A review on _Painted Black_ by FRC : I saw a review for ANOTHER new schlock expose' posing

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A review on _Painted Black_ by FRC : I saw a review for ANOTHER new schlock expose' posing as investigative journalism in the most recent edition of _Gnosis_. It is titled _Painted Black_ and written by Carl A. Raschke. I checked it out from the library and would like to pass along some of the funnier aspects of this "factual hysteria." It also raised a few questions about some things of which I'm not entirely certain. Mayhaps someone will be able to clear up a few of them? Some of the more obvious errors that struck me (aside from the typos which pepper the text) were the names of some of the "Satanic Metal Bands" such as (sic) Megadeaf (Megadeath), Sultic Frost (Celtic Frost) and Mentalica (Metallica). We are also informed that the directors and producers of Metal videos have drawn their asthetic style directly from Nazi propaganda films!(?) A statement is made that the "ZOSO" logo sometimes used by Led Zeppelin is actually the name of a three-headed dog that guards the entrance to Hell; I can't say anything about this as I'm unfamiliar with such a mythological creature by this name. Anybody? I was surprised that it is very well known among Heavy Metal followers that the band Slayer's name is an acronym for (sic)........... "Satan-Laughs-While-You-Eternally-Rot". Well, that made me SMILE! Maybe he meant "As" instead of "While". At least the acronym would match its supposed meaning. Speaking of dogs, Raschke tell us that "an archetypal symbol of Satan throughout the Western world has been a stray cur, an outlaw dog." That's news to me....anybody else heard this one? On a similar topic, the author claims that "one of Aleister Crowley's most famous aphorisms is ""God Barks"". This one must have slipped past me as well. Something else I found enlightening was that Michael Aquino runs a BBS in St. Louis called "Weird Net" which caters to his Satanic followers but "is in no way related to the Army!(?)" I know Brad Hicks has "Wyrd Base" in St. Louis and AMER has Aquino on their Board of Directors; I'm guessing, in light of all the other blatant inaccuracies, Raschke simply is confused.....and that is being charitable! Another anecdote he relates is that a teenager died while enacting a scenario drawn directly from _Dungeons and Dragons_. The odd thing is that the kid was doing an autoerotic hanging process, which I'm aware has killed lots of folks and is dangerous, at best. The point here is that it is NOT part of *ANY* D&D scenario I'm aware of, and am quite certain that once again the author is confused (or is simply lying). Of course, no book of this stripe would be complete without (in the authors..mind?) some ACTUAL pictures of Satanic Temples and their diabolical workings, however flawed his perceptions and descriptions may be. For us, it will provide some yucks while we marvel at his glorious ignorance. Two pictures depict a Temple for the Gnostic Mass; one empty and one with a Mass in progress. The other photo on this same page depicts The Mass of the Phoenix. Raschke's captions read "Scenes from a recent Satanic Ritual depicting a communion service using one of the participants own blood (the man in the middle has cut himself on the chest). The design of the altar and the ceremony depicted match exactly Aleister Crowley's prescriptions. Photographs by Bruce W. Yonker (used with permission). As a final note, he frequently spells OTO; Order Templi Orientalis. I can't wait for his next book as this man is a paragon of journalistic integrity.


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