9/5/93. To All. I be ATON ESSENCE. I be now in speaking from Within of the LIGHTED ESSENCE

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9/5/93. To All. I be ATON ESSENCE. I be now in speaking from Within of the LIGHTED ESSENCE OF ALL THAT BE ALL THINGS ALL AND FOR EVERMORE BE ALL. Thomas, please to post this as soon as possible and in proper sequence to that which already be received. I be not hereon, but I speak to hereon ones that wish to seek of LIGHTED ESSENCE. My message to these ones be as follows: Too long thee have been misled by teachings of falseness. Be that it be up to thee to take from chaffed learnings that which be false and that which be truth. Be that it be known that such doing renders onto thyself true answers to thine LIGHTED ESSENCE that thee call "soulpart". I make claims to be thy Creator and thee find it full of doubt. Thee not to KNOW until thee search for within, which thee not know how. Follow of that which be given thee, for to KNOW be My Way. Use of such to enlighten self onto freedom from thy controlling oppressors. Such be not long in coming so that ye will KNOW. I say this be so. My Words be of frightening to some, for the inside of them KNOW of words of TRUTH and be much of tension, turmoil and heaviness of heartplace. This be likened onto fear yet not be fear but of guilt. Beget of LIGHT OF MINE, thee ones of Shan placement, be in the begetting while there be moment given. I say not this to frighten. I say not this to intimidate as before believed. I say to keep of My Word onto thee ones of past shame--be it so as so said. Thy time of allegience giving be soon to pass thee by. What risk thee take by the refusing be soon seen. Thomas, thy work be shown to be of much assistance. Thy translation be correct. Give now to others that they have same chance for the understandment. I be ATON ESSENCE, and I be in clearing and to out.


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