LC.G04 - BILL PRO bl NOT ®MDSU¯®MDNM¯ There were four (some say five) distinct races, each

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LC.G04 -- BILL *PRO *bl *NOT ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ®MDSU¯*®MDNM¯ There were four (some say five) distinct races, each having several sub-races. But the main characteristics were the same. Some alleged the Portugese and the English to be survivals of this or kindred stock. **Or Zra'd. The ZR is drawled slowly; the the lips are suddenly curled back in a sneering snarl, and the vowel sharply and forcibly uttered. It is disputed whether this word is connected with the Sanscrit SRI, holy. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ®MDSU¯*®MDNM¯ The same danger to society in ouru own time has been forseen, and an identical remedy discovered and applied in compulsory education and cheap newspapers. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ®MDSU¯*®MDNM¯ Gautama Buddha was the reincarnation or legend of a previous Buddha who was a missionary from Atlas, hence the account of his immovable neck, the ears that he could fold over his face, and other monstrous details. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ®MDSU¯*®MDNM¯ There was a Governor of these, of whose name, nature and function I am not permitted to speak. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ®MDSU¯*®MDNM¯ One of the most brilliant children committed suicide on learning that he could not move his upper jaw. This boy is one of the eleven heroes who had statues in the High House. And the Atlantean for ``sorrow'' in its ultimate sense (``dukka'' or ``weltschmerz'') is to wrench at the upper jaw. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ®MDSU¯*®MDNM¯ This system of communication has great advantages over any other. It is independent of distance, and dependent on the will of the transmitter. Telepathic messages could not be ``tapped'' or miscarry in any way. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ®MDSU¯*®MDNM¯ Called by them Zhee-Zhou, in imitation of the swish of the tail and the cry of its victim. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ®MDSU¯*®MDNM¯ The point was discussed fully, and finally relegated, in the Council of Stockholm, 1913. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ®MDSU¯*®MDNM¯ The scene is so real to me that I find it impossible to avoid using the historic present here and elsewhere, inadvertently. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ®MDSU¯*®MDNM¯ There are six other pieces of apparatus to insulate and carry to the basin the six subtler principles of sweat. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ®MDSU¯*®MDNM¯ Only the smallest quantity is required, and it is unchanged, its function being purely catalytic. This form of phosphorus is one of the most stable elements. It combines (so far as is known) only with Zro. But if thrown out of such a combination, it becomes ordinary yellow phosphorus. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ®MDSU¯*®MDNM¯ In spite of the absolute promiscuity of the Atlanteans, this was never in doubt, owing to the special mark of each man, whose stigma or variation was infallibly transmitted. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ®MDSU¯*®MDNM¯ This item is loosely used, as equivalent of ``life.'' The sacrifice is described later, and the point made clear. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ®MDSU¯*®MDNM¯ No other disease was known after the bringing of the Zro to its ninth stage, all indisposition being instantly cured by a single dose. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ®MDSU¯*®MDNM¯ No known state of pure Zro is stable. From this it will be seen how entirely Atlas was in the hands of the servile races. Fortunately no trouble ever arose; the supply of labour was always ample. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ®MDSU¯*®MDNM¯ There was also a settlement in Finland. Its only remains in historic periods is ``Lapland Witches.'' ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ®MDSU¯*®MDNM¯ There are various theories; one a sort of avatar affair, another that the Atla is a quintessence of some kind; another calls ``To Her'' the ``Angel of Venus, the force of our aspiration.'' ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ®MDSU¯*®MDNM¯ A mere compliment. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ®MDSU¯*®MDNM¯ Especially monkeys. The results of this experiment were sent to colonize an island, but escaped, and after many journeys, reached Japan, where their descendants flourish still. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ®MDSU¯*®MDNM¯ A partial exception existed for prime numbers, as being self-generated, and each of these which had been investigated had its special (and comparatively simple) signification. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ®MDSU¯*®MDNM¯ There was also the marriage of those of the Magicians who refused all intercourse with the opposite sex, and were therefore married to the whole sex as such. Here was no ceremony used; but each had a special mark signifying that he or she was thus consecrated. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ®MDSU¯*®MDNM¯ MAR is Atlantean (also Sanscrit) for die. This word throws light on their conception of death. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ®MDSU¯*®MDNM¯ Note that no tautologies defile its linguistic wells. ``As I have written'' is never changed to ``as I have observed, noted, described, said, indicated, remarked, pointed out'' and so on. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ®MDSU¯*®MDNM¯ I must revert for a moment to the language. OIK, Greek ®MDSO¯OIKOS ®MDNM¯meant the ``House of the penetrating men.'' NOM, Greek ®MDSO¯NOMOS®MDNM¯, the ``arch of the House of the Women,'' ®MDUL¯i.e.®MDNM¯ that which roofed them in or protected them. Hence ``the law.'' ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ®MDSU¯*®MDNM¯ Needle-sharp daggers of Zro in its seventh stage were used to write on the rock walls of Atlas. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ®MDSU¯*®MDNM¯ This matter is not for open discussion. Even at this distant date it would be dangerous to do so much even as indulge in speculation. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ®MDSU¯*®MDNM¯ I write a little, but not much, in advance of the events. To illustrate the theory here advanced I will ask the reader to compare the results of the attempts to colonize America by (a) the whole military power of Spain at her zenith, (b) the handful of exiles in the ``Mayflower.'' ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ®MDSU¯*®MDNM¯ The Legend of the Deluge is derived from this event. *END


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