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====================================================================== <> * 416-237-1204 * PC-Pursuitable * File Requestable * HST * 24 Hour Operation * Sysop - Tom Mickus * Toronto * FREE ====================================================================== ====================================================================== BARKER.TXT - Facts surrounding the Steinman-Barker letter ^^^^^^^^^ - By Grant Cameron ====================================================================== Note: The Barker re-write can be found on page 334 of Steinman's book, "UFO Crash at Aztec". The original is reproduced on pages 326-328. ====================================================================== "The truth is only arrived at by the painstaking process of eliminating the untrue." Sherlock Holmes as quoted by Bill Moore In a Sept. 14,1989 letter to myself and T. Scott Crain, Williams L. Moore sent us a copy of the April 84,Issue #21 Steinman- Gray Barker letter. We were asked to consider Steinman's credibility in light of this letter. Bill Moore stated, "It was precisely over this issue that I broke off relations with Steinman five years ago." Bill Steinman, it appears, has taken much criticism over this letter from many circles. In an August 6, 1985 letter from Jerome Clark to Bill Steinman, Clark stated he was glad that the Sarbacher letter had gotten wide distribution, "otherwise, we'd have nothing but your lurid fantasies about it (such as your science-fictional version described in GRAY BARKER'S NEWSLETTER while back.)" In a May 25,84 letter from Stanton Friedman to William Steinman, Friedman also hints at this letter. "I must express my strong concern about not going past the data... as was the case with Sarbacher." I was most concerned , related to the Steinman-Barker letter, about why Steinman would say that Sarbacher had attended the WPAFB meeting when Steinman knew quite clearly that he had not. Fortunately, before Steinman had the chance to write me and point out my lack of checking and verifying, I discovered the answer for myself. Had others checked, they too, would have discovered the fact that Gray Barker made significant and damaging changes to the letter. Here are the FACTS The Steinman-Barker letter refered to my all researchers is a rewritten distorted extrapolation of the origional Dec 24, 1983 letter. Steinman in his book UFO CRASH AT AZTEC refers to it as "a somewhat distorted version." (P.334) I have enclosed the original which Steinman provided in his book for comparison. Why did Steinman state Sarbacher had attended the WPAFB meeting when he hadn't? Steinman didn't. Barker added the words (which he attended.) A quick check of the enclosed original will show that these words were not in the original. Steinman has frequently extrapolated on the known data to present his impression of what that data means. In the Dec.24,83 letter to Barker he does so and clearly states this. "My speculations are," writes Steinman, "that the purposes of those meetings were..." Barker in his rewriting of this sentence, however, leaves out the "my speculations are" thus making it appears that Steinman is claiming that this information related to the purposes of the WP meetings was given him by Sarbacher. Steinman is saying no such thing. As to the outcome of the meetings, Steinman states "I believe that the outcome of the meetings..." Barker once again leaves out the "I believe" thus creating the impression that Steinman is claiming this information came from Sarbacher. Once again this is not true. As to the diversionary measures Steinman clearly states "I believe the following diversionary measure..." Barker again leaves out the " I believe" in his retelling to make it appear Sarbacher related this information. Barker even goes as far as to extend the underlining under "did recover" to "did recover three flying saucers." He also capitolized all the words which is not done in the original. It appears therefore that Barker is the one that is guilty of lurid fantacies and science fiction versions. Steinman Dec.24,83 letter to Barker was based upon the Sarbacher letter which he received, and on the Smith-Sarbacher notes which he assumed had not yet been released. A re-reading will I think show that Steinman letter was very accurate based on what Sarbacher material he had. (signed:) Grant Cameron cc William L. Moore Jerry Clark William Steinman Walt Andrus Tom Mickus T. 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