APwi 05/27 1752 UFO Meeting BELLEVILLE, Wis. (AP) - Some local residents hope a meeting wi

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APwi 05/27 1752 UFO Meeting BELLEVILLE, Wis. (AP) -- Some local residents hope a meeting with UFO experts next month will yield explanations for a series of close encounters earlier this year. Marian Anderson, who has helped the Center for UFO Studies coordinate its investigation into the sightings, said the meeting at the Belleville High School June 5 will feature the center's report on the sightings. Don Schmitt, co-director of the Glenview, Ill.-based center, will take part, along with investigator Richard Heiden, she said. In the Belleville area, "the reports (of sightings) were very concentrated for about three months," Ms. Anderson said. "It started about mid January and went to about early April." Lavonne Freidig, a member of a state legislator's staff in Madison, said she plans to be at the meeting. She said she was looking out her patio doors on the west edge of Belleville March 6 at about 5:45 p.m. when she saw a something strange hanging in the air above the tree line. "It was like the size of a jet plane's fuselage, but there were no wings on it," she said. "It had three round cylinders attached to it, directly underneath it." She said the large top portion took off, leaving the other three parts behind, and then they too disappeared, leaving three smoke rings. "One minute they were there; the next minute there were smoke rings," she said. She said another person, Harvey Funseth, was about five miles north of Belleville when "he saw it, too." Funseth, an employee of the state Department of Transportation, confirmed that he and a friend watched an object of a similar form for several minutes before it flew out of sight. He described it as similar to a jumbo jet airliner, but "wider than a jumbo jet body, with no wings, and just one little light in the front." Police Officer Glen Kazmar, who plans to attend the meeting, said he saw a cluster of red, blue and white lights while on the job late on the night of Jan. 15. The lights, he said, remained stationary and then moved away. "In all my 11 years as a police officer, I never saw anything like that," he said, adding that a neighbor accompanying him in the patrol car as part of the city's "ride-along" program saw the same thing, even though Kazmar never pointed it out to him. Ms. Anderson, of Madison, said her own interest in UFOs dated back to 1947, when she and others watched silvery, soundless objects fly over Stoughton, 20 miles east of Belleville. "There were nine of them, in a perfect row," she said. "We stood on the corner on Main Street and watched them go over our heads." Ms. Anderson said she has read extensively on UFOs since about the mid 1970s.


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