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A Message #6814 "MagickNet Echo" Date: 06-May-89 15:01 From: George Burnett To: All Subj: Big Time Religion Oh, am I disillusioned! . I had supposed that the Neo-Pagan movement was immune to Big Time Religion. Pagan friends of mind like to say, "I don't belong to an organize d religion; I'm a Pagan." I've had experience with several Northern Californian grou ps, which served to confirm my view. Granted, some of the groups are very organized , on paper, but still in the low rent district. Now I see that "we" are not immune t o the lure of Big Time Religion. A few days ago I received the Spring 1989 "Circle N etwork Bulletin". A full half page of this 8-page, tabloid size, bulletin, was devoted to MONEY!--one o f the biggest symptoms of Big Time Religion. Items included, "a special fund-rasing drive to raise money for the Circle Sanctuary Development Fund." A disclaimer follo ws, "Money raised will go to meet several critical needs. These include the followin g:..." Anyone using a bit of logic, can see that the money may also go to other, un specified, "critical needs", in addition to those listed. The list enumerates: " cover the costs of the computer desktop publis hing system...", " replace our antiquated mailing list computer system ...", " improve our facilities for [those] who visit our center [inclu ding] at least one indoor bathroom...", "Nature plant more trees, p reserve our wetlands...and develop Circle Sanctuary as a spiritual environmental educ ation center, " refinance our center's Land as well as to cover land payment s themselves...Our center still has more than $100,000 to pay and the balloon payment comes due in 1990." [ Where is Jim Bakker when there is a need for ridiculous sums of money to be raised? ] --- * Origin: ThelemaNet - Hail Eris! * (415) 548-0163 (Opus 1:161/93) gain, ext, eply, top? N Message #6815 "MagickNet Echo" Date: 06-May-89 15:02 From: George Burnett To: All Subj: Big Time Religion Now, about the "Sanctuary" these folks are attempting to finance [ I wonder if the G oddess will "call these folks home" if they don't get their hundred thousand dollars? ]. Why am I so bitter in these two messages? Further reading led me to ask myself if these folks are running a private reserve, under the guise of a religious "Sanctua ry"? To wit: Under the heading, "Visiting Circle Sanctuary", "Circle Sanctuary, Circle's headquar ters, is a 200 acre sacred Nature preserve...If you would like to visit Circle Sanctu ary, [-- they have printed the following in bold italic letters --] you must make arrangements with us in advance. [ end of bold italic letters ]. Drop-in visitation is not permitted." [Huh?] They want heaven-knows how much money from us and they d on't want us making any "drop-in visitation"? What's going on here? "The best time s for Nature Religions practitioners (Pagans) to visit us are at our events." I inte rpret this to mean, that these folks want all the money we can throw at them, but don 't want us to interrupt their cozy living situation by just dropping in. Unlike your neighborhood church, synagogue or mosque, this facility is open only at the convenie nce of its live-in clergy. Why are orther fairly large organizations able to carry on teaching and public ritual s and all sorts of Pagan spiritual development without an envious eye on your wallet? --They are not large property owners and they are not in over their heads with wild e yed fantasies about 200 acre "Sanctuaries" and they don't have clergy who view the re ligion's property as their own private reserve. The only remaining question: Is thi s situation unique to Circle? Blessed Be to All! George B. --- * Origin: ThelemaNet - Hail Eris! * (415) 548-0163 (Opus 1:161/93)


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