HOW TO BE BORN AGAIN Some people say: ˙+quot;Why all this fuss about being born again? Why

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HOW TO BE BORN AGAIN Some people say: ˙"Why all this fuss about being born again? Why are so many talking about it?" Nicodemus, ˙who was a 'ruler of the Jews' during Christ's day, ˙came to Jesus asking for advice. ˙Jesus' simple answer: "Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God." ˙(John 3:3) Some today, like Nicodemus, ˙will ask, ˙"How can a man be born again when he is old? Can he enter the second time into ˙his mother's womb and be born?" (John 3:4) But Jesus answers, ˙"That which is born of flesh is flesh, ˙and that which is born of the Spirit ˙is spirit," ˙stating again that one must experience a spiritual rebirth in order to ˙enter heaven - "YE MUST BE BORN AGAIN." -A VERY PERSONAL QUESTION- Have you been born again? ˙have you experienced this spiritual ˙rebirth? This is the one thing, according to the Word of God, ˙that will determine your eternal destiny. For ˙those who really want to know how to be born again, ˙here is the answer from God's inerrant Word: We ˙must RECOGNIZE the FACT that we are sinners, ˙that we have violated God's laws (and we ALL have). God says, "ALL HAVE SINNED AND COME SHORT OF ˙THE GLORY OF GOD ........ ˙THERE IS NONE RIGHTEOUS, NO NOT ONE ... ˙THERE IS NOT A ˙JUST MAN UPON EARTH THAT DOETH GOOD AND SINNETH NOT ... ˙IF WE SAY THAT WE HAVE NOT SINNED, ˙WE MAKE HIM A LIAR, AND HIS WORD IS NOT IN US." ˙(Romans 3:23,10) We must REPENT of our sins. ˙The Bible says: ˙God commandeth all men everywhere to repent." ˙(Acts 17:30) Jesus said, "Except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish." (Luke 13:30) It ˙is ˙not so difficult ˙to ˙repent when we pause to THINK of what our sins have cost us, cost our friends, ˙and cost our loved ones - but, most of all, of what that have cost GOD. It was for our sins, yours and mine, that God, ˙the CREATOR and KING of this universe, left heaven and came to earth in ˙˙the ˙person ˙of ˙the ˙Lord ˙Jesus Christ, ˙˙to suffer and bleed and die - that WE might be free. "Hereby PERCEIVE we the love of ˙God, because ˙HE laid down HIS life of ˙us." (I John 3:16) We ˙must ˙RECEIVE ˙Christ ˙INTO ˙our hearts and lives as our PERSONAL Savior and ˙Lord. ˙˙We can read ˙John's ˙words about Jesus in the first chapter: "He ˙was in the world, ˙and the world was made by Him, and the world knew Him not. ˙He came unto His own, and His own received ˙Him ˙not. ˙˙But ˙as ˙many ˙as RECEIVED Him, ˙to THEM gave He power to become ˙the sons of God, ˙even to ˙them that believe on His name." ˙(John 1:1- 13) --THE PROMISE OF GOD- The moment we open our hearts to the Lord ˙Jesus, ˙˙and place ˙our ˙complete trust ˙in Him, ˙and Him alone, ˙as ˙our Savior, ˙˙God ˙promises to forgive ˙our sins, save our soul, and reserve for us a ˙home ˙in ˙heaven so ˙that, ˙˙on ˙the authority ˙of the Word of God, ˙we ˙can KNOW where we will spend eternity. ˙God tells us: "These ˙things have I ˙written ˙unto you that believe on the name of the Son of ˙God; ˙that ye may know that ye have eternal ˙life." ˙(I John ˙5:13) ˙˙Jesus promises: "He ˙˙that ˙heareth ˙my ˙word, ˙˙and believeth ˙on ˙Him that sent me, ˙˙hath everlasting ˙life, ˙and shall not ˙come into condemnation; ˙but is passed ˙from death unto life." (John 5:24) You ˙can ˙be ˙born again ˙SIMPLY ˙by praying and asking Jesus Christ to work this miracle in your life. ˙You can ˙do it AT THIS VERY MOMENT. ˙Although it is your ˙HEART'S attitude that counts, ˙we suggest ˙the following prayer that ˙may guide you. "JESUS, I AM WILLING TO REPENT OF MY SINS ˙AND ˙RECEIVE YOU AS ˙MY ˙PERSONAL SAVIOR AND LORD. ˙I ˙WANT TO PUT YOU IN COMPLETE CHARGE OF MY LIFE. I TURN FROM MY OWN PATH AND REPENT OF MY ˙DIRECTION AND ASK FOR YOU TO FORGIVE ME. ˙I THANK YOU FOR PAYING THE PENALTY FOR MY ˙SINS AND ˙I THANK YOU FOR YOUR LOVE. ˙˙THANK YOU, ˙˙˙GOD, ˙˙FOR ˙MAKING ˙ME ˙A ˙˙NEW CREATURE." ------JUST IN CASE----- In ˙many mailings you receive, ˙˙you come ˙across ˙a folded ˙paper ˙that ˙is labeled ˙"DO ˙NOT READ UNLESS YOU ˙HAVE DECIDED NOT TO BUY, ETC..." This is our communication. If you are thinking about NOT making this ˙decision, ˙˙we want to ˙make ˙one final comment. God ˙is not someone or something you should try to explain away ... ˙or even pretend ˙He isn't there, ˙that ˙is ˙not important! ˙Instead, ˙why not reach out and ˙commit yourself to HIM completely? Pray ˙the ˙above prayer or ˙words ˙that come from your heart and MEAN it! Just ˙like that - you will ˙be ˙BORN AGAIN, and you will find you have taken the ˙first step on an exciting, ˙˙mind- boggling ˙˙˙eternal ˙˙˙adventure ˙˙˙˙of fellowship ˙˙with ˙the ˙God ˙˙of ˙˙this universe. ˙˙An adventure that can ˙take you through the pressures of this ˙life like ˙˙NOTHING ˙you ˙have ˙EVER ˙˙tried before. ˙˙God promises that He will not send ˙us ˙ANYWHERE ˙that ˙He ˙has ˙˙not already prepared the way. ˙Rest in HIM. Come to HIM. Downloaded from Computers for Christ HQ. San Jose,Calif. 408-997-2790


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