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====================================================================== FILE ORIGINATES FROM: <> UPLOADED BY: Tom Mickus DATE OF UPLOAD: FEB/07/1990 ====================================================================== ====================================================================== AUDIO.TXT [ ***] UFORIC obtains rare UFO lecture audio ====================================================================== ====================================================================== NOTE: The file is reproduced verbatim, except for use of "(sic)". For more information on UFORIC, please see the UFONET file entitled, "UFORIC.ZIP". ======================================================================= ======================================================================= PERMISSION TO PHOTOCOPY THIS LETTER FOR GENERAL DISTRIBUTION GRANTED. U.F.O RESEARCH INSTITUTE OF CANADA 24 Hour Reporting Service - News Updates Daily DIRECTOR: Lorne Goldfeather 1990 --------------------------- U F O R I C For information call: (604) 685-1-UFO (836) Or write: Dept. 25 - 1665 Robson St., Vancouver, B.C., Canada V6G 3C2 --------------------------------------------------------------------------- BID SHEET PRODUCT - WILBUR SMITH - CANADIAN SCIENTIST WHO WORKED ON THE CANADIAN UFO STUDY PROJECT - "PROJECT MAGNET", WITH AN OBSERVATION POST, IN THE 1950'S - DISCOVERED AUDIO TAPE. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- The U.F.O RESEARCH INSTITUTE OF CANADA has discovered, and taken possession of all of the reel to reel audio lectures recorded in the 1950's and 1960's, by the now defunct - VANCOUVER AREA FLYING SAUCER CLUB. In many cases, we have more than one lecture or interview of a particular individual. None of these tapes has ever been released to, nor heard by the public before with the exception of a few old Canadian radio interviews ( the station does not exist anymore ). We thought it appropriate that the first audio tape we present should be W.H. (sic) SMITH, whose name has resurfaced recently in the international U.F.O. research community over a letter he wrote concerning U.S.A. government security classification level of U.F.O.'S. The observation post was equipped with magnometers. Although Mr. Smith had to officially present watered down results to the public, this audio reveals for the first time ever, IN HIS OWN WORDS: (1) UFO'S STEALTH CAPABILITY AND HIS THEORY ON IT, FROM PERSONAL OBSERVATION. (2) A REFERRAL TO "LITTLE MEN", WHICH WAS NOT PUBLICALLY KNOWN AT THE TIME. (3) HOW NUCLEAR EXPLOSIONS AFFECT GRAVITATIONAL FIELDS, CAUSING VORTEXES, STRUCTURAL FAULTS IN BUILDINGS, AND - AIR CRASHES; AS WELL AS AN INSTRUMENT USED IN PROJECT MAGNET TO TEST AND VERIFY THE INFORMATION GIVEN TO HIS DEPARTMENT BY AN ELECTRICAL ENGINEER MOST LIKELY WORKING FOR THE CANADIAN GOVERNMENT, WHO HAD ACCESS TO EXTRATERRESTRIAL COMMUNICATIONS. (4) INSTRUCTIONS HOW TO BUILD AN ATMOSPHERIC VORTEX ZONE DETECTOR, WHICH WAS PLACED ON A CANADIAN GOVERNMENT AIRCRAF (R.C.A.F.), AND THE SHOCKING, NEGATIVE RESULTS OF THEIR TESTS. (5) AN EXPLANATION OF THE PROPULSION SYSTEMS OF UFO'S AND HOW THE CANADIAN GOVERNMENT ACHIEVED PARTIAL RESULTS, SUCCESSFULLY, OVER 35 YEARS AGO. (6) NEW THEORIES ON TIME AND TRAVEL FROM THE ALIEN POINT OF VIEW. (7) A SECRET PHOTO, NEVER RELEASED TO THE PUBLIC, SHOWN TO THE SCIENTIST BY THE GOVERNMENT, AND AN EXPLANATION OF THIS PHOTO. THERE IS A QUESTION AND ANSWER SESSION AT THE END OF THE LECTURE. This tape is remarkable, as it really shows that the Canadian Government knew a lot more about UFO's than they were telling anyone. It also reveals another side to this historically prominent scientist which few knew about. In so many words: IT'S A BOMBSHELL - AND BREAKS NEW GROUND. IT'S ALSO EVIDENCE WHICH THE CANADIAN GOVERNMENT CANNOT DENY. TERMS OF SALE ARE AS FOLLOWS: You receive, and we retain, rights of sale ---------------------------- to the public. We keep the original reel to reel and you receive a HIGH GRADE, STUDIO QUALITY CASSETTE COPY OF THE MASTER. We can then either make individual copies for you on order, at a set price, or you can copy from the cassette we send you, for sale to the public. No offer accepted below $1000.00 (CAN?) - (existing bid on hold from Great Britain). Our current AUDIO ARCHIVAL STOCK of original reel to reels, numbers 35-45, depending on desired quality - and include such notables as: GEORGE VAN TASSEL ** GEORGE KING ** KEYHOLE (sic) ** DAN FRY ** REX DATA ** ADAMSKY ** GREY (sic) BARKER ** AND OTHERS (LIST AVAILABLE). The complete package is priced at $50,000.00 (CAN?) - open to negotiation. In this case, all original reel to reels, copyright, and rights of sale will be completely transferred to the customer. Arrangements will be made for the potential customer to hear all the tapes at their expense, by telephone or in person. Considering the technology used during the time, the tapes are remarkably clear, and considerably free of distortion (some are better than others). Opportunities such as this are rare. A great deal of income can be generated over a long period of time, from public sale in magazines and mailing lists. Once the tapes are gone, you may have to wait years for another original collection, and chances are, they will either be copies, or have been released to the public at some time. We await your written replies or calls to our HOTLINE (604) 6851-UFO = 6851-836. LORNE GOLDFEATHER - DIRECTOR (signed) THE UFO RESEARCH INSTITUTE OF CANADA =============================== END OF FILE ================================= ============================================================================= = Directory Listing of <> Computer Bulletin Board Systems = ============================================================================= ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- <> Board Name System Data Phone Baud Net/Node Location Operator Remarks Hours ============================================================================= <> THE CRUCIBLE Tom 416-237-1204 12/96 HST (1:250/440) Toronto, ON Mickus Canadian Hub 24 Hrs ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- <> Nexus Linda 602-526-8025 3/96 HST (1:304/1) Flagstaff, AZ Murphy American Hub 24 Hrs ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- <> LATTICE~ Rod 405-277-3603 3/96 HST (1:147/66) Luther, OK Wilson 14.4 HST 24 Hrs ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- <> Astro-Net David 714-662-2294 3/24 (1:103/903) Costa Mesa, CA Rice 24 Hrs ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- <> Radio Free Milwaukee Pete 414-351-1823 3/96 HST (1:154/414) River Hills, WI Porro Multi-line 24 Hrs ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- <> Studio PC Ralph 813-862-8850 3/96 (1:377/2) Port Richey, FL LoBianco 24 Hrs ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- <> The Briefcase BBS Mike 316-652-9202 3/24 (1:291/3) Wichita, KS Holcomb 24 Hrs ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- <> BXT-1761 David 512-298-1761 3/24 (1:136/402) Del Rio, TX Winters 24 Hrs ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- <> The Arts Rap Bob 716-223-7874 3/24 (1:260/234) Rochester, NY Branch 24 Hrs ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- ============================================================================= = IF YOU HAVE ANY UFO RELATED INFORMATION THAT YOU WOULD LIKE US TO SEE = = OR HAVE DISTRIBUTED, YOU CAN NOW SEND IT VIA OUR NEW UFONET FAX LINE. = ============================================================================= = ------>>> UFONET FAX HOTLINE - 24 Hrs - (414) 351-2075 <<<------ = =============================================================================


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