I be now here. I be ATON. I be in origin of thy sun apparent. I be in intent to speak thro

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I be now here. I be ATON. I be in origin of thy sun apparent. I be in intent to speak through thee to thy readership networking group. Please to place of My Words to print, Ian Thomas. "I be ATON, and for most, thy Creator. I speak now of things not apparent and yet apparent, and to those of eyes still that can see and have of ears to hear. Hear Me now. No longer be thee to wait for promises made. My forces be thereon and in place for thy benefit. No longer be allowed that which be evol to be nurtured to thy heartplace, for it be the time for resolution. Soon to appear to all corners of thy planet dimension Beings Great in stature. They but come to seek of others that have of yearning for TRUTH of LIGHTED WISDOM. They have MINE blessing to teach of thee--listen and closely to Their Words for they be for thy benefit. Listen and act, if thee wishes of MINE GRACE and GRACE of LIGHTED ALL IN ALL. Be in casting down thy present conceived ideas to all things taught in evol format. I BE in keeping of MINE WORD to thee of mankind--be in keeping of thine word that thee gave onto ME when prior coming hereon emplaced. I, ATON, say onto thee that this be so as so stated. MINE WORD be to be learned and followed, as softly or as strongly as thee make the need for. I be now in clearing." Thomas, please to send of transmission to thy network as soon as readied. I shall be in returning as be necessary. ATON to out. 9/9/93. 9:09a.m. MDT--received by Ian Thomas Cooper


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