- B L U E P E A C E - BLUE PEACE: Blue peace is a new organization which will be taking ov

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--------------------------------------------------------------------- - - B L U E P E A C E - - BLUE PEACE: Blue peace is a new organization which will be taking over all operations of trying to get "congressional Hearings" open hearings concerning this subject matter of Military and Govern- ment cover-up. Blue Peace, is NOT a UFO organization per se but is a civilian interest organization. There will be more information up- coming on Blue Peace, in the next few weeks and also what it will take to become a member of this organization. There will soon be two CUFON mother system on line, meaning two phone number that can be used at the same time. One will be set to run at 300 Baud and the other will run at 1200 Baud. We are thinking of running them both at 300 and 1200 baud. We will let all members and users know when this service starts. Once again thank you, for supporting CUFON, & UFO Information Service. Also "Blue Peace" will be putting out a new Journal, the name of this Journal will be called "The Journal For Blue Peace" This journal will have all types of information for this subject matter and others along with upcoming information on trying to get these "Congressional Hearings" held. - BLUE PEACE, will need all the help they can get to bring about these hearings so please support this cause in the interests of "truth" concerning this very important subject matter. - PLEASE NOTE: Blue Peace is not a New Age movement or New Age organization; Blue Peace is to get the truth out to people who would like or who should know the truth about this subject matter and how it relates to them as Americans, and to others people of the world. - --------------------------------------------------------------------- - - **** E N D ****


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