+gt;+gt; This report of large bird-like tracks was filed by Ronald Jennings of Newport New

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>> This report of large bird-like tracks was filed by Ronald Jennings of Newport News, VA... On or about January 13th of this year, in James City County, just outside of Williamsburg, VA, some bizarre tracks were found in the snow on the property of one of the men that I work with. The snow had just freshly fallen when his wife discovered the prints. They were all around the perimeter of the man's property. I was told that there were hundreds. The wife took several Polaroid pictures. They were not very clear and she would not give me one, however, I did see one. Which was front and back could be debated. There were two circular marks aboyut 2.5 inches in diameter, spanning about 5 inches across. These were followed by an elongated mark, that appeared to be a little hoof-like about 5 or 6 inches long by 1 to two inches wide. This comprised one track. Total average length was eighteen inches long by five across. The average stride was 40 inches. The tracks were in pairs and suggested two legs. They were also pretty much in line with one another. The man followed the tracks into the woods and lost them. The incident has not been repeated to my knowledge. I've asked to be notified if it reoccurs so that I may photograph the prints with my 35mm camera. It is my belief that footprints in snow are very deceptive and that we may be dealing with one small four legged animal jumping, like maybe a rabbit. So far the mystery is unsolved. Will keep you posted. Ronald Jennings


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