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REVIEW OF "MEDICINE WOMAN" & "FLIGHT OF THE SEVENTH MOON" FROM EARTH-RITE Date: 2/3/87 From: Luis Kemnitzer To: ALL Re: Lynn Andrews MOCCASIN LINE, newsletter of the e Northwest Indian Women's Circle in Seattle, published a review of Lynn Andrews' "Medicine Woman" and "Flight of the Seventh Moon", which is interesting as a Native American reactionb to the books and to non-Indian people's ressponse to it. The review drips with sarcasm, pointing out that Andrews' "Medicine Woman" who is a Cree and the otherŠCrees speak Hopi although they rarely travel, referring to her Gucci bag, Sasson jeans and Beverlky Hills hotel, and pointing out that "there is not one genuinely Algon- kina/Cree phrase in either book." The reviewer says, "Andrews, however, may be cynically exploiting many wome n's honest desire to find feminist magical traditions by writing them to order. In Flight of the 7th Moon, there is more Pan-Indianism and direct borrowing from European tra- dition e.g. on the inner lodges instead of on the inner planes. And a discussion of psychic shields and thought forms that owes more to Dion Fortune and the ceremonial magic tradition than to any Cree that walked on Earth. They pray to 7 planetary spirits, including Neptune, not visible to the naked eyes of precontact Crees, but not Saturn, which is." The reviewer also points out that Rub y and Agnes are not shown as using their skills at the service of their people. "In real life, the reputation of being an effective practitioner is insurance that one will rarely get to eat a meal without interruption." The final statement: "Those women readers, who seek a religious path with equality and a specifically feminine power, think: "This is it! " are really being ripped off the worst"


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