9/3/93. Hello again! This is Ian Thomas Cooper. I speak and write of these words from with

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9/3/93. Hello again! This is Ian Thomas Cooper. I speak and write of these words from within of the Lighted Essence of ALL WHICH BE ALL THINGS ALL. Today I happened across a posting from someone from INTERNET, asking in apparent sincerity some questions which require of answers. And so I shall make attempts at answering them. To begin, I am not ATON, although I, like you, am OF ATON. I of myself only wrote of the words "received", and have but the responsibility towards correctness of word content. This I believe was done in absolute correctness, as was my intent. Had they been anything less, I would have been given to know that as well. As ATON is at all times "within and without" me, I asked for HIS permission to answer in kind. May that I have the ability to write HIS words onto those that wish of them. I make no demands that you accept them, only that you read them and make attempts at comprehension. "Each of you are hereon for a reason or reasons--and such you must realize before the accepting of much else. Then one walks with beginning Knowledge towards other Knowledges which enable same one to grow in Lighted Grace of THAT WHICH BE ALL THINGS ALL.". "There are few that listen to the "inner mind within the mind apparent", for to slothful tunes do the many march, out of step and incoherent of thoughts. Listen in caring manner to THAT which lies within and realize that such exists. Never do ones with intent towards LIGHTED ESSENCE become left with the masses of unwashed and uncaring ones.". "Never do I (ATON) ask more of ones than they are presently capable of, for such times as there be now, involve with impossible predicaments beyond attempts of man thereon to solve. This in large part be of man's own pattern of allowing to happen. And such must be recognized before of any solution to come. ATON be not immune to thy sufferings, nor unwilling to take part of thy burdens away, but until ones bestow of allegiences to properness of SOURCE, there be no other way to make headway in cleaning of thy house. There have been instructions placed forth so as to make less difficult thy intentions of allegience. Should one make therefore usage of them, there to be no fear--for thy fear be in not KNOWING for certain THAT I BE AS I SAY I BE.". "Be therefore in taking of opportunity presented. Fire and brimstone be of thy adversary--not of ME. Learn of MY WAYS and unlearn those of thy adversary, for to KNOW be MY WAY.". "Thomas, please to offer onto network transmission base these words MINE. I be pleased that those who effort towards of LIGHT MINE be in wanting more. Perhaps later----!".


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