PUBLISHER'S MESSAGE Welcome from the Ascordia Center! As we herald in the Spring and time

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************************************************** PUBLISHER'S MESSAGE Welcome from the Ascordia Center! As we herald in the Spring and time of new beginnings, we proudly announce the birth of "Across the Universe", the center's spiritual offspring and metaphysical messenger. Having grown and developed over the last seven years, connecting to spirit in so many ways, we now wish to share with a larger audience the energy, insights, anecdotes and great wisdom from our spirit friends from across the universe. Spanning the dimensions of time and space, of physical and nonphysical reality and of continuity and probability, our spiritual kin come forth to communicate their world views, opinions, understandings and even prognostications. Whether it be dramatic, comedic, mundane or divine, they freely offer themselves now to our loving inspection. As the veil is torn between the physical and nonphysical worlds, as our consciousness expands in the dawning of the New Age to comprehend our part in a divine plan and our place in a greater universe, we reach across the veil "to break on through the other side" to touch with our hearts and minds our nonphysical friends who also wish to connect now, in greater ways within a wider spiritual community. We at the Ascordia Center wish to build bridges, bridges across time and space and dimension, to reach out and touch the hearts and minds of all who come close to our grasp. We hope that this newsletter will give you a opportunity to be touched, to be catalyzed into reaching out and expanding your present focus to include the perspective of other realms, other worlds and other dimensions and to join with us in a spiritual community that moves across the universe. In this edition we will introduce you to the voices of spiritual kin at the Ascordia Center, the Ascended Master Daniel and the Seraphic Angel Ascordia. Together they have guided the activities of the Ascordia Center over the last seven years, offering their advice and council, teachings and loving wisdom to hundreds of individuals in both public and individual sessions. Daniel will introduce himself in the column "So To Speak". This column will feature questions and answers from past sessions with Daniel in front of a public audience. In this edition Daniel discusses the spiritual origins and purposes of the city of 'Philadelphia'. In the future, we will invite you, our readers, to submit questions to Daniel to be answered in this column. Ascordia will be introducing herself in this issue with a personal message of welcome. She will also be featured in a regular column titled "Awakening The Heart", which will be devoted to her teachings. In this issue's column, Ascordia describes who she is and discusses the importance of discovering your personal joy in life and how to do so by meditating on the heart. We will also offer guest channelers opportunities to feature material in our column "Our Spiritual Neighbors". In this edition, guest channeler Debbie Starks Taylor, offers an article about the coming Earth changes as seen through the perspective of the entity Ganderion, Joel Dubin, artist and illustrator, recounts his miraculous experience with angels in the desert, guest columnist, Marcus Wohler, offers his expertise with the Runes in giving a Runic forecast for the month May/June and guest astrologer Helene Schmidt gives her celestial forecast for the next few months. In this (and future issues), we offer articles dealing with a wide variety of metaphysical topics with an emphasis on channeling and the healing arts. Included will be poetry, cartoons, book reviews, personal anecdotes, event listings and opportunities for advertisement and networking for the Philadelphia New Age community. So, we invite you to "read on McDuff" and share with the energy, the wisdom and insights from our physical and nonphysical friends and welcome to Across The Universe! Love and Peace. Amy Bortner, Director/Ascordia Center. *************************************************** ************************************************************************** "Across The Universe" is published by the Ascordia Center, healing center for personal growth and spiritual development. A.T.U. is devoted to the ideals of love, peace and harmony and to the growth of consciousness through personal integration and spiritual communion. A.T.U. wishes to promote the efforts of humanity to understand these ideals by offering a vision of the universe as joyful, creative, unlimited and eternal within a sacred framework of infinite dimensions of time, space and consciousness **************************************************** ************************************************************************** "Across The Universe" comes out quarterly and is available at various locations throughout the greater Philadelphia area. A subscription to the newsletter is available for $16 a year (4 issues a year). To get your subscription, send check or money order (payable to Amy Bortner) to Across The Universe. For those of you who are interested in offering an article, channeled transcript or creative writing relevant to this newsletter, please write or call Across The Universe. And for those of you who would like to place an ad with us, please call for ad rates. Note: Business Card ads - $45. Across The Universe PO Box 132 12 W. Willow Grove Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19118 215-242-8832 ************************************************************************** A PERSONAL MESSAGE FROM ASCORDIA CHANNELED BY AMY BORTNER This is Ascordia speaking. For those of you who have not made their acquaintance with me, let me say to you Welcome! and welcome to the Ascordia Center. For I, Ascordia Shamalia, am an angelic being who has been assigned to create upon the earth plane, a center of light for individuals to come to for solace, for good keeping, for enlightenment and (for as you say), "good vibrations"! I am an angel of a certain kind, of a certain order. For you see, in the world of Angeldom, shall I say it, there are levels or orders of angel who devote themselves to service of a certain kind. The Seraphim, then, are an order of Angel commissioned to be of service particularly to human kind, particularly at this time, to the planet Earth. And that within this order of Seraphim, there are genera or species of Angel who take on specific and focused activity. I am called a Supreme Seraphim and it is within my jurisdiction, then, to work largely independently from other angels. We, as you know, more often than not, work in pairs, but I have been granted the most unusual status of working alone and working in tandem, then, with other beings other than angels. You may be familiar with the great ascended being Daniel, with whom I am in constant communication and with whom you may have had the pleasure of meeting in other times. Daniel and I form a pair or pairing of beings to allow, then, for the production here of the center and of the development of a general community of individuals devoted to spreading the light (as you understand it). It gives me great pleasure, then, to work in this fashion for it is most unusual, most unique, most eccentric. We wish to express to you (human beings) our sincere desire to understand human consciousness in all of its complexities in this space-time period. For we are of the understanding that many of you now, are ready, willing and able to transcend the limits of human consciousness to a realm or awareness that is normal to those in the spirit realms but rather abnormal or unusual for those on the material or human realm. We wish, then, to make that bridge, to build that bridge between the spirit realm and the human realm. This bridge, then, has been created in many ways before, through the knowledge of great teachers, through the message of great philosophers, through the understandings and experiences of priests and gurus and shamans as you understand it. But it has been understood that it is time for the population as a whole to build bridges that are wholly unique to their temperament and understanding so that they need not attempt to understand another's teachings or another's experiences to experience the bridge between the human and the divine. So that we, then, encourage all of you to build your own personal bridges to your spirituality, to your own divinity and I, Ascordia, in my fashion, encourage you to do so and in many ways. And in one way, then, would be to experience my presence, my love and my sincere desire to encourage you to develop yourself along the divine, along lines spiritual, as we understand it. (This introduction was exerpted from a taped session recorded October 26, 1988 at the Ascordia Center in Philadelphia, Pa.) *************************************************************************************** DANIEL SPEAKS Channeled by Amy Bortner I am called Daniel. It is indeed a pleasure to be here to welcome all of you into the realms of spiritual enlightenment. I, too, was once a human as you are right now and I had the same qualities that you have right now. I have gone through the human drama, many, many times and have understood its trials, its tribulations, its pains, its joys, its sorrows, its fulfillments so much so that now for one who no longer feels the need to fit in the physical realm, I act as guide and teacher to those who are in themselves focused in a physical existence. I have been a human being and have lived on the earth plane and earth like planes over many, many eons of time passing. I have ascended through the rank of the chain of karmic cause and effect to a level of perfection, as you would understand it so that I neither require nor desire human experience for my spiritual growth. At this point then, in my development, as I would call it, I have ascended or mastered the understandings and the laws that govern your earth plane. I have achieved a certain wisdom and insight from many, many lives of experience in the earth drama. I have learned through many lifetimes how to create my reality, how to manifest my will, how to create a compassionate heart and how to maintain the integrity of my being. We of the Brotherhood, as we would call ourselves, who serve the earth plane as guides and teachers are intent upon then, a dialog between those of the earth plane and those of the non physical realms to create then, a greater understanding of reality as we all understand it; to create perhaps then, an integration of understandings as we would understand it, of our reality and ALL THAT IS. What is it all about? What does it all mean? What is the meaning of existence? This for you may be the crux of your questions. I myself can only speak from my own understanding of what has occurred to me in my lives and what is occurring to you now on the physical plane. If one wants to understand one's existence, one first needs to come to an understanding of one's self. The understanding of self requires that one must come to understand what one must believe in and what one values. To reiterate again then, one needs to understand one's beliefs. For there is no one truth, but many shared values and meanings; and all values, and all meanings ultimately originate from one's belief structure or belief system. These are words not to be taken lightly. For in your society, these words have been taken lightly. These ideas have not been given the proper perspective or understanding in your educational system. For one may go through life seeking meaning through external events, external traditions and externalized circumstances; and such events, such traditions and such circumstances may have really nothing to do with your own internal belief system. Thus you may find yourself to be in constant conflict with society around you and not understand why; as well as feeling you are an outcast and that you do not belong to society. For what is happening, is that you are not thinking through your own internal belief structure. You are not seeking what it is that constitutes your own beliefs. For once you do that you will feel an automatic alignment of yourself, with yourself and with others who have like beliefs and like values. " What is your purpose?", is the question. I can only say to you that you create your own meaning (through your beliefs and values) and that this meaning is then shared with others and either corroborated or invalidated by yourself and others. You create your own reality. You create your own reality, through your beliefs and values which in turn give meaning to your life. Since you create your own life drama, it is indeed a creative masterpiece. That you, your body, you, your family, you, your community, you, your society, you, your country and you, your planet are all a great cooperative effort at understanding what it means to be alive. And these are my words for you today! (This introduction was exerpted from two taped sessions recorded in April and June of 1987 at the Ascordia Center in Phila., Pa.) ************************************************************************************** SO TO SPEAK Channeled by Amy Bortner Question: Daniel, why did the Founding Fathers come to an area that was known as Philadelphia to create the constitutional freedoms that we know of today? Why this area that we know of as Philadelphia and not, let's say, Trenton, NJ. or Wilmington, DE.?" Daniel: Give me a moment then as I access information I hope that I have for you. We feel that there were many reasons for the choice of this particular area as a creation of Philadelphia, as you know it. As you know, this is a very sacred area for the Indians, for those Eastern American Indians, rather, in the Northeast and Eastern states and the coastal areas. This particular area is quite sacred. There have been found many sacred grounds, many sacred caves and many sacred quarries that were effected with great power and great energy due to the fact that they were used as burial grounds, as power spots, as alters or commemorative centers to the spirits of their forefathers, to the spirits of the dead and to the great spirit that they believed in, on other levels and in other probabilities. This also was a great center in Atlantis. That this was a city of great enterprise that was highly dynamic, that was a port city as well, as Philadelphia is today. The name of that city, if I can recount it accurately, is Namalou. This city has the distinction of having many individuals arise from its populous who became quite powerful in the various governments that were maintained during the Atlantian time period. So much so that their impressions or their memories are keyed in to this spot or this area, not only on the physical but the astral level as well. And that their memories are encoded in a fashion in power spots, in the areas that you know of as the Fairmount Park system. So that many individuals can gain inspiration and understanding of power, the use and right use of power. Thus to say there are many groups in the Philadelphia area who are working for political restitution, for civil rights, for the environment, for social equality and so on, because of the fact that there is encouragement given to those individuals by such power spots, by such power centers. There is also the very simple reason that because William Penn was granted this charter to build a city in this area or to at least create a colony in the state of Pennsylvania, that's been called Penns Woods, this area was favored by Penn as a base station or a foundation for him in which he could make his forays into the state, so that it became a home for him and it was invested with that quality. Because, then, it was given a sense of foundation that had many foundations from other civilizations, the Founding Fathers were naturally drawn to it as an area or environment conducive to creating foundations, to creating structures. There were guides leading them here as well. For in the creation of structure, in the creation of foundation there are certain, shall we call it, thought frequencies or codes or blueprint patterning of ideas that were resonant within the Founding Fathers consciousness to the energy spots and the codes created in these caverns, in these caves that allowed for what we would call a residential link up or empowerment link up that created an energy vortex that drew to itself even more of the similar frequencies to it. And you will find this to be the case in many cities, that there is a certain slant or orientation or thinking process that is peculiar or typical of that city and that city only. For that is true because of its ability or residential qualities to attract similar thinking people, similar thinking opportunities, similar thinking consciousnesses. Thus to say, Philadelphia has a certain consciousness level that attracts those individuals who are interested in creating structures, interested in creating foundations and interested in creating structure and foundation that are based on a more sophisticated or ever more increasing sophistication of understanding of the right use of power. And that is why Philadelphia has the distinction of being a premier New Age city because it has those qualities of recreating new structures and new foundations as individuals come to a more even sophisticated and realized sense of the right use of power. This then is the crux or the essence of the Philadelphia flavor. It is a city composed of and obsessed with power but on many different levels and in many shades and levels of nuance. *************************************************************************************** ANGELS AMONG US By Joel Dubin Jennifer steered the car down the empty highway, singing along with the Indigo Girls tape wafting from the box in the back seat. I had my head stuck out the window, gazing up at the beautiful starlit heavens spread out above us. Little did we know that evening how close we might have been to actually "touching the heavens " in our own unique little way. I was lost in the stars, thinking of the day's adventure in of all places, the Grande Canyon. Jennifer and I were in the midst of our two week romp through Arizona, a journey I'd looked forward to for quite a while, and was finally able to experience this past October. We were on our way back to our motel which was in Sedona, a beautiful and mystical town in central Arizona filled with breathtaking terrain bordering on almost the alien. During our stay in Sedona, I must say, the two of us found our belief systems challenged quite often. In this town it was a casual event to mention yesterdays UFO sighting, or to discuss one's latest merging with God in the nearest vortex. Many spoke of the locally accepted belief that there were angelic beings of light who were present not only among the majestic red rock cliffs and caverns, but were in fact available anywhere, to anyone. Actually, of all the magical possibilities, the only issue I may have had a little problem in accepting was the possibility that one could live in such a beautiful place to begin with! So, it would seem that Jennifer and I could be considered to be very open minded individuals in regard to what would be termed "New Age", but I soon found that Jennifer had a bit of trouble in accepting the concept of Angels as being real living beings. She kind of categorized Angels, those feathery winged people with clothes hanger halos, as most people do in this high-tech society, with Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and Bigfoot. It has taken many little miraculous confirmations in my life to convince me that my celestial friends do indeed exist, since believing in what you can't always see isn't a common practice these days. Anyhow, I was hoping the Angels could stage a little show to help make a believer out of Jennifer, as well as for my own inspiration. It took less than an hour for my hopes to be realized, and of course my first reaction was PANIC! For Jennifer had just abruptly stopped her singing and sternly announced: "Joel, you know those Angel friends of yours? Well you better start praying to them now cause we need help!" It seemed our fuel gauge was teetering on empty and we were at least an hour away from the next gas station. Well, we spent the next few minutes yelling and blaming each other for not getting gas when we had the chance. Once that was out of our system, and the reality still remained that we were probably going to be stranded on a highway in the middle of nowhere, I took a deep breath and considered Jennifer's idea. "After all", I thought, "I was the spiritually advanced being who had all the answers!" Perhaps I still had much to learn.... The two of us centered ourselves as best we could attempting to connect to the celestial realm, sending out an S.O.S. to the Angels. After a while Jennifer realized we would have to slow down and coast to conserve gasoline. Almost five minutes went by when we realized that we hadn't slowed down at all -even though Jennifer's foot had been off the gas pedal. We found ourselves effortlessly gliding over the road, darting up upgrades, whisking by the trees and forest on either side of us and all the while maintaining a speed of about forty miles an hour! Our panic and fear subsided and changed into an outburst of pure joy and faith as our heavenly buddies took over our vehicle! We both sat back and enjoyed the ride. We could not help ourselves from rolling into fits of excited laughter. I continued visualizing our connection to the Angels... I imagined Angels holding the sides of the car pushing it ahead with the power of their tremendous wings, calling out for other Angels to join the fun. And a heavenly party of sorts was forming around our car! During this miracle a very special Indigo Girls song played on the tape deck. The song was called "Secure Yourself To Heaven", and it sent a wonderful shiver of knowing down my spine. It was as if, in addition to all that was happening, the Angels were now speaking to us through the lyrics of this beautiful song, insuring us of our safety and security in this sometimes chaotic world. We finally reached civilization and the first thing we found was a beautiful, marvelous... GAS STATION! We pulled up and breathed a great sigh of relief. We got out of the car and began yelling ecstatic "Thank you's" heavenward. Our hearts were overwhelmed with wonder and filled with happiness but most of all, with faith. We held each other tight and knew that we would never need to fear again Jennifer was very moved and humbled by this experience and vowed to purchase something to commemorate the experience. She did so, the next day, in the form of a glass Angel which still hangs over her bed to this day! ***************************************************************************************** AWAKENING THE HEART Channeled by Amy Bortner "What will create for me the greatest joy?", is the question that many of you have asked me in the past and so we wish to answer this question for you at this time. We of the Angelic realm want you to understand that only by attuning to your own hearts will you understand that which gives you the greatest joy and ultimately that which will create for you the best of all possible worlds. The best of all possible worlds on Heaven and on Earth, for we of the angelic realm are here to help you achieve the best of all possible worlds. We are here to give you the opportunity to aspire more then just to mediocrity, to aspire more than just to passivity, if you will, aspire more than just to making do or making with or making deals, if you will. That we are here to offer you the vision, the spiritual vision, the goal then, to always "go for the gold", to always go for your highest good. For we of the angelic realm are in touch with, are aware of, have full knowledge of your highest good. For we are, in a sense, symbolic and a standard by which to bear then for you that which is the highest good. We are good incarnate, if you will. We are representatives of goodness and Godness, if you will. For God is good, God is great and God is in everything and everyone. So your goodness is known to us and to everything and everyone. So your goodness is really no secret, except, perhaps to yourself!. That is to say, that which is good for you is known then to us. Is known by us. Is known then by God himself. And so, in attuning to your hearts desires, in attuning to the angelic frequencies, in attuning then, to that which creates your highest good, that is to say, that which creates your joy, you are in a sense, attuning to your goodness and your Godness. You are attuning then to your godhead and you are attuning then with God, him/her/itself! So, when you are in touch with your joy, when you are in touch then, with that which gives you pleasure, and meaningful pleasure at that, you are also in touch with God. You are in touch with the Source, you are in touch with the Creator, you are in touch with All That Is. For the Source is good, the Source is joyful, the Source has your heart's desires at it's heart as well! So if you can just know this, if you can but just feel this, if you can just sense this to be true, how different, then, your life will become. How different then, your life will seem to become, how easy and pleasurable and joyful and satisfying it will become very naturally. So we, then, of the angelic realm, are here to offer you this bit of advice, this bit of commentary here. For we see here that all of you need to know, that this is a good universe, that this is a safe universe, that this is a joyful universe and that you can attune then to these qualities, these virtues, by coming in touch then with your own joy by becoming aware then of your heart's true desire, by being able then, to commune with yourself, through the heart, into the angelic dimensions and then into higher spiritual dimensions as well. So through this very simple understanding and through this very simple technique of meditating on the heart, meditating with the heart, and meditating for the heart, you are actually meditating then for your highest good, for your joy and for God's pleasure, if you will. For God, then does take pleasure in your joy. For God then takes pleasure in knowing that you are happy that you are joyful. For God wants you then to be as joyful, as happy and as content as he/she/it is, if you will. So that the natural status of the universe, as we know it, as we feel it, is that of contentment, is that of peace and is that of joy. So what you are meant to experience then is the natural order of things, is the natural order of the universe and is the natural order of all of God's creation as it was meant to be, as it was meant to be felt and as it was meant to be expressed. We of the angelic realm are here to facilitate the reordering of your senses, the reordering of your experience, the reordering of your cognitions and your emotions to that of the natural qualities of the universe which manifest, in their natural fashion, as peace, as joy and as contentment. It is no easy feat in these times. It is no easy task to alert then the masses to the fact that they are out of touch with the natural order of things. For they are still so bound up in fear and in struggle and in conflict and in pain, all of which then are the result of a misalignment to and surrender to a fear ridden ego. A surrender then to the vices of the mind, shall we say it, to greed and to avarice and to corrupt power and to all of those goals that seem to be made manifest then, by the powers that be, by the authorities that be. We, then, would like to right these wrongs. We then of the angelic ream, would like to amend these distortions. We then, would like to have all of humanity back on track, so to speak, back on the track that was originally laid earlier by your great profits, by your great gurus, by your great saints, by the Christ himself, by Budhah, if you will, by Confucus, by Lao-Tze, by the great Hindu scholars, by the great philosophers and by the great intellects of your times past, present and future! Which serve to remind you of your abilities to transcend the mundane, to rise above the ordinary and the painful, to become visionaries of your own making: to be aware then, of the virtues, of the beauties and of the joy of your transcendent and spiritualized vision. We of the angelic realm are here to offer you an alternative then, to the perplexities and mundanities and banalities of the everyday world which would have you believe in a world that is fraught with strife, fraught with conflict, fraught with evil, fraught with ugliness, fraught with violence, fraught with all of those vices that we say are merely misalignments and distortions of man's natural tendency to rise above to reach out to a greater spiritual reality, to a greater sense of self, to a greater capacity one has then, to experience life in all of it's richness and joy, pleasure and contentment. If only but then, all of the peoples of the world were immediately imbued with the understanding that they can be happy, that they can be satisfied, that they can be abundant, that they can exist and coexist in a mutually supportive fashion, without trouble, without conflict, without pain, then this world would truly be a heaven on earth, this world would truly be akin to the heavenly kingdoms; this world would then truly be admitted to the dimensions of the heavenly kingdoms, if you will. We of the angelic realm are here to facilitate the emergence of the earth into it's rightful place as partner and cooperator with the angelic kingdom. In order to do so, then, in order to create this easy camaraderie, this collegial relationship, we need to establish and re prioritize and reeducate you to a more sophisticated status (more) than you have already experienced yourself to be with each other and with the angelic kingdom. We want you then, to feel as we feel. We want you then, to see as we see. We want you then, to experience as we experience, so as to become equals, so as to become comrades and colleagues walking hand in hand down the street together. All of you then can and will walk hand in hand with your spirit guides and with your guardian angels as well. I can only walk hand in hand with you figuratively, at this time. I can only express myself, then through this channeler at this time, in this fashion. For it is through, Amy, then, that I can make myself clear to you, that I can make myself humanly comprehensive to you, that I can make myself available to you and your inquiries. (This message was exerpted from a lecture given by Ascordia at an "Awakening the Heart" workshop at the Life Center in Lambertville, N.J., in Feb. 24, 1993.) ***************************************************************************** RUNIC RUMINATIONS My name is Marcus Wohler. I have been studying metaphysics since the summer of 1989 with emphasis on divination. I have been working with the old Runic alphabet which was used as an oracle in ancient Northern Europe. Utilizing a new casting technique with Runes allows me to recognize general trends for each birth month and I hope the messages will be helpful to you. Best wishes! M.W. For People Born In: January: Stress may take it's toll now. Do not forget to take time out for a recreation in between all the activities that are going on at the present. Run ins with authorities perhaps at work are likely. Do not force issues though! February: You may have difficulties making your influence felt this month and have to wait things out. Ask yourself what you desire in your life! March: After suffering a new beginning will come especially where your personal outlook and emotions are concerned. You may even have the feeling of being born once again! April: You probably longed for spring to come and things will start happening now. Special events like birthdays and engagements are on the agenda and you may find yourself with new friends and groups. May: New beginnings are favored for you this month. You will gain help and gifts from others and issues will clear up on their own accord. You will possibly find a closer bond to your family during this time period. June: The month of May will be beneficial. However. watch for people who want to sabotage you. Also, take care of your health. You may discover that you are allergic to certain natural and cosmetic products. July: It would be a good idea to start a new exercise program at present to improve your fitness. Also, do not allow for a `wait & see' attitude. You could miss a chance for improvement. There may be arguments within the family. August: Your car may be in need of a tune-up or other check ups. You may even find yourself under the weather. It would be beneficial if you would consider support from a professional if needed. Sept.: You may find yourself swamped in your affairs but you could gain insight and answers from unusual sources. There might be an opportunity to travel to foreign countries to study culture and language. Go for the unconventional to catch a new wind! October: You could consider some form of study during this time period as you could find here a good opportunity to expand your horizon and cash in on it at a later time. It is also timely for you to receive positive advice to bring about change in your affairs. Nov.: A strong period of turning within and getting in tune with your environment is indicated. There is a great deal of power within you which can be discovered and utilized. You could teach and enlighten others in a deep way. December: You can be very willful about what you want but try not to step on somebody else's toes. It could lead to a rude awakening. You could discover strong forces within but use them wisely. Do not be to serious all the time, Smile!! January: The universe is definitely in your favor this month. Get in tune with the positive changes and accept what your greater consciousness has to offer. Go for opportunities that are being presented to you as they contain potentials for big changes in your life. February: You will realize now just how great the miracle of life and living is. If you are not satisfied with yourself or with how things are moving forward, try to work on it. Once you recognize mistakes or negative behavior patterns in yourself or others you will find that you have what it takes to change oneself or conditions. March: Use this period to look within since there may not be much happening around you. However there are opportunities for change if you would be willing to make sacrifices on your part. If you feel uncomfortable at present, it is because there are changes going on in your consciousness that you may not be aware of now, But these will benefit you in the near future. April: You may decide to close a chapter in your life to make room for change. However you may feel confused as to what course to take since there may be several opportunities to choose from. If you listen to your intuition you are likely to make the "right" decision. May: You may feel confused as to where you are at in relationships. It is likely that these questions will be cleared up either overnight or perhaps within the month. Issues will be solved to your benefit and you may even find new alliances. June: At present you are able to utilize your creative and practical mind equally well to get the best possible results in your affairs. You may be strongly intuitive now and you could use metaphysical principles to achieve physical change in your environment. There may even be romance and marriage on the agenda July: This month you are willing to go with the flow and to see what is being offered. You may even be 'daydreaming' but try not to build castles in the air. It might not be a easy task to turn your desires into reality just now. Try to work with facts rather than taking chances. August: Plans may have to be adjusted because of other responsibilities. Try to attend to business matters, avoid losses and spend money wisely. Do not get stuck on plans as it may detract potentials for change. You could also discover that some relationships have outgrown their purposes. Sept.: You may experience difficulties at work, as well as at home. This is especially true if you work in a dead end job or your living arrangements no longer fulfill its purpose. If you speculate on the money market be on guard against losses. Proceed cautiously in your affairs and look for alternative solutions. Oct.: You may be in the 'doldrums' at the present. Try to take your mind off of situations that have been difficult for an extended period of time, especially if solutions can't be found. Do not torture yourself! Maybe all you need is to take a chance. In time things will be definitely looking up again. Nov.: You may find that the past or how affairs have been progressing is no longer rewarding. However a new reality is just around the corner and it may be a blessing from heaven. Some surprises may be in store for you. Time is your ally! December: This time period should be very gratifying to you. Out of nowhere issues are progressing fast and the way you perceive the world will change completely for the better. You are able to move on without any difficulties and your life becomes much more exciting! *************************************************************************************** OUR SPIRITUAL NEIGHBORS A Gift from Gendarion to Help You Prepare for Planetary "Waves of Change" Channeled by Debby Starks Taylor There is news of change - additional freedom. How will changes take place? "How will God's energies be made manifest?" "Can the average individual receive higher planetary assistance?" "When is there going to be an indication of a more radical shift than what we have noticed heretofore?" "Is anything going to collapse or be taken?" "Are any processes or organizations going to be taken away?" There is a new order of change coming to the planet today. It goes beyond being centered. It goes beyond expressing yourself spiritually. It goes beyond feeling strength of God's will in your existence. It involves moving out, pressing on, completing actions, fulfilling your own senses/feelings/desires, utilizing the magnetic experiences of day-to-day existence to transform your mind, generating more than what you believe is possible. We see a strong movement to press forward and reach out into life, to let go of belief systems that have kept everyone closed-in. A more open ended structure will be transpiring in these times ahead. Conditions are ripe for further change. The importance for the needs of individuals has outgrown the needs of belief systems and the thought projections of a few. The minds of individuals have carried burdens for far too long for those few who wish to sustain fear for the whole planet... who wish to maintain a status or posture of supressing others so that they may maintain their positions at the "top". Freedom is something that is very difficult to understand in these times. You see, freedom is often seen as freedom of movement, of thought, of expression. In truth, freedom will come from the desire and the willingness to be strong through change. Steadfast, earnest, willful desire to remain strong through change will help each individual stretch themselves to another dimension... stretch themselves far beyond the unique capacity for development that has been brought to this planet and ignored. The mind needs to be cleared, then filled with gardens of wisdom and freedom of consciousness and gatherings of virtue and ideals of honesty, integrity and truth. The mind must learn to listen to universal sounds. For there are high frequencies that give off energies of fulfillment. Listening to high sounds is of extreme importance in these times - listening to sounds that free your mind and your senses. The mind must be prepared to handle information, not just through visual or auditory means, but also through sound waves and frequencies of a higher nature. For the ability to hear and feel energies in higher frequencies will help add to your potential for clarity... clear thinking and desire. Your receptions of higher energies can be tuned in through a peaceful mind or a thoughtful focus on anything serene. Concentration involves the convergence of the senses into one unit of perception. This gives Spirit a greater chance to be present, for you are more completely present with yourself. To have only investment in distress-free activity is advisable and will offer the most potential for receiving higher energies and for being most open to the deeper understandings that will be coming to your sphere or planet. Correction in the mind is necessary before justice can prevail for all individuals. Corrections are done through very simple exercises that can be administered through thought forms. This is being done through many quarters even now. One such system of thought is A.C.I.M. The St. Germaine foundation is very pure in thought formations. The central focus needs to be on Divinity being the Source of goodness, and on your willingness to be a witness to the entire process, watching, existing in a posture of observance. The seductiveness of greed and fear of all kinds will cause man to believe that he is slowly bleeding (through changes ahead), so that he believes he must surround himself in ways to keep from feeling lost or alone. So he will tend towards fulfillment of the senses- extreme need for stimulation. But each craving and feeding of extreme desires helps to contribute to disorder of the mind- to cramping of the spiritual senses. So if you listen to fear and conform to the sounds of fear in your society, you may find yourself collapsing in some way. If you are able to separate yourself, listening in your mind to what you know to be how you believe Truth prevails on this Earth, maintaining a posture of vision for correction of mind, you'll be led to a more complete sense of being centered. Thus, you will feel more stabilized in the midst of change. This is part one of a four part article based on the transcript of a Gendarion channeling by channeler Debby Starks Taylor. ***************************************************************************************** WHAT'S GOING ON IN THE HEAVENS? By Helene Schmidt This column is meant to give anyone who reads it valuable and practical astrological information. Astrology is meant to help us lead better lives based on an understanding of what is going on in the heavens and how it relates to what is going on with us here on earth. H.S. Let us begin with the moon cycle. The moon and its cycles effects the movement of all fluids on the Earth as well as all fluids in our bodies. It also effects human emotions as well. The new moon of each month marks the beginning of the moon's cycle. It is a time, in practical terms, to begin new things. In March, the new moon occurred on the 23rd. It was a very good time to begin, or at least, to think about new beginnings, because it was also in the sign of Aries which is the first sign of the zodiac and is one that begins on the first day of Spring. The next new moon is on April 21 and is in the sign of Taurus. This will be a good time to take these new beginnings and to bring them into reality by doing something solid and practical about them. The sun is also in the sign of Taurus so that this placement, as well, lends support to the solidification of these projects. The full moon is the culmination of what has gone on since the last new moon and it can be a point of culmination for things that have occurred prior to the full moon. For example, there are more births on the full moon than on any other time during the moon's cycle. The full moon in April, falls on the 6th, placed within the constellation of Libra which is the sign of co-operation. In May, the full moon falls on the 6th, placed within the constellation of Scorpio and indicates that there may be a number of theme endings around this time. There are a few major events going on in the heavens these days which will have a personal impact in people's lives. For example, Pluto is squaring Saturn which means that there is a giant battle of wills going on for those with this disposition in their birth chart, for example, they may find that may hate to lose and will attempt to win at any cost. On a more general level, many of you may find blockages, (emotional or physical) increasing in your personal life. If your birthday is mid to late November, February, August or May, you may notice some of this phenomena occurring to you and will appear to you in your personal or professional life. At present, there is also an almost exact conjunction of Uranus and Neptune in the constellation of Capricorn. This usually means a restructuring of finances for Capricorn rules banks and finances. You may already be witnessing the fact that many governments on the planet are changing their economies. This conjunction is also effecting people who are born in mid to late January, April, July and October. This conjunction often indicates job changes but also always indicates a way to earn a living more true to yourself than the previous job. If your birthday is in mid to late March, July or November, you may notice that you have a lot more vitality than usual and your career may have a quality of destiny to it that it never had before. If your birthday is in mid to late May or September, you may find your financial situation is flowing a lot more easier than usual. There is another event that occurs periodically within the heavens which indicates a time of contemplation rather than a time of action. This is termed retrograde motion of the planets. Recently, Mercury has gone retrograde from February 27 to March 22 indicating that typewriters and computers were "on the fritz", lots of phone tag, car and traffic difficulties occurred and that it wasn't a particularly good time to sign documents. In general, there may have been all kinds of miscommunications and misunderstandings. Since Mars went direct after March 22, things have probably smoothed out and it is a good time now to send communications and to sign documents. You will probably experience less obstacles on the road and misunderstandings won't occur as often. As far as the outer planets go, Neptune and Uranus will go retrograde at the end of April and from then on will be retrograde until the Fall. From April to Sept. then, one should spend time in contemplation rather than in action. I hope this information has been generally helpful to you the A.T.U. reader and I look forward to writing an update as the time goes on. *************************************************************************************** CHANNELER'S SUPPORT GROUP Do you see or communicate with spirit? If so then come to the Channeler's Support Group and share your extra dimensional experiences with others like yourselves! We are a group of individuals who are either interested in channeling or have been channeling for fun or for profit. Many of us are novices but some of us are skilled professionals who have been offering their channeling services to the public for many years. The C.S.G is the only support group of its kind on the East Coast so it always draws a large crowd of people. They come from all walks of life and always have a story, anecdote or personal experience to share. Along with good conversation and personal sharing, there is usually a talk or demonstration, at these meetings about channeling, psychic phenomenon or the alternate healing modalities that are in practice today. For those of you who wish to practice channeling or wish to experience a channeling, this is the place to go! So pick up your spirits and come on up to the Channeler's Support Group. The C.S.G. meets on the fourth Wednesday of each month at the New Hope Public Library in New Hope, PA. at 7 p.m. sharp! For more information, call: Bill Tomazewski at 215-340-0534. **************************************************************************************** ASCORDIA CENTER SHEDULE OF EVENTS Spring - Summer The following events are located at or are sponsored by the Ascordia Center. All workshops and channeling programs are based on or draw upon the wisdom teachings of the Ascended Master Daniel or the Seraphic Angel Ascordia. "AWAKENING THE HEART" WORKSHOP Learn how to open up and attune your heart to the divine states of joy, bliss and ecstasy. This meditation workshop will employ techniques such as heart attunement meditations, angelic tonals, key affirmations and core belief review, all of which will help you attune to your hearts spiritual `center'. At the end of the workshop day, there will be a channeling of Ascordia who will entertain questions from the workshop participants. Please wear loose, comfortable clothing and bring a notebook or tape recorder. Guaranteed to be an uplifting and transformative day! Sat., May 29 11:30 - 4:30 P.M. $50 ($65 at the door) Location: 138-A Cresheim Rd., (Cresheim & Gorgas La.) Phila., PA 19118 (Mt. Airy) Pre-registration is due by May 14 - (Please call to reserve your seat.) For registration & info., Call: 215-242-8832. Fri. July 16 7:30 - 9:30 P.M. $5 - (General Public) Free (Members) "Awakening The Heart" Lecture and Meditation. Location: The Life Center, 26 Bridge St., Lambertville, NJ 08530 Sat., July 24 11:30 - 4:30 P.M. $50 - Pre-registration is required. Location: The Life Center, 26 Bridge St., Lambertville, NJ 08530 For registration & info., Call: 609-397-2541. "OPENING TO CHANNEL" WORKSHOP As we enter into the age of Great Awakening, more and more of us are opening up to our greater reality, dimensionality and are contacting spiritual entities from other realms. Find out how you can be a channel for a divine communication in this "how to" workshop. We will be using the book "Opening to Channel" by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer incorporating guided visualizations, meditations and automatic writing in the workshop day. At the end of the day there will be a channeling from spirit to answer questions from the workshop participants. Please wear loose comfortable clothing, bring a notebook or tape recorder and prepare to channel! Sat., June 5 11:30 - 4:30 P.M. $50 ($65 at the door) Location: 138-A Chresheim Rd., (Cresheim & Gorgas La.) Phila., PA. 19118 (Mt. Airy) Pre-registration is due by May 22. (Please call to reserve your seat.) For registration & info., Call 215-242-8832. Fri., August 27 7:30 - 9:30 P.M. $5 (general public); Free (members) "Opening to Channel" Lecture and Meditation Location: The Life Center, 26 Bridge St., Lambertville, NJ. 08530 609-397-2541 Sat., August 28 11:30 - 4:30 P.M. $50 - Pre-registration is required "Opening to Channel" Workshop Location: The Life Center, 26 Bridge St., Lambertville, NJ 08530, For pre-registration and info., Call: 609-397-2541 Pre-registration Information All those interested in pre-registering for the "Awakening the Heart" or "Opening to Channel" workshops in Mt. Airy or the channeling events in Doylestown, please send payment in full to the Ascordia Center, PO BOX 132, 12 W. Willow Grove Ave., Phila., PA 19118. Please make checks payable to Amy Bortner. MEDITATION/HEALING CIRCLES Location: 138-A Cresheim Rd. (corner of Cresheim and Gorgas La.) Phila., Pa. 19118 (Mt. Airy) Pre-registration is required, please call the Ascordia Center at 242-8832 to reserve your seat. Monday, May 17 7:30 - 9:30 PM $10 Monday, June 21 7:30 - 9:30 PM $10 Monday, July 19 7:30 - 9:30 PM $10 Monday, Aug. 16 7:30 - 9:30 PM $10 T.G.I. F. NITES Location: 219 E. Willow Grove Ave., Apt. S-3 Phila., Pa., 19118 Pre-registration is required, please call the Ascordia Center at 215-242-8832 to reserve your seat. MEDITATION/SOCIAL & VIDEO Friday, May 14 8:30 PM $7 We will feature the movie "Mindwalk" which is based on Fritjof Capra's book "The Turning Point" featuring international film actress Liv Ullman and American actors Sam Shepherd and John Heard. Filmed on location in Place St. Michel in France, this is a very beautiful and thought provoking film! MEDITATION/SOCIAL & VIDEO Friday, June 11 8:30 PM $7 We will feature the video "U.F.O.'s and Channeling", hosted by t.v. and film star Telly Savalas who interviews four very different trance channelers including the famous Alberto Aguas, the trance artist. The second video of the evening will be the "Seth Video" featuring the "one and only" interview of Jane Roberts who pioneered the channeling movement in the mid 60's with her breakthrough experiences with the entity Seth. Seth will also talk in this video. Guarenteed to be a facinating evening! Friday, July 9 8:30 PM $7 We will feature the (now famous) romantic comedy film, "Defending Your Life", written, acted and produced by Albert Brooks, and starring Meryl Streep and Shirley Maclaine. Based on information from metaphysical sources, this movie explores the possibilities of "romance-after-death" between two recently "dead" individuals and the trials and triumphs they meet in order to move on to the next dimension together! Friday, August 13 8:30 PM $7 We will feature the video "Bill Moyer's Interview with Oren Lyons", chief of the Turtle Clan of the Onandaga Nation. In this interview, Mr. Lyons discusses ancient Native American prophecies of the ecological disasters we now face and recounts how democracy was modeled on the Indian confederations. He also speaks about his people's legends which emphasize a respect for nature, the spiritual basis of law, the importance of participating in community and of our responsibility to future generations. "DANIEL" CHANNELING Sunday, June 13 2-5 PM $15 Pebble Hill Church, Edison-Furlong Rd. Doylestown, Pa., 18901 "The Art and Science of Inter-Dimensional Communication And Traveling" The Ascended Master Daniel will give his twenty fifth lecture to the public on a most interesting and 'timely' topic. Pre-registration is required. For registration and info., call: The Ascordia Center at 242-8832 or Pebble Hill Church at 348-3428. "ASCORDIA" CHANNELING Friday, June 25/Fiday, August 6 7:30 PM $7 (Members) $10 (Non-members) Location: The See of Tranquillity, 27 N. 13th St., Allentown, Pa. 19103 "Awakening the Heart" The Seraphic Angel Ascordia will give a lecture tonight on her favorite topic featuring a lecture, question and answer period and a guided meditation. Pre-registration is required. For registration and info., call the See of Tranquillity at 435-0944. Location: The See of Tranquillity, 27 N. 13th St., Allentown, Pa. 19103 CHANNEL PANEL Sunday, July 11 2-5 PM $15 Location: Pebble Hill Church, Edison-Furlong Rd., Doylestown, Pa. 18901 "Keeping Your Spiritual Balance in a Topsy-Turvy World" The Channel Panel, consisting of three gifted channelers, will allow themselves to give voice to spirit this afternoon to discuss this most vital topic in today's world. Operating within a panel discussion format, the entities will speak to the audience and to each other, allowing time for a question and answer period at the end for the audiences personal questions. Guaranteed to be a most fascinating and provocative afternoon! All workshops and channeling events will be audio-taped for your convenience. You can purchase these tapes after the events from the Ascordia Center. The tapes are $10 per 90 minutes. We also have available through our Trance-Formations series audio tapes of Ascordia and Daniel lectures from previous workshops and channeling events. For more information about these tapes, please contact the Ascordia Center. Symptoms of Inner Peace **************************************************************************************** BE ON THE LOOKOUT FOR SYMPTOMS OF INNER PEACE! The hearts of a great many have already been exposed to Inner Peace, and it is possible that people everywhere could come down with it in epidemic proportions. This could pose a serious threat to what has been, up to now, a fairly stable condition of conflict in the world! SOME SYMPTOMS FOR INNER PEACE: A tendency to think and act spontaneously rather than on fears based on past experiences. A loss of interest in judging other people and in interpreting their actions. A loss of interest in conflict. A loss of the ability to worry ( a very serious symptom). Frequent, overwhelming episodes of appreciation and enjoyment. Feelings of connectedness with others and nature. An increasing tendency to LET things happen, rather than MAKE them happen. An increased susceptibility to the LOVE extended by others, and the uncontrollable urge to extend it... **************************************************************************************** UPCOMING EVENTS The following events will be offered by Debby Starks Taylor over the summer months. For more info. & registration, please call her at 215-663-0704. Mon, May 10' 'Dream Studies' Support Group. Sat., May 15 'Training for Spiritual Development' (Listening to your inner teacher). Wed., May 19 'Channeling' with Debby Taylor at Pebble Hill Church. Thurs., June 3 'Journal Writing to release emotional blocks' Tues., June 15 'Past Life Regression' group. ************************************************************************** AMONGST THESE WOODS Sit down here. Quietly rustling breezes through the wildflowers, the sky, brightly, lucid blue, clouds meandering, When you listen, you can hear something far off. Someone working a tractor, or motor contraption, lazily. The land slopes, just a little, to offer you, the full expanse of it's blossoms. Sunny, summers Time that is "opened", with arms stretched out welcoming. The moments flow and stretch into each other. Expansive. Smells of flower pollen as the blossoms sway in the slow breeze. Sit there as long as you want. Amongst my words. Allan Stills - 12/8/92 ***************************************************************************** AREA CHANNELERS Amy Bortner - 215-242-8832 Lenny Ralls - Call Ascordia Center Debby Starks Taylor - 215-663-0704 Virginia Spellman - 215-481-9203 Marion Hooper - 215-968-3628 Bill Tomazewski - 215-340-0534 Mike Schuster - 414-962-1483 Robin Chapman-Valez - 215-744-9748 David Shockley - 215-435-0944 ***************************************************************************** "VISION QUEST" Will be held in Pennsylvania on Labor Day weekend - Sept. 3, 4, 5, 6. For more info. please call: 215-321-9593


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