Date: 11-Mar-87 00:17 MST Subj: APwi 03/10 Belleville UFO BELLEVILLE, Wis. (AP) - Lavonne

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Date: 11-Mar-87 00:17 MST Subj: APwi 03/10 Belleville UFO BELLEVILLE, Wis. (AP) -- Lavonne Freidig says she first thought it was a distant flock of geese, but closer observation showed an object shaped like an airplane fuselage with no wings. Belleville had recorded another sighting this year of an unidentified flying object. "It just hung there. I watched it and watched it," she said Monday of the object or objects she and her son, Bill, saw in the sky at dusk Sunday. After several minutes, the hitherto motionless object took off without a sound, leaving a vapor trail and several smaller objects behind it, she said. "It was really strange," said Ms. Freidig, adding that a local businessman and several of his out-of-town relatives, as well as residents of nearby Paoli also saw the object, and that someone also photographed it with a camera he had in his car. She said she and her son called the Dane County sheriff's office and were given the number of a national unidentified flying object reporting center to call. The cigar-shaped object appeared to be about as large as a pen held at arm's length, she said. In mid-January, Belleville police officer Glen Kazmar reported seeing lights much brighter than a star suspended in the sky west of Belleville for more than a half hour one evening. He said at the time that a Federal Aviation Administration radar center in Illinois detected a slow-moving object on its radar screens on the night in question. Jack Smith, manager of the FAA control tower at the Dane County Regional Airport in Madison, said Monday that tower operators did not report any unidentified objects on their radar screens Sunday evening. He said the tower received no reports of sightings from pilots. Copyright 1987 by the Associated Press. All rights reserved.


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