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Origin: XBN - 0077 - B:AENNEWS From: STEVE ERICKSON To: ALL Date: 11/13/93 Re: I BEEN THINKING ------------------------------------------------------------------- AN ESSAY ON BABYLON There are two self-evident truths that should manifest themselves to anyone who will but think about them for a moment. 1. Communism, as an operating system, is parasitic. It MUST have an external source of supply to exist. 2. Banking, as an operating system, is parasitic. It MUST have an external source of wealth to exist. One of the foundations (sic) of Communism is the idea of equal distribution of labor and wealth. "From each according to his ability; . . . to each according to his need." Ayn Rand revealed the foolishness of this idea back in 1957 with her masterpiece, "ATLAS SHRUGGED". Simply stated, when this idea is implemented as a rule of society, output decreases and demand increases. There will be no technological advances, no improvement in the standard of living and no surpluses of goods. Historically, Communist systems have consumed a large portion of their own people as well as the food, goods and services of other nations; just to stay afloat. The corollary then, is that wherever a Communist system is operating, there must also be an external source of supply to feed it. Who or what would feed it? For example, where on earth can we find a supply of food, industrial and domestic goods, and raw materials sufficient to transform Russia from an 19th century agrarian monarchy into a 20th century superpower? The obvious answer is that the goods necessary to build a com- munist state must come from another nation or nations that are producing in excess of what is necessary to support themselves. The banking system, as it presently operates, is similar to Communism in that it produces nothing. It does, however, provide the mechanism whereby the Communist ideology may be implemented. The banking system effectively transfers the wealth of those with ability, the producers, to those with a "need", the parasites. It does this by creating the illusion that a bookkeeping entry denominated in "dollars" on the books of a bank is equal to real goods and services, also measured in dollars. Thus, by creating bookkeeping entries and exchanging them for things of real value, the banking system acquires title to real goods and services with- out having to produce anything of value itself. Why, you ask, would any productive person be willing to exchange real goods for numbers in a book? The promoters of the banking system were probably thinking on this question when they created the concept of "Buy Now - Pay Later." By appealing to a basic element of human nature, greed, and by slowly supplanting real money with their own valueless substitute, the banking system established control over the FLOW of wealth. In order to exchange wealth (buying and selling), it became necessary to utilize the system. Visible or not, there is a bank in between every sale or purchase of real goods. Having acquired control over both the flow of wealth and the medium of exchange, the banking system is also in a position to determine the VALUE of goods and services. This is accomplished by altering both the SUPPLY of "money" and the COST of borrowing it. This is more commonly recognized as the "Inflation Rate" and the "Interest Rate". Increases in the SUPPLY of "money" cause increases in the rate of inflation whereby the price of goods appears to increase due to the decrease in the purchasing power of the "money." Increasing the COST of borrowing, the interest rate, increases the cost of producing goods which in turn increases the cost of the goods themselves. From the foregoing it follows that once the banking system expands beyond national borders and becomes international in scope of operation, it is a simple matter via politics to control and direct the flow of goods from one country to another. Balance of trade data will describe who are the relative debtor and creditor nations but ultimately everyone ends up owing the bank. This is true because the banking system only creates "money" enough for the PRINCIPAL of the loans but never enough to cover the INTEREST. Hence, it is mathematically impossible to pay off all of the loans. After a few cycles of this activity, the total debt will be many times greater than the total money supply. At this point the debtor nation is "Bankrupt" because its debt far exceeds its ability to pay. The banking system then can foreclose on the debtor and seize its assets, which, in the case of a nation, is the total Gross National Product PLUS a lien on future production. Enter the income tax. It is no coincidence that the Federal Reserve System and the Income Tax were born on the same day. Nor is it surprising to learn that Communist Russia was born within five years after the other two. The Income Tax functions as a regulator for what had hitherto been the weak link in every fiat money system ever attempted. The tax allows for continuous "loans" of newly created "money" without the problem of having the total money supply inflate to worthlessness. It does this by period- ically removing from circulation a portion of the previously created "money" so as to keep the overall total at a manageable level. It also functions, by adjusting the tax laws, to direct the FLOW of "money" into those areas that the bankers wish to promote and away from those they wish to discourage. If they wish to promote offshore oil drilling, they merely instruct their lackeys in Congress to legislate write-offs and deductions for investments in oil production. If they wish to discourage domestic auto production, they merely add more taxes and regulation on that industry. If you understand the foregoing, you should also recognize the weak link in the system, i.e., the original lie that book- keeping entries (and paper bank notes) are equal in value to real goods and services. Should the general public ever stop believing the lie, the system would collapse almost immediately from lack of participation. Taken as a whole, this system of banking, taxation and political control I call Babylon. This name is derived from the Biblical entity of the same name which is described therein as having a present/future existence. Babylon in the Bible is described as: Having made the Merchants of the earth rich. Rev.18:3 Having oppressed and destroyed many nations. Hab.2:6-8 Having promoted the use of drugs. Rev.18:23 Being the seller of nations. Nahum 3:4 Being finally destroyed by God. Jer. 51:11 This is not all that the Bible has to say about Babylon but it is representative. The interested reader is invited to compare these and other Bible passages with the present global monetary system(s), ALL of which are based on bank-created "money". Then compare the connections between international merchant and banking activity and internationally managed military activity and it becomes clear just WHO this present-day Babylon is. All of this, of course, is my own speculation and observations. What intrigues me is the similarity between the Babylon of the Bible and America; specifically New York City. I also think that the "City of London" figures into the picture. Centered in New York and London today we have the Merchant, Banking, Political and Military capitols of the world. Wall street, the U.N., the Bank of England, Lloyds of London, Chase Manhattan Bank; all are institutions with significant global influence and power. If these observations are anywhere near accurate, then America is on the threshold of destruction. Issues like health care, gun rights, taxation, and the environment may soon fade to insig- nificance. I offer the foregoing with a view to stimulating thought and discussion. One thing is certain: America is in a world of hurt right now. Maybe it's time to "Come out of Babylon." OLX 2.1 TD Life is a school, but not all are students. --- WM v2.09/92-0593 # Origin: AmeriKa BBS - Anchorage,AK. 907-272-1776 (9:1997/0) * Origin: SearchNet --> FidoNet EchoGate! (114:1/0.0) <*>


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