33 u80ici1.11h40. The joy of men shall be our silver gleam, their woe our blue gleam all i

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33 u80ici1.11h40. The joy of men shall be our silver gleam, their woe our blue gleam all in the mother-of-pearl. 41. (The scribe was wroth thereat. He spake: O Adonai and my master, I have borne the inkhorn and the pen without pay, in order that I might search this river of Amrit, and sail thereon as one of ye. This I demand for my fee, that I partake of the echo of your kisses.) 42. (And immediately it was granted unto him.) 43. (Nay; but not therewith was he content. By an infinite abasement unto shame did he strive. Then a voice:) 44. Thou strivest ever; even in thy yielding thou strivest to yield and lo! thou yieldest not. 45. Go thou unto the outermost places and subdue all things. 46. Subdue thy fear and thy disgust. Then yield! 47. There was a maiden that strayed among the corn, and sighed; then grew a new birth, a narcissus, and therein she forgot her sighing and her loneliness. 48. Even instantly rode Hades heavily upon her, and ravished her away. 49. (Then the scribe knew the narcissus in his heart; but because it came not to his lips, therefore was he shamed and spake no more.) 50. Adonai spake yet again with V.V.V.V.V. and said: The earth is ripe for vintage; let us eat of her grapes, and be drunken thereon. 51. And V.V.V.V.V. answered and said: O my lord, my dove, my excellent one, how shall this word seem unto the children of men? 52. And He answered him: Not as thou canst see. It is certain that every letter of this cipher hath some value; but who shall determine the value? For it varieth ever, according to the subtlety of Him that made it. 53. And He answered Him: Have I not the key thereof? I am clothed with the body of flesh; I am one with the Eternal and Omnipotent God. 54. Then said Adonai: Thou hast the Head of the Hawk, and thy Phallus is the Phallus of Asar. Thou knowest the white, and thou knowest the black, and thou knowest that these are one. But why seekest thou the knowledge of their equivalence? 55. And he said: That my Work may be right. 1w3,6,956. And Adonai said: The strong brown reaper swept his swathe and rejoiced. The wise man counted his muscles, and pondered, and understood not, and was sad. u80 Reap thou, and rejoice! 57. Then was the Adept glad, and lifted his arm. Lo! an earthquake, and plague, and terror on the earth! A casting down of them that sate in high places; a famine upon the multitude! 58. And the grape fell ripe and rich into his mouth. 59. Stained is the purple of thy mouth, O brilliant one, with the white glory of the lips of Adonai. 60. The foam of the grape is like the storm upon the sea; the ships tremble and shudder; the shipmaster is afraid. 61. That is thy drunkenness, O holy one, and the winds whirl away the soul of the scribe into the happy haven. 62. O Lord God! let the haven be cast down by the fury of the storm! Let the foam of the grape tincture my soul with Thy light! 63. Bacchus grew old, and was Silenus; Pan was ever Pan for ever and ever more throughout the aeons. 64. Intoxicate the inmost, O my lover, not the outermost! 65. So was it ever the same! I have aimed at the peeled wand of my God, and I have hit; yea, I have hit.


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