9/16/93. I be already present. I be ATON. Thank thee. I come now in Lighted Essence of ALL

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9/16/93. I be already present. I be ATON. Thank thee. I come now in Lighted Essence of ALL WHICH BE ALL THINGS ALL. I speak now in words specific onto issues germane, that which concerns all beings thereon. Please then to place down MY words as spoken, if thee will Thomas. "Many are they who doubt of MY words as who I be, as to where I be of, and to why they be in total hereon. This be to some allowed, and to others not. This be much a mystery for thee ones to solve, as through thy efforts in looking, answers be then given." "Thee ponders that I be too severe or harsh with thee to ever be thy God--such foolish talk gets thee nowhere, for thee not know thy God but only thinks thee do. Thy "god" be not in caring as to whether or not thee worships of idols, of man designs, of gold and silver. This "GOD" so does, and makes of much that thee follow in ways of ATON." "Yea, I have threatened to stop of My communication to thee ones. I sorely require that thee put thought into why I return with these words. Thee has driven away Those that but wanted to assist, for They find much unworthiness to effort. Can thee imagine the why of that? So much to learn, so little the effort necessary, makes of impossible any chance for Higher Learnings outside of self-doing BY self, and onto ME. This I say to be so." "When thee effort to ME, so shall I effort onto back. If thee thinks I do not care of thee, please the considering of why thee still be in breathing. There be reason, it be seen. No better starting on pathway MINE than in understanding of what means proper caring, as to ME and as to thy fellow participant in this play of plays thee be acting within." "Such be in placement format already. Follow of them carefully so that thee learn and then do that which be designed for thy betterments. I take now leave, and to be in return as considered of necessity. I BE ATON, thy Creator of this thy present placement. Thee shall learn that to serve of ME be in thy interests best. How thee find of this? Try and see! I be now to clear and be out." Thomas, please to place onto thy network basing this very day. Every word correct--I say this be so. And I thank of thee. I be in returning. I be out. 9:54 a.m. MDT


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