OK, I have been reading the Project Beta files from Paul Bennewitz, and must say I am very

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OK, I have been reading the Project Beta files from Paul Bennewitz, and must say I am very curious about the alleged underground base but also must say this reads very much like the makings of a fiction story or movie. I have questions to say the least. How is it that this man just happens to have access to all this information ? Is it a coincidence that he just also happens to own the outfit that has supposedly developed these "weapons ?" How is it that he has spent over "$200,000" of his own money to develop these devices to protect, and defend us from the "aliens." Why wasn't he funded by the US Government, unless...(1) This is a Hoax, or (2) The US Government doesn't know that he knows the aliens are there, and that he is doing something on his own about it. How is it that he has been able to "test" his "devices" to know that they work ? Why didn't the aliens, etc. being "tested" Nuke him on the spot. Unless he tested the devices in collaboration with the Government using captured disks, and captive aliens. In which case the Government knows he is "involved," in this case there would be several more questions involved. (1) If the Government knows that Dr. Bennewitz knows then how is it that we came by the knowledge of his files ? Did the government not know that he wrote them up and gave them to someone ? I guess there is always a chance. (2) Could it be the Government is allowing the "leaks" themselves trying little by little to prepare the public for the inevitable battle soon to come ? Could it be that a mere $200,000 worth of "devices" is enough to confound and help defeat a race of beings who could be 100,000 years more advanced than we ourselves are ? I'm not about to say this is or is not at least partly true, I think something is going on for a fact, exactly what I don't know. I want to see this footage of the Alien's bases, and the UFO's that are coming and going. If He (they) have been watching the Alien transmissions over some type of captured Video receiver, then there should be video footage of that as well, where is it ? It's not that hard to shoot video of another video receiver. How is it that he is able to "understand" their communications, what language do they speak "over the computer ?" If these bases do exist and the aliens are there and this is a plan to attack them, have they also considered there may be and probably are, other bases on earth filled with thousands more alien beings who may come to the rescue of these in New Mexico, and annihilate us all ? Have they considered moon bases and mother ships hiding on the far side of the moon ? Have they considered weaponery on the "mother ships" that are far beyond our understanding and far beyond the capabilities of the smaller ships now on earth ? If the Alien intelligence is all that far beyond us shouldn't one consider they all ready have expected us to "do something about them" and as such have taken measures to prevent just such a plan ? There's just far to much to this, if it's real, then we have to do better than this, there's something not being told here.


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