8/28/93. I be here. I be ATON, now speaking from within of LIGHTED ESSENCE OF ALL WHICH BE

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8/28/93. I be here. I be ATON, now speaking from within of LIGHTED ESSENCE OF ALL WHICH BE ALL THINGS ALL AND FOREVER ALL. Many the times have I sent messages to ye ones of earth dimension Shan, and many the times that they be unheeded, even onto now. This be allowed, as they be given onto ye as opportunity. Ye not think I be as I state--SO BE IT! Now ye think it provident to go thy ways instead of MINE. I say NAY. Ye will find of thy errors made even as soon as NOW. No matter the placement, all who effort in ways not MINE be not of ME. Now comes time of foreboding told thee prior. When each opportunity becomes a shunning, wherefor does MINE patience end. Ye be warned aplenty and still ye act in unresponsive manner. Nay, thee not of continue--for I have spoken long enough and now actions shall present. Laugh and jeer as be thy way, worthless the lot of you be. It be nay to furthering of damage to thy home nest, to thy planet that abides thee. Never has been observed such high extent of sloth, as many be finding out. No longer be words sufficient. For the waiters and the watchers, no longer the waiting and the watching! Thee have of made bed with wrong bed partner who is troubled not--for it be now YE that be now alone! Now actions be MY way. Watch therefore and be in seeing. There be no further communications hence. Be in thy remaining time to see what ye do to selves. I SAY THIS BE SO AND SO SAID I TAKE OF LEAVE. Thomas, please to remit to thy network immediately MY WORDS. I be now in clearing and out. 8/28/93. 11:06 a.m. MDT


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