 514-523-1534 928 Guilford, Montreal, Quebec H2J1P4 CANADA Pacific World, The Published Semiannually. Subscription Institute for Buddhist Studies free on request. Back issues available. 2717 Haste ST Includes academic studies of Pure Land Berkeley, CA 94704 Buddhism, Mahayana, and Theraveda. Represents Institute of Buddhist Studies, a Jodo Shinshu postgraduate school. Tel : 415-849-2383l Phat Giao Vietnam Represents Congregation of Vietnamese C.V.B.U.S. Buddhists in the United States. 863 S. Berendo ST ( no response ) Los Angeles, CA 90005 Poo Tee Tan Published Bimonthly. Subscription US $10 P O Box 22130 Circ. 3000. Includes dharma talks, Station B current events, primarily in Chinese, Vancouver BC with some English. Represents Ling Shen V6A 3Y3 CANADA Jen Foo/ Mahamudra school of Grandmaster Lu, Sheng-Yen. Tel : 604-327-3803 Primary Point Published Quarterly. Subscription $10 Kwan Um Zen School ($20 overseas) Circ 9000. Includes 528 Pound RD dharma talks, and news. Accepts Cumberland RI 02864 articles and ads. Represents Korean Chogye Zen School of Ven. Seung Sahn Soen Sa Nim. Tel : 401-769-6476. Pure Land, The Includes Poetry, essays on ethics and Editor Hisao Inagaki society in English, French, and German, 1-5-10 Kotobukicho and translations of traditional Jodo Takatsuki 569 JAPAN Shinshu texts. Represents European community of Pure Land practitioners. Repa Rag Published Quarterly. Subscription by Milarepa Center donation. Circ. 1000. Includes news Barnet Mountain and teaching schedules. Represents Barnet, VT 05821 Tibetan Gelug school of Lama Osel. Tel : 802-633-4136 Rinzai-Ji Newsletter ( no response ) Cimarron Zen Center 2505 S. Cimarron ST Los Angeles, CA 90018 S.T.C. Newsletter Published Irregularly. Subscription Sakya Monastery free. Includes dharma talks. 108 NW 83rd Represents Sakya school of H.H. Jigdal Seattle, WA Dagchen Sakya Rinbochay. Tel : 206-789-2573 S.T.C. Newsletter Published Semiannually. Subscription Sakya Text Society and membership for $10. Includes Sakya College articles on research, preparation, and Mussoorie RD, P O Rajpur publication of the Sakya Tibetan Canon. Dist Dehra Dun, U.P. INDIA Accepts articles. Represents Sakya Text Society. Sarana ( no response ) Sri Lanka Budda, Inc 2033 W. 7th Suite 1 Los Angeles, CA 90057 Seeds of Peace Subscription $15. Includes articles on T.I.C.D. Buddhism, nonviolence, and current 4753/5 /Soi Wat Thongnopphakun events. Represents Thai Inter-Religious Somdejchaophya Road Commission for Development. Bangkok 10600 G.P.O. Box 1960 THAILAND Snow Lion Karma Thegsum Choling Box 02160 Columbus, OH 43202 Snow Lion Publications Published Semiannually. Subscription Attn: Jeff Cox free to customers, individual copies Box 6483 free on request. Includes interviews, Ithaca, NY 14851 biographies, news, and teaching schedules of interest to Tibetan practitioners, with extensive catalog. Soka Gakkai News Published Monthly. Subscription free. Soka Gakkai, Int'l Office Circ. 12300. 32 Shimano-machi, Shinjuku-ku Represents Soka Gakkai International Tokyo 160 JAPAN Spring Wind-Buddhist Cultural Forum Editor Linda Suka Murray Published Quarterly. Subscription $20 Zen Buddhist Temple Circ. 2000. Includes current events, 46 Gwynne AV dharma talks, and biographies, Toronto Ontario international and inter-religious M6K2C3 CANADA relations. Ads accepted. Tel : 313-761-6520 Suchness ( no response ) American Buddhist Assn. 1151 W. Leland AV Chicago, IL 60640 Tara Published five times yearly. 427-3 Amherst St. #234 Subscription $8. Includes essays, Nashua, NH 03061 poems, correspondence, news, and articles on tantric magic. Accepts articles. Ten Directions Published Irregularly. Subscription by Editor Marcia Fumyo Seymour donation. Includes dharma talks. Accepts Zen Center of Los Angeles ads. Represents Soto Zen tradition of 923 S. Normandie Taizan Maezumi Roshi. Los Angeles, CA 90006 Tel : 213-387-2351 Throssel Hole Journal Tel : 049-85-1225 Throssel Hole Priory Carrshield, Hexham Northumberland NE47 8AL ENGLAND Tibet House Bulletin Published Semiannually. Subscription $4 Tibet House Includes teaching schedules and cultural 1 Institutional Area, activities. Represents nonsectarian Lodi Road, New Delhi Tibetan center founded by H.H. the Dalai 110003 INDIA Lama. Tibetan Bulletin Published Bimonthly. Subscription free Central Tibetan Secretariat Represents the Tibetan-government-in- Information Office exile. Gangchen Kyishing Dharmamsala 176215 INDIA T.M.A.I. Newsletter Subscription/membership $15. Includes T.M.A.I. reports and projects on scientific Khara Danda Road exchange related to ayurveda/vajrayana Dharmasala 176215 INDIA medicine. Represents Tibetan Medical and Astrological Institute. Triple Gem Subscription free to supporters. Tibetan Friendship Group Includes news of Tibetan refugees and Attn: Diana Peron relief projects. Represents Tibetan 901 Cuyama RD Friendship Group, a refugee assistance Ojai, CA 93023 organization. Udumbara Published Semiannually. Subscription $5 Co-editor Willa Hathaway Circ. 3400. Represents Soto Zen school Co-editor Panif Conniff-Hagen of Dainin-Katagiri Roshi. Minnesota Zen Center Tel : 612-822-5313 3343 East Calhoun Parkway Minneapolis, MN 55408 Vajra Bodhi Sea Published Monthly. Subscription $30 Vajra Bodhi Sea Pub. Society Circ. 4500. Includes dharma talks, bios City of Ten Thousand Buddhas and translations. Bilingual with Box 217 Chinese text. Accepts articles. Talmage, CA 95481 Represents Dharma Realm Assn. of Tripitaka Master Hsuan Hua. Tel : 707-462-0939 Vajradhatu Sun Published Bimonthly. Subscription $15 Editor Rick Fields Circ. 6300. Includes dharma talks, Vajradhatu news, interviews, teaching schedules, 1345 Spruce ST and biographies. Accepts articles and Boulder, CO 80302 ads. Represents Vajradhatu (Tibetan) school of Vajra Regent Osel Tendzin. Tel : 303-444-0190. Virupa Published Quarterly. Subscription by Editor Lama Kunga Rimpoche donation. Includes dharma talks, 254 Cambridge AV interviews, teaching schedules, and Kensington, CA 94708 translations. Accepts articles and ads. Represents Sakya school. Tel : -527-7363. Voice of Buddhism Published Semiannually. Subscription $3 Editor Teh Thean Choo Circ. 2500. Back issues available. Buddhist Missionary Society Published in Chinese and English. Buddhist Temple Jalan Berhala, Brickfields Kuala Lumpur 50470 MALAYSIA Washington Buddhist Published Quarterly. Subscription $3 Editor Ven. H. Gunaratana Circ. 700 Buddhist Vihara Society Tel 202-723-0773 5017 16th NW ( no response ) Washington DC 20011 Western Buddhist Published Semiannually. Subscription Editor Paul Ingram 1.9 pounds. Circ. 550 Scientific Buddhist Association 30 Hollingbourne Gardens Ealing, London W13 8EN ENGLAND Wheel Published Quarterly. Subscription $8 Editor Ven. N. Maha Thera Circ. 4000 Back issues available Buddhist Publication Society Box 61, Kandy, SRI LANKA Wheel of Dharma Published Monthly. Subscription $3.50 Co-editor Elson B. Snow Circ. 13701. Back issues available. BCA National Headquarters Includes news, programs,essays, and 1710 Octavia cultural exchange. Bi-lingual with San Francisco, CA 94102 Japanese section. Accepts news releases. Represents Buddhist Churches of America. (Jodo Shinshu denomination). Tel : 415-863-3136. Wind Bell Published Irregularly. Represents Soto San Francisco Zen Center Zen school founded by Shunryu Suzuki 300 Page St Roshi. Tel : 415-863-3136. San Francisco, CA 94102 World Tribune Published Weekly. Subscriptions $36 Editor George Williams Includes dharma talks, biographies, and N.S.A. World Culture Center news. Represents Nichiren Shoshu of 525 Wilshire Blvd. America. Tel : 415-776-5600. Santa Monica, CA 90401 Young East Editor Nara Yasuak Young East Association Tokohai Inc. 6-2-17 Nishitemma Kita-Ku, Osaka, 530 JAPAN Zen Bow Published Irregularly. Represents Soto Zen Center Zen tradition of Philip Kapleau Roshi. 7 Arnold Park Tel : 716-473-9180. Rochester, NY 14607 Z.C.N.Y. Newsletter Represents Soto Zen school of Bernard Zen Community of New York Tetsugen Glassman Sensei. 114 Woodworth AV Tel : 914-375-1510. Yonkers, NY 10701-2509 Zen Notes Published 10 times yearly. Editor Mary Farkas Subscriptions $5 ($6 overseas). Back First Zen Institute of America issues available. Includes dharma 113 E. 30th talks, translations, book reviews and New York NY 10016 articles on Zen. Represents Rinzai Zen school of Sokei-an Sasaki Roshi. Tel : 212-686-2520 Zuru Ling Newsletter Published Quarterly. Subscription & Box 15283 membership C$ 25. Includes news and Vancouver B.C. teaching schedules. Represents Gelugpa V6B 5B1 CANADA tradition. Founded by Zasep Tulku Rinpoche. Tel : 604-261-4143


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